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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At Least You Can Play With A Dog

Not the ideal pet or mascot but Philbert (yes I named him/her) seems to have made him/herself comfortable.  He/she gave me a buzz by welcome when I came in this morning and even though both front and back door ARE open (I don't want to freak him/her out by trying to chase him/her out.  So best left alone until he/she figures it out for him/herself.  Although if he/she is smart, lets face it. all the food he/she can eat, water.  Plenty of ceiling height to flutter about and ALOT of place to perch.  Plus, no predators.  Philbert will probably be with us a long time.
Daughter update.  She is apparently back on her meds and has an appointment to set up a regular neurosurgeon to oversee her progress (I say apparently, as at time what she says she does and actually does can be somewhat misleading) Although I am somewhat disappointed with her lack of progress in other areas.  Such as work or housing.  It is a treacherous thread I traverse continuing to pay for her housing.  We'll see how it goes.
Today will be a re-pair blitzkrieg!  Got in alot just before closing.  Obviously as the AWESOME weather continues to stick around more and more folks are opening their windows, realizing they can once again breath something other then recycled refrigerated air and are ecstatic!
Plus I want to get the Specialized finished and move onto....I'm not sure what.
So off we go!

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