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Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Aint your Grandads Future!

SO yesterday was more of the same, which ain't a bad thing!  The shift back to cold seems to have kept some folks away, but that's not too much of a worry as I ALWAYS have something to do!  Again, a wee bit low on production as the project I started the day took a LOT of cleaning!  About six hours worth!  WOOF!!  But this gem was SOOOO worth it!  I'm talking SWEET 1975 Schwinn three speed "Speedster" cruiser!  AWESOME!  ANd this baby is ALL original (except new brake shoes, cables, tires and tubes.)  Took a lot of hand cleaning, especially the wheels, as this one had a couple decades of grime and surface rust on her, but I WAY love the old chrome!  You would never know this was a caked on rust bucket when she came in!  But I saw the diamond under it all!  Also, picked up (and put out) another "LIKE NEW" men's 26" cruiser!  This one was funny, the grandmother who brought it in stated "I bought it for the grandkids but they never get off their damn cell phones!"  OH preach it to the rafters!  I am SOOOO there with you on THAT one!
I engage in MANY a conversation regarding the deterioration of western society due to the advent of "Technological Addiction" that is plaguing our youth.  Not to mention the dim prospects for a productive future with an entire generation of "entitlement" instilled in them by every aspect of our culture.  When twenty something's cannot be bothered to put down the PS4 controller and get a freaking job, but have NO problem demanding dinner from their parents? I weep for our future!  Social Security is NOT the problem to come, it's the fact that an entire generation will be incapable of acquiring, securing and KEEPING a job, not to mention PERFORM it! They're supposed to take care of US when we get older?!  Think again folks.....think again! If it were not for this shop, I would wholly expect to be a greeter at Wal-Mart well into my 90's just so I can bring a couple potatoes home to roast over an open fire in a trash bin, under a bridge, in front of our double wide cardboard box!
WOOF!  That was a GOOD rant!  I feel somewhat fulfilled.
OK, moving on!
Today, have a real sweet Schwinn ladies Hybrid in my rack, stripped, and cleaned and will start the assembly toot sweet! 
Come on down and check out the wares as we are sarting to really stock up again (FINALLY!!)
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $145.00!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Where Does The Time Go

Ever have one of those day's your in constant frenetic movement, but at the end of the day, you step back to take stock of what you accomplished and all you can say is "that's it?!"
Yea, yesterday was like that!
I kept constantly busy from the get go, doing the morning chores, computer updates (and we keep adding more venues, so that means more management time!) Then on to repairs (but we LOVE those constant additions!) then finally new builds.  It was on that last one, that I had to scratch my head.  Only managed to put out two newbies yesterday, and one of them was a LIKE NEW 16" boys BMX that took NO time to prep!  The other ride, while a REAL gem, just seemed to take me for ever to complete!  It's a really sharp looking and sweet riding Diamondback "BIG BOY" Cross. While worth the work just seemed to occupy too much time. Well, it will make someone a VERY happy camper!  Check out the pic below!
Today, having caught up on all doable repairs (waiting on parts) I am diving head first into newbies.  I did manage to strip down a soon to be SWEET vintage Schwinn men's 3 speed cruiser that I am SO excited about!  I RARELY get in men's cruiser of this vintage and almost NEVER a three speed! So be looking out for this one!
With that, I am making this short and hitting it!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $45.00
image 1
ONLY $155.00!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Customer Is Always Right (*Snicker*) No SERIOUSLY!

Ok, so maybe its bad form to complain about any transaction or interaction, but sometime, and it's very rare,  someone comes along to make you question your sanity.
Yesterday early afternoon a gent came in for a tube change. Simple enough, I've literally done thousands.  As we stood and chatted I outfitted his wheel with a new tube in just a couple minutes.  Keep in mind, he was watching me the whole time as I worked.  One of the iron clad rules of changing a tube is, whenever possible, never use a tool to put the NEW tube in!  Helps resist "snake bites".  Second rule of thumb is, using your finger tips, run both hand slowly through the entirety of the inside of the tire to make sure nothing is stuck IN the tire, that would pop the new tube.  That all being done, and new tube in, he toddled off.  A couple hours later the same gent returned, annoyed, stating I "did something wrong" and damaged the tube when I put it in, because after only an hour of riding, it "popped".  I said no problem, let me check it out.  He removed the wheel from the bike and handed it to me, and without so much as removing the tire, I took one look and said "here's your problem" and pointed to a 3/4 inch staple buried DEEP in the tread. 
THIS is where it got annoying.  He began to shake his head, and in a very smug tone stated "That couldn't be it.  It's to small.  There's NO way THAT could pop my tire!  YOU had to have damaged it when you put it in"
And so began a ten minute ordeal where I removed the tire, showed him the hole in the tube, in perfect alignment with the staple, THEN turned that section of the tire inside out and showed him where the prongs of the staple were poking INSIDE the tire.  Steadfastly, he denied that such a small thing could  have done it, as he has "never" seen such a thing when he has changed a tube (???)  and it must be a defective tube, or I put it in wrong, or the staple was there before, or I PUT the staple in.
JEEZ!!  Finally, at the interest of just being done with it, I put a new tube in and ushered him out the door.
I think my Chi is worth more then ten bucks!
ANYWHO!  Hopefully, nothing like that will happen today, knock on wood (I'm imagining I am tapping on the guys head)
That event not withstanding, yesterday was another fun filled day, and I had MANY pleasant experiences and conversations with all the other folks that came in!  Managed to put out three newbies with a fourth ( that SAH-WEET Diamondback cross!!!) in my rack and stripped!  I want to say I sent a ride home yesterday but I'll be damned if I CANNOT remember!!  I know I was WAY busy with repairs (thank you, thank you, thank you!) But I just have the sneaking suspicion that something sold....OH wait...I remember!  Sent a Dyno VFR home with one of our new found enthusiasts, who will be doing the rebuild himself AND the Cannondale SM400 went out with one of our long time regulars from WAY back in the day of the garage!  JEEZ!  How could I forget that?!  I think because it was at the tail end of the day and I was POOPED! 
BUT, the luxury of rest was NOT to be until WAY later in the witching hour.  Upon arriving at home, settling in for the evening we got a call from our landlord.  Now don't get me wrong, our landlords are beautiful people (and NO I'm not saying that because I know they read the blog!) they truly are.  When things were tough through this summer they WAY had our back!  They're in town for a few days and wanted to know if it was OK to come by today and visit with Angi and the kids, then stop by the shop and say hi.  Sure!  No problem.  I let Angela know, and in traditional (no offense to my readers of the gentler persuasion) female fashion she stated "but the house is a WRECK!!"  Bless her heart, the house wasn't at all bad for one that housed seven kids, BUT I knew by the look in her eyes, that if all hands didn't pony up and do some fluff and stuff, she was going to stay up all night doing it herself.  Given her condition, that would NOT have been a good idea!  And you know what they say, you don't know how dirty something is until you start to clean!  I'm speaking of under couches, bed's and closets to be precise.  WOW!  The shear improbability of the physics of mass versus volume capacity is WELL tested in our house! Just the amount of debris taken from beneath a couch was equal to the couches mass, only compressed!  I'm calling Einstein out on this one!
Oh, one more "cute" thing.  I always thought the image of a dog burying a bone was just some construct created for Saturday morning cartoons, but NOPE, it's real!  The store at the corner is now carrying a selection of dog treats, and they have some large rawhides and traditional bones there that Suzanne loves.  And I thought she was gnawing them up right quick, as she would go out back and in a couple of hours return empty handed.  Needless to say, every other day I was getting her a new one.  Then yesterday, after giving her a VERY healthy looking "met still on" leg bone, she headed off with her whole rear end wagging, trotting out back.  A few minuets later, I went out to retrieve another ride to work on, and lo and behold, I saw her stashing her new found goodie, in a freshly dug whole, right along side three others!  The look she gave me was PRICELESS as if to say "don't you DARE tell anyone where they are!"
Good times. Good times.
OK!  I have blathered enough!  I gotta get to work!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $40.00!!
image 1
ONLY $110.00!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All the Fear, With 50% Less Panic!

So, most important thing first, Angela is OK.  Well, OK being a relative term.  She still is suffering from ill effects, but it turns out, that after all the fear the doctors instilled in us as far as what it COULD be, turns out to be a low grade flu, with respiratory problems!  Like, WHY did it take THREE days to figure that out!?!  I'd rather they have just told us "we're running test's" then try and impress us with their medical knowledge! 
But in the end, its a blessing that nothing more serious is going on, and she is back in the house, where she belongs with all of us!  Of course, she is still recovering and on four different mediations, but I do hope she comes out of it soon, and pass the discomfort and suffering. 
Yesterday was also a blessing of BUSY!!! WOOF!!  Sent four to new homes, thanks all for coming in!  AND a plethora of repairs came in!  Not to mention, that in the early part of the day we OWNED the parking lot!  WOW!  Had three vans, a car and three trailers taking up residence as I bopped about buying a STASH of newbies!!!  WHOA!  Lots and LOTS of projects to choose from!  Put out FIVE yesterday!  Check out the pic's below!  The highlights of these new ones is a soon to be SWEET vintage Schwinn men's three speed cruiser, and a classic Big Boy Diamondback Cross!  Not to mention ANOTHER Cannondale!  This one was converted to a single speed. Haven't decided if I'm going to bring it back to a 24 speed or just leave it alone.  The conversion IS a professional one!
OK, I really gotta jam, as I have SOOOO much to do!
See ya soon!

image 1image 1image 1image 1image 1

Monday, January 26, 2015

Days End....

Boy oh boy.
I know, odd for me to be writing at this late hour but I have to get the whole thing down while this is all still fresh in my head. First and foremost, Angi is STILL in the hospital. After banging away in the shop for the majority of the morning and early afternoon, I received a call from her. Of course it was right when i was dealing with the local state tax office having ONCE AGAIN changed our "tax specialist" who ONCE AGAIN screwed things up ROYALLY and had not consulted the very  thick folder of everything we have been through for the last year and a half! Of course, after waiting on hold for almost a half an hour I was in the heat of walking this nimnut through it all so I ignored the bleeps of an incoming call. The second string of beeps I thought better of and check who was calling in.  Sure enough it was Angela, informing me she would be there ANOTHER night, sounding rather annoyed
Now, exactly at what point in "doctor school" do they teach "vague and dismissive" after dropping such a titanic statement as "there's  something wrong with your blood" and then not give so much as a hint as to what it might be?! At this point in the conversation I had to sit down, and as always, Angela dismissed her own fears to lend aid and comfort to me as she heard the distress in my voice.  Then, of course, the conversation was interrupted by a nurse coming in the room, and I had to hang up.  I sat for a few moments to collect myself, and with nothing more to do then wait, redirected my energies back to work.
No sooner did I commit to this, did the phone ring again. Angi, slightly out of breath and racing from the breathing treatment she just received,  informed me the school had called, telling her that Rozy had an accident on her bike, and I needed to go down and get her!
Politely ushering out the three customers we had, I rushed to see what happened.  Thankfully, it was not too serious, a minor bruise on the knee, but to hear a pre teen girl explain it, it was a crippling injury.  Here's where it gets silly. I arrived to find Rozy in a wheel chair. As we do not drive, I was contemplating what to do with her when the office informed me I could borrow the chair to take her to the shop and return it tomorrow.
Oh yes. Here we are, pushing my crippled daughter down the sidewalk while simultaneously struggling with both our bikes!  Blessedly,  a gent who is a regular of ours, and lives across the street from the school saw our struggle and offered to walk the bikes while I pushed her. Who says there are no good people left in the world?
I sent Owen ahead to unlock the shop, and after stopping a few times to explain to friends, neighbors and the crossing gaurds what happened, we were oddly in good spirits, as we Athertons usually find the macabre humor in tragedy, so much so that upon arriving at the shop, with Rozy sitting outside looking all waif like, Owen made the comment "maybe people will feel sorry for her and buy a bike!" Well, this inspired me to pen the below sign for her to hold for a photo op.  For those of you who don't get dark, Yankee humor, just work with me. We REALLY didn't make her sit outside holding this...

Having made her comfortable watching a movie, i went back to work and finished off the day, having put out nine new rides! Yes anxious energy inspired me to keep busy. After getting Rozy a cab, with Kaleb escorting her home, i followed suit, had a quick shower, made sure all the kiddos were on track and KNEW Elijah was in charge, and headed back to the hospital to spend time with Angi. She, of course  had her normal strong face on, and was in good spirits, not to mention jazzed on steroids and was in the process of cleaning her room! Now, being home,  I'm bedding own and surrounding myself with her pillows and am going to try and get some rest.
Nighty night folks.
OH yea, here are the goodies we made yesterday!

image 1
image 1
ONLY $40.00!!
image 1
ONLY $25.00!!
image 1
ONLY $45.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
image 1
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!

You'll Forgive Me If I Don't Stand Up

Not many in the household got all that much sleep last night, at least not the big people.  The bug Angi caught from the kiddo's did the rounds in her body and took up residence in the lungs.  SO, she is once again back in the hospital.  Going into the emergency room yesterday, in hopes of a breathing treatment and a refill on her inhaler, they did a barrage of tests and due to the spontaneous rupture she suffered a few years back, they recommended she stay there for observation and further medication, and to await the test results to see what's going on, as the X-rays and such were inconclusive.  Poor thing!  She was not at all thrilled with the prospects of another hospital stay, but when the Doctor was talking all the "potentials" she recognized the look in my eyes, and realized she wasn't going to be going home that evening.  I hated to have to leave and stayed as long as I could, but around midnight we both realized I had to get home and make sure all the night time stuff had been done properly for the kiddos (sadly, not as well as they should have) and try and get some sleep to start a new day.  Elijah and Kaleb were helpful, though, having both done runs back to the hospital to bring Mom some things she needed (having forgotten a few the first trip) and by 2- 2.30 am, everyone back in the house, we all tried to get some rest.  For me, it took the positioning and repositioning of Angi's pillows around me, so I could at least be smelling her when I tried to fall asleep.  Yes, color me strange, but it's the only way I can fall asleep!
I talked to her first thing this morning for about an hour and a half, and she is in good spirits, and hopefully will be seeing the doctor soon, and we can find out what is going on! 
OK, in order to sway the more incessant worried voices in my head, I am going to switch my attention to work.
Yesterday was a busy one, and I managed to get through all but one of the repairs AND build up one newbie!  This one is a really clean looking 26" dual shock MTB that we got from a gent a wee bit to big for it, so it got very little road time!  Today, after I finish the wave of repairs that have already come in (thanks OH so much for the continued trust!) I am going to hit me some newbies HARD!  I literally have been continually amassing quite a back log in, and before my landlord (or neighbors) get peeved, I have GOT to get through them!)
SOOOO, without further adieu....
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Donner? Party Of Fifty?

Ok, this will be quick.
Yesterday was a blur of activity, with nine more repairs coming in, two full rebuilds, to put on top of the five left over from Friday.  I have my work cut out for me today! Did the two special orders for the couple from Scotland and they came out super nice! But of course, it being Saturday spent a lot of time talking and helping customers, so they ended up taking all day. So hitting it first thing this morning as the pic below will show just how little room i have to move! Hope i can bang them out with enough time left to dive into the pile of newbies!
See y'all soon!

image 1

Saturday, January 24, 2015

WHOA! Piece of CANDY!!!

OK, that's not literal. It's a saying, or exclamation that Elijah came up with some time ago, and it is meant to exclaim happy surprise when you find something, or gain something you were not expecting!  I got a couple of them this morning!  First, was when I went into the boys room to wake up Logan this morning (as he has prep at school for testing coming up) I had the rare opportunity to get a picture worthy of severely embarrassing BOTH Kaleb and Elijah!  Although I didn't get the EXACT picture I was greeted with, the one I was able to snap was close enough.  Kaleb sleeps on the bottom bunk of the older boys bunk beds, while Elijah has the couch, which comes off the beds in an L shape (don't ask me WHY they are not back on their normal bunks, as the top bunk is currently being used for electronics and bicycle parts storage!) and when I came in, they were both, for some reason, sharing the same pillow, with their heads laying against each other!  It was SOOOOOO cute!  Here ya go.....

HEH, HEH!!!  Elijah awoke just before I snapped the picture and tried to hide his shame!  But now I have this for proof!  They really DO love each other!!!
The second treat I got was when I came in this morning and was sorting through a box of videos (VHS) I got last night in trade, just before close,  I found a film I haven't seen in FOREVER, but LOVED as a child!  I didn't even realize, when I got the box, it was in there!  Anyone from my generation will remember this as a somewhat scary and disturbing film.  An allegory of the human condition, survival and the dangers of a totalitarian state resound through this animated classic.  Not unlike George Orwell's "Animal Farm", Richard Adams "Watership Down" will really make you look at our own society through a different light! 

Well, yesterday was blissfully more of the same, with the addition of a LOT of phone traffic!  WOOF!  Lot's a folks with a multitude of questions and trying to locate us, and thankfully they all found us.  Sent the Raleigh Road bike to a new home with a gent quite excited about how much of the original hardware was still there and that it all worked top notch!  ALSO, sold the other NEW three wheeler, but have no fear, got in another one just like it and this one has the full detail package, including rear fenders!  Going to get in another two to three next week as well!  However, I have nothing new to show!  Sadly!  Well, OK, not so sad as I DID build three, but they were all, already sold!  No, I'm not even bothering going through the trouble of posting pics.  I don't want to make anyone jealous.  Today, is going to be more of the same as I have a plethora of repairs to do, AND a couple more special orders!  I hope I can hump them out post haste, as I REALLY want to get some more newbies out!
So, going to pop in another of one of the MST3K tapes I acquired and get 'er done!
See ya soon!  No Excuse today folks!  Gray clouds clearing up, and sun bursting through!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kiss Me In The Morning, And Walk Away!

The veil of sickies has been slowly lifting around the old homestead.  Angela is still feeling the deleterious effects, but the girls fevers finally broke last night, and they are quickly returning to their normal chipper (albeit tenacious) selves.  I still feel terrible for Angi though, as not only is she dealing with the sickness, but right in the heart of it, when she contacted her doctor to renew her prescription for pain meds, they cut her off.  No "How-do-you-do" or warning, or slow weaning, just severe the tap, telling her to take Ibuprophen?  Like THAT is going to help manage the pain of such a severe break!  She is handling it well enough, without complaint, but it's still stupid.  She goes in for her next appointment next week and may have to go in for surgery.  I'll tell you this, if they only give her Advil after that....well, they may need to write a pain prescription for themselves!
Yesterday, was again, dedicated to repairs, mainly, but I did manage to finish up the Dutch three speed!  Of course, it sold about an hour before I finished, but I'm going to show you a pic of it anyway, as it came out REAL pretty! 
ALSO, seems like the "NEW" bikes are a wee bit of a hit!  The pink low step over sold first thing in the AM, AND we had three more people come in to look at it!  NO WORRIES though, we have another one on order PLUS a red one, AND a silver 6 speed!  Hopefully, they will be in either later today or Monday!  Still got the blue one though.  But, that one is a standard frame, and I think we are going to have way more demand for the LOW step through model!  PLUS they come with the real sweet detail package, with fenders for only $20.00 more! 
Today, I have finally bit the bullet, and am in the process of turning a GMC Denali Road bike into a single speed!  See, the GMC Denali is Wal-Marts version of a road bike.  In a word, "junk".  The components that is!  The frame is an ultra light alloy, but the garbage, low end drive train, handle bars, neck etc, just suck.  SOOOOO, I have stripped one down that was donated to us, and will be fabricating a tensioner for the rear (it's a QR drop, therefore, cannot pull back on wheel to tighten chain).  I've been wanting to try tis for some time, but didn't want to BUY a tensioner, as they are, like, $40.00!  I was thinking about how to do it last night and I THINK I have it figured out!  We'll see, as I already have someone wanting to buy it!
Speaking of which!  Just had a couple come in, just arrived from Scotland, and we were one of the first places on their list to visit!  WOW!  Friends of theirs IN SCOTLAND told them they HAD to come here!  Color me Humble!  Thanks so much for remembering us to your friends!  They just picked up two rides from Bone Row...OUTSIDE.  I mean, you REALLY have to be able to see the diamond in the rough when you're buying from THAT pile!  WOOF!  SO, I have my day planned out for me!   Best get a hoppin'! 
See ya all soon! 

image 1

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's Like An Ad For Nyquil!

Ah, yes,  cold and flu season!  Ugh! As the annual bug tears it's way through the house, half our ranks have been feld! Owen was the carrier, then the baby girls were struck. Of course, as they lay helpless to the ravages of the insidious plague, mommy is compelled to comfort them, and there is NO chance of getting her to resist her maternal instincts, not even the threat of falling victim to the scourge! Needless to say it only took a couple of days and last night she was very weak, feverish and in a delirium. I put her to bed early and laid vigilant in bed with her, attempting to keep her calm. It has not struck me yet, but I'm sure it will be only a matter of time. I'm just stocking my system up with an overload of vitamin C, and hoping for the best!
Yesterday was another humdinger, having three repairs, two pick ups and sending four more rides to new homes before eleven am! Of course, my morning chores didn't get done until early afternoon, then it was on to new builds. And let me tell you, the Dutch WAY over engineer there bicycles!  The three speed, with drum brakes is a BEAR! It took me 45 minutes just to get off the wheels! Sheesh! They never took into consideration a quick, side of the road tube change, evidently!  So that one will be put back together, and then i still have a stash out back to dive into, plus an old school Dahon folding bike i picked up just after close.
So with that, best get moving!
See y

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Entering the Ranks!

OK, at this point I sound like a broken record,  a broken record I LIKE!  We were WAY busy once again, yesterday!  We send out many a heartfelt thanks to all the fine folks who paid us a visit yesterday and helped to further empty the place out! HEE, HEE!  Spent the better part of the day, though doing up repairs so I only managed to get one newbie out but this one was a bear but SO worth it!  I didn't know at the time I got it, but it is in fact, a rare automatic two speed tandem.  Well, I knew it was a tandem, but not that it was an automatic!  SAH-WEET!  She's all refurbed and looking shiny!
Speaking of "Shiny", we now can show off our true "Browncoat" colors as my OFFICIAL Independents Flag finally came in!  Check out the pic below, and if you are a lover of freedom in the 'Verse, gice her a salute when you come in!
OK, that is about it for today, as I am WAY behind schedule (another WAY busy morning!) and I need to get on to newbies!

See ya soon!!
image 1

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!!

Well Bust my BUTTONS!!! 
Thank you so much to all the fine folks visiting us yesterday and for all intents and purposes, pretty much cleaning us out!  WOW!  I mean, for almost three hours it was non-stop! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! 
So many folks coming in to take advantage of the vacation package I can pretty much guarantee that come the end of Snowbird season we are going to be WAY full up with returns!! SAH-WEET!!  I think we'll have a sidewalk sale come that day! LOL!! 
Sent seven to new home (albeit, some temporarily) BUT even in the hullabaloo managed to put out FIVE newbies!!  And will be working on more today!  Well, that's AFTER I get the slew of repairs, that ALSO came in yesterday, done and ready to go!  Yes, folks, once again, mild breathing room only!  It's cool though!  I have NO complaints!  This is going to be one heck of a riding season! And it's great that folks are really starting to come to terms with the reality that they really don't NEED to replace their old rides, but restore them instead. Got in four full rebuilds yesterday, and will be hitting it hard right quick.  Went to visit Bullet this morning to get the needed goodies to make the upgrades, and I'm thankful to say his health is getting better, thank Heavens, and he is improving every day!
Well, I could ramble on, but I SERIOUSLY need to take a bite out of this pile (plus Bullet gave me boxes of freebies that I SO want to go through!  Piece of Candy!!  We LOVE free stuff!) ten move on to more new builds!
Allrighty!  See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $140.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Popping In!

Thanks to all the visitors yesterday!  We sent the sweet 4" cruiser to a happy home, and she was a returner!  She was the middle man (er...lady) for a friend from New York coming down this week who snatched up the ladies Trek we had, and now she needed one for herself.  Had a lot of folks checking out the wares, and several were referrals, down for a visit, and informed THIS was the place to visit for a ride!  Speaking of which, after so many years of doing our "Vacation Special Rentals" the program seems to be REALLY kicking in this year!  It's simple, you buy a bike, ride it as long as you want, then return it for half your money back (minus any serious repairs of course!) Seriously, every where else you can rent a bike it costs from $20-$40 a DAY!  You do the math.  Most of our rides are under $100.00, so, keep it for three days, and you're saving money!  Well, not only are the visitors themselves coming in, but we have had a few calls from hotel's, travel agents and seasonal rentals for permission to include a description of our service in their listings!  Way Cool! 
I managed to get out one newbie yesterday and another fully stripped down and cleaned. The older Raleigh road bike, which I had wanted to do a single with, until I realized it was a Quick Release rear drops.  Sadly no way to set the tension, but that's cool!  She's a real sweet looking ten speed anyway, and I'm going to get on it, post haste!  In other words, this is a short entry as I have a dead line for myself today and need to get jumping!
See ya soon!!

image 1
ONLY $60.00!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Day, Another Four Bits!

Yesterday was another traditionally busy Saturday!  Thanks to ALL the folks for coming in and checking out our wares!  We sent three to new homes.  The Gary Fisher commuter is headed back to Gainesville, as a visitor to our end just couldn't pass up the beauty!  The Big Boy 5 speed, will HOPEFULLY remain for sometime with it's new owner as he has unfortunately had two bikes stolen from him in short order! The Daily Banger Special Road Bike went out just before close to someone who recognized a GREAT deal!  That's what we're all about, trying to save you some cash, but not by putting you on a lemon.  WAY to much of that going on around here, and BOY can I tell you stories! 
Of course, the day was also comprised of several repairs, and we can NEVER get enough of those blessings granted us!  As always, we LOVE IT when we get the same reaction each time we tell folks, regardless of how big the repair may seem, that they'll have their ride back that day!  HEY!  We want to keep you riding!  PLUS, we have MORE then enough bikes to trip over around here!  HA HA!  Seriously, I'm going to give away a trade secret!  If you have ever gone into another one of those "boutique bike shops" for repairs, let's say, a tune up and tube change, and they tell you it will take them three or more days to finish them, it's NOT because they are THAT busy, or because the work takes THAT long!  Oh Nay, Nay!  It's because, as consumers, we associated "value" with either content, time or effort.  When they tell you it will cost $65.00 for a tune up and $20.00 for a tube change, if they told you in the same breath that they would have it back to you in a couple of hours your mind will think "if it takes so little time, why am I paying so much!?"  SOOOO, they stretch out the return time to give the ILLUSION of value!  Not here.  $25.00 is a fair price for and hour and a half MAX, and materials to get your ride up and running, and you don't hardly miss half a day of riding!  No brainer!
Speaking of which!  Making head way in the influx we received last week!  Put out two more, with a third stripped down and cleaned and waiting to be reassembled, which I will get back to post haste!  Once that one is done, I am giving SERIOUS consideration to taking the older Raleigh road bike (SWEET lug work!) down to frame and rebuilding as a single speed!  I almost have the ones IN the shop finished, then it's on to the ones out back!
Last night, once home, was a little bit of a hullaballoo.  Got home a wee bit later, as I had to physically remove Izzy from the computer where she was playing "Team Umizoomie" (don't ask) and the ride home was sloooooow.  I was moving furiously yesterday, and these old bones were cursing me all evening.  Once home, had to prepare for dinner, and sent Kaleb to get the fixings.  I had the brilliant idea (much to the cautionary warnings from Angela) to do a roasted dinner.  Meat and veggies and such.  I'm getting kind of tired of "quick and easy" and wanted everyone to eat REAL food.  Well, once again, Angela was right, and once the ingredients arrived, were prepped and put in the oven...well...we didn't eat until around nine pm! 
My Bad!  Of course, after digestion, baths, bedroom prep and tuck in, Mom and Dad date night didn't hit until around 11.30!  I am SOOOO going to have to make up for that tonight!  But we DID get to watch a movie all the way through!  This night was Dads pick, and I went with a totally GUY film (although Angi get's a kick out of this franchise too)  "Expendables 3"!  Oh, these films have been a hoot and a half!  To see so many of the "Action Heroes" from films when I was growing up ALL on the screen together!  WOW!  It's a dream come true.  LATE, but true!  And they never fail to have in jokes referring back to each actors hey day's!  LOVE 'EM!  Sure, they are graphically violent (although, this one, while the body count was WAY high, was not as graphically gory as the previous ones) and almost every scene is filled with some impossible feat of human endurance and ability, not to mention the occasional defiance of physics!  BUT, either Hollywood's wire work has gotten way better, or a couple of these actors can REALLY kick some major butt in their moves!  If you watch it, you'll agree the actress Ronda Rousey (or her stunt double) should have been the "Black Widow"!  And... CAUTION: SPOILER ALERT!!!!
Wesley Snipes is in this one!  At the beginning of the film, the Expendables break him out of a maximum security prison, and while on the escape plane one of the crew ask him what they got him for, and Wesley grins and says "Tax Evasion!"  PRICELESS!!!!! And if that ain't funny enough, at the end of the movie you find out that Arnold Schwarzenegger's, and Jet Li's characters are gay lovers!   NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!
Seriously, your next day off, if you haven't seen them already, rent all three and watch them back to back.  You'll thank me!
OK, I have babbled enough, now I'm going to get on to what I came here for!
Nice day out today folks!  Pay us a visit and RIDE!!

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ONLY $80.00!!
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ONLY $75.00!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Internal Clock Be Damned!!

UGH!  Routines can be killers sometimes! 
Woke up this morning, ten minuets to seven, staggered out, made the coffee, meandered about, changed Miranda and gave her a fresh Ba-doo, then made Daddies cup of motivation, sat on the porch sipping the life giving nectar as I played a few rounds of online billiards, until finally around 7.40 am was conscious enough to realize "IT'S FREAKIN' SATURDAY!!"  What the heck am I doing UP so early!?!?! 
Now, too late in the game, and fully awake, the sad realization crept in, that going back in and snuggling with Angi would not be nearly as calming as it sounded, as I would just have to roll right back out and start the whole process over again!  *Sad Face*!
Needless to say, arrived a wee bit earlier today.  Izzy is in tow, as the three middle ones are hanging with the grandparents today.  The older boys were trying to connive their way out for the day, but they were informed last night that if they wanted the day they best get their chores done last night.  Well, as that action would interfere with their text time, Facebook time, and video game time, they never even got started on them last night. SO, all's the worse for them, especially as for some ungodly reason, they actually thought that I was kidding, and awoke to prepare themselves to head out (they will only EVER get up on time if it's for something THEY want to do) only to be unceremoniously shot down for their erroneous assumption!
Seriously, they don't think we are serious the majority of the time, then give us that dumfounded look of incredulity when they are informed "no"!
Yesterday, was a day once again, of repairs.  Several to finish first thing, then I dove into a rebuild (a real sweet Gary Fisher city bike) only to have to switch gears on several more fix-'em-ups that came in!  It's cool though, NO PROBLEM!  That's are bread and butter folks!  Once they were caught up, went back and finished it up, and also managed to put a ladies 24" cruiser in the rack and get it stripped down, cleaned and mostly reassembled.  I say "mostly" as about a half an hour before close a new wave of repairs came in, and I had to get them set up for today.
SOOOO, I'll be starting of with repairs, first thing!  Well, no, scratch that, I'll finish the cruiser first!
ALLRIGHT, I best get a move on, as I really NEED to get through some of these rides!
See ya soon!!
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ONLY $125.00!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Samaritans? Choose WISELY!!!

OK, OK..Look, I am SO not being unappreciative but really!?
SO, I have to thank the folks who have the false impression that just because we have a large family we must, of COURSE, need charity!  First, we have a lovely neighbor, bless her heart, that has adopted our family.  She works in catering, and occasionally brings us the overflow.  But the bulk of the overflow is pastries, cakes, cookies and pies.  And I mean BIG boxes of the stuff! I went to put away the leftovers from last nights dinner and there was NO room in the fridge OR freezer!  The one upshot is, NOW the kids clean their plate because they KNOW there is going to be dessert!  HEE, HEE!  Brussle sprouts anyone? 
Then yesterday, Rozy brought home a bag of clothes from one of her teachers at school.  Now THAT is a donations I can REALLY appreciate, as these kiddo's are growing like weeds, especially Rozlynd, although she is getting REAL close to THAT point in her life and I am SOOOOO stocking up on Pamprin!  WOOF!  I have FOUR women in my life, I LOVE to death, but the three younger ones feel it's their responsibility to tell me how things are going to be!
Anyway...I digress.
So, she brings the bag home, and Momma is sorting through them.  Now mind you, Rozy is 11 years old.  Still, a little girl!  With a look of vile disgust Angi pulled from the bag three pairs of HOOKER SHORTS!  Now, I am SO not hip on todays fashion trends but at WHAT point did the industry think it would be appropriate to produce a pair of butt cheek showing, ride up the crotch, low slung, belly exposing shorts that would make a veteran porn star blush, FOR LITTLE GIRLS!?!?!
Is the ENTIRETY of the children's fashion industry populated by PEDOPHILES!?!?
I mean GOD!  And EACTLY what kind of sick, twisted parent is trying to prepare their young daughters for a career in prostitution, pole dancing or the adult film industries!?!  I mean, shouldn't we be teaching our young women about self respect, decency and self reliance and NOT the use of their bodies as an OBJECT!?!  Come ON people!  Wake the fudge UP!!
OK, I'm going to step down off THAT soapbox, and with a twinge of ironic humor, step up on the next one!
I know, my mode of dress, when coming to work, is less then pristine.  I am WAY dirty and greasy by noon time around here, and when I do MY laundry, we have to run an empty load afterwards just to wash out the washer!  And YES, I DO ride a bicycle...everywhere. But lovely people, that does NOT mean I am homeless!
After opening this morning I made my daily run to the bank to make a deposit....of money...from my I can help pay for my I can feed my FAMILY.  On the way back, as I neared the parking lot...where the business we OWN is... I noticed someone had pulled over to the side of the road and was waving me over.  It's fine, lots of people in this town know who I am so I figured it was a customer with a question.  As I approached the car, the gentleman in the car, altruistically handed me a McDonalds gift card.  He stated, "Here, this is for you.  Please get yourself a meal and something hot to drink"  LOL!  I thought, briefly, of correcting his erroneous assumptions, but realized he was just being nice and charitable, and did not want to come off as rude or unappreciative, so I simply said "thank you very much" with a warm smile.  Then, as he sat in his car at the edge of the parking lot, waiting to merge back into traffic, I pulled up to the bike rack out front, parked, stepped up to the door of the shop, that we OWN, pulled out MY key, unlocked and opened the door, switched on the OPEN sign and holding up the gift card, waved to the perplexed gentleman, staring at me incredulously and mouthed the word "THANKS!"
And I didn't have the heart to tell him that there is NO way I would EVER eat at McDonalds! Seriously, their French fries DO NOT biodegrade!!  They're not even ORGANIC MATTER!!!
So yesterday was another busy, busy day!  Thank you all SO very much for keeping me from being homeless (LOL!  OK, OK....I'll stop!).  Repairs were non-stop and aside from a couple quickie tube changes, I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding that I was not going to be able to get to them that day.  At this point, if you inhale, you're going to bump into a bike!  WAY tightly packed in here right now!  I needed to get through some of the rides!  As it turned out, was only able to build two!  Partially, because I was on the computer and phone until one pm doing not only the morning routine, but taxes as well!  Ugh. 
But today, I will pound out the repairs and go back to newbies!
So, without further adieu, I'll put my Hobo sack away and get to work!
Ok, Ok (*chuckle*)...that was the last one!
See ya!

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ONLY $90.00!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh Yes Please! MORE!!!

Well I am happier then a puppy with two peters!  It doesn't happen TOO often, but we got in a TRAILER FULL of newbies yesterday!  WEE-HOO!! And I'm not talking junk!  WOWZERS 4, count 'em FOUR classic J.C. Higgens cruisers!!!  A Tandem, three road bikes (a real SWEET Raleigh AND Schwinn Travler in the mix) A VERY unique Dutch Inova Union 3 speed with front and rear drum brakes, THAT WORK!!!  Not to mention some newer material for bangers AND TWO classic cruiser, that sadly are a little to far gone to bring back but will make GORGEOUS Art Bikes!  A little project I have been dying to do for out front of the store (Imagine The Muppet Movie and Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem's Bus!) but just didn't have the right vintage bikes!  OH yes, I DO have my work cut out for me on some of these!  They have sat, some for over 70 years, piled in the recesses of a hoarders barn!  Oh the stories the gent told me of what was found when cleaning this joint out!  WOW!!!  "One's man trash" and all that!  Sadly, he stated they ended up scrapping another 60 bikes on top off what they brought to us.  *sad face*!  I just hate thinking that many rides went to their final reward without at least a chance of revival!  
Moving on...
Yesterday was comprised primarily of repairs, then the swell of newbies came in, and I was occupied until the end of the day sorting, and tearing a few done that just didn't make the cut.  Well, not my WHOLE day doing repairs.  No, I spent the morning dealing with banks, crooks (is there a difference between those two?) credit card company, Ebay and UPS!  WOOF!  How multi gagillion dollar companies can be THAT inept, escapes me!  They are about as annoying as someone simultaneously squeaking their fingers across Styrofoam, while dragging a garden rake across a chalk board as you use a huge razor blade as a water slide into a pool of alcohol! 
Time's TEN!
Today, almost done with my morning chores, and I am going all gang busters on these goodies!  Gonna pop in some more (you guessed it) MST3K, and have a building party!  But as I'm alone, I guess that means I have to play with myself!
Wait....what?  That doesn't sound right!
Oh, yea, on the home front....
Well, the empty nest syndrome was short lived.  Unfortunately, Elijah's brief bout of independence with his girlfriend sadly did not pan out.  My heart goes out to the young man, he's really having a tough time of it.  But, his siblings are responding quite supportively and are happy to have him back. 
OK, Now, I gotta beat feet!  See ya soon!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wash, Rinse....Repeat

No, no seriously!  Is Allen Funt just waiting to pop out, when I am at my wits end to shout "You're on Candid Camera!"?  (for those born after the 70's, I'll refer to Ashton Kutcher shouting "You've Been Punk'd!)
Coming in this morning expecting the financial troubles to be solved after all my diligence, I was not wholly surprised to discover NOTHING had been done!  Oh, I was aggravated, but at this point, not at all surprised.  First, the credit card company did in fact NOT send the request for a release on Monday, as I was informed, but instead, it went through YESTERDAY.  So supposedly the funds will be in there tomorrow.  Well, not ALL the funds, as their records show only roughly HALF of what SHOULD be going in!  Once again "they're looking into it".
On the OTHER end, the refund that supposedly had been put in on Monday, did in fact get returned to them having been refused by my bank?!?
ONCE AGAIN, back on the phone to the bank, holds...pauses....transfers....check with "other" department specialists only to come to the conclusion after almost an hour....
(are you READY for this?!)
No folks, I am NOT kidding!  You couldn't make this stuff up!! I didn't catch it before, because I never write checks!  I do all my banking and bill paying on line except our rent!  SOOOOOO, now, I have to send out ANOTHER check to our landlord!
I mean REALLY!  I just want to be able to open shop, build bikes do repairs and pay my bills.  It's a small dream, one I don't feel is unreasonable.  Does it have to be THIS difficult!
I am shifting attentions now, and going to get onto the fun side!  Yesterday, was a beautiful day, weather wise, and several folks took advantage of it!  The majority of repairs were hungrily snatched up as folks were dying to get out and take advantage of the fine day.  Terry brought the repairs back to the Sea Captain Hotel as they had a line of folks dying to get out and ride!  One of the Cannondale's found an appreciative new home, and one more cruiser is on it's way to explore the sands! 
I also managed to get out two more newbies!  One of them is a perfect fit "urban" hybrid, just right for someone 5"-5.5"!  ALSO, out of the batch of rides we picked up on Saturday, was a MTB.  This one had a "homemade" paint job on it, "Rojo Red" ($1.19 a can at Dollar General) and even though they made a real good attempt, they didn't sand it all that well.  I was about to scrap it but when I picked it up I realized how lightweight it was!  This IS a nice frame!  And whoever did the work, put some REALLY nice components on it!  Shimano Deore, 24 speed, Quick release front and back alloy rims with DX hubs, integrated shifters (THAT WORK!!)  I just didn't have the heart to relegate this piece to the scrap pile!  SOOOO, here's a RARE opportunity to do a higher end "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  Given the components this bike should be up around $200.00, but because I didn't pay all that much for it, and the work it needed was minimal, we put it out for ONLY $95.00!!!  Someone is going to get one sweet ride!  I also put an older 5 speed "BIG BOY" in the rack, stripped it down and have cleaned all the parts and it's ready for reassembly!  We've already had a couple nibbles on it!  These rides are VERY popular around here! 
And by popular demand, several folks have inquired about our redecorating venture this last weekend.  Some of course are out of state (not to mention out of country) and would enjoy a view!  So here ya go, a few pics of our decorations (thus far...eventually we will get around to the other wall) that reflect a slight glimpse into the recesses of our psyches!  And pay attention to the close up of the "Blues Brothers"!  Yes, if you pay us a visit and can CORRECTLY describe the joke (NO HINTS) you get 10% of your purchase!  Good Luck! 
OK, so here are the newbies, now I'm going to go make some more!
See ya!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONY $130.00!!

Angela felt we needed a "greater" at the door!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Grab Your Shield and Lance, It's A New Day!

Don't you just LOVE the demeanor of employees who have no vested interest in your sanity?
So, checked the bank accounts this morning and sure enough, STILL void of what should be there!  Once again, Jonny up on the phone, and after a series of pauses and holds was informed, matter-of-factly (at least by the credit card processors) that the funds had been released, and should be in there tomorrow.  No apologies, no explanations just an audible shrug of the shoulders from their end.  When pressed, they could offer NO reason WHY the funds had been held up, and more alarmingly, had I not called them out on it yesterday, the problem would never have been noticed or rectified.  Of course, after talking to the manager, his only reaction to the glitch was "we'll look into it".  The Universal brush off, tinged with a "don't hold your breath!"
As far as the other matter.  Still a "wait and see" approach to find out if the funds are kicked back to them.  However, I don't think this lot of criminals is used to someone being "persistent".  I can only imagine they utilize the same run around with most folks, and that there are some who get fed up and write the money off as a loss.  Well, not me, if on principle alone I will hunt them down! 
Yesterday was ICKY.  It was as if nature itself felt obligated to frame the dismally frustrating day in an unceasing curtain of torrential rain!  No soul, regardless of how staunch, saw fit to brave the storm and pay us a visit, much less anywhere else.  The plaza was a ghost town, the streets themselves were quite light as well.  I focused my energies on completing the back log of repairs we had but only after the wee ones headed back home.  Thankfully, their return trip was a relatively dry one, as they escaped the confines of the shop in briefly calm skies.  So to, was our return home, thankfully, allowing us a respite in order to make it home, unpruned.  Of course, one saving grace, was the light break in the storm right at twilight allowed for a gorgeous sunset!  Yes, I will forever TRY and see the bright spots in otherwise daunting days!
Today, looks to be  good one, weather wise, and I have high hopes folks will venture out and enjoy the simple pleasures. 
Me?  I'm going to finish up the last repair (a VERY unique looking vintage Schwinn Tandem, that someone had the patience to take the time to individually glue a LARGE collection of faux gems on!  Imagine my trepidation at attempting to clamp the frame in my rack!) then get busy with the newbies!  We SOOOO need some "under $100.00 bikes in the line! 
So, with that, chin up, chest out, deep breath and Suck it up and press on!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh Man, It HAS To Be Monday!

Boy, that classic 80's song "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" is ringing in my head....LOUDLY.
Sad reality is, we don't seem to be allowed to hold onto "good" feelings for very long!  Yes, I know, now you are all sighing and saying to yourself "Oh no, here he goes again" but, I am trying to keep smiling!  See, we had a REALLY good day yesterday!  Got the shop all spruced up, went home, did our chores, got the kids fed, clothed and put to bed then hung out for the evening having a grand time!
The reason for my frustration is merely a continuation of last weeks issues regarding the pilfered funds from our account.  They say they deposited it, but the bank has no record of it, but it may still be processing and I have to wait up to two business days to see if it comes through!  Try telling my creditors that!  ON TOP OF THIS, I checked our other account to discover the creit cards have not deposited in five days, upon calling them, they stated there was a hold put on the deposit, but could not tell me why!  Of course, they would relese the funds, but it would take up to two days to deposit!
THIS is why I HATE banks!!!  And people wonder why we held out for six years on the credit card band wagon before we started taking them!  There is NOOOO lag time on CASH!
The wee ones are back in the shop, and surprisingly, being of little trouble.  Well, either that, or I'm just getting used to their brand of behaivior!  LOL! Momma almost had a kid free day to relax, but Logan is home sick with a mild fever and a whopping headache, although I hold true to the fact his headache is caused by hour upon hour of watching videos and playing games on the tiny screen of his cell phone.  Of course, according to him there is NO way that could be the reason!  What do I know!  I'm not a teenager, therefore I don't have a CLUE! 
It was very nice (the brief moment I got to enjoy it) to come into a fresh, relatively clean, spruced up shop this morning!  All my gratitude to Angi for helping me make it so yesterday!
Today, I have to spend the AM banging out some repairs then it's on to NEWBIES!!!  Got in a truckload Saturday just before close, and there are THREE classic BIG BOY ten speeds in it!  SAH-WEEEEET!!!! 
As promised, below are the ones we put out on Saturday, take a long, lustful lingering look at these Lovlies, and TRY and tell me they wouldn't look good underneath you!
....wait, that doesn't sound right...
ANYWAY, I gotta git!
See ya soon!
image 1
ONLY $240.00!!
image 1
ONLY $360.00!!!
image 1
ONY $130.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!!