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Saturday, July 30, 2011

'Tis done, for today

Today was a real hoot!  Thanks to all for popping in, and saying hey!  Josh made off with the gem of a GT, at the urging of his wonderful Grandma, whom I had a very pleasant confab with regarding the responsibility of youth.  It's nice to know that there are those out there taking child rearing seriously.  Even if that child is past the 18 year mark!
Also glad we could do a deal to help the young dad coming in to get bikes for his growing girls, Always like to help keep them riding.  And A special shout out to Robert and his son for their joy at the sight of the sweet Nishiki Road Bike we built for Jr.  Always love that kind of unbridled excitement!  '
Warms the cockles of my heart.  Had the "boy" Kaleb in today, actually all week, keeping him out of trouble, and OH...i KNOW he loves it so much!  Ever see the Dad and Sons on OCC?  Oh yes, TLC or Discovery, if you're reading...Here's your next REALity show!
All right, did manage to get three new goodies done up, Check out the pics below!  Real noce Specialized hybrid, sportin' new tires, tubes cables the works!   A FULL re-furb!
Also Check out the Kona MTB, Lightweight performance with alot of sweet extras!  not to mention the ladies Pacific we picked up yesterday in trades towards the Giant.
All right, i gotta git, it's Mommy and Daddy time tonight.  As I'm sure the older boys will whine 'cause they don't get to sit in on tonight's flick.
ONLY $125.00

ONLY $85.00

ONLY $150.00!!

Bravely...Captain Tirade...SWINGS into Action!!!

With a hearty bellow from his ample diaphragm, Captain Tirade selflessly hurls himself into the fray!  Battling rampant politeness!
Stamping out common conformity!
Look...Over there on that sidewalk...
Is it a bus?
Is it an aggravated Bison?
Captain Tirade!!!
Yes, kiddo's it's that time again.  When the hair across my ass has become to cumbersome to withstand and I must vent my frustrations on an unsuspecting public!
I have one simple question.  At what point did we, as a society, as a whole...settle.
At what point did we lay down on our bellies stick our butts in the air and not even ask for the courtesy of KY?
Lets set the way back machine.  This may be somewhat alien to anyone under the age 25 but just hold onto the railing and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.
I can clearly recall as a boy growing up in NH that in my parents house(s) amongst all the trappings of suburban (rural) living we had 1 refrigerator (that always worked) 1 TV (an old Philco Black and white set, I think my dad had in college, which was STILL running fine when my mom decided to go color somewhere in the late 80's) 1 stove, a coffee pot (that didn't short out if it got wet) , the same pots and pans (that didn't leave little black flakes of pseudo-Teflon in your scrambled eggs)  silver ware (that didn't bend when you tried to lift the weight of your morning cereal) you get my gist!
Things worked!  You took it for granted that when you bought one of these items it was a lifelong purchase!  Those memories seem SO unrealistic nowadays.  So at what point did we decide it made more sense to save a few buck's on the INITIAL purchase price of anything, when we have learned over time that we are going to pay for it down the line?  I know that in the "Bike World" that shift came in the mid 90's when the BRILLIANT US Government decreed that Chinese imports posed "No Threat" to American Bicycle Manufacturers.  Very astute observation on their part.  Curious though that a few years later pretty much ALL major US makers were either out of business or manufacturing in China.  And anyone who has bought a bike from Wal-Mart, K-mart or Target know what a good move THAT was!
That's why when I get a Huffy, or Schwinn or Murray from the early 90's or earlier I'm a happy camper.  I know even though their not the lightest bikes out there, they're amongst the strongest and most durable!
You may now be asking yourself, "where did this all come from?"
Well I'll tell you. Upon arriving this morning at the shop I was greeted to an all familiar romp through Lake Re-Cycle.  Our finely crafted AC system and it's equally fine pump (stamped "Made In China") had left it's mark (there was even a small frog in the water...And no I am NOT kidding)  Knowing that the management would probably frown on me installing an indoor pool, I trudges down to "Dollar General (Chow)" to get a mop and bucket.  With the normal over confidence of any good American consumer, I assumed a rope mop would do the trick.
Silly me.  Apparently "Absorption" is not the goal of this particular mop.  APPARENTLY the manufacture thought that moving water back and forth would suffice.  I guess the design was to continually slosh said water to and fro in an attemptt to speed up the process of evaporation.  Well not being well known for my patience, i felt that perhaps this was NOT the best use of eight dollars, and in a bold unprecedented move I sought to RETURN said offensive piece of equipment for something that was truly capable of removing water.  Imagine the slight bewilderment in the eyes of the store clerk when i plopped a dirty mop on the counter expecting a return.  My argument "when I purchase a mop, I EXPECT it to be able to pick up WATER"  Surprisingly he appeared bewildered for a moment.. then acquiesced that yes, in fact that would be preferable.
In the end i opted for a couple of towels, which worked just fine.
The moral of our story is this.  We have all become to complacent.  i am sure that I am not the only one that such a tale has happened to, so if you aren't doing it now, anytime something fails to work the way it REALLY is meant to, bring it back in a huff and DEMAND a refund.  Perhaps if enough folks do that the powers that be may come to realize that we are not truly, rubes!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summertime (b)Flu(es)

Definitely NOT feeling tippety top.  I'd be better off back in bed but need to beat this thing!  Have two specials I wanted to have ready for the customers before this weekend, worked late on 'em last night.  So dragged my keister in here today to try and finish them up.  Here's hoping!
And don't worry, if your planning a trip out here, I won't breath on you.
And planning a trip you should as the showroom is getting fuller and fullerer.  Come take advantage of us and our generosity!
All right I'd better try and get something done.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As we Trip Along Merrily.....

Yep, after several hip chucks on various pieces of metal i have come to one of two conclusions. Either we are getting WAY much stock in here, or my ass is getting WAY to fat!
But Goodies galore we got!  Thanks to Bullet from "Hands on Bicycles" out on Gulf to bay for giving up some of his throwaways!  This one a SWEET Ladies Giant Sedona!  looks to be an '05!  Needed some heavy work, and the paint has some dings, but she cleaned up REAL NICE!  Check out the pic below.  And thanks to my son Elijah for wheeling it back here (with a back pack full of goodies no less!)   Also thanks to the gent for cleaning out his storage shed and finding a tandem he forgot he had, AND for letting us pick it up from him (well actually he drove it here...but I took it out of the back, so that counts for something, right?)  The lovely ladies came in to pick up the Raleigh Chopper today!  And she looks to be getting more comfortable with it,  Has been sometimes since she rode a bike.  I think it's been since before this bike was actually built!  But I know she'll warm up to it real quick!  Was a generally slow traffic day, being a rainy summer day, but we managed to get out three more gems and I took an extended lunch break to surf the web.  Running out of Firefly material I started hunting and pecking for something more Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) has been in.  After finding out he is a comic book fanboy as well, have become rather intrigued with him.  And lo and behold I re-discovered a classic sitcom from  the late 90's early turn of the century you may recall "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place"   Had forgotten that he was on it with of all people a young Ryan Reynolds!  Must have been shortly after his guest shot on X-Files!  Here's a bit of Trivia...Nathan place the voice of Hal Jordan, Green lantern in "Green Lantern; Emerald Knights" and of course we all know Ryan played Hal Jordan in the live action GL Flick! 
Yes I know...WAY to FanBoy! 
 Needless to say, I downloaded a few episodes to peruse tonight!  So with that a shower and dinner waiting (had to stay a little later to help out a poor gent whose front wheel went Kaput!) I'd best get a move on!
ONLY $145.00

ONLY $70.00

ONLY $60.00

Don't ask me....I was sleeping.

A special warm and fuzzy heartfelt thanks to my lovely wife, Angela for coming in on her Faithful steed to rescue me yesterday!  Had a MONUMENTAL headache (they don't happen to often) and needed to go home and lay down.  And another thanks to Elijah for doing his best to keep the rest of the brood quite so I could do that.  Apparently I was a little more tired then I thought as I slept for a good 8 hours, woke up and ate and went back to sleep.  And to those of you wondering why no blog yesterday (with a tip of the hat to the gent who came in yesterday with just such a query) that's why no blog.  As is customary I would like to extend my gratification to the folks who stopped by to visit yesterday.  And it's always a good day for folks when Angi's here, as she is always willing to deal(not that I'm...not).  Dontrell walked out with the way cool custom Haro BMX and Shawn lucked out with the sweet hard tail Schwinn MTB.  Happy trails!  Today greets us with a few Special orders needing to be tended to as well as many buys we've made that need rebuilding!  So I had best get a move on and get started!  Y'all have a great day and hope to see you soon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

There it was...Gone!

Where'd the day go?!  So busy it was eight O'clock before I could blink!  Thanks to all the folks for giving us the re-ferals!  WOW!!  To the Clearwater Police officer who told the young couple suffering from a recent bike theft, to the folks down at HEP for sending in the nice lady and her son to pick out the COOL Vertical PK-7, to the gent from the Pinellas park Trailer Lodge for sending down his out of state neighbors to peruse the selection and pick out twin MTB!  Also to the Couple who had heard about us from a friend of a friend that had some old bikes kicking around the gee-rage and instead of chucking them brought them in to sell.  A GOOD thing, too considering they were a Bianchi road bike and a Specialized hybrid!  WHEW!!  Glad to see those gems aren't going to the salvage yard!  And to the nice ladies looking to get back into riding who heard of us through neighbors and came in and bought, of ALL things the SWEET vintage Raleigh chopper!!!  Thanks also to the young gent who's two days new to the area and heard from the folks in the Hotel he's staying at that THIS was the place to pick up transportation!  Which he did in the way of a gorgeous mongoose BMX!  Thanks also to all the folks with their re-pairs, really kept me hopping on a Monday!!  And through it all got to finish up two more pretties for the show room!  Finally starting to get more men's bikes out there! 
Well dinner awaits and I hear my shower beckoning me!
ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Yep.  Days end.  'Twas a busy day by all, with much to doings!

It is also movie night, and i have the movie and i'm gonna be late!

Sp here's the goodies put out today!  Thanks to Chip for the Schwinn, It didn't make it past the rack before it sold to a lovely young couple getting into ridding.  But I give you it's pic anywho!


ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $110.00!!


musical taste may vary

OK, I am in a rare sentimental mood so anyone prone to nausea crated by sentimentality may want to stop reading.
As you may imagine a household comprised of as many individuals as mine will differ in tastes and opinions as their is grains of sand on Clearwater beach.  So it is of some miracle that not more fights occur regarding them.  By and large things remain relatively even keel.  My lovely wife, though shares in the "younger" generations musical taste where as not.  Perhaps it is the inevitability of age or wisdom that sends grinding chills up my spine each time I accidentally catch an earful of whatever noise that passes for music nowadays coming out of the older boys headphones, or God forbid, stereo.
We don't have the customary stereo.  Angela found these tower speakers that you plug your mp3 or cell into and listen to your tunes.  So with the access of Pandora Radio on her phone they can hear just about ANY kind of music at the touch of a button.  And as my wife, regardless of how may she plays at the "shrill" wife (we have a running gag regarding "The Voice"  imagine a garden rake on a chalk board,  she CAN hit those levels) she looks out for me.  To the tune of "Stand By Your Man" it is the kind of traditional "Daddy's Home"  when I get home.  Hugs and kisses for Daddy, how was your day, then we all gather at the table for dinner, and afterwards the kids have a variety of interests that we share in.  Last night it was coloring, playing ball with Izzy, and a tickle fight with Owen.  A bantering of one liners and poking insults between Elijah and my self, minor lecture for Kaleb, and an attempt to convince Logan that life was not ALL about video games (failed at that one).  Now all the while Mom, knowing Dad had the background music tuned into  Irish Folk music.  At one point she regaled me with an Irish jig with Izzy, very sweet.   I may be of French and Polish descent, but my heart is in Ireland!  It gave the air of the house an Irish Tavern feel.  'Twas a very good night!
Well my reminiscence must end as I am starting to get busy, and have a bevy of rides to fix up for the weekend!  See ya then!
And may the wind be at your back!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

At This Point Fred Flintstone is Putting The Sabre Tooth Out For The Night.

And I am Ready to hit it.  Another busy day breaking rocks in the quarry.  And brought in MANY new goodies to boot!  Thanks to our Buddy Chip for dropping off more pretties!  Nice (or soon to be) Schwinn Range Searcher Hybrid.  Already 80% rebuilt!  Chip's busily working away at his next opus and can't be "distracted" by new projects.  And yes this was a tempting one!  Hence why it hit my rack 30 seconds after he left!  Thomas brought us in another nice Schwinn, this one a real CLEAN Frontier!  Also got a couple more banger fodder, and some more kids bikes (them's comin' outta me ears!) Vince hung out for awhile today after picking up the "Birthday Cake" bike for himself.  his logic, "It's to ugly for anyone to want to steal!"  Can't argue with that!  Thanks to Roger and his son for stopping in to check on the progress on the Nishiki road bike they order.  Sadly there is no more progress as they have yet to come up with a paint scheme.  Hopefully they'll have decided tomorrow.  Also, of course, thanks to all the re-pairs for flooding in! 
We have only one new piece to show off as Adam was feeling under the weather and left early, and shortly after Tony rolled in around noon, I heard no noise coming from his bay as he was working on an Avalon, so i peeked into check, to find him passed out asleep.
Oh yes, it's that homey around here.  Needless to say his Mommy came and took him home.  So I have had three no...four projects going today but only finished one.
So here it is, and as MY mommy is calling me I guess I have to pack up my toys and go home.
ONLY $100.00!!!

Silly String

That's the first thing I think of when I look at this gem.  A Gt Karakoram.  Sweet bike though.  Check it out and we'll talk later.  Much to do!
ONLY $140.00!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hip, Hip Hurrah! For Tuesday!

And that is said with no sarcasm!
We were VERY busy yesterday!  Had a flood of repairs come in (Thanks for continuing to choose us, folks!) and several of the "left in storage" re-pairs got picked up!  Many a fine Looky Loo stopped by to visit as the word gets out.  Thanks to all for the high praise and for letting your friends know about us.  Speaking of which, met a new scrapper yesterday.  Well he's not "new" to scrapping, but as he was waiting in line at the scrap yard someone familiar with us told him he HAD to come here first.  And much to his shock the ladies Schwinn he had on the top of his pile was worth WAY more than 11.5 a pound!  Needless to say we have added another scavenger to our ranks!  Long live the Browncoats!
Thanks to Olivia for coming down to meet us.  Driven by the mystic allure of the Fuji t1700, it is now securely on it's way to college.  As is she.  They make a lovely couple!  We got a sweet (soon to be) Old school Ladies Free Spirit 3-speed in trade for a kids bike as well.  She needs a lot of clean up but will be a welcome addition!  Thanks to Rusty and his unflinching patience (and tenacity) for compelling me to finish the custom 5-speed cruiser re-build for him.  Met with a few...obstacles in it's construction but we saw it through! 
Yes, we did put out more goodies yesterday (we were busy little bees) Nice Ladies Schwinn road bike, i thought wouldn't make it past scrap, and a sweet Hyper MTB, that sold in the final cleaning stages.  I post it's pic just to prove we WERE working! 
Also picked up more goodies!  The aforementioned Ladies Schwinn, Ladies Free Spirit, as well as a WILD looking GT MTB (that is now partially done up on my rack, a GORGEOUS Diamondback Men's cruiser, to DIE for!  A big boy Caloi MTB, and more I lost track of.
Today looks to be just as busy so I had best get me lard ass in gear!
Keep flyin'!

ONLY $105.00

Monday, July 18, 2011

Daddy's Afternoon Out!

YAY!  I went on a trip! 
I went in a taxi!
And saw a city!
And bought a drink!
And FINALLY got our flyer's done.

SO.  Kept downright busy today with re-pairs (bless you) and things were downright goofy around here.  Adam is testing out new ways to annoys us, and his vocal imitation of a wounded T-Rex really hit the nail on the head (So did I..almost..him being the nail) Just everyone off a little.  Not in a bad way, just more...askew. 
Ever have one of those days when you have nothing to say.
Yep.  MY turn!
I'll leave you with another tidbit.  Watch the sub tittles though. it's a WAY bit racy!  Not for the kid folk!

oh....I am in trouble!

Well, yesterday was a hoot!  My day off, originally I had planned to take it easy and spend some time reading.  However as is so often the case, plans change.  Feeling a little run down from a busy week, I slept until almost noon, to be awaken by the inevitable argument of some such with the kids.  And as is my usual response, I made a pot of coffee and ascertained that if they had the energy to argue, they had the energy to clean.  Now, surprisingly (as i am sure they have grown accustomed to it) They did so with now reservation and no "But it's not MY mess" whining. 
And they worked fighting...and did it quickly....and did a good job...with no fighting...
I actually had to step outside and check and see if I was in the right house.  Then not convinced had images of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Took awhile to feel at ease that they weren't waiting for me to be lulled into a false sense of security...then suck my brains out my ears with a straw.
However all ended well, and they were treated to video games in the media room till their brains bled.
Around this same time, Angela had gotten busy at the shop (ALOT of repairs came in, thanks so much!) and a gent who has been coveting a road bike for his young son, stopped by to see if I had brought up the Nishiki frame I had in the garage (I had not...our garage scares me) It is not only excess bike storage but also our laundry room (lord what a mess) and when the kitchen duties are done and they sweep up debris they just sweep it into the garage and leave it.  So needless to say it's pretty huge mess out there.  So I was a TAD bit embarrassed to have this sharply dressed gent and his well groomed child watching as I, Kaleb and Elijah stumbled over the mound of trash trying to find the frame.  Much to there credit, they took it in stride and we eventually found the prize.
Well the whole ordeal made it QUITE apparent that we needed to RE-ORGANIZE!  So much to the chagrin of the elder boys, they had the thankless task of emptying out the mess.  In the end, I discovered MANY hidden treasures in their, the least of which is not a sweet early 60's Schwinn cruiser, and many more vintage pieces.  Not to mention two Specialized, and a Trek 820.  SO, you will be seeing a lot more goodies coming out soon.  In the end, moving around and cleaning and discovering bled over into the shop as I had them bring me all the overstock shoved in the back room over to the NOW organized garage.  So we have room to move here!!  WOW!
So here's where I get into trouble.  Feeling good about myself and the boys for helping we started playing around with the garden hose and I get drenched (as do they) well the happy feel good thoughts carry on into the eve, and after a nice dinner as we usually sit around the table and banter about one thing led to another and a wrestling match broke out.  Now it's been awhile since I was pitted against Elijah.  For reference he's 2 inches taller then me now, and only about 10 pounds lighter.  Yet he's ALOT younger and as much as I won't try and show it, he's no where NEAR as easy to put down as he once was.  To top it off the other boys got into it as well.  I have to say combined the four of them are a formidable force.  Kaleb, much lighter the Elijah, but wiry and sinew, stands even taller then Elijah.  And Although in the feather weight category, Owen is a dirty fighter, and Logan looks for the opportunity to do his "Death From Above" maneuver (he stands on the arm of whatever furniture is closest to the melee and slams down on the pile...knees and elbows (and he's got some bony joints!)) In the end, I awoke rather sore with a bit of a knot in my spine.  But I won't admit that to them.
I definitely need to get back into shape...or they are going to KILL me.
Alright, enough blathering we have a busy day, and week ahead of us...I guess I better work.

ONLY $70.00

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Round, Round Baby Round, round!!!

It never fails.  The more I organize the more things get messed up!  ARRGH!!!  About 80% done with reorganizing the back, and today being Saturday always means re-pairs.  Which is NOT the problem, we love being the one folks choose to keep their rides going.  Special tip of the hat to our new friend Johnathan for bringing in ALL of his families Schwinn's for work AND a full re-furb and re-paint on his "Baby"!  No, that's not the problem.  What IS the problem is I, combines with Adam don't seem to have enough snap to KEEP it clean.  (see pic below).  I am for all intents and purposes a MESSY worker.  If I have a part or piece that's bad and removed 9 out of 10 times it hits the floor.  Tools...hit the floor.  Amongst that and all the parts bins removed from the shelves and NOT put back, it takes less then a morning for the Dungeon to look like a trailer park hit by an F5.
BUT, that's why I pat Sundays crew the big bucks to clean up.  Heh.
And today kept us moving!  FINALLY sold the Raliegh 20 to a wonderful lady looking to get back on a bike after a long hiatus!  Our best wishes, mam!  Last night stayed around a little while for a group of young gents pedalling down from New Port Richey to pick up the DK BMX.  Now that's dedication!  I've made that trip on bike, and it's a HAUL!  Thanks for the patronage, guys!
And Special Thanks to Chip and Joanne for visiting us yesterday bearing gifts!  The Schwinn "Big Boy" world road bike is gonna be a gem when she's done!!
Also sold the Specialized Crossroads to a nice family who had come in to look at another one, but fell in love with it.  Can't say as I blame them, she's a peach!
Momma came in for a little while this afternoon to help and hob knob with the customers as I worked away on one stubborn scratch build cruiser I have been trying to get done!  It looks great but is giving me a run for my money!
Well, with that I had best get my tail moving!  Y'all have a great night!

It looks like someone college dorm room!

And for all you "Browncoats"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fandom Comes In All Sizes!

This will demonstrate just how out of touch I am. I had NO idea that yesterday was the opening night for "Harry Potter; The Dragged Out Ending part 2"  To be precise, TODAY is the films opening but as "Today" started at midnight last night, most theatres KNOWING a money maker preview the blockbusters at midnight showings.  I found this out as my sister (obsessive "Fan-person" mentality runs in my family) texted me from the LINE at her local theatre in Portsmouth (Newington) NH.  As she had been standing in it since slightly after 8pm (her friends were holding her place APPARENTLY alot earlier)  Now, down here I have gone to a couple midnight shows of "much awaited blockbusters" and walked right up to the ticket counter, got my ticket, popcorn and seat in under 10 minutes.  And talk about  sedate crowds, the jokes get the laughs, but in alot of the more fan driven movies (IE: Star Trek, and Comic book movies) no one there seems to get the "in" jokes, or cameos and what have you.  the last time I had a really interactive movie experience was when I was working at a comic shop in Boston and the local distributor had gotten hold of a handful of tickets for a pre-screening of Tim Burton's "Batman".  Good movie to see with enthusiastic Fan boys!
So, anyways.  It took me a few seconds to remember what is was like for my sister at that moment.  I'll see if i can set the scene.  This is a huge mall, with a theatre of 16 screens.  ALL of those screens were showing the movie.  And ALL of them were sold out WAY earlier.  The lines were there JUST for seating rights.  Many of the movie goers were fully regaled in costume (my sister had her official "Harry Potter" wand) the police were present for crowd control, it was an "Event!"
I just hope in the end, the movie was worth it, as the last one put I and my entire family to sleep.
Anywho.  Got lot's going on today and had best get to work!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Help Save The Texas Praire Chicken!

Sorry.  I spent a little time in the Dungeon watching an OLD tape I made when I was a wee lad.  Episodes of the Monkees.  Put me in a MOOD.
What is it about timing?  I won't lament about the fact that I am STILL sorting through parts (ARRGH!) I've already wined about that enough.  However it's odd that as the mid afternoon can be a bit slow around here I just kept at it with the parts.  As the small stuff is down to 1 tote, I switched to building shifters and derailleurs (giving myself a break) and as no visitors stopped by I just kept working (1 quirky episode after another) until about three hours passed and I had natures urge to fulfill.  And without fail, I hear a customer asking today's little helper, Owen.  Is your Mom or dad here.  Well of course children have no tact, and potty humor is of great hilarity to them, so he's was not shy as describe WHY I was in the library.
And of course there were three customer who had come in at roughly the same second.  OH GOODY!  An audience.
Well, had many looky loo's first thing but today was mainly work and re-pairs (thanks so much!) and ALOT of phone calls!  Which is GREAT as it means more folk are looking for us.  Gotta love that!  Anthony was in for a little while to put out a sweet looking 20" Haro BMX re-paint, then cleaned the mess I made in the back.  I still intend on putting up pic's of the new goodies, but I have been slightly singular of purpose, so please forgive me.
Well with that I need to bid farewell!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I got ANT'S in my PANTS!!!

Seriously.  I had 'em in my pants, shirt, socks, shoes you name it!  SOMETIMES the bikes we buy have been sitting in someones back yard or whatever, and nature deplores a vacuum.  SO they occasionally fill the void of bike frames....with ant colonies.  A fact you can be sadly unaware of, UNTIL you start tearing them down.  Then you know.  Such is the case in the little 20" vertical we we're working on, as soon as we took off the headset...whoosh.  A herd of red ants came out to picket the gentrification of their neighborhood.  They were not up for negotiations.  Well in response i installed a water theme park.  They forgot their inner tubes so decided to use me as higher ground. 
Good thing no one was around out back to see my impromptu shower.
ANYWAY.  I have been continuing the mind numbing task of parts sorting.  I think my IQ has decreased, markedly (some are aware of the dangers of this as I'm only a couple of points shy of having to choose between walking or gum chewing) and my hands are SO skewered by metal shards, it ain't funny!
Alas, due to the fact that I have given the task prior to others, it's all completely Fu....dged up!
Thanks to the young ladies who picked up the custom BMX earlier.  She needed one that would fit her diminutive size, this one fit the bill!!  And we had a weird bidding war for the right to buy the cruiser.  two folks walked through the door at the same time, both looking for the cruiser.  In the end though he wanted hand brakes (it's coaster) and she wanted a bigger seat.  But it's cool, 10 minutes after they left a young man came in and grabbed it, so all's well!  We always say a bike will find it's owner!
Today's little helper was Rozy.  (as if she would let me forget!)  and she made damn sure that our Internet re-mained on.  I think I have heard more ICarley then I want to for the foreseeable future!
And we did manage to get much done in the way of new stuff, although I was SO enraptured with unadulterated sheer JOY of part sorting that I forgot to get pic's.  Will have them up tomorrow!  We do have this one pic of a sweet custom consignment piece though!  Full chrome 20" cruiser with the springer front end!  Sweet!
And to all the Browncoats reading, leaving you with a little diddy, a REM style tribute to Firefly!
chromed out masterpiece
only $200.00

daddy, you do realize that "Firefly" memorabilia is not a business expense, right?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Lord...I've Gone Crosseyed!

I'll paint the picture.  Over the years we have accumulated ALOT of sh...tuff.  When we purchase bikes some go directly to tear-down for parts.  Now like any organized shop that would have a comprehensive, organized system of filing away parts to make them easily accessible to the mechanics...well WE are nothing like the normal bike shop.  So from time to time we have to dig through the 200 lb buckets of parts scattered about and sort them,
Remember that "other" thing you did that they lied and said it could make you go blind?  Sorting parts damn sure does!  It is testament to how many bikes we work on that we can sort through a bucket and know what each nut, screw and washer goes to (if not it goes in the "What-not" box.  (That's our BIGGEST box!)
Needless to say, I'll be at it for a couple of days.
Thanks to bob for visiting and giving a leg up to an employee down on his luck and picking him up a ride to get to and from work!  And he picked out a good one as well.
thanks, as always to all the folks visiting and giving us the chance to keep their rides going!
I had best get my hinney in gear though, as dinner is waiting!  And my stomach aint' gettin' any smaller!
Stay Shiny!

Seriously...I DO work.

But I have a lunch break.  And where usually I would be spending that break playing online Scrabble, today the copy of the "Serinty" Deluxe set came in, and I HAD to watch the Outtakes.  I love blooper reels. of course once that was over, I went to U-tube to check out bloopers from the show, which then led to an exploration of the MANY fan based bits and pieces!  Oh I am SO hooked.  Anyway, before going back to work I wanted to share this little fan made video (to thew tune of one of my favorite songs.  OK...I know...a little "Gay Disco" of me.  but hey, i'm a child of the 80's!)
Here we go

Monday, July 11, 2011

I am SO sad!

I have been accused at times, justifiably so of being....obsessive. (would my wife, mother and sister please stop laughing I can't hear myself type) I latch onto something and it become, well an obsession (duh) Currently that HAS to be Firefly.  Yes a TV show (and movie) has become a major preoccupation of my free time.  As we are currently re-watching the sadly short run series of MONUMENTAL quality, I felt compelled to discover why Fox cancelled it.  Many theories abound, but it boils down to lack of faith on the part of the network, leading to poor ratings.  Being aired in the death slot of Fridays nights, with minimal exploitation, they also failed to run the pilot first (they ran that at the end of the run?) the episodes were also shown out of sequence, shown sporadically, and many time preempted by sporting events (yuck).  To put it poignantly, they had nailed the coffin shut BEFORE the occupant was dead.
Fast forward, and the show is a massive cult favorite, with the box DVD set being one of the all time best seller!  And just check out how many fans sites are on the web!  The Movie "Serenity" come to find out was actually partially paid for by fan donations!!!
WOOF!  Lets see anyone put up cash for "Real Wife's Of Alabama" or whatever!
All right I'll cut to the chase, check this site out for me and even if you don't care hit in a vote for one of the BEST shows of all times (before the actors get to old)
OK, so on the work front!  Today was a day of organization attempt!  I say "Attempt" because the moment I got into it, I got a flood of re-pairs in, which is NO PROBLEM! but obviously took precedence!  And as is almost ALWAYS the case, no sooner had we dug into the back room, a couple WONDERFUL gents came by with trailer in tow to bestow upon us 13 more bikes and a variety of parts!  So the afternoon was spent making more of a mess in the Dungeon processing them all.  Most were parts bikes but we lucked out with a TOWNIE ELECTRA!!!!!   WOW!!!!  Haven't had one in way to long, and this one is complete.   Needs some major TLC, but WELL worth it!  Also got the damnedest little get up someone built out of a Road master wagon.  Check out the before pic below.  They had it set up as an electric motorized Jobey but we're going to turn it into a way cool pull along for Izzy!  Also managed to put out a nice ladies Specialized Crossroads Hybrid (got the wheel set in the batch of goodies!)  Well as much as I need to keep plugging on parts sorting, I had better call it a day!
Stay Shiny!

ONLY $130.00!!!


Saturday, July 9, 2011


It has definitely been a day for kids bikes!  WOOF!  Anthony put out six, as we had a FLOOD of trade-ups come in!  Check out ALL the pic's below.  We also finally got in another Road Bike!  About time!  This one is a sweet 65cm Fuji T-1700.  Also put out.....????, I lost track!  We were just bike building fools.  Thanks to all the folks for their continued support in the wave of re-pairs coming in!  WOW!  And check this out, had a gentleman bring in three for the "Work-up" (one of them was a GORGEOUS vintage Bianchi...oooooo) But the cool thing was his name is Stone Baxter.  Is that cool, or what!?  Sound's like a name that belongs in a Mickey Spillane dime store novel.  AWESOME!
Thanks to Ken for a quick "I don't want to walk anymore" sale of the Big Boy Crusher MTB we had.  Also to the wonderful family who came buy with their kids bike upgrades!  Was happy to be able to tell them that one of the bikes didn't need trading, just adjustments.  And furthermore, I'd like to apologize to them once again.  Seems after they got home with the 20' BMX for their son, the side wall on the rear rim blew out.  Not the tire, THE RIM!!!  I have NEVER seen that happen before!  We were of course quick to replace the bike (as we had no more free wheel rears to replace it)  We hope he's happy with the second choice (actually I think the second one was better, anyway).
Well, it has been a Busy tiring day, (and I'm a LITTLE sore from the impromptu "Pixie" race the other mechs and I had.  Seriously can you see me racing a 12 inch bike.  Sad.  Just plain sad!
Good night, y'all!
FUJI T-1700
ONLY $180.00


BEVY OF 12"!!
ALL UNDER $25.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!



ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $40.00!!

ONLY $40.00!!!

Typical Day.

This is why I say that "content" is NOT a bad word.
And with children, EVERY day is an adventure!
After a real "coming to heart' talk with the older boys last night (typical teenage stuff, but still nerve racking) we ended up having movie night WAY late.  Like 11.30 late!  But surprisingly the little ones stayed awake for the whole flick (although once over, Rozy and Owen always fake their asleep so I'll carry them to bed), and Logan, who possesses Mom's Owl like powers was still awake and raring for another flick.  Not so much.
So this morning, as is almost no, traditional, Rozy came in and woke me up at 8 am with the normal "Daddy, Izy's awake" wake up call.  So with diaper changed, I did the double-task of making bottle and coffee, before she gets to cranky (And I didn't even break the decanter this time...oh don't get me started)
Of course as I sat nursing my coffee (in the dark, I hate light's first thing in the morning, and as there are no windows in the kitchen or front of the house, it's the perfect little cave!) Logan, now awake came out of the bedroom huffing and puffing carrying a plump little Izy, bottle clenched in teeth, and plopped her down in front of me.  So we spent the morning playing fetch with a little cheap-o pull back model car.  Even the momma, now awake and bleary eyed, stated that "She's not a DOG!".  Hey, if she's entertained....
And as she explored and found more goodies, something struck me as funny.  When your new parents you fall pray to the hype about what's good and necessary for raising children, so you spend umpteen thousands on a load a crap, that you never really use.  Seriously.  We have had THREE diaper Genies, never uses 'em once.  Teething rings?  Nope.  And this point was brought home as I watched Izy (now a drooling mass of teeth cutting fury) gnawing on a rock.  Yep.  Seems Owen came across a river rock while digging in the backyard, brought it in and cleaned it and she "claimed" it.  Just don't try and kiss her when she's holding it.  She's in the "smack you if you get to close stage"
All together a pleasant morning.
Being of course a wonderful catalyst to a good day.  Rain let up a few minutes before I left, and the sun is now out and blazing!  So don't waste another moment sitting in YOUR cave!  Get on out and enjoy it while you can!!
Yesterday was surprisingly busy, giving the Gail-force winds (I stepped out in it for 30 seconds and had to chase my hat down the parking lot (not a pleasant sight, having a fat man run!)) and driving rain, but had MANY a re-pair come in and pick up (THANKS to all for your continued trust and support)
Thanks to Andy and his lovely wife for choosing us to make the three-wheeler for them!  They have come in a couple of times, and after searching "Elsewhere" realized paying less the half of what they'd pay anywhere else, was a good thing!
Even though I was quite busy with re-pairs I did manage to finish up the SWEET little vinatge Raleigh Chopper!  Check her Out!  Also got about 90% done on another MTB re-build!
Special thanks to the Gents who came in first thing this morning, and gave us quite a compliment.  Seems they've "heard good things" about us and have been doing a wee bit of research.  Recently they sold a 21 year business and were "looking for something to do with their time".  Now taking it all with a grain of salt, and I'm not sure the offer was genuine, although quite generous, sadly I had to decline.  RE-Cycle is not for sale.  Not even for that much.  My family built this business with the intent of being a Family business.  Now and forever.  Somethings you just can't put a price on.  Thanks anyway.
SO, on that note, I have a store CHOKED with stock I GOTTA get out!
Have a GREAT day!

ONLY $145.00!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making Hay...While it Rains?

As the old saying goes...or so we have "altered" it.  As any Floridian is aware we have been living one of the seven signs.
 Two.  ONLY two!
Rain.  May not be the best for inspiring folks to get out and ride, but it did inspire us to take advantage of the down time and get some bikes built!  YEA!  (that's about as "Jock" as I get.) Today brings us five newbies!  Check 'em out below, and look at the Cruiser!  Use to be a motorized bike.  The owner beat it to death (motor, not the bike) and instead of just trashing it, brought it to us.  I would have to say she came back pretty good!  After a lot of TLC and some new tires (and wheels, and handle bars, and neck, and tubes, and....) And we still have the old school Raleigh chopper in paint (humidity and the color yellow...what was I THINKING!?!?).
Thanks to all the wonderful folks stopping by before the rain hit (and a few more after it hit) bringing us their re-pairs!  We love to hear the phrase "A friend told me about you all..."  Music to our ears.
Now speaking of re-pairs, I'd like to take this  opportunity to discuss the RE-Cycle 1-Year Warranty.  Now we here don't stand on ceremony, pretty level headed folk.  No fancy fine print, or disclaimers etc.etc.  Common sense prevails.  So we figured that when we tell folks that if any part should fail within one year we will re-place that part NO CHARGE for part or labor.  Not including tubes.  Straight forward.  Presumably (and time has shown) most folks understand that when the rider damages the bike, it's on them.  Like, say for instance your doing bunny hops and jumps on an aluminum rim and  you crash hard and bend the rear's not covered.  We will fix it, but the parts on them.
And furthermore when you destroy said bike, and it no longer runs...we don't buy it the full purchase price....
I just feel that, maybe I need to explain that.  No offence, I'm sure that 99.9% of you out there get that, without me having to say it.
But then there's that 1/10th of a percent....
Please.  Don't make us have to start printing out disclaimers.
Anywho!  Dinner awaits!
Y'all have a great night!
ONLY $60.00!!!


ONLY $45.00


ONLY $60.00

Naive...or hopeful?

As is my morning ritual, along with a healthy dose of caffiene, I peruse activity on Craigslist, check our blogs activity (recently check my Amazon account), set up Zune to begin copying the latest film downloads, and check my Mailbox.  Occasionally while doing that if the news blurbs catches my attention I'll quickly scan the contents.  Today (along with recent findings in a grisly murder case more then 132 years old, sorry I am a Gothic Murder buff, color me macabre!) was the "Odd News" stream.  Checking that out what struck me was regardless of what occurred in the news the newscaster related the story in some way to the economy.  As do so many other news reports.  I don't mean to sound uneducated (or optimistic, perish the thought) but don't you think enough attention has been given to that subject on a global scale? 
Here's my point.  Yes, times are tough. Yes, there are a lot of people out of work. But profit margin reports, sales figures, GNP's and Manufacturing data aside, I'd like to think that the days of the "Global" economy are gone.  just face facts.  As much as we are a Global community, I think we are once again becoming a "Local" economy.  And where exactly is the problem in that?  People will survive.  And where as some may take a more unorthodox (and sometimes illegal) approach to meeting their needs, most seem to be keeping it within their community.  Yes I have touched on this before, and even though I may spend a few bucks on mail order, our money stays right here, in little old Clearwater.  As I would think do so many others in so many other wide.  And why should we worry if some multi-national, resource gobbling mega corporation who's stock price shapes our opinion on how things "Are" fiscally, says things are bad?  When their CEO'S are loosing 10% of their trillion dollar stock option, then fire 10,000 workers to bring their percentages back up are THEY not CAUSING the economical problems?  OK, yes I rant.  It's my way.  My point being ("You have a POINT?!) it's not the other 94% of the populations problem that these guys keep their $110,000,000.00 boat.   Look out for you.  And in doing THAT, keep it in your neighborhood.  I believe the term is "Pay It Forward"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Firmly place hands evenly spaced on wall. Pull back and slam head as hard as possible. Rinse. Repeat.

Oh yes!  One of THOSE days!  With so much to work with we ran into one dead end after another.  not insurmountable mind you.  But annoying none the less.  Five projects started and only one completed.  Not our BEST day!  OY! 
Sold off two of the ones made last night first thing this morning so we NEED to get our little hineys to put out!  Wait.  That didn't sound right.  You get the point!
Sold the Comfort cruiser as soon as the door opened. I'd love to thank the couple by name...but it was first thing, I had not had any I forgot to ask.
The Roadmaster MTB "Daily Banger Special" went to a VERY diligent young man whom has revisited us several times looking for a bike and has finally found one!
Thanks to today's helpers, Logan who much to my surprise has NEVER seen the animated Transformers movie.  May God strike me down for overlooking such an important part of any young mans youth!  He is as we speak glued to the TV in the Dungeon watching, and I probably will have to wait to leave until it's over.  Also had Kaleb banging away while getting verbally abused by his father.. And Momma came in (freed from the house for the day) to hang out and help!  And a "Happy Birthday" to Adam, whom still worked on his day.  but could anyone think of a better way to spend a special day then HERE?
Yea, right!
Anywho I need a good shower and some down time!

Why oh WHY Firefly?!?!

I have said it before and I will say it again!
There is no justice in Hollywood!  In a town the can mass produce such mindless, meaningless insipid PAP as a myriad of mind numbingly putrid tripe such as "Real Housewives" and cooking competition shows filled with poorly overacted melodrama!  And retched, one laugh sitcoms, why is it that shows of high quality barely make it through 1 season?  Stellar programs like "Sports Night" and "Studio 60" only to name a few.  And Firefly.  Joss Wheadons imaginatively creative, Superbly cast, originally conceived (OK he did take Gene Roddenberry's "Wagon train to the Stars" a LITTLE literally) overall engaging show, only to have it sacked after 1 season.  I mean even though I have to forgive the man for "Buffy the vampire Slayer" and "Angel" (I'm sorry but you can't top the movie (1992) with Kristy Swanson (check out her cameo in "Ferris Buelers Day Off") Luke Perry and of course my hero Paul Rubens (his indiscretion forgiven).  I mean his death scene is one of the all time FUNNIEST!) And of course he was allowed to make the film "Serenity" to tie up the loose ends of the show for the fans.  And I'd have to say if the amount of sites on the Internet dedicated to the show is any sign, they have a fan base to rival Star Trek!  So my question HAS to be, the film debut in 2005, only a few years ago.  Why not a sequel?  I mean there is still SO MUCH story to tell. 
I finally got to watch the film last night.  Don't ask me why it took so long, I have no answer.  I had seen a snippet of it when a customer I was doing a remodel for used the film to test out a wide screen we installed back in '06.  I watched the first 5 minutes and was astounded!  Why had I, a Sci-Fi geek not only had not seen it?  But had never heard of it!  He educated me, and i sought out Firefly, watch the whole season with my lovely bride and we were both spell bound!  Imagine my shock to discover it was the ONLY season!
Yes, you're right I have a hard time letting go.
It's called "obsessed!"
OK, now what was it I'm supposed to talk about?
As you saw yesterday put out four new goodies and have several more to work on today!  Nice ladies Specialized Hybrid, a "Big Boy" banger, two other MTB Bangers, and an OLD SCHOOL Raleigh chopper full re-paint! As we have been doing all the buying we can!
Speaking of buying...Every now and then the supplies get low, so we attempt to run adds on Craigslist in the Items Wanted section.  Well apparently SOMEONE doesn't like competition!  I know i have harped on this subject until there was nothing left of the horse!  But it's funny, I posted and RE-Posted 7 times and each time it stayed up no longer then 30 minutes.  WOW!  someone doesn't want to share their toys!  Could it be that they think little old us is a threat?  Well I suppose when you check out the other guys who do what we do and the prices THEY charge for their finished product...I guess I can see why they wouldn't want us buying out from underneath them.
Heh Heh.
Does that make me sound petty?
Well never let it be said i can't play in the mud, as well!
All right so I am fully caffeinated (a MUST after staying up until 2.30am watching movies!) and ready to RUMBLE!

Check out the flick, very funny!  Not the shows attempt at making it serious.  And watch after the credits for Paul continuing death scene!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reality Always Wins Over Free Will

Well, apparently the realization that their wallets being light motivated some of the crew to return today, somewhat humbled.  And with tail firmly tucked under they returned to production.  And today was a fruitful day!  And not a moment to soon!  For as much as we all respect out free time, we all need each other.  But don't tell them I said that!  So below are four new goodies to wet your appetite and we have more on the racks!  Also like to thank all the folks for bringing in their re-pairs today, as that really kept us busting a move (Oh, here I go all funky again!) 
Today was Owen's day at the shop...
OY.  Take a Chiuaua, inject him with adrenalin, then feed him his body weight in sugar spin 'em over your head for 60 seconds, then put him in front of mirror...and you will have 1/100th of the hyper energy of this kid!  How one child can talk THAT fast about nothing?  Staggers the imagination.
Also had Elijah "helping" *snicker*, but it is an experience to have a carbon copy of me hanging around.  Although he hasn't become quick with the sarcastic re-torts and insults...yet.  But he's working on it!
Also thanks to the young lady, visiting our fair shire, who was re-ferred to us through the grapevine.  And speaking of grape-vine, we had a great compliment from anonymous, relayed from Adam.  Seems he was having dinner in far off Pasco county this last week.  Got talking to the waiter and re-layed the info that he worked here and apparently the gent had "heard great things about us!"  WOW!  Thanks for that, sir whoever you are!
Alright, i must be moving as I located (on Zune, my newest, bestest web account for TV and Movie downloads) a copy of "Serenity" the Pre-quell movie to "Firefly"  one of the BEST all-time most underrated Sci-Fi shows of ALL times!  I've been wanting to see it for over 5 years!  WAHHOO!

ONLY $120.00!!!


ONLY $65.00!!!


This is a test...this is only a test

As your children grow older, they do learn.  This is to be expected but with some kids...can be a blessed miracle.  And as you share a common living space, you begin to learn you other family unit members...peccadilloes.  And children DEFINITELY figure their parents out.  On the flip side of that coin in knowing that they have figured us out and when they are "Playing" us, it becomes the parents benefit, in when to "allow" themselves to be played.  Like a master chess player, we move the pieces, at first apparently randomly..but with a strategy! 
Such was the case last night.  Being the forth, and also being that we usually don't do anything special.  I mean seriously.  We don't drink, our barbecue is broken, and the thought of setting alight and blowing up my paycheck?  Not so much.  So the older two, wanted to "get out" and see the city fireworks.  As we are always looking for leverage and a way to test their trustworthiness, we agreed.  pending of course that the kitchen and front room were PROPERLY cleaned before I got out of the shower.
This accomplished two goals:
1) that the two of them COULD work together to accomplish one goal, without fighting, and in a timely fashion.
2) that we could trust them to return home at the appointed time.
They accomplished both goals.  So NOW, the next time they quibble about doing chores we have both an example of the fact they CAN get it done.  And leverage for the next time they want to do something.
Not to mention the fact that it gave mom and Dad some much needed alone time!
Well I hope you all had a good fourth, and we will be Oh So Busy putting out some new goodies today!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Sixth Sense.

No.  not the scary movie.  That amazing gift of premonition. 
I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day.  And thanks to Ronald and his wonderful family...That's what it was.  not only did they leave here happily with the custom cruiser AND the Vintage Robin Hood (GOOD choice) but they also picked up a pre-order on a three wheeler AND when they came back to pick up the last bike they saw the "Big Boy" 6 speed hybrid I was working on...and got that one too!  I love being part of the family!  We also had a wonderful visit from a gent and his son looking for an 18 inch, and we got three cool 12 incher's WITH training wheels to sweeten the deal! 
And as well all the great folks trusting us with their multitude of re-pairs (Thank you for the faith!) it came out to be a great day!
Today's helpers were Kaleb (who helped tear down and clean three) and little Miss Rozy who manned the front.  AND got to go to the dollar store and have Dad spoil her with some new shoes.  I have NO idea what these kids do with their shoes, but long before they out grow them...they loose them.  We were half way to the store this morning when I noticed her shoes were making a LOUD clacking sound as she walked.  Come to find out when she was getting ready this morning she couldn't find her sneakers so she put on a pair of toy plastic dress-up shoes.  OY with no socks yet!  So at least now she has a couple new pair.  At least for this week!
Ah well.  So thanks to all the looky loo's and "we'll be backs"  hope to see y'all again soon!  And hopefully we'll have some more for you to look at...
getting mighty empty in here!

Shade of "The Matrix"!

Ever have one of those dreams?  You know the kind where the dream feels like reality, so vividly when you awake you kind of question where you are.  That this is the dream and when you close your eyes you'll return to your true reality.  I know, kinda deep for morning coffee time.  But that was this morning.  So my head ain't screwed on real tight right now.  It was about my vocation.  That instead of the Bike biz, I own a co-op shop...somewhere.  It had a coffee shop, a candle shop (?) and a comic store.  The Coffee shop was a hipper Starbucks, very clean and new(ish) the candle shop was very elegant but never seem to be open, and the comic shop section looked like an old barn(?)  I was younger and disorganized (whoop, no news there!) Just a weird experience I guess.  Makes you wonder what it means.  Probably means I've been reading to many graphic novels lately!
ANYWAY!  Today is independence day.  But as it is not one of the three "Take a day off" sanctioned Holidays here at RE-Cycle so we're schlepping the bikes today!  Got Kaleb in tearing down a Big Boy for re-build, and a few more goodies to work on as well! 
Spent yesterday putzin around the house.  First weekend in almost a month i haven't been laid up, so the kids and i went out for a big breakfast at Golden Coin (Pancakes and LOTS of syrup) surprisingly they all behaved relatively well (imagine a group of winded spider monkeys.  Taking a respite before the sugar rush kicks in) but timing being important i got them out of the restaurant and home before they collateral damage reached unacceptable levels.  Needless to say, i put them out back in their swim trunks and the garden hose before they could level the house!  Hung out with them for a little while to do the whole "Slip and slide" thing on their play set.  HEHEHE!  Wet plastic slide and hyper kids.  The comedy ensues!  Luckily the injuries were only mild.  I took some time to finally clean up all the leaves off the front yard (that the lawn guys ALWAYS miss) and pruned the hedges.So my bit for "dad work" was done!
MOVIE REVIEWS!!!  OK, we have NOT hit "Transformers 3" (don't ask me why) but we did watch this new Liam Niesen flick "Unknown".  Hmmm, no where NEAR as good a thriller/action/drama as "Taken".  1 little surprise plot twist about 3/4 through that kinda caught me off guard.  But in the end think the the "Bourne" trilogy. all rolled up into one movie. Guy who doesn't know who he is (or thinks he knows) pulled out of the water after an accident, young foreign girl wanting desperately to get out of the country she's stuck in, same high speed choreographed car chase through busy European city, same close quarter fighting sequence....  While well done, they just seem to have redone the style of director Paul Greengrass.  It was engaging to watch but in the end nothing we haven't seen before.
SO....I think I have wasted enough of your time with inconsequential ramblings!  I better get some work done!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Cost of business...

Murphy's law strikes again!  As it is a Holiday weekend, what better way to celebrate then have two of your most vital tools get broken!
YEP!  I know, small worries, but nothing brings a workshop to a dead stand still then having crucial equipment go flames.  Well not "LITERALLY" in flames, I mean seeing as they are not equipment prone to incineration, nor do they require flammable liquids for function, nor caustic or otherwise flammable otherwise....
But it;s the THOUGHT that counts right?
Where was I...?
OH YEA, our last chain breaker AND crank puller bit the dust.  So as NO ONE is open until Tuesday to even get a replacement we're a little stuck!  We did manage to get out two bikes, before the tragedy struck, but that's about it.  I mean when you do FULL tear down, and cleans and you can't soak the chain or re-grease the crank bearings...whats the point in living.
That's rhetorical.  Don't answer that.
So the day started out with a bang, loads ah re-pairs (Thank you kindly) and sold the XR-75 that went out last night.  Thanks to the young man and his folks for visiting!  And thanks to the young couple cleaning out their apartments for bringing in the goodies!  They are already on their way to new lives!  THANKS! Had ALOT of Lookie' Loos, just not much to look at!  Alas!  But as soon as the new week starts we'll be up and running.  And yes we are open on the Forth, so if you're needing a fix (unless it's a chain....ARRGGHH!!) we'll be here!
So it's off for us, y'all have a happy weekend!

It's a Family Affair!

Well as all things, it comes full circle. 
this business started as a family run shop, and has returned to it's roots.  As this week we have been sans' assistance from our current crew I have had to make the reluctant decision to fly solo in the Dungeon.  Not to say I will be totally alone, as Momma does an awesome "front counter" and is great with the visitors.  Will also be bringing back the trouble maker, but good mech Kaleb to help in the re-pairs.  And Elijah will be helping out as well.  Probably keep it that way for awhile.   Unfortunately it means a little less stock on the floor, as re-pairs ALWAYS take priority.  But managed to take care of eleven re-pairs yesterday (Thank you all SO much!) and put out four new ones.  So hopefully we can keep the pace!  Speaking of which.  Welcome back to returning customer, Kyra buying her third(?) bike from us.  This time the SWEET Huffy Hybrid!  Yes I said SWEET and Huffy in the same sentence!  Time to loose the prejudice, folks.  they still build some decent bikes for the money!  This one rides on a nice set of 700's with full fender AND rear rack!    Thanks to Joe for picking up a pre-build yesterday, a man who knows what he wants saw it as he came in, paid up front and said "Build that for me, sir"...OK maybe not so formal, but you get the point.  Also sold the three wheeler to a gentleman purchasing for his wife, but the transaction was so quick, I didn't even catch his name!  And thanks to the young couple stopping by, had read the blog and are interested in a custom build road bike.  Keep checking the pages here, I'm sure something will come along you'll like!
All right I better get back to it!
ONLY $85.00!!!

ONLY $65.00

ONLY $45.00

24" DK BMX
ONLY $100.00