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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What the...?!!

We fear change!
At this point in my life I am rather set in my ways (as if that tidbit of trivia comes as any great shock!) and when i find something I like, and works for me, I stick with it (although the old adage "Doing something the same way each time, but expecting a different result is by definition, insanity" come to mind).  My norm at the end of the evening after signing out is to shut off the power strip that runs the front desk.  That includes the Internet box and computer and such (I have been told it changes your IP address, that way the "Man" can't track you...paranoia is also the onset of insanity) but for some reason I failed to do that last night.  Upon my return this morning...everything changed!  Yahoo was no longer my opening page, Google had taken over.  My LARGE print screen, is now significantly smaller, and other things just don't work the way I was used to!  ARRGH!!
I guess Gremlins are no longer relegated to planes and cars.
Anywho, thanks to folks for popping by to say hey, and take a looksie around.  And for, as always the repairs!  Bless you!  Managed to get three out today, but ran in to a few glitches on the fixie.  Though it'll be out tomorrow!  So without further adieu, here's the goodies!
ONLY $55.00

ONLY $75.00

ONLY $95.00!!!

I Like Ike!!

Sorry for failing to update yesterday!  Got busy again towards the tail end of the evening (perhaps as it cools off around here slightly) and was running a WEE bit behind schedule.  Thanks to the folks for coming in and picking out the pink MTB for their daughter, glad we could wing you a deal!  And our favorite, our "Tired Of Walking" sale on the  Mongoose EFX!  And yes, I acknowledge you were a woman of your word and you DID come back to pick it up as you promised!  Also i would like to thank the wonderful lady who, in preperation for her granddaughters visit, brought her "fresh from storage" commuter in for a once over and some GREAT compliments!  Also, I have to thank "Chainwheel Drive" for referring her to us!  It ended up not needing anything and what they originally claimed was a bad front shock turned out to be nothing at all.  She was quite thrilled at the $0. dollar bill!
Managed to get out two real gems yesterday as well!  A great shape Nishiki Colorado, and (drum roll please) a final return to the custom cruiser we all miss! (well I do, anyway!) Hence the tittle of today's little tryst!  For any of you under the age of forty (or attending public school) who may not KNOW who "Ike" is....
Harking back to an era in US history, reminicent of when times were better!  Our 34th president from '53-'61, post WW2 in the Golden years of American prosperity, high ways and the total decimation of the inner city giving way to the bliss of suburban track home living! (all right I became slightly sarcastic towards the end there)
I call this nostalgic retro-storation the "Ikeman" As I did not grow up in that era (I was born in August '67 the "Summer of Love"...hence my warm and fuzzy personality) this is a recreation of what I think bikes were re-done back then!  Coincidentally, in his regular Monday visit our buddy Chip pointed out to me, that in fact it was quite close to reality.  I give him the credit for it's name sake inspiration!  Also on the subject of Chip, just received a read copy of his latest opus "The Late Show"!  So far it reads smooth!  I won't give to much away (I can't, have only read first chapter) But it centers around local city politics in a fabricated city that could be any pre-fab community, during the post-anoulouge TV era (remember the "Switch"?) and from what I've read  so far appears to be a bitting critique of the insipid nature of politics as a whole!
Can't go wrong with that!
So with that, I had better get on
ONLY $130.00!!!

ONLY $145.00!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daddy Day Care!!

As today marks the occasion of Angela "Hair Day" (she's considering a cut like Abbey from "Primeval") Little Miss Izzy is hanging with Dad.  Inspired in preparation for her arrival, Justin and I cleaned the shop (a much NEEDED task, for certain!) Sometimes it takes a "reason" for me to organize, as organization is not suitable justification for the thankless task! 
Yesterday was a "Mother Earth Hates Me" day!  Middle of the afternoon the sky's opened up in a deluge about 30 minutes before the Elementary kiddos had to come home. (the High schoolers old enough...he's on his own) Unfortunately two of our three little guys have NO respect for, well....anything, and to give them an umbrella or slicker?  Not so much.  So as I am the WONDERFUL father and provider, I put on my slicker picked up some new umbrella and slickers for the kids, and sloshed off into the heavy rains and high winds.  A little more then half way there (not to far, but far enough to be drenched) the sky cleared up and the sun poked out as soon as I reached the school.  Upon returning them to the house (after a brief stop off for slushies...I'm an easy touch for the puppy dog eyes) I dried off and changed my clothes, and upon opening the door to return to the shop...yep, you guessed it TORRENTIAL downpour again!!  Somewhere God is laughing "SUCKER!"
I was destined to spend my day in squishy socks.
And the weather was throwing off many other folks as well.  Many stopped by to check out the goodies. Sold the men's "Daily Banger Special" but she left it here to pick up when the weather got better.  One of our regulars choose the Sweet little BMX'er for her (but MOM I want A CAR!) high schooler, but left it here for a little while for same reason.  Then as the day came to a close and I was getting prepared to head out had a slue of folks come in, 3 re-pairs (thank you SO much for the faith!) Sold the ladies vintage Schwinn, and Mongoose Hooligan to some folks newly arrived from Vermont (GO YANKEE'S!) and Tom came in to (excitedly) pick up his freshly re-built Giant (she turned out a real peach!)
So today will see more building, stripping of parts bikes and beginning to work on two new specials!  The polka dot bike (figured out how that's gonna look! TRICK!) and the chopped cruiser!  SWEET!
Keep en eye peeled for those pic's!
All right, I gotta find some cartoons for Izzy, so i can get to work.  I'm tiring of the "pick up" game!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

And tomorrow...I rest.

But Momma will be here, so don't fail to visit!
Thanks to all the folks for stopping in today!  And to the couple coming up from Saint Pete, hope ya'll have LOADS of fun on the tandem!  And sure am glad we were able to fit it in the truck!
Managed to get a little further on the four paint bikes (but in this humidity it's SLOW going!) And also put out three new goodies!  Check out the pics below!
Well, Sunday is my day of rest.  Hopefully I can put my feet up and do some reading (ah HA!)  here';s hoping! 
See everyone on Monday.

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Don't Get Pithy With Me!

As anyone with a calender will denote, my usual daily witty banter has been scarce of late.  As it is now the "Horse Latitudes" of the year (that dead 2 or 3 weeks after the kiddo's go back to school and we wait upon the Snowbirds) I have had little to speak of!  Although we have kept QUITE busy with builds (and specials, have 4 in paint as we speak) the extant of excitement 'round these parts have been Nil.  Home life is equally unexciting (not that that's a bad thing)  All children going to school, doing homework, staying out of trouble, and nothing has caught on fire.  What is a sardonic pessimist to do?
Critique movies!!
Yes, you're right I am a very SAD person!  But I do have to let any of my fellow videophiles know, rented "Your Highness" last night (of course this one NOT for the kiddies, they watched "Hoodwinked 2" then went to bed).  Was under the impression from some over reaching marketing that it was the NEW "Princess Bride", and as I thought that one was brilliant, gave this one a try.  Well let me tell you I was NOT disappointed!!
NO sir!  I was MORTIFIED!!!  How does Pre-adolescent dick jokes (I mean LITERALLY) and foul language, and an OVER exposure of breasts make up in the slightest for hardly a plot, BAD writing, POOR delivery and  PATHETIC humor?  I mean, What was Natalie Portman and James Franco thinking?  I mean do they need money this bad?  This comes right on the heels of "the Black Swan"  and "127 Hours"!   These folks need to take their agents out and have them shot!  Granted this kind of garbage is right up Danny McBride's alley.  Perhaps he holds incriminating pictures of James and Natalie or something, who knows! 
In the end, if you get the opportunity to watch this movie, pass it up and watch a stellar film, like "Plan 9 Form Outer Space"!
Well, I have filled up enough space, and wasted enough time!
Hope to see you soon!
Ladies "Daily Banger Special"
ONLY $45.00!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roll on! ( I prefer stick)

Don't ask me I just work here.
Wish I had exciting tales of adventure a frivolity, laced with my traditional rapier like wit.  But...
not so much.
I think I heard crickets.
VERY quiet today.  Although we did manage to get two more goodies (one taking a WEE bit more time then norm).  A Bodacious tandem, FULL re-furb and re-paint (fire engine red) and a six speeder!  Comfort and speed for two (or one with a lazy passenger) and also a cute little starter BMX.  Also have three more prepped for paint and another for rebuild and another for special build.  So all in all not a total loss!
ONLY $150.00!!!

ONLY $45.00!!!
So check out the pic's as I have to start swimming home!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's so nice when there is new blood in this place! 
As much as it may come as a surprise to most, let the secret be known, that at times I can get...lazy.
I know, I know...SHOCKING! 
But when new enthusiasm come into play, I feel a rekindling of motivation (although I still have my lunch hour Scrabble games!)
Hello to the newest member of our happy band of Merry men, Justin!  And the boy works!  True, first day is always to impress the boss.  But I didn't have to explain much and he went right to it!  Tyring it differently this time he strips, and cleans, i paint and assemble.  managed to get three new goodies done today with a forth stripped and on the rack for paint touch up!  SWEET! 
Thanks to Chris for visiting this morning and leaving a happy camper with the Diamondback we put out last night.  i knew that wasn't going to hang around, not at only $95 bucks!  Also thanks to Paul for coming in the other day and dropping a deposit on two custom cruiser builds.  I LOVE IT when folks tell me "Just go crazy"!  HEHEHEHEHEHEH.  the only guideline;  his wife's is to be blue with white polka dots!~  Oh....YEAHHHH!  Can't WAIT to get on those!  Have to build up the Giant special order we got last week, as the parts finally came in today! 
And as always, thanks to everyone from tubes to nuts, for bringing in the re-pairs! 
Alright, as the sky is about to open up i'd better get a move on!  Check out the pic's and I'll see ya tomorrow!
ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $55.00

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beforew I Get Skinned For Being To Late For Dinner...

Here's the goodies put out today~! 
Sweet, sweet, SAH-WEET '95 Giant Perigee, like out of the showroom SWEET!  Sat in a garage relatively untouched for the last 16 years!!  And a FUL re-furb on this FINE Diamondback Topanga MTB! 
More nonsense tomorrow!
ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $235.00!!!

We have to wake up WHEN?!

Who's brilliant idea was it to start school so early in the AM?  Granted, my lovely wife being of a more stout constitution, is more capable of waking at such an ungodly hour of 5 AM to waken our hulking high schooler, but I still stir.  Granted only one eye briefly opens to acknowledge her departure from our bed, but still?  It's the thought that counts, right?  I will say, I am quite proud of us, this year we were organized, effectual and organized.  NOT the norm for us I assure you!  Had all the kids new clothes, back packs at the ready.  Everyone ate on time, and hit the sack early, even Mom and Dad!
Yes folks, it's the new school year!  Sadly the wonder and joys of summer are past.  Heavy is my heart as our little ones head off to another year, and the lonely silence of their daily absence is heartfelt.....
Wait...hold on...can't...stop....giggling....

Ok.  I've composed myself. 

A familiar routine has slowly crept back into being.  I only hope this first school day is uneventful unlike last year (read August 24 th's entry of 2010 for the skinny) We could do without such fun! 
So now that all the pre-school excitement has ended it's back into the meat of the matter.  Last week saw a lot of bikes go out of here as well as a multitude of re-pairs!  I'm going to have to hump to get out some new goodies as we have so little currently to offer.  But have no fear!  As our busy season approaches, we have advertised for a new mechanic,and hopefully we get get a new dedicated person in here to help put out some rides!
Ya'll have a great day.  And to the salt mines!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Like a dog chasing cars!

Wouldn't know what to do if I caught one!  I love that line!  Thanks to Heath Ledger~! 
So another Saturday has come to a close and as has become thew tradition, just about wiped out of goodies!  Thanks to the Dad, with a touch of sorry, for choosing the ladies Fuji to get his daughter around school!  The sorry is for her recent misfortune of having her previous ride stolen!  Way to much of that going on!  Speaking of which I keep forgetting to thank Officer D. Hunt, from Clearwaters finest!  Our newest liaison with the local constables.  She was nice enough to come in and visit with us last week, and it's good to know that she takes bike theft in the area VERY serious! (we are both WELL aware of some of the local nare-do-wells!)  Not everyone there shares her enthusiasm.  Now forgive me (and don't do a T.J Hooker on me!) I don't mean to insinuate that the police do not take theft serious, but as they are QUITE overworked (and under paid) bike theft (and non-violent theft) has to be less of a priority.  A sad testament to current affairs!  But, she has made her self quite available to us in the future!  Also sold the Roadmaster to another "tired of walking" gent, who seemed Quite happy with the buy!  And I love the "know what they want folks".  Young man came in to check out the Schwinn Mesa (that sold yesterday) and picked up the other Schwinn I just put out last night.  The whole transaction took less then 5 minutes.  Not that I don't like talking mind you!  Also a shout out to Paul.  A gentleman of sophisticated taste (hey...he reads this blog!) who is in the market for 4 custom cruisers!  Finally...I get to put on my artist cap, and show a little "PoP!" and Flair!  FAHB-U-LOUS!!!! 
On the new goodies front.   Not so much!  Have the Diamondback MTB in my bay stripped and cleaned ready for Monday Morning re-assemble, but spent the day finishing up the last of the re-pairs!  So we'll have more next week.  I PROMISE! 
All right, Saturday date night....Better get moving or my lovely bride may take Bob Barkers motto to heart!

Getting With The Times, Daddy-O!

Anyone reading this chronicle of meaningless pap, and incessant diatribes, with no real social import will be well aware of my penchant for pointing out the difference in generations.  For sure, a subject well worn by most media for, well...about as long as "media" has been around.  The "Generation Gap" if you will, ever present since man stood erect (and was told not to touch it or he would go blind) and mommy and daddy hominid couldn't understand why Junior wanted to go Mastodon tipping! They just "weren't with the times!"  man!  A fact which became blindingly apparent to me (as if I needed further conformation)  the other night.After dinner, in our house is story time!  We all gather in the sitting room before the little guys go to bed, and we read from, whatever they pick out.  Currently we are on "Shredderman: Vol 2" (surprisingly quite an engaging story. Quite frankly I think I'm more excited to find out what happens to the protagonist then the kids are!) Perched in my normal spot (right corner of long couch: closest to the table lamp, where I keep my reading glasses) I was engaged in chapter 7 when the blaring difference in parent/child communication of this newest more "technologically advanced" generation was made apparent.  In a world overgrown with cell phones, hand held entertainment centers, video games, and computers ( yes, I am well aware of the irony of me using a computer to relay that sentiment) not to mention "text speak" (the newest Orwellian prediction come to fruition) it still was a creeping epiphany when in the middle of reading Logan, struck with the urge to visit the facilities could have said "Dad, please hold on a moment, I have to go to the bathroom" or "may I please go to the restroom"  No.  My little technophile uttered one simple word:
A Comedian, who's name I can not recall once referred to his parents as "Furniture".  Apparently I have become a Nintendo.
Without a doubt school is on it's way!  Yesterday was a flurry of activity as far as repairs go!  (Thanks to all greatly!)  Thanks to Nancy and her Beau for trusting us so completely!  They'd been in the day before last to pick up a set of handle bars for his ride, and they came back in with their sons bike to have it made ready for the new year!  And as much as I appreciate when folks have enough faith in us when they say "do whatever it needs" I wasn't sure they were fully aware of just how much "teenage boy damage" had been done to the otherwise sharp looking Mongoose XR200, so I had to give them a ring to check!  Apparently they were a tad bit surprised we did that!  Still surprises me what folks are accustomed to when dealing with bike shops. And also a big thanks for them referring a friend that same day!
Also, picked up some more goodies!  A (soon to be) nice men's Diamondback MTB, some bangers and a couple of scrap bikes with MUCH needed parts!
I'm down to the last full re-build for a customer then it's back to building stock!  Hopefully will have more goodies for you to see!
Speaking of which, check out this sweet Schwinn MTB below!  Check out the Far-out handle bars!
All right, enough chatter, I've got work to do!  See ya'll soon!

21 speed chromoly frame
ONLY $95.00!!
Sorry about the picture quality! We are working on it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

What IS that big Reddish/Orange Ball Of Light In The Sky?

I was awoke to the odd sensation of warmth spreading across my face.  And as I opened my eyes notice light coming from an unusual source.  I strained my ears but was NOT met with the "pip,pip,pip" of raindrops on the roof, nor "splish,splish,splish" on the ground outside.  peering through the window blinds i realize the backyard was flooded with a bright light.  At first I was almost sure the Mother Ship was returning for me, but instead realized it was that thing they call "The SUN!"
Yes, dear readers....savor that statement.  The SUN!
Nary a cloud in the sky.  Oh Happy day!  Now you have NO excuse to NOT get on your bike and ride!
And not a moment to soon, as I will remind the parents (as if the HUGE "new clothes" and "School Supplies" bill was not evidence enough) school is NEXT WEEK!!  Time to take last minute assessments of your child Mode Of Transportation.  Now unless he/she is a spoiled High schooler driving their tricked out pimp mobiles to school, and they live within the "two mile radius" (translating to four miles of walking time) They're going to NEED a reliable bike!  And like every year we wait until the last minute to rectify this situation...well...It IS the last minute!  Better dust off the rides that have lain dormant this summer as children have sat indoors in climate controlled comfort playing video games (and of all game about riding bikes?  Umm...I don't think that qualifies as exercise and fresh air) and bring 'em on down for tune-ups or trade ins! 
Speaking of which, thanks to Ruth, who acted early by coming in with trades and picked up her kids two gems!  PLEASE don't leave these in the back yard!  Rust is the devil!
Also A shout out to Tom,. a man who KNOWS what he wants.  As we are "special building" the Giant Cypress we've had kicking around the garage for eons (I mean from back in the "garage Shop" days!)
She will be a BEAUTE when she's done!  And Tom was a double treat as he had informed us that his reason for choosing us to set him up was not only had he gotten GREAT re-ferrels from folks in the area, but had originally been inspired to visit us when he went to another shop WAY North of hear to have a tire re-done and the EMPLOYEE of that store TOLD him to come HERE instead!  As we were a better shop!!!  WOW!!  My meager little ego not withstanding, What a RUSH!
And to a VERY tenacious Chris, who also knew what he wanted  have a grand time this weekend on the Schwinn Mesa!  A Great ride, for sure!
And to Thaddeus, Your Mom loves ya guy!  Her Boyfriend brought in Thad's bike to have a tune-up, but sadly I had to inform him he needed A LOT more work done to get the bike rideable!  And as he was looking for a cheap escape, we worked a cash trade deal that was WAY less of a financial burden on them (hey, it's the time folks!  Hurtin' us all!) And they left VERY happy!  AWESOME!
And to the nice couple who "discovered" us yesterday, glad we could help with the parts to get his cruiser up and running!  And to all the re-pairs, as usual THANKS for the trust!
Well today should be a busy one!  Angela took Elijah in to have him registered at school (hey we like the thrills and excitement of waiting until the last moment!) and this afternoon she has to get class assignments for the Elementary kids, and at the same time I have to take them "In Shifts" to the hair salon next door.
The older boys,. going through their "shaggy hair in the face" phase, are NONE to happy about that, mind you (I want to drug them and shave their heads, But Angela told me "BAD Daddy") And as always have a LOAD of work I need doing here!  RE-Pairs are already piling up for the day!  So with that,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Samuel Taylor Coleridge can kiss my....

"Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink."

As I perch upon my tufted office chair, mine feet doth shrivel, heavily laden with the oppressive weight of murkish water.  How tooith doth mine shorts cling to my cold and clammy backside!

ENOUGH with the bloody rain!!!

And just what the HECK are these critters their finding from Texas to Maryland?  They of course claim it's the Chupacabra. 
Of course the wildlife officials say it either a fox, or a coyote with mange. 
There's some video of the critter,  CAUGHT  in a cage, they film him on their phones...then let him go? 
Mange, however would NOT explain why the critters front legs are rather a bit smaller then the rear, and he's running/hopping on his hind legs.  But it doesn't look fully like a Kangaroo? And there's TONS of video out there, check it out.  Just ignore the "Artist renderings of eyewitness accounts", they look like ET during his "punk rock" phase!
All I'm getting at, is considering alot of these guys are popping up, out of shear scientific curiosity....You should have kept him in the darn CAGE!
Any way...
I better work.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a Lovely Old Bird!

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again, it never ceases to amaze me what folks will throw away!  A few weeks back had a new picker bring in an older ladies Schwinn Collegiate.  It was minus a rear wheel and a few other components (thanks to Chip for setting me up with some MAJOR important parts I was without (although I ended finding my stash today as I was cleaning!)) After a full re-furb we present the pic below!  What a PEACH!  Also managed to put out another "Daily Banger Special" in the form of a real clean Pacific MT, 21 speed!  And Kaleb has been in assist and did a real GORGEOUS scratch build on a lightweight BMX frame we got in a few days back! 
Also Many MANY thanks to all the great folks bringing their re-pairs in, as always we are humbled by your praise.  And a very special shout out to CJ!  He has heard about us and according to him, they were "good" words!  Turns out, he acquired a nice Peugeot MTB frame in a "Clean Out" of a rental property, and instead of thinking of scrapping it, brought it to us to rebuild for him!  AWESOME!!!  I absolutely LOVE IT!!  Please forgive me for a moment of uncharacteristic egotism, but I'm DAMN proud that before we arrived on the scene this gent would have thought nothing about just scrapping a potentially viable ride, but now?  Again I say....AWESOME!!!
Well with that, I had better get a move on.  Although I had promised myself I'd hit the sack early last night, Izzy had other plans.  BUT, I was on time this morning.  Just very, very tired!   SO tonight? 
We'll see.
ONLY $135.00!!!

ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Death Takes A Holiday!

In other words, today was a lazy day.
Started our new hours today.  That's why I was late!  (Bad monkey) Stayed up WAY to late last night!  have gotten hooked (hooked is different then obsessed) with a new show on Zune.  Primeval.  A British Sci-Fi show we watched briefly a couple of years ago, then just lost connection with...but I'm rambling.  Suffice to say we were in the beginning  of the third season, when they killed off a lead character, so we continued to watch (until 3.30am) to see if it were a clever story plot.  Nope.  Dead is dead.
And that's about how I felt at 8 am this morning!  And my beautiful wife was getting irritated with me as I kept hitting the snooze on my alarm (especially considering SHE'S my alarm!  *Bu-da-bump!*)  So I staggered in around 9:30, and aside from selling the Gray Columbia to a lovely young lady from Saint Pete, and a couple minor re-pairs, I pretty much sat on my but until about 2.30.  However!  I did manage to get some motivation (in the form of the lovely Angela coming up to the shop) and build out a SAH-WEET Schwinn Mesa MTB, 21 speed!  I mean FULL rebuild, dude!  And she looks AWESOME!  Kaleb is also working on a peach of a BMX (as we speak, I can't tear him away) Tomorrow I put together the ladies Schwinn and start on a Custom!  Haven't done a cool cruiser in a coon's age. 
It's time.
So now it's time, to say good bye, to all our company...
R.E.C(C you real soon) ...Y(because we like you) C.L.E!!!\
ONLY $130.00!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Geeky Fanboy DE-Light!!

'Tis the eve of another Grand Day!  Twas a pleasant one, Twasn't it? 
Although as far as new gems?  Not so much!  Started four projects, only managed to finish one.  Pheh!
A special thanks to Chip!  Saved my butt on this sweet ladies Schwinn 3-speed!  Didn't have a shifting rod for it, so he picked through hos garage and rode to my rescue!
Was alone for the beginning of the day, and pleasantly VERY busy!  Sold the "Basic Black" we put out last night, and had MANY looky loo's!  As well as the usual flow of repairs, and tweaks here and there!  Thanks for all the confidence and compliments!  Yep!  That's why the warranty is there, sir!  Keeps you riding with cash in YOUR pocket! 
Anywho.  Last night, being family movie night, we ended up watching "Paul".  Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost team up for a Freakin' HILARIOUS (I mean, FUNNY!  When Angela is gut busting, slapping the couch in hysterics, you KNOW it's funny!) movie about two Brit Buddies who come to the States to attend the San Diego Comic con (the "IT" annual convention that ALL pop culture media goes!) and take a cross country camper sojourn to see the world famous UFO hot spots!  Along the way, the pick up companion.  A stranded alien, trying to get home after being locked up (in a warehouse, in Area 51 RIGHT out of Indiana Jones) for 60 years, voiced sarcastically by Seth Rogen (Green hornet).  It has SO many "in' jokes and comic/fanboy/movie geek references I was emotionally erect!  And the First time "profanity-fest" of the newly re-born Christian....LORD!  Haven't heard that much colorfully creative swearing since the Torrets girl from Duece Bigelow! (no worries, muted over that part, watched it once the kids went to bed) Seriously, if you want to laugh, RENT IT!
All right, I gotta 'git moving, as that flick inspired me to rent "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead"!
ONLY $80.00!!

Before I Forget...

In preparation for the oncoming onslaught of the new school year, we are in an unprecedented move, amending our hours of operation!  At the behest of my lovely wife (and unofficial CEO) in order to perpetuate a more organized home atmosphere (IE: she needs backup for nighttime bath, hair, teeth jammy's, bedtime story and tuck ins!) so we will be, starting August 15, 2011 (that's this Monday) changing our hours to 9am-7pm m-sat, and regular 10-6 on Sunday!  Please make a note of this on all pertinent documents, schedules and religious Holidays!
And now...back to our program!

"No wonder I'm tired...NO CAFFEINE!"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost there...

Day has almost come to a close!  Like to thank all the folks for coming in today!  And the sloe of re-pairs as always, thank you!  And to an excited Alex, who's the proud new owner of the Bianchi, thanks for all the kind words!  Hope you enjoy the ride!  And to Dan, who found the perfect ride in the Townie Electra, glad ya'll came by to visit the wife and I, and chit chat!  Glad we could give you a good deal on a great bike!
Managed to finish another MTB, re-paint.  Yes, it took most of the day.  She's a scratch build and took some hunting for some of the parts!  But in the end, a sweet ride! 
So now it's off for a shower, dinner and Family Movie Night!!! 
ONLY $80.00!!

It's Official

I AM that "Old, fat guy"
Had to take Elijah in to school to get him registered for the new year (Yippee!  Almost here!").  So up at the ungodly hour of 7 am (oh Lord!) to hit the 8 am bus up to the High School.  Of course it doesn't go right TO the school (no, that would be to easy) instead it drops you about 2 miles away.  The remainder of the trip is on foot.  Now being the conscience individuals we car.  Needless to say I didn't even TRY to keep up with his long legged quick stride.  Of course he had enough sense to slow down but not without the aid of "Come on, old man" cracks in abundance (again, i have NO IDEA where these children get their smart ass personalities from!) .  And for one who has sadly become accustomed to a somewhat...less the active, life style Florida without AC is no place for the ill equipped!  But we made it (rather I made it, he's young!) to find out that the bloody admissions office is open mon-thurs!  ARRGH!!!
Well at least we had some "Quality Time"!
OK, so today is the further adventures of "Crunch Time!"We will be working on more rides, have a MTB in my bay, fresh from paint, and will be tearing down a ladies cruiser, and a SWEET Schwinn, ladies touring bike!  So keep your eyes peeled for them!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Block Off Of 'Ol Chip!

Shout out and thanks to our bestest Bud, Chip!  He had brought in a Sweet (But VERY rusty) Schwinn World a few weeks back and we Finlay got around to re-building it....Or tried to.  It's a sad day when we let a bike beat us and have to throw in the towel.  After Four hours and three mechanics (and several different rusticating, a blow torch, pilot holes, hammers, and some VERY colorful Daddy language)  we could NOT free the aluminum seat post from the steel body.  Sounds insignificant I know.  but trust me when I say, when steel rusts to aluminum...Un, UNH! 
HOWEVER!  All was NOT lost!  the majority of the components were salvageable and although it was not quite as big as the Schwinn, we happened to have an old Raliegh frame kicking about the garage, needed some fresh paint, and all the Schwinn Chotsky's (and a few this and that) and we have the simply FAH-BU-LOSS!!!  Ride below!!  So thanks to Chip, so much for helping to bring this beauty to life!
Also thanks to all the folks for bringing in their re-pairs today, and we got to see several familiar faces tuning up their rides! SAH-WEET!  And to all the looky loo's...we are finally starting to build up stock again!  Come check us out!
All right, it's been a busy day, and I need a SHOWER!
Night y'all~!
ONLY $225.00!!!

My Bad!

Forgot to post the new goodies from yesterday!

ONLY $90.00!!!

ONLY $195.00!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I go away for the day....and someone leaves the water running!

See all the little drops of rain,
minutes, hours....days.
Vision blurred, joints in pain
try to see through steamy haze.

Much on Earth, it flows to feed,
Flowers, trees, crops and grass.
but do those who try to make a wage,
it's nothing but a big pain in the....neck!

Yep!  Feeling a tad bit on the "asunder" side.  Awoke this morning, late at 9.30.  Perhaps up to late watching the tellie (sorry, watching British shows currently) but it was so bloody dark, i thought my alarm clock (Angela) was reading the time wrong.  Twas a weird sleeping night last night.  Went to bed around 2 am, and was almost asleep when there was a horrendous crash in the kitchen.  Rushed out, thinking maybe Reavers were attacking or something, and discovered the bottle of dish soap fell into a full sink. 
Crawl back into bed, do the traditional twitching and repositioning for a half an hour, almost asleep, then ANOTHER horrendous crash, this time from the boys room, RUSH to investigate, only to find that Owen went to bed with a rather large tote of Lego's, which he conveniently kicked onto the floor!  At this point I was thinking....conspiracy!
Ah, well.  I'm here now, that's all that matters.  And after chasing down sugar for my coffee...I'm 75%!!
Worked long and hard get nothing completed!  Have 2 more SWEET road bikes in paint and 2 more MTB's as well....almost complete!  So keep watching these pages to see what i don't finish later!  OK, I know a bleak assessment....But I'm trying!
Talk at ya in a wee bit!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things to do before I die.

Before I shed this mortal coil I want to fill a small room, floor to celing with a myriad of colors and sizes of ballons.  I mean PACK them in there, and take all the kids in and play wrestle 'till they all pop!
I'm a simple man with simple pleasures!
Thanks to all the outpouring of Birthday wishes, via the new modern media.  IE: E-mail, FaceBook and E-cards.  Guess it's a good thing.  Saving trees, by eliminating the need for paper!  Always in agreement on that!  Yes, had a good birthday morning!  Angie gave me the day off (regardless of my reservations) and by some fluke or happenstance I was actually able to sleep in.  Surprisingly, I was NOT awoken by yelling, screaming or loud noises (they waited until this morning to do that, by way of exploding balloon outside our bedroom door at 7.30.  Lovely children) When i did awake at 11.00 it was nervously aware that there was NO sound, nor movement even when I strained my ears to listen.  At which point I had to venture out to make sure everything was OK, and I was not involved in a re-make of the Vanishing.  But all was well, they were huddled in the boys room....playing quietly...MY children...playing...nicely. (thoughts then turned to a re-make of The Body Snatchers)
But have no fear, I was quickly re-assured that they were not Pod People, when upon discovering that I was awake, Chaos resumed!
The old joke about never being able to finish a book once you have children, is an Inconvenient truth!
Thankfully Angi and the kids adhered to my Birthday wish by not making a fuss.  Simple cake and Ice cream, and wonderful hand made gifts is all I request.  (although Angie couldn't help herself, and picked me up a few gems, including a package of new socks!  Been months since I indulged in them!
Thanks to Chip for popping ion today to give his wishes and have a chit chat of the goings on in our little biking community.  He has all the poop, and keeps me in the loop!  Of course, as always in morphed into a confab about everything else, from vintage typewriters, to the Monkee's Trivia (white out, and Mike Nesmith...Google it~!)
Also, FINALLY got some new strips from Paco!  YAY!!! it has been TOO long.  But hey, the boy has a life too!
Well the rain has kept many at bay, which in a way, I guess is good.  As we have little to sell....But we are working on it!  Have many to build and hopefully that will keep going!  (barely skimmed the surface of what lurks in the garage!)  So keep your eyes peeled on this Blog!
Talk latter!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

If Wishes Were Horses!

I'd be starring on a reprisal of "Bonanza"!
Had hoped we'd got more done today but only managed to get out three!  Pheh!  And the Ladies cruiser we put out didn't last an hour before Michelle and her beau shot up here from Saint Pete to snatch it up! But we're working on more!  HOWEVER, my lovely wife has called to re-mind me that it's Sunday dinner and we have fajitas on.  YUM!  So we had better get our fanny's in the move!  Thanks to the boys Elijah and Kaleb for pitching in today to help get stuff done!  Now we better head out!

Shame on YOU!

Yep, I know it's Sunday!  I'm not suppose to be here today.  Two reasons; 1)  We have hardly NOTHING to sell, so i gotta Build!  2) Tomorrow is my Birthday, and as I have NO desire to remember that fact, i will be hiding under my covers until the day goes away!  Pulled out many goodies from the garage to build so we'll be busy!
Now on to our first anonymous "Golden Weasel" award! 
I know business is business, but as with many vocations there are some who heartlessly take advantage of folks.  So in this case, just talked with a gent coming into look at hybrids, and he informed me that he has a nice Specialized in need of some work, and after his LAST experience with another bike shop in town, he was SCARED to even contemplate fixing it up.  Seems he took it down to this shop to buy a new seat and noticed there was a clicking in the rear wheel.  the mechanic told him it was three bad spokes, and that he could re-place it.  So he picked out his seat, left it with the mech, told him to fix the rear wheel and left.  The mech didn't tell him how much it would cost, and unfortunately, he didn't ask.
Upon re-turning the seat he bought had been installed, he thought "How nice of them!" at least he felt that way until he found out they charged him $35.00 to INSTALL it!!!  Thirty Five BUCKS?!?!?,
to top it off, he was charged $115.00 to fix the rear wheel!!!! 
No wonder he was afraid to have any more work done!  Well thankfully, after talking with him, he won't be trashing the Specialized, rather bring it here for a proper estimate.
I'll say it again, guys this is why bikers are afraid of us!  Get realistic!  yes we all have bills, and overhead.
But so do our customers!
Be fair.  Or close up!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


All the Way!  Well once again, a heart felt thanks to ALL the folks who made today such a joy!  Glad Mama, Adam and Kaleb REPRESENT!  Would have been major overload on my own!  A special gracious bow of gratitude to the re-pairs that keep flowing in.  Not that we like that your bikes broke, but that you chose to come here to have 'em fixed!  Really says's alot when folks will travel from Lutz or Plant City (no kiddin!) to have US fix their rides instead of someone a little closer.  Gives us a real giddy, happy feeling!  And as I am accustomed to do, from time to time in today's givings of grace, I forgot to get the name of the gent and his two boys who came in BMX shopping, But thank you for giving the Redline a good home!  CLEARLY they appreciate the ride, and sorry for not having all the chotski's for 'em, but we'll have more next week!  And thanks to Steven, not only for the wise choice of the 6-speed Comfort Cruiser, but also for the trade of the Men's MTB!  It could NOT have come at a better time, for less then a couple of hour later had a call from Aaron and his bride from points North that caught us on the Blog, and were on their way down to pick up a pair of MTB's to fit their new country lifestyle.  Had it not been for his timely trade, I would have had NOTHING for him.  She picked the GORGEOUS Pacific Ladies MTB, and after a couple of tweaks they were happily on their way!  Thanks to Jose', a local regular who has been popping in from time to time looking for a road bike, and rode out of here a happy camper on the SWEET Shogun!  Happy Trails!  And, a special "Perseverance" award to Anthony, he had caught us on the blog and called a couple months back but hadn't had the time to come in!  Looking for a new ride for his son and his younger brother (sounds like the age split in OUR family) Left out of here very pleasantly with a pair of NICE Mongoose's (what's the plural of Mongoose?) and some chotskys as well!  I guess we should consider carrying more BMX extras as the requests HAVE begun to mount (to my wife...HINT HINT!)
Speaking of my lovely wife, she quite surprised me today.  As we were getting busier and busier, she saw i was getting a little bowled over, and when that happens my borderline brain capacity begins to waver.   She said i should treat myself to a vacation!  Maybe go back up home for a long weekend.  I was somewhat taken aback as we have wanted to do that together for some time, but with the kids?  HUMPH!  She apparently, is quite genuine in her proposal...
Something to think about.  I'd KILL to see Boston again!  Take the train to the old homestead of Exeter? 
OK, back to reality!  Managed to get two done amidst all the repairs.  One of course the MTB that had sold, but also a REAL GEM!  A Townie Elektra!!!  Yes folks, you heard me right!  And this one has been slightly modified (at the wise recommendations of Kaleb...hey, miracles happen!) we added front wheel disc brakes!  Check her out below!  Would you believe this sweetie had been discarded and brought to us buried at the bottom of a scrap trailer!?  No joke!
Alright, I better get back to it, as I want to finish one more before we call it a night!
ONLY $240.00!!!!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Giddy Up amoo Papa Mow Mow!

WOOF!  What a Busy Busy Bum Buster of day!  But WE ARE LOVIN IT!
First and foremost:
Cell Phone Safety Tip #1:
If you happen to be having a conversation whilst utilizing the facilities, and put it in the crook of your shoulder to cinch up your britches?  Make sure it is NOT located directly above the open toilet!
We apologize to anyone attempting to contact us between the hours of 2.30 and 3.30 today, is that's how long it took to have Metro transfer our number to our emergency spare.  Consequently that's about the same time it took last night's dinner to pass through my lower intestines (HAY-OOO!)
I'm sorry, to much information.  I know.
Sorry. Sorry.
As always a special round of thanks to all the folks trusting us with their re-pairs!  WOW!  We must have broken a RE-Cycle record!  16 tube changes today!  Kept Adam VERY busy!!  And all the other re-pairs as well!  Special thanks to Sean for giving us the pleasure of Assembling the lucky mans "Mint in Box" Fuji!  What a NICE test ride!  Sweet bike!
And as predicted the road bikes are drawing a lot of interest!  Derrick, a VERY informed young man, who did his homework (could have taught me a few things) Left the happy owner of the gorgeous Fuji re-build.  New THAT one WOULD NOT last!  Sorry to the other coming in looking for it, but first come first serve!  It's the only fair way.  On that Note!  I've said it before and i have to say it again, if you are looking at a bike even if it's not been built yet, if it IS what you want, we will give you an ESTIMATE of it's final price, and we will take a 50% deposit to hold it for you.  It's the ONLY way to guarantee you will get it.  Prime example.  We I mean we HAD a SWEET Giant old school hybrid sitting in the batters box, had five folks REALLY interested in it, but wanted to wait until it was done.  Well, had it on the rack today getting started and our newest Buddy Joe, whom we have done some re-pairs for, came in at the right time, saw it, liked it, bought it.  We have posted it's pic below, just to prove that we DID do something today!  Wanted to get more out but as I said, pre-occupied with helping out customers.  So we'll be back at it again to HIT IT!  Much MUCH more to work with!
Now, i must depart as Angela and Logan are waiting (somewhat) patiently for me to shut up so we can get on with movie night! 
Showing tonight...Rio!
Good night y'all!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dirty, Smelly and Satisfied!

That about sums up most days around here!  Another blissfully busy day!  Alot, I mean A LOT of re-pairs coming through today!  A special thanks to the young dad bringing in his kids bikes for some modifications!  Really glad we could help out!  Also A special HEY to the couple re-turning today.  Sorry we didn't have the bike anymore she was looking at, but at least we could get him set up!  And hopefully next time we can get her riding!  That's the way it work around here, though.  if you see something you like, GRAB it!  Most likely it WILL NOT be here when you come back!
Got two new gems out today.  FINALLY another three wheeler in stock!  This one a SWEEET 3-speed, with front AND rear baskets!  Also a  great "Daily Banger Special!"  This one a 6-speed men's comfort Cruiser!
Check out the pics below.  Now I gotta git a move on!  Tonight...?  "MST3000 "Robot Monster"!
ONLY $70.00

ONLY $185.00!!!

As Promised

Gonna be a busy day today, but as promised here's the pic's of the sweet, full rebuild, repaint Fuji, and a sweet "Daily Banger Special" Schwinn Comp Aluminum MTB!
Talk back at ya lattah!

ONLY $210.00!!
ONLY $70.00!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WiLd And WAcKY WendSdAY!!!

As is the norm around here, nothing is predictable. Pleasantly so!  SOP is we spend the week building bikes and doing repairs and do most of the bike sales on the weekend.  Not to say the bikes don't sell at all during the week but usually only 2 or 3 each day.  Well NOT today!  Amongst the many re-pairs we had come in, plus two FULL re-builds, One of which was a very Unique "Partridge Family Bus" inspired paint job, that the determined young man had brought to MANY other bike shops, ALL of which told him it was a lost cause, and would take to much "cha-ching!" to rebuild.  NOT HERE!!!  And boy was he ever GUSHING at the results! we SERIOUSLY do appreciate the opportunity, man.  When someone loves the concept and project as much as we's a great feeling!
As I was saying, THANKS to the wonderful Angela (not my Angela, a customer named Angela) who really started off our day with a BANG!  Apparently her and her family have just moved to the area, and somehow heard about us (whoever was the bearer of that re-ferral...THANKS!) and as they are living very near the trail, they wanted bikes.  Five of them!  SO, SO, SO glad we could help!  And we will call you as SOON as the Giant is done, so hubby can ride along with the rest of you!
And I'd like to also thank Sugarshad (I think that's how his name is spelled) for today's "I'm tired of walking" purchase of the vintage Free Spirit 3-speed!  Glad we could send you off with a good deal in STYle!  And hello again to Claudio, his umpteenth trip back to do some more upgrades to his gorgeous Kronos.  And a shout out to the initially gruff, then friendly (once he realized we weren't out to screw people) Leonard.
Also the young gents who's names i DID NOT catch (slap my wrist, shame on me) for the nice trade out of the Schwinn Ranger, for the BMX and the Huffy comfort cruiser! 
I know, I'm gushing!  But man i love days like these!!  Lots of activity, hustle and bustle  GREAT folks coming into visit and hang out, it's what we love most about what we do!  And of course thanks to My lovely wife for dropping by for lunch with Miss Rozy (and of course leaving her here to hog the computer) and most of all for allowing me to down load "Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie" for tonight entertainment (she SO humors me!) BIG KISS!
Managed to get the Shogun road bike done.  MAN what a gem! Pic below.  Also managed to get the Fuji FULL re-build, re-paint and custom 14 speed!  As well as the Schwinn Ranger MTB ready to go.  Unfortunately my camera is on the fritz, so I won't have pics of those two until tomorrow.
SO, without further ado, i must be shuffling off!
ONLY $175.00!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flip Flop Day!

School is coming.  Like the inevitability of death and taxes, it to lurks behind the rapidly approaching horizon.  And in the spirit of such today was our annual "Trip To Dr. Bender Office!"  Oh the attendants in his office look forward to our visit with uncontrollable glee!  (they usually block out a two hour time slot, as we take up the attention of everyone there!) And This years visit was EXTRA special, as I was attempting to figure out how to get the store covered, and stated we NEEDED to open on time it was pointed out to me through twinkling eyes and a cheeky grin by my beloved wife, that SHE has gone ALONE to all of Izy's check ups and shots. SOOOOOOOOO...
Yep!  It was DADDY'S turn!
Surprisingly, it went relatively smoothly.  Angela got us all up at 6 am (Lord...I am NOT that kind of a man) and we were dressed and out for the 7 am bus.  Then having to wait 55 minutes for our transfer (I have NO idea why PSTA schedules like that) we had breakfast at the corner diner.  Nice little mom and pop place that serves REAL food.  They ACTUALLY behaved. Then on to the doc, to fill out the NEW round of Harry Potter Novel size paperwork.  The round of weights and measures and little pricks (blood tests...not the kids) All passed with flying colors and they were very impressed with how big Izzy was getting, and Rozy grew 8 inches since the last visit.  Then trudging back to the bus stop, passed through the corner gas station to pick up Gatorade for everyone (PLOT POINT!).  At this point the Dastardly Duo were becoming yancy.  Thankfully didn't have to long to wait before we got picked up.  They all started to doze, blissfully, giving dad less to fret about.  Once back in downtown had to wait ANOTHER 55 minutes so went back to the diner for lunch.  This time, you could see the edges starting to fray.  Their brief moment of calm and civility beginning to waver.  Daddy's ire began to reach zenith, luckily none tempted fate.  Then on to the last leg of the journey...
Then reality struck!  Owen succumbed to his inner demons and his normal manner shone through!  And in an attempt to do a half witted pole dance on the bus railing, did so with a half open, half full container of Gatorade....
and OF COURSE, at the apex of his dance...the bus hit a bump!  Lemon/lime showers!  Thankfully the only non family member in the wake was VERY understanding and VERY gracious!  Bless her heart.
I really had no idea just how heavy that last straw was.  But yes...the Camel is now a quadriplegic.
The remainder of the short last leg home was a quite, tenuous one at best.
So it comes as no surprise I was QUICK to come back to the relatively peaceful, and quite domain of my Dungeon!
And not a moment to soon I might add, as Angela was quite busy fielding phone calls and accumulating re-pairs (thanks EVER so much!)  And through her good graces (and self preservation) she is willfully allowing me to work LATE tonight to try and get caught up, as well put out these preciouses I have been DYING to get finished!  'Cause BY CRACKY! we got's hardly no stock 'tall!
So with that, I'm a gonna git a goin'!
Y'all have a good nigh', ya heah?!

Monday, August 1, 2011

<= =>...???

Now I can empathize with a decapitated chicken!  Minus the running around.
I have the distinct impression that it was a busy day. Can't quite say whether it was good or bad though.

  The good: Happy riders bringing their rides in for TLC, always a welcome sight!  Thanks so much for all the trust folks!  Also had a visit from Chip, who confiscated Kaleb for a while to take a tour of "Uncle Chips Gee-rage"  he was quite excited from all the neat goodies he got to see.  Also, Chip sent me the inspiration for his next project, a Biking book based on a short he did a while back that as soon as I get a chance i will peruse through.  Also had a nice visit from one of our favorite bicycle groupies Louis and his bride (he's the one with me in the pic with the big wheel).  He picked up the Specialized Crossroads in trade for a nice Giant hybrid and a Shogun road bike.  ALSO did a butt load of buying today.  Got two more ladies banger mountain bikes, another sweet pick O' the scrap truck, a Fuji Road bike (now painted, and awaiting assembly) a ladies cruiser, a TANDEM (haven't had one of those in like forever!) And a GT Outpost MTB!

The Bad: After Kaleb's trip to Chips, he brought back a fixed gear cog and asked to build himself a fixed gear.  if you don't know what that is, it's hard to describe, but it's a single gear that pedals forward AND brakes.  You have to back pedal against the forward inertia you have created in order to stop.  If you can't, it'll rip your legs off.  NOT for the beginner.  Kaleb does NOT have an exemplary riding record (he's been hit four time by cars, and ran into two) so needless to say i am HESITANT to allow him the try.  Sorry, Chip I appreciate the gift, but will have to take it into LONG consideration.  Also, sometimes being so easy going and trustworthy can sometimes RARELY backfire.  Today was such a case.  many folks have test driven the Specialized that Louis purchased, and apparently the last individual earlier today bent the rear derailleur on it and FAILED to mention it before he quickly departed.  Louis being the wonderful person that he is, graciously understood and forgave, leaving it with us to repair.

The Ugly: Apparently according to Louis, a friend he referred to us, would not come back as he stated "I had an attitude"  ME?!?!
OK, yes at times I can be a little...gruff.  But not usually with customers.  Wish I knew what I said or did, so I wouldn't do it again.  I can take a little getting use to.  BUT it's good to know your limitations!
Also in the end, was so busy with so much else today...NOTHING new out!
Well, be watching tomorrow, as many of the new goodies I have started on, will be done!
(I hope.)
Good night y'all!


For those of you not familiar with the vernacular of textspeak, the above acronym abbreviates "Laughing My Ass Off!".  It is a pale description of the side splitting Guffaws I experienced Saturday evening.  And as i type this I feel the swell of a hearty belly laugh swelling within me!
it was Saturday evening and I had arrived home from work, did the usual kisses and hello's, making a quick bee-line to the shower (I don't like to give hugs or hold the baby as I am usually covered in all manner of yuck by the end of my day) then sat down for dinner.
Now any of you whom have read this blog KNOW I may "Occasionally" point out the questionable intellect of some of my offspring.  From time to time certain question's arise as to their lineage, as in: "Switched at birth?" comes to mind.  But this night was a DOOZY!
As we sat around the table after a good meal talking and goofing around, Rozlynd went to the fridge to get ice water.  Inspired, Kaleb did the same.  As Rozy had left the bag of ice open and dangling as Kaleb reached in to get some for himself, several pieces hit the floor (at this point as my chair is right next to the fridge, i am watching the whole spectacle) Kaleb scoops up the ice off the floor, takes it to the sink and rinses it off (OK hold on to your sides) Neglectfully the tap was set on hot, and as I watch him he runs the water over the ice, and lo and behold by some mystical, magical means, *POOF* the GONE!!!  Bewildered he looked in his hand, looked left...looked right...moved the dishes in the sink to see if it fell from his hand.  He TRULY could not figure out where it went!
When I say "ROTFLMAO"* I am NOT being overly dramatic.  Angela thought I was having a seizure!
I may not have always been the keen intellectual individual I have grown to be...But WOW!
OK, I have debased my family enough (want to learn more check out Angela and Elijah ROCKED on Sunday!!  As I sat at home reading they busted out the Roadmaster "Daily Banger" The Caloi MTB, hit the streets once again, and the Kona that had just gone out the night before disappeared quicker then a blink!  Sold one of the hot little BMX'ers as well!  WOOF!!  That's my significant partial family unit!
So as you would expect after this busy weekend we are going to be busting out some goodies from the back room, may even dip into the garage!  We'll have to see how she goes!
So I'll be getting BUSY!
See ya'll SOON! (Kreskin!)

(*Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off!)