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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Um...that's not Necessarily True)

Had to take a walk up to CVS this evening and Elijah tagged along for company.  We got to talking about current events and he was working hard to impress me on his up to date knowledge of goings on.  Of course the talk started with the events in Ohio (you know where I stand on that).  Nice to know that he's growing up right, and even though he may seem dark (Gothic rock/ metal always in black) he still has a big heart, and was just as righteously pissed as I was!  Then we talked on the subject of Qaddafi.  Of course, BEING the dark teenager he was gruesomely relishing in the specifics which I had to quickly censor.  However I may abhor violence, as I have said before in some unfortunate instances it has proven an only resort.  That started me to wonder at the overall climate not only in this country but the world at large.  Perhaps I am only voicing what alot of other folks may be thinking (and some world leaders/tyrants are fearing) but it seems to me the "little guy" has had about enough! Usually it's all about some Guerrillas or warring factions, but this seems to me to be alot of everyday folks from ALL walks of life just "DONE"  There was A-LOT of repressed emotions taking out on him when they dragged him from that drainage ditch, I wonder how long it will be before some Bank Of America VIP is in the same predicament.  No, no!  I'm not condoning it nor am I recommending it.  I only say things are starting to get interesting out there.
Today was fun!  Thanks to Justin and his wife for the donation of kiddy goodies to the wife's "Mommy Network"!  It will all get to the right family's (minus a collection of bean bags discovered by OUR kids!)  I was in the shower and all I could hear was "Thump! Thump!" and yelling.  I rushed out to find Angela and the kiddo's gleefully staging WWW3 beanbag style!   That's one of the cool things about my kids, they don't need fancy gizmo's and gadgets to have a good time!
Thanks to A fine gent of a horse trader for visiting today and falling in love with the Schwinn Sport.  After much haggling we settled and he left a happy camper.  To Andy and his mom for picking out the Dual Shock MTB and giving us an added treat by coming back to pick it up as the BEST best dressed customer we have ever had!  Apparently they were going to a function that evening and he was dressed to the nines in a tuxedo! Shout out to Ann for her great donation of the Next Avalon.  Needed some work but it allowed us to put it out even cheaper!  To pat and his wonderful wife for returning (like they said they would) and bringing along a matching pair of Huffy MTB's "old school style!" for a full work up!  We had 'em done quick enough that they had a few more hours of daylight in the wonderful weather to take a cruise!  And our buddy Kevin, who trekked all the way from tampa (via bus and a very shaky bike, limping on it;s last legs) to come in and pick up the Roadmaster "Daily Banger Special"!  He's an old customer from way back in the "Garage Day's", and it was fun reminiscing about having to dig through the old pile of bikes in the back of the house!  Oh those were the days! Good times, good times"  And a special thanks to James (a fellow "Browncoat"!!!)  for letting us talk him out of replacing his old Motobecane!  It a real sweet classic given to him by his dad ages ago.  And instead of trading it in for a vintage touring style, he decided to allow us to just modify the old girl!  She's gonna be sweet when we're through!  And as always thanks to everyone else (whom I didn't have the snap to catch their names) for all the re-pairs and visits!  Always a pleasure! 
We also managed to pound out some real gems!  An awesome Schwinn Clear Creek MTB!  Complete with comfy seat, rack and bottle holder.  The aforementioned Next Avalon, post-refurb!  A sweet  Next Rampage BMX,  a good beginner Huffy BMX, and a cute little 16" BMX for the kiddies!
Allright, now it's time for us to chill for the evening and get ready for family day!

ONLY $120.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $50.00!!
ONLY $30.00!!
ONLY $25.00!!

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