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Friday, June 17, 2016


It's Alive....IT'S ALIVE!!!!

Yes, Igor...the creature STIRS!!!
I have found the secret to bringing in hordes of customers and sending rides to new homes!  it was SO simple I can't believe I never thought of it.  Step One: Be REALLY tired and want to take a nap.  Step 2.  TRY to take a nap!  THAT'S IT!  It's just that easy!
Oh yes!  Summer time is here in a big way!  With the added work load at night ( short explanation:  I spent two weeks training my replacement...and he's not getting it as fast as he should. That coupled with no practical building aptitude, well...short form.  Now, not only do I have to learn my new job, I have to keep checking in with him and going over certain things...again....and again....and again! Couple that with working in the heat (NO cross ventilation in my section!  UGH!  I miss my BIG bay doors!) and I have had to build a rolling cart to help drag my butt around!) I was POOPED yesterday!  Logan hangs out here during the day to take over when I head to work, and after finishing up the repairs, and seeing as it had been relatively quiet that morning, I informed him I was going in the back room for a quick nap before I headed out, with the caveat that should anyone come in or call, to come get me.  No sooner did I lay my weary head down, did folks start coming in.  Well, no worries, sleep would come later...Hey, there's always COFFEE!! Seriously, I whine, but I am MORE then happy to get folks on to two wheels!  Amongst getting in a couple repairs, we also sent home a sweet DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!, that GORGEOUS Schwinn Protocol and the Motiv MTB!  On top of that, several phone calls from folks looking to come in and take a peek at what we have. 
Today, I have a few to tear down, then it's on to newbies.  I feel guilty, as this week I have only built two new rides and that is a LOW numbers turn out for us!  Shame on me!  But I've been....

Yea, I've been in a picture posting mood! 
And even in the rain, another ride just sloshed out to a happy new owner!
All right, I best get to it, as our stock is dwindling yet again!

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