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Friday, October 28, 2011


What a GEM!!  Gorgeous early to mid 60's (these are tough to date, as the serial number were often repeated, so are of no use.  Clearly of the Cleveland vintage and with a little Internet poking we've narrowed it down to between 61-67) ALL original except...the front light cover has been repaired with fiberglass and bondo (it's allot tougher now!) the light does work, but one bulb is burnt out.  Radio shack should have it.  Flashlight bulb won't work...we tried.  And the rear rack has been re-painted to match (as close as we could get)  Of course we laced it out with new white walls and tubes.  Hey!  It may be museum quality, but we want you to RIDE it! 
original seat, and color matched petals!  Check out the chrome!

this is ALL the original chrome, just really, really shiny!

a TRUE one of a kind!
ONLY $195.00!!!!

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