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Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Dynamics

I would have to imagine  that most people lives are not only influenced by personal events and accolades but more profoundly defined by them.  Try as I may though I  can't think of any event (or scarce achievements) that holds more influence on me, nor defines me more succinctly then the lives of my children. 
Forgive me my sentimentality as it would appear to run against the "grain" of my character, but none the less "there it is".
In the heat of all that is unfolding in our little world, with the weight of it seemingly crushing us beneath it it merely took little Izzy uttering her first sentence to me to send all those worries scrambling for cover.  A simple question "you have baddo for me?" but her success made all else seem trivial.
Well for anyone keeping score, no Miranda has still NOT made her appearance, and we find our selves at the cutoff point. Tomorrow marks two weeks overdo, and we have an appointment  with the doctors to determine what to do next.  Suffice to say neither Momma nor I like the possible choices. I still have my hopes though that by some miracle she will go into labor tonight and all will be right in the world.
Here's hoping! 
OK, on to business.
We did open today although given the absence of humanity in the plaza, probably should have stayed in bed.  Did manage to put out three new rides though (pic's below) for the days to come.  Sweet riding (albeit slightly worn in appearance) classic ladies Columbia, a "like new" Mongoose,and a nice little 24" ladies "Daily banger Special"   so check 'em out and enjoy!
See ya soon! 
"she might not look like much, but she's got it where it counts"
ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $90.00

ONLY $60.00!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can You Believe it...NO Announcement yet!

Much to the chagrin of my over taxed and haggard wife, little Miss Miranda has NOT made her grand entrance as of yet! Now pushing 10 days late.  But that has not necessarily been the reason for my absence here, that's due more to pushing to get goodies out, for once the blessed event occurs the boys will be running the show up here for a couple days at least as I bond with the new baby (translation: Mom sleeps and I am on baby duty because I like my man parts where they are) and they are going to need stuff to sell.  And Ooo do we have some goodies!  Grant you, more then half the stuff we have put out over the last four days has already sold we still have enough for the discerning veloist aficiando!  The chief amongst them being a real one of a kind (well at least REAL unique around these parts! ) A VERY kind gent was doing some garage cleaning and in an wonderful gesture of kindness bestowed upon us a project that had been languishing in the dusty resides for over 5 years.  A 2000 Canonndale Super V 700 sx!  Mere words cannot describe this beauty.  A single tube front fork, hydraulic brake, sealed bearing, 27 speed, rapid fire, air shock GEM!!! FULLY refurbed and capped off with a GORGEOUS set of Michelin's!  This beauty sold in 2000 for over $1950.00!!!  Check it out!

SWEET!!!!  ONLY $430.00!!!
And not to rest on our laurels, we put out a few more then this!
ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $40.00!!!

ONLY $40.00!!!
And have no fear!  Got MANY more we will be banging on tomorrow as well.  Nice men's cantilever cruiser in the rack with an old school touring bike in the strip down!  So hope to see you all real soon!
And by the by!  Here's a REAL cute comic strip a freind of my son's came up with.  She to is a Nathan Fillion/Firefly fan.  Heres one hint, if you have NO idea who he is check out an episode of Firefly, Castle and watch "Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog"  before reading the strip!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Proof Positive I Never Forget A Project!

Anyone visiting the shop. on any given day will not only see the accumulation of current projects in the works, but also a number of bikes in various stages of assembly occupying dusty nooks, and grimy corners of the Dungeon.  These "Specials" are the unfortunate victims of "Part's Shortage" or just the end result of getting too busy with re-pairs or easier to finish rides, and they slowly fade to the rear recesses of memory.
Along come a part or series of parts that beg to be mated with their perfect partner.  Such was the case with a 66cm Raleigh frame that had been stripped and painted only to be systematically moved from the rack, to the work table, to the secondary bay until finally coming to rest in the confines of the upper shelving.  For over a year.  Then the other day I picked up a SWEET set of alloy, double wall 700's with sealed bearings and a rear flip hub.  On top of that got a nice Origins 8 shorty straight bar.  As well as a new set of alloy pedals.  WELL!  Stopped by the wholesaler and picked up a nice new set of black and blue street tread, and proceeded to pull the ol' Raleigh out of Purgatory and after a good clean down (not to mention paint touch up, thank Heavens I kept some of that metallic blue!) and we got us a PEACH of a ride. And oh yes, she can definitely get out of her own way!  This old man took her a few times around the parking lot, each time faster and faster!!!
Woof.  I'm outta' shape!
Thanks to all the usual busy Saturday repairs coming in to keep us hopping!  And to the gent and his dad making the trip in from far points South to grab up the three wheeler, as it SO needed to find a good home (not to mention free up some space!) Also the couple from Bellaire who brought their grandsons bikes in to fix 'em up and ended snagging up the pair of cruisers we had just put out.  Also the "tired of walking" sale of the new(ish) 24' MTB. 
Again, thanks for a great day and hope to see more of you hold outs next week!
ONLY $230.00!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blink, Blink....Where's the time go?

HOLY CARP!  Has it really been four days since the last blog?  You'd think I had nothing to say.  (and some of you are saying "have you EVER had anything to say?") 
Got nothing.
JUST KIDDING!  No it's been a humdinger of a busy four days and I thank every and all who have made it so!! (props to Jean Luc) Way many repairs and more and more refurbs then usual too!  Guess folks are starting to find out more and more that there is an alternative to expensive repair shops that tell you not to bother and try and oversell you some umpteen hundred dollar "special" sale bike!
Yep, have had four full re-furbs come in just today!  And a real special one that tickles the cockles of my heart.  Seems a very young and spry Grandmother stumbled upon her old banana seat pea picker stashed away in an attic and decided to have us rebuild it after 20 odd years in captivity for her 10 year old granddaughter.  I straightforwardly informed the young lady of JUST how lucky she was to be getting such a SWEET treat, and had best take VERY good care of it!  She assured me she would.
Also got a real ego booster of a compliment today.  A father and son are working on a three wheeler rebuild together and have to o some modification to the rear end and hit a wall.  Some one had then referred them to us stating that "if anyone can figure it out, their the ones"  Thanks for the high praise!
Well on the home front, no sign of little Miss Miranda...yet.  She seems to be just way to cozy where shes at.  The stork was due to drop her off on the 15th, but I guess he hit a head wind and needs more time.  Momma is obviously "not amused!"
SO, hurry up and wait!
On to a topic close to my heart, AS PREDICTED the Avengers hit the Billion dollar club as of Monday!  It set the record for hitting the milestone faster then any other in the prestigious club! 
if I may make another prediction...I think it may oust Avatar from the top spot when the dust clears!
Have pics of four of the five built today, the real sweet Schwinn Hybrid I put together earlier today lasted only about 20 minutes, but the other four are below for you to ogle.
And have many a more goody to put out tomorrow.
So with that, I'm gonna sign off!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

ONLY $85.00!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Curse

It never fails.
Around our house Mothers Day has become one associated with dramatic events.  Both pro and con but always enough to take the focus of attention off "Mom".
This year was NO different!  Half way into a relaxing day of just chill time (and cleaning detail for the kiddo's) the drama unfolded!
Seems Izzy is becoming quite the little Daredevil.  Nothing new to Mom and I as we have had to endure it through many incantations in the bulk of the clan, but not in one so innocent as little Miss Izzy.  Seems with no coaching she has mastered the art of climbing the younger boys bunk beds.  Not an endeavor we support mind you!  The first time she did it we did the "no-no's" and lectures to the boys to ensure she wasn't allowed alone in the room OR on the top bunk. 
A lesson they apparently failed to recall when why playing in their room with all the boys present she scaled the bed once more.   This time the top railing was apparently not high enough to keep her falling backwards to the hard tile floor below. Rushing in we found her lethargic and woozy so thanks to our cabbie friend Dave I had her to the ER in about 10 minutes.  Thankfully there was no head trauma, nor broken or bruised bones. 
You'd think after so many trips to the ER I would have grown a thicker skin but I guess it NEVER gets easy.  And the old saying that kids are resilient sure applies for shortly after arriving she seemed to regain her intuitiveness...
and wanted to climb on the counter in the hospital room.
OY!  It's gonna be a LONG 16 years with this one!
Managed to get a few new ones out on Saturday, and as always just what was needed!  Check 'em out below!  We'll be seeing you all real soon!
ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $180.00!!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two's the charm!

Did something I haven't done since 1983 on Thursday (no, no...I didn't stop hanging out in sailor bars until the late 90's!) went to see a movie in the theatres for a second time!  Yes, you guessed it, "The Avengers".
Even better then the first time!  I did it for two reasons.  First, I know I missed things as i had all the kiddos (save two) with me the first time and my attention was more on the feet kicking, shooshing, and squirming then the whole of the movie.  Second, I missed what the Hulk said after he THOROUGHLY kicked Loki's but!  So for the gent who came in last week whom had seen the movie as well and who also missed the line as the audience was in uproarious applause, he grunts the words "puny God!"
Again, doing my part for promotion, if you haven't seen it...SEE IT!
Last couple of days has been a whirlwind of creative cajoling to get out as much stock as possible, which as always just wasn't enough.  Hence why I haven't bothered to post any pics as each one of the six I have built in the last two days has sold quickly, four of them while they were still on the rack!  Managed to keep one for the remainder of yesterday, so it's pic is below.  Have a REAL nice Schwinn Tourist in my rack now, just waiting on a rear derailleur, and it should be good to go!
Picked up several new goodies as well!  Someone opened up the Kiddy bike gate and got a plethora in, as well as a few more banger candidates (always popular!) So today will be more of the same banging and building!
To all you Mothers out there...hope your children and fathers give you a good one tomorrow!  'Cause if you are as special as my Irish princess, you deserve it!
I'm out!
ONLY $55.00!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Rant Of Biblical Proportion!

Ever since the presidential election of 2004 I walked away from my addiction for news and current events in complete disgust.  Completely jaded by the entire election process, the American conscience and anything judicial, procedural or political I wove a cocoon of indifference around me and bade our country to endure it's self imposed demise.  Needless to say I was vaguely aware that in 2008 our country elected it's first African-American president.  Whether it be him or any other candidate I did not envy him the wake of destruction he would face having to clean up.  So it is with the caveat, that I know very little of his attempts and endeavors save only for the fact that things went from bad to worse.  Not unexpectedly so, mind you.
No it's not his political tenure I am here to discuss but a recent statement he said in reference to gay marriage.  lets make one thing perfectly clear from the outset.  I support gay marriage 110%..  I, my wife and my children have long since felt that homosexuality is not something for us to except, or deal with, or tolerate.  It is not a "lifestyle" or a "choice" nor is it something to overcome or be dealt with or "cured" it just is. You may as well ask me to "deal' with heterosexuality or try and "cure" genetics!
If we except the existence of God, and credit him for all creation, it stands to reason through all venues of rational thought that he too created homosexuality.  They were born as they are, it's not a learned behavior.
SO it is with a certain sense of outrage (one born from a loathing of political and judicial interference into the lives of us "common" folk in regards to sexuality, reproductive rights and parenting to name a few) that I question his intentions regarding this proclamation.  Is it any wonder why he makes this pronouncement a scant few months before an election? What kind of amendment, or law will he endeavor to pass in TRUE support of his alleged support?  Or is this merely just more political manipulation to garnish more support for his campaign? Yes some may argue that standing on that side of the line in such a heated topic may be detrimental, but then I think some fail to see the strength of that side.  Both politically AND financially.
I tire of our elected officials who take a side not because they believe in it but because it's the side that will win them the most votes. Strength of convictions is not born of convenience but of integrity.
Actions Mr. President.
Not words.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well call me irresponsible!  I have forgotten to post any of the goodies we have put together these last couple days.  I'd like to say it's because I've just been to busy, but nah!  Just a little addle minded.  Amongst the kids bikes put out (sorry, no pics of those) put up a Ross Big Boy, a ladies cruiser and a SWEET Fuji League Sports bike.  So check 'em out.
On the home front Angi is still VERY pregnant with Miranda due to make her appearance any day now!  So prepare for me to just drop off the face of the Earth for a few days, but no worries!  The boys will have the shop covered, and I'll be popping up to bang out re-pairs.  So for now I'm putting up as much stock to fit the need in preparation.
Speaking of HULK SMASH!!  Well...even though he did really steal the movie, I think all the members deserve kudos for the slamming good time they are having with the box office grosses!!  They have all ready FAR surpassed the record for biggest opening weekend (207.3 Mill, up against the nearest contender "Harry Potter: TDS" at only  They also set the record for the highest grossing Saturday, also the movie to hit the quickest, have already done 641. mil worldwide, and are on the track to hit into the billion dollar club (occupied by only 11 other films).
What does all this mean?
Well, not that I'm seeing dollar one, BUT in the eyes of all the decision makers that matter in tinsel town,  Avengers is proving once and for all what every fan and maven of comics has ALL WAYS known.  Panelology has always been the printed form of film.  Comics were meant for the silver screen.  Within the last decade they have really made strides at treating it all seriously, and the fans have stood up and shown their appreciation.
ONLY $195.00

ONLY $60.00

ONLY $95.00!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Say WHAT!!! OH YEA!!

Another day coming to a close and I'd like to thank all the folks for coming in.  I'd LIKE too, but it was a wee bit quiet today.  Not to say we didn't have our fair share of looky loo's but as is becoming somewhat of a reoccurring problem, after yesterday we are a tad under stocked!  Oh the boys have helped by getting quite a few kiddo bikes up and running (I have a tendency to focus More on the intricacies of the grown up ones (oh get him!  Mr Narcissism!) so it's a blessing.  As my frivolities in the theatre last night didn't have us home until 1.30 am (and I have NO clue how those kids were up at 7 am this morning....chipper!) and being so wired Elijah and I (and to her chagrin Momma as well) didn't get to bed much before 3 am.  So needless to say I was suffering from draggingassitis!  Didn't much get on the stick until around 1.30.  Shame on me!  Did manage to get out one surprising beauty though!  A men's Trek 4300 Alpha MTB.  I say surprising because this was one of the bikes we bought in the scrap buy last week that I had the least amount of hope for.  Rusted solid components and what appeared to be a SERIOUSLY scuffed up body held little chance.  Or so i thought!  After stripping it down i took a swipe at the frame with a coarse Clorox wipe and low and behold about 98% of the marks came off!!!! 
With the aid of a recently stripped down bike with some real sweet shape components she was rebuilt, we had the technology!  And MAN does she ride sweet!  21 speed, Shimano equipped and "shiny"!
Before I head out,
AS PREDICTED!  Avengers grossed 80.5 mil opening night, and is on track to shatter the all time record for highest grossing opening weekend of all time!  Blowing away Twilight and Harry Potter! 
Oh I am SO loving this!
Have a great night folks!
ONLY $155.00!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thor and Loki Are Not The Only Gods In Avengers!!

OH NO!  the whole project is helmed by the sheer genius of the godlike Fanboy of Fandom, Joss Whedon! 
Mind you, I'm just back from the intense emotional experience of this truly phenomenal film going catharsis so I am formulating my impressions into cohesive form as I type, forgive me if it sounds convoluted.
It fills my heart with a tremendous amount of joy and no small sense of vindication for my many years of feeling obligated to repress my fanboy tendencies, keeping my love for the art form hidden from the "Norms" of society.  For now the norms sit shoulder to shoulder with me, packed tightly into the lush confines of the newly opened and supremely comfortable Cobb Theatre in Clearwater, reveling in the sheer excitement of this treasured secret they have long denied themselves!
To say Avengers is amazing is a slight.  The word does not even represent 1/1000th of it's impact!!
On many points.  To be able to create an ensemble cast of not only big name stars but big name heroes that do not jostle for prime exposer but rather coalesce before your eyes into a fully functioning "team" not only in word but in spirit is truly masterful. And the blessed moments of premium Whedonism (for those not up on the vernacular a Whedonism is a specific thoughtful sense of sarcastic wit imparted by Joss) a prime outlet being that of  the narcissistic Tony Stark (AKA. Robert Downey Jr.) The inclusion of the tried and true tradition of the Heroes fighting when they first meet prior to realizing they are fighting on the same side was a welcome (albeit expected) treat!  All inclusive with hilarity of Marvel-ish banter! 
It has been 30 plus year that I have been waiting for Comicdom to produce a truly "Comic Book" movie and in the last decade most from Blade to Dark Knight have come so very very close (until tonight The Dark Knight lead the pack) but it took a true Fanboy director with a keen talent and a love for the medium to do it right, and in every way from first panel to last (and PLEASE stay tuned after the credits for the traditional Marvel Sequel Set-up for the ultimate SHOCK! And if your like all the rest of the moviegoers I had to educate tonight on "Who Was That?" google "The Infinity Gauntlet" and check out the stats on the lead baddie... and that'll give you the breadth and scope of Avengers 2 (due out in '14-'15)) he delivered.  This was dripping with so many classic stances, panel angles, action sequences, nuances, one liners, in jokes, character quirks and chemistry that I will have to watch again and again to truly absorb but it will be SO worth it!  I could gush and rave, coo and squeal about just how far the bar has been raised this opening weekend but suffice to say if this film is not the top grossing film of all time by the end of opening weekend...I will sit through a back to back Twilight marathon with my lovely wife!
So please, help me out and see it twice!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Last night while perusing Netflix for new shows to become obsessed with I stumbled on a real keeper.  Seems BBC did an updated version of Sherlock Holmes called Sherlock.  Taking place in modern day England yet retaining much of the original Conan Doyle's canon.  Yes I know some snub their noses against modern day revivals of historical classics but hey, Dicaprio did it for Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet!
OK, bad example.
But anyway, they are produced in 3 installments of episodes 1 and a half hours long, and the acting is BRILLIANT with a rapid fire, quick pace (not as much as Robert Downeys version, though) but you are, through creative direction, editing and CGI drawn into the thought process of the intrepid deducer! 
Well as fate would have it I was hooked!  I delved into the back ground of the lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch and low and behold I was not the only one to recognize his brilliance!  Seems he has been cast in the 2013 Sequel to Star Trek as none other then....
You guessed it...
( I wonder if Chris Pine will actually utter that fan favorite primeval cry!)
Needless to say it is HIGH on my to-do list!
Twas a relatively quiet day, and as the summer heat is beginning to infringe on the comfort of the Dungeon (no AC of any credible strength in there) were working a little slow come the height of the afternoon. 
We must adjust.
Managed to get one out, an old school Schwinn MTB hard tail with some pretty decent Shimano components, and a lightweight frame! So check her out below.
All right, I'm off to enjoy another episode of Sherlock!  You all have a great night!
Old School Schwinn Hardtail
ONLY $95.00!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Sometimes going to work affords you the opportunity to make a difference.
Granted we are not Doctors saving lives, or soldiers protecting our population, or Joss Whedon...well just being Joss!  BUT in small ways we are allowed whenever possible to do good!  Today I got another opportunity to do my T.J. Hooker bit! 
a little over three weeks ago a young man stopped in to report the unfortunate theft of his wife's sweet looking Specialized Hardrock.  Taken from the confines of their open garage they were understandably perturbed.  Anyone in our area knows if you have a bike stolen report it to the police then report it to us.  Well today it turned up at the shop, a young man attempted to "trade it in" but as it was distinguishable and in our little black book, we were able to secure it's return.  Inform them you are aware it's stolen they quickly admit to the fact that "some dude sold it to me!" and quickly leave.
So Chris and his bride now have it back safe and secure in their (I'm sure) locked garage!
On to business. 
Managed to put out two new goodies, a killah Workman 3-wheeler and a SWEET old school Schwinn road bike (54cm).  Also have another Schwinn MTB in my rack almost there for tomorrow!
SO without further ado, I have an evening of vegetation in store.
OH, and for those keeping track of this moment 47 hours 56 minutes and 22 seconds to "The AVENGERS"
I am in Fanboy ecstasy!
ONLY $160.00!!!

ONLY $155.00!!!

quick update

Managed to put out two yesterday amongst the re-pairs.  And we thank you all so much for that!  I'm really getting quite a rush from all the new folks discovering us via recommendations from friends and acquaintances.  It's a great feeling knowing what we do is being recognized and appreciated.  And yes to quote a recent visitor "it's high time SOMEONE did it!" 
We put out a nice ladies 7 speed comfort cruiser and a fully refurbed men's Fuji road bike.  However as is most always the case, the Fuji didn't last more then an hour.  Two gents recently located from Gainsville came in and snagged it up.  They have spent the last week visiting the majority of other shops in town and in their words had a culture shock!  Apparently up in their neck of the woods there are five or so shops similarly doing what we do, but upon arriving here when visiting the other "boutique" shops, when the told the salesman they were looking for refurrbed or used bikes the reaction was a mixture of dismissal or out and out rudeness.  Bike snobbery at it's finest.
We thank them for finding us and only wish they could have been spared the inequity of dealing with anything else but TRUE customer service!
Well, I need to get my day started early, so ya'll have a great day and we'll see you soon!
ONLY $165.00

ONLY $70.00!!!