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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pride of Youth

Anyone reading this blog casually are aware that from time to time I mention my family.  More to the point, my kids.  Baffled, as I'm sure all preceding generations can attest to the same, with the rebellious nature of youth, bordering on insanity.  Forever trying to outwit parents, and "prove them wrong" their behavior skates the razor's edge of self destruction only to disconnect themselves from the parents "oppressive" rules.  Often times I recognized the disconnection in my children's eyes bordering on contempt as I verbally chastised them for one thing or another.  As if to say "What do YOU know about being a kid!?"  Well, again as sure as my Mother and Father probably said the same thing to themselves "I can still remember being a kid, as well as being someones son or daughter".  We are, none of us, so far removed. 
Unfortunately, at time's the damage and resentment can run so deep and so wide, that fixing it becomes impossible.  And with anything so broken, it crumbles.
Such was are eldest daughter.  Suffice to say she was a strong willed spirit that possessed an individuality that at time was at odds with the common good of the family.  Regardless of the exceptions and allowances we made (not to say there were many) it proved to be insufficient for her, so at the age of 18 she left.  Not wanting to be an "adult" still beholding to the rules of the house she set out seeking her own life, and we never heard from her again.  Well, that changed last night.  In a flood of emotion both good and bad, we found her.  Thankfully, alive.  But not what I'd consider well.  She is an epileptic but hers is manageable provided she stays on her medication, however as her condition "limited" her (her words) she choose to ignore it by not acknowledging it.  Also she has apparently been living on the streets of Missouri for some time, not wanting to call or let us know.  I can understand how pride will at times cloud judgement.  Thankfully, her Grandfather ran into her and as the weather there has dipped below freezing has put her up in a hotel for the night.  Angela and I have made arrangements to continue her stay, and ensure that she gets the help and medical attention she so desperately needs, as well as more permanent shelter.  She shares her life with a man i know nothing about, and truth be told not sure if I want to.  I have VERY strong feelings (some may say sexist and archaic) about a mans responsibility to take care of his woman (please don't send me feminist hate mail for that remark!)  and in extension, family.  And to me, you're not much of a man to let her sleep on a street for a year and  a half. 
Ok, Ok I'll get off my soapbox.
I can only hope that perhaps her hardships have soften her to the prospect of assistance in getting back onto her feet. 
Here's hoping.

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