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Friday, December 31, 2010

In the middle of the afternoon?!?!


"what we're you thinking?"  I was talking about blogging.

I either do it late a night, or if I'm to tired first thing before I really start working.

Stay with me I'm still talking about blogging. But worked late last night playing catch up, and walked in busy and never stopped.  I'd tell 'ya all about the excitement of yesterday but truthfully...I'm drawing a blank.
On a sad note we had to say goodbye to Matt yesterday.  Oh I'm sure we'll be seeing him often enough and he'll probably be kicking around on the weekends to help out, but lets face it, no one who works here will EVER get rich and he got an offer from his old outfit he couldn't pass up.  So ABSOLUTELY no hard feelings and we wish him the best!  You shall be sorely missed!
Sat down at the keys last night before calling it a night checking my e-mail to see if I had to re-post any adds that had been flagged (thankfully not) but found an e-mail re-guarding the blog.  I thought "odd" usually they just post on the comments section.  Well I gave it a peek. HMMM?  Well I will not re-peat the full "content" of the comments, but apparently some adolescence who just discovered the "F" word, or some disgruntled individual living in his parents garage "It's NOT a garage....It's a carriage house!" had difficulty loading our little blog page.  Well they seemed to feel it was necessary to inform us of their dilemma and their distaste for such an obvious delay in their day, as apparently all the "stuff" slow down their computer.  "?" 
I'm no techie so I have no worthwhile input, but we drive an Oldie here and it only takes a few seconds to upload.  So in the end I just stated my opinion that he was way to negative and recommended that perhaps he should take a laxative and spend a little "alone" time.
Well as fast as we can build them they are BLOWING out of here!  I fell so bad for the folks making the trip to see us and have little to show.  Not that all visitors have been disappointed though.  The Schwinn I have in the rack sold, as did the Raodmaster I just bought.  The Specialized we posted yesterday sold in under 6 minutes, and I just picked up a few more goodies yesterday, nice Comfort cruiser, another couple bangers, two (soon to be) nice BMXers, A Kickbike (check out this goofy looking thing below, kind of fun to ride though) a Dahon folding bike with a TRAILER!  I don't get hardly enough of those!  And of course all the previous goodies we're still trying to get ready!
So that's my schtick for this afternoon!
ONLY $90.00

Thursday, December 30, 2010


As we promised we have new goodies (pic below) and more are coming out!  Plus picked up a few more today! 
sorry short pause, well the Specialized I JUST finished only lasted about 3 minutes (hence the pause) but I'm gonna post the pic anyway, 'cause it was a real gem!
Easy Come...Easy go!

2007 Trek Navigator From Scrap Truck to GEM!
ONLY $170.00!!
More later

Sunny Skies and Balmy Breezes

These are a few of my favorite things (sung to the tune of "My Favorite things" By Julie Andrews.  Gosh show tunes are FABulous!
Sorry.  Dropped out of character there.
But seriously.  Yesterday was quite a busy one!  Dyno VFR went to a very discerning young lady yesterday.  needing to fit her riding style (and height) A very Demur lass.  Surprising considering the Height of her Father (I think he stunt doubled for Chewbaca)  The Schwinn Sierra went to a kind gentleman purchasing it for a visiting dignitary (or something like that).  Met and had a wonderful conversation with a gentleman who showed GREAT interest in the '54  Raleigh Tourist looking for a restoration NOT a re-paint.  Yea we can do that, but it brought up an interesting (friendly) debate over which way is "right".  A traditionalist will say you can mechanically re-pair the bike but not change components, nor re-paint (some don't even want you to CLEAN it!)  Us?  well as we have been accused of making "Franken-bikes" I assume you know where we stand.  We wish to crate good looking, mechanically sound transportation.  Giving them a second life, if you will.  But as opinions are just that, none are wrong or right.
And to the young couple eager to get back on their bikes after a long pause, Thank you for entrusting your re-pairs to us, and "Happy trails" to you!
And to my lovely wife whom while perusing the net the other day discovered a site that shoes "Out of syndication" TV shows, and out of which lo and behold, was one of my FAVORITE Stupid comedy shows "The Tick" The live action show featuring Patrick Warburton as the Tick!  A special note of favoritism as the original comic book was written by a friend of mine, Ben Edlund at New England Comics.  A chain of comic stores in Boston, Mass that were a rival of the comic shops I worked at, at the time.  WAY BACK in the heyday's of comics circa' the '80's!
Whoa, MAJOR digression there, sorry.
Well today seems to be shaping up to be a busy one as well!  SO I better get motivated!
Talk at ya later!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resiliency (or is it elasticity)?

Given the events of the last 24 hours (ask me again sometimes) I gotta admit I am quite impressed by my wife and children, and their ability to adapt to adversity.  I know I rag on 'em from time to time but all in all beyond the basic love you feel (responsible) to feel for them (ha ha) I'd have to say that this is a group of diverse people I wouldn't mind hanging out with and calling friend (trust me that's HIGH praise coming from me).  And to top it off my two older boys took it upon themselves yesterday to *GASP!* clean and reorganize the garage!!!  Don't think that's a chore? Check out the pic's below! And I don't know if it's her Irish heritage of dealing with adversity or just her tenacious spirit but I have to give my wife alot of credit.  She may not like it to much when things go awry, but she sucks it up and takes care of business!  Keeps me grounded as well (a hard task indeed!)
So on to the whole work thing.  Us "Backyard Scabs" have been working late to pump out goodies, and I guess there's alot a folks visiting our Sunshine (HA!) State this past week, and alot of them are fond of bicycling, and apparently have discovered us realizing it's CHEAPER to buy a bike here then it is to rent one anywhere else.  So needless to say we can't build 'em fast enough.  Bought a nice Specialized yesterday and before I even got a chance to look it over it sold.  Also we picked up a SWEET Western Flyer Cruiser (haven't dated it yet) but it's going into the bay later today for re-paint.  Should be ready by tomorrow. ALSO Have finally committed to restoring that '54 Raleigh tourist with the pole brakes.  And we still have several projects in mid-production so keep an eye out for those.  Thanks to all the folks who came by yesterday to visit wish I had more to sell!  And as a side note, Had a visit from a lovely couple looking for a pair of bikes to hit the trails, I wish I had one's ready for them, but it inspired me to go to the garage (hence the inspiration for the boys cleaning it) and take pics of some of the vintage "in need of a good home so re-build me!" bikes.  those pics are below.  If you are looking to have a custom or re-furbed bike built for YOU, see if there;s anything here that tickles your fancy and let us know.  At least now I can FINALLY get to them without risk of serious injury!
So have a good day folks, talk at ya tonight!

Only $45.00!!

Our RE-Cycle Version of an "Urban Assault" 24" BMX!!!
ONLY $90.00!!

I wish I had a panoramic option on the camera 'cause this is ALOT of bikes!

Schwinn Tandem

Norman of England

10 speed

another Norman of England


(Can't re-member)




Norman of England






Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Dirty House Re-quires Tough Cleaners

OK. Time to get (shudder) political.
Back story: For over a decade I was a news junky.  Not the flashy Blaring Headline News junky like Fox or CNN, but REAL news.  Independent News. Where the people reporting the news were ACTUALLY where the news was happening.  Not sitting in an airport lounge a hundred clicks away from the action reading a PREPARED news report.  But, after realizing that all that information was only serving to depress, anger and make me nervous I stopped listening.  I know, Ostrich with his head in the sand.  But after the 2004 election when we RE-Elected Bozo the Dip---t, I became VERY disenfranchised.  It took stepping away from the whole Global disaster, and focusing solely on my own community that re-affirmed my faith in humanity.  So needless to say, now when I turn on the Internet (no cable..remember) I quickly opt out of the news headers on my home page.  Well, I am not completely oblivious to whats going on in our world 'cause global action effects locally. But when I saw a heading "repeal Obama" it gave me pause for thought.  No please before any one gets up in arms, I am not rushing to his defence, nor am i compelled to do so due to the fact that he is a democrat, I do it because I think America has forgotten or because we are in such dire straights that we need a scape-goat, but COME ON!  ANYONE in office after 8 years of the crap that "Curious George" pulled, had nothing short of a monumental task of clean up.  And some tough cleaners had to be used!
I offer up this analogy.
Years ago I worked for a cleaning company, for over a decade.  Carpet cleaning to be precise.  So over a decade I saw some NASTY homes.  To paraphrase a gentleman I once new who did crime scene clean-up "It's not seeing how people died that's disturbing, it's seeing how they lived!"
To True.
The really annoying thing was that you could go out on a bargain basement job (2 rooms and a hall $49.95) and be met with the nastiest house and floors you have EVER seen!  And they would expect it to look IMMACULATE when you were done.  Now as a pre-requisite for the job, of course, you were to up-sell.  But thankfully in my companies case the up-sells were necessary chemicals for TOUGH stains and such, beyond the standard clean sufficient for normal wear and tear.  But almost always without fail, the worse the job, the less likely they were willing to do what was necessary to get it done RIGHT!  Tough financial choices for a better outcome.
That's where we are folks.  We got a REAL dirty house, and it's going to take sacrifices to clean it up.  Has he done everything right?  Hell no.  Giving welfare to big Multi-national corporation that are co-responsible for the mess we're in, Uh-Unh.  The anarchist in me says let 'em work it out on there own.  But really, what would have been the outcome if we Hadn't?  Could have been worse then it is now.  What are the answers?  Not sure, I'm no financial wizard, but I do know that in the end we can't sit and point the finger of blame (yes I know the irony in that statement, as I already have) but whats done is done.  We have to pull ourselves out, not sit and wait for some government entity to come riding in like some well hung Dudley Dooright and rescue us.  Even though it may sound self serving, I firmly believe that the first course of action is live, work and buy in your own community.  Keep your money local.  At times you may pay a little more but lets face it your local grocer or auto mechanic is struggling just like you, but when you buy there product or service they may patronize yours.  Simple, possibly naive but that's what we're going on for the time being.
Love ya'll. Now I gotta git to work!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Huffing is bad for you!

But around here it's an occupational hazard!
OY, my head and nose are both stuffed up!  The price we pay for our art!  Currently we have 4 paint projects going on and NO ONE wants to open a door on a day like today!  We have the big fan in the back but it only does so much.  I can hear my brain cells dying, and I only have so few to spare.   But once again we have dipped into the garage stock to keep 'em coming out.  The ones we had built just before and after Christmas have already sold.  Got to keep a good selection out.
Oh I'm rambling again, aren't I?
My "Urban Assault" BMX didn't turn out all that good (hey some experiments aren't always a success) however I was able to turn it around and it's drying now.  Started on another BMX and have a Free Spirit Road bike in paint as well. Zombie-Boy's working on his own GT 24" Urban assault bike, Chromoly frame starting to look like something nice.  Matt....poor Matt.  He worked the better part of the morning on a stubborn Schwinn BMX, then searching for another project settled on a ladies Trek MTB.  After a few hours of fighting the bottom bracket off, and a variety of other stubborn rusted parts, he set out to TRY and get off the seat post.  It was at this point I happened by and notice that lo and behold....The rear of the frame was bent...significantly.  Oops.  PARTS BIKE!  I'll give him credit though had it been me, we would have definitely discovered the aerodynamics of said bike.  Not to mention the tensile strength of the metal, given the velocity and rate of impact against concrete.
Well at least we have the parts to build up the Iron Man in the loft. 
A shout out to all the wonderful folks coming in today.  The "Haro" couple from a few weeks back that hesitantly bought the yellow Haro for their son for Christmas were relieved that he "LOVED" the bike.  Had a minor break on one of the bike levers (he REALLY loved it) Christmas morning but it was a quick fix.  And to the gentleman from "Up North" in Southey! Welcome!!   A new customer who will be "telling all his friends" about us!  THANK YOU!!  And our newest hobbyist who has been in twice already since discovering us last week, we are here to help you with all your future projects.  And thanks for all the great compliments! (and the tip!).  And to the lovely lady with another "I was in another bike shop the other day..."  Oh we LOVE those stories, And it's great that you found us, and thanks for the business!!  And to the gentleman from France (who happened to pick up on our blog over there) visiting our state, Have fun on the Fuji!  And to the HAPPY gentleman who FINALLY found the right bike (after several visits) enjoy the "Banger!"  And as always makes me BEAM with pride the "funky" custom GT Hybrid found its true owner today.  I do hope the young lady enjoys her new "different then all the other $600.00+ bikes" in those "other" bike shops they've been looking in since a month ago!  Enjoy!!
Yes I know, I shouldn't gloat, but hey...It's FUN!  And by gum quite the ego booster!
And as ALWAYS "Thank You to all the folks who entrusted their re-pairs with us today!
So with that i gotta go pick up dinner for mom and dad and get my keister home!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After.

Sounds like the title of the latest Hollywood Disaster Blockbuster.  All in all X-mas was not to bad this year.  Kudos to my lovely wife for doing all the shopping.  Face it, I SUCK at it!That's not to say i can't pick out good gifts, but I am a very impatient person when it comes to shopping.  That's why we've gotten in the habit of buying food each day for meals.  If I spend more'n 10 minutes in the store I get ancy.  Go in get what I need and get out.  Back to work. Simple. 
I also have to give credit to my kids.  Not 1 "Is that all there is?" or "Why didn't I get more?" And trust me, given the economical state we are ALL in, it was a light gift giving year, this year.  But not I complaint!  Public or private!  I am truly proud of them, they we're very appreciative of what they got.  As am I.  My wonderful wife got me the 1 thing I really wanted this year (even though she loathes it) "Family Guy, It's a Trap!" DVD.  Hehehehehe!  The final installment of the Star Wars parody trilogy.  And I was thrilled with my mom and sisters gift, an "Exeter UFO Festival T-shirt and poster (it'll be framed in the shop for your viewing pleasure)  For those of you not in the know, my hometown of Exeter NH is home to one of the most SIGNIFICANT UFO sightings in history!  No kidding, happened about 3 miles from where I was born (some of you are saying to yourself "so THAT explains it!) Seriously, google it "The Exeter Incident" you'll  get about 6 million listings!  Apparently Now every year in September they shut down the streets and have a big festival dedicated to it.  Figures they be doing it long after I moved out.  Oh well,maybe some day I'll get back up there and see it!
OK, so on to business.  The wind is tearing through the parking lot here like a Banshees wail, so needless to say Angi and  had a lot of alone time to work.  Put out some real beauts though.  Zombie-boy finished up a real sweet Fuji MTB just before we broke for Christmas, Matt came in to day briefly to put the finishing touches on another "Banger" MTB, I re-furbed a SWEET looking Schwinn Sierra LE Hybrid, and am working on a nice "Urban Camouflage" (code for "the-paint-screwed-up-and-I-didn't-want-to-re sand-it-and-repaint-it-so-I-did-something-funky-with-the-paint") GT BMX, and a "Banger BMX that'll be done up tomorrow.
So, we will now brave the elements and pedal our little hinneys home.
I'm still wanting to see "It's a Wonderful Life"

Gorgeous Hybrid
ONLY $140.00

Fuji RE-Furb
ONLY $90.00!!

Nice Ridin' Daily Banger!
ONLY $60.00!!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Do you hear that?  Like some macabre nightmarish ghoul, it lurks ever closer, the fetid stench assails the senses.  What in the name of all that is holy is it?

Just kidding. I'm a kidder.  Oh boy am I seeing vapor trails!  Another day almost over then it's home for egg nog and "It's a Wonderful Life" (Mock me all you wish but I can NEVER get sick of that film!)  Then the Holiday tradition (passed down from my father) of the reading of the "Tomten" (yes I still have the original copy my father read, with my crayon marks and everything) Then, I'll probably pass out. I want to thank ALL you awesome folks who have made this year such an incredible HOOT!  And for all you have done for our family!  I really have not a thing to complain about (?!?!?! you say?) So please have a wonderful Christmas and we'll see you Sunday!
But before we call it a yule I have a few things to share.

I just like to think that all those people are actually car drivers

Zombie-Boy turned me on to this.  I am not easily impressed but this guy is FREAKIN" INCREDIBLE!!

And this one HAS to be one of the all time FUNNIEST Holiday moments, in my humble opinion!

And this last one is our NEW Mantra film Here!  I Had never seen it before until Matt discovered it last night!

either I'm committed...or I should be.

It's 3.38 am...
Do you know where your bike mechanic is?
I swear, EVERY year that I won't do this to myself (or in extension my family).  I even went as far as to give a heads up a few weeks back that Christmas was coming and to get your "special builds" re-quests in before it gets to close.  And I told myself I wouldn't take any with a promise for the day before delivery.  But alas i am a SUCKER for heart felt pleas.  And doubly so when it;s a dad wanting a special gift for his little girl.    So one metallic purple single speed road bike coming up!  OY!  Gotta admit though it's turning out to be a sharp ride.  And it gave me some alone time to find a really cool Celtic station on line!  Next to Big Band Swing its my Favorite kind of music (no wonder I married an Irish woman (hubba, hubba!  Fiery Redhead!)  And a special heart felt, "Thank you for being understanding, baby" to my lovely wife.  She knows I'm a sap this time of year.  Well, I'm going to get a shower and a few hours sleep and be back at it again on the morrow.
May the road rise up to meet you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mary Shelly would be proud, I think.

Had an interesting conversation with a gentleman today, via the phone line.  He's in the market for a Christmas gift for his girl, and is in last minute fashion searching for a bike to fit his budget. He search Craigslist and the like called a few bike shops and had noticed some of our adds.  In talking with another bike shop (whom had NOTHING anywhere near to his budget) he asked them if they were familiar with us.
They were.
And in true bike shop camaraderie, and courteous professionalism....they badmouthed the bageebuzz out of us. 
What a shock (insert sarcastic rolling of eyes here).
They're major criticism "they build Frankenstein bikes, and you shouldn't do that."  Our mutual reaction was "SO?"
And my further question would resound "what's wrong with that?  We take what has been discarded and build something useful and functional.  But you've all heard that diatribe before.  I just get a kick out of hearing things from folks about how other shops opinions vary. least we're known.  'Sides, I think "Frankenstein" sounds kinda cool!
Well, we've been working like busy little elves trying to put out more goodies before Christmas (24 hours...*shudder*) And they are some real beauts!

24" Old School Free Spirit,
New Paint!
ONLY $65.00!!

Dual Shock Comfort
Only $60.00!!

58cm BIG BOY 2001 Trek 700 Hybrid
ONLY $155.00!!!

Like I was saying....

Ever have one of those "DUH!" moments when you re-membered an important day after the fact.  Like forgetting a birthday or appointment.  Had one of those moments this morning.  As I sat having coffee, thinking about what is left to do for Christmas and realizing today was the 23 of Dec, a little voice in the back of my Head naggingly prodded me with the thought, "Hey! Chief!  Guess what else you forgot!?"  Dec 13, a red letter day!  The day that marked the beginning of RE-Cycle!  2 years ago on that day marks the moment we began this mishegause!  The day the garage bikes hit the curb and flung us into this enterprise!  And we did nothing to celebrate? Sheesh!  But in a way I guess that goes to show you how busy we have been blessed to be.  So as homage  to that day I just wish to thank EVERYONE (and you know who you are) for all they have done to keep us rolling (get it
So as I said last night I have pics of that awesome little cruiser Matt finished yesterday.  Very SWEET retro"ish" ride.  Check out the custom seat cover!  I think it makes the bike!
Well, 'till tonight's update, SEE YA!

What The COOL Kids Want!
ONLY $80.00!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Caution: Do not overwind Toy.

In my case don't overcaffinate!  It's late, and I haven't worked a late night for some time!  Us old codgers need our sleep!  But, after getting a late start this morning (no I was here, just dealing with a lost package in the gaping maw of the US Postal Service...*shudder*) But as is always the case this time of year folks seem to wait until the last minute to do shopping (I did warn you) and we have had a few last minute custom build requests.  After Miss Angi sold almost ALL our stock yesterday we've also been trying to pump out some more.  And that we did.  Matt (even though he wasn't suppose to be here today) came in to put the finishing touches on the SWEETEST little custom 20" boys cruiser (that i will post a pic of tomorrow, the other one didn't come out) And I finished up My Green Gt Hybrid (SWEET!) and a Ladies Comfort cruiser.  Zombie-Boy (ONCE AGAIN) has three (or more) paint projects in his booth....I don't even bother anymore.  He gets excited and goes off in 100 direction at once.  Although I was QUITE impressed with his earlier rendition of Mikey Mouse singing "Culture Clubs" "do you really want to hurt me"  You didn't know we had Karaoke here, hunh?  We also got in an older Chicago Schwinn that is as we speak torn down and prepped for re-paint tomorrow (need more primer) A special "Thank you!" to the folks who have entrusted their re-pairs with us today!  We'll fix their boo-boo's good as New!
So with that I leave you with this little number below.  Has absolutely nothing to do with anything I just thought it was hilarious!

Is This SICK or WHAT?!
ONLY $125.00!!

CRUISE in Comfort Style!
ONLY $75.00!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Burned out

That's me!  Or at least how I"m feeling (the burns are starting to heal, though) Whether it's due to it being the Holidays, or the fact that this season is ALOT slower then last year.  But, Hey I can sympathize, TRULY!!  momma was smarter then me this year and took care of the kids early.  But the running gag yesterday was whether or not something I was working on was going to become air born (early warning signs are as follows.  Heavy labored sighs.  Muttered strings of barely audible curses, Audible strings of colorful language, or any sentence that starts with "where the ____is my (insert tool here)!"
So with my better judgement impaired my adoring wife (and clear thinking conscience) sent me to my room. Or rather sent me home last night.  And she knows best as it turns out it's what I needed.  After a hot shower I was feeling a little better.  And seeing the kids and Izy excited to see ME,  I perked up.
Izy's starting to make with the crawling in the hind end (she just can't hold up her front half, so I laid her out on mommy and daddy's bed and tried to work with her.  Not so much.  Shortly after she got frustrated and mad (gosh, where does she get that from?) so I laid her on my chest and talked with her.  Shortly thereafter I discovered shes got a knew game.  Use to be she liked to yank on my beard, now she likes to chew on my nose (well...gum on my nose) and i don't know how she did it or where she got the impeccable timing, but apparently she was saving up a wad of spit 'cause just as I accidentally inhaled through the nose, she let loose with a deluge...and I inhaled it.  Better then Nasonex!
SOOOOOOO, anyway!  We actually have got some things done around here, regardless.  Jay's been on the top, putting out 2 new Bangers, Matt's working on another ladies 24" banger (which apparently as we speak he is walking off some contagious frustration) and also a really cool looking re-paint on a 20" cruiser. Me....well I put out that sweet little Old School Dyno 20"er.  And Oh I sweeten the deal on this puppy!  In the parts i picked up the other day was a way cool set of Redline Alloy mp19F Alexrims, with the rear being a track flip hub!!  And to top it off the awesome dudes I bought the goodies from brought some more in today and amongst them was the original seat and stem!  SWEET!!!!!
So check out the pics below!  Also have a total re-furb, re-paint on a lightweight 700c Gt that I'm going to TRICK!  Be looking for that one!

A Steal at $125.00!
(the wheels are worth twice that!)

Add a Fixed gear to cause some REAL trouble!

'cepttin' the tires, she's
All Original!

Another "Daily Banger!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday....Why Are The Kids Here?

A sure sign of advancing years.
Awoke this morning 7.00 am standard time, went to wake the children for school only to be informed by Logan that "There's no school daddy." to which I responded "What do you mean, no school?!" adamantly incensed that my adoring child would try to pull a gag on one so intelligent as I! 
I forgot about Christmas break.  2 weeks...*Shudder*  I had not mentally prepared myself for this.  But being a resilient, flexible quick thinking sort I did what any sharp witted, clear thinking individual would do, got dressed quietly and snuck out to the shop before anyone noticed I'd escaped!
Zombie Boy and Matt Preparing to get to work!
OK so Now I have plenty of time along with my loyal minions, to build some bikes today.  Check out below for the newest "Daily Banger"
ONLY $55.00!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Out Today

It was so quite here today I swear I heard a Cricket yawn.  Although we had our fun.  Zombie-Boy was recovering Seat's today and needed more Material so he went over to the thrift store.  We utilize old clothes to scavenge fabric, And he picked some rather....interesting choices.  But as with so much it degraded into us drones...playing,  And we played dress up.   Matt had a lovely beige evening dress on.  And I had a STUNNING crushed Red velvet skirt ensemble.  Jay went ALL out with a rugged pair of mustard yellow corduroy slacks, khaki vest, and Olive green dress shirt...with an ascot!  Oh we were the picture of the "Out on the Town" crowd.  Oddly enough Jay seem to enjoy his choices and wore them to work for quite awhile.
Well we have several new projects today.  Matt has 3 new kids bikes in paint, I'm building the 20" Dyno, and the 700c GT is in paint.  Zombie boy finished two.  The Mongoose Ladies Hybrid (pic below) and a Avalon comfort cruiser (although 1 of the tires has paint on it, so I'm either going to have him clean it or replace it before I show you a pic).  Well as it's Sunday we are out of here early, but I want to leave you with a little video that has absolutely nothing to do with anything...I just think its cute to the tune of some cool music

Tad? Muffy? Squash anyone?

Finally!  A Daily Banger!

of Fathers and Sons

Like a yo-yo on a string, Florida requires you to carry layers of clothing and on any given day this time of year you are required to be wearing a heavy sweater in the morning, Bermuda shorts in the afternoon and a Parka once the sun goes down!  No wonder we get busy around 1 pm.  Thank you's to all the wonderful folks visiting yesterday!  To the Man who's wife KNOWS what he wants, have a grand time with the Trek Navigator.  Should save you on back pain!  And it was great we could outfit the young man with the DXR that fit him so perfectly.  Special Kudos to my lovely wife Angela, whom when she heard the other Drones and I whining about having NO more 26" tires to do projects with hit Craigslist and found someone selling a BEVY of said same.  And to Terry who dropped what he was doing and hauled my butt to Holiday to pick them up!  Now we have NO shortage of 26, 27 and 700's Over 80 in all! As well as obtaining a sweet little 20" chromoly Dyno old School BMX I'll be building today and a 700 rear wheel to put the finishing touches on a SWEET GT Hybrid!  Thank you so much, my Love!  And no sooner then  uttering the words "we need more bangers" we obtained in trade a nice ladies Mongoose needing  some TLC, but will make a nice ride for someone special!
Last night was the evening for my belated (by one day) Birthday present for Elijah as he turned 15.  Stepping outside the box I extended an unusual gesture and took him to the movies (yea in a theatre...with popcorn (oh don't get me started...$8.00?!?!! for a bag!)) and we went and saw "Tron; The Legacy" (NOT in 3-D).  My opinion of the Movie?  My opinion is you should save your $8.00+!  For the shear eye-candy benefits wait for it to come to Redbox and pay a buck to rent it.  I saw Tron  (the real one) in a the movies (here in Florida as a matter of fact while visiting my Grandmother).  That one was worth it.  To quote George Lucas "Special effects without a story...aren't so special" Aside from that and Only 1! good line "you're really messing with my Zen thing, man!" ...well at least the Previews of coming attractions was cool (see below!) and to my sons credit, he wasn't embarrassed to be seen with his Old man.  Even when I got "Into" the previews.  (OH yes, you are talking to an original "Rocky Horror Picture Show" INVOLVED audience member.  I used to have the Interaction script!  And always came equipped with rice, toast and toilet paper) So needless to say I EXPRESS my excitement or dismay!
All in all, being able to hang out with just him, for a time was nice.  I don't get enough of an opportunity to do that.
Well, As I have much to do, I leave you with the following film peaks of last night MUST SEE revelations.

First One: Directed by Jon Favreu (Iron man) produced by Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg Starring Daniel Craig (the BEST James Bond) and Harrison Ford (Oh you know him!)

OH I Can't push this one enough!

This one is pure promotional and Merchandising BRILLIANCE!
Hugh Jackman meets Rocky meet Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!
Nostalgia at its FINEST!

And this One?  How did I miss hearing about this one?  Oh when I heard the name "Kato"  I let a big "WHOOP, WHOOP!

And for the kids, something cute!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

....make lemonaide

Sometimes you have to have input from someone who is detached from the situation.
As I have mentioned in the last postings my frustration with the constant interruptions of our Craigslist adds, Angela was here yesterday as it happened again and saw my anger as I had to re-post our adds.  Well, her being the wise one when it comes to computers noticed 2 things. 1: that there was a way to copy the text of the add so all I had to do was hit a button to re-enter it as opposed to re-writing the whole thing (A LIFE SAVER!) and 2: each time I had to re-post our adds we went to the top of the listings!  WOW!  I had never thought of that!  SO in effect the individual who keeps flagging us is  doing us a favor!  As many of you Craigslist aficionados know they're are ALOT of bike adds posted each day!  So being at the top of the list every few hours is a real boon!  HA HA!  It was funny too, Angela set it up so I could be alerted each time we got flagged so I could re-post almost immediately.  As a matter of fact yesterday around 5 pm our benefactor was deleting adds 1 at a time, and I was re posting them as they were taking them off!  It Was HILARIOUS!  So thanks to..whoever!  KEEP IT UP!
Well as I sit here diligently trying to convince myself that the rain out side is really a lovely blanket of freshly fallen clear snow (hey I'm TRYING to get in the Holiday spirit) I want to take a moment to say "Hang in there" to those of you who may be encountering tough times this year.  And to our buddy Joe who rode his bike 21 miles in the rain at 5.30 this  morning to get work only to be turned away when he got there because of the weather, and his only reward was a flat tire, chin up!  And never loose your sense of humor about the whole thing!  And folks if you know of a family going through crap like this, or anyone taking it up the...well you know.  Drop them a little something on their doorstep Christmas eve...anonymously, just to let them know there's someone who cares.  And to those of you who don't need my advise and have already thought of it yourselves, God Bless!
With that I think I might actually try to get something done.  So y'all have a great day!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Value of a dollar: A Childs Perspective

This morning, on our daily morning jaunt to school (Thank heavens for the ever changing Florida climate.  I got to do the walk in my favorite T-Shirt) as we were passing the Condo Community, we had to pause as a rather LARGE Jeep 4X4 was entering the parking lot.  Of course the children were like, WOW!  My daughter, Rozy then asked if when she became "Like, 17 you know...OLD!" if she could have a truck just like that!  To which I responded "when you are old enough and save YOUR money, you can buy whatever kind of vehicle you would like" (although I'd prefer they stick with a bike) In response Rozy and Owen entered into a heated debate for the remainder of the walk as to the true cost of such a vehicle.  Owen, assured her it would cost "almost $203.00!!!! to which she retorted "No, it's more like 100 million!"  Quite a bit of a gap (perhaps they were talking yen..what is the current exchange rate?)   Just goes to show you that if you put two or more children together with time on their hands...they'll find SOMETHING to argue about!
On to....Movies!  It being Friday night movie night at the house, I start thinking about 'em.  Two I watched recently with an assortment of the family and I want to comment about.
1st.  2012.
OK...Lets get real.  Serious issues with this "lets scare the bajeebuzz outta the masses" movie.  They got the WHOLE predictions thing WRONG!  Based on the Mayan Long Calender 2012 DOES NOT denote the end of the world but the end of a 5000+ year cycle.  AND it marks a point in history when something of some SPIRITUAL significance will occur.  You are NOT going to find yourself waking up that morning slipping into the maw of a vast chasm of flame and molten lava!  Rather something will occur while at the time may seem insignificant but later in history will be identified as the catalyst to a worldwide idealistic shift (kind of like the republicans being driven from their seats of power (LOL))  and #2 and probably the most UNBELIEVABLE part of the whole movie is civilization is crumbling the world being torn apart and the master plan is to save a small portion of humanity to continue the species and who do they chose to save?  Rich people and engineers?!?!!?  I give humanity as a whole less then a decade before it degrades to a pre-feudal meandering mass of nomads sitting on their tushes cannibalisticly nibbling on their neighbors femur!  PLEASE!  No work force?!?!  Lets just look at human history as a whole folks.  NOTHING in this civilization would have ever been built, or produced, no food grown, picked and processed, no homes, clothes....NOTHING if it were not for the under appreciated (and sorely under payed) masses that make up 97% of the teaming masses.  Talk about FANTASY!
OK Movie #2 "Ant Bully" I love these "message" movies for kids.  In the end clearly a lesson in "working together" And finding the strength to stand up for yourself and others.  Hopefully these lessons will sink in subliminally!  Lot's of fun!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sweet Consignment goodies!  1997 Giant Kronos GS!!  WELL maintained!  Lots of upgrades!  Only $240.00!!!

Flagged for removal

Here we go again...
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!  Oy Vey!  As many of you know (as you get here from there) We utilize craigslist to get our product out there to be seen.  Good source for the little guy, you get it right to the folks who are looking for what you got.  For the last couple of months we haven't had a problem, no all of a sudden over the last couple days were getting ZAPPED almost immediately after posting.  So if you are perusing through Craigslist looking for that special ride...and you don't see something from us..don't think we don't have it, check it out here!  (they can't get us here...yet)
Speaking of "the Good's" check out the new stuff and what's still in stock....
Zombie-boy Went way beyond the call of duty on this gem!
Full re-furb and custom re-paint
Men's 26" Haro MTB!!
Only $180.00!!

Way over Board on this one!
Custom Duent 3-Wheeler!
Full re-Furb and re-Paint
Java Brown/Gold Leaf
With Wood Grain Accents


ONLY $50.00!!

Trek 700 Multi track

TREK Navigator
ONLY $155.00!!

Folding Bike


RE-Furbed MTB
ONLY $80.00
Now Some of you may astutely inquire...But your signs say MOST bikes under $100.00?  Usually, that's true. In this business we buy bikes from scrap dealers and private owners.  Obviously the ones coming in from scrap dealers re-quire more work then the private owners.  Spring time folks are cleaning out their garages see the bikes collecting dust int he corner, decide "we are never going to use those things" and bring 'em to us...or toss them to the curb (where the scrap guys grab 'em..and bring em' to us)  And the same thing occurs shortly after Christmas vacation.  In with the new..out with the old.  However this time of year,,,Nada.  So to keep stock fresh we start digging through the ABUNDANCE of  "Whoa..this one needs ALOT of work so lets just through it in the garage" pile.  On average requiring 3 to 5 days work. Hence the (slightly) higher price,  And for that we feel eternally guilty.  We'd love to have nothing but sweet running bangers every day of the week...just doesn't always work that way.  But have no fear!  Buying season is almost near! 
By the by, if YOU have anything kicking around you want to sell, or trade "Come On DOWN!"