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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Right Now...."

Forgive my disappearance from the keyboard for the last couple days.  I'd become a wee bit burnt out from my ramblings (as I'm sure others had) and decided to dedicate my mornings to getting caught up on some work.  Unfortunately I have nothing new to show for it as everything built sold quicker then I could post.  But trust me when I say they were wicked cool!  No I decided I'd best hold off on my incessant prattling until i had something worthwhile to say. 
Now I do.
I have to address the atrocity that occurred recently in China.  Not all information is available regarding the newborn baby found in a sewage drainpipe save the fact that he is alive and well.  Thank God.  But as for the circumstances surrounding his arriving there they are still sketchy.  However, from this tragedy may hopefully come some blessing.  As many in China have already been raising questions regarding China's Population control tactics as being arcane and unnecessary. Not to mention potentially lethal within the generations to come, as the current population is limited to one child (2 in rural areas) some families choose to "dispose" of female babies or abort them when it is discovered they are female.  Apparently someone did the math and after 30 years the population is askew to a male dominated populace.  Go figure!  No who will sire the next generation?  It goes to show you that you should not tamper in God's will.  But honestly I'm not writing this to lament others policies.  No, for as corny and maudlin as it may sound I have another take on this.  When my wife heard of the child's plight, she could not stop crying and felt the urge to race to China to inform them SHE would take the baby.  For all the horror we hear in this world I walk another path.  With fear of plagiarising Van Halen...
Right now more good is being done then evil.  Children are happy, vaguely aware they are loved.  Somewhere someone is kissing someone, and someone is helping someone unable to do for themselves.  Someone is watching your back even though you are not even aware of them, and if need be they will put their life on the line to defend yours. Somewhere a man or woman is doing a hard days work to care for those they love and are not expecting anymore praise then a paycheck.  Somewhere someone has invented something to make our lives easier, better, safer.  Someone is smiling or laughing at someones humor.  Just now, a person stopped in their day to appreciate something they themselves had not created. 
There is more to life then the things we see thrust before us in an attempt to grab headlines and advertising revenue. 
Take a moment and think about your day so far and wonder is it as bad as the little tribulations would make us believe or better then, in light of all we are blessed with.
Now take a moment to watch this clip and see if it doesn't give you goose bumps.

Monday, May 27, 2013

How Middle Class American!

Yes it's true, we are open today!  I know many places close down for Memorial day to enjoy a "Three Day Weekend" but as we're not  heavy drinkers we don't have much to celebrate!  Yes, I know very cynical of me.  Sorry.  but I think for most Americans the significance of this day is lost.  It's just an extra day away from work and responsibilities.  But as ours never stops...I'm here!  Not a problem though, as the family had a hoot yesterday (and Mom and Dad actually went out Saturday night and had grown up fun!)  Our friend Daniel took Angi and I to a local "sports bar" to shoot pool and darts and in a rare moment of frivolity we actually had a couple of drinks!  That's about three of the six beers I have all year around.  Yes, given how I look like an old biker people sometimes assume I enjoy my Budweiser.  No offence to my fellow patriots I can not stand the taste of American beer.  Second, as Angi and I primarily have no life the opportunity to shoot back a drink is limited.  First, there's no way in heck we will have alchohol in the house.  Our children have a hard enough time respecting boundaries and I think their curiosity would get the best of them and that's ALL we need!  Second, with as much mileage as our kids put on a day, we would be hard pressed to cope with them were we to be even slightly inebriated.  They'd walk all over us!  So we willingly accept a life of relative sobriety.  But it was fun to go out and hang with friends and learn darts.  Which I'm still getting a handle on.  Billiards I can handle!
So Sunday we had the traditional day of hanging with the kiddos and Miranda was introduced to the kiddie pool.  Surprisingly for one who hates taking baths she took to the pool without so much as a shudder or wail, and was kicking and splashing in no time!  She was actually upset to leave but she was getting prunny and to much sun.  Then it was Frisbee, and romping and frolicking then onto the barbecue!  Just something very primal male about cooking meat on an open flame!  Unh.unh.unh!  All the while my master plan of keeping Izzy preoccupied so she wouldn't nap was going swimmingly!  Lately she has been sleeping late and napping late then staying awake ALL night.  Poor Angi hasn't been coming to bed much before 3 or 4 in the morning because of it.  Around 7, just after dinner she started looking for her bottle, a sure sign she is preparing for a nap.  Yes, nap.  If she falls asleep before 8.30 she will get up in the middle of the night and wander until she wakes someone up to play with.  So much to Mamma's and everyone else chagrin I kept it away and instead tried to keep her preoccupied.  Around 8 someone caved and gave it to her.  At this point the boys and I were on the couch playing some new video games Daniel gave us, and as Owen was kicking my but in some fighting game Izabella climbed up on the couch and laid in my lap, bottle in hand.  I stubbornly tried to sit her up and she became upset and plopped down on the floor crying at me saying "But DADDY....I LOVE you!"  OH LORD!  Now I caved!  Thankfully 8 o'clock was late enough as she passed out in my lap in about 5 minuets and once carried to bed was still asleep as of 8.30 this morning when I left for work.
All in all a really good day off!
Well Saturday was slightly off, as presumably most folks split to long weekend retreats elsewhere, but was just busy enough (and I was just lazy enough) to not get out anything new!  Shame on me!  But I'll be making up for it today!  So keep an eye peeled and we'll be showing you goodies tonight!
See ya soon!



Thursday, May 23, 2013

As Promised! GEMS!

With repairs all wrapped up we swooped in on some builds and MAN do we have some genuine gems gestated generously guaranteeing great glee guys and gals! (eat your heart out Stan Lee!)
5 count 'em FIVE newbies!  OK, so yes, one sold almost immediately but we got four left, and they're the best of the lot!  Finally a sweet cruiser, a FABULOUS early Caloi MTB momma picked up when I was at the doctors with Kaleb.  Also FINALLY another three-wheeler!  This one an excellent condition 20" folding Workman!!!  And the pinnacle of pretty pedal powered  propulsion a Raleigh 500 Sport!  And we ain't stopping there!  Picked up several more "diamonds in the rough" yesterday!  A Schwinn that's frame I absolutely adore!  Beautiful lines!  Got a Trek 820 MTB, A Diamondback Wildwood, a lightweight Univega Hybrid, and several more candidates for the "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" category!   So keep an eye peeled for them later today!
So ANYWAY!  I know weekends are usually the time for film reviews, but I got two today.  Actually one review and one follow up on a previous review.
First the update.  "Star Trek; Into Darkness"  No I am not going to address the criticism from the "old School" camp of Trekkies, those die hard fans who feel TOS was the only one and all movies should follow that time line.  I think they loose sight of the reality that "nature abhors stagnancy".  In order to keep the franchise alive they had to recreate it.  I'm good with that.  No I'm speaking more of the camp of feminists who felt it necessary to vehemently oppose one particular scene in the film.  Yes, my chauvinistic side is showing but I'm sorry some criticisms are just unfounded and blatantly ridiculous merely voice as a platform to further ones agenda.  The scene in particular that is rising such ire is when Carol Marcus is changing from her uniform into an encounter suit and is shown in her undies.  They site this scene as exploitative and unnecessary.
Obviously the directors intent was to show the tenuous sexually charged relationship her and Kirk later enjoy.  They did have a son together after all!  And for the sake of fairness I did not hear these Woman's groups complaining while Chris Pine pranced about the screen in his BVD'S In BOTH films!  Talk about hypocritical!
After two days of humoring my whims by allowing me to watch marathons of Enterprise, Angela, justifiably requested a brake and to watch a flick last night instead.  We choose the 1999 film "Friends and Lovers".  It's cast sited Robert Downey Jr so I thought "why not" if he's in it.
I should have read the full cast compliment.  Amongst others Claudia Schiffer and Steven Baldwin.
We should have known it would suck.
We only got through the first half hour and apparently we have both outgrown the twentysomething films featuring a cadre of close friends who live in cool apartments and drive cool cars and eat at trendy restaurants, and wear high fashions all the while dividing up into groups of males and females while out on a Christmas skiing vacation while they discuss stereotypical opinions with NO insight into relationships, penises and nipples.
Yes.  Like the movie was written by a morning drive shock jock! 
And to top it off Robert was only in about 3 minutes of the first thirty, and he played an incidental German Ski bum?
Angela rolled her eyes, noticed that I wasn't laughing and suggested we just watch Fringe.
Didn't have to tell me twice!
So there ya go.  You see it on Netflix just move along, move along.

ONLY $220.00!!

NLY $270.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!!


ONLY $110.00!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Thought And Prayers.

We send our deepest sympathies and condolences for those lost in the recent tragedy in Oklahoma and to their surviving family.  And it is with no small amount of trepidations that I dare ask the following question.
Why did these children have to die?  I don't wish to sound insensitive at this moment but best to bring to light the burning question while the tragedy is still fresh in our minds.  Much research has been put into building materials that can withstand the devastation brought on by natural disasters.  One such model is the Monolithic Dome.

Not as ugly or unappealing as some may think.  A round structure sheds winds better, and built with reinforced concrete and impact resistant glass (although an automatic storm shutter should be more then feasible as opposed to the old bolt on shutters that take more time then you have warning for in the case of a Tornado) would allow much better protection.  And lets face it folks, regardless of what side of the "Global Warming" fence you sit on, there is NO denying that weather patterns are getting worse, prolonged and more devastating.  The North East coast, having been recently battered, has proclaimed they will be "re-building smarter".  Let's hope so.  One thing that irritates me is the surviving populace's who proclaim they will "stay and rebuild!" after a devastating natural disaster only to rebuild in the same area utilizing the same materials!  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!
So my question is, why haven't the areas of the country historically prone to  seasonal disasters not better defended themselves?  Budget constraints be damned!  When human lives are at definitive risk, especially those of children changes HAVE to be made.  I've seen the pictures coming from OK, and the school that was leveled.   It sits on a flat plain and was a standard brick structure, no different then the standard ranch style home.  And these are the places we are told to go for shelter in the case of a storm?  There are approximately 98,905 elementary schools in the US alone so I realize the task of upgrading all of them is astronomical.  And all debate regarding financial constraints is viable but forgive my ire in light of this most recent of tragedies.  At the VERY LEAST it should be mandatory that rebuilding in any disasters wake should be done by the most stringent of standards, to hell with aesthetics! Quite frankly I think in this case rebuilding should be done with underground earth homes, or "Hobbit Houses"  Not only will you save money on heating and cooling cost but it would allow increased protection verging on "storm resistant".  And to save on cash just build with prefab modular units.  Many schools nowadays use portables.  Same principal, just buried in the Earth.  In the long run they would pay for themselves!
In the end, we all have to start thinking smarter and understand the Earth is changing, and we need to adapt.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Wife REALY Loves Me!

Or maybe it's just easier to tolerate me when she has access to movies on her IPAD.  But whatever the reason she is so good to tolerate my whims.  Even in the light of the chaos from yesterday (no, not catastrophe just out of my regiment) I couldn't stop thinking about  getting home and diving head first into the series gem she found on Netflix "Enterprise"!  Yes, she humors me greatly.  After the kids went to bed I sat transfixed through four episodes before turning in, and she just smiled at me, happy that I was happy.  Like a kid in a candy store.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the pre-federation series.  Not just because it was a return to the original adventure feel of the original series but it had Scott Bakula as the lead!  I LOVED him in Quantum Leap! And unlike the previous reincarnations there didn't seem to be that prerequisite "awkward" phase to the characters as they were developed.  Check out early episodes of TNG, DS9 and Voyager.  It's like both the actors and writers didn't know the characters and didn't usually come into their own until the 2nd to 3rd season!  Here, they seemed to take the time to flesh them out.  PLUS, there was the divergence from Roddenberry's original concept of voiding conflict between crew.  It had a much more "real" feel to it.  And I'd missed several episodes in the original run, so enough time has past that it all seems new.  I still have no idea why this series never made it's seven year run.
Seven year run you ask?  Well a tad bit of trivia.  In TV parlance, 7 years is the optimum run for a syndicated series as it provides enough episodes to sell in blocks to other television stations to appeal to sponsors.  (yea. I think I got that right) Nowadays, I don't know if that even matters anymore but that's the way it was back then.  ALSO, as side jokes in the Trek universe, as 7 was the tradition that was the expectant lifespan of the Ocompan, an alien regular on Voayager, not to mention the name of the borg convert (played by Jerry Ryan (RUFF!)) who became a crew member (technically her full name was Seven of Nine)
Yea, digression.
Angela sat peacefully watching her own show, allowing me to get enthralled once again.
As far as the chaos from yesterday?  Nothing major, just had to bring Kaleb to his follow up, and the necessary preparations for such a sojourn meant relocating just about everyone to make sure both the house and shop were covered as of course the appointment was smack dab in the middle of the afternoon, throwing my whole day off!  And I am SO a creature of habit!  Guess it's cause I'm getting older and befuddled, but when my routine is interrupted I get all flustered.  Top that off with the necessity of driving there.  UGH!  I forgot just how tired driving makes me.  And then we had to drive back through school zones.  This is why I stick to my 2 mile radius life.  Much more peaceful!
So needless to say, nothing new to show you, as the remainder of the afternoon was spent taking care of the mountain of repairs we accumulated (thank you all so much for all your trust!) But today I've got several lined up for later perusal.  So with that I'm gonna sign off!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Skyfall...with a deafining thud.

After spending Saturday afternoon getting the house cleaning done and doing our monthly grocery shopping (yes. we choose to endure that only once a month!)  we were allowed a relatively relaxing Sunday to just chill (continual laundry aside) the children waking us WAY to early not withstanding! No major plans, just relaxing by the pool (LOL) and firing up the first of the summer barbecues!  After eating WAY to much steak and pork line I proceeded to plop down on the couch and much to my surprise Angela allowed me to take a slight nap, which was shortly interrupted by Rozlynd sticking a toothpick in my lip for some unknown reason.  Then played video games with the kids, getting SEVERELY spanked by our resident video game wizard, Logan.  Seriously.  This kid is amazing.  Give him 90 seconds with any game and he'll master it.  Put his old fart dads slow reflexes to the test. The only sour spot in the day was when Rozy hurt her foot playing outside, I went to comfort her and apparently the "Big Girl" gene has kicked into effect because she pushed me away and said "I don't NEED to be babied.  I'm a big girl!"
The sound of a Daddies fallen heart resonated for miles.
But, such is the nature of things and I have to grasp the reality that she is growing into her own.
(insert pitiful whimpering sounds and Daddy with lost look sucking thumb in the fetal position in mommas lap while she strokes my hair and says "It'll be all right")
Once bedtime was achieved (minus Izzy who is still on nocturnal time and must occupy mom and dad's bed while watching "Rollie-Pollie-ollie") Mom had gone online and was updating our Net Flix Queue and located a series I'd been following religiously for it's first run but for some reason abandon around season two.  Don't know why, seeing as it was part of the Trek franchise!  So now along with West Wing and Fringe I'll be adding that to the evenings entertainment.
Well, instead of diving into this new gift Angie gave me, we sat down to watch the new James Bond flick, Skyfall!
We should have just watched TV.
First off let me clarify two things.  One, I am not a Bond aficionado.  Even though i have seen many of the films, I never much went in for the whole tuxedo wearing gadget wielding super spy thing, but I enjoy action flicks so I gave them a look.  Personally I enjoyed Roger Moore MORE when he lampooned the character in Cannonball Run!  BUT I became a fan when I watched Daniel Craig's interpretation in Casino Royale!  Yes I even enjoyed the much panned "Quantum of solace" Much like the re-envisioned Batman with Christian Bale, for me it redeemed the franchise!  So it is with no small portion of regret that I have to pan this latest one.
I'm still not sure just what left a bad taste in my mouth.  I can deal with the somewhat deflated Bond  in this latest flick, understanding he is merely human and if you get shot and fall several hundred feet off a train trestle into the water, you might not return totally up to snuff.  And I wasn't put off by the blatantly homosexual undertones to the interrogation he undergoes by the films main nemesis.  Actually it was rather funny given his sideways comment when the villain basically asks if his training had prepared him for such tactics and he in effect states that his mistake is to assume it's his first time!  Very funny in light of all the speculation over Daniel Craig's sexuality.  Wouldn't it put it past them for lampooning all the Hollywood gossip mongers! 
It's just that the rhythm of the whole movie
Rumors were twirling around that this would be Daniels last Bond flick, and it has that air about it.  You know, the finality of a trilogy, but leaving it open to the possibility of continuation (as if Bond will EVER die).  It was a rather tepid swan song.  There was the references to Bonds family history that had been skated around before by other films, but the more astute fan would know that Flemming had given more glimpses into his past in the books, and the film stayed very faithful to those facts.  It just seemed like the producers had Craig contracted to one more film so they came up with an entire movie to just usher him out.  A moot point now, as Craig has at the last minute been negotiated into at least two more films!  So in effect, this one seems to be just a throw away, giving a few bread crumbs that hope fully they will pick up and bake into something a little more cohesive next time! I mean, personally I'm kinda tired of the whole "computer genius who can control the world with the touch of a button." thing.   Bond's new prepubescent "Q" who supplies him with his gadgets meets him in an art museum and hands him his latest hardware.  A gun and a mini radio transmitter.  OK, I like the whole "Back to basics" approach these films have taken, but Q states that "he can do more damage from his kitchen table in his jammies in the morning before he's had his first cup of Earl Gray than Bond can do in the field in a month"  Obviously setting the stage for Bond to prove that in the end it takes the will and skill of a man to make the difference. 
Yea.  I got that message back in '77 when Luke turned off his targeting computer and blew up the "that's not a small moon..." using the voices in his head! 
At this point the whole "man over machine" things getting a tad bit tiring.  And seriously, if all this computer fuddling is that easy, why doesn't it happen more every day!  And if it is, why are we still relying on them for every part of our society!? 
OK, OK...I'm getting a little "off message" here. 
I have come to expect more from my sequels.  Each one be increasingly more impressive then the last.  I don't think I have been this disappointed since the final Harry potter!
OK, maybe not THAT disappointed!
I do hope however that Daniel continues with the franchise and they send a good script his way next time and prove wrong the few side ways comments made by characters in this latest installment that the double zero game is a young mans game.
Today is a bit of a fuddle, as I have to bring Kaleb in for his follow up, and shifting the players around on the game with E watching the homestead and Momma coming here to help out (wish she could be hear EVERY day!) so I'll have to step away from the bay for a while, which is inconvenient as we have already gotten in six more repairs!  We thank you for your faith and trust folks and will hit 'em when we return!
See ya soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Say it....SAY IT!!! OOOOOOO HE DID!!! I Can Die A Happy Man!

Probably the only REAL stumbling block in my marriage occurred early on in our relationship. It was within its infancy and we sat down one evening to watch TV and I had located early episodes of the original Star Trek and Angela profess her disdain for it.  Yes for a brief moment I considered an annulment.  But, being ever the diplomat I considered all her other fine qualities and decided she was worth keeping. So imagine my joy when she reluctantly went to view the J.J. Abram's vision of Star Trek and LOVED it!  Finally Captain Kirk was redeemed!  (that's her opinion, I always liked William Shatners version) And it was even more joyful when even though she was still on the wounded list she insisted on going to Star Trek 2's opening night last night!
Yes, the prerequisite "SPOILER ALERT" is in effect!
First, before I forget, if you haven't yet seen this FREAKIN MASTERPIECE do yourself a favor and go rent (or better yet BUY) the original "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of KKahn"  Yes, the one with Ricardo Montalban as "KAHN!!!!!!!"
The reason I give this advice is the only dissatisfying moment of this film was once again the audience!  Very small in number given the fact that it was opening night, there seem to have been only ONE other Star Trek fan in the whole bloody audience!  There are moments in this film that mirror that of the original "2".  And by mirror I mean an alternate reflection!  A crucial scene in the original, this reproduction renders  just as much emotional impact as the original, if not more!  That immortal one word, one syllable line that had become a milestone for true Trekkies gives even more resonance when delivered by the young (and FAH-Bu-LOUS) actor Zachary Quinto!  And only one other audience member got it!
Go watch "The Great Gatsby" and leave us alone!
there is SO much to love about this film!  J.J is a TRUE fan treating us to all kinds of Trekkie Treats! First and foremost is Benedict Cumberbatch's interpretation of "KAHN!!!!!" The man is an ABSOLUTE GENIUS!  And speaking of Genius's!  My hats off to the publicity department on this film!  When originally filming much HooHa was given to the fact that  he would be playing "KAHN!!!!" But apparently the crew didn't want the public to know that tidbit so they renamed his character  and in all interviews the actors and crew stated that he in fact was NOT "KAHN!!!!" but another nemesis, John Harrison.  Only when watching the film do you discover that that moniker was given to him by certain members of Star Fleet (yes, rotten worms in the core!) as identification.
Also, J.J treats us to a Wham Bham of Trek alumni!  We have Klingons, Q'onoS, Tribbles and even more in the way of Kirks fascination with alien flesh in the way of a threesome with two Caitians (seen below in the original Star Trek: Animated Series (another cool show to check out on Net-Flix) )  OH YES!  J. J is a TRUE Trekkie!  And pay attention to the foreground when Kirk and Spock are meeting with the Admiral as he walks around his desk there is a table before him with miniatures of various spaceships.  The third to last one is a replica of the Enterprise NX-01 from the unfortunately cancelled series "Enterprise".even Carrol Marcus was there! ( but no "Genesis Device"!)   And I'm sure there was so much more that I missed!  (although I think there was a Deltan on the bridge, I'm not sure)
There is so much good and 0 bad in this flick!  Some may criticize the plagiarist use of previously viewed material, but keep in mind the first in these new films set the president as Spock explains that however their lives may have turned out they had been permanently altered by the events occurring due to Nero's arrival 25 years earlier.  Obviously the Cosmos has plans it won't relinquish, just modify. 
So remember.  Watch Star Trek 2 the original, The animated series (yes it IS considered Canaan) and while you're at it check out Benedict on BBC's "Sherlock".
OK.  It's going to be OK.
ANYWAY!  Had a plethora of repairs yesterday and only managed to get out one new ride (which sold first thing this morning) but keep an eye peeled as I am gonna try to get some more out today!
See ya soon!


A Caitian Female (prior to being given three breasts for some unknown reason in Star Trek V)

Friday, May 17, 2013

If you land on Bankrupt on the "Wheel Of Misfortune" is it a good thing?

At this point I am praying to hit "Lose A Turn"!
Yea, at this point Fate is just flaunting his macabre sense of humor.  Yesterday was going respectively well.  Took in a plethora of repairs (thank you all so very much!) banged out the ones I could get done without ordering parts, then hunkered down to putting out some new rides.  Managed to get out three and start a forth when it came time to close up.  Perhaps Fate was listening at this point because when everything was brought in and the paper work was finished I locked the door behind me heaving a heavy sigh, and in the absence of any tragedy that day as I climbed aboard my bike  I let out an audible "we made it!"
At that point I got a text.
I swear I heard someone or something chuckle!
Seems that the Cosmos was not even close to being done with our family.  This time he struck directly at Angela.  See, Miranda has taken to her walker like a fish to a chum bucket and has become quite adept and agile.  So much so that we have to go to the extraordinary lengths of barricading the front room as both the media room and boys bed room sit sunken 6 inches. After starting dinner last night Angela was returning to the back room and had to hurtle the barricade.  Unbeknowst to her Izabella had just spilled a cup of water on the hard wood, right where mommas foot was heading.  In her words "It was like a cartoon!" her leg went out from underneath her and all her force landed on her knee and shin while bending her ankle.  And even though she was in a great deal of pain she sent me a text, worrying about how I'd react by saying " Don't freak...."
Well it was advice ignored.  Luckily nothing appears to be broken and she is no fan of hospitals so we did not bring her in.  And much to my discredit I did not immediately insist this morning that I bring the girls with me.  Truth be told I am just so use to her being strong I didn't originally think of it this morning, and to my shame that hurt her.  She is however an iron willed woman and adamantly soldiered on.  I know better then to argue at that point.  Best to just admit I screwed up.  I can be rather singularly minded when it comes to the operation of this place, at times to the point of neglectful to her needs beyond simple monetary necessities.
In other words I'm a big ass!
So we're going to put this one in the "need to make up for" column.  It's a mighty BIG ledger!
"Tis now my turn to soldier on, cross my fingers and hope for the best! 
Talk with y'all soon!

ONLY $60.00!!!

ONLY $240.00!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013 it's salt over the left shoulder, rub the lucky rabbits foot and wave a dead cat over your head 9 times under a full moon....

Well four leaf clover in hand and thinking only good thoughts I am praying we make it through today unscathed! Although, unfortunately last night it appears that both the babies seem to have caught a touch of a stomach virus.  No fever and able to hold down water they don't seem to be able to hold down food.  I have to give Angela an ENORMOUS amount of credit for her durability at times like this.  I really don't know how she does it!  She's averaging about two hours of sleep at night (I'm a heavy sleeper and she refuses to wake me to help!) but she keeps on going.  Me? I would have probably had a nervous brake down at this point!  Gentleman, this right here is why if you are contemplating marriage your first choice should be that of an Irish woman!!  Not only an enormous amount of fire BUT they make INCREDIBLE mothers!  (no insult implied to any other nationality mind you) Just have to work your way around the temper.  I've seen her sacrifice so much of herself for the benefit of her family.  Not just bringing them into this world, but caring for them once they are here.  Forgive me for carrying on, but in lieu of all that has gone on over the last few days watching her cope only helps to strengthen my own resolve, and I don't think she gets enough credit or thanks for that.
All right.  Moving on.
I am spending the morning catching up the repairs and then diving with full fervor into a pile of sweeties that are just begging to be built!  So without further adieu! 
See ya soon!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For Those Of You Keeping Score...

Just when you thought it was safe to breath.  With happy thoughts and delusional optimism I greeted the new day with hopeful bliss as I delved into the pile of repairs after putting the finishing touches on a gorgeous vintage Raleigh conversion.  Just as I put wrench to bolt on the first of seven bikes awaiting my tender ministrations my phone rang.
As usual I read the caller ID first (always weeding out telemarketer calls) and my hopes for a productive afternoon were dashed as I read "Dunedin Middle".  My stomach immediately tied in knots I answered with my traditional "what did he do now?"  There was a barely audible chuckle as the nurse informed me that Kaleb had taken a bad fall in gym class and twisted his ankle.  Quickly I shut up for a few minuets and shot down to get him.  Once I saw the size of his ankle I knew he had to go in.  So we spent the last 4 hours sitting in the ER to find out that he had a major sprain with the possibility of a fracture. 
Somewhere the cosmos is kicking back, popping the top off a cold one and having a good little chuckle at our expense.
So I apologize to all the folks who brought in repairs today but looks like I'll have to be breaking our "same day" service rule this time around.

ONLY $220.00!!

Another Righteous Rant!

And the hits just kept on coming!
Well Monday was merely an extension of the calamitous misfortune of the prior weekend. 
I had no idea that allowing your children to play in the yard was potentially considered neglect.  Oh yes folks for those of the astute I bet you know where this is going!
Child Protective Services in their never ending search to maintain their budget through the investigation and intimidation of helpless families by searching for the most inane of circumstances paid us a visit on Monday.
Let me set the stage.
On Sunday, in an attempt to entertain the children we had picked up one of those dollar store inflatable pools.  We live in a simple single story ranch home.  In this house the kitchen window looks out upon the driveway and walkway so we placed it under the window near the exterior spicket.  Also, about 15 feet away (also in clear view of the kitchen window) sits a lovely shade tree.  I and all the kids went outside, inflated the pool, filled it up and jumped in.  We had place Miranda (the baby) under the shade tree in her saucer so she could be a part of the fun, and we spent the afternoon splashing, having water fights, water balloon tosses the works.  Momma (being mothers day) enjoyed some much deserved quiet time watching one of her Twilight movies inside, while occasionally coming out to watch the fun. As the afternoon wore on Elijah and Kaleb drifted inside as momma had relinquished the TV and was now updating her Facebook with pictures of the fun and they laid claim to the TV and video game.  Around four I decided it was time to start Mothers Day dinner and at the kids insistence allowed them to stay outside and play some more, and as Miranda was enjoying the fresh air and realizing I was  mere 15 feet away and in clear constant view of them all from my kitchen window as I both prepared and cooked food there would be now harm in allowing them to continue.
Boy was I wrong!
As Logan, Owen and Rozlynd frolicked about Miranda joyfully watched in rapt splendor (at this point Izzy was inside napping) someone had apparently witnesses young Miranda "alone" in her saucer and reported an "abandoned" child.
Now let me emphasize she was less then 15 feet away from me, separated by a doorway (the door was left open).  When she and her sisters are playing or sleeping in their room and I and my wife are sitting on the sofa we are about forty feet away.  So applying that logic each night we put them to bed we are "abandoning" our children!  Oh my GOD!  What about when they go to the BATHROOM!  At that point they are 45 feet away!  It's like we left them in the cold cruel world to fend for themselves!!!!
But this situation presented CPS with another excuse to justify their budget, and given the conditions and situations it must have been mouth watering to them, as it clearly offered minor effort with maximum financial gain!
Jaded? Me?
Look.  It's a Federally funded institution.  It's annual budget is based on the amount it spent the year before.  If they don't spend it (and justify it) they don't get the same amount the following year. And given the amount of Lexus's, Mercedes, Cadillacs and Porches that fill the parking spots at the local home offices I would have to say they are all doing pretty all right!
Besides, folks like us are easy pickings.  No emotionally or physically scarred children requiring "real" help.  No difficult, absent or belligerent parents posing a challenge.  They don't have to visit a roach infested, filthy crack house.  It's like a walk in the park for them!  They don't get paid anymore cash for hazard pay going into a potentially volatile situation so it stands to reason that thy put their effort into the easy cases and leave the hard ones that really NEED help, alone.  That's why you hear so much about children who were in the system being left with drug addicted violent offenders, left to starve chained to a bed post because actually HELPING a child like that is WAY to much work!  In the end NOT financially beneficial!
Look, compare it to what I do.  If I have 20 bikes to work on and 5 of them are a simple refurb, they get done first.  Minimum input, maximum output.  But if five of those bikes are in rough shape posing a real challenge, and requiring allot of parts and labor, and in the end I'm not going to get anymore out of them then the easy ones I usually end up just parting them out and scrapping them.
In other words, discarded.
Sound familiar?
So they pay our three elementary kids a visit at school, to question and inspect them.  They are supposed to be at the shop by three pm, as the school sits a quarter of a mile from here.  By 3.05 PM they weren't here and I was in a panic.  I could not raise anyone at the school, and they had not gone to the house.  Just before 3.15 I was preparing to leave the shop and go look for them when I got a call from the house informing me that the CPS agents had sent Owen home ALONE!!!! to deliver a note to my wife stating that they would be sending the children to the house ALONE and be coming over to investigate the house, and that NO Elijah could not come and get them!
What the FU$@!!!!
Since WHEN do THEY get to determine OUR children's safety!!!  I mean, the closest they come to traveling alone is the 1/4 of a mile they travel to the shop, and that is ONLY because there are SIX crossing guards from here to there each within eye shot of each other.  They travel on the same side of the road AND have only ONE small road to cross!!!! In traveling home ALONE they have NO crossing guards once they leave the school, pass by TWO apartment complexes with QUESTIONABLE tenants, and TWO heavily wooded areas!!!!! All without the benefit of their brothers, or parents protection!!!
I mean DAMN!!! (yes I would REALLY like to use stronger language right now!) They couldn't pick up that new fangeled invention called the TELEPHONE?!?!?!  Let two terrified parents know that their children were OK?  Instead of putting a 10 year old at risk to play errand boy!?!?!
To top it off I have to close the shop, loose money we need to SUPPORT our children to come home and fill out a questionnaire  about why I allowed my children to PLAY!?!?!
True, I needed to be there to keep Elijah in check.  6'3", 250 pounds of intimidating pissed off teenager!  Sorry, they may nit pick and argue, but put his siblings, parents and family in harms way and you have a juggernaut of unbridled teenage righteousness requiring dads intervention. I didn't want there to be a massacre!
Of course they had to grill Angela as to whether or not she felt "overwhelmed" and why doesn't she utilize daycare to help with the children!?!?! She's a stay at home mom for Chrissakes! Since when did it become such a burden to raise your own children?  I mean does the state think that parents are that inept that they can't take care of the lives they bore?!!  Are loving, capable organized families THAT much of a rarity nowadays? That we HAVE to put them in an institution where more often then not there innocent babies are exposed to illness, neglect bullying or head lice (yea...I speak from experience! ) because we are SO incapable of the care and feeding of children!  I mean, they kept trying to push 60 day vouchers for child care on us!  Like when you get the "Free 30 day trial membership" at the local 24 hour fitness in the hopes that when you use it you'll sign a one year contract.  I suspect that they must get some kind of a kickback from that symbiotic relationship! And inevitably, after three hours of interrogations and inspections, and us comforting terrified children they announced that there was no cause for concern!
NO F*K(I&N $#!T!!!
Of course they did take me aside at the end and tried to push the daycare thing again.
So now you know why I didn't blog yesterday.  I frown on using profanity in our blog and given my state of mind I might not have been so restrained as I was today.
Here's some pics from the "Day of abandonment" (At this point dinner was in the oven and at the insistence of the children I rejoined them in the pool.  Miranda was napping at this point and the older boys "reluctantly" put down the game controllers to join the photo opp.  Please note the location of the open kitchen window I had earlier "abandoned" my children to occupy while preparing the chicken.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Lament

I hope everyone had a great Mom's day.  At the very least better then my lovely Angela's!
If there were ever a woman that the holiday was created to celebrate it would be my wife.  Now she'll tell you that my actions at times contradict that sentiment but that doesn't make it any less true.  She has birthed 9 children and minus a few personal quirks and peccadillo's they were worth it! Not to mention having to deal with ME on a day to day basis (just imagine THAT for a moment!)  But the sad running gag around our home is that mothers day around our house, however met with well intentions is usually interrupted by disaster, tribulation or catastrophe.  This mothers day was no exception.  Making it even worse was the fact that it started Saturday evening and went well into the early morning of mothers day.  I won't get in to to much detail but it was a battle of many fronts.  The least of which was the belabored AC in the house once again freezing over and flooding the boys room.  All problems combined laid waste to the funds I had accumulated to give Momma the Mothers day she so rightfully deserves in the way of a day away from the house just doing what she would like to do.  She, ever the survivalist took it in great stride and maintained a smile while we tried to salvage what we could of the day.  In the end that is just one of many reasons why I love her!
And now I have to figure out the best possible way to make it up to her!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Perhaps If I Slam My Head Against This Rock A Few More Times It Won't Hurt As Much!

Oh Yea.
One of those days!
I don't know, perhaps I am just mellowing with age but things don't seem to phase me as much as they supply an unending supply of humor.  Oh yes, the Daddy language does get broken out from time to time, but by and large it rolls off the back like oil on a duck!
One of the things we don't do so much anymore is special orders.  Not that we don't like to do something special for folks, it's just the guilt factor.  See, when someone looks at something in bone row and wants it built up, we give 'em a speculative price for the finished project.  But in some cases, as we progress on the work unforeseen circumstances crop up, and inevitably the price increases.  That's where the guilt comes in.  Even though we forewarn them we still feel it.  So it was with some trepidation I agree to undertake a three wheeler project.  Honestly wouldn't have done it but it was for one of our shops best friends, Mike.  Not to mention the fact it was for his mom.  We stripped down an elder three wheeler and he took it out to have it powder coated.
That's where the trouble began.
When they did the powder coat they didn't mask off the threads or the bearings.  Therefore had to spend time scouring out the crud, and replace the bearings.  Problem with that was they were old school.  Not metric.  Leaving me with having to replace the whole axle and freewheel as well. Oh and the problems didn't end there.  A variety of modifications ensued.  Finally she once again looks like a bike!
Except for the fact that the seat that was suppose to go on was broken.
To top it off, our final fire inspection is scheduled for today, and even though our landlord knew about it for over a month he waited until last night and this morning to send in a crew to take care of the two page laundry list we had.  Talk about nail bitter!
Of course there were all the repairs that came in yesterday that I was not able to get to for the two above reasons!  Although we do thank everyone profusely for understanding the delay!
Now of course the fun didn't end there!  Kaleb was sent to our supplier to get some parts yesterday afternoon and ended up taking 2 and half hours (for a 30 minute round trip) and returned limping his bike in.  The flat he changed the day before was once again blown. 
Once we finally got home had to turn around and go to Wal-Mart to grab some surge protector's (fire code) so Angi and I broke out our rides and headed off.  Of course as it was dark we required our lights.  Now how could our day be complete without one of the lights falling off and shattering on the ground.  Well, no problem we'll jut pick up a new one when we get to Wally World.
We got about a block further until we saw rollers.
Oh Yea.
Not one but TWO SUV Police Cruisers pulled us over. 
Now, I consider this only  minor inconvenience.  I have no warrants, or legal issues nor does Angi.  Our noses are Dawn Clean!  So I shrugged, gave them my info and showed them the broken light.  All the while casting soothing glances at my lovely wife as I saw the quite apparent Irish Fire flaring in her otherwise passive visage. 
She was clearly agitated.  Not to mention righteously indignant to the response she noticed from the officer sitting in his cruiser when he finally ran our information and discovered there was nothing to be had on us. 
Remember... "Dawn Clean!"
Appernetly we were not the droids they were looking for allowing us to "Move along....move along"  At this point the diatribe of anti-establishment, "#^@* the police!" and "Don't they have anything better to do's" ensued.  For my part I tried real hard to contain my giggles.
I don't think she appreciated that.
I just can't see getting upset at what is.
So today, now that the non-work is out of the way I will be focusing on the repairs, then the builds as tomorrow is Saturday and we NEED more stock!
See ya soon!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One In A MILLION Shot!!!

There are just some things WAY to funny to wait until the morning to mention!
In seven years of doing this job I've seen some strange goings on.  And had some even stranger mishaps (like the time a ball bearing shot 30 feet from the grinder to hit the front glass door causing it to explode) but today beats 'em all hands down!
Whilst working on the below pictured bike I was cleaning a set of crank bearings.  We soak 'em in rusticate, then run them through the grinder (yes that grinder) with a wire wheel, then spray the debris with part cleaner.  It not only serves to clean the bearing ring but in the off chance the ring is not tight one or more bearings will dislodge telling us they are no good.  Well normally the bearings just drop harmlessly to the floor.
Today NOT so much.
This is what I'm talking about...

They seem harmless enough right?  Well apparently given the right pressure and angle these little balls can become rather dangerous projectiles.  The single one on the right broke free and....
shot DIRECTLY up my right nostril!!  It became stubbornly lodged at the top and required greasy fingers and a pair of needle nose to break free!  Angela found no end to the humorous value of this occurrence.  Thankfully no ER visit was required, therefore I can laugh at it as well!
Yes here at RE-Cycle we know no boundaries to bringing you a quality ride!
Here's the finished project affectionately called "Durante" (for those not in the know just google Jimmy Durante and you'll get the joke!)

ONLY $145.00!!!

What Does Tony Stark And Spock Have In Common?

Aside from being the undeniable draw of their respective team franchises?
My hats off to the advertising geniuses that came up with this FANTASTIC advertisement!  First we saw Tony Stark cruising around in the Audi R8 E-Tron and now thanks to Yahoo "Trending Now" I caught the new Audi add featuring BOTH Spocks!  Showing a much more playful side of the elder Spock it is absolutely HILARIOUS with many a "Tip o' the Hat" to Trekkie lore! You'll forgive me for sounding so giddy, but more and more as time progresses mass media has given more and more credibility and expose to the fandom I enjoyed silently in my youth.  See when I was going to school it was sacrilege to bring a comic book to school, or to profess your love for your particular fandom by sporting a Federation T-shirt.  Oh Sports Jerseys and Rock Band paraphernalia was OK, but to admit to being a "Geek" or "Fanboy" would get you pants in gym, or loose you your lunch money and what little dignity a 15 year old could have.  But nowadays?  Totally different world! 
And I am SO thankful for the enlightenment that has been bestowed upon you all!  Finally folks are realizing the joy and excitement I have always known!
Don't you all feel so much more enriched?
Well before I show you this brilliant add I want to take a second to thank Angi for filling in for me yesterday.  I had to go home early due to a self inflicted wound.  In my advancing age I am discovering (much to my bullheaded stubbornness I won't acknowledge readily) I can't eat the things I use to.  In particular, Wheat Thins with Cheezewhiz at 11.30 at night, then go to bed.
It's not pretty.
Suffice to say (and saving you all from becoming ill yourselves) I was crampy.  So my beloved wife swooped in to my rescue and sent me home where I took a hot bath, drank lots of water and fell asleep in front of Star Wars (the original) and slept for 13 hours.  Which is a shame because in my semi-sleep state I smelled the roasted chicken she was making!  DELISH!  I'll have to have leftovers tonight!
ANYWAY!  Thanks love for looking out for your old man!  And also thanks to Kaleb for helping out in the shop and Elijah for watching the babies and keeping 'em quite so I could sleep! 
So now to the brilliant Ad.....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why Are You Inside!?

At times I truly believe God is a bicycle enthusiast!  Why else would he create a day like today?  And you?  Why would you squander such a gift being inside?!  I mean me?  I gotta be here, although I enjoyed it on the way to work, riding extra slow and taking the scenic route.  74 degrees, nice cooling breeze, sunny but enough cloud cover to keep you from going blind.  What veloist could ask for more?  SO, drop what you are doing, close the Ipad, leave the cell at home, open the garage or shed, dust off the ride and start pedaling!  Don't matter where you go, it's all about the ride.
I'll stop talking so you can get.



(oh.  here's what we built yesterday)

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Six Dollars And Twenty Five Cents For An ICE TEA!?!?!?

The beginning of the Blockbusters this year hit the screen this weekend!  Iron Man 3!!!  Biting my nails we waited out the opening night hoping to avoid the crowds and went Sunday instead.  Not that that matters much!  Which brings me to one of three gripes I have, and none of them have anything to do with the flick!  First off, arriving with only a few minuets to spare our entourage of Fanboy's (Angela, Daniel and I all sporting identical Iron Man T-shirts) were met with an almost entirely full theatre!  Unfortunately forced to sit in the bottom rows!  Eyuch!  No matter though, as we already plan on going to see it again this week, this time in 3-D (Daniel has issues with 3D and headaches) Second, "There's always some stinker in the bunch!"  And we always seem to be sitting near them!  Granted, as fanboys we will get a little rowdy, but always at the appropriate "whooping" and applauding moments.  Well, there is the "Stan Lee" sighting that always gets a rise out of us, and at one point near the big finish when something that apparently not a lot of folks expected to happen (except for the true comic book geeks (that's me)) I got all giddy and say to Angie "ooooooo, get ready for THIS!" Some schmuck in the row ahead of us kept giving us dirty backward glances every time we applauded, or laugh or hooted.  I mean seriously!  If you don't want the shared movie experience stay at home and wait for the DVD release!  And Third!  The concession price gouge!  Yes, many before have complained so it's nothing new.  But MAN!  Angie always packs a bulging bag with movie snack goodies before going, but this time around I wanted a popcorn.  I knew I'd be paying for that privilege, but seeing as I put a wee bit to much salt on it we went to grab a drink when we left and THAT'S when I had sticker shock!  $6.25 for one freaking drink!!! 
This flick lives up to it's Mega-blockbuster status!  Being as it is so soon after it's release I will fight the urge to hand out any spoilers!  Suffice to say I was very, very happy with the end result!  They employed several established story lines from the comic book into this flick!  And check out the Downtown Abbey cameo!  As Happy is watching his favorite show a little explanation of the significance.  The scene he's watching is where the chauffeur is professing his love for the lady.  In the original comic Happy Hogan married Pepper Potts!  I Only have ONE complaint about the flick itself, and its not the fact that they employed the "cute kid" principal.  No, that part actually worked well.  It's the finality of the flick.  The "The End" feeling.
What about Avengers 2? 
Granted, in the comic world there were MANY heroes filling the ranks of the Avengers.  Just about every hero in the Marvel Universe has at one point or another held membership status in this illustrious group.  HOWEVER this more then likely would not ply well with the movie going audience.  Let's face it, the Iron Man franchise has made WAY more profit then any other superhero franchise to date.  And if you look at the weekend totals for IM3, it is well on it's way to being ANOTHER billion dollar movie!  If I were to make any predictions, I would guess it may very well exceed Avengers 1 in total gross once it leaves the theatres.  The good news about that is audiences all over the world are proving each and every year there is more then enough room in tinsel town for MORE SUPER HERO MOVIES!!  (insert giddy fanboy happy dance here!)
Problem is the new Marvel Movie Mythos started with Iron Man.  Just remember back to the after credit snippet in Iron Man 1 with the appearance on the scene of Nick Fury.  That started the whole ball rolling!  Can it survive without Iron Man?  And more importantly, can it survive without Robert Downey Jr.?  Yea, his contract is up and so far he has been dodging the question as to whether or not he'll be continuing to wear the armor (OK, I lied, there is a spoiler) the ending of this flick gave little doubt as to Tony Starks desire to hang up the suit. He has been billed as being in the second flick, and clearly in this movies timeline the reuniting of the group had not yet occurred.  But does Tony appear as Tony or as Iron Man?  Would they close out the chapter in this storyline by killing him off?  I would hope not but the though of someone else wearing the armor (except Rhodey) would seem wrong.
So many questions. 
The only guarantee is Marvel has proven they can generate some fantastic story lines and I think we can all look forward to a fantastic string of flicks!
Moving ON!
Thanks for another fantastic Saturday!  Managed to move out a number of rides to new homes and pump out a few choice newbies!  Check out the gem!  A 1986 Schwinn Tempo!  Full refurb on this piece of excellence!  And we have many many more to pump out today!  So we expect to see ya all lining up soon!

ONLY $95.00


ONLY $55.00!!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $320.00!!!

ONLY $80.00!!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Not Much To Shout About

Yes, it's good for the grass, the trees, the flowers... But rainy days kills the bike biz.  Have been enduring three straight days of the stuff and without fail most folks forget about the idea of bicycles until the sun pokes its face out.  I understand.  As I sit here an hour after arriving at work my back is STILL wet from the ride in.  Not that it matters much.  Ain't gonna melt!  "I may be sweet but I ain't made a' shugah!"
Have been having the time though to concentrate on getting through some of the overstock!  May not seem it by the lonely little one that I have to offer up today, but trust me when I say, she took the better part of the day yesterday!  WOOF!  She was very, VERY rough when he came in!  BUT, shes an old school "BIG BOY" Iron Horse hard tail commuter.  And MAN is she sweet!  Lightweight and groovy!  New wheel set, tires tubes and cables (not to mention seat, crank, bearings, headset, shifters, brakes, derailleurs, chain...(did I miss anything?) But SO worth it!
Again, had a few false starts yesterday, but pretty much knew they were long shots when I started.  Building or scrapping it thins out the herd!
So, with that, gonna leave you with  the latest pics and get to it!
Weekends coming, and looks to be Sunday is gonna be a perfect day to go riding!  And seein' as we ain't open then, might wanna high tail it in to get ready for a good riding day!
See ya!

"BIG BOY"!!!
ONLY $170.00!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Truth Is Out There

Where's Fox Mulder when you need him?
Yes, my news consumption consists primarily of whatever blurbs come up on my "Trending Now" and Yahoo updates when I open the computer up in the morning and therefore are not necessarily "current".  I just became aware of an apparently 10 year old mystery in the form of the "Atacama Humanoid".  In short (pardon the pun) 10 years ago a tiny 6 inch skeleton was found in the Chilean dessert.  A six inch humanoid skeleton (see pic below).  My first impressions were that this was an aborted mutated fetus, given the obvious visible deformities, however it turns out that this child lived to be between 8 and 10 years old!  Of course others clung to the belief that this was in fact evidence of alien life.
OK, so yes, I am a believer in "life out there".  Do I believe in visitation and alien "probing"?  Enh.  I'll try and give the short answer.  Just on the basis of probability, given the number of galaxies in the universe (recent analysis puts the number around 500 billion!  Yea, that's with a "B". And each one of those galaxies gives home to 100's of billions of stars) not to mention those solar systems we have  discovered that have Earth-like planets?  I think the likelihood that we are an exclusive club are slim.  As far as "visitations"?  There's allot going on out there, just in our skies alone.  How much of that is accidental? Government tests? or ET taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque?  I don't know but I grew up in Exeter NH (to understand that statement just google "The Exeter Incident" you'll get several million hits) and have experienced a couple moments of real curiosity personally.  Truth is the technology required to travel the distances between galaxies in a reasonable amount of time escapes us, so it's easy for some to say "impossible".  But really its more like impractical.  Theoretically, faster then light travel, teleportation even time travel are all possible we just haven't figured it out yet (although NASA is currently working on it) So it's rather egotistical to say that some other race might not have already figured that out. Just look at what was once science fiction on our world and is reality today? Not to go into a long list but I can remember sitting and watching Jean Luc teching away on a P.A.D on the Next Gen, and now 15 years later hardly anyone gives the touch screen micro computer they carry around a second thought!
 The real question to visitation is "motive".  What could they possibly want from us.  Lets face it, if it was conquest, natural resources and human slaves (or human lunch meat) they probably would have done it long ago, as close encounters have been recorded for centuries, not waited for us to reach a technological point capable of defending ourselves.  Or perhaps it's just research, like a zoologist living amongst the apes but not interfering, yet. Or possibly, they just stumbled upon this "backwater" "pre-warp" culture and thought "hmmm?"
I'm gonna just leave the whole "probing " thing alone because honestly I just think that's some people with issues looking for attention.
Back to the little guy.  Tests have shown that of the DNA they have recorded is "human".  So, OK...but considering that everything in the universe we know of is comprised of the same "cosmic stuff" is it to hard to comprehend that possibly it all grows the same way?  Just adapting in physical manifestations pertinent to it own natural habitat?  All life on our planet evolves from the same six components.  Who's to say that's not true of ALL life?  And just look at the features of this creature?  Then look at the common popular ideal of the "alien".  Bulbous head, big eye's, long spindly limbs.  These images have been recorded for millennia! I mean somethings going on here.  The least of which is that this creature survived for up to ten years!  And was six inches tall!!! The smallest human in recorded history is a whooping 21.5 inches!  And then you read the articles and it's so dry as to say "hmmm? quaint."  Could there have once been a race of "micro humans" on our planet?  Not unlike phylum of dinosaurs that grew to smaller size as predicated by their habitat on smaller, isolated landmasses during the time periods when their cousins were quite a bit larger. We have only been a sea faring race for a few thousand years but found evidence of human evolution all over the planet.  What if on some remote space as of yet visited land, a micro version of humanity had evolved.  Determined by its smaller adapted surroundings an adult may have not been more then a foot or so tall? Sounds fantastic I know.  We only have found roughly 10% of the fossil record of bygone eras.  Presumably because the bigger a critter is, the more evidence it leaves behind, but using any number of current ecosystems as a model, we know there have to have been any large number of distinct smaller ones around to make the whole thing sustainable. So who's to say they didn't? Perhaps being so small, there's just not much of them left to discover? During our evolution there were periods where several other distinct humanoid creatures coexisted on our planet but died out.  Could this be evidence of that, and in turn their obvious physical differences cast them in the mold of aliens? Or possibly dependant upon the prevailing historical social norms, Fairies? Elves? Dwarfs? Leprechauns?
Lord, that WOULD be interesting.
But the real sad part is, what caused the demise of this poor creature?  I hate to enforce my own strict "human" code of morality but if this was in fact an alien "child" why was his corpse left behind? does his culture not possess organized funeral rituals? Grieving parents? Or was he given  "proper" burial only to have it desecrated by curiosity seekers?  His remains were found wrapped in a simple linen cloth? Was he a deformed human that was simply discarded?  But then having lived to 10 years and being so small and so frail someone had to have been caring for him. 
Honestly I think there are more interesting mysteries and unanswered questions here then as to whether or not he was of extraterrestrial origin.
Sorry to get a little maudlin on ya there!  Managed to get only one new goodies out yesterday.  'Twas a day of false starts!  For the uninitiated a "False Start" is where some schmuck forgets to check and make sure he has all the parts before starting a project OR starts it and realizes what he HAD doesn't work! 
I was that schmuck.
Three times.
BUT on the fourth out a sweet FULL re-furb on a Trek Navigator 100!  This one had sat in someones back yard for several years so needed...well...just about everything!  Now shes sittin' pretty! Also was quite busy with repairs (thank you all so very, very much!).  Now  just need folks to come in and get them.  Getting to the point where if I exhale something pokes me!  Well, at least I'm keeping Terry supplied with an unending run of scrap.
Speaking of s"crap", it's starting to drizzle outside so I can only assume I'm gonna have plenty of time to build some more today!
Y'all have a great day!
(brave the weather and come in and check us out!)

ONLY $160.00!!!