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Monday, October 10, 2011

"Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them"

It's Monday, so I'm gonna get the downer out of the way and move on to cool stuff.
The one slightly pessimistic streak in me that occurs in occasional discussions regarding current events sprung up recently while talking over the events of  "Occupy Wall Street".  My wife, being the lovely little subversive radical she is was all in agreement with the sentiment from the crowds gathered in response to the crushing disparity that has eroded the middle class and left the poor, poorer and the rich WAY richer.
My only concern is, if once the many factions come together and formulated a directive and cohesive, all inclusive goal,  what then?  Lets just say that historically, as I see it protests and activists have not always brought about concrete and total change.  Sure, cosmetically to appease the masses governments have passed laws which on the surface seem to justify the sacrifices of many.   But in the end, institutionalized racism is gone, but racism isn't.  And if you think ALL are equal?  How come Gay marriages aren't happening every day?  Check out the percentile of White inmates in prison vs. black.
Yes, yes i know changes have been made. But what about now? My opinion (just one of  billions of varied opinions) is this.  It has never truly been about religion, race, sexual preference, age or gender.  It's two simple things, "Haves and have nots"  Every war, every demonstration, every riot every regime change has been about those two groups.  We unfortunately have bought into the lie.  And as we continue to fight amongst ourselves...they win. 
Whoops, digressed there for a minute.  My point is this, after reading about the chaos in Egypt (an event that lent inspiration to OUR current movement) has me again pondering the question, "What would be left if you tore down the current system?"  Nature abhors a vacuum, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Food for thought.
OK, enough of that, on to funner topics! 
Sunday was a blast!  Sadly, miniature golf was out of the question, as it was raining when we woke up and continued to do so for the whole day.  BUT, not wanting to give up, we opted for Chuck E' Cheese!  The adults excuse for OD'ing on Advil!!  I gotta give the little guys credit though, I guess after last weeks debacle they learned their lesson and (for the most part) were on their best behavior.  And it really gave me a chance to do a little bonding time with Izzy.  She's very much the mamma's girl, so it was nice for her to be wanting ME to pick her up and hold her for a change!  And as independent of their parents you think your kids get, Rozy reminded me that they still need their folks.  As we got there and I filled their little hands with tokens, I told them when they needed  more to come find me.  Well I guess i should have told them i may be walking around with Izzy, because a little while later as I was showing Izzy the "Toddler Zone" Rozy came up to me crying.  At first I thought she may have gotten hurt, but it was because I wasn't at our table and she got scared that I left.  Oh, MAN talk about having your heart break!  I was so tore up to see her cry like that, but had a little selfish daddy twinge that said "Hey, they DO need you after all!" 
After awhile we had to get going as the rain was not abating, so the place was filling up WAY past fire code with a bevy of agitated parents and irritated kids.
Tell me this (and yes, I realize after my behavior last week this seems slightly hypocritical) why do some parents take out their kids, to an OBVIOUSLY KID place, and act agitated, irritated and annoyed...that their acting like kids!  You want an excuse to get annoyed with them, take 'em to an art opening, dress 'em in a suit, and yell at them for spitting out caviar on their wing tips! Don't take 'em to the rat, and piss in their post toasties!
Well, Angie and the older boys had a HUM-Dinger of a busy day!  And for a rainy Sunday?  Amazing!  Ned came in and picked up the Redline BMX that Justin had finished up!  Black on black, real slick!  I'm sure glad his son was happy with it.  Debbie choose the Diamondback cruiser for her new ride. And Lenna wanted the slick, flashy red cruiser!  She'll be styling on that ride! And Sam, being of obviously sound, sophisticated taste choose the custom Cannondale MTB we have had for longer then I had anticipated!
And as always, thanks to the drop offs yesterday.  We'll be getting to them post haste!
So (wow I have a lot to say today) after winding down the kids, Mom and Dad plopped down in front of the wide screen to veg out to a flick last night.  Now I'm in no way a fan of slasher flicks, let me say that up front, but a new one is hitting the theatres and we got to watch an advancing screening on Zune (we love Zune) (and NO, it's not pirated!)  The flicks "Tucker and DaleVS Evil" and the only reason I'd agreed to watch it is one of my FAVE actors co-stars in it, Alan Tudyk.  He played the part of Wash in "Firefly" (you've heard me blather on about that show!) (die, FOX DIE!) but I really became a fan slightly in reverse when I watched the flick "A Knight's Tale" where he played Wat, squire to Sir Ulrich (Played by Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace)  I've loved everything I've seen him in (Watch him as Dutch, in Transformers 3!  He STEALS the film!)
Dale and Tucker are a couple of sweet hillbilly friends who buy a derelict cabin in the Virginian mountains as a "Vacation home" and on their way to fix it up cross paths with a group of rowdy college students away on a Memorial weekend camping trip.  Well this sets the stage for a reenactment of every cliche' slasher film staples with a twist, it all starts because of a simple series of misunderstandings! Yes their is gore and their are ALOT of deaths (think Shaun of the Dead, but not so quirky) but the humor far out weighs the need for the occasional "Horror movie glasses"  I definitely recommend the watch!
All right!  I think I best be getting to work, as we are in desperate need of stock!
PS>  Here are pics of two of the new ones from saturday!
ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!

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  1. You're absolutely right - it's not about left and right, it's a question of up and down.

    I just wrote a piece on my blog about how, despite how good I have it, I am painfully aware that we're one layoff and one medical issue (car accident, bad diagnosis, heart attack; take your pick) away from being dependent. The security of the middle class is a myth, and I still can't figure out why so many people in situations like mine continue to vote against their own best interests.