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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Affirmation Of Humanity

First off, thanks to all for the prayers and good tidings.  Miranda is doing as well as can be expected, and her temp has returned to normal.  They are observing her for the evening, and will try and determine tomorrow if she has a virus or a milk protein alergy, or both. At least momma has given her some comfort.
Today was a real humdinger!  We had us a real buying frenzy.  Folks were lined up to sell us some real gems!  Picked up a gorgeous set of his and hers Kaluna 7 speed cruisers, a Sabre road bike, a Specialized Hard Rock, a ladies Schwinn Cruiser, a couple bangers, some scrap rides, and THREE Vintage Schwinns!  A 25" 1975 Continnental road bike, a 1971 5 speed varsity, and a real cherry 1965 Racer with a GORGEOUS Bendix red stripe rear!  I was happier then a puppy with two peters!  Needless to say our neat and organized shop is now once again cramped.
Special shout out and major plug to Steven from Get Healthy Vitamins & Natural Foods,and Performance Lab at 4011 Tampa Road, Suite 12 Oldsmar, Fl (813) 475-7255!  As the name implies they deal in all things healthy and recently they bought out another local bike shop and are dealing exclusively in high end racing/road bikes.  Steven had bought a fixie from us a couple years ago, and remember us.  As they were sorting through their acquistion they were left with a bevy of stock, materials and repair parts they would not be useing and instead of just chucking them he recommended they donate it to a good cause.  US!  Oh you should have seen us gush when he openned the tailgate to his truck revealing all the goodies!  I was a little boy at Christmas!  Needless to say we now have a full to brimming slat wall of treats!  So again, a very heartfelt thanks to Steven and the folks at Get Healthy! (
And thanks to all the wonderfull folks who came in and darn near emptied us out again!  The Big Boy Schwinn found a home to a gent con-vinced into riding with his lovely wife whom had bought a ride from us a few weeks back.  We were lucky enough to help a wonderful lady get a cruiser that actually fit her with the sweet 24" cruiser, and got her 26" in trade!  The Hyper BMX went to a very discerning young man, who's mom was quite thankfull he didn't talk her into building up the lightweight BMX frame we got!  Also had  a young family come in and snag up two BMXers for the kids!  Now they can ride as a family!
And as always, thanks for all your confidence in allowing us to service your rides!  We do so appreciate it!
 Well tomorrow is the big day!  Got the keys this evening and will be going to bed quite soon to get a good nights rest for the "BIG MOVE"!!!
So with that I leave you with an appropriate traveling tune...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sisyphus Is Saying "Dude! Your Dealing With Some Heavy $#!+!"

Yea, obscure reference.
  Google it.
Seriously though, we here have apparently just grown accustomed to things never working out without a constant barage of adversity.
As the day of our move grows ever nearer, the cosmos figured it would throw a few kinks into the works just to keep things interesting.  The least of which is NOT the fact that young Miss Miranda is back in the hospital.  Thankfully doesn't look to be anything too serious, BUT she spiked a fever of 102.8 last night so I rushed her in and of course Morton Plant has no Ped's (???)  so they transferred us to Mease Countryside this morning around 3.30 am.  A specail thanks to Elijah who came over to tag team as I needed an hour of sleep after being up for over a day.  Sadly,as she is a newborn they have to run a battery of tests.  She was squewerd 6 times for blood, then had the catheder, the swabs and most traumatically the spinal tap.  I tell you, I hate being the one that has to hold her down when they do that stuff.  She than associates me with pain.  I know it's necessary, but still sucks.  Thankfully everything has come back negative so far for anything serious, and may jusy be she got the virus that the other kids were spreading around last week.
Let's pray!
Then after coming back this morning to relieve Kaleb who openned and mom to go there, our new landlord calls and informs us their moving company screwed up and overbooked and they can't move their stuff out till Tuesday!  Luckily, they are just putting all their stuff in one room, so we can still move into the rest of the house on Sunday as planned.
 Karma by proxy!
"it's the little things in life"
As I was late in getting in, worked on putting out repairs, so only a couple of goodies to show off.  Another "LIKE NEW" GMC Denali roadbike.  Also an old school Murry "Dalmation"  That classic freckled 90's look, you know back when acid wash jeans and mullets were all the rage, this was the Bomb!  Also have a sweet single spped conversion of an older Tunturi roadbike,complete with chopped straight bars!  But I forgot a dang picture on that one.  I'll think of it tomorrow.  Allright, I best be off as I gotta clean our furniture for the move.
Call me Captain Obsessive/compulsive!
Have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow!
ONLY $140.00!!!

ONLY $65.00!!

Finally another new strip from "...Warts and all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Close!

The big move is almost upon us!  Just a scant few days and we will be in our new home.  The boys are quite excited as the older ones will be able to have their room (a renovated garage) segmented allowing them some privacy from the younger ones.
 We'll see how that works out.
I'm just THRILLED to have a house that is in great shape, WELL insulated (no more $700.00 light bills!) and best of all in the pantry in the kitchen easily accessible is a 1/2 turn shut off main for the water!!  The boys will no longer be able to take 45 minute showers!!  I have already invested in a kitchen timer that will be set to go off after 8 minuets, allowing them an additional 2 to rinse off!!  Oh I am SO lovin' this!
Angi's is just thrilled to not have to listen to me bitch and whine about the condition and problems associated with this house.
Today, although overcast and drizzly was still a humdinger.  Found homes for three rides and managed to put out three more with a fourth close to completion.  Will have pics tomorrow!
Alright, ya'll have a great night!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Depression?

Every time I hear that term I think of some lonely overweight guy, in a open Hawaiian shirt, with a speedo sitting on Clearwater beach with a pina colata sighing heavily!
And yes even though we work indoors the rain doesn't do much for the cycling industry!  But "Oh Well'!  Sure gives us plenty of time to build bikes!  Put out three new goodies today!  ANOTHER ladies 24" cruiser!  OH BOY!  a sweet looking little Schwinn Falcon we took down to a basic single speed coaster,and a real sleeper that took me totally by surprise!  This one was a real wreck when it came in, and I was half tempted just to scrap it out, but something spoke to me!  Gave it a full re-furb and took her out for a test drive and MAN was she tight!  Updated the crank, sealed bottom bracket and newer head stem and gearing and WOW what a beast!  LOVE them lightweight frames and over sized crank!  Really gets out of her own way!  Check out pic's below! Couple shout outs for the day!  Thanks Mom for the assist today!  Makes the move A LOT less stressful!  All my love!
And thanks to Frank for a return visit for a couple minor tweaks on the Diamondback (sorry about the bum tire, but that's the beauty of a warranty!) and for more of the kind words.  That's the beauty of our little self contained eco-system, plenty of room for a gent of his views and a "tree hugger"like me to get along just fine! Now if we could just get governments to show such cordiality!
Even more goodies on tap for tomorrow as the time to import the remainder of the garage "keepers" is coming nigh!
All right I best get my comfort clothes on as tonight we signed the lease and momma and daddy need some time to breath a sigh of relief!
I leave you with the beginning of....

"What I Learned in Life, I Learned From My Kids"

It ain't broke if they can't find it
it's only wrong if you get caught
The best way to ensure a really hot shower is to flush a toilet
stubborn tenacity is it's own reward.
If you say please enough times, in a truly annoying voice, someone will give in
if its too loud, you just haven't listened to it enough.
If you want to capture someones attention, repeat their name over and over and over and over again.
peer pressure isn't pinning your brother in a sleeper hold
bedtime is a relative term
dietary requirement depends entirely on who's monitoring the refrigerator
sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning when extreme sports equipment is made available
practical jokes aren't so practical when there in a "mood"

ONLY $90.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Debbie.

File today under "What the hell was I thinking?!"
Perhaps next time I plan working on Sunday mayhaps I should watch a freakin' weather report!

Pretty much how I feel!
Pretty much your standard Tropical Storm though.  Every familiar leak in the high ceiling at the shop was sprung.  The annoying deluge over my work station was in full flow.  As long as I do a little dancing though stayed relatively dry.  The back part of the rafters had a lovely cascading water fall which in turn formed a lazy meandering  river leading to the back door culminating in its tributary of the west coast of the RE-Cycle ocean. which marked the entry to outside.  Washing the two bikes we did manage to build was quite easy!  Just set it outside under the drop off, and sprayed it with some Purple Cleaner!
Man!  I AM brainfried!
Like that comes as news, hunh?
I really need to get into the habit of before and after pic's, cause sometimes the end results of some of these rides is astounding (says the self congratulating narcissist).  As we get ready for next weeks importation of the remaining "keepers" from the garage, we are trying to get as much finished and out on the sales floor as quickly as possible.  So it's grab one, fix, finish, rinse, repeat!  Well had an old School giant that was, shall we say "well loved".  Didn't think she was going to amount to much more then a banger but WOW!  She came out a real looker!  Some paint touch up, parts upgrades and viola!  A real Gem!  Check her out below!  Kaleb put out a real sweet Rhino BMXish bike, as well as a Schwinn BMX (no pic yet) and I have a (soon to be) nice Diamondback stripped, clean and ready on the rack to be resurrected tomorrow.
So with that, I'd best be off.
Up and Atom tomorrow for another try!
ONLY $40.00!

ONLY $95.00!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Breaking with tradition we will be open this Sunday (that's tomorrow for those without a calender app.) for a one day sales event!!  Yes it our one time only "Help Us Get Our New Home" Sale!!
A thinly veiled attempt to generate a little scratch for our impending move!! As the first looms ever nearer and anyone who has ever had to move knows all about the annoying little costs associated with doing so!  
And speaking of the move...
Now mind you I take no joy in the misfortune of anyone!  Even those who have wronged my family and I.  But Karma has a way of sneaking up and biting folks in the butt, HARD when they cross this family.
Case in point, our current landlord, when we first opted to rent here promised us we could rent as long as we wished, but new full well his intention was to sell.  That which he did, clandestinely from under our feet when our lease was up, failing to inform us until 5 weeks before the sale was to be finalized.  The sale of course was contingent on the inspection.
Which occurred this past Thursday.
Which the house failed miserably due to out dated (and potentially illegal) electric, severe structural damage, plumbing, windows etc,etc,
Unfortunately the perspective buyers were present for the inspection, to which they quickly opted to decline the purchase.
Karma strikes again.
Today even though overcast and wet, was quite the busy day!  Chip allowed me to repay him for the damaged tire on his truck, thankfully.  However in lieu of cash he took trade in return.  As long as he's happy I'm happy!  
Thanks to the many folks coming in to pay us a visit, several being returning customer, some as far off as from our old garage day.  One such lovely lady, came in a picked up the Diamondback MTB, as it was just the right fit!  A young lady and her beau from points South traveled some distance to pick out a commuter for her.  LOVED her anti-Twilight T-Shirt.  VERY FUNNY!!  They chose the ladies Schwinn I picked up yesterday.  Another repeater who has picked up two bikes before traded in a real sweet Diamondback Hybrid (that had issues) for a Banger he's looking to convert into a BMX.  And speaking of the Diamondback, no sooner did I get it, and put it up in the rack for a rebuild, and finish it did fate kick in!  Yesterday, a gent and his lovely wife visited us looking for just the right ride for him.  He tried several bikes but none were perfect.  So he left to consider his options.  Well when I first got the Diamondback, he came to mind but I had not had the foresight to get his number.  Well a scant 5 minutes before finishing up in they came, originally looking for the Univega (which sold the night before) when i directed his attention to the DB.  Well it was love at first sight!  I stand firm in my belief that a bike will always find it's owner!!  So thank you Frank for your patronage and all your kind words!  Really does the heart good when these things transpire before your eyes.
Managed to get out four new gems today (so much easier to work when you can find stuff!)  His and hers cruisers, a Big Boy Schwinn, and a LIKE NEW black Widow dual shock MTB!!  Check out the grandeur below!
Well i will close with one last parting word, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely little Izabella who today has officially entered the terrible twos!  And OH is she ever living up to it's reputation!
But we love her anyway!
Good night folks and see you tomorrow.
ONLY $100.00!!

ONLY $105.00

ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $90.00!!

Now That's A Huge Pile Of Crap!

2,640 pounds folks!
That's how much scrap we hauled out of here yesterday!  I swear I heard the store sigh with the relinquishing of such a tremendous burden!
That's a lot of stuff to be holding onto!  But now it will be doing some good..somewhere as something else and not making me trip when I have to go in the back!
A special shout out to Ol' Uncle Chippie!  Not only did he sacrifice his morning to help us get the scrap to the yard but on the third trip, sacrifice his trucks rear tire!  OH YES!  As he backed up a scrap 12" wheel jumped up and bit it requiring an emergency pit by he and Elijah.  Again, terribly sorry and I wish you would let me reimburse you the sacrifice!
But again, thanks for the time and help!
Speaking of thanks!
Thank you to all the folks visiting yesterday and keeping me moving!  This time of year I'm either alone with my thoughts putzon' on bikes or have a blissful surge of visitors.  Of which yesterday found good homes for the awesome Univega, the Myata road bike and a little boy getting his step up with the sweet little 18" Magna!
Again, thanks all!
Managed to get out three, but will have to regale you with photo's later,a I just plum forgot!
So with that,I think Miss Miranda is truly back to sleep, so I'm gonna steal another couple hours before wakey wakey time!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sorry Chief...Missed It By That Much!

Only by about a half a bucket though!
By half a bucket I mean of course a 50 gallon bucket.  and that being out of six 50 gallon buckets, filled to the ever loving brim with a mish mash of assorted parts, and a plethora of nuts and bolts of a myriad of sizes!
This is all that's left out of all the goodies that were semi organized (WAY over the six buckets of odds and ends I filtered out in the whole of the Dungeon)

I'm of course referring to the monumental task undertaken three days ago to reorganize and purge the excess of materials we have in the dungeon.  A tri-fold purpose duty.  One; so as to be able to more effectively and efficiently gain access to the necessary parts and take stock of what we have. Two. To make room for next weeks import of all that remains from the overflow stock from our garage.  And three; to gain some much needed "Get Us A Home" cash!
This job was much needed and a long time coming.  As any good shop man will tell you, that given enough time spent in his or her familiar surroundings and they become quite aware of the origin and pedigree of all the items in their realm.  So those familiar will believe me when I say, revisiting each and every item made me keenly aware of just how long that item(s) had resided there.  And the more and more I found stuff that had traveled here from the infant days of our little enterprise ie: the old garage, the more and more I became vindicated for my decision to begin this ordeal!  When all is said and done, and this stuff finds it's way to the recycling yard, i will not be surprised if it does not total combined weight of over 3 tons!
Now I can freely, and without impediment move about the shop easily locating any part I may need.
i have NO idea what I am going to do with myself without having something to mumble and bitch about!
Thanks to all the folks paying us a visit today.  The gentleman who came by and picked up the Schwinn Racer we posted yesterday. A true fan and Schwinn enthusiast who engaged in a appreciative vintage Schwinn love fest with me, as we both compared our price Schwinn pieces!  Also the young man who became enthralled with the Mongoose 29'er and just couldn't leave without it!  Also to the wonderful lady, looking to help out one of her neighborhood youngsters in need of transportation to get to and fro to summer school who ended up trading two motorized bikes she had kicking around in her yard, for one of our well built goodies!  Thank you very much for simply put, being a good soul!
Later this morning I put the finishing touches on the Dungeon, and as I am now thoroughly possessed will totally clean up the front of the shop as well to top things off!
Because, this Sunday we have decided to be open as well in a thinly veiled attempt to acquire a little more cash for our move the following weekend!  Yep, it's coming up FAST!  And as anyone moving knows, is familiar with all those annoying "deposits and fee's" necessary to keep the good folks at the utility companies from going hungry.  We all know how impoverished those poor little executives can be! We even have something special planned for all who wish to visit us that day,so stay tuned for announcements!
I say later this morning, as it is now 4.oo am and I  am pausing in little Miss Miranda's early am play time,waiting to  see if she is truly asleep or just playing possum.
After I am done with this will probably explore some more of Ani-Boom.  If you are a fan of animation, should check them out!  They have some cool (and some macabre) examples of a variety of styles from all over the world there!
So with that, you all have a GREAT morning sleeping!
You lucky so an so's!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


When desperate to remain awake you can find all sorts of stimulating material online.  Any of you forty somethings out there tell me if you remember this little diddy whilst imbibing a bowl of sugar fortified marshmallow laden breakfast fare while your eyes were  pasted to your fave Saturday morning cartoon!

Yea, I got REAL bored waiting for little Miss B (that's Miranda's new nickname) to decide whether she was going to sleep or want to eat more.  She had woken me up (and in extension Mom) about quarter to three.  She seems to have a penchant for the witching hour!  Perhaps she gets a littleWican from her Auntie.  Finally after 10oz, several burps,multitude of comfort position (and more then her fair share of spit up) she gave up the 8 am!  Stupid me,I made the mistake of laying down for a quick"nap".  Hence why the shop didn't get open 'till 9.30.
Made up for it though in work!  The organization project is going off swimmingly!  I can't believe just how much sh...tuff we have accumulated that is in no way useful!  I think after 200 single piece crank retaining nuts you're pretty much getting redundant!
Needless to say,with no exaggeration,I'm only half done and the 6X10X14 storage room is 3/4 packed TO THE CEILING with everything that's going to the scrap yard Friday!  Thanks so much to uncle Chippie for volunteering his truck and time to make this happen!  
I'd also like to thank the folks coming in to pay us visits today and for the repairs that gave me an excuse to take a break from organizing neck and crank assemblies!!
And by the by, below is the pic of that Schwinn Racer I was talking about the other day.  She's a real peach!
So that's it for now,Miranda is contently dozing in her swing,and I'm gonna see if I can get some more shut eye!
ONLY $170.00!!

Post D-Day (D for Daddy)

Special shout out to all the other Dad's on the list and may you have had a day that in some way epitomized your  special identity of Daddy.
I thank my wife and kiddo's for their efforts to do just that, even though my request were for nothing.
With all that we have cooking, I suggested we just give the day a pass as we needed to focus time (and money) on the move.  To that end we spent the day trying to finish up the packing.  This in itself was a bit of a chore,as the rooms left were the kids room (AHHHHH!!!) and the garage.  When all was said and done I think the garage was cleaner!  Now I know why women have so much clothing and shoes!  It's a quirk they develop from a young age!  Two girls in that room (Miranda still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room) and they have twice as much clothes as all the boys combined!  Or should I say "had"?
Speaking of the garage, went and purged once again and in the process our new buddy Dan,form the old country (New England) asked for us to give him a call when we underwent the undertaking as he is looking  to start a couple of re-furb projects and wanted to poke through the unfinished vintage rides.  He postponed his Dad day frivolity and detour for a quick visit, in his casual beach whites of all things!  Never seen someone dance over a pile of rusted metal so gingerly!  Made Gene Kelly look like a one legged man with vertigo!  He settled on two older Western Flyer's he ha s BIG plans for!  Not the least of which is some high end custom ceramic bearings.
The organization of the garage inspired me with a brilliant idea!  And the next time I get a brilliant idea I'm taking a Bromo, some Advil and a nap!
It dawned on me that after purging all the bikes  that could just be scrapped, I was left with only about 30 vintage pieces and a couple road bikes, and instead of renting storage space (the new house has no garage) I could just move the rides to the shop.  To that end,I would in turn have to clean and purge the shop.
That was my task for today.
What was I thinking?  I had some crazy notion that this could be accomplished in a day.
OH NO little Timmy, not so fast!
I was in the loft for 2 hours hunched over, nimbly scampering about (OK...grunting, groaning and occasionally stumbling) making room for semi-frames and half builds.  Unbelievable how much crap was up their!  Nearly 80% of about six months of "hey!  Don't need that now...throw it in the rafters!" built up up there!  As always, this quickly grew into cutting down "bent beyond repair" rims, spokes, hubs and axles. That done went on to emptying out the back room to make a makeshift temporary depository for all that will be scrap metal.  This 6X10X14 space is now all ready half full with much more to come!  Of the bikes in their prior more then half have been scrapped out.  What WAS I holding on to them for?!
Of course once this had all been accomplished Elijah and Logan brought up about half of what was in the garage that needed to be parted out.
Well with these areas now neaten, they put all the other shelves to shame.
Oh yes!  You guessed it,that's tomorrows task!  Purge through all the bins and eliminate that which is borderline or non functioning!  Which if all the trouble we have looking for a matched set of brake grips, or a derailleur with a straight cage is any indication, there should be a large amount of poundage coming out of them too!
Well, getting back to last night, as a final point of recognition as my function of a Dad seemed necessary shortly before 1 am,as we settled Miranda down to sleep, we were on our way to bed, Kaleb informed us there was "Something wrong in our bathroom!"  A mild understatement!  Seems for some unknown reason our toilet decided to vacate an excess 200 or so gallons of water.  Which meant we now had an indoor pool!
Thank god for the water suction on our upholstery cleaner!  That,a mop, just about every towel in the house,and a massive "all hands on deck" clean-up attempt!
Lucky for us their was nothing in the toilet bowl left unflushed!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

If Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention...Chaos Is The Father Of Creativity

We are all still zombified from the hustle and bustle of packing last night.  That has to be the latest these kids have stayed up in like, FOREVER!  But apparently they slept in, so all is well.  I,on the other hand?  Well, little Miss Miranda has apparently gotten over the initial wake up, eat and go right back to sleep stage indicative to newborns.  She has moved right into "OK, I'm up.  I've what?"  Needless to say I was up and entertaining at a little before 7 am this morning.  Not being allowed my normal "10 more minutes, Mom!" with Angie.
Had another productive day today with three more newbies out (although for some reason I forgot to take a pic of an ultra cool Schwinn Racer single speed, SUPER clean!) another clean "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" and a real nice (although slightly worn paint) 67cm Myata road bike!  Met many new faces today discovering our secret little haven of low priced, super cool swag, and dis so enjoy the time gum flapping.  Nice meeting the fellow Yankees from up to the old homestead of New England.  Always fun reminiscing.
Also thanks, as always for all the chances we are given to service your rides and keep you on the road, as always we work within your budget!
So as the title insinuates, whenever things are at their most chaotic my mind seems to kick into overdrive, possibly seeking an outlet for all the heightened energy,and a concept for a graphic novel have had kicking around in the back of my head for a few years suddenly coalesced into a full story,and in the few moments of free time I get, I've fleshed It out from beginning to end.  I found a VERY good graphic artist and enlisted his talents to breath life into my jumbled thoughts.  As it is still evolving I won't go into great detail, but one of the recent designs he sent me is just to fabulous NOT to share.  So take a sneak peak below!  There will be more to come!
Well,as tomorrow I have to be up and Atom early I'll bid ya'll a swell night!
MENS 26" ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $130.00!!!

It doesn't get much show time in the story but it plays in the opening issue in a very crucial scene.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stand Up And Be Counted!

Well the Atherton household was awash in the rousing cheers of grateful celebration and relief!  We got the house we wanted!!!  We move in less then two weeks so all hands were in high motion this evening packing up all the non-essentials in preparation for the move. In a rare moment we got everything we wanted.  The best neighborhood in the area within walking distance of the shop (as necessary), quiet street, house was remodeled last year, new roof, multi-colored interior with a big dining room (necessary for the nightly meal) and another perfect big back room for media play!  Plus the boys room is the garage renovated,  enabling us to partition it off to allow the older boys to "have their own space!"  (now maybe Elijah will shut up about it!).
So now it's a blitzkrieg of a two weeks raising capital to pay for it all.
That's where you come in..
Seriously though, I would like to apologize to the trio visiting us from south Saint Pete,looking for a cruiser they saw on the site.  It was an older picture, but none the less threw them off.  So at theirs and others suggestion I shall be re-installing the (hopefully constantly updated) "what's Still Here" column!
Hope it helps ya'll keep informed and not waste a trip!
Managed to get four newbies out, so give 'em a look below!
Well, it's 2 am (LORD!) and I'd best get some sleep, as there's still much to do tomorrow!
ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $50.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Thank You Mrs. Nesbitt, That Was A Lovely tea Party!

Hope all are doing well!  Thanks to the  folks for coming in today and visit and send well wishes to angi and  Miranda.  Do so appreciate seeing so many return faces.  Yes both are doing as well as can be expected, and Momma is trying to relax but... enh!  it's summer time and bored, clueless kids rule the roost so you can only imagine her stress level!  Work was breakneck today as we are on a mission to pump out as much stock while the sun shines!  Managed to put out five today!  And all some real gems!  Got in an all original Klein inspired 1990 aluminum Schwinn 684!!!  She is CHERRY!  Also a light weight Univega  Hybrid Commuter!  As well as completing a Mongoose XR-200 that I must say was a real FEMALE DOG!  But now she's a Honkin Meaty ride!  Also a like new Boys BMX and a men's 26" Schwinn Sidewinder!  Tomorrow should be no less impressive as I also did a butt load of buying today so check out more goodies then!
Well, tonight I'm on packing detail, as the first is coming up fast.  We may have a good shot at a real sweet place right in the same neighborhood so our fingers are crossed for that!  Should find out more Friday.
Oh I hope, I hope, I hope!!
All right, Night ya'll!
ONLY $160.00!!!

ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $350.00!!!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ever Have One Of Those Nights?

Ah yes!  I'd forgotten just how fun the every 2 hour feedings could be!
Momma needed her rest so against her insistence I bade her remain in bed and I'd take the early morning shift.  I am not often so benevolent and paid for my selfishness as little Miss Miranda was not sleeping easy.  Eventually she passed out at 4 am and I drifted into a heavy sleep.
Ever have one of those restless nights where the mind, burden with an abundance of stimuli bombards you with a deluge of incredibly strange dreams?  The ones so bizarre you wake in the morning feeling less then rested with the burning question "What the Hell was THAT about?!"
Yes that kind of night.  Leaving me with an odd yet thought provoking query...
"Just how deep would the oceans be if there were no sponges?"
Welcome to my world.
Even sleep deprived managed to put all the repairs to bed,(thanks so much for the patronage!) and put out two more gems.  Both road bikes!  WOW!  That hardly ever happens!  A like new Danali and a real gem of a Schwinn World Sport (paint's got a few peccadillo's though) Also picked up some more bangers to go through as well.  All in all the place is starting to get filled up.  Been a long time since I've been that on the ball.
All right enough blather for tonight.  ya'll have a good night!
ONLY $125.00!!!!!

ONLY $135.00!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I Thought Sunday's Were For Relaxation!!

Alright before  I get to today, I just HAVE to comment on yesterday.  As some of you following us here on our little space of blogdom may already be aware, the Atherton clan is once again pulling up stakes and moving to a new home.  Now just WHERE that new home is is still undetermined, BUT move we must!  As our wonderful (denote sarcasm) landlord decided to put the house up for sale and cast us to the wolves we have to be out July first.  Unfortunately have not had all that much luck on the house search.  But none the less, we began the arduous task of starting to sort through two years of accumulation to figure what stays and what goes.  To that end the boys went to the local strip mall (our shops home none the less) to find boxes.  After an hour or so they returned...with three.  WOW!
Big help!
Beside ourselves we tried to come up with an alternative.  It was at this point that someone (perhaps me) realized that we had left a stack of boxes behind at our old house.
I'll pause here to explain:
About a year and a half ago, we relocated from our old home on North Highland, across the street ( THAT landlord failed to pay the mortgage for over a year, thus falling into foreclose, later leading to be condemned as after we left many transients used it for nefarious purposes) to our new location, but still in visual distance of the old homestead.  Still knowing how to gain access to the garage, the older boys offered to run over and grab the boxes.
Now at this point I'll point out my lovely wife, Miss Angela has long since had a keen knack at foretelling the future as it pertains to impending doom.  And in the true form of any good husband, I completely ignored her. Her opinion was it was risky going into a condemned house, but I argued it was only the garage.
I do SO hate admitting to her I am wrong!
About 15 minuets after they left i went out into the garage to switch the laundry and as our side door faces diagonal to our old place I got a very good view...
of the 7 police cars encircling the front of it.
With a chuckle and an all too realistic awareness of the silent "I told you so" i would soon see flash across Angela's eye's, I chewed and swallowed HARD a huge piece of crow, and went inside to put on my shoes and attempt to wrest my sons from the shackles of "the man".
Opening my front door I was met by two large members of Clearwater's finest and as one began to speak I quickly informed him "It's my fault!  They belong to me"  Thankfully, they both grinned,and asked if I was able to come over and talk to their Sargent.  I said no problem and led them across the street to find Elijah and Kaleb, sitting handcuffed in the driveway, head down seeming quite contrite (though I could  see the Atherton way of attempting to hide gallows humor inappropriate to the moment.  Although When they were asked to stand up Elijah did get in a muffled quip "you should be used to this, Kaleb") However all was well and the officers were of very good humor and quite polite, but it was a TAD bit unnerving to find that once they recognized the boys, and the officers guns were holstered, they realized who I was!  In some warped way it was somewhat flattering however as their initial reaction to the boys B & E was one of full on S.W.A.T tactics , but quickly changed their tune when they recognized they were the sons of the Bike Guy!
Ah "It's good to be the king!"
We were then asked if there was anything we needed out of the garage, then cordially dismissed with a friendly warning to call the bank the next time we needed entry.
And by the way, it hadn't dawned on me until after we were standing in the kitchen in the safety of our kitchen that i had gone to meet the Sargent in my traditional Sunday leisure attire..
My boxer shorts.
No wonder they were grinning.
Speaking of Elijah.  After a rather tumultuous relationship that ended rather unwell when he was fourteen, he wisely swore off women, other then friends.  Let's face it, the teenage girls of today are psychotic.  At least those whom I have met through association with Elijah and Kaleb.
Maybe there's some hidden reality there.
Well,we'll explore that at a later date.
As I was saying.  Quite content to hang at home, vegging at our expense I longed for him to "Get a life!" Well apparently this past Saturday he had done just that.  He made arrangements to meet a young lady whom had struck a fancy with him at the mall for an afternoon of lunch and a movie (guess who foot that bill).  And she must be quite special as he traversed the 7 odd miles primarily by foot to do so,  Upon returning to the shop that afternoon I inquired the traditional parental inquiries, to which I got the standard quick answers.  Later however via his facebook account he showed his Mother and I several pictures of her (as he has wisely choose not top introduce her to us until a later undisclosed time.  Most likely to prepare her for the experience) and I must say,I was rather taken aback as she is a striking feminine version of him!  Long black hair same face shape, chin, nose, mouth and eyes (shape AND color) as him!
I think, like his father he may have found his match!
So I hopefully will be speaking more of this union later.
On to work!
Managed to put out three newbies today,as well as firing out the majority of repairs we got in as well!  A surprising feat as I am FREAKIN' TIRED!
Thanks to all the folks swinging in today to say Hidey Ho", as well as a special thanks to our bestest friend Uncle Chip for toting my but around to get more boxes for the move!  A special shout out to the VERY misguided young lady who called looking to sell a bike today who said I sounded "real hot".
Apparently she has a thing for overweight, scruffy, middle aged men~!
Well ya'll have a great night and we'll talk at ya tomorrow!
ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Irritable Child Syndrome

There's an old saying that resounds with apt relevance in regards to our little journey through life.  The cliche in question would be "god only gives you as much as you can handle".  Well apparently he puts a lot of stock in our ability to persevere.  Mere days out of a laborious labor and just re acclimating ourselves to familiar surroundings and poor little Izzy developed a nasty case of stomach virus.  How nasty may you ask?  Suffice to say this years tax return purchase of  the heavy duty floor and upholstery cleaner turned out to be a WISE investment!  It works particularly well at cleaning up after an aborted attempt at a diaper change on the front room sofa!  If they ever require an alternative means of propulsion to lauNch the next generation of NASA space craft into orbit?   Just line up a cadre of infants on the Crawler on all fours after a Texas chili "all you can eat" cook off!
Now it's a chore to keep Izzy away from Miranda.
Needless to say in reverence to her condition,and lack of sleep she has had the run of the TV for the last three days.  And we are currently on season 4 of Sponge Bob.
For the second time.
And do you think the relationship between Sponge Bob and Patrick is a commentary on ambiguously gay relationships?
And just what was involved in the copulation between Mr krabbs and Pearls mother?
These are the questions the arise in the desperate attempt to maintain one's sanity!
Another hip and snazzy day at the ol' shoppe!  Finally found a good home for the old Murray MTB to a man that shared my respect for it's durability!  Also built a real sharp looking Tony Hawk MTB, that sold in between the walk from the Dungeon to the show room floor, so sorry no pick.  I DO however have a couple sweet pics of the Diamondback MTB we put together as well as a SPIFFY Mongoose 29'er!  Yep!  You heard right!  We have FINALLY got in a 29'er!!!  So many have sought after these,so "there ya go!"
Thanks also to the regular slew of repairs gracing our bike rack.  Thanks for the trust!  And also we extend hearty gratitude to the many folks who just "discovered" us today.  And yes, you are right it is a "good thing" that someone is doing what we do.  We are happy we get to be the doers!
Alright, I had best sign off as i think the next wave of baby interuptus is upon us!
ONLY $170.00!!

ONLY $120.00!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Cubit? What The Hell's A Cubit?

Had the classic Bill Cosby skit running through my brain each time I glanced outside at the torrential downpour today!  But my heartfelt kudos to all the brave souls who apparently said enough was enough and choose to tread in it anyway.  We were SWAMPED today!  Sold the gorgeous Genesis right off the bat. The young man was waiting for us to open!  Also sold the Murray to a very wise young man who was QUITE surprised just how cheap it was!  The ladies cruiser found a good home as well toa young lady who has long been searching for one.  No kidding?  These things are few and far between!  Also did a mess of buying today as well!  Couple new banger material, a soon to be nice Trek commuter and our first 29'er in some time, this one a newer Mongoose. Finished up a sweet looking Diamondback MTB and I'd love to show you a pic...but I can't.  Was just way to rainy and windy to try and take one.  Will try tomorrow.
Well, wish there was more to blather on about...but I got nothin'
Ya'll have a wonderful night, I'm going on baby duty!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Holy Carp! It's Summer Vacation Already!!!

The kiddo's are coming, the kiddo's are coming!!
As if Momma and Daddy's stress levels weren't peaking enough, the dreaded 2 month onslaught of "I'm bored"s and "there's nothing to do"s and the all time favorite"stop touching me"s!!!
Have I said before how much I appreciate my job?
Now begins the joy of higher food bills, light bills,  Sponge Bob and Avatar on continuous loop via Net Flix.  Not to mention the nightly sessions of PTSD therapy for Momma.
Did I mention How much I APPRECIATE my job?
Today was a continual deluge of flooding rains so needless to say we were a tad bit slow.  Did manage to move the sweet AMX MTB we had out for all of 10 minutes, but also put out a sweet looking Genesis dual shock MTB, as well as pick up a plethora of new goodies the sweetest being a gem of a Diamondback MTB. A special shout out to Uncle Chip who brought in a sexy sweet Bicentennial Schwinn Continental in from "Uncle Chip's Garage"!  Fully refurbed and a mechanic gem!  Paint's all original but a little rough so we placed it out at a mere $130.00!!  Check online for what other places are charging for the same condition, same vintage.  Shocking!
Well tonight is our traditional "Move up a grade and celebrate by shoving as much toxic snacks into your system while simultaneously watching as much animated crap on TV until you slip into a glucose induced shock and pass out " night.
So as I hear the sounds of classic Spiderman coming from the back room, I best be off before the best seats in the house are spoken f
ONLY $105.00!!

ONLY $130.00!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Righting Wrongs!

Well bless my wife for trying to spare my feelings...well for a while at least.  As we were sitting haveing our morning coffee today we were replaying the life changeing events of the last few days.  it was in this moment of recent nostalgia she filled me in on some of the happening that transpired  while I was going back and forth from hospital to home.  One event in particular was a real source of humor for her.  After Miranda finally arrived and we were shuffled from operating room, to recovery and she was settled in.  As she rested I left for home briefly to check on the goings on before returning to bed down with angi on the fold out couch.  I stopped briefly at the nurses station as they were changeing shifts and informed them I would be returning for the night and could they please bring me bedding, then left.  As one of the nurses came into the room later to deliver the bedding, and to take Angi's vital she casually inquired "who was that man leaving earlier?  The babies Grandfather?"
OK...I get IT!  There's gray hair in my beard!
They also were not to shy to inform us that we had been the "oldest" delivering parents they had in the hospitalfor some time.
Oh THANK YOU somuch for THAT little bit of trivia!
It isn't bad enough realizing i will be raising teenage girls when I am in my SIXTIES!!
That's not why we are here!
I have a pet peeve I wish to lament about.
I'm sure you are all aware with few exceptions Hollywood is not best known for it's originallity.  When something is popular they bleed it for all it's worth.  As an example remember the EXPLOSION of Sci-Fi space epics after the premiere of Star Wars?  Or Super-hero genre after the "out -of-left-field" Blade, or more recently the unfortunate glut of sexy teenage "monsters" and their dimwitted, love struck human compatriots after Twilight?
No.  This reality is unfortunate but expected.  What really gets my goat is the BLATANT plagiarizing of an idea, or concept, or caricature and labeling it as ones own, with not even so much as recognition of that creators inspiration.  ESPECIALLY when it is by a medium more wide spread and "excepted" then some of the less respected ones.  In particular animation and comic books.
Yes among many I could list two stick very deep in my craw.  The first lesser violation would be the cinematic vivid and exceptionally beautiful (but woefully unimpressive story) "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"  Not only did this film blatantly rip off Marvels Nick Fury, agent of shield ( Angelina Jolie playing the part of the crusty eye-patched officer in charge of the impressive heli-carrier) but they also stole LIBERALLY from the classic Max Fleisher animated masterpieces of Superman cartoons.  Don't believe?  Check out this preview for  the film and it's earlier fore bearer...

And that's not even the worst of it!  In the special DVD release of the film (back when the put bonus features on the things) the director did a whole "videomentary" of thanks and acknowledgements of his inspirations in the film and at NO POINT did he credit either Marvel or Max Fleisher!
And if that's not inequity enough i turn my gaze at one of the most monolithic mega-movie franchises of this generation...
Harry Potter.
Yes, you heard me right I DARE go there!  The brainchild of R.K Rowling this "original" tale of a youthful Wizard swept the world in it's grandeur of a fanciful blend of multi-cultural myths, creatures and legends being met head on by a group of young novice "wizards in training" and the world lauded it as "unique" and original.
Un unh!
Harry hit the scene on June 30,1997 and we haven't looked back.  Well almost everyone.  But let me take you back a little bit further to 1990 when DC comics in an attempt to reintroduce their audiences to the more mystical side of their universe employed the talents of Neil Gaiman to produce an anthology headlining the various other-worldly,mystical characters .  To bring this all into a cohesive story he employed a new character,one Timothy Hunter,a would be teen age wizard who must decide for himself if he will except his destiny as our wolds mightiest magician.  He is introduced to and is led through the world's ethereal under layer of the magical, encountering all sorts of weird before ultimately choosing to follow his destiny.  Perhaps not a carbon copy of the later more recognized incarnation, but PLEASE check out the similarities below.
First, the iconic Harry Potter.

and now the lesser known predecessor, Timothy Hunter
And yes, Timothy Hunter had a white owl too!  His name was Yo-yo.
Someone tell me at any point has Mrs.Rowling given Mr.Gaiman a tip of the hat? A nod? maybe a royalty kick back?
Look, I don't have a problem with someone recognizing a good idea and going with it, but at least give some kudos to the source!
Night ya'll!


Monday, June 4, 2012

going by quick!

Yep back in the saddle again!!  and I'm gonna make this  one quick as it is now late and we gotta get some sleep while the babies let us!  Managed to bang out four new goodies so check out the pic's below and I am off to bed!'
ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $130.00!!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

First Night

All in all a good baby!
Although experience has shown us that for the first couple of weeks they sleep soundly then the need for more and more food kicks in and they have you jumping every couple of hours.  We have all ready seen today that both Izzy and Mizzy are on the same schedual as they have both awaken at the same time looking for diaper change and bottles.  4 am, 6 am and 11.00 am.  and that is unusual for Izzy at this point. Have not figured out whether this is a blessing or a curse.
Speaking of odd hours, should have mentioned this here earlier as I did post a notice in our store window, but as momma needs her recovering time, and the kiddo's are still in school we will be opening Monday through Thursday this week from 2.30-7.00 pm, so daddy can do day care, then be replaced by Elijah so I can be bike building daddy again!  Friday we go back to regular schedule.
Thanks to our friend Mrs. Kari for the clandestine drop of pastries, bread and clothes this morning (great having a friend that works at Panera Bread!)
Well Mizzy is stirring again so I am off,will talk more about the plethora of bikes I'm sure to build this afternoon!
G' day!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's About Time!!!

As with so many of the good things in life they hardly ever work out the way you plan, but the results are still spectacular!!!
As our usual night progressed last Thursday we finished watching our nightly dose of Net Flix then headed off to bed around quarter till midnight.  Nestling down in bed on the verge of full fledged dreamland Angela gave me a gentle nudge and matter of fact informed me "Steven, my water just broke"
Well being the seasoned pros we are there was none of the traditional hulla ba-lou you see so many times in the comedic missteps of expecting parents, rather it was a calm accumulation of all the necessary items for the birth. As we had originally planned for a home birth I quickly encased the mattress in plastic, lay out all the needed paraphernalia all the while time the contractions on Angi's handy dandy little stop watch app on her phone.  As the contractions came closer and closer we put the call into the midwife that it was time.  Eventually showing up at 4 am (i don't envy her her hours) the monitoring and waiting game began.
I'll stop here to express just how lucky I am to have such a strong wife.  I eat a Mexican dinner and I think I have a problem passing it!  WOW!  20 hour of straight labor but unfortunately to no avail.  Just couldn't get the little girl to pass.  As 24 hours of labor is the cut off point before a doctor becomes involved, and as she was intermittently passing out from exhaustion she decided that it was unfortunately necessary to head for the hospital.  Once there, drugs installed the prognosis again changed.  There was no way she was going to be able to deliver in enough time as the babies heart beat was dipping, an emergency C-section was needed.
I am not ashamed to tell you, I was scared.  I tried to hide it, but even through her haze of exhaustion she saw it, and was comforting ME!  As I said, I am very lucky to have this woman!
So,encased in gown hat and mask I went in to sit with her while the "major procedure" was conducted.  Here again, she had to comfort me.  Even though the medication they put her under was making her upper body quiver uncontrollably.  Once Miranda was out there was what seemed like an excruciating eternity until we finally heard her cry.
In the end though they are both doing wonderful, thank god!  And she is by far our biggest baby yet (thanks to angi quitting smoking a year and a half ago!)  Weighing in at 9 pounds 2 ounces, and measuring 23 and half inches!  Angi says she is every bit the spitting image of me.  I just hope she outgrows it!
Thanks to all the great folks at the shop and all our families and friends for all the kind words and prayers!  
Now it's time for me to head back to the hospital!