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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Weekend

And we missed it! 
As we sat in our little corner of paradise yesterday, toiling away on soon to be SWELL new rides a thought occurred to me; "where are all the people?"  I knew it was a Monday, not our busiest day.  But we had on gentleman come in  early after opening and purchase two new rides (Thank you very much!) but then it was like...dead!  Not a prob (not much anyway) as we have PLENTY to keep us busy, but it wasn't until MUCH later that I realized (rather was told) It's a Holiday!
Some of you may say "but didn't you realize that when your kids weren't in school?" 
Not so much.  School nowadays isn't like when we were kids.  When we were kids you actually WENT to school...and did WORK!  Not take every third week off for some teachers retreat, or conference, or martini luncheon or whatever.  I swear I can't keep track!  Bless my wife's heart, if it weren't for her I' be lost!  She keeps track f all that stuff.  It's taken me most of the school year to remember that the kids get out early on Wednesdays! (don't ask me why, budget cuts probably)  I have no ill will towards teachers, mind you.  I blame the administration's higher muckety mucks, and the "No rich white child left behind" policy.  How they prepare kids for Life much left FCAT, is beyond me.  When a high schooler can't do basic math?  Scary!"
"$100.00?  That's like 18,000.00 pennies!
(don't ask!  TRUE STORY!)
ANY WHO...WOW!  Went off on a tangent there, didn't I?
So today we have some new goodies to play with, got in a nice little scavenged BMX that Anthony has already scavenged for parts, and built up a nice Haro frame we had, I'm putting the finishing touches on a Specialized he started then going on to a Workman folding bike we got in yesterday...AND
Sunday, I guess it took friends to motivate her, but our shop neighbor Ahmed and his girlfriend invited Angela out for a ride along the Pinellas Trail.  She took out the GT and LOVED it.  They covered about 20 miles and she said it was effortless (except for the HOT sun...needed a LITTLE lotion that night)  So now she wants to ride more.  Which in turn has motivated me to get my butt in gear and fix up my ride.  Which I started yesterday.
So...hopefully we'll be back on the road soon!
Lord knows my midsection will thank me for it!
Well it's off to the races!
Y'all have a great day, and hope to see you soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Well, not so much with re-pairs, but builds.  Although I WAS forced to do some heavy duty Quality Control!
ARRGH!  Apparently while the cat was away the mice did PLAY!  No prob with the re-pairs but the builds that went out were WAY sub-standard!  And unfortunately is was some unfortunate potential customers that had to point out the problems to me!  1 bike...couldn't shift, 1 bike....bad shifter, 1 bike...bad shock, piss poor front derailleur assembly, 1 bike...too many problems to mention!!!!
This is NOT what we built our business on, NOR is it the reputation I wish to develop! our motto has ALWAYS been "just because it's used doesn't mean it has to look that way!"  And it DEFINITELY doesn't have to RIDE that way!
SOOOO, we have fixed the problems on three of them and will have the other two done tomorrow.  Unfortunately that's what happens sometimes hen mechanics get complacent, and sloppy, and the management trusts that they are doing what they are suppose to be doing.  Needless to say QC will now be up to "Hard Ass Daddy"  Oh they are going to LOVE me!
I always make it fun.  I wait until they finish everything then tell them whats wrong.  That way they have THREE times as much work to do, instead of two!
Put out the Caloi ladies 5 speed, and for me that was about it.  At about 11.30 this morning the AC conked out (it's annual tradition) so it has been a WEE bit toasty in here!  I'm moving slower then normal (well that and all the REDO'S!)
Radar's working on another sweet ride, this time a specialized Hybrid.  Should be done on the 'morrow!
And Adam....hmmmmmmmmmmmm, he was having fun banging away on a...banger.  Hopefully that'll be done tomorrow as well.
Well time for us to hit the silk!
ONLY $80.00!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Steps

What's that old saying?  If you fall off the horse, get up and try again? Perhaps Falling off a bike would be more apt.  However, MY particular Horse has seen fit to continually THROW me off, and the limp back is a long one!  Although things around here have progresses normally in my absence, they have had quite a bit of re-pair work in (NO problem with that mind you) However, I do so HATE to be dormant myself.  And just when I thought I'd be back in the saddle I awoke yesterday to a very tell tale (and Painful) lump about 4 degrees North of my nethers.  Coupled with a mild fever and a sense of nausea I promptly contacted my Doctor, who even MORE promptly INSISTED that I hustle my touche down to the nearest Radiology dept for an ultrasound (ULTRASOUND? you mean I'm PREGNANT?!) Come to find out (Thankfully) no bleeding internally, but developed an infection that made my lymph nodes swell.
So back to bed.
Well, against my better judgement (and TOTAL lack of sense) I could not bear another day of being on my back (I mean I haven't spent that much time flat on my back since I was an intern for the Republican party!)
(sorry...couldn't resist)
As I am at no risk of further cardiac trauma, I HAD to come to work today, and get caught up on some Projects, and it was a very fruitful day (no republican joke this time...promise) So below is the fruit of our labors (nope...not gonna do it)
(laboring fruit...SORRY!)
We also were blessed by bigger, bountiful bevies of re-pairs...kept Jose' jumpin'!  Whilst I twiddled away the hours building.  Love the Schwinn Tourist.  A real SAH-WEEE-T commuter!!  And the Mongoose Hybrid ain't shabby neither!  Plus a couple bangers, and I have a (Soon to be) Purrrrrfect Caloi 5 speed ladies cruiser that we had sitting around waiting for tires, that we were fortunate enough to pick up today!  Guy found 'em floating in the pond behind his house. (no worries, they're like new!  Just needed to be washed up!)
We're called....RE...Cycle.
So aside from a stiff leg (I know you want a joke in there...I'll leave that to you) At the end of the day I am gratefully no worse for wear.  Now I just have to contend with the Diet.
Check THIS out...No sodium...No sugars...No starch....No Cholesterol...
Exactly how DO you chew AIR!
I'm out!

ONLY $140.00!!!

ONLY $60.00


ONLY $65.00

ONLY $50.00!!!

And the Latest from

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

False Start

First, my wife wants me to mention what a bang up job she has been doing holding down the fort and keeping things running.
There.  I've said it.  (where are my brownie points)
Seriously, no Where are my Brownie points?
Seriously, no she has been doing a wonderful job keeping things going!  I came in for the last couple days, and apologize for not keeping you all up to date with the many goings on, BUT by days end have been one big cranky anger ball.  Me and anything that limits my ability to do my job and produce makes me less then a pleasant bridge partner!  So finally I gave into the discomfort and took a (NOTHER) day to try and force recovery. least I got to watch Batman Movies.  Which reminds me, in so doing I came up with an AWESOME concept for the next Batman Movie.
One of Batman's arch nemesis gets hold of crucial info about Batman, proof that he is really Bruce Wayne and in so doing discovers that Bruce Wayne had an older brother that was born autistic, and Thomas and Martha Wayne sent him to a secluded institution to take care of him.  So Bruce Wayne has to go to the institute to collect him, to keep him safe from his enemies, and in so doing discovers his love for his long lost brother.  I call it....
Wayne Man!
Get it.
OK, I'll stop
Seriously, this is the stuff I come up with when I am laying around on my ass.  I did get to spend some goodtime with Izzy though, she's a pip!  Just like her dad, doesn't like being still.  She's got the crawling thing down to an art!
So it has been mainly a repair fest around here. Thanks to all those of you for allowing us to keep your rides going and my deepest apologies to those we have been unable to assist.  Hey it happens.  Every now and then broke.  We pride ourselves on performing miracles, but sometimes all the kings horses... and all of that.
BUT, it doesn't stop us from trying! 
Well, we hope to see more of you enjoying the wonderful riding weather, and are here to serve.
Now I gotta git so everyone here can relax.
I LOVE keeping them on their toes!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Back in the saddle (ice pack at the ready) again!

Trying to figure out which way is up at this point.  Came in to organized chaos. I give 'em all credit they did do a good job of keeping things running around here, and I thank them for all their efforts (although I won't compliment them to their faces as it may give them the impression that I'm not the cranky old codger they think I am) but everyone has their own way of doing things and their own way of cleaning up, and it doesn't necessarily jive with mine!  So trying to find my tools this morn was a REAL chore! 
But I will persevere! 
And they will heal.  (Although the emotional scarring will take years of therapy)
Taking time to figure out where we are at work wise.  Have some real nice goodies I'd like to get out on the showroom, as they had a busy sales weekend.  Kudos, and High praise to all those who graced us with their presence ( and purchasing power) this weekend, I do so hop you all enjoy your new rides!  Wish i had been here to thank you personally.  Although trying on Saturday as briefly as I did made me remember just what a JOY I can be when I am in pain.  Like cuddling with an ill-tempered Badger.  So much to the resounding applause (and relief) of my compatriots I stayed out of it yesterday.  And according to Angela it was a real "relaxed" day.
So we are once again humming along and will hopefully have some new stuff to show off by the end of the day!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just...taking it easy

Yes...OK I AM still Here!  But sometimes you just CAN'T take time off.  To Busy.  But I have been spending just as much time sitting.  And in so doing, spent time working on our new flyer's/business cards, and hunting the web for cool bike picks!  Found this one and just HAD to give it a caption!
OK, now i am REALLY going home.

The Morning after...

I'm sure its of no real cathartic Revelation to anyone that the medical industry works on redundancy.  I applaud all the medical staff at Morton Plant Hospital for their professionalism and general good care, and consideration, they gave me during my "procedure" and after-care, but I think more people saw my winky yesterday then in the entire course of my life!
"I was in the POOL!  The water was COLD!
All turned out well.  Have a little plaque, but for a 30 year plus veteran smoker (with a penchant for fatty foods) It's better then expected.  So it will be diet and exercise (yay.) for me!
I thank everyone for their words of concern, and apologize to my Mom and Sister (got a call at 11.00 pm last bad) for not filling y'all in.
Well the Doc told me that I needed to rest "and take it easy and relax" for a few days.
I laid around in the hospital bed for 8 hours, that's enough time out of circulation for me.  Much to the chagrin of my caring and doting wife who insists that I stayed at home today and rested. 
Rested?  its OUR house!  The chance of sleeping past 8 am without being rudely awoken to the dulcet tones of Saturday Disney at full volume and the angelic sounds of "MINE!"  and "GET WAY" etc.
I think not.
So we're busy, in full force here banging out the goodies.  Actually it seems to have been a busy re-pair day as well.  So thanks to all for the kind patronage and trust!
And also thanks to all the folks that responded and commented on Smitty's plight.  Nice to know that many of you share our feelings of disgust for the blighters!  You will all be happy to know that we were able to hook him up with a new ride today.  Sadly though he would NOT let us donate it (but we gave him a ridiculously good price)  but in the end he's back on the road and that's what matters!
SO, y'all have a wonderful, sunny Saturday and hope to see you soon!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lazy Day

Well as fate would have it, the whole "Daddy Boot Camp" for Kaleb was a resounding...failure.  Virtual school was a bust!  It's hard to motivate the un-maotivatable (if that's a word) PLUS in their usual remarkable fashion, the Pinellas County School Board informed us that Kaleb had a 30 day review (NOT mention when he was enrolled) on April 25.  We received the notice on May 5 (postmarked May 3)  Notice any discrepancy there?  Needless to say, he was in Truancy violation and we were so ordered to return him to public school. NO ROOM for negotiation.
OH...what fun!
Well, at least it's guaranteed writing material for me!
Anyway, I was re-re-enrolling him this morning and on the way home passed by the younger kids school, and saw Logan on the playing field during recess, so I decided, as I was in my GOOD Jeans and T-Shirt (REDNECK....ME?) I play hooky for the rest of the morning and go and join the little guys for lunch and treat them to SubWay.  It was a real hoot.  They were real surprised and happy to see me (the whole "tuggin' at the heart strings" things) As I was sitting with Owen at the back of the cafeteria, unbeknowst to me in the Pre-K section, a little red headed boy, no bigger then my calve, stopped up to the table, put his hands on his hips and in a very stern authoritarian voice informed me that "that's ARE table!" We very apologetically (and QUICKLY) moved!
It was SO cute!
My feelings of parentage, is not completely non self serving.
Last week I had a meet and great with my new Doctor.  As far as doctors go, a very good man.  The results of my stress test came in, and unfortunately they found something.  Possibly.
Apparently the bottom part of my heart is weakened, in their terms about 5%.  Now that could be just because I'm an overweight layabout who doesn't exercise and loves his fatty foods WAY to much.  That's what I'm hoping for, but tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 6.30 am (haven't been up that early in forever!) I have to go in for a...procedure.  The one where the cut you in a place where NO man should have a knife anywhere NEAR, and inject me with a dye. 
So I guess I'm feeling a tad bit vulnerable, and that realization that comes to folks in times of high drama, that i don't spend anywhere NEAR as much time with my kids as I wish (or should) I had.
Well, Here's hoping!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OK...Now I'm REALLY mad!

Every neighborhood, community or shire is comprised of character's.  Both Yin and Yang.  Sometimes a little heavy on the yang!  But it's what defines us a whole.  In our neighborhood one such person is "Smitty".  Anyone that lives around here has at least seen him, and to those who have taken the time to return his friendly "Hey There!"their lives are briefly a little richer.  An unassuming gentleman, in the Springtime of his early 80's, he seems more like Mr. Tolkien ideal Hobbit elder.  as he putters back and forth on his "shabby chic" 15 (or so) year old Schwinn.  Whether it be to flirt with the girls at Sweetbay, or talk to say a good day to "G" and Hannah and the rest at "Dollar General" or to stop by and swap biking stories at our shop while we air up his forever leaking tires.
Well Smitty may not be coming around as much anymore.
Yesterday, whilst in the midst of a busy rush, Poor Smitty choked up with tears in his eyes burst into the shop to announce that "They stole My bike!"
Now, not a day goes by that we don't hear the unfortunate tale of someone who's bike got stolen, and as much as we feel a great deal of sympathy for them, you realize that to's just a bike.  the feeling of violation is more prevalent then any emotional attachment to the machine.
But not to Smitty.  This was his transportation, his freedom, his way to stay connected to his friends and his routine.  It was not "JUST" a bike.
Now I know the pride he took in that old bike.  As much as he could muster he put a little here and there in it to keep it running smooth, and always kept it clean, and the reality is, he'll probably never see it again.
Sad.  We can't give back what's lost, but we'd like to try and give him a replacement.  We unfortunately have no geared Beach Cruiser style bikes (that's his bike of choice, as the basket fit better and it's lower to the ground and sturdier and more stable for him) So we're asking if anyone within ear shot has such a bike that they'd be willing to sell, no matter the shape (we'll fix it up!) we'd like to get it to him to get him back on his feet (!)
Thanks to all!
this is very close to what he rode.  Although his was Red..and older!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A night at the Opera

Who knew there was such operatic talent in the shop?  Certainly not me.  Nor was I aware that such an outstanding performance could be conducted in regards to bicycle maintenance.  Guess you had to be there.  but it was certainly fun!  (and all because we couldn't find the chain breaker)
Well, we didn't get out as many as I thought we would today.  Started off strong but was BLISSFULLY busy with a plethora of re-pairs (THANKS to all for your continued trust and patronage!) Jose' managed to put out a SWEET GT Hybrid, and a Nishiki MTB (all but the brakes) and i managed to finish a (if i may say so) GOR-GE-OUS 24" DK BMX with a WICKED COOL (albeit mistake) Paint job.  Accidentally put a gloss black coat when i meant to do a flat black, so absent mindly put a flat on top with no primer and it crackled.  but did so in such a COOL way...I just left it!  Little Red and chrome accents... Magnifique~!
Still have WAY more goodies to put out as well.  Radar has a Haro BMX 90% done.  I say 90% because as he is new he is still learning to make sure he has all the parts he needs BEFORE starting paint and assembly.  Got it all the way until he realized he had NO TIRES!  A rather important component, I dare say.  But he lucked out.  As we we're all standing around scratching our collective heads (hey..its a CLOSE knit shop) one of my regular scrap guys came in with a beat up BMX with...GOOD TIRES!  Good things come to those with no clue.
Thanks to the wonderful young lass who came in and even though her mom was willing to buy her a NEW bike, she wanted to get one from us!  We are quite honored!  Hope you have fun, and trust'll grow into it!
Well, as the evening dwindles, I need to take my R and R time with mama!  Y'all have a great night!

ONLY $165.00!!!
DK 24" BMX
ONLY $170.00!!!!


Monday Morning (B)news

Each morning on my way to the shop I pass the News Paper machine, and pause briefly to read the headlines.  I formulate (in the back of my cluttered brain) a pithy summation of the information with the intent of including it in my blog.  Well it rarely makes it, as once I GET into the shop I am usually inundated with so much else that THAT takes precedence, and once I sit down to write, I blather incoherently about some other trivial matter (yes. i know...SHOCKING Revelation) but NOT today!
On the front page of today's "Saint Petersburg Times"  was a shocking expose of immense importance!  Clearly an investigation of exhausting proportions.  "Traffic Tickets are EXPENSIVE!!"
Oh be still my heart!  And they thought "Watergate" was good reporting!  How ever did the reporter dig up this obviously well hidden governmental conspiracy!
OK, yes I AM being sarcastic.
And I offer no disrespect to the poor man featured on the cover photo (because I know him) but i do remember what traffic tickets (or "Moving Violations) cost.  See, I have not always been the saintly visage I am today.  Oh yes as shocking as that may be to some, I to have a record.
(editors note:  saying I have a "record" is being kind.  I have seen it.  And whereas local law enforcement does have a tendency to be redundant and long winded, mine has roughly the same page content as the rough draft of "War and Peace"...before the edit.
Funny story.  Whilst living in Texas, Oh so many years ago, I got pulled over for expired tags, and APPARENTLY had forgotten to pay a ticket.  Well in Texas they apparently DO NOT have an amnesty program.  Shortly thereafter I sat in a holding cell at the local constables office as they "requested" my driving record.  And as I sat waiting for the fax machine to finish printing it out (they had to put in a new ream of paper, as it had used up what was in the machine) the officer watching the print out sat, stunned watching page after page come out.  Apparently the humor of it was substantial enough he felt compelled to "share" it with the other officers present.  You would have thought they were watching the latest episode of "Hee Haw" they way they were laughing.  I mean i was pulled over in New Hampshire for "operation of a motor vehicle....NO LIE!!  In the end I got off with paying the overdue fine.)
So anyway, the article goes on to tell of the financial hardship that traffic tickets put on an already financially strapped populace.
Um...just a thought.  This isn't the rising cost of food, or utilities or the overwhelming cost of health care, something we, as a people have no control over.  It's a TRAFFIC TICKET!!!
Couple things.  As state budgets are slashed they are going to find a way to raise much needed capital (I mean the high muckety mucks have summer homes and mistresses to support!  Have a heart!) so whats a poor elected official going to do?  Stick it to the common folk!
But lets be honest, there is something you can do.  Actually 2 somethings we can do.  First, STOP DRIVING!  Buy a bike! (just remember to buy front and rear lights.  $186.00 fine in Clearwater if you don't have 'em on at night) But if you MUST drive...
SLOW DOWN!!!  Obey the stop signs, and lights.  You know, the stuff you learned in drivers ed.  Instantly NO financial hardship.
Now...if we could just do something about those pesky light bills!
Lots of goodies coming out today.  Every ones "In Da HOOWWSE!" and working feverishly, so come on down and pick out your "speed trap evaders!"

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ever watch Star Trek 9?  The basic underlying concept is "live in the moment"  No statement is more true in light of a BAD toothache. 
The brief moment of relief in the ebb and floe of pain is almost euphoric.  As you brace yourself  for the next wave of EXCRUCIATING pain its probably one of the most exhilarating moments in your life!  You know your about to get slammed in the jaw with a ball peen hammer but your just so thrilled NOT to be hurting it verges on climactic!
OH, yea.  I tried to make it work today but I had to cut out around 5 and my lovely wife came in to take over, and went home, showered and passed out.  A little tip, for anyone suffering from a bad tooth, put arthritis creme on your jaw, it burns but it makes you forget about your tooth!
SO, Anyway my recollections of the day are somewhat foggy, Sold the Mans MTB to a fellow Yankee from near my home Town in New Hampshire.  I swear, is there any NATIVE Floridians? 
The storm that came through here today kept most folks at bay, it lasted for all of about 14 minutes...
So much for weathermen!
Had another happy visit from Chip and Joanne, as he was in search of the RIGHT set of forks for the prone "Underdog" as a preview we have a clip from you tube of ANOTHER prone so you get the general idea for what we're building.  (I say "we" in the royal sense.  My involvement at this point is simply supplying material)  Should be some fun when she's done!
Well, i may be in tomorrow if my teeth allow me.  We have SEVERAL new goodies i really want to get out, the least of which IS NOT a DK 24" BMX!! SAH-WEET!
SO here's hoping!


— people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th.  Well I guess around here we must have luck from the Orient, as it turned out to be an abnormally lucky day!
First, Shortly after opening A couple cool dudes, with an appropriately "RE-Cycle'ish sense of humor and attitude (IE: sardonic) Came in looking for a "specific" kind of bike, the parameters of which were undetermined.  The Old "I'll know it when i see it".  Well as it turns out the Trek 830 Antelope I had sitting in my rack was EXACTLY what they were looking for, hence why I have no pic to show you as it was gone before done!  Have fun with it gentleman!
Well once complete I decided to take the remainder of the day to spend with the kiddo's, and My lovely wife took over for me.  And that's when it got weird.
And became prime fodder for an episode of "Americas Dumbest Criminals!"
In December of last year we purchased a rather unique "Big Boy" Takara, A real 1 of a kind, with ape hangers, full rack.  Easy to pick out of a line-up.  In a RARE case of generosity I let my older boy have the bike, as he is 6'2" it's hard to find a bike that fits him!  Well as is always the case Kids ALWAYS know more then the parents and against my expressed view, left the bike on the porch, and of was stolen.  Well we all but wrote it off (the likely hood of recovering a stolen bike is akin to that of winning the lottery) and went on with our life's.
Then came yesterday.  And as I was sitting watching cartoons with the kids, I got an excited call from Elijah.  Seems that the bike was the shop...for repairs!
Now here's where it gets funny.  The "person" with the bike swore that his father bought it from "some Dude" and that he "KNEW" it was NOT stolen.  Although he could not explain why we had photo's of it date stamped from Dec 2010, or that it had a light on it with my wife's initials on it, or why my sons name was etched into the frame....But he KNEW it was not stolen!  We then insisted that he contact his father, who proceeded to "express" his disbelief that the bike was stolen, that he know the dude who he bought it from and he'd never had stolen it. 
Well in light of the confusion regarding the bike, we suggested contacting the police to resolve the issue.  well it was at that point that they determined "It wasn't worth it"  and quickly left.
things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
So now the bike sits securely locked up until I determine what to do with it.
Alright I think I have dallied long enough, and i have goodies to build!  Y'all have fun, and hope to see you today!




Thursday, May 12, 2011

the $1.00 Tire patch!

Thanks to all for your words of  concern in regards to my recent "Industrial Accident"  and it was a tad bit surprising that no one said "DUH!" or called me a Ma-roon!  That's really what I had expected.  Or is that what they call "Transference"?  Truly, had it been anyone else around here who had done it i would have called them an idiot.  But that's me,  Cold heartless prick. (I see many heads nodding in agreement)
Yesterday was a real hoot-an-nanny!  Met many a wonderful folk coming by to say "Hey" and check out the goodies!  I wish  had more Hybrids.  Let's just cast that line out and see if anyone takes the bait!  The Mongoose I put out night before last was snatched up in a blink shortly after opening, and then of course i had a slew of folks looking for just such a bike.  I hate to have to turn folks away, but they are few and far between unfortunately.  Although i did pick up a Trek Antelope 830, which is only a higher set of handlebars away from being a good hybrid!  She's in paint now! And got other goodies as well, couple of more bangers, one is out already (ain't I the busy little beaver!) and Jose' has the other one in his "man hole"!
Owen's Birthday was yesterday and we had the traditional cupcakes and ice cream after dinner and the real party is set for Sunday (family tradition, as Angie and/or I have always worked long hours, Sunday has (almost) always been a day off (or short day) and we like to have a real party for the kids day, not a rush job before they go to bed) then My lovely wife whom humors me so, allowed me to watch a "family Guy, Star Wars" marathon while lying in bed.  Yes folks i get into...moods.
SO, funny thing happens yesterday, a young gentleman bought the Schwinn Pro a couple days ago and brings it back in for warranty work.  Seems after leaving work day before last he notices his tire is flat, tries to put air in it and it's a now go.  So unfortunately he has to limp home (good thing he didn't live to far away) and upon checking the tire discovers a small gash in the tread, thinking he has ran over something he takes the tire off to check and lo and behold discovers that at some point the tire had been cut and someone had used duct tape, super glue and yes, of all things a DOLLAR BILL to create a tire patch! (see below)  I gotta -the-give whoever kudos for "On-the-spot" quick thinking!  I just wish we had noticed it before the poor guy was inconvenienced!
So I'll end this with a mini diatribe.  We have been receiving solicitations of late from Angi's List.  A service for the consumer which if memory serves me, gives listings of service providers  in your area that are "recommended"  giving one the "ilussion" that this is an unbiased "truthful" recommendation.  Even on the ad's they say that "no service provider can PAY to be on Angi's list.  And yet when you go to list your business for what you think is a review, they give you a list of... payment options?
WHAT THE!?  Hypocrisy aside, this seems a tad bit...shady!  I mean we list with the yellow pages and google and such. Why would we need a fraudulent listing as well!
Choose wisely.

ONLY $85.00

ONLY $65.00


ONLY $70.00!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SAFETY FIRST! (or: Why not to use power equippment first thing in the morning!)

So it's like this.  We here at Re-Cycle want to bring to our customers the BEST product we can! So in pursuit of this lofty goal we have developed processes, and techniques to turn sows ears into silk purses (or a close facsimile thereof).  We have gone as far as to modify certain pieces of equipment to help us in this daunting task (IE.  makes it easier for us to be lazyerer) One such piece of equipment is a 4 1/2" hand held angle grinder, slightly modifies to hold a 8" wire wheel.  How was it modified?  By removing the safety guard of course! (I can hear the collective groans) Yep!  We aren't graded on our IQ level.  We have one HELL of a learning curve!
ANYWAY, this morning first thing (obviously BEFORE I had had sufficient coffee) I was setting up to remove some rust from a project on my rack.  I picked up the grinder, cradled lovingly in the crook of my arm, wire wheel resting on my fore arm and plugged it in.
Apparently the thought of checking to see if it was turned on, had not crossed my mind.
And quicker then you can blink, I have a potentially WICKED COOL scar! 
So remember folks, always CHECK the power switch before turning on any electrical devices (and don't hire any of us to do your home remodeling!)
Sorry to our buddy Chip for not being in AGAIN this morning when you came by!  Once again, I was moving late. Elijah was good enough to open up for me, as I was recovering from a wonderful evening migraine last night (nope not chemical induced, they just happen from time to time, unfortunately) But i made up for it by being a busy little bee all day!  We were all quite serious into our tasks today, putting out five new goodies!  (although 2 had to be kicked back for some minor adjustments, so i have not photog them yet!) And we kept up with the re-pairs breakneck style!  Also managed to finish our Star Wars Marathon! (we do that every other week, he we're geeks what can I say)  Surprisingly though Adam has NOT seen any of the Family Guy spoofs.  he lives such a sheltered life.  I'll have to hook up a DVD in the shop so he can see them.  no work will get done that day, I'm sure!
Thanks to all the wonderful folks who came by today!  Sold the Next BMX (again) to a cool young man, who new quality when he saw it!  And the Fuji Cruiser went out to a gentleman from some point WAAY south.  Obviously he's been paying attention to the blog as he knew to call first and reserve it before he headed out!  Smart man!  And to the two young gents who came up ALMOST last moment and picked up the Tasty Schwinn Varsity and the Panasonic Road Bike!  They got some SAH_WEET deal (Angie was running the front and she is such a generous gem!  And Kudos to them as they will become their new commuters leaving the car at home!  CONVERTS>>>>YAY!!!
And, we got some more goodies in to turn out some more sweeties, so keep your eyes peeled for them!
Well, It is getting late and I can hear X-Files calling....
Add caption

ONLY $160.00!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yep...It's Monday Allright!

And it's 10.40 in the Am and I'm STILL sitting in my Jammie's waiting to get to work.  Oh don't worry, the shops open, but without me.  SEEMS that the directions "Put the close in the dryer", SHOULD have been followed by the directions "the TURN IT ON!"
Awoke this morning to find my laundry...soggy.  Yes, 'twas my fault for not checking! But I DO NOT think the world is ready to see me working in my Superman Jammie's.  Hey, at least they're not Underoos (they don't come in my size...I've looked) So Now I've sat through Dora, Diego and Max and Ruby, and quite frankly found myself getting into it (look out for the Sharks Diego!) A sure sign of parenting gone wild.
I hope everyone had a good Mom's day.  It's nice having Sundays off now, as i can actually do things for the wife (which earns brownie points for me, and avoids the inevitable "why don't we ever do anything "special" on MY day" discussions) But seriously it was quite fun.  And as always Sunday dinner (hand made with love by Daddy and his "little helpers") degraded into a free for all.  The Family dynamic around here is one of constant challenges for the Alpha Male position (and quite frankly if Elijah gets ANY bigger, or I get any older i may have to leave the pride and go off to die) but it's all in good fun (except for the purple nurples, they sting!)
So Yesterday, Mom gave herself her day off from the house and ran the shop (hey, she insisted) and they were quite busy!  Sold the Trek 720, and the Schwinn Hybrid as well as many re-pairs (thanks for the continued faith, folks!) And also thanks to all the visitors who came in to see our little Wonderland after reading the blog.  Angela HATES having to tell me that!  She thinks that as a Leo, it only fuels my vanity and ego.  I just think it reaffirms my confidence in the reality of my greatness, and isn't it a good thing to know oneself?
OOP, get out yer waders!
She just says that "I love the sound of my own voice", but that's ridiculous!  I mean...I'm typing!
So anyway, Hopefully my clothes are clean, 'cause I want to get to work.  If not, stay tuned for the Re-cycle Players version of "The Emperors New Clothes"

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who the heck made this mess!

Ever have one of those busy day's when you step back, look at your work station and the surrounding area and say "Who let in the evil Gremlins to wreck this place!?"
I HATE Gremlins!
And I REFUSE to clean up after them!
That's why I hire people to do these things (I think they're in league with the Gremlins).
Anyway.  We put out another 5 today (sorry ONCE again I forgot to take pic's of 'em all) And we got in some new goodies.  And on is a (soon to be) Sweet early 70's Raleigh Chopper Bike!!!!  WOW!  don't see those, like EVER!
Well, as it is getting later and I have been fighting a SPLITTING headache, I'm gonna sign off and leave you with pics of some of the STUFF, man!
"Dave's not here, man!"
ONLY $70.00!!!

SET ONLY $150.00!!


OK, first today I am lazy.  After treating me to a movie last night, my wonderful wife had another surprise for me last night, She rented the new Green Hornet movie last night, and as I was still pumped (as much as us old farts CAN get pumped) I had to see it.  It was WELL worth the staying up  late!
Bad news?  My inner child was cranky and slept in!  SOOO, I opened a TAD bit late this AM.
Being as that is, I've just been kinda lazy this morning and have been punting about the Internet, and while checking my e-mail found an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about the sad state of affairs in the United States Manufacturing sector.
WHY does this come as a shock?  Does the fact that the average age of skilled worker being 52, bring a gasp of alarm to your lips?
We spent the better part of the 80's and 90's shipping most of these positions over seas and telling American children that working with their hands was "beneath" them and instead convinced them to become Lawyers.  Now we have a lot of Law students interning at McDonald's schlepping "Big Macs" because 82% of all College graduates ARE lawyers.
It's called a GLUT!
So know most American firms are finding it quite difficult to fill positions RIGHT HERE in the States with qualified applicants (if they even get any applicants)  To the point where they are now sponsoring special events, paying for school, have Full time staff that do nothing but recruit.  and STILL they come up short.
Lets face it, we are screwing ourselves.  Now to some of you this statement may come as redundant, and elementary.  However it seems as if the folks in charge really didn't plan things to well.  We are coming into a bit of a crisis which we will see bear bitter fruit.  Within our lifetime there will be a time when shipping manufactures goods, supplies even food from another country will no longer be cost effective or possible (possibly) then where will we be?  We are quickly loosing the art of craftsmanship, creativity and production as we have become reliant upon other to do it for us, as a country.  Where am I going with this?  Think "Industrial Arts" you know, the class you took in your senior year because you didn't want to take a "real" class and they wouldn't give you credits for study hall.  Parents, you may not be giving your children sound vocational advice when you (mis)direct them to a life in the "professional" White Collar sector.
It's a useful thing to know corporate and industrial law.  But it's a LOT more useful to know how to build something!
Oh and speaking of building something...check this out.
ONLY $165.00!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

THOR!!! O.M.G!!!

Treat yourself, and support the continuation of FINE film production and go see THIS MOVIE!!
Just got back and had to put my thoughts down while they were still fresh! 
Please, Oh mighty God of Thunder and Odin the all-father, let Hollywood (and Marvel productions) continue to produce such loyal and faithful renderings of Comicdoms most treasured character's!  I can not say enough how constantly impressed I am with the casting choices they make.  This was NO exception!  They couldn't have picked a better Thor.  OR Odin!  I mean, come on Anthony Hopkins!  PERFECT!
And OH the glorious Insider jokes, gags and placements!  Sometimes the best part of the whole film (not to mention the mistake almost EVERY moviegoer makes, NOT sticking around until the ending credits are over!  Come On people, WAKE UP!  That's when they set up the next film or crossover!  You gotta see what Nick Fury is up to!  And When you go to see it (spoiler alert!)  make sure you pay special attention to (not just the Stan Lee cameo) but also when they are walking down the Halls of Asgard (in the relic vault) look for the eye looking thing they focus the camera on briefly (think "Dr. Strange) and also my personal FAVE, the tongue-in-cheek tip of the hat they do to Star Trek in the way of a slight altercation between Thor and a driver at the intersection (remember the actor who played Thor Played Kirk's father in the latest Star trek (and Think "Star Trek 4)  Once you put it together you'll LAUGH! 
Really folks, this is one of the BEST Movie build ups to another classic Movie.
The Avengers.
OOOOOOOOO, I'm all a tingle!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warms the cackles of my heart!

It must have been all the sleep but I was in a minimally bitchy mood today.  My son Kaleb actually came up to me this afternoon, with genuine concern in his eyes and asked me "Dad, is everything OK?  I mean why are you being so nice to everybody?"  AH, the wisdom of youth.  Yes, to tell a shop secret, I can be a bit of a less then cuddly bear at work.  I offer no excuses and no apologies.  And I always train the new guys "If you hear me start to use "Daddy Language"!"
Thanks to Chip for the drop bye this morning and the help in set up.  He's horse trading for the [parts for Underdog.  I really can't wait to see the finished project, if it's a winner I'll want one.  I've always wanted a bike you lay down on!
Thanks to the flood of repairs coming in to keep us busy (and continue eating) We appreciate the trust!  And the CHALLENGES!
But we DO NOT believe in "throwing a bike away, and buying a new one" (I've never like that tag line that some bike shops use)  Yes it IS true that some re-pairs (even as cheap as us) can accumulate to be in excess of the "Value" of a bike.  But that's not our call.  That's up to the customer.  I mean technically my Ross isn't worth spit, But I'll put whatever necessary into her to keep her running!
Oh, and don't touch my Schwinn.....
Anyway!  Sold the GT to a nice young lady today, her ride to work (COOL). Actually her Mom bought her the Next yesterday, but she wanted one with a free wheel and liked the GT better anyway, so we gave her full value in trade and everyone went home happy!
Sorry we couldn't fit the gentleman who came in earlier this eve, for his wife's bike.  He came all the way down to see the Iron horse only to find out it was a 24".  OOPS!  SORRY!  And the Giant ladies 26" had no front shock!  But have NO fear , as I'm sure we will come up with something for you!
And to the wonderful couple who came down a couple days ago, after reading the blog to check us out and came in tonight to drop off a couple re-pairs (one SAH-WEET Bianchi!) and to order a three wheeler custom for their mom!  COOL!  Thanks for the business!  And have a grand time in Greece, your rides are safe with us (although I may be "forced" to take the Bianchi on an "extended" road test.  I mean I have to be sure it rides right, right?)
And thanks to another re-turn customer for picking up another banger!  I think that makes three for him, hunh?
OK, now on to the builds.  Put out a NICE Schwinn pro MTB, we picked up earlier today, and finished the Murray "Daily Banger Special"  I personally LOVE the old Murray's...TANKS!  Adam finished up a Ladies Giant, but i forgot to take a pic of that one.  I'll get it out tomorrow!
And Check out the latest finished strip from !  One of my FAVES so far!
Now onto the "heart warming" moment of my day. 
Mid afternoon, a little quite and I'm banging around the shop, and a visitor came in.  Now I'll pause briefly while I explain, I hate to use the term "Old lady" But this is how she referred to herself.  I prefer "retiree".  Much less offensive.
She had heard about us from several of her friends in her retirement community.  Curious, she decided to hop the bus and come to see us.  Turns out her dad ran a bike shop in upstate New York, MANY years ago.  She stated she "grew-up" in the shop and many of her earliest and fondest memories took place in that shop.  Her dad would give her the task of separating certain nuts and bolts, etc and storing them in old coffee cans (deja vu!).  Now to hear her tell, this was when bikes "only had one gear" (?) WOW!  I'd have to do a little research, but that's gotta be SOME time in the past!  Sadly, her father passed away when she was still young and the business was taken over by his partner and family friend.  She said it was never quite the same without him.  And as life has a funny way of changing, all her youth faded into memory.  But as she came into our shop and wandered about heard the sounds, heard the noise, and smelled the smells, she couldn't help but be firmly reminded of her father.
Wow, I'm sorry I'm getting choked up again as I write this.  I do so hope that my children can have the same kind of memories of me and of this shop when they are in their golden years.
Even the time when i was not so much of a "cuddly bear"

ONLY $95.00

ONLY $55.00

Pronounced DOA

Apparently my wife was quite concerned briefly this morning that I may have died in m y sleep last night, as she apparently could NOT wake me this morning to do my regular morning bit of getting the kids ready and off to school.  She ended up having to do it all herself, while periodically checking to see if I was OK.  Then her and Kaleb went and opened the store as she still could not rouse me.  Apparently my penchant for hibernation kicked in last night!  Oddly enough that usually only occurs in the beginning of winter.  Yes humans can hibernate, believe me.  At time I can for no apparent reason go to sleep and sleep for a couple days, as my body just won't let me get up.  Fun with Narcolepsy!  Although sleep paralysis, apnea and automated response are nothing to joke about (but I do try!)  Today i didn't rise until 1 pm, so that's about 14 hours of sleep, you'd think I'd be rested.
OH well, so i am off to the shop soon to try and get some more goodies put together and relieve my wife, who thankfully has been keeping down the fort (Thanks love!)
Talk to ya all soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what new Pussycat? woa a whoa, whoa, wo, whoooah!

straining for a creative title, that captures the ethereal effervescence of the joyous day...
and that's the best I can come up with.
My brain, forgive me is mush.  As is the case this time in the season things have slowed to their moderate pace, and I and the other mechanics turn to happy thoughts of production, but I have been spending far to many late nights basking in the azure glow of the TV screen, watching repetitive runs of X-files episodes, and such so the breadth of my shallow.
My apologies.

Here's the goodies from today!

ONLY $90.00


(all right I went a little crazy here)
ONLY $130.00



Monday, May 2, 2011


We'll get back to that.
ALOT going on this week, and it was a busy day at the shop although I was in slightly Zombified mode.  Had a GOOD day with the kids Sunday.  Went downtown Dunedin had lunch, the park ice cream and wandering about.  The usual "Dad, My FEET hurt" and what have you (plus Logan snuck out his Game boy, and was NONE to happy when daddy pocketed it! So had to look at that shocked and downtrodden puss for awhile, until he finally came around) then home and diner and the ritualistic get ready for the first day of the school week rush.
Now Today.  Got our regular Monday visit from Chip on his "Humility Run" and we chatted about the "prone" he's working on that has been code-named "Underdog"  Also he showed me an AWESOME use for used bike tubes.  Wallets! (amongst other things) That's right, check out they have some COOL goodies on there!  Thanks for the heads up, Chip!
Also we are in COUNTDOWN mode for this Friday....
THOR! premiers!  Color me THERE!
Now, ever heard the old saying "if it's to loud, you're too old!"  Well apparently, I'm too old.  I can still re-member "Banging" my head to Quiet Riot, Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, But something has happened and I have become "That" Old Man.  Perhaps it is constantly having to tell my older boys to turn OFF their headphones when they are around me, or turn down the radio when I am home, but today in the store I think I gave some kid a minor heart attack as I am SURE he isn't used to being told that.  A boy came in today to have a bike appraised for sale, Angie called me from the back and as I came out I heard the annoying tones of Rap music.  Now before I sound TO stereotypical, I listen to Ice T and LL Cool J when I was younger, but this new stuff? Garbage. And as I approached him, before I even thought about it I said "I'll be happy to help you but shut that (expletive) OFF! 
WHOOP! There it is!  I am OFFICIALLY an old Codger!
OH Well.
So, the store was abuzz with the happy sounds of disgruntled bike mechanics today.  Jose' wandered back in after being missing for three days, but apparently he DID throw out his back, and did in fact call but left a message, which I didn't get until this morning (MY phone SUCKS!) but he made up for it.  Put out an old early 70's ladies single speed Schwinn, and a NICE Schwinn Sidewinder (which sold about 15 minutes later to a wonderful couple who have visited us several times in the last couple weeks looking for a new ride! GLAD we could FINALLY oblige!  Also sold the cool retro 90's MTB (you know the black and orange one) first thing this morning to another regular couple!  Thanks for coming back to us!  Me?  I've got three re-paints in the works but didn't manage to get any of them finished (sorry) A real SAHWEET looking Schwinn Mutt, cross between a road bike and an MTB, also a retro, Back to the future Murray, and a Trek 720. Hopefully I'll have them all wrapped up Wednesday, as tomorrow both Angie and i have Doctors appt's tomorrow.  Yay!  Not looking forward to that!
And on the re-pair front, busy as well there, keeping the masses teeming!  And I still get a kick out of the hesitation and guarded way some folks bring in warranty work.  I guess some folks still question as to whether or not we will actually honor it.  Well, we do!  Much to somes surprise!
OK, now on to the title of the days entry.
As I am sure most ALL folks know at this point Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Yes the simple four letter word blazoned across my title head is ripped from the front page of the Saint Petersburg Times.  I don't think I have EVER seen a type face on that paper THAT big.  And as I am sure EVERY one has an opinion I hope you don't mind if I share you mine.  I do NOT want to diminish any one's feelings in this matter, as this man  has come to personify the "evil incarnate" that struck our Nation almost a decade ago.  Nor will I even attempt to identify with anyone suffering (as so many before have done to try and boost ratings) as I did not loose any one in that tragedy.  But I can also NOT take any kind of pleasure or joy in the death of another human being, no matter how insidious they may be.  I know some of you may now think less of me, but I would be doing you and I a REAL disservice if I were not honest.  Nor can I not feel a twinge of agitation and disgust as i listen to the words of our commander and chief, clearly seeking a sound bite and a few point spike in his approval rating as he droned on about the success of "his" work. 
And truthfully, after learning that it was in fact NOT American troops that fished Saddam Hussein out of his little bunker, and that the media lied and used it as a "Photo op"...well I'm waiting for the final tally on this one. 
In the end, he was one old man on dialysis.  There's still alot of loonies out there who feel no regret for sacrificing innocents to further their own gains.
On ALL sides.