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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello, Hellooo, Helloooooo

Yes, there's an echo in here!
it's Saturday afternoon.  Where the hell is everyone!?  Today is like a remake of a George Romero flick...DEAD! 
Very sad.
Well, Angi and I spent the majority of the morning running around to appointments, so I didn't even come in until 2pm, but Kaleb manned the fort.  OK, he manned the desk...and Youtube. 
Yesterday was not TOO bad.  Sent a couple rides to new homes, and a shout out and thanks to those new riders!  Also put out two more.  A REAL nice Royce Union MTB and a Landrider "automatic shift" hybrid!  SWEET!!
Then...well....I puttered.
I really HATE puttering!
You know, that whole "find something to keep busy" busy work?  I always hated that.  Back at one of my first jobs (McDonalds....*shudder*) there motto was "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!"  Yea.  Scrub this!  So, I developed a work ethic of purpose! my special purpose!  Bring me SOMETHING to work on! 
Thank you for your support.
Ok...on to the slide show!

image 1
ONLY $130.00!!
image 1
26" MEN'S MTB!
ONLY $90.00!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Minute!

So, yesterday, for the majority had the makings of another yawn fest.  Of the starting line we got busy for about an hour, then it quieted down.  A few Looky Loo's came in, but for the majority of the time I was cleaning and organizing (BOR-ING!).  After that was done, dug out a back yard find we got in a couple of weeks ago, an older Gary Fisher. Having picked up a scrap bike earlier in the day, it had the parts I needed to get it up and running.  Mid afternoon, a gent came in for a tire and tube replacement for his brother, and noticed the sweet MGX Mountain Bike we had out.  Looking to get into off roading with his brother and friends, he really like that pick.  Once he had completely sold himself on it he decided (...wait for it) to "go and think about it!"  Yes folks, you guessed it! The "Ten Minute Clock" was started!   OK, in all honesty, it was a wee bit more then ten minuets actually, more like four hours.  BUT, even though I  gave our standard gentle warning "well, if it's not here when you come back, I'm sure we can find you something else you like".  Of course, as in SO many cases this friendly warning was not heeded, and around 6.30 a couple came in looking to get on the road as they recently moved to Dunedin and "All the COOL KIDS ride bikes in Dunedin!"  Yep, you guessed it, he bought the MGX and her the sweet red Pacific ladies bike.  As the evening was winding down, brought in the outside goodies, told the kids to get packed up to go, leashed up Suzanne, and with lights off made our way out.  At this point, who should drive up in a haste with a "you're not closing are you?" sputtered out his open window.  I said "No problem, how can I help you".  Gleefully he responded "I came back for that bike", to which I had to offer him an apology and inform him it was gone.  It never ceases to amaze me the stunned, perplexed look folks get when this happens. 
It turned out for the best though, as he came in, obviously not believing me as he went right to where the MGX had been standing and stared in disbelief looking for it.  Resolute in the knowledge it in fact was not here, he inquired as to whether or not we had anything comparable.  I pointed his attention to the Gary Fisher I had just finished and he was even more satisfied with that ride.  So "all's well in the end!"
Last night was a very pleasant evening spent with the kiddo's, then early to bed.  Well for the most part.  Miranda had a late nap, so was not to interested in going to bed right away, so Angela took her outside and wandered around with her burning off some steam.  Thankfully after a short time she tuckered out and was able to drift off to sleep.  Then I  was able to spend time pampering Angela.  Always a pleasure. 
Today, hope to get out all these little kids bike out that I have been tripping over, and then....well, lets hope someone comes in and sells me some bikes!
So for now, Toodle-oo!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Even Better!

The cooler weather doth prevail!
Having our morning coffee this morning required full dress, as there was a wee bit of a nip in the air!  Blessed be the Gods of North Winds!  Or something like that!
Although, with every blessing comes a price.  This time of the year being that each day, business wise, is no longer predictable!  ARRGH! Tuesday, which is traditionally our slowest day was Jumpin'! Going into yesterday, with the cooler weather I had anticipated more of the same. But, apparently everyone was taking advantage of the moderate temps, and were out riding!  Ah well!  Managed to get the place cleaned and organized, and put out two new rides.  A real nice ladies MTB, and ANOTHER "As-Is" special!  SWEET! 
Today, we have already gotten in a couple repairs and I have to get to them toot sweet.  Then....well....I do have a few kids bikes I can bang out.  Hopefully, more to keep me moving will come in.  That's where you folks come in.  HINT, HINT!
All right, best get a move on!  See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!
image 1
ONLY $50.00!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cool Man!

GOLLY BOB HOWDY!!!  Riding weather is SOOO here! 
Woke up this morning around 5.30, went outside to have our coffee and WOOSH!  Cooler temps, nice gentle breeze coming in off the water, Oh the urge to jump on Old Greedo hit me in a rush!  Well, I said urge, I had not had my allotment of coffee yet....sooooo....
At least I had a good ride into work this morning.  But don't let my hesitation dissuade you from hitting the road folks!  Take advantage of the net couple days.  If this year is like every  other year, we'll have cool temps for a few days, then the last gasp of summer weather swoops back in for a couple weeks, then it get increasingly colder.
I am SO looking forward to THAT!!!
Yesterday, even with somewhat inclement weather, was  HUMDINGER!!!!  SO MANY THANKS to all the great folks for coming in to pay us a visit!  Sent the Men's 26" MTB home with a nice gent just looking to get back on the road.  A friend had given him a MTB of "questionable" condition, and even though he was willing to put quite a bit of cash into it to get it riding right again, my conscience got the better of me!  LOL!  I HAD to convince him the old Roadmaster was JUST not worth the investment.  And considering the one we had was of equal quality, BUT already FULLY refurbed and only would cost him HALF of what he was going to have to put into his ride, he wisely excepted the alternative!  Good choice!  Also sent the Luna comfort cruiser with another gent who was on his second time here.  Unfortunately the ride he bought from us a few months back was stolen.  But this was definitely an upgrade anyway! 
Of course, a special "SHOUT OUT" to Uncle Chippie!  He brought in one of his riding groups, and a new member was smitten with the Jango we have had here for SOME time, unfinished, and plopped down a down payment to get her road worthy!  I think she will be thrilled with this ride when it is done! 
As always, a very heart felt thank you to all the folks for their repairs and referrals!  ALWAYS a blessing!
Yep, as I am sure you guessed, with all those repairs came no time for new builds!  OH, I got one started, but had to keep taking it down off the rack to keep folks rolling!  Oh well!  All for a good cause!  So today, with luck, I'll get it and a few more done!
Here's hoping!
All right, I best get rolling myself!  See y'all soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thirteen years!!!

And here we find ourselves on another Tuesday! 
Well, one shinning event marks it as a special occasion!  Today is our son Logan's thirteenth birthday!  As the resounding humor pointed out this morning, today marks in many cultures the male 'coming of age"!  So of course I inquired if he had a job yet and when would he be getting married and giving us grandbabies!  Of course, he could do nothing but laugh nervously, blush and hide his face!  SO cute!  As is always been the tradition in our house though, Birthdays are fully celebrated on the following Sunday, with a round of cupcakes after dinner on the day of.  Gotta' remember to get them tonight!  It's odd though, was kind of different when Elijah and Kaleb hit this milestone.  Perhaps it was, because by then the two of them had already put us through enough more "adult" problems, I didn't look at them as much as a little boy as I still do Logan.  He is still such an innocent and rarely gives us ANY problems (except for his propensity to NOT allow you to finis a sentence when speaking to him!) that I still see him as the same little boy.
Yesterday was a REAL yawn fest!  Unfortunately!  The rain, as always, keeping most folks at bay only helped to inhibit my own recovery over the creeping crud that first hit Angela (who is STILL not fully over it!) and is now firmly clinging to my lungs!  UGH!  Makes for moving around the shop a little bit of a chore. Managed to get through all the scrap bikes yesterday, down for parts and then put out three newbies (OK, special shout out to Uncle Chippies who was fully responsible for the full refurb of the Sun Cycle recumbent) But by about 3 pm, my body said "NO MORE" and I promptly plopped into the desk chair, popped in a movie and tried desperately NOT to sleep! 
Eventually, I gave up the ghost, Kaleb took over and I headed back to the house with the kiddos for  shower and rest.  Well...I got the shower, but resting in that house when all the kids are there and moving about...HEE HEE HEE!!  NOT a probability!
So, today I am going to try and fight through it and get some more stuff put together.  I do have a few repairs as well to get out of the way, and I hope I can keep plugging! 
SO...WITH THAT!  I bid you all a fond good day, and hope to see you soon!

image 1
ONLY $45.00!!!
image 1
MEN'S 26" MTB!
ONLY $85.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $185.00!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

"I Hab ah Code ib My Node!"

Nothing quite like cuddling up on a rainy day and droning out to a marathon of Looney Tunes!  OK, so...maybe not cuddling up, but I did have a marathon of cartoons while I worked yesterday!  \
Surprisingly, we were even more busy then the day before!  HOO-RAY for the new season!!  Sent both of the Haro BMX'ERS to new homes, first thing, then were kept busy with repairs!  SWEET!!! 
Thanks to ALL for the trust not to mention all the refferrals! 
Did manage to get one newbie out, and this one is a classic!  Now don't let the name fool you, "Schwinn".  No, this aint your cheapie cheap WalMart POS!  No, this classic, lightweight mountain bike was made back in the late 80's early 90's when they were building them GOOD!  This particular one was made to compete with the Specialized "Rock Hoppers" and such of the same era.  Pretty much the same components all the way around! 
Today, more of the same, finish up repairs, then, depending on whether or not any new ones come in, on to new builds! 
Last night, upon returning home, having dinner (Elijah's chop suey) then ushering everyone off to bed, we settled down to watch the new Jonny Depp film "Transcendence".  Unfortunately, having come down with "something" myself, I didn't make it past the previews before my head started to split and I needed to go to bed and rest.  Well, Angela said it was good, so I'll need to check it out!
Of course, woke up again around one am, to which Angela helped me back to sleep, but of course a few hours later I was up again with the're running a tad bit on empty!
Tell ya what, help me out and come in and give e something to do to energize me!  HINT, HINT!!!
Have a great day folks!  Hope to see you soon!!!

image 1
ONLY $150.00!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm Not Unwell, Thank You!

OK, so even though yesterday was horrific weather wise, we managed to keep pretty, gosh darn busy!  Thanks to Uncle Chip for coming in and grabbing the recumbent we had out back, to take to "Uncle Chips Garage" as a project bike.  Of course, he wouldn't take a dime for the effort!  While he was here, he helped send the Centurion road bike to it's New home, and we sent two more out with happy folks as well!  And as ALWAYS, thanks to all the people for bringing in their repairs, I have my morning mapped out for me! 
Last night was a WEIRD one!  Elijah and his girlfriend came for a visit yesterday afternoon.  He was supposed to come today, but in his usual oblivious way, he changed plans, didn't bother to tell us until 15 minuets before they arrived, and then "told" Angela, they would be staying until Sunday!  Yes.  Typical Elijah. He figures, if he waits until he gets there to tell us his plans, we re too ice to say "no". Reluctantly, Angela has begrudgingly accepted this practice, although I have not grasped her level of civility I this case, and voice my opinion to hi as such.  Of course, as always, my displeasure voiced in regards to the inconvenience, fell on deaf ears with a resounding "thud" and responded too with the traditional bored and sullen "yes sir".
It's not that we don't want to SEE the boy, it's that the presence of ANYONE in the household that goes against our orderly, precise nightly routine, sets the ENTIRE house in chaos!  Such was the case last night.  Having Elijah back, his younger sister, Izabella who is infatuated with him, came out of her room around 1 am, wide awake and wondering where everyone was!  She had a bad dream, so I laid with her on the couch, and was routinely kicked for about two hours until I just passed out myself.  Shortly thereafter, she woke up again, went into the boys room, and proceeded to wake them ALL (including the dog) because she wanted to play!  OY!  The end result, was Kaleb left for school an hour and a half late, the younger boys were BEARS to get up for school, and I woke up an hour and a half late, and Angela was exhausted when the morning noise forced her out of bed!  Of course, Elijah and Jesi slept right along, peacefully! So nice for them!
This morning has already been a whiz-bang of a busy time!  The two classic Haro BMX'ers we got in were gone first thing!  One of them before I had even had a chance to work on it!   So here's hoping for another awesome day!
OK, with that, I have the repairs, then hopefully get a few built!  Oh, which reminds me, I did get two more done yesterday!  They're down below!

image 1
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drowned Rats!

SO, like with so much in life, timing is everything. 
Everyone up and ready on time this morning, but had heard the thunder, and saw the clouds rolling in.  Unfortunately, instead of leaving early, thought to wait it out. Ended up waiting for some time!  Luckily, we got a short respite around 8.30 and were able to get kiddo's to school before in came down hard again...and still is.  SOOOO, looks like I'll have plenty of time to get some projects done!  WA-HOO!!
Yesterday, was a Tuesday.  Spent the majority of time trying to catch up on repairs, with only a couple more to finish up today.  Sadly, had to wait until late afternoon to get in a shipments of tubes!  Have had to wait over a week for them, so some VERY simple repairs were just stacking up!
Once done, I have two SWEET Old school BMX'ers waiting for some attention!  I mean these two are CHERRY!!
On the home front.  Nothing out of the ordinary, thankfully, was a relatively quiet day! 
OK, as boring as all that is, don't have much to add, so I am just going to get back at it!
See ya all soon!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HATE It When The Adrenalin Wears Off!!

So, yesterday was an interesting afternoon!
Kaleb, returning from school, did the traditional stop off at the shop, checking to see if Angela needed anything at the house, and with order in hand set off to the store.  Shortly thereafter I got a call from Angela stating that when he arrived at the house he noticed that his BMX and one other was missing from the shed.  Enraged, he set out to see if he could track it down.  Angela was perplexed, as she had heard nor seen nothing. Just before close, Kaleb showed up here, downtrodden as he had no leads on his bike.  We packed everything up and headed to the house.  When we came up on Walgreen's at the corner of Union and Patricia, Kaleb made a sudden cross of the road to the other side.  At first I thought he was trying to beat the light but quickly I heard him shout out "DAD!  I found them!". Sure enough, three black youths were riding in the opposing direction, two of them on the stolen bikes!  Quickly, I jet across the road, while at the same time, recognizing that the hoodlums were arguing and posing against Kaleb, who had stop his bike length wise, blocking their passage, I (having already been in a pissed off mood) shouted out to them, in colorful Daddy language, to get off the bikes and leave (yes, I am NOT printing the language I REALLY used!)  They began the traditional, testosterone fueled posturing to me, but were unprepared for the fact that such theatrics hold NO sway against Kaleb or I.  As they shouted threats and demands to be reimbursed for the money they had just paid for the bikes (OH HAHAHAHAH!  THAT'S rich!) I couldn't help but laugh and point out the shear stupidity in "buying" a bike off of "some guy" on the side of the road!  At this point, the loudmouth hood flayed his arms and advanced on me threateningly, to which, I calmly stepped off my bike, advanced towards him, and he quickly backed up.  Kaleb, holding his ground, merely stared them down while holding on to both bikes.  At this point, my normally pacifistic side was ITCHING for one of them to throw a punch, however, as they were all clearly minors, I feared my own incarceration for striking them so I opted to call the police.  911.  At this point, they dropped the bikes, and with constant verbal assaults continued back where they had come from, the general direction of our house.  We were told by dispatch to wait for the officers in the parking lot, which we did.  Kaleb gave the officers physical descriptions, and it was then that the officers informed me, that I need not have worried about getting into trouble should I have defended myself, regardless of the level of injury I may have bestowed upon the animals.  As in Florida, if your person or property is threatened, regardless of where you are, age goes out the window!  You are fully in your right to defend yourself.  One the report was given, Kaleb and I quickly jet to the house, only once there to discover that Angela had just had to call the police on two black teenagers who had cut through our back yard, right in front of the self same shed! 
it seems, shortly after I had called her and told her of the incident we were embroiled in, she was sitting outside on the porch, when Suzanne began to bark threateningly in the house, and then Owen rushed out telling her there were two teenagers coming through our back yard.  Quickly she looked and noticed, sure enough that they had darted upon hearing Suzanne bark, went behind the house next to us and down to the street.  No Angela, being a VERY tough Yankee girl you DO NOT want to mess with, went down to street level, sighted the creatures and politely yelled after them " Excuse me sirs, but f you cut through our yard again, I am going to call the police"  In response to this, they turned around, started walking towards her, threateningly and shouted out "Mind your own F*&ing business, Crakah B!+$H!  We'll walk wherever we want too!" In response, she smiled waved them off and called the police.  I have to give credit to Owen here, though, as well!  When they said that to his mother, he DID NOT take it in stride, rather strode towards them, menacingly exclaiming "DON'T say that to my MOTHER!"  GOD!  I really love that kid!!!
Kaleb and I showed up a scant few minuets after, and when hearing what had transpired, took off in the direction they had gone FULLY read to do some damage!  Trust me, I am a passive man not prone to anger, but threaten my wife and/or kids?  You ARE NOT walking away! 
We got as far as Walmart, only to discover they had quickly faded into oblivion.  Concerned they may double back, we quickly set back for the house, only to find that apparently the entirety of the Clearwater police force was blocking and canvassing the neighborhood.  Quickly coming up upon the house, we saw Angela calmly giving he r report to the police (she IS NOT prone to hysterics).  We reported we unfortunately had not found them.  Shortly thereafter, as we stood with some of the neighbors by the street lamenting over the incursion of our quiet neighborhood by the unwanted and unfortunate element of disrespectful, vile creatures, one of the officer sped up to the house and reported they had apprehended the suspects and as it turns out, on of them was living next door to us.  Concerned, that this was an unfortunate coincidence, and the boy had just been cutting through the yard to get home, Angela decided NOT to press charges.  The officer left with the promise he would give them a stern warning to respect private property, and with a handshake and  wave, left. 
Still jazzed on adrenalin we sat outside, had our evenings brew and recapped the events of the evening.
Then the next door neighbor arrived.  Depositing the two youths in the yard, and going inside herself, she clearly had not bothered to give them any lecture, dressing down or talking too about respect.  OBVIOUSLY they have none!  The two youths proceeded to sit outside and brag on about the events of the evening.  As we listened, I came to realize tat in fact they WERE two of the three scumbag, worthless wastes of human flesh that Kaleb and I encountered earlier that evening!  Quietly snickering, Angela and I listened on as the two railed on about how they would have kicked mine and Kaleb's ass, and how lucky we were they did not!  And how much of men they were, etc., etc., etc.,!  After a few minuets, allowing for a quiet pause I their conversation, just on the other side of the bordering shrubs, I cleared my throat in the quiet stillness of the evening and said to Angela, in a voice SURE to carry,  "WOW!  I cannot believe they are THAT stupid!  To verify NOT ONLY that THEY were the scumbags that stole our bikes...BUT THEY LIVE NEXT DOOR!!!" 
There side of the shrubs fell deathly silent, only to be interrupted by the slamming of their front door!
As Angela has said, and I am paraphrasing "stupidity knows no boundaries!"
SO, we await any backlash, in eager anticipation of retribution of that which has been wrought upon us!  Keep an eye peeled for their obituaries!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chastise Me If You Will!

Yes, I know!  I follow this thing too!  It has been several days since my last post, but as the new season approaches, we get busy!  Thank heavens!!  Wish I had new pics to show you of all the rides we have been putting out but as they have already sold, some right of the rack, why bother!  Don't want to get your hopes up! 
other then that, things have been going along at a pretty steady pace.  Saturday, we finally got around to sorting through all the excess rides we had in the back (the concerned text fro the landlord identifying the state of things back their DID have an impact on our decision of what to do for the day) and we got rid of a BUNCH of stuff to Terry the scrap guy!  It left us with about a half a dozen viable candidates for rebuilds, which we will begin on in a wee bit!  Saturday also brought a slew of repairs in, as well as a couple FULL rebuilds, so I will be busy with them for a while as well! 
Everything home wise is the norm.  Spent Sunday trying to entertain children, but with the rain and no games remaining in tact with all pieces (I can only assume, THOSE pieces may be responsible for plumbing problems!) tried our hands at cards...that didn't go over well, as the little ones don't quite understand the rules!  LOL!
ANYWHO!  I best get my bottom half in gear as I do have quite a bit to keep me busy, nd y mid focused on other things!
See ya soon!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


WAHOO!!!  Another truckload!!!  One of our scrappers, fresh from a clean out at  a local retirement home, brought u in two dozen FRESH newbies!!  I am happier then a puppy with two peters!  These are in pretty good shape, only needing a full tune and clean!  SAH-WEET!!  Gonna be a FULL showroom in a couple days!  And the REALLY good part?  They are ALL under $100.00 gems!!!!
Keep your eyes peeled for YOUR new ride!!!

Jack the Ripper Mystery....SOLVED!!

Angi brought a very intriguing article to my attention the other day, which I then read aloud and we were both aghast at the recent revelation that the 126 year mystery of who Jack the Ripper was has been irrefutably SOLVED!!! The infamous killer is Aaron Kosminski, a Jewish émigré from Poland, who worked as a barber.  Apparently, an amateur sleuth, having watched the awesome film, starring Jonny Depp "From Hell" began some investigation on his own.  Then in 2007, an auction of crime memorabilia featuring a shawl found at the crime scene of one of Jacks victims.  The story goes that it came from the murder scene of the Ripper's fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes, on September 30, 1888.   The shawl itself was drench in blood and curious, if anything could be derived from it, Russell Edwards purchased the shawl, and found a DNA expert to analyze it.  After some time, he discovered that not only was their blood but "other" male DNA as well.  After some more effort, and tracking down descendants of each of the original suspects, they discovered with no shadow of a doubt, that Aaron was the Ripper! 
HOORAY for modern science!
Even with the inconvenience of rain yesterday, we still kept quite busy with repairs (thanks EVER so much for that folks!)  And sent one ride to a new home as well!  Today, after finishing up some tear downs (yes, that time again, starting to get hard to walk in here again!)  I will hopefully be able to get some more goodies together! 
SOOOO, best to be gettin' at it!
Hope to see y'all Soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

HEY Stranger!

Yes.  It HAS been a few days!  Forgive me the interlude, but for the last few days Angi has been sick with bronchitis, so the majority of my time, attention and worry has been focused on her.  As the shop has been relatively quiet, except for a banger day yesterday, haven't had a heck of a lot to write about anyway.  Of course, with Momma being down for the count, and my time spent at home split between caring for her and trying to keep the kiddos under control, it ha been chaotic.  Of course, without Mommy's constant, stalwart attention on what the children are up to, they take FULL advantage of the situation!  Instead of bucking up, in a hard situation, and helping out, they re prone to run crazy like rabid, feral beasts!  Each morning I get up, I spend a little time straightening up from the night before.  However, once the kids get up and start getting ready for school, all I had done an hour before, is undone.  Being to ill to notice, Angi had not taken a close look at the condition of thing until this morning, while trying to locate Miranda's bottle, she began to notice the piles of debris, the state of the kid's room's and bathroom, and became justifiably indignant!  Needless to say, today I will be heading home with the little blighters, and with the fear of God in them, they WILL be taking care of their messes!  In her recovery, Angela should NOT have to contend with these disasters!
On to work!
Having finally acquired some goodies over the weekend, I was able to get three newbies out yesterday and we are starting to fill up again!  And JUST in the nick of time!  The wonderful weather of the last few days has brought folks out of their shells, and peaked their interest in riding again!  One of the ones I put together yesterday sold RIGHT quick, a sweet old Huffy "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!".  Have two more left from the first run (seen below) and have plenty more to put together!  PLUS, the repairs, once again are flowing in!  As usual, folks have gone elsewhere, been given astronomically high quotes for repairing their rides and disheartened, came here to sell it, only to be informed by me, that if their desire was to ride, why buy a NEW bike, when for a mere pittance, we could fix up their old one, and get them on the road with a bike they KNOW fits them!  LOVE that look of relief and joy that washes over their faces!
And, we did send two more home yesterday with equally happy folk!
So, today, it's back to the rack to put out some MORE goodies!  Got a REAL sweet Gary Fisher eager to get a jump on a new life!
Hope to see you soon! PEACE!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Like Playing Twister With An Octopus!

Yea, yesterday was SOOOOO like that! 
Some days are like trying to win a Twister game with a competitive octopus!  No matter how good you think can play it, he'll beat you EVERY time! 
Yes, coming off a REALLY good evening Wednesday greeted us with a Poop Storm of epic proportions!  Suffice to say (not even going in to ALL the calamity we encountered just trying to get the kids to school!!) spent from 9am to almost 3 pm fixing the air conditioning! OY!!!  Needless to say, YET AGAIN, very little of REAL work got done!  HOWEVER, we did get in two GORGEOUS upgraded road bikes on consignment.  They really are GEMS!!!  An 88 Centurion Cavaletto and an 82 Lotus Éclair, touring specific model.   Still have many more to get to work on, and my fingers are crossed, knocking on wood, rubbing a lucky rabbit's foot and already swung a dead cat over my head in the moonlight, that everything goes swimmingly today!!
SOOOOOOO, now I bet get to it! 

image 1
ONLY $220.00!!
image 1
ONLY $160.00!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So, like, another one of those times of year when our Tuesday becomes a Monday, and folks get confused and by Thursday we think it's Sunday, or vice versa!  Ugh!  Well, as much as I had planned to get something built, each time I put the first one BACK in the rack, another kind soul would come in needing a repair.  I can NOT begrudge them, as riding season is upon us!  Yesterday was BEE-OOOO-TI-FULL!!   Not TOO hot with a steady constant breeze coming off the water!  I saw more bikes go by the window AND come in here then I think I have all summer!  WONDERFUL!!  Most folks waited excitedly for me too finish, eager to hit the trail!  That's what I love to see!  By the tie the afternoon rolled around, feeling eager myself to get home and relax, we closed at four pm, if for nothing else to try and give Angi a break as Miranda is REALLY coming into her own, and is (well...has been for a while) precocious.  Feeling every moment of her life MUST be spent in Mommy's rapt attention!  Angi has hardly time to breathe.  Of course, if Mommy DARES to do something like eat, or have her cup of coffee or God forbid, go to the bathroom, Miranda feels compelled to drop, break or destroy something to garnish her attention!  Oh, Angi can handle it, she's been through the same thing eight times before, but eventually, each day, she needs a wee bit to just sit a spell for herself.
After the evening chores, I went and hit the gym for a bit, but honestly, having had time to just relax at the house, my heart wasn't in it, so I did my basic work out and only about 10 min's each on treadmill and stationary. 
Then it was home, and to relax again.  Angi was quite exhausted by the time I arrived so I helped her to bed and to relax enough to shed the day and drift off to sleep.  Surprisingly early, and suddenly realizing that I was tired as well, I apparently passed out myself! 
All in all a really good day!
SO, in hopes of calm and peace for today, I bid you all a fond farewell and will see you soon. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Laboring Day

As wit every year, we are here today!  Not to beat a dead horse, but aside from Sundays the only days we close are Thanksgiving, Christmas and early on Halloween.  The Good News/Bad News is that EVERY labor day it's the same thing, we open our doors on Monday with barely ANYTHING to show folks!  Why?  you may ask? Because that weekend is usually HUGE!!  It's the GLORIOUS start to the season, as summer comes to a close it denotes, for most folks, RIDING SEASON IS HERE!!!  And I will tell could NOT have come at a better time!!  This summer has been a tough one!  Actually, I think it has been the worst in eight years!  We have to tank all the folks who did come in and help us keep the doors open, and we are SO looking forward to another good season! 
As I said, sold OUT over the weekend, with only one lone adult bike sitting pathetically in the corner!  HOWEVER!  Have no fear!  We have been getting a steady stream of newbies in over the past week and that really is the impetus for me being here today!  I'd show you pics of the three we DID put together on Saturday...but that would just tease you, as they all sold the same day!  So, after finishing up the last two repairs from Saturday I will be trying to hustle out as much as I can get away with before close!  Then again, if it's TOO slow, I may just call it a day in observance of the holiday and go home and hang with Angi and the kiddo's! 
So until then, see ya soon!