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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Days Don't Get Much Better Than This!

I Know, I know, I know...It's been almost a week!  I've just had SO little to show!  Not that we haven't been busy, oh HEAVENS no!  But it has been almost exclusively repairs!  And NO, we are NOT complaining!  We absolutely LOVE to know we are getting folks back up and out on the road!  We have built a few, mind you, but they have all been special orders right out of bone row! Seriously...I'm not telling stories!  I have had the same Schwinn Hybrid in my rack for five days now, that no sooner do I get back to work on it, does a slew of repairs come rolling through the door!  AND, here at RE-Cycle, repairs ALWAYS come first!  We don't want ANYONE to have an excuse to have to rely on the old, outdated transportation....CARS!  ICK!!
Saturday and Sunday, my usual "catch up on the week" day both started with me opening the doors to folks loading their wounded rides off the cars bike rack (YUCK! Cars again!) and both days saw a steady stream.  Had a guy from my other job come in today, and picked a comfort cruiser out, and we banged it out in about thirty minuets as he waited, so...not even a pic!  BUT, we do have a cornucopia of material to choose from as the flow of newbies has continued, unabated.  I could have worked way on into the evening tonight, but WAY NO!  Today was my "Daddy's Day" and I was SO looking forward to taking the brood out for some FUN! We hit the Countryside Mall (yea... that was the noise you heard) in waves.  Elijah took the girls via cab, as me and the boys rode over!  Yes,  I had an allterior motive to that, as we were going to hang with the wee ones until closing and have some fun!  And MAN, was I sad to have such little time as they were a HOOT to hang with!  I took Miranda and Izzy on the train that goes around the mall, and hung with them in the playplace.  The older kids wandered a bit then took a shot at the Bungee jump!  I was so proud of Logan and Rozy as they overcame their trepidations, and gave it a whirl! Then we hit the food court, and of course, given the choice between food or ice cream, can you guess what the majority choose? brainer!  Logan, always the considerate one, only wanted a drink, and being overly concerned with finance, ask for just a small!  I hadn't eaten so I grab some Thai, and I like it SPICY!  Of course, Elijah helped me eat it, but showing her true Daddy gut, Rozy snagged up some of the Chipotle Chicken and scarfed it down without so much as a bead of sweat!  THAT'S my girl! Once the Mall "officially" closed we wandered a bit around the closed shops, then the kiddos wanted to play on the escalator...who am I to deny!  Well, it was fun for about three tries until security came over.  *SIGH*  Every party needs a pooper!
On our way out to wait for a cab for the girls we stopped by one of those "Picture Booths" (YEA!  They still have them!) and got us a memento!  Six kids crammed in a phone booth! HILARIOUS!  Pictures are now adorning the counter at the shop!  Can't take my eyes off them!
Once Elijah brought the girls home, he grabbed his bike and headed back as me and the other boys awaited OUR viewing of Captain America!
No, no movie review!  Suffice to say...FREAKING PERFECT!! They got EVERYONE of the newbies PERFECT!!  I LOVED the Black Panther, his fighting style, how he landed from a high leap!  Oh....Fanboy HEAVEN!  And, Spiderman..the NEW one...I didn't think I was going to appreciate it (I still like the Toby Maguire trilogy...Okay, not so much number three) but, well...darn it...he was awesome!  AND we got to see Antman become (SHOOT:  SPOILER ALERT) Giant Man!  YES!!!!!!!   okay...Just one more give away, it's funny, but as Marvel made the WISE choice of casting Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange it begged the question: "any time a production company hires one of the two leads of Sherlock, are they obligated, by contract, to hire the other one?  Yep...Martin Freeman (Watson) seems to have gotten himself into THIS Marvel movie! HAHAHA!!  No complaint AT ALL, I love them both!
Well, when the movie was over me and my boys took a detour into the malls pub/restaurant and sat about outside discussing the flick!  Of course, Elijah, our families DIEHARD DC fan, was trying his VERY best to NOT admit to how good it was! LOL! and of course, Logan, our Magic fan, was debating on how easily it would be for wielders of magic to vanquish all of them! Me? I just sat there grinning from ear to ear SO proud at these young men, and the fact that I helped breed the next generation of Fanboys! No matter WHAT fandom they love!
Oh my heavens what a GLORIOUS day!  I will be floating on these smiles ALL week!
Tomorrow, with all repairs caught up, I am going to do my damndest to try and get out some fresh pickings!  Here's hoping!
You all have an absolutely MAGNIFICENT evening!  Look forward to seeing you soon!

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