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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oh My Stats And Garders! EVERYONE musy have been sleeping the last few months!
Yes....I'm an ego hound and always check the blog numbers every day!  The last few months had barely broke triple digits each day, and sometimes not even that!  I was beginning to feel unloved!  But the last couple days.....WOW!  Times previous numbers bu ten!!
Seriously...I'm just not THAT conceited, it just tells me how many folks are interested, so as to gauge how busy we'll be.  And boy howdy!  Wr have had a slew of folks coming in, but unfortunately....we have bary anything to show!  Yes...It's been nothing but repairs and special orders for the last couple of days.  So busy, i was supposed to take the morning off todau and hang with the girls, but instead, had to do a material run (first one in six months!)  As i needed ten sets of new tires for all the rebuilds wr got piling up!!  Then it eas into the shop, which was being deftly manned by Logan and Rozy to get to work banging out six of the drop offs from yesterday.  Oh...the folks were in no rush, and surprised when I told them it would only be a day, but we don't want anyone off the road for too long!  You should have seen me coming back from the supplier!!  Riding a cruiser with twenty tires strapped to my back with a used inner tube!!  The only thing I could say when I stepped into our shop was thrust my fists to my hips, stand up straight,, strike a heroic pose and shout "TURTLE POWER!"
Yes....I'm a fanboy sue me!

At least it got a rolled eye chuckle from the kids!
Tomorrow, I hope to have the rest done so I can get on the newbies.  
Here's hoping!
It's no surprise, though, it's always this way this time of year.  Sell out just after Christmas, then scramble to build.  Stick with us folks, We'll be up to snuff soon!
Ok, with that, i best get cleaned up, and get my four hours!  I have to bang out a full rebuild before I can go on to anything else!
See ya soon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oh....this took me back....

Today was a humdinger!!
Sure, we had little to nothing to show fir available goodies, but what a FLOOD of repairs!!  WOOF!  My fave had to be the sweet lady who came in to inquire about a tune up.  Seems she tried a couple other joints, leaving one if her four bikes at one, but came away scratching her head thinking maybe $70.00 was a wee bit expensive for a tune up. is!
Not to mention, the salesman posing as a mechanic trief to convince her to dump her classic Iron Horse's in lieu of buying NEW bikes from them!
Yea...that old chestnut!
The old "your bikes run down but we'd be MORE then happy to help you out and sell you THIS new ride for a bajillion dollars!!"
PLEASE don't fall for that shtick!
Once I told her that a classic Iron Horse was worth the effort, she was relieved to hear, and ferried them bith in for an assessment.  Turns out, they really need nothing more than an upgrade on tires!  Get rid of the meaty mountain tread in favor of a road friendly one, perfect for Florida.  Last thing she said was, she hopef she could retrieve the other bike before they did anything and bring it to us!
Saw some returning faces, and several new ones in on referral.  Oh...just like the good old days!  Now...I  just gotta get it all done!
Tomorrow is usually my house day, but with that full bay haunting me...gotta git un fir a bit and at least do a supply run!  Time allowing, I'll get some if the quickies done.
Put out one nice looking 24" Schwinn Ranger, and all but finished a real aharp looking ladies Trek hybrid.  Couple small things and shes done.
Soooo, i'd best be getting some shut eye!
Hope to see y'all right soon!

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Return To Normalacy

We were a happenin' place this weekend!  Sold down to two adult bikes left!  But have no worries, we have plenty to build, and thats what I'll be banging in today!  Have several decent prisoects, and I spent a goodly amount of Saturday weeding out all the hopefuls out back in preperation.  We did pick up two newbies this past Saturday, but they sold within minuets, so we stayed a little late getting them done.  By we, I mean, our newest protege, Logan.  Yep, he's starting a little earlier than his brothers did (although, Kaleb, being more mechanically inclined, started banging on rides when he was eight) but, by far, he's the most reliable.  Logan is more content on running the front, and himself, sent home three ridrs this weekend.  Cordial and helpful, our visitors found him endearing, so add another Atherton to the roster.
Sunday, although initially consumed with the traditional cleaning chores, turned into a pkeasent evening.  The kiddos, having Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets, NEEDED to go to the dollar store!  We doubled up, and got Subeay for dinner, than hung out and watched Monster House before bed,  A slightly scary movie always inspires the wee ones to cuddle up with Daddy.
After bed time, mom and dad, pooped out from folding and sorting and cleaning, quickly passed out thereafter!
So, back at it today, with high hopes wr can get out a few before I have to bug out for the next job!
Hope to see y'all soon!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thats a Wrap, People!

We made it through another one!  The wrapping paper all cleaned up, the remaining ham and trimmings stored away for a future bone for Suzanne, and children strung out on full bellies and a sugar crash, lovingly carried to bed, Angi and I sighed a shared moment of relief, quickly dragged a broom across the floor, then flopped on the couch.  But I  got to admit, we are blessed!  It having been a rather sparse Christmas, being funded primarily by our folks and some gifts donated by the kids schools, the kiddos were more than thrilled with their booty!  And what was even more gratifying, was the fact we went low tech this year!  Except for the prerequisite video game for Logan, and a learning tablet for Miranda, everything else was board games, legos, science toys, books, LOADS of art and crafts supplies, and Izzy's favorite, Playdo!  We spent the better part of the day on Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, and a game I got "Firefly Clue"!  Logan and I both got rubber band planes, and tested them out in the moon light, successfully.  All in all, a very good day.  After two days of hanging at home, though, i was oddly regretful to have to leave, but begrudgingly did so, this morning, as we have much to do here!
Now that we have rejoined the twentieth century, and have power once again, i can hit it with gusto!  Just imagine what you can accomplish when you can see what you're working on!  It was funny, the first day, after the power came back on, i was still using the hand pump to fill up tires!  It wasn't until the forth one i had a epiphany "we have a working compressor!" (V-8 slap to the head!)
First thing I have to do today is weed out the scrappers!  Oy, we have accumulated a LOT!  Folks, anticipating new rides under the tree have been bringing many donations in, some will be rebuilt, but most are getting parted out.  Simply out of room for any long term storage.
So, to those still enjoying the Holidays, our love and best wishes, and to all a good weekend.  Stop by and give us a hello when you can!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The older men get...the less of a butt they have!

Well...we were dancing the Happy Pants Dance in gusto today, ad after six months the lights were finally back on!  Yay!  Yes, it has truly been a rough year!  But indomitable spirit kept us plugging and enduring the weather to keep the doors open.  So do not want to give up the dream!  I ended up going in anyway, today, as some repairs came in that needed immediate attention , and ended up helping Angi clean.  Once the shop was lit up again, it was clear it needed some serious scrubbing!  Darkness hides dirt...remember that!
So surreal being able to see all my tools and have MST3K humming in the background!  Now, tomorrow, I can hit all the projecys with gusto ad we have our power tools up and running! WAHOO!
Gonna start with the GT I think, than from thete?  Well we have a plethora to choose from.  And if the lights were not enough, we also got another cell phone today as well!  Now Angi can reach me anytime with shop queries and I get to listen to my OWN music at the plant!  Turned a few curious heads when I was listening to the Puppini Sisters, I'll tell you what!
Well, tried to sleep in this morning, but no dice.  Kiddos were NOT having it!  Ah...vacation.  Thought I was covered, but the little girls were far to intrigued with messing with a half asleep Daddy, but...they're I let them live.  The end result being I was a tad bit clumsy at work, at one point shoving a large sliver of wood under my thumb nail!  Ouch!  No wonder that's such an effective form of torture!  SHEESH!  I was confessing to the Paris bombongs while trying to pry it loose!  And ot didn't stop there, i wad fumbling all night, at one point,jumping on the firklift, I missed the seat ENTIRELY landing on the metal plate, right on my butt bone!
Anyone got an inflatable donut?
Well, I'll get some rest tonight so I don't screw anything up at the shop tomorrow!
So...with that, a good morning folks...see ya in a few hours!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

hey...pass that over here!

All the benefits of amphetamines, without actually taking any drugs!
This is the benefit of an overabundant check list!  Not quite sure what came over me tonight, but when I got to the plant, my overseer handed me a chock full checklist, and as is the custom, it's a list of what they need done for my shift AND theirs (they got tired of hearing me whibe about not having enough to do)  the understanding that they don't expect me to get it all done, but it shuts me up.  Tonight...I took it as a challenge!  By the end of the night I had built ALL the palets and sides for the WEEK and finished ALL the ships And all the machines for tommorows inspection!  Yes...I'm bragging, bit I just wish I could see the looks on their faces in the AM when they realize they have nothing to do! Hee, hee!
Perhaps it was not eating all day, and only drinking coffee?
Yea...forgot food, yet again!  My onlt excuse is one hectic day!  The morning was a blur, and as a result, ended up giving myself an early Christmas present...the lighrs will FINALLY be back on tommorow!!
Oh...SO doing the Happy Pants Dance!!!
Put on an episode of MST3K!!!
Yes...I'm a geek!
So sue me!
At least now, with the power on, wr can switch day care to the shop!  The jumbled mess of having to jet back and forth and close briefly in the afternoon, will hopefully come to an end.  We have, regretfully ticked off a few folks who have made treks to see us, will ALWAYS come first!  Sorry if that inconveniences anyone...but, it IS a family business.
So, finished up several repairs today, and then went about a few tear diwns to make move, AND get on the projects for Wendsday.  We will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Holiday, but reopened on Saturday.  Yea, We're giving ourselves an extra day this year for all the last minute stuff, and really don't want to kill ourselves.
Not that its a BIG Christmas this year.  No, we fought the normal urge to go overboard, keeping finances in mind.  The kiddos understand all to well the reality of things and are usually quite understanding.
Angi came in this afternoon bwfore I left, to keep the fires burning, as I had several expected pick ups from folks eager to get their rides before heading out to parts unkniwn...and no-one came in
AH WELL...hopefully tomorrow. get into the shower abd scoured off!
See y'all soon!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday recap!

Ok...color me a procrastinator!  Angi worked real hard over the last couple weeks to make the house decked out in Holiday splendor with all her hand made decorating, but one thing was missing...a tree.
With our hectic work schedules, not to mention meager monies, it didn't look like we would have one.  Don't ask me what happened to the last tree we had, it has been rumored that in a fit of cleaning frenzy mid spring this year, the urge to reorganize the shed led me to pitch it in the interest of needed space.  I can neither confirm nor deny theses events as I have no clear recollection of this.  Anywho, hearing of our plight, my Dad and stepmother picked up a six footer and delivered it on Sunday, and Angi attacked it in the traditional Irish/German fashion.  That's where the women folk decorate and the men stay out of the room while they do so, awaiting the reveal.  When this went on, searching for something to do (not to mention a stand for the tree)  I found myself in the shed again, searching (and WOW...I need to clean it again!)  and stumbled upon a rather large tote of Christmas lights we forgot we had!  So after a trip to Walmart to buy the LAST stand they had, we got back and I started to string the outside in icicle lights.  Still having a plethora left over, the kiddos helped me festoon the big tree out front with several more strands.  Been a LONG time since I went tree climbing!!  Of course...old bones feeling it this morning!
Finally, the tree inside was done, and upon reveal, once again Angi outdid herself, and it is decked out beautifully in traditional trimmings, as she shares my distaste for the gawdy.  Truly a masterpiece!
The evening continued, and the grandparents had brought quite a spread for dinner, and everyone overdid it with barbecue chicken!  Woof!  Then, we did the prerequisite dessert, then to open presents they brought.  Once the festivities were over and we said our good byes, we settled in for the evening.  Shortly there after, having need of a couple things from the store, I took a leisurely ride to the store, when upon returning, my "trash picking " radar went off when I realized someone had jUst brought something to the curb that Angi has been looking for, for ages.  A gothic style tall backed hall bench, with attached coat hooks and a compartment under the bench for shoes.  The ONLY thing wrong with it, was it was missing one ball foot!  SHEESH!  I can never understand why folks will just chuck something so beautiful when it only had a minor, easily repairable flaw.  You can buy the ball foot at Lowes for, like, four  bucks, stain it black, and slap it on!  Easy-peasy!
Needless to say, it looks awesome in the foyer!
Once we cleared up the decorating debris (and commented on the fact we always seem to do MORE work on our day off!)  We sat down for an episode of "Vikings" and all but passes out!
Elijah minded the store yesterday, and had some pick ups and a couple repairs, but nothing going out to new homes.  That may be because after Saturday we didn't have much to pick from!  We sent four out, and did several repairs, and for awhile it was like old times!  The joint was jumping, and one of our regulars, John, was actually helping with other customers!  We had taken in those two Treks earlier in the day and the 3500 didn't last more than 20 minutes after being posted.  John himself, having hung around for about an hour, talked himself into taking home the sweet Raleigh road bike we had.
Today, I have several in my bay I'm hoping to get done in time for the last minute folk, as we have had several inquiries today.  So here's hoping for a happy Holiday!
Alright. I've jawed on to work!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coming Of Age this is a wee bit more like Christmas!  Had to actually put on a couple hoodies this morning!  But, we'll have to enjoy it while we can as it's supposed to be back in the eighties next week!  Yea, in Florida, the only kind of "white" christmas's" we have are in affluent, gated communities! (...think about it...)
Yesterday was my now traditional semi-slack off day.  Pooped from the week, i come in, in the AM and struggle to get motivated.  A struggle I usually fail at, and end up sipping a lot of coffee and play Panda Pop.  Well, the battle was won this time by a string of repairs I needed to get done.  I'll be honest, it's been somewhat of a juggling act lately for Angi and I.  With all the issues we've had trying to rely on help from the boys...enh...we've come to the conclusion that we need to be soley in charge of both the house and shop.  This has, of course, led to some changes and interuptions in what we can and cannot do, so everything is "evolving". Last week, we've had to close the shop for a couple hours mid afternoon, so as I can get the girls from school, go to work, then Angi hangs with them until Elijah gets home, than comes back for the last couple of hours.
On the subject of Elijah ; the boy has come leaps and bounds from where his mind set had been.  He has finally discovered the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from a hard days work.  Now, he awakes each morning at five AM, eagerly heading to work.  An amazing feat for a man who less than two months ago had to be physically dragged from bed at noon time!  I have to admit, I'm VERY  proud of him!  He's been there less than two months and is not only already learning welding, but knows more about the way things work around there than I do!  I have found myself on more than one occasion seeking advice from him in regards on how to do something I was unfamiliar with.  Oh, he still has his picadillos about saving money, more inclined to spend what he has, but at least he pays his rent first.  However, he does seem a bit more receptive to advice than before.  Yes, he's definitely becoming more the man we always knew was lurking under that "dark Emo, Death Metal Guy" image he sought to portray.
Next week, we are going to have to shift things around a bit more.  I need to be here more, and we have to NOT be closing down mid afternoon, so for the time being, going to be more of a magic act than a simple juggling one!
It's going to be interesting!
Managed to get out a couple of gems!  A real sharp looking Giant Iguana, and a real sweet, lugged frame Raleigh road bike, priced to sell, folks!  On top of that, this morning we picked up two really nice Trek MTB'S, i will be prepping toot sweet!  His and hers (but men's fra.m. and e) and they too will be priced nice!  We have several more goodies to bang on, as the back is getting MIGHTY full!
As my now traditional Friday is done (where I get home at 6.30, have a shower, than pass out for the evening!)  I am well rested and eager to crank a wrench!
Hope to see y'all soon!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Okay...if there are typos...I'm sorry...can't find my glasses!

Sorry, I know, it's been a while, but what can I say?  Not much to jaw about!  Oh, we got some new rides in, sure, but the city of Dunedin is thinking of declaring our little plaza as a stop on the "Ghost Town" tour, SHEESH!
(Wow...its hard to type on this thing without my glasses!)
And it's not just us, so many folks I talk with tell me how slow things are.  I mean, the economists tell us things are getting better, but the view from the foot soldiers is avwee bit different!  It's sad, really, as i am getting a huge amount of fks looking to SELL bikes so yhey can afford Christmas presents!  I know the boat you're in folks (I think the hull read "Titanic")  Angi and I have already come to the sad conclusion it's going to be a non Christmas this year for us.  buy gifts if the bills will suffer, but the best thing we can give them is a roof over their heads and Ramen Noodles in their bellies!
Yea, sorry if I'm whining, seriously though, doesn't kill me too much as it's REAL hard to get in the spirit when in late December you're wearing shorts to work and swimming in sweat!
Wow...I do whine
 Don't I?
As I was saying, put out a sweet older Raleigh road bike today, three nice little boy BMX'ERS, and all but finished a real SHARP looking Giant Iguana we got in!  This one has a marbled brown and gold paint scheme, real nice!  Also, we did get in several donations today, which was nice.  The parys from one helping to build out the Iguana.  Love how that works!  You're wondering if you have the needed parts, and while doing so they walk in, FREE!
Tomorrow, is my home day with Miranda, and some light housekeeping chores.  Thankfully, the quest Angi began to get her into a dpecial program jas bore fruit, and after several appointments we are one more away from getting her school schedule.  The cool thing is, their bus will pick her up, and drop her off right in front of the house!
At least she will be getting the help she needs!  Nothing to good for our lite puddum!
 I best stop here, with no glasses, my eyes are killing me!
See y'all soon!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

oy....this again!?

How does one respond to this?
See, we will, from time to time, point out certain inequities and questionable practices that some of the other local bike shops may employ. Sure, I'll admit, serves to make us look good (hee,hee!) But, it's born of frustration, because as a fellow cyclists, we feel such blatant oportunism is just plain wrong.  It shouldn't be a scary proposition to keep your ride rolling!  But, I have one rule, unless I'm praising the shop for honesty or altruism, I don't mention them by name.  Even in the cases where folks have come in and asked me who I was talking about, I politely decline to answer.  I believe in honesty not mud slinging.  Unfortunately...most of the other shops in town don't share that opinion.  I realize it has long been a tendency of American businesses to tout ones own service while denegrading the competition, and if you have a superior product or service, there's no shame in pointing that out.  However, when that tendency leans towards the personal attack and slander with no basis on facts, merely an effort to look better by decimating the competition?  Not so good.  We suffered such tactics when we first opened, but eventually our detractors begrudgingly excepted our existance, some eventually going so far as to occassionaly refer customers to us, looking for the used or inexpensive repair.  Those that steadfastly held to dogging us?  Well, eventually folks will see through the reprehensible practice and stop patronizing them, and they closed up shop.  Well, maybe not just for that reason, as the tendancy for diversion was an attempt to gloss over their own short comings.  The old saying "put your own house in order" comes to mind.  But, now it seems we have a new/old player on the field, dealing in new and higher end used, who seems to think the old slander bit is the way to increase business for themselves. Sigh.  We've even heard through the grapevine (oh, bike shops can be worse then a sewing circle when it comes to gossip!) that they have gone as far as circulating flyers lambasting us and others by name!  Not to mention a supposed regularity of ritualistic slander of most other shops in the area when they talk to their customers.  Hmmm... that will definitely come back to haunt them.  The real funny thing is, a few weeks back, we hired a young gentleman to help out in the afternoon, but quickly, for a variety of reason, found that choice proved disastrous and had to let him go.  And as fate would have it, he now works for them?  If I was a conspiracy minded person, I'd ponder thosr circumstances more, but I've heard in the short time he's been there, there have been problems, and more than a couple failed repairs to boot.  Karma, anyone?
So, even as I've been writting this, I'm wrestling with my conscience as to whether or not I should do a name drop, but even though they have no qualms about such tactics, we do.  I cannot justify throwing my hat into THAT ring!  No, I'll simply say, they are North of us, and leave it at that.  Anyone having been there, probably already knows who I'm talking about anyway.  We've suffered the slings and arrows of this kind of tactical attacks before, and survived, we'll weather it by keeping our heads proudly above the bovine fecal matter.
In the end, the customer will decide who and where the best deals and services are.
That's why we're stl standing.

Friday, December 11, 2015


Yea, this rant can't wait until tonight! in a warranty job yesterday. No biggie, that's WHY we have it, so folks don't feel schtupt if a part fails.  On this one the free wheel failed and needed a replacement. Again, no biggie.
Well....until I went to remove it.  Turned out to be an old school two prong, needeing a puller I don't have and can't find anywhere.  Scratching my head (and muttering expletives in daddy-speak)  I decided to put it up and figure out something later.  Well, this is where I was compelled to do the unusual and have Kaleb take it to one of our closest competitors to see if maybe they had the tool.
Here's where the fun began!
First, when Kaleb handed it to the "mechanic" he looked perplexed.  Came to be, he DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT OFF!?!?
The owner had to come back, irritated, to do it himself.  He wrenched on it for a bit, broke it loose (about three minutes)....
And charged him $28 freaking bucks!?!?
I mean, I have no problem with someone making a living, but GAWD!!  I mean that's six bucks more then we charge to REPLACE a freewheel! Parts AND labor!
Man!  No wonder so many customers are at first scared to find out how much a repair will cost and why they're so shocked when they find out how cheap we are.
But here's the REAL kicker!  Once he brought it back I went to mount the replacement freewheel...and discovered the BROKE TWO SPOKES!! They didn't even have the mirracas to TELL HIM!
No, I didn't bother to complain or send it back.  I'm way too busy with repairs and i've already had to make the owner wait a day, and I HATE doing that on a warranty job. telling what else they'd screw up!
Okay...just had to get that off my chest.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

no, it's not McDonald''s just me!

Oh...the end of one work week!
This week at the plant is over, thankfully. No, it's not that I dislike my job, but this close to the holiday work slows down, so my overseer is scrambling to find things for me to do.  Working on a nasty recon, and came home smelling like a greasr trap after getting backwash of decade old stagnant water blown on me pulling the pipes!
Not to mention spending an hour trying to wrench free rusty bolts while on my back under the smelly thing.
 I bit@$ because I care!
Now it's on to my shop time!
Yay!  Got the weekend to bang out newbies and finish repairs!  Angi says they're pilling up, and I swung in briefly today to check it out (and have lunch as I forgot to eat yesterday!) and while I was there we got a visitor from up North recently retired to Florida, come in for a tune up and some mild repairs.  What a lovely compliment she gave us when she said all folks in her retirement community answered her inquiry as to where to go with repairs with the simple name, Re-Cycle.  Thanks for the kudos folks!  We'll take care of her!
Angi sent one ride to a new home today, and picked up some trades to boot!  She picked up a sweet ladies Giant hybrid that's gonna be FINE when I'm done with it!
Also got in a slew of semi complete rides on donation, some good names too, just gotta see what's salvageable tomorrow.
Okey dokey, now, i gotta scrub this bio-diesel off me and rest up for tomorrow.
See y'all soon!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

matriarchal wisdom

Ah!  The wisdom of a woman!  Wendsday, after sleeping in far too long, i jetted to the shop to see if there was any work to be done, but as all was quite, Angi and I sat and chatted. After a while a couple came in with a 20" Mongoose they were looking to sell, and even though it was really clean, with cash tight, i couldn't see spending the dough.  Angi chimed in, handed the gent the asking price, and I was convinced they'd be eating Ramen again.  Well, as it turned out, convinced we'd be sitting on ANOTHER  kids bike, i duitifully shut my mouth, and sucked it up.
This morning, two sweet ladies came in, and announced EXACTLY what they wanted ;"a 20" Mongoose BMX, very clean...but CHEAP!
Heh, heh..
YEP!  We got ALL that!
They were THRILLED we had such a sharp looking ride for less than half what it sold for less then a year ago!
Mammas always right!
We also sent the cool KHS home to ornament some lucky young
ladies tree.  She's gonna be thrilled.
 Beyond that?  A couple small tweaks, but other than that?
Hoping for a bang up day tomorrow.
I'll be sleeping in of course, as it's
it's Angi's morning tomorrow.  And I  NEED some sleep!
Feels like it's been days since I hit the sheets !
Speaking of which...
I'm off quicker than a prom dress!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sing us out Franlie...

Well!  Hello there stranger!
Sorry, it's been a couple of days but the pesky internet was down on my phone, inexplicably.
Sunday was quiet, but still managed to help a couple nice folk keep their rides rolling and we thank you for your trust!  One was a way old school Schwinn three speed that the owner wanted spiffed up, as it was to be a gift, and she was absolutely tickled we were able to get it looking sharp again.  Needed some new/old parts , hence why were proud to be the only place around where you can find a lot of old school trinkets!
Monday was a lot busier, sending three rides to new homes and pumped out several more saves.  NEVER get tired of the shock and awe folks get when they find out just how cheap we can get them back on the road!
But....then we get to today, and the crickets are even bored!  Oh well, can't win 'em all!  We did manage to put out a couple newbies, though, a fully refurbed Gary Fisher MTB, real sharp, and a real clean 20" BMX, perfect for under the Christmas tree!
We've also picked up some more goodies that I will be going through tomorrow to see what we can see!
The other job is going along steadily, although I still feel that old pang of guilt each time I leave the shop.  Strange, but split loyalties was never my shtick!  I'll tell you one thing, though, anyone in the warehouse can bring in their own music, as long as they don't try and over power the other, but as our department has no working radio at the moment
 I'm forced to listen to the electric departments choices.
Ive got a constant stream of hip hop in one ear and "new" country in the other!  Two of the most HORRIFIC sounds in the known world!  I mean, they play this stuff to torture prisoners in Guantanamo!  Talk about cruel and unusual!  Seriously!  You hear ANY song from either've heard them all!  And TEN hours a night of that pap?  I'm ready to blow my brains out with the nail gun!  Tommorow I'm bringing in my Pandora... a little Pop Evil, a smattering of Mighty, Mighty Bosstones,with some Dread Zepplin, a smattering of Squirrel Nut Zippers and a shot of Punjabi?  I'll have a datante before you know it!
Fer now, gonna hit the shower then call it a done LONG day!
See ya soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Ok, we all do it, so don't chastise me!  You know, that tendency to assume something about someone just by how they looj.  I was WAY off today!  Had a "grandmotherly" type come in today, stating she had a bike shr was looking to sell.  It was declared to be in "like new" condition (as it turns out, she wasn't kidding!  It show room GORGEOUS!) but was looking to unload it.  I gave her the standard "bring it in and we'll check it out " schpeal, and she went on her way.  Now my assumption was "getting to old and frail to ride" maybe the common Florida ailment of bad knees or hips.  Once she came in and I was thrilled to take in the beautiful KHS low step ladies hybrid, we talked some more and I came to find out the true reason she was looking to make some extra cash...
Shes looking to get a tatoo!
Seriously!  This very matriarchal looking woman is getting stamped!
I can only wonder how many more of past assumptions were WAY off!
Want to send a shout out to a very nice couple who came down from Canada and took advantage of our vacation package in the form of a nice mountain bike.  When they returned it, and got their 50% back, they informed us we needed to charge more, as they felt guilty they got a bike for a month for only $45.00.  Enh.  We like the rewards of helping folks have a stress free vacation!  Y'all can thank Angi for coming up with the idea all those years ago!
And, a big thanks to Dave and his wonderful wife for bringing in more leftovers yesterday!  The sandwhiches didn't last!
Okay, time to call it a day!  Check out the newbies we put out today, and I am gone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"we are all...honorable men"

Boy oh boy!  Well...we all survived another day, so give yourself a firm pat on the back for a good days work!  I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  About eleven last night things started getting hazy!  Ha ha!  Went to bed around four am that morning and up again around seven am.  My day at the shop (this week switched around because of Monday) and I was hell bent on takung a nap as soon as I got there!  Hee, hee!  That's what the back room is for, dontcha know?  But, no sooner am I on my way do I start thinking about all the things I SHOULD  do when I get there, and sure enough, rest forgotten, I powered down four eggs with a double shot of BACON  (grits on the side for starch) and we were off and running! Normally, I have steak with my eggs, but no restaurants nowadays will cook it TRULY rare.  I'm talking, you cut in and hear a pained "MOOOO!".  SO, bacons always better crispy, anywho!
So, once satiated, i set to work on a sweet Panasonic road bike Angi picked up just before clos e Monday.  She got a great deal, and it cleaned up well!  I'm not a road bike person, but this one rides great.  And as we got it on the cheap, she's going out priced to move!  Once finished, went to work on a nice, old school Mongoose ladies hybrid.  New tires to start, but am ending up putting way more into it then I expected, but its cool, don't often get these swell older hybrids in such good looking shape, so worth the effort!
Tomorrow is my house day, and I'm hoping I get to sleep in....
No, it'll be "lego Batman" to start than who knows where from there.  I'll just curl up on the couch and wait for my TV time.  I have the urge to watch "Free Enterprise " anyway.  Good "geek fest" flick, if your ever in the mood to watch Fanboy films, and see William Shatner do a Shakespearean rap song.
No...seriously, it's at the end of the film and is really pretty cool!  On the subject, go to YouTube and check out "common  people " by old of my faves!
His version of "Rocket Man" is pretty funny too.
Oh, i do love the peace and quite of early mornings.  Nothing but peepers and crickets.
Anywho, I'll let y'all sleep. Sorry if I woke you.
Kisses on your foreheads, sweet dreams and we'll talk later.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It's Tuesday morning and I swear, I'm still full from thanksgiving!
Ok, well maybe not totally!  Sunday night, in preparation for Angi's birthday on Monday (which I had to work)  I made her a special dinner of Spanish chicken.'s a tip; go easy on those little orange peppers and the cilantro!  Poor Angi bit into one of those little suckers and it was three alarm!  Needless to say, Elijah and I had leftovers for work!  I feel bad that it wasn't the dish i had planned.
Angi and Elijah did a busy day on Sunday sending three rides to new homes, compelling me to get in there today and build more!  Well...I  was compelled, but unfortunately in the wee hours of Monday morning, my wounded ear started to drain, and I was up most of the night in pain with a fever.  Angi stepped up, on her day, and filled in fir me while I tried to rest.
Our house is not conducive to sleep once kuddos are up, so instead I paid her a birthday visit a little later with cupcakes.
Turns out, mist of the day wad relatively quiet, unfortunately, but at least she had plenty of TV to watch.  She's now into the show, Hannibal, and devouring it quickly.
Tommorow though!  Picked up some goodies Sunday and today. So i've got plenty to choose from!
Allrighty, best get a shower and sime sleep!
See ya tomorrow!