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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baby Came Home To DADDY!!!

Here we go again!  I was about to open this one with a "Beginning of a brand new week"...but it aint, it's Tuesday.  OH boy...gonna be one of those "what the heck day is it?!" kind of weeks!
Yesterday was quiet....TOO quiet!  But, took advantage of the uninterrupted time and put out four newbies!  YAY!  Got a sweet six speed men's cruiser, real clean, with the full fenders and everything!  Also, a Pre-Wal-Mart Mongoose Pro, you know, back when they made them good.  As well as a classic Schwinn Highlands Trail bike we converted into a great commuter with NEW road tires AND something REALLY special!  It was "Coming Home" day for this gem on Saturday!  We built this custom cruiser almost five years ago, and I just love seeing our old rides still on the road, and running great! Originally, when I started to build her, I was going to do a custom paint, so I stripped it all the way down to bare metal, then took a step back, and realized I really liked the simplicity of the industrial looking bare metal, so I let the bike sit for a few days until it started to patina a little, then hit it with several coats of clear lacquer.  Over the ensuing years it has continued to weather nicely, so it really has an "older" ride feel to it.  That, and a custom made "suicide shifter" and some little chotskies and you get one really unique looking ride!
Today, well my normal "Monday" paperwork and bill paying takes up way to much time, but I'm going to jump now and see if I can get through some more.  I like having room to move in here!
See ya soon!!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $115.00!!

ONLY $160.00!!!

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