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Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh you, pretty, pretty boy...

It doesn't happen to often. They come into the shop every day but I hardly give it a second thought.  I mean I see them, of course but rarely indulge...for myself that is.  But every once and a while one happens by and I just can't help but think on how it would be?  You know, guilty pleasure.  Perhaps he's meant for someone else, but you just can't deny yourself..
Such was today!  And I feel so sinfully elated!  I know I should just pass him up, let someone else have him... but it's been soooooo long!
And he's so big!  And Black!!  
And the graphics on the frame remind me of an old pool cue I used to own.
Yea, a bike.  What did you think I was talking about?
anyway.  This was the bike donated to us by a wonderful gentleman the other day.  An old Austrian 3-speed, imported for Sears.  Haven't dated it but probably late 60's to early 70's.  Was real ruff when he came in, but had LOT's of potential.  I gave it a FULL re-build and re-paint.  Same color scheme, Gloss black, but when I was done took him for a test drive and  MAN!  Like butter!  Usually my test drives are once around the parking lot, once through the gears.  but I must have just tooled around for like a half hour!  So in the end, I have decided to add another to my collection.  Haven't done that in well over two years.   I guess I'm due.
Would like to thank all the cool folks for coming in to visit today!  Saw many new faces and some old favorites.  Finally found a gentleman's diminutive wife a great bike in the form of the Cignal 24" MTB!  She seems quite thrilled, and it's the third one they've picked up.  Also like to thank Phillip for the trade of the 20" MTB on the Trek 24.0 for his son.  And also, again VERY sorry you had the problem with it.  Seems the rear derailleur cog was bad and we missed it!  ARRGH!  Hate it when we miss something.  But no worries!  He brought it back and we'll have it up and running with a new derailleur tomorrow!  Again, VERY sorry!  Also like to thank Logan and his folks for "Moving on up" to the Diamondback 26" MTB!  And a special thanks for the cool bit of horse trading!  I love the barter system!  They had 3 pairs of cool shoes (sketchers and Vans perfect for OUR kids, plus a big 'ol stack of Comic Books for Dad!!  Heh, heh!  I love it when our customers know us, and we know them!  Can't wait to spoil myself with some quite reading time! 
Justin's been working hard on his first scratch build.  Let's call it a "RE-Cycle learning experience" that every new mechanic has to endure himself.  Somewhat a "rite of passage" thing.  He started with an older Redline BMX frame, and has diligently been digging around for all the right parts.  MOST of the stuff around here is organized, but we do have one rather intimidating cart of "what-not" parts that he has to dig through>
I try very hard not to chuckle when he can hear me.
Oh, I'm a bad man.
Anyway!  Have to be off as it is MOVIE NIGHT!  So ya'll have a great night!  And check out my new ride!

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