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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

...and this is how they all became the Brady Bunch!

Oh blessed be the Gods of CBS!  With a special shout out of love for Vince Vaughn!!
I was of the generation that was born and raised on the myths perpetuated by the suburban bliss depicted within the hallowed halls of the Brady home.  Often time wondering why my family did not function on the erstwhile principals preached with in this finely tuned family unit where the worst signs of dysfunctions were Cindy's unhealthy attachment to Kitty Carry-all, Bobby's tattling and Greg's need for his "own space".  In no small  way did it shape my own disillusioned desire to sire and raise a large family of my own. I'd kill to have only a busted horse statue to show for my troubles!  
Now, word on the wire is that Vince Vaughn and the offspring of original creator Sherwood Schwartz are planning a reboot of the old series, this time out with a newish twist.  Seems Bobby (apparently to be played by the original) is all grown up with kids of his own, divorced and remarried to a woman who too, has children from a previous marriage and both sirring one of their own!  The chance for original cast guest shots abound!  Unlike the failed attempt back in 1990 to revive the original cast in a dramody aptly entitled "The Brady's" this will be a return to family comedy.  With Vince's comedic input this truly could work out to be something interesting.  My hopes is they approach it from a realistic perspective with all dysfunction in place.  
Even given the staunch humidity, and gray overcast skies saw many a fine folk popping in to check out the lay of the land today.  And many were new faces just recently discovering our hidden little nook of Veloist territory.  Sold the GMC Denali right off as she seem to be the bell of the ball today.  Had more then a dozen calls before eleven am and thought it may come out to a bidding war.  Lucky gent made it down from Tampa before any one else and snagged it up.  Also thanks to the gent coming in for a couple tune ups and some very nice words, not to mention a great tip!  Thanks! And to Bill for opting out of main stream bike buying and ordered up a single speed road bike rebuild custom!  Thanks for going green! Managed top get out one rebuild today, a simple ladies single speed cruiser "Daily banger Special"  Sorry, no pic as fate would have it as I took it outside it began to poor and I just got disgusted and forgot!  But I'll put it up tomorrow.  Spent most of the day trying in vain to once again clean up our surroundings as we have once again started to amass a load of....bikes.  One in particular is a sweet Diamondback Hybrid that I will be diving on tomorrow!
So with that, I'd best sign off and try and get a little shut eye before the am feedings begin!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gun Control, The Legacy of Heath Ledger and "Keep Your Damn Hands Off My Comic Book Icons!!"

Forgive me if this latest current event tirade is a little bit out of date (by about 9 days) but given my near death state over last week I have a viable excuse.
Surprisingly in over 5 years of blogging there is one taboo subject I have never had  reason to touch on.
Until today.
Gun Control.
I am for the most part a Live and Let Live person.  I wont past judgement on an individual who finds "sport" in the whole sale slaughter of innocent wildlife in the pursuit of a beer and whiskey fueled recreational weekend.  To tell the truth there was a time 20odd years ago that I was in fact fully licenced to carry a concealed hand gun in all these great 50 states.
 And I did.
Taurus 9mm with an extended clip, with two more on the shoulder harness.  The work I was doing at the time occasionally involved carrying large quantities of cash,and it made me feel a little more secure.  But my opinion's on guns in the home changed radically when our first child became a toddler and we quickly learned that "child safety locks" translated into "surmountable obstacle for child, hindrance of access for parents!" Before we learned the hard way I opted to sell my arsenal and buy my wife a ring and never looked back.
BUT that doesn't mean i am going to preach to everyone coming out of the Bass Pro Shop about peace and free love.
The recent events in Aurora, Colorado have brought to light a growing mass insanity that grips a nation so entrenched in their love of the "right to bear arms"
I will not relive the horrific facts of this recent atrocity that took place at their premiere showing of "Batman, the Dark knight Rises" short of saying some deranged lunatic calling himself "The Joker" opened fire on a theatre full of people killing and injuring many.
What I WILL ask though  is how many more of these attacks will it take for the population to realize that the purchasing and possession of arsenals of semi and fully automatic assault weapons, stockpiles of armor piercing rounds, riot guns, and full body armour should be relegated SOLELY to law enforcement, militias, the military and licenced private security!  Keep your hunting rifles and hand guns for home security (although check the stats on that one, more often then not having a gun at home during a burglary just ensures the burglar has something to shoot you with) but NO ONE has a reason to have THAT much fire power.  Either they are survivalists, or they are psychotics (sometimes one in the same). Personally if aliens or the Russians, or terrorists or Fundamentalists attempt to attack our shores I'll put my faith in our military to keep me safe.  I have NO interest in having firepower anywhere near accessible for Owen!!
Now here's where some of you may say "Boy, your priorities are WAY askew!"
While learning of the attack, I began furiously searching web posts for the inevitable backlash this would induce, and sure enough the mainstream and fringe groups alike were quick in their response.  Yes some folks renewed their campaign calls for gun control but their more rational cries were far over shadowed by the brain dead chorus who were quick to point out the "damaging" influence of films featuring such anarchic creatures as "The Joker" (may you suffer festering boils for casting aspersions on the late Heath Ledgers masterful portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime!!) or those films compelling people to acts of gratuitous violence ( flash...anyone taking out a film audience with an assault gun had a few screws loose, and probably would have snapped regardless of WHAT they watched!) And of course their was ample blame to throw around at comic books, TV and video games as well!
Perhaps these folks should break open a history book.  Movies by and large have only been a part of mainstream for about a hundred years, so set the way back machine to before 1878.  Was their no violence then.  No atrocities of man?  No mass killings? (Sir James Brooks, 1849)  No serial murderers (think Vlad the Impaler)
Well take those totals and put them up against the total world population and compare it with today.  I think the results you find will be rather illuminating.  And they didn't have any where NEAR the amount of scapegoats that folks have nowadays!  When will people open their eyes to the truth of the situation, throughout history we have had men, women, governments and countries that have been for a lack of better terms, insane.  And short of religious belief they had no more external motivation or inspiration for their blood letting!
In short with very little effort this horrific human easily acquired numerous high powered weapons simply by visiting a few stores and stockpiled assault gear and thousands of rounds of munitions by ordering online, with no safe guards!?  You have to have permits and government clearance to purchase large quantities of fertilizer if your a farmer, but you can outfit a private army with a little patience and a Pay Pal account!
If it were me I'd be happier if the only thing he could have gotten on line was a copy of Batman Begins and the latest issue of Detective comics!
I'm stepping down off my soap box, not that I don't have more to add, but the hours getting late!

ONLY $40.00!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

ONLY $100.00!!

ONLY $130.00!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Return Of The Messiah

OK, maybe that title gives me a little to much to live up to.  But I do feel as if I have been resurrected from the dead.  Yes, I guess i should maybe change the title of this blog to "Old Man Gripes About Health Conditions" So it was with a desire to not sound redundant that I haven't been on here for the last week or so.  Just when I was coming out of my previous bout of stomach virus and getting into the swing of things that last Saturday I was struck with the familiar twinges of body aches associated with the crawling crud.  By Sunday it was quite apparent I'd come down with strep throat.  It ran it's full course and I spent the following four days in bed.  Thanks to Kaleb and Momma for holding down the shop (and doing a rather good job) and Elijah did his best (with mommas help) to keep the house running.  I was back to work on Thursday but still feeling run down so really didn't get back to it until later Friday afternoon.  We do have some new goodies though, and are currently trying to figure out how to download the pics!!!!  ARRGH!!!  I hate new phones!  It's always a challenge for a technologically retarded individual such as myself to figure out new doodads!
So while my lovely (and intelligent wife) figures it out I am going to take a moment to discuss a subject I never honestly thought I'd give two sh....ots about.
Anyone following this dysfunctional bit of literature while attest to the fact that I am for all intents a fanboy ,and it is with that fact clearly stated when my wife became consumed with her passion for Stephanie Myers Twilight (first the books, then the movies) i fully supported her fanaticism. But suffice to say my vampires aren't pretty, they ain't "vegetarians" and the don't sparkle!  Think Max Schreck's Nosferatu!  Now THAT was a vampire!  But I have happily watched in fascination her absorption of the entire nether-realm of new "sexy" vampire lore, and simply by loving osmosis found myself mildly sucked in.  Not only do the onscreen talents who portray the romantic leads of the film share an on screen connection, they in reality were romantically linked, living together and contemplating a life shared.  That was until very recently Kristen Stewart (Bella) was caught on camera in a recent tryst with the director (twice her age) of her latest film "Snow White and the Huntsman".  Surprisingly, I discovered the news tidbit prior to Angela and had the misfortune of bringing it to her attention.  She took it incredibly well.  Even given her love of the character and the actress she offered now excuse or exemption.  Wrong is wrong.
Me?  I have to wonder what the hell she was thinking!?  Her and her beau Rob Pattinson are two of the most sought after paparazzi bait there is next to the Kardashians and she goes off with the director to a parking lot to smooch?!?!?!  What the hell was she thinking?!?
These two are, to  a VERY large fan base, royalty.  They are their characters (a large portion of their fans are    the epitome of "fanatical") She is already having to triple her security in response to a plethora of death threats.  And this all coming a scant few months before the release of the final movie is due to be released.  Mr Pattinson has cut all ties, moved out completely of the home he bought for her and refuses to speak to her.    A mess to say the least.  It will be very interesting to say the least what will transpire over the next 5 months.
All this because i love a fangirl!
Nothing like this ever happened in Star Trek!
Well Today was the first day I felt whole so we had a good day banging around the house, goofing with the kiddo's and having a nice Bar-b-que.  As well as everyone getting a tad bit to much sun!
So I'm looking forward to getting back at it with gusto tomorrow!
Well, I think Angi has figured out how to get the pics to download, so here goes nothing!

ONLY $95.00!!!

20" GT BMX
ONLY $90.00

ONLY $350.00!!

ONLY $135.00!!!

ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $110.00!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daddy's Getting Spoiled!

With summer here and in full swing the older boys have settled (albeit reluctantly) into their familial roles. Elijah, having a slightly more compassionate soul stays home helping Mama with the little ones, while Kaleb having more of his fathers work ethic helps mind the shop.  A fact that come in handy in the am in the off chance that I have spent more then my fair share awake with little Mizzy as she chows down on her every two hour feeding frenzy.  Oh yes!  She's up to 6 oz. every 2 hours and showing in her cheek and jowls!  Cute little chubbalubba!
So that's where I was this morning.  After her 7am feeding i made the fatal mistake of flopping back into bed and didn't wake until 10.30/  Thankfully Kaleb new to get up and hit the silk.
Managed to get out a couple more bangers and began work on a third.  This one seems to be turning out to be a  sweet 7 speed commuter.  Also got in a few more gems to be, amongst them a nice looking Schwinn hybrid in need of some TLC, but should be a peach when shes done.  Sorry I can't supply any new pics, as something seems to be amiss with the new phone, and I can't get it to download the pics!  Will check the direction tomorrow and see if I can figure it out!
Thanks to all the folks braving the rather unpredictable weather we have been suffering through lately.  Sold the unusually well equipped older Magna we had, as well as the Trek Hybrid that sat for an unusually long time (almost a week!).
Hope more of you will take the plunge and pay us a visit tomorrow!
Well it's late and if I don't get a move on I won't be able to tear Mama away from the Heath Ledger flick she just turned on!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adventures in Customer Service!

There is no difficult customer, only a few you haven't convinced of what's in their best interest!
Ok,  We aren't the Beverly Wilsher, or a high falootin boutique.  Heck, we aren't even the local dime store.
From time to time it may seems a tad bit unnerving coming into the shop and be greeted by... no one.  Well at least at first, sorry no greeters waiting at the door leaning on a cart for your shopping convenience, but you will get a "how ya' doin?" from the bowels of the Dungeon post haste.  But what we do have to offer will get ya one better.
Had a rather proper middle age couple come in to visit our greasy little corner of veloism today.  As we separate our shop (if not in content, at least in spirit) from our show room, we work behind a mirrored sliding glass door.  We can see when folks come in,  but at time we may not be looking up, our elbows deep in the greasy mass of some twisted metal works, and there will a brief pause before you hear a voice ring out.  Such was the case here.  Had my head down fumbling with a tricky cable pass through on the belly of a Fuji (pic below) (mind you my eyes are not what they once were) and determined to get the stubborn cable threaded through I failed to realize they were apparently in the shop at the counter for a few minutes.  Eventually they cleared their collective throats and i was startled back to this realm.  I stammered my apologies and offered my assistance.  Now you can always tell when folks are putting on their best face but still rather annoyed.  They were looking for transportation for their grandson while he visited, but the air of being inconvenienced was thick.
Apologies none the less.
But it got me to thinking.  Unlike many establishments, we are of a once dying but slowly resurgent breed of stores.  The owner operated kind.  No, when you come to visit it's less a experience in shopping, but more akin to walking into your neighbors garage to ask to borrow a shovel, or wrench and you end up shooting the breeze while his head and hands are in the rusty innards of some old jalopy he's working on.  Your buying a bike from the guy that built it, you call on the phone your getting the guy who can answer your questions (or one of his kids who'll get him on the line), you drop a ride off for service your leaving it with the guy who's gonna fix it.
So yea, I may have to tell ya ta hang on, or you may even have to get my attention, but the service will be nothing if not personal.
Couldn't imagine it any better then that.
Manage to get out four rides today, two pic's below the other two are kiddos  rides, forgot to take pics.  Sorry.  Sweet lightweight fuji 12 speed road bike, full re-paint and rebuild and a Tunturi custom chop bars, single speed commuter.
OK.  It's late and I REALLY need to take advantage of Mia's sleepy time and pass out.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Slowly I worked....step by step.....

it was a Monday.  Slightly overcast and obviously keeping everyone at bay.  Gave us some time to get some goodies pumped out though!  Also made a real fine attempt at reorganizing our reorganization.  More and more bikes coming in and trying to make room!  Thanks to Uncle Chip for the COOL old Robin Hood three-wheeler and the rough but full of potential antique Columbia!  Oh she is going to be a sweet piece when shes done.  And yes, I think we are keeping the Robin Hood for a grocery hauler!  Alright, check out the new goodies below, and I'm taking a powder.
ONLY $95.00

TREK 820

ONLY $65.00!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Obscure references.  Go out and rent "Up!" on DVD, and you'll come to acquaint yourself with what has now become, in our home the quaint reference to one's inability to ignore the sudden unexpectedness  of the alluring "distraction."
That was in effect our day today, blissfully so!
And I would love to thank all the folks for granting us such awe inspiring, heart warming, nostalgic, and challenging "Squirrel's" 
Set out this morning to polish off a sweet Motiv I started last night before close but was quickly torn away by two fast out the door buy's first thing.  Once back on the wheel set, I had to all together abandon it as the traditional Saturday repairs began to trickle in, and as always thanks EVER so much for all your trust and faith in our work!  Of course,Saturday is a great day for buying as those looking to make space in the garage, shed or back yard finally give in to their significant other incessant "suggestions" about the unlikelihood of their ever actually riding the damn thing to make way for the next wave of "stuff" and come in to unburden themselves and enrich our lives.  The peak of today's goodies,and oooooo I shuddered a tad in my nethers when i saw these beauties! One was a succulent  47cm Trek road bike, aluminum frame graced with some new trimmings in an Italian saddle, leather raps and such, and an older, but cherry Trek 820 MTB!  My "Mr. Krabb" like pincers grasped briefly at my cash, but the price (though more then I usually allow myself to spend) was way more then reasonable.  I only had to fret the moolah outlay briefly though because even before i started the re-furb the road bike sold to an ECSTATIC young couple of diminutive stature looking to hit the trails on the morrow! The Old Murray that has sat alone and dejected for the last coupleof weeks found it's mate today in a very kindly older gent today who, after suffering the loss of his vehicle quickly came to the conclusion that while necessary and at times relaxing, "walking everywhere sucks".  And after spending sometime helping him reaquaint himself with the "joy" (that's a euphamism for "groin challenging") of bike riding, and a few ajustment we watch him ride off happy, and a little less inconvienced.  We'd also like to thank Kim from "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" for giving us the chance to help out her young ward get her ride spruces up and ready for the remainder of the summer and the next school year!
Now even though we love all the folks who grace us with their presence each and every day (yes in some cases I may be being a tad bit generous in that statement) their were two encounters I have to say were the highlight of not only my day, but perhaps my whole month to date.  First is young Julia (and please forgive me if I got the name wrong as it's 3 am and I forgot to write it down...but you know who you are) and her Mom. Seems Julia has been searching for some time for that "just right" ride for her college and work career.  They have visited many a bike shop and left less then fullfilled (not to mention sticker shocked) and spent many an afternoon perusing Craigslist.  In her words seems "every bike she saw on Craigslist she really liked just happened to come from here (that's us!).  And they decided they just had to come in and check us out!  Well after a brief confab to get to know her, and her wants and needs my keen eyes of observation came to the conclusion that she was a "retro-chick" (no aspersion to the feminine gender no hate mail please!) and I directed her to the sweet '65 Schwinn Racer.
One ride was all it took.
She was in love.
I've got to say here and now that to see that not only her, but her Mom as well were genuinely, gleefully excited with their discovery and acquisition of this sweet piece of Americana, put a whole new hitch in my giddy-up!  I will now and forever say "A bike will always find it's owner!"
"Happy Trails little lady!"
Next mention goes to Chris.  A gent of my generation came in with his young son looking to upgrade his kiddo's ride (woefully to small) to something a little more slick (not to mention that fit) and settled on the Hyper ("hey's perfect!  Got my name and classification right on it!).  Chris get's the day's "No-Prize" for the conversation starting question "Who's the Firefly fan?" (in reference to my slight collection of memorabilia adorning the desk area in umbrage to the all to brief "classic of all time sci-fi shows") Turns out he's another Fanboy from "back in the day" and a collaborative copacetic conversation of commemorative  comicdom catharsis convened ! Believe me the chance to occasionally step out of the bike buy role and relive the heyday of my youthful passions is always a welcome one!  Thanks for allowing me the chance sir!
And speaking of comic movies...
Last night we finally got a chance to watch this years earlier release of "Ghost Rider 2"  and all I have to say is...
Yes, I had to pause at the end of the film to try and decide whether i liked it or not.
The jury's still out on this one.

Bad points.

Nicholas Cage.  I wasn't thrilled with the casting choice to begin with and he upd the notch several ticks on the outlandishness of his performance on this one, and while I could see where he was trying to go with it, he just doesn't have the chops to pull it off.
budget.  57 mill.  May seem like a lot to a poor schlep building bikes for a living, but in the face of some of the other cash being slung out for high tech special effects and such it made them make some tough choices.
script.  The whole "child of Satan coming to bring about the Apocalypse" thing....tad bit of an easy cop out.

Good point's
Danny.  They brought in Johnny Blaze's replacement.  Danny is the Son of Satan, and has all his powers but doesn't suffer the whole "human form hindering the use of them" thing.
budget. 57 mill.  The tough choices made what effects they used work!  Made them choose some out of country locals and local talent (way CHEAPER) and now overcrowded highways but expansive barren roadways in locals like Turkey.
Script.  Nice homage to the source by interlacing comic inspired graphics into the storytelling and setting up the more modern personification of the true "Spirit of Vengeance"
Love the new look of this Ghost Rider. Darker, with a fuller head of flame and deep black smoke.  Plus his leathers bubble like molten tar.  Cool effect.
All in all though, they grossed 139,000.Mill so by Hollywood standards, that's a success.
If they do another one, skip Nick and go on to Danny.
Well folks I think I have sufficiently tuckered myself out so now I'm gonna try and sleep a couple hours until Mizzy wakes up again!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hmmmm....I Think I'll Have the Death Warmed Over...With a Side of Imodium AD Please.

Oh where do i begin?
It's been almost a week since we last talked and i'd like to say it was because we were blissfully busy, but not the case.
The move over, we were settling into the new digs coping with Miranda's dietary requirements when the illness she suffered through struck the remainder of the family.  Suffice to say I don't get sick often, but I have never been that sick in my entire life.  The kind of sick that into the second day the Grim Reaper looks to be very enticing.
Hence the rushed closing on Monday and Kaleb at the shops helm  Tuesday and Wendsday.  But the healing angels blessed us and by Thursday we were back at it (tenderly) and are putting out some new goodies, which I WILL have pics of as soon as I figure out my new phone (oh yea...burnt out another one of those...been a STELLAR week!) ALSO, today picked up some SWEET new pretties the pinnacle of which a late 40's early 50's ladies Schwinn (*shudder*) several road bikes (nice Italian job in there too) and much more.
So now, we chill for the night, and when I get my sh....tuff together, I'll bring you more up to speed.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Turbo Charged Burn Out!

Wow.  I feel like I ran a marathon this week.  Thank Heavens for Sundays!  Thanks to all the folks coming out to grant us the pleasure of their company!  The Schwinn Continental we put out last night didn't last the first hour!   No surprise that!  A man from Chicago visiting caught it on Craigslist and just HAD to have!  Said their's nothing like this one up his way.
Considering it was MADE there!   He also picked up the Mongoose XR-200 for his elderly Mom.  Mom's a dirt bike chick!  COOL!
Managed to get out two SWEET "we hardly ever get these kind of goody bikes here" bikes.  A Specialized Hard Rock pro Disc, and a LIKE FREAKIN' NEW Trek 7200!  Check pic's below.
Well, I am making this breif as I have been challenged to a game of Sonic by Logan!  Have a good night y'all!   See ya Monday!
"LIKE NEW" TREK 7200!!
ONLY $240.00

ONLY $185.00!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pioneers and Settlers

The new Frontier.
It's been a whirlwind of a week, chums.  Finnaly getting settled into the new digs, and anyone who has ever done any moving knows the one universal truth "where did all this crap come from?!" thank HEAVENS for Tuesday "anything goes" trash pick up! Loving the new joint!  Very cozy and user friendly.  Will send pics when it's all together, still have the girls room to go (only just now found the screws for the bunk beds).
Thanks to all for the concern and well wishing in regards to Miranda.  Have had issues with her dietary needs.  When she was released from the hospital they gave her some special non-dairy, non-lactose, non-organic chemical compound formula with the caveat that we get more through WIC, as apparently they are the ONLY ones who have access to it.
Then the four day sojourn began.  And a BIG tip of my hat to my lovely wife whom took it upon herself to endure the rigors of bureaucracy in the painful endeavor.  As always, one hand does not only not know what the other is doing but their is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that leads one to believe the one hand is unaware of the others existence!   Turns out you have to get a doctors prescription to get a voucher to take to the pharmacy for them to order it for you to get it!  OBVIOUSLY this take a wee bit more time then the small supply of hospital formula would last.  As it ran out we scrambled to find a suitable substitute, or what we thought was one.  In the two days she had to subsist on it she fell back into the...well, lets just say her ability to digest was compromised.  And developed a very bad rash, which of course the hospital recommended cream had NO effect.  Thank heavens for Bag Baum!  She is now back on the better formula, thank heavens and showing signs of improvement.
The rest of the brood is fairing as well as can be expected given the newly heavily enforced cleanliness rules,not to mention the electrical consumption and water restrictions they are under.
Oh yes, Spartans themselves would retreat from that battle!
A very special shout out and thanks to Angi, Elijah and Kaleb for minding the store these past few afternoons so I could have the chance to get the house in order, as I have never been comfortable living out of boxes.  Was back at it again full force today though as we put out the AWESOME 1965 Schwinn Racer, the Ultra fine 1975 Schwinn Continental (70 cm!!!) and a real fine Schwinn Ranger Ladies MTB (which sold about 30minutes before it was finished) and about 90% done a real sharp Specialized Hard Rock (dual discs, man!)
A very heart felt thanks to all the folks coming into visit today as well and giving several rides new homes!  The gent who was not only a referral but hand delivered by the refferer himself, snatched up the Diamondback and another Schwinn ranger!  He finally talked his wife into coming along on a ride with him!  Thanks to the returning family who picked up two kids bike yesterday and another one today!  Bringing our kids bike selection WAY down in volume (whoops!  Gotta make more of them!) The Denali went out with a very eager young man and got a banger in the trade to boot! Also picked up a real sweet Trek 7200 hybrid today, but my condolences to the young lady who brought it in.  She has unexpectantly uprooted her life here and is heading back to Georgia.  Have a safe trip, and may your ex be struck by boils!
Alright, it is WAY late and the girls beds are up and they are snug in them.  It's time for this old man to get some shut eye.
Before Miranda wakes up again!

ONLY $185.00!!

ONLY $145.00!!!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

No Matter How Things Change...

I have no reason to complain.
This is not a complaint.
But here I go, again.
As the old saying goes, "You can take the monkey out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey."  this saying applies to our brood in spades!  We have definitely improved our digs in this new place but even given the pristine surroundings still  can't get Izzy to stop scribbling with chalk on everything (and i have NO idea where they found this last batch of chalk!) can't get 'em to wipe their feet, or hang up their wet towels, or to learn that the kitchen is not a play place!!
Anyway, our first day in the new place has been a hoot so far!  First, the electrician came in to fix a couple of loose outlets...and fried the entire electrical system for about thirty minutes.  SEEMS the plug had been wired wrong.
Un hunh.
Was working before he came to fix it!
Then the movers arrived to pick up the remainder of the owners belongings.  Or so we thought.
First they were scheduled to be here between 8am and 10am.  Dutifully we woke up at 7.30 (after going to bed at 2.30) and they showed up 1.30pm.  Well at least they were going to empty out the boys room so we could get that organized.
They were here under the assumption they were "packing" it to be picked up later.  So NOW they will be back at 5 pm to pack and ship.
So i expect they will arrive around 9.
And while getting the kitchen set up and clean all the stuff before putting away,,,the faucet broke.
Oh yes!
Good times.  Good times.
Little Miss Miranda is back with the family.  Went to pick her up a little bit ago,and she is doing great.  yes she apparently has a milk protein allergy so we now have to feed her some special powder formula that costs about $50.00 a can. But I am thankful that's all it was.  She looks like she gained some weight too, so that's a real plus.  She was quite happy to see mamma as she fell right asleep in her arms, very sweet!  So now our home is whole again.
Well mamma and Elijah are manning the shop today as I am trying to get this all organized.  You never know just how many videos you own until you see them in packing boxes.
52 boxes to be exact.
Sheesh.  I hope for our sake some company continues to manufacture VHS players!
So that's it for now, had to feed Miranda again so I thought I'd drop a line but now she's done and i gotta get back to unpacking!