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Monday, April 29, 2013

Evening Quickie

Been a busy bee today!  Thanks for keepin us hopping today!  Managed to put out five new goodies as well!  So check 'em out and we'll talk to ya tommorow!

BOYS 20" BMX!!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twice In One Day! My Wife Should Be So Lucky!

Blogging that is.
Just didn't want to head home until I PROFUSELY thanked all those who made today such an amazing, record breaking (yet again!) day!  Suffice to say, when the dust clears I may take a count but I stopped counting after 15 sold!!!!  Granted that does include some kiddo bikes, but it's all good!  ALSO, thanks so much for the folks emptying out their garages  as we bought 13 as well!  AND the pick of the litter is not one but TWO, yes count 'em TWO Recumbent bikes!!!!  OH, I am happier then a maggot in rotting flesh! (sorry if you're eating) These are gonna be fantastic when they are through.
It goes without saying I am going to be a busy little bee next week getting out more rides, so please keep an eye peeled here for the blessings to come!
Now it's time to head for home, a new flick "Django Unchained!" (the "D" is silent) and some cuddle time!
Again, thank you all so very, very much!


Surprisingly it has been a while since I did one of my famous "Movie Re-views"!  Well, not for lack of trying.  Just haven't seen much worth crooning about.  So it was with tentative trepidation that while picking through the Red Box last night Rozy suggested we watch "The Hobbit".
Now first, two things.  First is, If you haven't seen it there are a few "SPOILER ALERTS" here, right up to and including the ending, so if you haven't seen it, you may want to skip over the body of this particular rant.  Second, I am probably one of the few Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans who wasn't all that impressed with the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.  Yes, yes I know, sacrilegious to say.  Now don't get me wrong, Visually it was stunning! A real genuine eye-candy worthy of the big screen, but the story it self just seemed rather to drag.  Parts of it were not unlike the sixth installment of "Harry Potter: The Long And Awkward Pause".  And I pride myself in the ability to remember films in their entirety, but I'll be damned if I could pick out which one I'm watching at any given time!  Angi pulled that on me once.  She enjoys them and we sat down to watch the trilogy one weekend and we were half way through the third one (which she purposefully put in second just to throw me off)  when I was like "Wait a minute!  Aren't we missing something!" But it was OK because I nodded off soon after.  Not unlike the incessant need I have to sleep if forced to watch "Gone With The Wind"! 
But I digress.  I had not paid any attention to any of the promotion of this particular film (the true blessing of having NO advertisement laden viewing choices) as I had heard the Hobbit would be ANOTHER trilogy!  I mean, the original book was only 297 pages (320 if you're reading the soft cover) and they're gonna stretch it to three, three hour movies?!  OH LORD!  MORE WALKING!!!!! Don't misunderstand me, New Zealand is some pretty country but if I want to take a walking tour I'll book a flight!  So I passed originally.  But it was when I looked at Rozy's recommendation that I noticed who was playing the lead role! Martin Freeman!!  And Ooooo was I SOLD!  For those of you not familiar with this gent, he co-starred in one of my more recent fixations, the UK's "Sherlock" on BBC (a MUST check out on Netflix!) playing the role of Watson along side the absolutely BRILLIANT Benedick Cumberbatch as Sherlock (to be seen SOON (*shudder with anticipation*) in Star Trek 2!) The man has an understated genius for the subtle straight man who's emotions are betrayed with slight facial expressions and the occasional sardonic glint!  I feel no shame to admit I was WAY wrong on my preconceptions of this film!  It is hands down FAR better then the previous trilogy!  Seamlessly blending the beginning of this movie with that of the first of "Lord's" we find the elder Bilbo in preparations with Frodo for his party that began the first!  Told in a "Once upon a Time" fashion, the Elder sits down to put on paper his "adventures" from 60 years past for young Frodo.  I really appreciate that to keep the continuity some of the original cast return to reprise their roles (granted they were probably contractually obliged to do so) as it lent to the authenticity and progression of the film. Minimal walking (and horse back) later we get to the meat of the film, and it's an eye popping roller coaster that keeps you breathing laboriously!  Even the slower paced moments when Bilbo plummets into a chasm and ends up meeting Golom for the first time is not weighty enough to slow down the momentum as the exchange between the two, although verbal is properly laced with tension.  And I am a sucker for the schizophrenic little CGI guy!  Truly the best actor in the first trilogy, he really shines here!  Now I only have a couple issues with the film though. They are trivial at best but worth mention.  First is the individual interpretations of Bilbo by the respective actors.  Martins younger Bilbo seems somewhat more relaxed, and thoughtful while Ian Holms older Hobbit seems more befuddled and edgy.  Granted some slack can be granted for age and the ill effects of "the Ring" but it still seems a little odd he showed more maturity at a younger age.
Second was sacrificing common sense for visual impact.  The whole "adventure" is based on a trek to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.  During their Trek they end up reluctantly getting help from the elves to read a map that will show them a "secret entrance" to their kingdom.  Apparently because only the elves can read ancient Dwarfish(?) Anyway....we'll suspend that.  They end up showing up on JUST THE RIGHT DAY in order to read hidden clues written on the parchment in moon script.  See, the general gist is, that this magic script can ONLY be read by the light of the moon when it is in precisely the same phase as on the night it was originally written. WOW!  What a coincidence!  And to top it off, they have to be in exactly the right spot on Lonely Mountain on the start of Dwarf summer when the sun and moon share the sky at the same time to be shown where to stick the magic key.  Now Dwarf Summer is just around the corner and they gotta hustle to get there in time.  SO started walking!  Now admittedly, their walk is a HELL of allot more exciting then the other flicks.  Encountering two Stone Giants (literally Mountains coming to life and slugging it out "Rock-em-sock-em Robot" style!) an INTENSE goblin chase scene, coinciding with the aforementioned Golom/Bilbo bout, then when just achieving freedom and reuniting outside the Goblin caves, they get cornered by a viscous pack of Orcs, who'd been hunting them the whole flick literally at the cliff's edge.  Gandalf, precariously perched tells a butterfly to go get help and buys them time lobbing fiery pine cones at the Orcs and their vicious pooches.  Eventually the whole thing starts to teeter over the edge, and of course at the Spielbergian moment that you think they're gonna go over the edge some REALLY big birds show up and save the day, whisking away our heroes in majestic feathery flight.
Now here's the problem!  And remember, in their quest time is of the essence.  These huge birds fly them away to safety, the visuals are stunning as the fly off into the rising sun and after an indeterminate amount of time they perch our heroes atop what appears to be "one headache of a climb down" peak.  After they exchange words of congratulations and  "male bondage"  moments they and the camera turn to focus on a mountain peak WAY, WAY, WAY off in the distance and lo and behold stands Lonely Mountain! Cut.  Print.
Hold ON!  What the....?  It's like hitchhiking and getting a ride from Massachusetts to Clearwater but you decide to get out in Georgia so you can "stretch your legs"!  Seriously, I would have patted that eagle and promised him a super-sized piece of mullet if he took me the whole way! I understand the rationale as they explain earlier in the film that the mountain creatures of that area are moving further south, and you assume it's because of the Dragon, but they could have stated that.  Like Bilbo says "hey, how 'bout a little closer?" and Gandalf responds "this is as close as they will go to the castle"  At least that would give some credence.  And  granted, would have totally negated the two multi-million dollar sequels, but would have been more realistic! 
BUT, that all aside the last remaining comment I have to make is thank God Elijah is so anal about watching a flick all the way to the end, credits and all I would have missed a name in the actor credits of someone you don't even SEE in this flick.  Well, you see his silhouette obviously setting up the sequels as the main antagonist, the Necromancer!  I had to do a verbal "WHOA" and double take via rewind!  The name was Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!  Yes, Sherlock himself is playing the bad guy!  So I will DEFINITELY be looking for the sequel!!
Wow.  I've really outdone my talking time today! So I'd best get to something!
See ya soon!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just a Quickie!

In time for the Saturday rush!  We put these goodies out today!  Check 'em out!

ONLY $135.00!!!

ONY $190.00!!!!!

ONLY $210.00!!!

His Generosity Knows No Bounds!

I mean....just....WOW!
I am at times chided by some for my optimistic faith in humanity.  Even my children have a hard time comprehending the trust I bestow in folks.  Let me explain.  I am a firm believer in karma as I have, far more times then I can count, seen proof positive of the existence of "what comes around goes around".  In the end if you place your trust and faith in someone you have received karma points for belief.  If they turn around and screw you....they're the ones carrying that mark.  And it will come back to bite them in the ass.  That's the beauty of it!  I don't need to get angry, upset or vengeful.  The Cosmos has got my back.
Again.  I have been fortunate enough to see this in action, to deleterious effect.
(Just one example: About a year and a half ago we were having a sidewalk sale at the old location and had several bikes out front.  When my back was turned a group of young nare-do-wells jumped on three of them and took off.  My ire was only mild as I stood at the front door watching them take off as Kaleb jumped on his bike and pursued. Immediately Fate stepped in, and as one young heathen turned to flip Kaleb off....He was T-boned by an oncoming car. It took him a few moments to stagger up and limp painfully off.   And if that wasn't retribution enough three days later another young cohort brought the other two stolen bikes into our shop to try and sell them.  Not only branded by Fate, but short on brains!)
But I digress!
As only further reaffirmation of my resolution of faith in humanity I had a call and visitor yesterday.  See, as I have mentioned before upon moving to our new location we have had a monumental increase in the number of folks wanting to use credit cards.  We stuck to our guns as long as possible but it has become quite evident that we need to offer this option.  So Angela has been undergoing a concentrated effort to locate a service that will work with us.  It ain't as easy as I had thought it would be.  As we have NO credit to speak of, finding someone to work with us is tricky.  Well, apparently a few days ago our friend David from Canada was at  local computer store and struck up a conversation with a gent who was there promoting the credit card processing company he represented.  As David is aware of our efforts to take cards, not to mention our woes in that regard he, get this...
Offered to cosign for us.
To take that kind of risk to take responsibility for another person, much less someone who by clinical definition is not family!?
As it turns out , as this is an American company, you have to be an American citizen to cosign.  But the mere fact that he offered!  Dave, f you're reading this, I thank you so very, very much for the faith and trust you placed in us by making this offer!
Regardless of what horrors you may see on the evening news, they pale in the light of the more common good that resides in all of us.
It's a thought that makes it so much easier to sleep at night!
Managed to put out a few more goodies yesterday while at the same time kept up with repairs!  In short, I was a busy little bee!  So check 'em out and even more important COME IN and check them and more out!
See ya!

ONLY $40.00!!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

ONLY $40.00!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"I ain't no psychiatrist, ain't no doctor with degrees! But it don't take much IQ to see what ya doin' ta me!"

I don't pretend to fully understand the full function of the human mind.  Hell, there are times my mind decides to do something...and I don't understand it.  BUT, certain happenings go beyond the realm of rational thought.  Such is the case with the phenomenon of women sending wedding proposal to men on death row for heinous crimes. Scott Peterson who killed his lovely wife and unborn child was flooded with marriage proposals from desperately sick women after his arrest and incarceration.  I mean THAT is taking the whole "Bad Boy in need of saving" thing WAY to serious! And then there's Ted Bundy.  YES, That Bundy! Apparently he was a real chick magnet as well! 
Here's a joke that sums THAT up!
Ted Bundy and a coed are taking a walk deep in the woods at night.  The young lady turns to him and says "It's so dark out here.  I'm scared!"  To which he responds "How do you think I feel? I've got to find my way out alone!"
Oh yea.
I went there.
This leads us to my rant about the latest in the despicable, cowardly attack on the Boston Marathon.  Let me just say, I loved X-files when it ran, and found myself absorbing the whole "Government Conspiracy" trip.  But seriously!  These people coming out of the woodwork's in defense of these psycho Jihad bastards need to get a freakin clue!  Lets for a second suspend ALL the video "real-time" evidence of their rampage through Massachusetts. The lobbing of homemade hand grenades as they attempted to evade the police.  The cold blooded murder of a transit cop.  The theft of a car. The tender cradling of a "pressure cooker bomb" identical to the ones used in the actual bombing.  Not to mention the hospital bed full confession and let's just focus on the practical side of such an ENORMOUS conspiratorial effort. 
What would be the point?  If any governmental official thought these kids were such a major threat don't you think they could have been taken  out with a little less fanfare?
And what benefits local, state or federal officials by having an "incident" like this in their state?  Some surmise that 9/11 was a master plot by the Bush presidency to give legitimacy to a move against the middle east to occupy and control their oil revenue. 
Look.  I hated Bush just like many other Americans, but giving him or any of his cabinet stooges credit for such an intricate plot?  That's giving them WAY to much faith!
Back to Boston (sorry, always gotta find a way to zing Bush)
What motivation could any official have for staging a terrorist attack?  A boon in tourism?  Do you think there will be flocks of paying customer flooding Boylston street to see the sights?  Granted there are some ghouls out there.  And then there are the mourners who will be paying there respects, but in the end I think it's gonna put a dent in their revenue flow.  And the mind numbing number crunching that would have to be undertken to contrive and exeute such a plan, and to effectively plant such long term, damning evidence on the would be scapegoats and hope to GOD that they would respond in the way they did in order to lend authenticity to their guilt?!  Houdini himself could not pull off such a masterful illusion!
No.  Simply put these were two disguntled, manipulated flunkies who wanted to lash out at Americans, using our foreign policies as a carrot!  Apparently they had an axe to grind. 
Look, I'm no bible thumping flag waver.  Lord knows we have our "issues" and at times I question our presence in foreign lands.  Especially the ones that REALLY don't want us there, but in the end History has proven that the only effective way of creating an reltively peaceful society is through capitalism and Democracy.  I'm not knocking some of the most ancient of societies but look at Europe.  A group of countries perpetually at war with one another until the development of the European Union.  Effectively eliminating war and tensions (their current financial crisis not withstanding) Russia?  China?
The all mighty "gold standard" has spoken.
Back to the here and now.  YES!  I focused my effort and time yesterday and put out another three new sweeties yesterday so give 'em a looksie below!  And now I go to build more!
See YA!
ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $80.00!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Potty Mouth!

As parents we do the very best to sensor certain language and actions that while common in the adult world are inappropriate for younger viewing audiences.  But there comes a time when your V chip is not engaged and certain things slip out (especially if your are from the North and certain words of the single syllable type have multiple meanings and usage!) and you drop a bomb.
Our 9 year old, Rozlynd is a very precocious child.  She is free willed, vocal and speaks her mind, damn the consequences or who it may offend.  I feel no small hint of pride at this revelation.  She also possesses a wonderful sense of humor, firmly grasping the subtlety of irony and sarcasm.  A true gift for one so young!  So, anyway.  Our kiddos that go to the  local schools come here to the shop to hang out until closing.  We were packing it in last night,  picking up and closing out the register and Rozy was gathering up her school work.  Logan and Kaleb had all ready gone outside and were waiting by doing circles in the parking lot.  I stumbled upon Kaleb's homework he left behind and without thinking stated to Rozy "Go tell Kaleb to come get his $#!+"  At that point I should have caught on.  One eyebrow lifted in a very "Spock" like fashion and that little mischievous grin spread across her face and with a glint in her eye said "OK!" Before my mind could register what had just transpired she stepped to the door, flung it open and in front of God, Country and all present in the parking lot, demanded "Kaleb!  Come get your $#!+!"
And with a slow turn of her head, the grin and glint still present she looked at me and stated
"you SAID...." children!  Smart asses to the end!
Makes a father SO proud!
Yesterday was another busy, busy day!  My plan to Blitzkrieg the back stock went slightly askew.  Got one of those pesky bees in my bonnet and I dedicated the morning to reorganizing the shop a tad.  As we had no real sensible place to display the overstock of wheels we have we have had them lined up along the floor against the front wall, but as we have been increasingly expanding the stock it was getting a tad cluttered.  So before starting on any REAL work, I relocated them.  Well after one ill conceived relocation ( in "Bone Row" behind the overstock of bikes....not so much!) I found them a new home.  This meant relocating the overstock of OTHER parts back under my work bench. Well by that time the days repairs had come in (thanks so much for the faith good folk!) and that kept me busy until mid afternoon. But THEN, I dedicated the remainder of the day to putting out three new goodies!  And not a moment to soon!  Sold another six yesterday!!!  Thanks to all for coming in, and the one young family for scooping up three in one shot!  Needless to say I will be doing even MORE today!  Now that the place is cleaned it should be an easy task!
Famous last words!
So with that, hope to see y'all REAL soon!

ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $120.00!!!

ONLY $75.00!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does This Go With What I'm Wearing?

Oh....I don't know.
Going out on a limb here. Since relocating to the new shop we have noticed a slight change in certain demographics.  Oddly enough we are only talking about a move of 1.1 miles from our previous location but in truth three blocks could be three parsecs!  The life forms are in some ways vastly different.  Even though the old tried and true "DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!" are still great sellers we have had a real up tick in higher end demand.  Now this is the point I get slightly unnerved about.  Our goal is and always has been to supply the customers demands (enh...demands sounds so...demanding.  Lets say "requests") and in the past that has been cheap and reliable.  No problem.  We said from the get go "we aren't looking to get rich, just popular!" Well, modesty aside we have definitely done the popular bit!  But now we find ourselves in different waters, and slightly apprehensive about stocking up on more expensive bikes, but each time I put out a ride over a hundred (or two, or three for that matter) I am surprised at just how similar their short tenure is to that of a lesser priced bike.  Actually, in the case of a quality rod bike they don't last more then a day!  Well the last high price ride we had was the NEW Giant Simple Three.  I thought it would NEVER leave!  But last week, when we had had enough of tripping over it, we contacted the owner and pleaded with him to come down and pick it up.  A couple days later he did come in to get it, and as fate would have it, as he was loading it into his van a customer who came in at the same time asked if he had bought it, as he was coming down to see it.  Well stories were exchanged and the bike left with a new and proud owner!  SO it is with that that we introduce you to the latest in High End, High Priced bikes for your consideration!!!  One of our favorite consignors, Anne has brought us another scavenged gem!  This one is a 2002 Gary Fisher Sugar 4!! Loaded with Shimano Deore, Rock Shox's, and Bonteragger lightweight aluminum frame (what he was famous for!) this puppy MSRP'd at $1299.00!!! But truth be told, it probably old for more then that!  This is what mountain biking was created for!!  She is in EXCELLENT health, and well maintained!  So now we wait and see!  Are we starting a new trend or are we shooting ourselves in the foot?  Only time will tell!
Spent the better part of yesterday doing up Saturdays overflow of repairs (thanks ever so much for y'all's trust!) not to mention the ones that came in yesterday!  Also, had to dedicate some time to much needed cleaning!  OY VEY!  Did I ever make a mess on Saturday!  So today I will be dedicating some more time to builds!  Lord knows I have no shortage of material!  And thanks to Terry for cleaning out my storeroom of the overflow of scrap!  I can WALK again!! 
All right, enough palaver! 

ONLY $500.00!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Am NOT Hung Over!

Anyone visiting today please excuse the bag under the eyes and the slightly haggard look.  No, I did not spend last evening in drunken frivolity but rather a tenuous evening of sporadic interrupted half-sleep as we have a household of sickness.  Seems the bi-annual flu has stuck our house via school born germs and everyone except me, and Kaleb have been effected.  My poor wife seems to be the worst hit as she has been bed ridden for about three days now.  She is trying very hard to deny it's presence, but that seems to make it worse.  Her fever was breaking last night so it was a lot of trips to the water fountain, and lots of fever medication.  Of course trying to get the other bike mechanic in the family to play nurse maid while Daddy works is like pulling a Bobcats teeth without the benefit of sleeping gas!  At least we have tomorrow off so I can get the house back in order and hopefully the worst will be over. 
going to be spending today trying to get more built ad part bikes stripped down as we are once again filling up rather rapidly!  You could help out by coming down and buying some! HINT, HINT!
Back to work I go!
See ya soon!
And here's the goodies we put out yesterday!
ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!

TREK 7200!!!
ONLY $140.00!!!

ONLY $145.00!!!


Friday, April 19, 2013


Had to run a short errand this morning and as speed was of the essence I gave Yellow Cab  a call.  Most of the local drivers know us and it was Chris's turn this time around.  He's an older Yankee, having grown up on Revere Beach in it's heyday.  For those of the uninitiated that's about 25 minuets from Boston via the Subway.  Well of course after the conventional greetings I asked how his family was, as he has two daughters still living up that way.  Turns out that two days prior to the Marathon one daughter had just returned from a two year tour in Afghanistan and as part of the return celebration they decided to head out and watch the Marathons finish.  She was 300 feet from the first explosion.  Thankfully they were unscathed, but for several hours Chris was going through hell as there was a communication black out, or loss of cell phone reception because he wasn't able to reach her until much later that evening!  I can't begin to imagine what he must have been gong through although the potential irony was not lost on him as the first thing that came to his mind when he heard the news and couldn't reach her was "she survives 2 years in Afghanistan and gets blown up at home!"
Thankfully for them this was not the case.
And I know this news is a little dated as I haven't been following the updates religiously but I just learned today that some of the injured in the blast were the surviving parents of the Newtown massacre! 
Holy $#!+!!!!!
I am a firm believer that God gives only as much adversity to a person as they can handle.  I have to say that these persons have to posses the strongest character in the history of humankind!!!!  Our prayers go out to them. 
Now most people who know me know that I am relatively  level headed, laid back pacifist.  I rarely feel that violence of any kind is the answer and in my short history have very rarely raised my hands in anger.
I am about to share a rather dark, macabre thought I have had.  Any of you with meek constitutions, or pacifist leaning opinions may NOT want to read the following...

History is littered with stories of conquering armies and defending armies displaying some of the corpses of fallen foes as a warning or message to possible retaliates to not screw with them.  Here's a thought...
Law enforcement did a fantastic job in  a short span of time in finding the culprits of this heinous tragedy.  One is dead and the other as I write this is on the run and Boston PD and several other enforcement groups are doing a house to house search for the bastard.  They WILL get him and it is my fervent hope that he puts up a fight.  I wish no officers harm, but I want them to take him out.  No prolonged court case.  No Prison. No appeals. No chance to disperse his message of hate.  Just dead.
Take his corpse, and the one of his fallen scumbag friend, skewer them like a Shish Kebab and stand them up at the entrance to Haymarket Square!  Show the other potential "martyrs" that THIS is where their campaign leads them!  NOT some fantasy land with a bunch of virgins serving them Mai Tai's, or Valhalla, or Stovokor or wherever they think such cowardly inhuman acts send them!
Yeah, I know we are supposed to be civilized, and i realize that this opinion is one created in the heat of anger and I'll probably regret it later but sometimes when dealing with the uncivilized heathens in this world you have to damn rationality and get your hands dirty.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

You're More Then Welcome To Come In, But I Don't Think You Could Reach The Pedals

Takes all kinds! 
Yesterday was an interesting morning as we had a browser of rather unique proportions.  After opening and going to the Wren's Nest for a cup of liquid motivation and breakfast I was returning to the shop when my path was blocked by a Great Egret.  Now these guys are everywhere in Florida.  You see these guys are all over the place down here.  They perch in our neighborhoods, wander across the lawn
and gather in the streets from time to time, but I would not consider them a nuisance.  They do, by and large have enough sense to move away from approaching humans, at least that has been my experience.  Well not this one.  As I approached him standing inches from the shop door he only took one tentative step back but as I opened the door he apparently took it as an invitation and strolled in.  Not wanting to make him nervous I left the door open, but he seemed unperturbed as he bobbed slowly about the store.  I took out my breakfast of sausage burrito (oh you HAVE to try one of these!) and he perked up sauntering over slowly, rather imposing looking beak out stretch.  Well I had no idea what they liked so I tried a bit of the wrap, he wasn't so impressed.  So I gave him some sausage and he gobbled it right up!  So I spent a part of my morning having breakfast and coffee with an egret! Well, when he departed I got busy with repairs, which have honestly piled up over the previous 24 hours.  But No Worries!  We welcome the chance to be busy!  Only managed to put out two new goodies, but they are spectacular!!  Both are pristine condition Dahon folding bikes!  Both sit on 20" tires.  One is a Boardwalk single speed, the other is a Boardwalk 6 (the six meaning it's a six speed) These are most likely the 2002 models, but they look like they just came off the assembly line!  They come complete with the storage bags as well.  Today I have several projects in line, so I best end it here!
Hope to see y'all Soon!
ONLY $155.00 EACH!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Do You Believe?

I've spent the last couple days caught in an all too familiar spiral of mourning.  There is so much that I could say, so many opinions and or fears I could relate but I'm sure most Americans, to varying degrees and directions are thinking similar thoughts.  But I realized however that I couldn't give it power.  I remember far to clearly how 9/11 impacted not only me but my household and the world at large.  I stood by frightened looking to my countries leaders to just "do something" although I had hoped they would have taken full advantage of the good will pouring in from so many other countries to perhaps highlight the differences between our culture and others and quite possibly open real dialogue and make substantive changes in world policy.  But no, we got "you're either with us or against us" and 10 (and counting) years of an ill-informed immoral war.  So what now?  Do we live another ten years in fear to gather in public places?  Rekindled the well worn debate of freedoms versus security? Honestly, when I saw the photos of the aftermath and the death of an 8 year old who's only crime was spending time with his family enjoying a 117 year old Boston tradition, I shut it out.  I got busy, built some bikes and tried to forget. Perhaps geographical distance from my old haunting grounds has weakened it's effect or perhaps I have become "comfortably numb".  Sad, really.  I've heard many news interviews with people and families that live in other countries where terrorism is much more prevalent and the extraordinary and yet pedestrian methods these folks employ to survive a constant state of hyper diligence.  Hearing children and the precautions they must take just to go to school each morning as if they were describing the mundane processes that our children perform in order to get to their first class! Is that where I have gone?  Is that where WE have gone?  Bottom line is the impact that 9/11 had simply isn't there for me.  And that is the biggest point of consternation for me.  Have I really become that complacent?
I have a job to do, and I will have to push these questions back to the lesser used recesses of my brain until such a time as I can give them there just dues.
For now, I present to you the latest additions to our showroom.

TREK 820
ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $110.00!!


ONLY $105.00!!


Monday, April 15, 2013

To Close To Home

There's never a good place for this kind of madness, but the latest attack hit a little to close to home.  Boston was my stomping ground for seven years and holds many fond memories.  We take a break from the normal routine to send out our prayers and condolences to all those effected by this latest tragedy.  Nothing conclusive has come from investigations but I dare speculate that this is just another mindless ......
I'm sorry.  Anything more is unprintable here.
Good night, and bless you all.

Hooray! MONDAY!

Most people dread the coming of a new week and as much as I enjoy the time with the family (fights mishaps and bicycle accidents not withstanding) but for the most part we spend the bulk of our one day off cleaning the house from the previous 6 days.  And considering the fact that Angi and I have been working almost 2 months straight (our only relief being Easter) this Sunday the house needed ALLOT of cleaning!  So the actual "time with the family" amounted to story time before bed. So given that fact, it's nice to be back doing what I enjoy as opposed to what needed to be done. 
This week will be allot about building newbies!  Have a "bone row" once again CHOCK full of material begging for new life!  And even more coming in (picked up two already first thing!) so that is where I head now, just wanted to poke my head in for half a 'mo and say hey!
See y real soon!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Let me lean back, clear the dust off me,  wipe away the sweat and breath!  What a FANTASMAGORICAL DAY!!!  So many folks to say thank you so very much too for making this a record breaker!  Pretty much sold out, right down to stuff we had just built and three we haven't even started on!  WOW!  And also many thanks to those who had repairs here and came in and grabbed up happily!  I do so appreciate having a little breathing room.  You don't realize just how limited a space can be until you start packing in bikes!!  The room to roam was short lived however as we accumulated even more repairs (thanks so much for the trust!) not to mention a blitz of buying on my part (much to the consternation of my lovely wife)  True a few went right to the stripping station for parts (thanks to Kaleb for that!) but I have PLENTY to keep me busy with!  And also I would like to extend my appreciation to the few folks who came in and didn't give me a ribbing for the music I had cranked helping to motivate me.  See, I will admit it (now that I have been outed) amongst other more conventional tunes on my Ipod I recently discovered (or rather Elijah introduced me to a site) a plethora of free tunes lets just say...less then conventional.  Amongst them a selection from "The Brady Kids"  yes....THOSE Brady Kids!  And I have to admit I am a sucker for the musical score to "Hairspray"  Yes....
I was doing show tunes!
Also, Like the manager of McDonald's eating at Subway I LOVE it when employees from "other" bike shops, shop here!  Three of the local "Mega"-boutique were representin' today!  Thanks for bringing us their money! 
Heh, heh.
managed to put out four today, the prime one being the Townie Electra three speed, which only lasted about an hour before it got snatched up!  Have no fear good people as we have so much more to put out tomorrow!!
So until Monday, I am going to relish my first day off in over two months.

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

NEW!!!! BOYS 20" BMX
ONLY $80.00!!!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Tied To The Yoke!

And someone is pulling on the leads so I better make it fast!
Put out two SAH-WEEET new ones!  First is a '95 Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser 100th anniversary limited edition!!!!  Unfortunately it doesn't have the fenders (available on Ebay for $35) But this puppy SELLS for between $350-1000.00!!!!!  Holy CARP!  We of course being reasonable have it for a meager $170.00!!!  Also, had a gent drag in a nice looking Diamondback Wildwood Hybrid.  I mean....drag.  No rer wheel, or crank, or shifters....o much of anything.  BUT the body was nice!  So a few hours (and a LOT of arts) later, got one peach of a ride!!
All right I'm getting the crossed arms, tapping foot and evil eye so  best get moving!
See ya tomorrow!!

ONLY $165.00!!

ONLY $170.00!!!


First off.  Anyone coming in today and sees a zombie slightly resembling me, but with enormous bags under his eyes, fear not!  I (like Angie and everyone else in the house) are a tad tired!  See, like so many home in Florida the AC system works best during the winter. 
When it's not on.
It's when the first warm days of the year hit that it shows it's true faults!  Such was the case yesterday.  Mid afternoon Angi called to let me know that the AC was struggling.  A quick e-mail to my landlord and she has tech's coming tomorrow.  As well they SHOULD as it ws only about four months ago that we had them out to do extensive repairs on the bloody thing!  Then bout a week later it was shut down for the winter.  We only used the heat for like three days in a very mild winter.  Well anyway, as the techs won't be here until today we had to grin and bear it with cool shower and fans.  Finally around 1.30 am we headed to bed, tossing and turning until 2.30 when, almost asleep were woken by Kaleb with an urgent exclamation that the roof in there room was flooding.  The air handler is in their ceiling (the boys room is in the renovated garage) and yes, it ws Niagara Falls.  Mops and towels, bucket brigade and dad standing in the attic space bailing it out, and we had it temporarily under control.
Although I STILL have insulation embedded in my back!!
Another shower later and we were 4.30am.
So yes, I am a little less then top notch today!
Yesterday was  RECORD SETTER!! Took in and put out a total of 17...yes SEVENTEEN repairs!!!  Granted amongst them were three tube repairs, but hey..they count!  Thank you all so very, very much for your trust!  And thanks to Dave for three of them on referral!  (one of them saying that Dave told him "NOT to go anywhere else!"  WOW!  No THAT'S loyalty!  Needless to say didn't get anything new built but after I finish the last two I'll be hitting on a real sweet KHS to start then (energy reserves, and caffeine infusions providing) will be going onto a couple more Schwinn's!
So with that, I bid you all a fond G'day!  And we'll see you soon!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Basking In The Glow

Admitting ones peccadillo's is a step in personal growth.  Admittedly I am a bit of the glory hound.  Occasionally my "Leo" side craves the spotlight.  You have only to ask my wife who will quite eagerly attest to the fact that I "like the sound of my own voice"  So be it.  In high school I tried out for the lead in one of the Drama Clubs productions and the director immediately recognized my unbridled talent and in the course of my tenure I was in five productions!  Yes sir!  I was absolutely brilliant! the lighting coordinators assistant and 2nd assistant to the set constructor.
Oh well, at lest my perch in the backstage rafters gave me an advantageous view of the dressing room!! 
Waka, waka!
  Perhaps like many others I seek my fifteen minuets of fame although truth to tell (this is where I boast) I have appeared on TV twice.  Once in Houston, Texas back in the late 90's as they were interviewing me about the impact of the baseball strike.  Yea, I know why were they interviewing me about a sports strike?  Anyone who knows me knows I know less about sports then any grown man in America.  But, I was working at a comic shop that sold a large array of Sports cards, they thought the connection would be cute.
AND, I appeared on a Good Morning America type show in Boston in the late 80's when Batman first premiered (that's the Tim Burton one with Micheal Keaton not the good one with Christian Bale) They filmed the whole episode from my comic shop on West street. 
Also, I have had lunch with Todd McFarlane and his wife (creator of Spawn), a round table with Stan Lee (yes... THAT Stan Lee) and drinks with James Doohan (Scotty of Star Trek fame) not to mention several news articles during my tenure in the BIZ! (of which my Mother has the original copies I have to remember to get some day.  Although she can keep the framed "police log" she harbors as a reminder of my more impetuous youth when I was nicked after the fact for stealing licence plates off of four police cars.  Ask me some other time.  That was one moment in history I wish I had NOT been in the limelight!)
But I have to admit, as mentioned yesterday the gift that Dave dropped off yesterday of the timeline of our little enterprise here really gave my ego a lift.  Not to mention (and here's where I get sappy) It touched me on a much more personal level than any of my other moments had (my wedding  and the birth of my children not withstanding).  The fact that so many people were invested in not only our survival but our prosperity is not only gratifying but reasserting in my belief of the general decency of humanity.  And that they would go to the trouble to produce such a wonderful show of support is very touching.  Angela, I and the kids look forward to your return next year.
God Speed.
As is my personal signature (and much to my wife's chagrin) I can not end on an emotional note but on one of humor.
Funny thing happened in the bike shop yesterday!
Any of you following us on Craigslist will have noticed we have been making a concentrated attempt to let folks know we BUY bikes as well as sell them, with at least one add posted every day!  Needless to say we get many calls each day from folks looking to sell there rides.  The only drawbacks are that some are looking to get about 95% of what they originally paid for it and have some difficulty understanding depreciation, and wholesale pricing. While others want to know up front EXACTLY what I will pay for a bike that they don't know what size it is, what type it is (and in some cases what color it is!  No, sadly I'm not kidding) I got one such call yesterday, and apparently this gentleman had the GREATEST bike ever!!  It was in pristine, like new, right off the showroom floor, PERFECT condition!!  READY TO GO!!  He was however slightly fuzzy on the details of make and model so I suggested that since he was only a couple of miles away perhaps he could bring it by and I could inspect it and make an offer.  Well turns out this was a problem as his roommate had his car and he couldn't get it down to me.  In return I casually mentioned that he could ride the bike down, it wasn't that far and I'd check it out.  His response was, and I quote...
"well, yea I could do that,,,but...The bikes not rideable"
By definition, for a bike to be "perfect" it would be preferable to be RIDEABLE!
Welcome to my day!
Hats off to my lovely wife!  Unbeknownst to me she has been putting her new Ipad to good use in attempting to solve our "credit card" dilemma.  We often time get requests from customer to pay with a card but in our two attempts to get the equipment we were stymied by the hidden costs and liabilities inherent in the endeavor.  She, however has found a new contraption that turn your Iphone into a card reader and is in the process of setting it up.  In the end, of course she will have to patiently school me in its function.  I hope she can summon the patience.
Thanks for listening and hope to see y'all soon!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some End Of The Day Shout-Outs!!!

We are leaving late, so this will be quick, but before I forget gotta thank some folks for a heck of a fun day! 
Thanks to Bullet for the truck-load donations his wife brought us!  All ready built out two of 'em (pic below)
Thanks to Chip for all the gimmes, freebies and trades!  Love the chrome accent cruiser seat!
Thanks to Terry for bringing his boy down to grab up the Raleigh custom we just put out!
Thanks to Dave (our "first customer" and Cheerleader from Canada!) for the AWESOME gift of a signed "RE-Cycle time line" from all the gang at the park who always ask "How are the bike-people doing"?  Very VERY sweet of you man! (and thanks for the leftovers!  Angie and I are fighting over who gets the cheese!) Check out the pic below of this lovely gift in it's present position on our wall (gonna move it to somewhere more prominent when we get the space!)
And of course thank you very much to all the other great folks for bringing in the swarm of repairs and just stoppin' in to chat and check out the goodies! 
By for now!
See ya tomorrow!

ONLY $110.00

ONLY $110.00!!!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Raleigh is FINALLY done!!  She gave me  run for my money but she is one FINE looking machine now!  Also put out two more that didn't need nearly as much work!  So that's it for today and fixin to head out!  Thanks to all that came and visit not to mention the repairs keeping us going!  I'll ramble tomorrow as now I jut need some chill time!



ONLY $120.00!!


And This Comes As A Shock To You?

I read in a recent article from the AP that Television Network Executives are concerned over the growing number of "Zero TV" homes, as so identified.  These are folks fed up with commercial broadcasting (who knew?) tired of paying $100.00 plus cable bills as well as wanting to watch their favorite shows at their connivance. My surprise is that these well (ridiculously) paid exec didn't see this coming down the pike.  Angi and I have been a "Zero TV" home since the mid 90's.  Perhaps because I'm just to cheap to pay the bill, and I can't stand the majority of commercials that are just plain idiotic.  For the majority of that time we just watch VHS then to DVD then Blue Ray.  Until we discovered such resources as HULU, Netflix and the like.  Seems allot more folks are discovering them as well as when we first signed up they consisted of mainly failed short run shows, and B movies but today you are hard pressed not to find what you re looking for!  My most recent addiction is "The West Wing".  I never gave this one a chance (most probably due to the fact I didn't have cable).  Angi was doing her regular bit of updating our Queue (which now stands at a selection of 187 movies, documentaries (those are mine) and TV shows) when she pulled up West Wing.  Thankfully thinking of me she put it in.  And man am I HOOKED!  Now I easily watch 3 to 4 episodes a night (much to her chagrin) Can't believe I missed out on this Arron Sorkin masterpiece!
 So anyway.  As the non traditional TV homes has grown from 2 million to 5 million since 2007 you would think these gents would have seen the solution by now.  I'll help 'em out.  First keep in mind I'm no expert on any of this and I am not ll that familiar with the inner working of how a show get made or who pays for it, but I can only assume that advertisers play a big part in it.  BUT with the ability of sites like Netflix to know exactly who is watching ht and how many total, that seems to me a pretty more reliable gauge for determining what is and isn't popular.  Quite frankly in this day and age I can't see how anyone could rely on the outdated Nielsen Ratings system.  Instead of averages you have ACTUAL numbers!  To the best of my knowledge all major broadcasters and cable station have web sites.  These are mostly laden with fan trappings but in some cases you can watch the latest episode(s) if so desired.  Well....Put 'em all on!  Like Netflix groundbreaking foray into the original release of the incredible "House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey, available ONLY to Netflix subscribers.  This is probably one of this seasons best offerings.  Instead of major corporations spending millions of dollars on a 30 second spot during "prime time" (if there is such a thing anymore) you could offer up what I would like to call (copy write pending) "pop-up-pauses".  Similar to cable TV advertising that targets local small businesses but instead of buying a block of advertising that you have no control over where and when they place your adds (like 3 am during some obscure outdated show no one watches) you could buy a region (or regions) of a certain zip code.  Your talking much less of a cost that local shops could place an add where and when they wanted, and on what show.  The technology for this kind of precision exists.  For example a little place like us could have adds seen during a major sporting event, or an episode of "Castle" or "Supernatural"  Places normally only affordable to Coke or McDonald's, but the add would only be seen in the 34698 or 33755 zip code. While they could sell that same spot at the same time to someone else in another zip code.  Etc. Etc. Not to mention with the advent of interactive TV's which will more then likely be readily available and affordable in the next five years, your ad's could easily be linked to a web site (or in our case this Blog Site) and your customers could link DIRECTLY to you, right from their TV (while pausing their show of choice!) I've learned from personal experience that advertising that targets those looking for you works best.  I know it sounds like a no brainer, but most solictiers would have you believe casting a net works well.  Something like a repetitive print or radio add "gets your name out there"!  I beg to differ.  The cost of a coupon book add, when In tried it was around $400.00.  During the run I used I had one.....yes one person come in with the 20% off coupon.  And the bought  tube.  So that $400.00 investment netted me -396.00.  Not the best return I admit.  BUT I list on Craiglist that cots me nothing but 5 minuet of my time, I get three or so calls, several Blog site hits, and the bike sells in under 48 hours.  So whats the best course of action?
I suggest that at least one (if not all) of the major broadcasters, during there next "new-show" run, offer up a "WEB-only" offering.  Test the waters as it were.  Get a good story, some headliner talent and put it on their website only, and see what happens.
It is the new frontier!
Enough of that!  Thanks to the HUGE number of folks for visiting yesterday!  Wish I had more ready to show off, but what little we had left from this weekend sold pretty early.  Did manage to put out one new one, but it wasn't the Sweet Raleigh I've been trying to finish because I was BLISSFULLY swamped with repairs!!  OH MAN!  I do so thank all the fine folks for their trust and patience, as I had no idea this little place could hold that many people at once!!  WOW!!!  Managed to get most of them done, but are waiting on parts on a couple that I hope will be in today.
I will have the Raleigh done today come hell or high water so be looking for it this evening!
With that, Id best be moving along!
See ya soon!

ONLY $95.00!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Votes Are In!

As mentioned before we were taking the month of March to figure out what are new hours and days of operation were going to be,  Even though we are only separated by a mere 1.1 miles from our previous location it is a whole different world and we wanted to make sure that our choice reflected what was best for our new neighbors.  Keeping in mind of course that we need at least one day to rest and recuperate!  Well the tallies show that the old hours still work the best.  And yes, even though we get visits from some nice folk on Sunday, we are going to take that for us.  Quite frankly, wasn't just numbers as after work lat night we had a real fun Sunday (kiddo spats not with standing), and to top it off while disusing the hours with the kids the majority expressed their disatisfaction with the idea that we might close on Monday instead, as they pointed out they would miss out on Sunday brunch and hanging out with Dad (oh yea!  They tugged the heart strings on that one!)
Also we were treated last night to a visit from our daughter in and law and grandson!  It' fun watching momma be grandma!  And let me tell you, the majority of exposer I have to kids are my own, and I forget sometimes just how abnormal they really are!  No...not clinically, but in stature!  Aidan is 14 months old, and walking BUT is still lighter and only about an inch taller then Miranda!  Yep!  We breed 'em big!  In the end it's always a treat to have them over and watch their aunt's and uncles fawn over him!
Heh.  He has an aunt that's four months younger then him! least I'm not my own grandpa!

Thanks to all the folks visiting us on our last open Sunday!  Sold the second Schwinn Trailway lickety split, and had a few drop off's as well!  Best I get moving as I finally got that vintage Raleigh into paint yesterday and can't wait to get her together!
See ya soon!
Oh yea!  Built this one yesterday to!

ONLY $65.00!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


This'll be quick!  Jammin" day and thanks to all those for payin' us a visit!  Not to mention all the repairs coming through!  Kept us jumpin!  Put out three new sweeties today and one is a REAL GEM!  Completely original (except for new tires) 1958 Roadmaster Skyrider Deluxe!!!  GORGEOUS!  Also put out a couple yesterday and I will pic 'em below but we sold out of just about every adult bike we had.  So we will be starting tomorrow with the beginnings of a whole new batch!  So we will see you all on the 'morrow!


1958 CLASSIC!!!
ONLY $225.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $130.00!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rituals Interupted

Cute story.
Around our house we have traditions and rituals.  Schedules and procedure that dictate the passage of our day.  Night time Is no exception.  Upon returning home at the end of our day, dinner is prepared (mom, dad and Elijah taking turns) we all sit at the dinner table (no toys, no TV) light conversations ensues (with the customary admonishments for loud voices, arguing, unpleasant topics, hands off and proper eating etiquette) Once completed the elementary kiddos and Izzy go to their prospective bathrooms and the boys share the shower and the girls the bath, while the older boys "clear and clean"  Miranda then has her dinner and Mom and Dad after dinner coffee.   Then it's set out clothes for the morning, pick up debris, (if they didn't dawdle, story time) then kisses, tuck ins and lights out.
Hence our evening. 
Well from time to time this organization goes askew.  For whatever reason not everything goes according to plan.  Last night, shortly before I got home Izzy lay down for a nap.  NOT a good thing as she can take  half hour power nap and keep the whole house awake until 3 or so in the morning.  Once dinner hit the table we tried to wake her but she was out, so we opted to let her rest with the idea we would put her to bed once the boys finished their shower.
Well the boys hit the water and Rozy took her bath.  Once all was said and done and the kiddos were preparing for bed the prerequisite battle royal between Owen and Rozy roused Izzy.  Luckily she didn't wake cranky!  She had her dinner, but as she still appeared slightly groggy I made the foolish decision to just wash her face and hands and put her to bed.
Oh Nay, Nay!!
Like her father, young Miss Izzy is becoming a real stickler for protocol and when it was announced she would be going to bed without her bath I quite honestly think the gates of Hades briefly opened up, and a sulphur and brimstone tantrum ensued as she defiantly thrust fist to hips and announced in a bellowing righteously indignant voice  "But you are SUPPOSED TO!!!!"
Young miss Izzy was treated to a sour apple bubble bath with her hair diligently washed, dried and brushed.  Fresh jammies and extra tucks and kisses by Mommy.
I have NO illusions into who is really in charge.
Wow.  Talk about dead.  Yesterday brought a deluge of rain making the majority of the  population of Florida  cower in their homes.
We had a few stalwarts brave the elements to visit, and we do so appreciate the kind words and praise.  I am very happy to see that one of our new friends was able to locate a suitable (albeit temporary) bike as she has professed to needing to get out, and out soon to exercise.  I'm sorry we were not able to find what she was looking for but she got a real sweet Trek Navigator for a descent price, and I'm happy we could help a little bit in getting it fitted for her.  Also thanks for the cool Mongoose she sold us, I should have that one ready later today!
Also shout out and appreciation to the folks who had been down vacationing and picked up the Schwinn hybrid on the vacation rental.  They returned it in top notch shape and that gem is available again!
All right, best I get to work as gots lot to build!
Remember, God created rain coats so you could visit bike shops.

ONLY $130.00!!

ONLY $190.00!!!!

ONLY $135.00!!