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Monday, October 3, 2011

Lot's and lot's

Been a couple days since my last epic poem. The shop computer had a fatal meltdown. Working on a loaner now as we wait to see if the old one can be saved. I surely hope so considering how much sh...tuff we have on it!
Well the first touch of autumn hit Saturday, or as I like to call it "fake fall". In Florida, we have a bout of about a week of pleasant cool mornings, an almost content flow of gentle breezes, and pleasant days. Then it goes back to being hot briefly, until the weather dips into what I like to call "Space Suit Weather" The phrase coming from the fact that I get to dig my bibby insulated coveralls (well worn as they are) out of the closet and look like a REAL mechanic for a while!
Anyway. As the weather was very mild yesterday, and the kids had been (relatively) good this week we decided to take a sojourn to the mall and spend the day. Well I'll tell you the whole experience has me reeling! I even had a hard time sleeping last night, as I felt real bad about the whole thing and quite guilty. See, to be totally honest, I'm a sap! I hate discipline. I just want my kids to be good, respectful and well behaved but not have to be the one to put them in line! Don't get me wrong, I do it, it's my job. but I feel like crap for days afterwards!
We get to the mall, and understandably, they are all excited to just be out! Summertime limits what you can do outside, so to avoid the hassle, we pretty much hibernate. They were, well saying "hyper" is to put it mildly. And as we entered the mall the chaos began. Once through the doors Owen ran in one direction Rozy in the other and Kaleb started complaining about me not letting him wander right off. Once i corralled them, had the "talk" about outside safety, which pretty much fell on deaf ears. because as soon as we started walking, it all began anew! To put it briefly, trashed the Disney Store, knocked over an elderly lady on a walker, trashed the bathroom, knocked over a servers sample tray...and that was in the first 10 minutes inside. Well...I lost it. And I became "that" parent. The one dragging the kicking and screaming kid out of the mall, with the others behind crying and pleading for another chance, stopping to pick up the screaming one as he flops to the floor! Oh I was a wreck! I don't usually loose my temper like that, and certainly not in public! Once back out to the bus stop, I was reading them the riot act, when the security showed up to see if their was a problem! LORD! I don't think I could have been any more embarrassed! Well, needless to say things calmed down, and considering the wait for the next bus was more then an hour and a half, I hesitantly gave them another shot, on the belt loop law. All but one behaved admirably after the debacle, and he will not be attending miniature golf next Sunday, I can tell you that!
Anywho! Had a busy weekend in re-pairs and sold several more rides as the perfect riding time is upon us! We'll be pumping out more as the day progresses!
Have a great day!

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