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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil's Night

Have a blast all you party goers!  Have seen many a cool costume come in to the shop today.  Some of our regulars coming by to show off!  Thank you all!  Loads of fun!   And special thanks to a few for such wonderful kudos today.  The gentlemen in with his son's (almost) brand new Schwinn.  Another victim of the big box store "Hey Vern, What's this here thingamagigee?" assembly process.  We had a nice conversation regarding the "where do you go" conversations about the fact that if you want a new bike you either have to buy one of the $100.00 disposable bikes, or spend half a years salary buying a top of the line bike, and there are none in between...until he discovered us!  Thank you so much for those kind words and I hope (not) to see you again! (LOL) inside joke. And to my son David who has taken Zombie-boy to a party tonight (in drag)  Don't have him out to late he has to work in the morning.

A fine example of pre-Walmart Mongoose craftsmanship!
Well we stripped down the two Rayleigh's, and one is in paint, hopefully they will be done tomorrow, should have been done today but had to spend the morning fighting a VERY stubborn Schwinn!  I was finally triumphant!  Well Purple Passion and the custom three wheeler went out the door today, I hope they enjoy!  Now I need to build up the other three wheeler, No worries, happy to do it.  Well, have had our traditional run of Saturday re-pairs, so have only put out 1 bike today, and no late night tonight, gonna take the night off and have a date night with my lovely bride (Chinese food, and a movie!)  SO... Peace and Love folks, Keep up the fight!

Saturday Morn!

Well after an evening of pre-Halloween frivolity, the store is surprisingly jumping early this morn.  Zombie-boy, Having gone out last night riding the red custom 5-speed chopper dressed as the Riddler on the monthly "Freak Bike Militia's" Freak Bike run, to REPRESENT!  Came by  the house to join the traditional Friday Night before Halloween Movie Fright Night.  I however, being the whimpering little coward that I am, don't "DO" horror flicks, so I just played with myself...Pool that is!  And went to bed early (yes we cal 12.30 a early) So he was still at the house early as I stumbled about, empty coffee pot in hand, trying to kick my brain into gear, trying to  remember HOW to make coffee (yes advanced age REALLY SUCKS!) As I said the group that works here are pretty tight, and let me ask, when was the last time you saw your boss n his skivvies?  (and if you answer a resounding "HMMMMMM!" let me refer you to a good harassment lawyer) So he...."and the rest" were here at about 8.30am.  Jokingly we refer to ourselves as the bicycle shop with the longest non-posted hours.  On average from 8.00 am to 1.00am!  (But don't count on that always)
Well as Momma has been gearing up for our favorite time of the year "Trick OR/AND Treat"  The only time of the year you can scare the livin' bageebuzz out of your kids and NOT have CPS called on you! YAY!!! We have been bustin' it out at the shop!  Re-pairs are now Finally being put out at a steady clip hardly any wait time over 2 hours (unless we have to order parts!) So yesterday I was only able to put out 1 (sorry) but I didn't get in until around 5 pm last night (older boy had "AFTER SCHOOL COMMITMENT (hint, hint) ) and I had paperwork top do as well . I've got two classic Raleigh's (his and hers) to prep and paint, as well as a custom ladies cruiser 5 speed I've had painted for two weeks now, I want to get assembled!  So BUSY,BUSY, BUSY!  But we are open and ready to serve you!~   Talk to you then!
ONLY $80.00

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost Friday...wait it's 12.46am...IT IS Friday!

Yes thats right campers....IT"S FRIDAY!  And to all of those of you who have been putting off buying your bike "pick-o'-the-week"  Now is the time!  We have been working our feverish little fingers to the bones to get out as much as we can!  (pics below!) So there is no more reason to wait...COME ON DOWN! (do I sound desperate?  Thats 'cause we is!)  Not use to it being so slow, and yes I know thats 'cause the week before (when we were so poorly staffed and overworked) we had nothing much to show, and what was going out was selling like CA-RAZY!  But now there's no excuse!
OK! so what else has been going on, for all you intrepid listners.  Loads.  The buying has gone on unabated, and we have the full store to pove it!  Home life has been alot of fun.  I almost didn't come in today.  Went up to pick up the kids from school (momma was busy with in store stuff and couldn't get home to relieve me right away) so when I got home from school I hung with the little ones, and was haveing to much fun, painted pictures with Logan, and put faces on a pumpkin with Rozy, and had to keep peeling Owen off the walls (I think he had a WEE dram to much sugar!) Elijah was sitting with Izy, I swear those two have REALLY bonded, like two pees in a pod!  e can make her laugh like nobody can! 
But re-luctantly I returned to work, al;though Logan did come with me.  He really didn't want me to work but stay home and play instead, but all play and no work makes Jack a poor boy!  So I compromised.  He likes hangin' at the shop anyway!
Oh and as a COMPLETELY different subject, Marvel Productions LISTEN UP!  If you ever deside to do a Prince Namor, the Submariner Movie don't pick Vin Diesel...I got the man for you
NO, I haven't gone over to the other side!  But COME ON !  He LOOKS like Namor!  I don't know if he can act but he IS married to Posh Spice...And we all KNOW how good Spice World was (ok stop laughing) 
Anyway!  Below are some of our newest.  I hop you are all sleeping nice and cozy, I'm goin' home to do the same!

ONLY $95.00

ONLY $70.00

ONLY $35.00

ONLY $120.00

ONLY  $90.00

ONLY $55.00!
Love ya!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life of leisure...

but seriously folks...
This week Angela and I have (once again) switched to a new schedule.  I'm on at the house in the am, then come up (as before) once the kiddo's get home, then she goes home to safe guard the house. Mommy and Daddy's come home  to a thoroughly trashed house (after a day spent cleaning) ONE TOO MANY TIMES!!!  As well as a disturbing discovery of kitchen knives disappearing and tell tale holes in walls!  I know my kids can be a hand full but you expect the person left in charge should be able to take control of the situation.  Well now the kiddies have an Irish mom to deal with.  I need say no more!
Work front:  Well that leaves me here (late) to build up goodies.  AND with the addition of two new mechs (the other two didn't pan out) we are actually staying on top of repairs AND building stock!  So below you will find some of the new additions.  And we are building more.  We have been doing ALOT of buying lately (YAY!) and have some real sweet treats exmp: Mongoose Blackcomb. 2 three-wheelers, a GIANT miyata hybrid, Gary Fischer MTB, 20" old school Diamonback BMX, and so on...
ONLY $55.00

ONLY $55.00

ONLY $65.00

ONLY $105.00!

ONLY $60.00!

Shout out to all the awesome folks who have entrusted us with their re-pairs, and restorations of late.  And all the awesome visitors who have contiuned the tradition of keeping our lives interesting.  So for now I have 3 projects in my bay I wanna git finished.  I'll regail you with more interesting stuff later!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

touching down...the Eagle has landed!

OK, my head has been in the clouds for a couple of days overwhelmed (pleasantly so) And I have a brief moment to bring you up to speed before I get back to it.
When last we visited our intrepid adventurer.....

I was leaving to go home and play pool and re-lax, that I did, until the wee hours of the morn, and have taken the last couple of evenings off to do the same. I needed a BREAK!  Not to say we haven't got anything done (pic below).  Also, have hired 4 new mechs.  ! full time and two part timers and 1 who will be working out of his garage with our material (we are short on space here).  Today we (FINALLY) cleaned  and organized the shop.  Of course 20 minutes later 9 re-pairs came in (but at least we had room) so I will be reporting more this eve, now I gotta git back to it!
ONLY $65.00!!
ONLY $55.00

Thursday, October 21, 2010


OK, I've been better.  A bit snappy lately (and due to a stubborn Pacific that inexplicably became airborne last night (good thing Zombie-boy ducked)) I've come to the conclusion that I need a night of rest.  Today was busy, as usual.  Jay's been workin' on the specials (almost done) and I've been puttin out (fires) stock. But I seem to keep pickin' the hard luck cases!  Never enough time to get everything done I want to get done!  Put out a nice Dyno 20" VFR today, and almost done with another MTB Banger.  We have a Plethora of stock I'm dying to put out, just can't work fast enough SOOOOO I'm taking a night to re-lax, play some pool and chill. Get a good nights rest and hit it fresh tomorrow, and hop I can get enough goodies for you folks to peruse this weekend!  So 'till then...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OK...what was I doing?

I love days like today.  Busy, busy, busy.  Thank you to all the wonderful folks that came in to visit today, even though I had to cut my morning time at the house short.  I don't mind though it gave me the opportunity to buy some real cool stuff! 
I'll back track for a brief moment was to tired last night to blather so I'd like to tale the opportunity to fill you in.  Yesterday got some real goodies.  Angela lucked out yesterday and made a (wise) executive decision and purchased a Dahon folding bike, that needed minor re-pair.  A wise decision because it didn't last until the afternoon today!  A very lucky young lady purchased it for the ease of storage (it folded down to the size of a small suitcase (meet George Jetson!)  The thing was basically brand new, and re-tails for $565.00!  We let it get stolen for only $235.00!!!  I also (amongst other stuff) bought a mid 60's Murray Skymaster, another attic find (YAH!) so that'll be a real gem when we're done with it.
Today I picked up a mongoose Blackcomb (god these things are TIGHT!) need a LOT of work (basically just a frame now) but she'll be sweet when shes done.  Also got a Pacific Elite 3.1 that I cleaned up, re-furbed and put out tonight (pic below) and put out another banger (again, below) and a good thing 'cause everything I built last night sold before e I even got in this morning (my lovely bride is quite good at that!).
Zombie boy is still banging away at the specials (has 5 in paint right now) plus he cast molds of the Western Flyers trim, gonna build us a replica (some day) and I have just been trying to keep putting out product!
Thanks to Matt for poppin' in briefly and saying Hi!  And the lovely (large) family whom stopped in to buy (another) bike for one of their many children.  I feel bad though they got this CUTE little girl, about three that when she saw me came up to give me hug, But I'd been sanding and was COVERED in black and red dust, she was dressed so nicely I didn't want to muss her up, so I had to warn her off (didn't like the way she frowned!) Next time!
Also Have picked up a three wheeler from a regular, haven't had one in a while this one need work (alot) but they're always worth it.  Well I could blather on, but I really want to make it an early night!

Side note that has nothing to do with any of this but the other day I was yakin' with my son Elijah and he informed me that they're casting the "She-hulk" movie and are leading heavily to Megan Fox, the only thing I have to say about that is...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


OK. I'm sure there's lots I could yak about, been a busy day, but it's 12.50 am and I'm whupped!  Here's what I got done tonight, now I'm gonna go home shower and pass out...hopefully not before I reach my bed, and lovely wife awaitin'.
BRAND NEW (almost)
Dahon Folding Bike
(retails for $565.00)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I CAN NOT Get Anything Done With All This Fun Going ON!

And that's a bad thing?  Happy Sunday to you all.  This weekend's been a little quite but that's cool has given us plenty of time to knuckle down and goof off....I meant work. Yea, that's it! Plenty of thanks for the folks who stopped in today.  "Vlad" DID NOT last!  Went faster then i had suspected.  Sold the Wood grain Roadmaster as well.  New someone would appreciate how cool (odd) it looked.  Special thanks once again to Matt for comin' in and helping out.  He's fit right in, and even introduced us to a game,"movie titles" pick a letter to start then name a movie that begins with that letter then the next person has to come up with a title using the last letter of the previous title.  Hint, there are not that many movies that start with the letter E!  Zombie-Boy stumbled in a little after noon and went back to work on Specials.  I've been trying to get out more product, as Angela has held down the front.  But I'm needed from time to time and with my memory every time I get distracted I end up losing my place.  Some call that senility, I call it...old age!
Thanks to our new friend Jim who came inquiring how much to re-store an old Lincoln, Pre-1937 Lincoln, he's had it since he was 15 years old.  I am thrilled with the prospect of putting this back on the road for him!  Thanks, Jim for thinking of us!
Angela, whilst diggin about the net came upon the top ten worst husbands from around the world, and showed me the photos, some of them I understand, but this one voted number three I just don't get....
I mean clearly this is a very caring and loving man.  Just look at how tenderly he's holding that special someone, and the look of peace and contentment on their faces.  Truly, this is not a bad man.  I mean I'd be inclined to vote the person who is blatantly and dangerously blocking his and the bikes exit, just in case of emergencies.  Sheshould have laid on the other side of the tent.  Some people!
Well Gotta toddle off, eat some Sunday dinner and get back to work.  Need more stock!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Work and No Play....

Double Day Entry!  Didn't touch base after our day ended yesterday, had a ....little accident.  And was not feeling up to snuff.  I won't go into the gory details (much) but suffice It to say you should NOT us a table grinder to clean a brake cable...(I'll wait for the horrific image to sink in)  My dumb ass got 4 slices on the stomach before I stepped away from the rapidly rotating metal lash! Angela, my immortal beloved did an excellent job at doctoring my wounds, and truth to tell its moments like that you find out who loves you.  I finished out my day though, we NEED bikes.  And I was working on a converted Roadmaster ladies MTB.  I'd show a pic..but why bother, it sold right after opening today!  Have no fear though have a couple more in the hopper (UGH! I keep forgetting...always check and make sure the cup you're sipping from is, in fact yours.  Stale, flat watered down root beer...BLAH!) A real sweet Mongoose XR-250 (2008) MTB someone pulled out of the trash. Believe was.  A 26" bike with a baled 24" cruiser tire in the back, 20" bmx wheel in the front...and those we're the good features.  But Kaleb and one of our bestest buds (and bike groupie, Matt) have been giving it TLC. Kudos and Hididdely Ho to Matt.  Bored on a Saturday he showed up today to BS and ended up just starting to work!  Cool!  He helped me finish this FRIGGIN' SWEET! Panasonic Road Bike I've been working on (brag more in a minute).  He and Zombie-boy are old NAVY boys, and had a lot to yak about.  Saw some regulars today pop in, many nice words of encouragement were given...THANK YOU!  They re-member us from the old Garage days, nice to know we're still in their thoughts.  Love you, folks.  Stop by anytime.  One lovely lady and her daughter stopped by whom have bought several bikes from us in the past, looking for a ride for another of her daughters (how many does she have?  We've met two so far.) She really liked the wood grain lookin' Roadmaster 20", but someone had been in with their daughter a few moments before and we're (supposedly) going to the ATM.  Well, they never came back, so if you still want it mama, it's here.
A side note whilst I'm thinking about it, mentioning ATM's.  Had a couple of occurrences yesterday...occur.  Most people when they are informed we only take cash, trade or barter except it in stride, but yesterday we had a customer who took it with less grace.  When she took out her checkbook and I informed her we did not except checks, she became rather...offended.  And promptly left, without her sons chosen bike.  I feel sorry for the young lad because he seemed to really like it.  Please, I don't wish to insult anyone.  I will (briefly) explain our payment policy yet again (it's been a little while since I did)  Most of what we do here is motivated by two factors, ecological and political (economical goes without saying) Simply put, our world economy is in the state its in primarily due to debt.  And we don't want you to pay anything more then what we sell the bike for. Period.  If that is an inconvenience to any one, we are sorry, but we have principals and will not stray.

OK back to the fun!  Western Flyer Guy and his lovely wife came by and gave me pause for play!  I'll tell you this couple are cool.  Very retro (he dresses like one of the fifties style Mambo Kings..Very Chic) and there in to the cool sh...tuff.  He brought in a classic late 40/s early 50/s Western Flyer Super 53 for us to restore.  Well yesterday he brought in a Way cool Rat Fink Tryke!  Everyone had to give it a try.  Not the easiest ride, but MAN does it look cool.  We're doing some repairs, and a clean up.  Also gonna try and give it a padded sissy bar to make it a little easier to get up inclines (lord knows I'd need it for my plump mid-section!)  
Well yesterday also brought us some new friends.  A very nice networking exec (suit and tie type, somewhat out of place here) but after the initial wave of stark fear for possibly being served passed, he just let us know he'd noticed the weird bikes outside and just had to stop.  And in the ensuing conversation turns out he did alot of the same thing in his younger days, and loved what we were rekindling.  He hope we were able to keep it up and even offered his services gratis to get the word out to his groups.  COOL! the more converts and nostalgia buffs we can turn the better!

OK, I'd said I was gonna brag ya go.  Got this nice (but well worn) Panasonic MX 2000 Road bike, in trade a week or so ago.  Needed major help.  Finally got in a set of wheels for it, so broke it down and started setting out parts.  Well this poor thing had a mountain bike drive train (bio-sphere, even!) among other atrocities.  SO setting that aside I dipped in to the nice higher end components I'd picked up last week.  And after a sharp paint scheme (I call it Vlad, you'll see why by the color scheme, very tres' Vampiric) put it all together, a little finesse (hammer time) and I took it for its road test.  Now I don't care to ride road bikes (chubby belly, bad back...go figure) But...WOWZERS!! This baby is FAST!  and LIGHt, I couldn't believe it!  Made me look GOOD!  So this baby will be up for grabs first thing in the AM tomorrow!  Check it out!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Perfect beginning!

As mamma and I sat on the lanai this morning having our coffee, conversation inevitably led to where it always  Mapping out what we need to tackle first.  Stock completion is obvious but we have special projects mounting, and need to get them finished.  The Western Flyer (53-58?) is in paint, as is the Takara.  And The Schwinn ladies and Townie Electra have to go out soon.  So that started me a thinkin', as much as I loathe to do it, I would have to order parts.  I have NO single speed rears, and am hurting for the necessary 26X1 3/8 5 speeds. So with that in mind I headed off to work.  Well when I arrived what do I find leaning against my door.  But an old Ross eurosport, and a Freespirit mountain bike.  And the Ross has a perfectly good set of 26 X 1 3/8's, Even the tires are like new!  So thank you to whomever brought us the wonderful blessing!
So now happy with this ray of sunshine i began my setting up for the day, and in the back of my mind I was thinking "OK, I have the Schwinn taken care of, now I just need to get a coaster brake rear end."  no sooner did these thoughts flutter through my brain, did a young couple come in to sell me... yep you guessed it A beach cruiser with not only a good alloy coaster brake, but a nice seat and a nice set a tires!  WOW!  Townie is now done.  Well before I was able to revel in my astounding luck, a lovely retired couple came in, she had been here before a couple of times looking for a ladies low step over bike.  Well, we had got in a butchered Huffy beach cruiser that was perfect other then the fact that it didn't have (you guessed it) a seat and cruiser tires (TA DA DUM DA!).  SO.. my luck as is always a pleasant side effect, had helped another soul!  She finally gets the bike she's been looking for!
God does work in mysterious ways.  And thanks to all his Angels that made it possible!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gripe session...

All right, Today began as any day.  Angela woke the children got 'em prepped for school, walked 'em up then came home and roused my butt.  We had our coffee then she went off to open the store and I began my routine of cleaning.  Now mind you during the day I don't have anything on electric (cept the fridge, and washer and dryer) AC is shut off at the breaker, and nothing else is running.  So this is why I didn't realize that the lights had been shut off until later in the morning when I went to turn the fan on!  OY!  OK we been down this road before.  I'd paid $700.00 a week ago on a $753.00 light bill (yes folks that's for ONE month) and My fault forgot to pay the other $53.00.  I know my responsibility and all that but it just seems to me that if someone is going to at least make an effort to pay their light bill (in my case 92% of said bill) and in this day and age you'd cut 'em a little slack!  Side note for any of you folks reading who DON'T live in Florida (and even some of you who do) This is the result of living in a monopoly driven state.  YES I said the "M" word.  I know they'll fight tooth and nail to say it's not one..but there ya go!  A little info some of you may also not be aware of (facts that my family is PAINFULLY aware of)  But in the state of Florida if you fail to pay your utility bills and get shut off, and do not pay it and restore your power in a suitable amount of time, and you have children...the state will take your children.  Nope I'm not kidding (see the Oct. 1st, 2009 edition of St Petersburg Times, Floridian section "When Love Is Not Enough" by Lane De Gregory).  Also it is against the law to NOT have Power and Water running in your home.  If the city (at least this one) finds out they will condemn your home and evict you!  So no one can tell me that the law makers and utilities are not only in bed together but they take turns wearing the dress, AND share morning biscuits together!  (I direct you to the recent Progress energy 23% rate hike!)  But, hey I know they're REALLY hurting for money!  They may just have to park the Lamborghini and take the Ferrari to the office,  HEAVENS!
OK That rant is over! 
So any way, realizing it's to no avail to fight it, I call the Power company to find out how much I owe (I did say I forgot, remember?) and this Saccharine Syrupy sweet woman who is OH SO SORRY for the inconvenience proceeds to give me the amount and then without prompting, begins to rattle off "assistance" agencies that would be "more then happy" to help me.  I'm polite, and I listen only making a half-hearted mental note of the familiar non-entities shes shooting off.  I should have said don't bother, but hey maybe it makes her feel better, I'm sure she is oblivious to the fact that out of the 6 agencies she re-fers me to, two no longer exist and the other four are so poorly underfunded they are perpetually out of funds 15 minuets after the first of the each month! (a fact I'm well aware her superiors surely fail to inform her of) But I can't help say to myself "Look I paid $700.00 and as much as a strain as that was I can come up with the rest!"  I think I'd rather have the old rude operators I'm use to.  At least there is now false attempt to hide their staunch contempt for my worthless existence, and utter disgust that I have ANY problem paying WHATEVER they deem appropriate.  Hey call me masochistic, but I like honesty!
So what other bug has crawled up my but that I can harp on?  OH yea!  Got into the shop a little after 3.00 pm today, went right to work on finishing the Huffy commuter I'd started last night, when a new customer of ours had come back in with his GT we'd done some tweaking on.  He'd been noticing a creaking, grinding noise in the crank and was wondering if we'd put enough grease in.  Well we gob grease in when we do bearings, our rule is "you can never use to much grease and we use heavy duty automotive Axel grease.  So I get on and try it grind, no squeak.  I ride it up and done the gars around and around and try to mimic the experience...nothing finally while standing and pedaling hard I feel it... the bearings are gone in his pedal.  So we change it.  Then an ensuing farcical comedy.  Of over two hours of tweaking and testing because in changing the handlebars (he went with a taller set) I can't get the front derailleur to work right.  But whats worse is.  I get on it and it works fine, rapid fire Shimano's up down up down smooth as silk, he's watching me I show him he agrees,  up down up down smooth as silk.  He gets on it...GRIND, GRIND, CLUNK, CLUNK, SKIP,SKIP!  Can't get it into this gear can't get it into that gear.  Well after a multitude of attempts he has to go, but we agree that he needs to get a second opinion, this ones a stumper!
I don't like it when I can't satisfy a customer, so it's a little grating.  I referred him to a mechanic I can trust.  I do hope he takes that advice and doesn't go elsewhere or their gonna try and convince him he just needs to buy a new bike.
Wow! that's a lotta bit$#in@ even for me!
OK good stuff!  The Rockadille we battled yesterday went home with the winner today.  He was quite thrilled with the quality of bike he got for a song!  He traded in the bike he had just bought off of Craigslist, once he realized how much it would cost to re-pair or re-place almost everything (serious rust and metal fatigue, the shifter cable was so rusted it snapped in pieces when we tried to test the derailleur).  The Huffy I finished today sold about 15 minutes later (at least I got a pic this time, see below) we cut her a nice deal.  Her son needed it as a replacement bike to get to and from work.  These are the folks we love to work for!  The kids came up to the shop and hung out for awhile, waiting for the lights to be turned back on, and we went next door to Subway (oh yes shameful plug:  the Subway next door for us has a special, every night after five if you buy three or more foot longs you get any on the menu for just $5.00 a piece!!) (plus they give our kids free cookies)  So the 9 of us (soon to be daughter in law and moms best friend joined us(their both Twihards)) Funny, restaurants seem to empty out when we come in...can't figure it out?  Then secure in the fact they had AC to go home to, the place emptied out.  Kaleb's hanging out working tonight as theirs no school tomorrow, hence why I"LL be opening tomorrow (HEHEHEHEH!)
And last but certainly NOT LEAST my awesome son Logan brought me a real neat, and sweet story he wrote for his 3rd grade writing project.  We all have (as parents) certain soft spots for certain children.  Logan, where as outwardly appears just a regular kid, has had it a little tough in his life.  Not to divulge to much, and I hate to get to serious but about 2 years ago, Logan died.  He was clinically dead for over 15 minutes, but his mother god bless her wonderful soul performed CPR until the paramedics arrived and were able to revive him.  As a result of this accident he has a hard time with short term memory retention.  So this story touches me very deeply.  The direction was to write about your fondest, earliest memory.  And as a father and as a bike fanatic it's one of the best gifts I've ever received.  Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Plans Of Mice And Men

Or "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".
OK maybe I'm not gonna go there, but it has been a Heck of a day.  Not really bad, least not 'till the end.  Forgot how much a pain in the patooky the Mongoose Rockadille was to work on.  Has a real finicky derailleur system that has to be precise!  But with no real guide to speak of.  Jeremy was working on it earlier but through up his hands in disgust.  Were I a smarter man I would have done the same, but I'm nothing if not persistent (and brain dead).  Finally got it beat though (litterly...took a hammer to it) and that did the trick.  Like the old saying goes "where brains fail, brute force prevails!" (that's our policy!)  Today was a busy one the Pacific I put up last night was gone at opening this morning.  These folks had bought a nice FS Elite from us a few weeks back and have been watchin' the Blog for what was new.  Snagged it.  The Schwinn Sidewinder we put together this am was gone before we could post it, sorry didn't even get a chance to snap a pic!  And the Aforementioned Rockadile is bought and paid for as well (hence me being here so late to get it done for the lucky winner!)  Thanks to our buddy Chip!  For the awesome re-fer (ral)!  Wonderful jovial fellow brought in his motorized Miyata, and wants us to gut it and put the goodies on a chopper we got kickin' it in the ge-rage!  And we get to keep the Miyata!  (hehhehehehehe)
The House Husband bit was fun today.  Finally got the girls room together, hung with Izy fer awhile and gave her her leisure bath and baby oil rub (she loves her belly and face rubbed) then baked cookies for the rest of 'em fer when they got home.  Should a heard them walking through the house "DADDY, WHAT smells so GOOD!"  Very sweet!
Well finished the Emory cruiser, Hand made in Jacksonville, FLA  (hand re-made in Clearwater, FLA)  Shes a beaut!  Was A LOT of de-rustication there, but I think the finished re-sult was worth it. VERY comfortable ride!
Well I gotta git, my eyes are starting to water lookin' at the screen!  And Boy do I need a shower!
ONLY $110.00
Love y'all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Christmas wish...

OK not Christmas, but I asked for more bikes to buy...and I got it!  In the form of a full trailer!  Loads O nice (soon to be) Bikes.  Old school Gary Fisher MTB hybrid HK-II, Old school Schwinn Sidewinder, Specialized Hard Rock, Mongoose Rockadillo, Dyno High Altitude lots a scrap
And the Gem of it all (I think) An Emory Mojave Cruiser.  THE ORIGINAL BEACH CRUISER!  Made right here in Florida (Jacksonville)!   Hand made this baby is big and strong!  And 10 gauge spokes!!!  You don't find them much anymore unless its an old school!  And the Body is in GORGEOUS shape!  So we are like WHIRLING through the place in a mad rush to get out stock (but not sacrificing quality...made that mistake once to often) Put out the Ford Red Free Spirit Zombie boy did, it didn't last to long.  Will post pic 'cause it was gorgeous, but gone.  Have put out 2 so far today, as we were busy in the morn' finishing up re-pairs.  Zombie-boy is gonna put out two more before he calls it a day, but tonight's my night at the house with the kiddies!


ONLY $35.00

Not much more to report.  Tuesday's are quite, mostly.  But keep an ear out for whats coming.  Or stop on by and say high.  Mamma will keep the candy dish full fer ya!

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's 10.45pm. Do you know where your bike mechanic is?

Well if hes dedicated to the craft (and 6 short of a bakers dozen) he's still hammerin' away on da bikes.
K.  I'm done for the night, finally.  We have been so (blessedly) hammered by re-pair orders I haven't wanted to leave. And tonight was a special deal.  A very NICE gentleman, Vic is helping out a friend, with needs.  His friend realize on his bike for his sole transportation, and unfortunately as we found out Sat, that his bike was in a bit of an accident, and toasted the front wheel.  Usually a quick fix $15.00 slip on a new front wheel, and he's back in business.  Nope.  His front's a disc brake and i have NO front discs right now.  And to order a new one is way from cost effective.  SO I just restrung his old hub (luckily not damaged) onto another wheel.  BUT as we go in order for re-pairs, he was about 4 away when Vic called today asking if there was anyway we could expedite it.  Tough call, every ones bike is important and we hate making anyone wait, so Zombie-boy and I pounded out the three before Vic, and as vics friend needed it tomorrow,I just hung late to finish.  And wouldn't ya know it...plauged by problems!  Missing my star driver for the rotor, 1 bad spoke and couldn't find another to match so had to cut one.  then when it was all back together, was oiling the chain and realized the rear derailleur had a bad spring.  So Vic no here patiently waiting for me to get my act together, said to just go ahead and replace it! to find the right derailleur! And in the end (heh heh joke coming up...) Vic decided to buy his friend a nice big comfy seat as his narrow Next seat was a pain in the end (HAHAHAH!). 
Today was fun!  Had day duty at the house got it cleaned up after the parent less weekend (LORD!) I don't know what they were doing this weekend but I found a lawn flamingo in their bedroom...and we don't HAVE lawn flamingos! (I'm gonna hear from a neighbor I just know it!) Izy was a sweety.  we played for a while then took a walk to the store for dinner.  Course had to stop at the shop and say hi to momma (doin' a great job of keepin the fires burnin!) Then went home and cooked up some nice grub.  Then hit the road once the other chittlians made it home (took extra time this afternoon as Owen didn't have his meds this mornin (gonna hear from his teachers... I just know it!))
Once at the shop got right to work as Momma made SURE that she visited as many Twilight web sites as possible ( I kid because I care)  Had a Sweet couple come in today she is ULTRA excited about the '68 Schwinn Varsity we're building for her!  Hot Pink!  And he's the new proud owner of the Townie Electra I had hidden in the back.  They're gonna look sweet cruisin' on 'dem beauts!
Got to BUY today!!!  Few nice picks hope to have out within a couple days.  Nice BIG Pacific men's MTB, nice woman's old school Giant MTB, and a couple nice BMX'rs!  So keep vigil for them.  Yep, 'cause now the average floor time for a bike is down to 6 hours! (we're like real scientifical here!)
Many other swell folks came in and we're nice enough to let us help them keep there rides rollin, and we thank you!
As for me... I need a shower!  You all have a nice night now, ya' heah!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whoop! 'dere it is!

Well to day was no slouch either!  Busy, busy,busy!  After 5 hours sleep we were back at it this morning, had to get the birthday bike done!  Turned out to be another White Whale!  But I beat it and it went home with a very excited young b-day boy!  Sorry to my lovely wife for having to postpone our breakfast date, but shop duties and all that.  She was very understanding (plus it gave her something to needle me about...all day!) FINALLY got to do SOME buying today!  Picked up a cute little 20" Roadmaster 6 speed mountain bike from our "Springer" buddy!  Been in his trunk for ever.  It's a little dirty, but it's got the coolest graphics, looks like green/black wood grain!  Gonna pretty it up tomorrow!  And got a hot Craigslist tip from Chris, one of our reg's (love 'em!) about a gentleman selling a bevy of misc parts!  Called up, and unfortunately didn't have the time to bike down there and take a peek, so the swell guy loaded 'em up and brought 'em over.  Bought the whole lot, 'cause Heaven knows I'll use 'em.  I was like a kid at Christmas, Lots of cool stuff, highlights being, set of integrated shifters, loads 'o nice new grip sets (actual matching SETS!) new metal pedals (again...SETS!) an entire box of reflectors (OK I just dump them in the 37 gallon FULL container I already have) SEVERAL nice front/rear derailleurs, rapid fire shifters, v-brakes, sealed bottom brackets etc. etc. etc.  SOOO that little Panasonic Road bike I got in is gonna have some SERIOUS upgrades when she finally hits the floor! 
And a great big HELLLOOOOO to El Camino Guy!  After what seems like forever, he graced us with his presence today!  Bearing us 2 garbage bags FILLED with video tape movies, yet again!  MORE entertainment for the shop (much to my wife's chagrin) but I'm sure shes (mostly) OK with it as he had a set of Rocky, The God father, Scarface, Halloween & Final Destination 1&2 for her.  Me?  I like the sappy chick flicks, and weird comedies ( I know, roll re-versal)
The old school Dyno BMX (all original) I re-built last night sold before our set opening time this morn'.  Hope the lucky young man whop gets it realize what a swell find his folks got 'em! (ONLY $50.00!)   The 3-speed Free Spirit Zombie-Boy popped out (after 3 days labor, bet his *ahem* is sore!) is on the floor (pics 2-morrow) GORGEOUS Ford fire red!  Wowzers!
Thanks to all the awesome folks who came in eager to pick out there rides, and my sincerest apologies for not having anything to show you!  I PROMISE when we get through the wave (alright, tsunami) of re-pairs we've gotten we'll get back on the store stock!  But don't take that as we're to busy to help bring your ride up to snuff!  OH NO!!  we'll work till all hours to keep you rolling.
Well 2-morrow starts a new week (AND after a weekend with mom and dad working, I got some HEAVY house-cleaning chores to do!  Well a pool game (or three) awaits me at the house, and I better get there before Zombie-Boy rules the table!
Personal side note:  To my son David, although it's due to your own STUPIDITY, I do hope that which you must face tomorrow all works out for the best.  Love ya, son!  We'll always be there for you!

all that AND a bag of po-Ta-toe chips!

Saturday was MAH-VELOUS!  So many awesome folks came out to enjoy the fabulous day, and made their trip here.  I SO love to hear such awesome stories (and glow at the wonderful compliments)  Several people informed me of their trek here from Lake land, Tampa, Lutz, Ohio (OK she probably came down here for reasons other then JUST us) and other exotic ports of call.  I so wish I had more in my show room to show them.  But we are picked clean (except for the ever present blue and orange custom cruiser, still haven't found that poor thing a home yet) and a few kids bikes (but even those are getting thin).  The two we put out Friday night, the Raleigh Pursuit road bike left (in haste) about.00001. nano-seconds after opening,  And we got a sweet (albeit in need of heavy work) 50cm Panasonic dx-2000 in trade!  The Huffy 3-speed, re-paint, re-furb lasted longer but it really already had a buyer as a wonderful gentleman whom had come in to visit the shop whilst I was working on it Friday, really liked it.  A soon to be retiree, he and his lovely bride are re-entering the bicycle community after a long absence and are going to try and go ALL THE WAY!  Yes, that means GET RID OF THE CAR!!!  Best of luck sir!  I salute you! 
So many folks yesterday!  While I'm thinking of it, I'll take a moment to send a special hello overseas to all our new readers in Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Denmark.  Thank you all for showing an interest in our little goings-on!
Yesterday was a LONG day as well (not long in the "when will this day end" long but "there's not enough hours in the day to finish all we have to do!" day.  It was a re-pair-o-BONANZA!  16 er-pairs ranging from minor tweaks to full re-assemblies!  We worked until 2 am this morning as we hate to see anyone sitting idle waiting for the rides re-turn!  And oddly, only 1 special order, but that was a birthday present (for a young man TODAY!) and unfortunately I had no stock on the floor to offer, so we pulled something from "Bone-row" in the Dungeon and are whipping it up special like for him!  And I do so wish to thank all of you who were patient with us yesterday as at times folks had to wait their turn to be served (Are you being served?)  Not an ornery one in the bunch.  Thank you so much!  Angela did a wonderful job of crowd control!  Well I could go on, but the aforementioned birthday bike has to be finished, so I need to toddle off!  Be back later!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Irish 1, Polish 0

Today was a WHIRLWIND of activity!  Don't know where to start!  The awesome couple who ordered the Schwinn Varsity rebuild, and the custom cruiser came in and picked up the Schwinn, she was in love!  He likes the progress on the chopper (however I have unfortunately NOT gotten as far on it as I'd hoped).
Sold the Coast King we put out. A desperate young gentleman (tall) crammed on a 20" huffy NEEDED I solid, big ride, and this one fit the bill.  The banger Bike the Tornado Hurricane whatever left today to a nice young man who wants it to keep at his mom's when he visits the area to explore the trail in comfort.  Met several folks looking to (YES POTENTIAL CONVERTS!) park the car and go under pedal power steam (YA!) so we're working our feverish fingers to the flayed flesh for future fanatics!  Nice couple came in for bikes, he's 99% there on the vintage Huffy I JUST finished (pic below) and picked out the old school Raleigh we've got sitting in the back that I've been DYING to bite into!  I hope she falls in love with it and I can take it out to breath new life into it!  Speaking of Vintage, 2 things: After 8 months of sitting untouched due to a depletion of Dungeon stock, and an inexplicable drop off in folks selling us bikes (hint,hint) we have finally (dum, dum, dahhhm) dipped into the "wow these need a LOT of work" stock that has been piling up in the garage!  The aforementioned Huffy is the first full re-furb to come out of there and Zombie-boy is working on a SWEET! Free Spirit Men's 10 speed that'll blow your mind!  Fire engine red, with LOADS of shiny chrome!  And had a wonderful woman come in today, I'd talked to several months ago about fixing up her old beach cruiser.  Well this is no ordinary beach cruiser!  It's a '49 Schwinn Panther Ladies bike!!!!.  It was sitting in a shed for 20 years, then moved outside for another 3.  Shes a WRECK!! BUT, as she stated she is living on a fixed income but really wants to get this thing ride able.  Well I couldn't let it go at just that! Not this machine!  So shes gonna buy the parts and materials and I'm gonna donate the time to get this beauty back to its hey day!
Will have before pics tomorrow!

Well as my wonderful wife just gave me a re-minder call that tonight is family movie night I best git my keister movin'


'Till tomorrow!


Let me speak to all of those of you contemplating starting a family.  Get a dog instead. 
However if you feel the gravitational tug of parental instinct to strong here's what you do.  First, have a girl.  Nurture and love her make her your little princess, then utilizing scientific calculation, and family heritage determine when she in fact will  encounter the onset of her first time of...womanly thing, take her to Sweden, change her identity and get her a gender reassignment.  At which point she/he will live the re-mainder of their life as a man.  "Cause THAT'S the only way i can see you ever having the slightest chance of re-taining your tenuous sanity!
That being said, I do love my children, I was bred for chaos.  But sometimes, (especially when I get phone calls from schools!  Notice the PLURAL!) I think I would have better off with a Basset Hound!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's .04 miles to home,got a full tank of gas, half a pack of ciggaretts, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.
 Twas a dark and Stormy night.  I sat in my darkened room, and the tenuous silence was shattered by the urgent rapping on my chamber door.  Rap, rap, rap....
How apri-Poe.
Seriously I'm rather ragged and when I get this way I get a tad bit silly. Sorry.
Well Just finished another "scratch Build" off a scrap frame. Nothing special but the bike has a weird name.  It's called the "Upland Hurricane Tornado" no joke.  I guess Hurricane wasn't manly enough so they threw in a Tornado to shake things up.  Oh well, we needed more bangers anyway.  Had many requests for the under $60.00 bangers and can't keep them in stock.
Today was fun (see last post. Came into the shop 'reound 4.00 pm. Would have been here earlier but Elijah wanted to walk his girlfriend home from school so had to hang out 'till he got back.  And left briefly to go home and sample my homemade beef stew I did up for dinner.  Hey colder weather is here!  That's when I do some of my best cooking.  Can't wait until the really colder weather hits 'cause that's when I do most of my baking (just to damn hot in the summer with the stove going).
Met some REAL nice folks today.  A wonderful couple came in today to buy bikes for their two sons (and I had to lecture them on NOT leaving their bikes outside, seems both of theirs got stolen) They'd spent all day visiting thrift stores and pawn shops but couldn't find anything under $40.00 and those we're,in their words "pieces of rusted junk" But they picked up the orange next bmx and the Next Power Surge BMX for $50.00 and we're thrilled (specially with the warranty and 50% buy-back policy)  Many re-pairs in today, and Jeremy handled 'em all like a champ.  And as I was working late a fine gentleman came in around 10 pm to put a deposit down on a Townie Electra we got sitting in the back, but saw the chopper we just put out and couldn't live without it! Oh and from yesterday, I forgot to mention a wonderful couple came in, they had bought a bike the day before from Angela, and wanted to say high and that they wanted to buy another bike, the Mongoose BMX we had.  Seems there a young man in their neighborhood who unfortunately is stricken with sickle cell, and due to his situation and the "wonderful" rules the Florida School Board has re-guarding the "2-mile radius" rules (if you live within two miles (radius) of your school they won't send a bus, so that shows you how concerned they are for our children safety!) has to walk 2 miles, one-way to and from school, so they wanted to buy him a nice bike to ride back and forth.  GOD BLESS YOU FINE FOLKS!!  I'm so happy they choose us to help!
Well, gotta get another bike on the rack and git back to work, so ya'll have a good night!