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Monday, October 31, 2011

1 of 3

Yep!  It's once again time to celebrate another pagan holiday annexed by modern day dogma.  This is 1 of only three days that pleasantly impact our business as we close early today.  In a time honored tradition of our family both parents must be present to coral the excitement and subdue our little goulies in preparation of the big night!  As well,  a new tradition at this time of the year has become the sharing of the years...stomach virus.  Oh yes, last year it prohibited two of the children from being able to get out and beg for candy door to door.  This year it appears that it has decided to way lay yours truly.  Having thought it would by pass me , I was however foolish in my assumption.  Although it had effected the majority of the children, they got through it.  It was not until awakening this morning that I realized it had moved into me.  So I apologize to anyone that may have been by this morn, but I reluctantly had to sleep in a bit.  Sorry.
Would like to thank the anonymous benefactor who left three donations at my back door!  Twas very nice to find more potentials! 
Yesterday was quite a busy day for Justin!  Thanks to Mrs. Bauer for choosing the cute Starter BMX!  Diego drove quite a ways to come in and pick up both the Racer X and the Rhino MTB.  originally he set out only to get the Racer but they were so cheap, he grabbed two!  And the custom three wheeler has finally found a home!  Regina, apparently ALSO driving quite a ways, grabbed her up!  But have no fear, we have another one that just came out of the sandblaster that should be ready by Thursday!  Also are working on a older model (pre-walmart) Mongoose BMX!  And a couple more bangers! 
You all have a safe Halloween and lots and lots of chocolate~!
ONLY $50.00!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Which Way But Loose!

Fun day!  Busy, busy, busy!  Would like to thank everyone who came in to check us out and for the wonderful folks taking home a ride today!  I do usually thank them by name, but ended up working late. And to tell a secret, I'm so lousy at remembering names, I refer to the receipt book.  Hey don't feel to bad, whenever I call my kids I usually start with the eldest name first and work my way down the list until I get the right one!  Wanted to put the finishing touches on a ladies cruiser, and had a gent call from Tarpon Springs just before close who wanted to pick up the Daily banger we put out yesterday, so I waited, no prob!  The Specialized Hard Rock went out to a very astute gent.  The Next Chaos went to a young man who, well lets just say, it appears that ALL 8 year old boys are a tad bit...hyper.  Also sent home the Ravage for a young mans birthday present.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  The Murray Daily banger went for another young man's transportation.  Had many nibbles at the three wheeler but she has yet to find residence.
Managed to get the Cannondale project done.  Well it's more a mutt then a project.  When we inherited her she was nothing more then a frame (no fork) and a kool whip container of parts.  So she's some what of a Frankenstein...but in a good way!  Also put out ANOTHER Next chaos, as well as the cruiser, which is NOT pictured below as it still needs a bath, as the paint is drying, and will be ready in the AM.
So here we go...
Have a great night!
ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $165.00!!

WOW!! Almost Famous...kinda.

Weird posting time, I know!  Last night got to busy at the days end to focus, then it was Family Movie Night!  And the feature was Captain America!  FINALLY!!  In a word.  ROCKS!
Then coming in this morn, well it's a Saturday!  So after the hustle and bustle sat down and did my normal morning routine.  Well when I got to E-mail, someone had sent an erroneous e-mail, lambasting the Schwinn Avenue we have on consignment with the false statement that the bike sells for $159.00 New at Wal-Mart.  Well, I can understand the misreading.  Wal-Mart sells both the Schwinn Avenue for $249.00, and the Roadmaster Hybrid, same style same blue coloring for $159.00.  Otherwise that's where the similarities end. TRUST ME!  We have worked on 7 of those Roadmasters since they came out this past summer.  3 of them we recommended the folks who had just bought it to return them for their money back.
ANYWAY, curious I checked Craigslist after and found this.


Why Do the Same People Keep Spamming This Site?

This Site is For Individuals and Not Dealers or Pawn Stores.

You know a couple of bikes here or there is tolerable.

But Posting Several Bikes is Abusing this Site.

Flag these Shops, Pawn Stores, and Gross Over postings.

Clearwater Re-Cycle - Cute at first - Now Just Annoying.

Lutz/Lol/Tampa "Localbikeauctions" or "Localbikeoutlet" Good God.

Let's Clean Up this site.

  • Location: Stop the Spam!
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
HEY!  We are still MOST DEFINATELY cute! 

This add was quickly  responded to by someone saying this:

 re:SPAM SPAM SPAM...But I Dont Like Spam! (FLAG The Spam!))

Cool your jets man. People come here to find bikes for sale. The posters that you are griping about have bikes for sale. So what if craigslist is one of the outlets that they use. Guess what, you see their ads. BTW it doesn't make you any better than them if you post the same anti-spam BITCH post every few hours. Get a life, better yet, go ride your bike. If you don't have one, check out local bike auctions, that guy has a ton.....

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
WOW!!  we're part of a controversy!  SWEET!  I've always wanted to be controversial!!  And i thought I had an excessive amount of spare time!  WOOF!  Well, in a way it's kinda cool to know that you have a name that folks recognize.  Good, bad or otherwise!
Hey, bad publicity is still publicity! 

image 0

image 0

Friday, October 28, 2011


What a GEM!!  Gorgeous early to mid 60's (these are tough to date, as the serial number were often repeated, so are of no use.  Clearly of the Cleveland vintage and with a little Internet poking we've narrowed it down to between 61-67) ALL original except...the front light cover has been repaired with fiberglass and bondo (it's allot tougher now!) the light does work, but one bulb is burnt out.  Radio shack should have it.  Flashlight bulb won't work...we tried.  And the rear rack has been re-painted to match (as close as we could get)  Of course we laced it out with new white walls and tubes.  Hey!  It may be museum quality, but we want you to RIDE it! 
original seat, and color matched petals!  Check out the chrome!

this is ALL the original chrome, just really, really shiny!

a TRUE one of a kind!
ONLY $195.00!!!!


Last night, prior to closing got a call from Elijah, as Mom was up at the plaza shopping for a birthday party Logan is attending tonight, that "someone" had broken the coffee decanter.  Well not wanting to undergo the drama of "I don't know!" "It wasn't ME!!" and "Hunh?" I, with a heavy sigh, merely stated I'd pop into the store and get a new one.  Upon coming back to the store Mom expressed HER heavy sigh and trotted home.  Shortly there after just before closing Elijah arrived, shopping list in hand stating "as long as you're at the store....."
an hour later, trudging home with purchases weighing us down we walked home.  On the way there our conversation went from Clint Eastwood, to the F.B.I, to J. Edgar Hoover, to Alfred Hitchcock, to Psycho (Kevin Bacon was in there somewhere, "AH HA!")
Now it can be said that I am a wee bit of a videophile, but surprisingly I have never actually seen Psycho.  An American classic, the chance to view it just never came up.  I've seen many of his films (Rear Window, to date my fave) but last night I was on a mission.  With laptop in hand, I hit all my normal online movie download sites (Zune, Hulu, Netflix) but oddly enough none had it available.  Downtrodden and defeated i was about to sign out of Netflix.  However, they have a real neat feature there that allows you to rate the films you have viewed.  And dependant on your ratings make recommendations for other films of the same genre you may enjoy.  Handy!  Well one popped up after I inquired about "Psycho" and that was Fritz Langs "M".  now if you don't know who he is, well shame on you!  i won't go into the long list of his accomplishments, but simply put it was his blend of expressionist film making and melodrama that set forth the characteristics of the Film noir genre.  He was responsible for the 1927 silent movie classic "Metropolis" (you can see SO much of that film as the inspiration for everything from Max Fleischers classic "Superman" cartoon's, George Lucas's THX 1138, Blade Runner, Equilibrium, Sky Captain and the City of Tomorrow....the list goes on and on! ) and what is considered his masterpiece of psychological horror "M".  I'd heard of the film, but just never watched it, until last night.  And of course by today's standards it is quite melodramatic (and MAN did they smoke ALLOT in those old films).   But the surprising thing that I cannot decide whether it's comforting or disarming is the familiarity and timelessness of the film.  The study of human nature, paranoia, depravity and justice/slash/injustice could be filmed today and still have relevance.  In the course of 80 years we have hardly changed.  Filmed with consideration for the sensibilities of the times, there is nary a drop of blood shown.  It's the haunting whistling of the films pedophile killer masterfully portrayed by Peter Lorre in his first starring role, that clues you into the atrocity that is and has occurred, edited to views of empty dining room table chairs,  candy wrappers and a balloon animal slowly drifting away only to be entangled in power lines.  It's the panic of the common man, the parents as the police fail to find clues, or leads, their exhaustive efforts lead to nothing as the killer continues to stalk the streets, most times in broad daylight.  The common criminal, now continually harassed by the police, foolishly thinking the killers moves in their ranks, become fed up and take matters into their own hands, and in a brilliant strategic maneuver organize to track down, catch and prosecute the killer.  In a make shift court, comprised of a variety of criminals they put him on trial.  At this point Peter puts on a masterful descent into the twisted mind of a deranged possessed killer.  (side note:  Fritz was labeled as the traditional "Tyrannical  German" director, monocle and all.  The battered look of Peter Lorre is not, in effect makeup.  Instead, in order to lend realism to his performance, it is said the Fritz had pushed Peter down a flight of stairs  to give him a more "battered" appearance) the ending of the film is...abrupt.  But makes it clear of the outcome.  I won't give it away.
Thankfully Netflix has made me realize that I don't have to wait for the newest releases to enjoy a good film!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think I , did more socializing today then I have done all year!  Not necessarily a bad thing, but I didn't get much done.  It's cool.  Met allot of neat folks today.  Conversations ranging from vintage bikes (of course) waxing nostalgia, to politics with a gent who was present for the goings on during the Viet Nam war.  It was, to say the least entertaining!  Managed to get only one done...sorry.  But had a wee bit of slow down on the Cannondale, as needed to do some body work, as well as an "operator error" on the light casing for the vintage Roadmaster.  Also got another banger 85% done but was met with a few delaying issues.  Oh well! Par for the course.
Whilst I was working I of course had the movies going, strictly as background noise of course, and happened to put in a copy of the "Forty Year Old Virgin".  Believe it or not, have never seen it!  Don't know what all the fuss was about the movie.  Now I love Steve Carrel, and Seth Rogen, but these were definitely not their best performances (for my money Bruce Almighty, and Green hornet respectively).  The vulgarity was a bit overdone, perhaps for boundary pushing shock value, and the laughs were just not there (the chest waxing not withstanding, that bit was hilarious) but also I think I took some light hearted offence to the depiction of the Fanboy/techno-nerd as a hopeless cause.  Hey I have my comics, sci-fi, and toys and I'M not a nerd...
am I?
All and all, was a real hoot today!  Thanks for coming in and paying us a visit! 
See ya'll tomorrow!
ONLY $45.00!!


Oh, we LOVE Freebies!  Thanks so MUCH to Marty for the awesome donations yesterday!  Frames and buckets of parts!  LOVE IT!!  Already have both donated bikes (almost) done!  You know what THAT means!!!  Awesome bikes at an AWESOME price! 
While we are making thanks, I want to mention all the other folks who made yesterday a GREAT Day! 
Joni, and her husband who after checking out a few rides wisely settled on the ladies GT, which of course they did some fancy horsetrading on!  Actually they gave me a reasonable counter offer and I took it!  Hey!  The only thing written in stone is the Ten Commandments!  And to Nicholas, for picking up the smooooooth Schwinn Clear Creek.  A little more horse trading on that one, but we came to an amiable price, and as his dad's a regular we were willing to bend a wee bit more!  And to Cody, a last minute "tired of walking" sale on the men's Cruiser.  Yes, horse traded on that one as well!  I was a wheelin' dealin' fool yesterday!
Now on to the "Tum, DUm,DAHHH!"
Yes folks this is the point in the program where I put on my "Grumpy Old Man" hat, pull up my tattered lawn chair and yell at those damn kids to "get the HELL off my LAWN!"
Ever heard the adage "Mean People Suck" ?  Well, as much as it is  hip new age simplistic drivel, it's true.  And aside from working at the DMV, or Lost Baggage Department, retail has to be a magnet for them.  Now mind you, we don't have a problem around here...usually.  Most people coming here "GET" the laid back atmosphere, the chilled Aura and the almost COMPLETE lack of professionalism (definition: Bike snobbery) This shop is merely an extension of our garage.  You come here, you're walking into a part of our home.  I know it sounds corny, but given the box of toy's, the movie selection (countless pieces of clothing, and used coffee cups which I SERIOUSLY have NO idea how they got here!)   It's home.
ANYWAY. We have no prejudice against anyone who visits, but some folks, well they have an.....air about them.  They are the folks used to visiting the "upscale" bike boutiques.
Now I'll stop here to reiterate:  A while back I had stated that I had come to amends with some of those shops that originally had issues with us.  Apparently, once we became "legit" a sort of silent detante' was reached.  So much so that one in particular began to refer customers to us that fit our target audience (that's the 85% of folk who can't afford $500+ for a bike) So we have grown to appreciate their presence and are just as likely to refer folks to them looking for an item we may not carry.
So, OK.  That being said.  We have had, over the last two days, an odd string of rudeness not accustomed to around here.  Case in point.  If a customer is not clear on exactly what they need, we may be required to ask a few questions to figure out exactly what they need.  Getting frustrated when asking "do you have that thing, that does the thing?" and we have to try to acquire specifics?  Getting angry and walking out isn't the best solution.  If they are looking for a specific seat and we can not materialize it from thin air, and have to take a moment to look?  Again, walking out angry, not the best solution.  If they, after three times fail to follow a recommendation to prevent getting a flat tire.  Like NOT riding on the sidewalk in a residential area to avoid running over sand spurs?  And they get a flat tire, even if it's two day's after they had the last one fixed, and we pull several sand spurs out of your tire?  It's probably NOT a faulty tube.  If they change a tube and decide not to take the mechanics suggestion to change the excessively worn and thread barren tire, chance are they will get another flat (especially if we pull a staple out of it).
We, like the majority of working folk go to work each morning with the best of intentions, and the brightest of hopes.  We try very hard to not let the occasional set back to get us down.  But in any conflict or disagreement it is sometimes best to take a step back, rethink your approach and look at the problem from a dispassionate, logical perspective.  There's no way that pissing in someones post toasties to ever going to make the situation better.
Putting the lawn chair away.
Thanks to Serkan for bringing in an AWESOME consignment piece!  This one is a 2011 Schwinn Avenue Hybrid!  Barely ridden, he paid $294.33 for it on 6/11/11, we have ALL the paperwork, and receipt, PLUS a lock, and an extend two year service contract.  He's only asking $180.00 for the whole kit and kaboodle.  As he is moving out of state he's looking to move it fast.  This is more than your average Wal-Mart Schwinn!  Come on in and check it out!
Well, now I best get back to work on the awesome Cannondale re-paint/ re-furb I left last night!
Hope to see ya soon!
ONLY $180.00!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


These are the folks you see when you walk the mall, shop for dinner, pick your kids up from school, or straighten your hair in the mirror.  They are fighting for all of us. 
And it seems (perhaps I'm a tad bit behind on the times) that where the general media will not give it much more then a cursory glimpse, certain venues have been left open online for the novice journalist and anchorman to post their perspectives and reports for all to see.  Check out  the clip I caught that only reinforces my belief that something substantial is over the horizon.

Now of course it comes as no great surprise that when the common man (and woman) stands up to fight for what they believe in you can rest assured that some bureaucrat will find a way to take credit for it.  Such is the case of  Elizabeth Warren.  Liberal democrat, she not only spoke up in support of OWS, but stated  "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do," .
Hmmm.  I think I would have just stated my support and regardless of my involvement left that last part out.  As she is in competition for election to the senate.
Of course, Republicans were quick to lash back with the usual rhetoric and diatribes.  Doing their gosh-darnedest whilst in the spotlight, to point out what a mistake it is to ally oneself with their  "impolite manners and more extreme tactics as the Occupiers veer deeper into rowdy class warfare"
Hold on!  "Class warfare?"  History lesson!  That was the Revolutionary war, dude! 
And of course, wanting  to further ostracize the unruly rabble, Brian Walsh of the National Republican Senatorial Committee cited a news report that two Occupy Boston protesters living in the camp have been arrested and charged with dealing heroin, in the company of a six-year-old child.
OK, hold on!  Let it be stated that in NO way do I condone what these individuals did, but playing the devils advocate here....FIRST, in such economic hardships I would have to say, that where as I would not be caught dead doing something like that, in or out of the presence of a child, this only helps to spotlight the desperation some folks will to sink to when they cannot find a real job.
SECOND!  Whereas that may be taking financial advantage of a bad situation, could the same thing not be said for the "Executive Security" firms now descending in droves on Wall street, praying on the fears of CEO's and the like.  Charging increased fees based on increased fears? 
OK, maybe not a bad thing.  But, if the owners of those firms are smart, they should be making big time contributions to the folks in the park to keep them there! 
Heh, heh....good for long time business!
OH COME ON!  Like you weren't thinking the same thing!
THIRD.  Is pointing out the sporadic bad apple in a very LARGE group indicative of the group as a whole?  Is that the point that the republicans are trying to point out?  and if that is the case then would not the same rule apply to the republican politicians?  So in effect, does that mean that all republican politicians engage in sexually explicit exploits with gay prostitutes in bathrooms while their wives watch?
Food for thought.
hmmm, maybe that was not the right words.
Just in a particularly political mood this morning.  Now that it's out of my system, I'll get to work!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Philbert Departs

There's a morale in this tale.  Here our little avian visitor has shelter, food, water and safety from predators and yet through continual trial and error and unyielding persistence he/she finally escaped his/her entrapment.  The moral of our story is simply "regardless of danger, an animal belongs in the wild" 
Please forward this blog entry to the Ohio Capital.
Today's "Repair Blitzkrieg" was a resounding success!  All but the sweet Motobecane re-build were finished.  AND that was only because the parts for the Motobecane didn't come in until late afternoon.  Our delivery picker upper had a mild mechanical failure. (flat tire) So that one will be done tomorrow.  ALSO finally finished up the sweet Specialized re-build, and man! what a gem!  From a bucket of rusty parts and nicked and scratched frame to a true beauty!  And decked out with new tires, and seat to boot!  Justin finished up another sweet Three Wheeler, in traditional "Re-Cycle Blue Metal Flake!"  AND the gorgeous Vintage Roadmaster cruiser is all back together EXCEPT for the light face.  It's on it's third coat of bondo.  The first coat had to be ground off as I mixed a wee bit to much hardener in the mix!  Oh well, live and learn (although I hope I get to live long enough TO learn!)
Quite frankly, we were so focused on getting those projects up and running, haven't even figured out which ones to move on to next! 
Ah well, we can always dip into the garage!
Night, night ya'll!

ONLY $155.00!!

ONLY $175.00!!

At Least You Can Play With A Dog

Not the ideal pet or mascot but Philbert (yes I named him/her) seems to have made him/herself comfortable.  He/she gave me a buzz by welcome when I came in this morning and even though both front and back door ARE open (I don't want to freak him/her out by trying to chase him/her out.  So best left alone until he/she figures it out for him/herself.  Although if he/she is smart, lets face it. all the food he/she can eat, water.  Plenty of ceiling height to flutter about and ALOT of place to perch.  Plus, no predators.  Philbert will probably be with us a long time.
Daughter update.  She is apparently back on her meds and has an appointment to set up a regular neurosurgeon to oversee her progress (I say apparently, as at time what she says she does and actually does can be somewhat misleading) Although I am somewhat disappointed with her lack of progress in other areas.  Such as work or housing.  It is a treacherous thread I traverse continuing to pay for her housing.  We'll see how it goes.
Today will be a re-pair blitzkrieg!  Got in alot just before closing.  Obviously as the AWESOME weather continues to stick around more and more folks are opening their windows, realizing they can once again breath something other then recycled refrigerated air and are ecstatic!
Plus I want to get the Specialized finished and move onto....I'm not sure what.
So off we go!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Bird In The Shop Are Worth Two In The Bush!

Have had many a unique visitor in our little shop.  The Newest one this evening has me stumped.  As we were preparing to shut down for the evening Kaleb pointed out that we had a new patron, that stood about 6 inches tall.  The cutest little green and blue Finch sat proudly atop the rim rack suspended from the ceiling in the Dungeon peering down at us.  As fall in Florida allows us the Luxury of leaving the doors open (and the AC OFF!) it also invites visitors.  We are used to the lizards but this would have to be the first bird.  And try as I might, I couldn't entice it to fly out.  So, with no other recourse I was forced to pick up some bird seed and a water tray to leave with it for the night.  I have no desire to starve the poor critter.
Well, thanks to Bill for referring Dewey to us.  He came in and picked up the flashy Raleigh M55 for his new ride!  Also thanks to Gabby and her Mom for visiting and picking up the 12" little Princess.  As well as the other nice family who picked out the purple 12" Princess pearl.  A shout out to our new friend from Cape Cod.  He does the same thing as us up their in the summer months then vacation here for the winter.  Yes, prices are that much higher up there as to afford a winter retreat down here.  Also a thanks for all the "Anonymous" referrals we've been meeting lately!  Seems a lot of folks looking for bikes and re-pairs have been told about us from all corners of life!  Thanks so much! 
Well Justin's about 80% done with another three wheeler.  This one's a classic European model.  Full re-paint and refurb on this baby!  Metallic blue and chrome, Looks REAL sharp!  The Specialized Old School Hard Rock fought me most of the day but looks to be WELL worth the effort!  She'll be up and running late morn tomorrow!  Well tonight I bid an early good eve' as Last night's bout of sick babies has me a tad winded!

Cruel and Unreasonable Punishment!

Ah yes.
The day after!
Seriously though, I have to say they are getting much better.  It helps having mom along. I mean it's NICE having mom along!  Yea, Yea....that's it!  We once again braved the mall.  Mom was on the search for Twilight goodies, so we made a day of it!  Only a few minor hiccups.  Like when I dropped Logan on moms toe. 
Don't ask.
But learn from me, NO rough housing in the food court!
The Cruel part.  Well just what sick sadistic bastard had the bright idea of putting a scale outside the bathrooms.  And ONLY a scale.  You're sitting there waiting for the women folk to finish up in the potty, and for the boys to get bored with the neat new hand blow dryers (although we usually have to drag them away) and you have nothing to do.  Well here's a nifty brightly lit machination with promises of riches (your "lucky" numbers) and foretelling the future!  All you have to do is stand on it, put in a quarter and it will reveal, to you the secrets of the universe! 
And your weight.
OK!  For the record.  My wife and I quit smoking.  Her in January of this year, me in February.  And we have been VERY good.  Haven't slipped up ONCE! (thank you, thank you.)
We have, of course, naturally had to supplement our cravings with the next best thing.
When I quit I weighed in at 178.  According to  "Maqui De Sade" I now tip the scales at a whopping....
To anyone doing the math that's 58.1 pounds gained!  More then a 32% weight gain!
So...effective immediately...I'm on a diet!  And as soon as I can get the part for my Puch, I am SO back on the road!  IN SPADES!
on to the Unreasonable.
In the Westfield mall, the one we frequent, they have a real nice play area laid out for the kiddos on the first floor.  it's the main reason we go, to let them get some exercise, and socialize with kids their own age as the dutiful parents sit along the periphery keeping them in check.  Well, as Mom and the older boys checked out the hip stores I happily sat and watched the other four romp and play.  I'll give them credit they play all right and have NO problem being social. Of course Rozy is the Social administrator and has the uncanny ability to take control of the situation and bend all to her will.  Makes me more then proud to see her organize a whole gaggle of little girls into organized play.  Logan is sweet, and plays with just about any, and as he has strong paternal instincts, gravitates to the younger ones to help them.  Paying close attention to Izzy.  Izzy was a hoot as she discovered the magic of stairs!  And developed a unique drop and slide approach to getting down them.
Owen....well he gravitates to those of equal levels of hyperactivity.  In this case it was a young boy, roughly his age who had been visiting the area to attend his grandmothers 90th birthday.  And according to his father none of his cousins or siblings had brought there children, so this little 8 year old ball of energy had been forcibly subdued for nearly a week.  So you can imagine the level of energy he was trying to exhaust.  Well, at one point, I had to change Izzy's diaper and the changing room was a ways away.  I called Momma to send me one of the boys so i could do this.  Shortly thereafter Kaleb came back to relieve me and watch the other three.  Well, as you can imagine in a mall FILLED with Mall going teeny bopper girls of roughly his age, his attention was....elsewhere.  It was apparently at this time that Owen and his new friend decided to have a foot fight.  You know, you sit on the floor, arms behind you, feet against your opponents and you push seeing how far you can move your opponent. Harmless fun.  The other boys father thought nothing of it.
There is always that ONE parent (no offense to any of the more unrealistic parents out there) You know the type.  Nose firmly struck at a 45 degree angle towards the sky.  Dressed impeccably in the latest fashions, sitting upright and prim.  As there "Little Darling" is timidly (trying) to have fun, decked out in the latest "Baby Gap" Fashions, but being all to aware of their mom's disapproving glare as if to say "don't you DARE get that outfit even WRINKLED!"   Well apparently she didn't approve of any of the other children doing dangerous things like running, or jumping, or yelling, or climbing, or know, dangerous stuff that may scuff up her hermetically sealed child.  Sadly, the foot fight (although a distance away from her little darling) was the last straw.  Utilizing her cell phone she contacting Mall security.
Unbeknownst to me, and apparently several other parent there is a wooden sea horse at the entrance to the play place.  I had always thought it was decoration, however apparently it is a size marker denoting 3'6" being the height maximum to enter.  And  though upon securities arrival the foot fight was long over and kids were just being kids again, the "Mom" pointed out that several children happily playing were in excess of the limit.  All mine (save Izzy) included.  So these evil doing heathen children were asked to leave by the heroic Nazi Mall Cops.  Much to the delight of the High Maintenance Matriarch.
God Save The Queen! I would hate to be responsible for the therapy bills for that poor child when she gets older.
Even though that was a downer (and Owen used language although inappropriate, and duly chastised pretty much summed up what I was thinking as well) Mom (who ALSO used language that was inappropriate and duly chastised (no..not to her face) not to mention threats of retribution violence being uttered) took them all to FYE and treated them to a toy of their choice thus saving the day. 
Warning.  DO NOT cause this woman's children discomfort, pain or sadness.  She's Irish. *shudder*
In the end, all things considered it was a real good day.
Back at the ranch!
Justin had a relatively busy day.  Sold the body Glove cruiser.  Thanks to John for giving her a new home!  Also had quite a bit of re-pairs coming in, THANKS so much!  And one in particular mad my heart skip a bit and a momentary gleam of "is that OURS?!"  But sadly no.  She's in for some work, but oh!  I would love to give this little gem full work up!  I'm talking museum piece!  Early 70's Schwinn Stingray chopper!  Complete with front drum brakes and "On the column" 5 speed suicide shifter!!!  Schwinn approved speedometer!  He even has the original MANUAL!!! heart!
I won't even insult the moment by mentioning how much these things go for!  Google it!
Enough of that. I had better get my day moving.  FINALLY starting that old school Hard Rock I've had kicking around in a bucket, then hopefully go on to the other half done projects littering the Dungeon!
It's a real nice day out today!  Come on by and say HI!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Um...that's not Necessarily True)

Had to take a walk up to CVS this evening and Elijah tagged along for company.  We got to talking about current events and he was working hard to impress me on his up to date knowledge of goings on.  Of course the talk started with the events in Ohio (you know where I stand on that).  Nice to know that he's growing up right, and even though he may seem dark (Gothic rock/ metal always in black) he still has a big heart, and was just as righteously pissed as I was!  Then we talked on the subject of Qaddafi.  Of course, BEING the dark teenager he was gruesomely relishing in the specifics which I had to quickly censor.  However I may abhor violence, as I have said before in some unfortunate instances it has proven an only resort.  That started me to wonder at the overall climate not only in this country but the world at large.  Perhaps I am only voicing what alot of other folks may be thinking (and some world leaders/tyrants are fearing) but it seems to me the "little guy" has had about enough! Usually it's all about some Guerrillas or warring factions, but this seems to me to be alot of everyday folks from ALL walks of life just "DONE"  There was A-LOT of repressed emotions taking out on him when they dragged him from that drainage ditch, I wonder how long it will be before some Bank Of America VIP is in the same predicament.  No, no!  I'm not condoning it nor am I recommending it.  I only say things are starting to get interesting out there.
Today was fun!  Thanks to Justin and his wife for the donation of kiddy goodies to the wife's "Mommy Network"!  It will all get to the right family's (minus a collection of bean bags discovered by OUR kids!)  I was in the shower and all I could hear was "Thump! Thump!" and yelling.  I rushed out to find Angela and the kiddo's gleefully staging WWW3 beanbag style!   That's one of the cool things about my kids, they don't need fancy gizmo's and gadgets to have a good time!
Thanks to A fine gent of a horse trader for visiting today and falling in love with the Schwinn Sport.  After much haggling we settled and he left a happy camper.  To Andy and his mom for picking out the Dual Shock MTB and giving us an added treat by coming back to pick it up as the BEST best dressed customer we have ever had!  Apparently they were going to a function that evening and he was dressed to the nines in a tuxedo! Shout out to Ann for her great donation of the Next Avalon.  Needed some work but it allowed us to put it out even cheaper!  To pat and his wonderful wife for returning (like they said they would) and bringing along a matching pair of Huffy MTB's "old school style!" for a full work up!  We had 'em done quick enough that they had a few more hours of daylight in the wonderful weather to take a cruise!  And our buddy Kevin, who trekked all the way from tampa (via bus and a very shaky bike, limping on it;s last legs) to come in and pick up the Roadmaster "Daily Banger Special"!  He's an old customer from way back in the "Garage Day's", and it was fun reminiscing about having to dig through the old pile of bikes in the back of the house!  Oh those were the days! Good times, good times"  And a special thanks to James (a fellow "Browncoat"!!!)  for letting us talk him out of replacing his old Motobecane!  It a real sweet classic given to him by his dad ages ago.  And instead of trading it in for a vintage touring style, he decided to allow us to just modify the old girl!  She's gonna be sweet when we're through!  And as always thanks to everyone else (whom I didn't have the snap to catch their names) for all the re-pairs and visits!  Always a pleasure! 
We also managed to pound out some real gems!  An awesome Schwinn Clear Creek MTB!  Complete with comfy seat, rack and bottle holder.  The aforementioned Next Avalon, post-refurb!  A sweet  Next Rampage BMX,  a good beginner Huffy BMX, and a cute little 16" BMX for the kiddies!
Allright, now it's time for us to chill for the evening and get ready for family day!

ONLY $120.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $50.00!!
ONLY $30.00!!
ONLY $25.00!!

Don't you hate it when your cables not long enough?

I mean you finally guide it through the hole stretch it as far as you can and it's still not enough!  Had that problem three time yesterday!  And didn't have enough snap to check the length first.
Was working a Schwinn Clear Creek hybrid. Down to the final touches and as we have been out of new shifter cables have  been having to reuse good old ones (until they FINALLY have the new ones).  Well it never fails you get them within an inch to short!  Makes a 10 minute job an hour one.
What did you think I was talking about?
ANYWAY!  Today is SATURDAY!  It's gorgeous out (although bring a light wind breaker) get up, get out and come on by!  Put out two new treats yesterday and almost done with the aforementioned Schwinn!  Have a sweet LIKE NEW ladies "Body Glove" cruiser (thanks Adrianne!) fully stripped down and re-furbed, as well as an awesome lightweight Raleigh m55 MTB!  WOW!!!  And we have another three wheeler in the works as well!! 
I know, not much more to say, for now!  Please come on in and visit and give me material for tonight!
ONLY $80.00

ONLY $140.00!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Evil That Men Do or "IN-Zanesville Ohio"

"When the carnage was over, 49 animals were slaughtered, including 18 Bengal tigers, 17 lions, six black bears, a pair of grizzlies, three mountain lions, two wolves and a baboon."

I apologize for not commenting on this atrocity yesterday.  So caught up in my own issues I didn't catch it until this morning.  Please be warned the images you will see are heart wrenching!
To say I am insenced is to minimize my outrage.  Where do I begin with finger pointing?  Well, lets start from the beginning.  The outrageously slack laws regarding the "Living in Captivity" laws in Ohio!  Banter about all the rhetoric you want regarding the proposed safety of animals in captivity versus the dangers they face in the wild all you want.  BUT, that is where they belong.  A Bengal Tiger IS NOT a house cat!  These are beautiful majestic and deadly animals that deserve to live and die in the wild!  Next to the moronic, self aggrandizing demon who kept them as pets in the first place!  My recommendation, if his motivation for keeping these creatures was one of preservation?  Donate all your money to maintain a preserve in their natural habitat and hunting down and prosecuting poachers!  The Police?  Oh don't get me started!  Read between the lines on this one.  All this fluff about their concern for public safety, and having no other option?  LORD!  First of all animals were born with instincts.  Man was born with reason.  That's our natural defense!  In a state that allows the keeping of exotic animals shouldn't there be some safeguards in place in the event that such a thing occurs?!  I mean, fences fail!!  To quote Micheal Chriton "Nature will find a way"!  Perhaps, the powers that be could have stocked animal control with a range of tranquilizer darts!!!  It's 158 miles from the Cincinnati Zoo to Zanesville.  It's a 2 hour and 50 minute ride at the posted speed limit, slaps some sirens on and make it there in half the time!  Or better yet, use a helicopter!  But these cops were out looking for and chasing these animals!  No wonder the bear turned on the officer!  Look, these creatures weren't dressing up in borrowed clothing from a clothesline looking to get in line at the local Starbucks!  You couldn't have waited a scant couple of hours for the professionals to come in, or to go and get tranquilizers?! 
18 Bengal tigers?  18 BENGAL TIGERS!!!!!!  What the F$%#!!!!  This was NOTHING more the human, testosterone driven cruelty and aggression!  Hand's down!  NO argument!  They panicked, they rushed the situation and acted outrageously! 
UHH!  Sorry, very little will inspire me to such naked aggression and righteous indignation. This is one of them!
Personally, there are laws regarding the killing of endangered species.  These people should be brought up on charges and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


If ever you should yearn for simpler times there is an easy solution.  One that does not require excessive capital be spent on trying to score a vintage toy from your youth on E-bay. 
Have a child.
Yes, I know that open up a whole new spectrum of cost!  But risking sounding to corny, the reward far outweigh the cost! 
The downside to being the one that "brings home the bacon" is that you miss out on all you provide for.  No, no!  Not looking for the sympathy vote.  It's an excepted evil I have long since grown use to (not to mention the benefits of not being around when the fecal matter hit's the rotary!)   At times, as they develop I'm treated to new and wonderful discoveries they have made, in themselves and the world around them.  Most of the time though as it happens, new for me, I looked to the other family members as to say "Wow!  Look at what he/she did!"  They then look at me, with an expression somewhere between bored and patronizing and say "they've been doing that for three weeks.  Where have you been?" 
Hey, it's new to me!
Well tonight was one of the rare exceptions I was the first to see.
After arriving home from the shop doing my normal delousing and wolfing down dinner I sat to have coffee (decaff.  Lord it sucks being middle age) with Angi.  No sooner had I wedge my ass in my corner of the comfy couch in the sitting room, when Izzy woke up crying.  Not usual nowadays.  Well after much doting from Momma, she still was not happy, until Mamma took her outside for some air.  After a few minutes I went out at the behest of my lovely wife to watch her walk about.  it was then, by the light of a street lamp did I and I alone get to watch her discover her shadow.  Priceless!  Watching her shock and humor as she watched it move back and forth, and trepidatiously reach out and try to grab it.  She was adorable!
So at least I got a chance at first.
All right!  So today was a blur of a day!  Literally, I have no idea where the time went!  Justin sold the Raleigh MTB to a young man looking to get into the sport.  As well as an alternate form of transport!  The Trek went out to a visiting business man, desperately missing his Cannondale he reluctantly sold some time back!
And buying!  Wow we got in some SWEETIES!  A soon to be real clean ladies "body Glove" cruiser came in from one of our readers, Adrienne.  Glad to finally have met her!  Her husband was checking out the Schwinn Sport Tourer I just put out, but he has a VERY specific wish list, and this one just didn't fit the bill.  Hope we'll be able to suit him up in the future!  Also got in a PEACH of a Raleigh M55 MTB!  As well as a couple more banger stock!  As I mentioned, finished up the Schwinn moving right on to the m55, and Justin FINALLY finished up the classic Mongoose BMX Scratch Build re-paint.  This one is WAY COOL!
Check out the pics below!
ONLY $135.00!!
All right, as the night is winding down, and I need some rest I'll say goodnight!

ONLY $125.00!!

Pride of Youth

Anyone reading this blog casually are aware that from time to time I mention my family.  More to the point, my kids.  Baffled, as I'm sure all preceding generations can attest to the same, with the rebellious nature of youth, bordering on insanity.  Forever trying to outwit parents, and "prove them wrong" their behavior skates the razor's edge of self destruction only to disconnect themselves from the parents "oppressive" rules.  Often times I recognized the disconnection in my children's eyes bordering on contempt as I verbally chastised them for one thing or another.  As if to say "What do YOU know about being a kid!?"  Well, again as sure as my Mother and Father probably said the same thing to themselves "I can still remember being a kid, as well as being someones son or daughter".  We are, none of us, so far removed. 
Unfortunately, at time's the damage and resentment can run so deep and so wide, that fixing it becomes impossible.  And with anything so broken, it crumbles.
Such was are eldest daughter.  Suffice to say she was a strong willed spirit that possessed an individuality that at time was at odds with the common good of the family.  Regardless of the exceptions and allowances we made (not to say there were many) it proved to be insufficient for her, so at the age of 18 she left.  Not wanting to be an "adult" still beholding to the rules of the house she set out seeking her own life, and we never heard from her again.  Well, that changed last night.  In a flood of emotion both good and bad, we found her.  Thankfully, alive.  But not what I'd consider well.  She is an epileptic but hers is manageable provided she stays on her medication, however as her condition "limited" her (her words) she choose to ignore it by not acknowledging it.  Also she has apparently been living on the streets of Missouri for some time, not wanting to call or let us know.  I can understand how pride will at times cloud judgement.  Thankfully, her Grandfather ran into her and as the weather there has dipped below freezing has put her up in a hotel for the night.  Angela and I have made arrangements to continue her stay, and ensure that she gets the help and medical attention she so desperately needs, as well as more permanent shelter.  She shares her life with a man i know nothing about, and truth be told not sure if I want to.  I have VERY strong feelings (some may say sexist and archaic) about a mans responsibility to take care of his woman (please don't send me feminist hate mail for that remark!)  and in extension, family.  And to me, you're not much of a man to let her sleep on a street for a year and  a half. 
Ok, Ok I'll get off my soapbox.
I can only hope that perhaps her hardships have soften her to the prospect of assistance in getting back onto her feet. 
Here's hoping.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flustery, Blustery Day...

During my regular morning routine, after rousing the little ones to get them motivated, to get woken up to get ready to get out of bed to get ready to get ready to be ready for school, and after stumbling to the coffee pot, prior to preparing my days wardrobe I stuck my head out the door to check the temp.  I was met with heat and humidity.  Wisely I opted for shorts and a tee.  Well, after being at the shop for a couple hours I was preparing to bring Angi her breakfast and step out into a rather windy, oncoming cold!  Oh, it felt so good!  And by the time night fell, it was downright cold!  Blessed be the saints of Autumn!
Apparently I was not the only soul inspired by the wonderful weather (albeit overcast) to brave the day.  Got a "where are you" phone call from a get newly arrived from North Dakota eagerly desiring to get "back on two wheels" and once I redirected him from the church at 1893 South Highland (thanks SO much Google!) he came in and fell in love with the brightly colored Condor, so it has finally found a very enthusiastic home.  Roughly the same time we sold the Roadmaster quick as a blink to a wonderful couple looking for a replacement ride.  The Mongoose Thruster BMX sold to returning customer who rediscovered us from the old "Garage Days"!  Now her little boy is a big man and on his own to school!
Picked up, re-furbed and put out a Dual Shock MTB today.  Real sharp looking!  Justin is almost done with his hot classic Mongoose BMX.  And the Schwinn World we picked up yesterday is almost ready to go.  What a peach!  Also got a few more bangers from our scrappers, so will have more goodies to show off tomorrow!
And as always, THANKS for all the re-pairs keeping us plugging!
ONLY $70.00!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leave It To Murphy's Law...

You'd think the bastard would let me have one day void of incident, but NOOOOO!
Day was going so well.  BUT.... Remember I had mentioned that I picked up a vintage Roadmaster ladies cruiser?  Well it's outfitted with a gas tank style top mount, capped off by a stylized built in dual light kit...Pr should I said....had.
 I had it in the rack, and had just finished stripping everything else except the tank. I turned around for a brief moment to place the chain gaurd on the table and....
And doesn't it figure it landed RIGHT on the light casing.  the plastic light casing.
um hmmmm.
Well I recovered most pf the pieces, and tomorrow will have to utilize some fiberglass resin and cloth to rebuild it.  It's just WAY to cool a look to not try.
Well aside from that set back, it was otherwise an awesome day!  Met a wonderful lady recently retired from the teaching gig, and starting up a garlic business at the local farmers markets. Yum!  I LOVE garlic!  There's nothing better then sauteed onions, green peppers mushrooms in butter with a whole clove of sliced garlic! 
Now you know why my cholesterol went way up. 
Anyway... She picked up the vintage Schwinn cruiser we had and in trade?  Well lets just say that there are some bike shops that don't believe in matching up the rider with the right bike.  They tend to direct them more towards the higher ticket items.  Well, this (see pic below) was not the right ride for the lady!  She's happy with her sweet new cruiser and we got (after a lot of cleaning) a SWEET hardly ridden Trek 3700!  Also, thanks to Scott.  A returning customer and a happy success story.  A while back he bought a vintage Power King 3 speed from us as a casual cruiser.  A young gentleman with an eye for the vintage rides discovered he not only really enjoyed riding but determined it was a more useful mode of transportation then his car.  With that in mind he decided to upgrade to something a little more prone to speed.  He is now the happy owner of the vintage Schwinn Continental 2!  YAY!  Also, I didn't think the Panasonic would last too long, but it didn't even make it past the morning.  A gentleman perusing Craigslist stumbled upon our adds and came in to see if we could  repair his Schwinn World, but checked it out and decided to trade up instead.  So now we have ANOTHER sweet Schwinn road bike! She'll be out tomorrow!  Also got out another "Daily Banger Special" so there's that.
Well, another day has come to a close, so have a wonderful eve!

2009 TREK 3700
ONLY $195.00!!!

ONLY $40.00!!

If Today's Media Covered The American Revolution.

Dateline London!  1774!  The Empires Colonies, a prosperous extension of our Kings benevolence seem to be having a spot of trouble with a scant few unruly dissidents.  An unkempt, unshaven and all together unruly lot representing a "Marginal" special interest group seem to be completely unappreciative of the blessing bestowed upon them by our magnificent King.  As their message is somewhat befuddled and drowning in rhetoric, and none can agree on even the slightest point or directive  it is all together lost on their more intelligent counterparts in Parliament.  So in an attempt to appease the rather contemptuous sot's, our beloved governance has dispatched a small contingent of "Peace Keeping" troops to sort out this whole Hul-a-baloo.  Of course their presence, as completely well meaning as it was, has been met with unjustified and all together "un-sportsman like" resistance by the unwashed rabble!  And  we are informed by Parliament, an incontestable source has provided "secret" evidence that the colonists have been stockpiling "weapons of Mass Destruction"* And although they can not, for National Security, divulge the source, or evidence, or information, or so much as a momentary looky loo, because our Government says it's so, it MUST be!
Film at eleven!
Yes, yes I know I have once again been sucked in to world events!  Can you blame me?  This is beyond the realm of "fixed and rigged" elections or the forgotten promises of our elected officials, and extends beyond the realm of a scant few controlling financial interests.  This is a bottom floor movement.  It's like the foundation of the worlds largest building, every pillar, every bit of re-inforced slab of concrete crawling out from under the oppressive weight and saying to the pent house "we are SO tired of holding you up, being crushed by your presence, walked on, ignored and pumped full of refuse (hey that's where the sewer pipes end up) You try and stay up there without us!  This thing is MASSIVE!  World Wide.  And what does the media show for it.  You know, the Rupert Murdocks of the world.  Well, google it.  See how few news agencies are actually covering it.  Well yes, a few more NOW are, but check the date stamps on the reports.  This thing started in mid September for crying out loud.  Will it amount to anything in the end?  I'd like to think so, but if history is any marker, and forgive me for saying this as I am NOT a revolutionary, but the past has shown that only armed revolution brings about substantial change.  The only other choice we have, the more SANE choice I might add, it economic revolution.  Think about it, what will the high muckety mucks have if EVERY one of us pulled all our cash out of the bank's?  Closed up our accounts, paid cash for everything.  Cut up the credit cards.  Look at how terrified Bank of America got when just a small group of account holders in New York tired to do this.  They CLOSED THE BANK!  And posted guards at the door, denying their OWN customers access.  They even shut down the website!  Claiming "hacker" interference. 
Food for thought.
On to more personal stuff!  Finished the Panasonic as promised yesterday and MAN is she a PEACH!  New tire's, tubes, FULL re-furb and a nice new set of double sided clip less pedals.  Sold one of the GT to a wonderful "horse trading" couple!  Hope you enjoy!  And as always the bread and butter of our little enterprise, THANKS for the re-pairs!  We do SO appreciate your patronage! 
On today's slot!  Another ladies "Daily Banger Special" that Specialized Hard Rock I keep wanting to tackle, and if time allows a men's "Daily Banger Special" as well!
You all have a great day, and please brave the impending rain and come give us a visit!
ONLY $160.00!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Joy's of Sunday!

Without (much) much of a hitch.  Yesterday was a good day.  The kids were on their best behavior (granted there "best" loosely translates into "nothing was detonated, leveled or transported by emergency vehicle).  We hit Downtown Dunedin, garnering the usual looks from passerby, you know the whole "are they all your kids?" And first thing hit the "Boxcar" for a couple coffee's.  It is called the "Boxcar" as it is a coffee shop IN an actual boxcar.  Sits right on the Pinellas trail as it crosses Main street.
Speaking of  crossing Main street, this message goes out to all my fellow cyclist's who frequent the trail.  SOME of you are the reason why cyclists on the trail get a bad rep!  Yes, I usually ball out autoist's, but today, my's your turn!  The Trail is not just for cyclist's, there are pedestrians as well, and as a car travels faster then a bike, a bike travels faster then a walker.  So it behooves you, upon descending into a populated downtown SUCH as Dunedin, to pay attention and SLOW DOWN!  Upon reaching the cafe, I sat the wife and kids on one of the adjoining benches and proceeded to turn around to go into the place when some middle age spandex clad die hard almost sheared off my nose as they whizzed by, STRAIGHT through the stop sign without so much as a tap on the brakes.   I have ridden the trail, many times from end to end.  There are MANY long stretches where you could open up your 8 gram ten million dollar carbon fibre wafer thin mint, but through a densely populated, and much traversed area such as Dunedin...not so much.  I fully endorse Chip's attempts to lower the posted speed limit (yes there IS one) and truly think there should be bike mounted cops out there to endorse it! 
Once acquiring our caffeine we proceeded to the park.  This one's well equipped for family, and since right on the water.  Cool breezes all day and had fun playing with the little guys.
Oddly, was not difficult to monitor where they were and what they were doing for two reasons.  1:  Our kids are the tallest in their age groups, by at least a full head. 2; Our kids are the loudest in their age groups, by at least a full octave.
And they are quite social.  They get that from their mom...not me!  Upon arriving they asked "can we go make friends?"  Sure, why not.  Better then being an awkward social leper (HI OH!) like their father.  Well after lunch, angi and I were sitting  watching them all play, when Owen walked up with a new friend.  Roughly the same age (a head and a half shorter) and introduced us.  This child was clearly an adrenaline match for Owen as he too, was slightly vibrating with thinly disguised hyper energy.  When I was introduced, he looked at me oddly then quickly remarked "Wow, HE'S your dad?  He looks just like my Grandfather!"
Well at least it gave Angi a good chuckle.
Me...I was attempting to calculated the necessary force required to catapult the young man  some thirty yards into the waters inlet.  And contemplating the possible likely hood of a shark presence.
Justin did real well his first solo trip.  The shop was surprisingly cleaned and organized when I arrived this morning.  He was doing mainly repairs as well keeping everyone rolling.
Today I tackle the Panasonic, and from there?  Well, wherever the wheels take me!
See you all soon!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


No I won't be as crass as to make light of such a serious malady.  I just have genuine concern that it will become a real concern as I get older.  As now I see to be having difficulty remembering things like names, and high points of conversations others swore that we have.  And I'm not just talking about forgetting the talks I have with my wife when I'm really not listening, but blowing her off (that's part of the marriage bylaws, somewhere in "Love, honor and ignore" I think) but important stuff!  I picture myself ending up like Patrick Stewart in "Safe House". (check it out,  GOOD movie)
Well, Izzy has hit an interesting "stage" in her development.  One we have never experienced with any of the other children.  Now no child likes being told no, but with her if you even utter the word, she begins to ball like she just witness you killing her favorite puppy!  I mean, tortured face and real tears, almost fear induced.  I am, as my wife continues to lament very guilty of spoiling my girls.  Daddy has a real hard time (nigh on impossible) punishing them.  So for me to see her cry like that, well you'd get less of a negative reaction from me spooning my gut's out!
Speaking of forgetting.  My apologies to the wonderful lady who called today in response to yesterdays blog, as I forgot her name.  However she had the misfortune of having two of her bikes stolen a few weeks back, and in an attempt began to peruse Craigslist in the oft chance that she'd see them advertised there (hey, it happens far to often) and happened upon one of our adds.  Well apparently she has now become a regular reader!  I thank you for the audience, and for the very pleasant conversation and compliments!  She was inquiring about the Panasonic I had mentioned, as she remembers her father having one.  So please keep an eye on these pages as it will be the first bike I tackle on Monday.
Thanks to Chris for coming in and scooping up the Ladies Diamondback we had just put out today.  We picked it up from a gent from North Carolina (sadly he, as so many other needed cash to make it until payday) Unfortunately I have nary a pic of the bike, as I said it was just put out (still wet from the wash) when he happened in.  But it was an AWESOME looking pink hybrid.
We managed to get out five new goodies aside (those pic's ARE below) Happily, another nice "Daily Banger Special", a men's 26" MTB.  A cute little older Kent BMX with fiberglass rims.  A ladies "Daily Banger Special" a 26" MTB. and a SWEET 26" Men's 6 speed Cruiser with full fenders, and a Way-Cool 26" Men's older Raleigh MTB!  that one was a recover from a scrap truck, that I was somewhat dubious about it's being able to be redone good enough...BUT it came through with flying colors!
Well tomorrow marks are first FULL family day!  Justin will be flying solo at the shop.  He's earned his wings.  Since past disappointments I have been rather reluctant to trust anyone but family with sole control of the helm.  But it will be nice to be able to enjoy a day with all in attendance.  We start out small, with a trip to downtown Dunedin, for a picnic in the park, some playing and ice cream at this cute little old school "malt shop" type place.
So, as I ended up working late tonight to finish the Raleigh, I will be signing off.

ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $ 60.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happier Than Glass Maker In A Hail Storm!

Not to far from the truth.  Read an article about a man in Sacramento California that was breaking windows to drum up business for his other wise slow glass repair business.  Well what he lacks in reputability, he makes up for in deviousness.
Today was a peach of a day! Many more awesome folks swinging by our hip pad.  It was Far out! Thanks to John for stopping back by.  Met him a couple days back.  He had questions regarding parts availability for an older Schwinn tandem he's wanting to restore, and when I told him "No problem!" he said he'd be back.  Well...he came back!  And bringing along not only buckets of the parts needin' fixin' but brought us a (soon to be) SWEET Panasonic road bike for trade!  Oh I love these!  Sturdy and lightweight, perfect for single/fixie conversions.  And as I'm writing this I just had a brainstorm!  Chip brought us in a drum braked hub, that he re-strung on a 27" painted red/black front wheel.  Could be a real sweet match up! 
Thanks to Stan and his lovely wife for popping in and grabbing up the Ocean Pacific cruiser.  He's also on the look out for one so they can bang about together.  We WILL be in touch! 
And to Cindy, she did the smart thing and called in about the cute little 20" MTB we had, and came on down and made her son a VERY happy camper!  And as always, thanks to all the folks for bringing in the usual Friday pre-weekend re-pairs.  Gonna be a lot of happy trail riders out this weekend!
NOW, onto the happy me!  Not only did we get in the sweet Panasonic, we also picked up three more bangers (people LOVE the inexpensive yet fully functional rides. And we have been sorely understocked on them as of late) but we also got ANOTHER (soon to be) nice 6 speed men's cruiser!  Already in tear down and cleaning mode!  And to top it off, the PRIME piece of peddling pulchritude...(drum roll please!) A GORGEOUS vintage (early 60's) ladies Roadmaster cruiser!  Complete with rear rack and integrated dual headlights!!  Oh she is SO FINE!!  Gonna need a lot of clean up, chrome polish (batteries) and a new set of tires but I am tickled!
So keep an eye on theses pages!
All right, time to be moving on, as it's Friday night movie night!
Tonight...GREEN LANTERN!!!

My Two Cent's

(or at the current market value of the dollar it would be more like 1/100th of a cent)
The benefit, as I see it to advancing age, and parenthood is that you have achieved a certain level of maturity at which point you can offer up, on whim unsolicited advice. 
So here goes.
Given the events I witnessed last night (see previous blog) and the comment's left by our wonderful Mrs. Chili (I know her real name) it got me ah thinkin'.  Now mind you, not knowing the true reasons the ladies from last night were in their predicament I am not putting blame on them, in no way, shape or form.  But it did give pause for thought, and reflect on the current state of economic decline in this country.  As I have said before we all have to share in the responsibility of this mess.  May it be our over obsession with material possessions, addiction to petrol and automotive transportation, dependency on expectant wealth (credit, and credit cards) getting sucked into the whole mentality that we HAD to OWN a home regardless of how ridiculously over inflated the prices were. I sadly and ashamedly profited in that whole debacle as a home remodler for 10 years.  All these thoughts were unconsciously rattling around in our brain, though when we started our enterprise and REALLY shaped how we do business.  Low, reasonable prices, standing behind our product so as to not create ANOTHER disposable commodity, helping out folks when needed, establishing our business in our community, NOT excepting anything but cash, trade or barter for payment (we don't want you to pay a penny more for one of our bikes, and some multi-zillion dollar bank shouldn't get 18%+ of your money,  nor profit one iota on our work)
What's this all have to do with the price of tea in China?
Well here's my unsolicited common sense approach to making it.
shop for what you need.  Thrift stores, yard sales.  Keep away from unnecessary chotzskies.  These places offer a great selection of good clothes, shoes, household equipment,  bedding etc.  for a fraction of retail.  if you need new, try online.  KNOW what you'd pay retail and see how much of a savings (don't forget to add shipping)
cut up credit cards.  Sometimes you need them for online stuff, or reservations, but you can pick up a prepaid credit card almost anywhere.  There's no interest to use them, and your spending only what you can afford to put on 'em. 
forget about credit score. having a good one only lets you spend more money you don't have, or you hope you will have.  And if your score is bad, rebuilding takes to long and to much cash.
park the car at home take off the tags, cancel the insurance, and turn it into a play place for the kids! (all right, maybe for some that's a little TOO radical) At least consider that if you are within 10 miles of where you have to go, take a bus ($4.50 for a full day pass on PSTA, beats the cost of gas, hands down!) ride a bike, or walk.
When you buy, consider what you NEED first.  Don't get sucked into advertisements, or unnecessary coupons.  Coupons are good, but do the math.  If a 32oz jar of Prego Tomato sauce is $3.37, and you have a coupon for 50cents off (wow, remember when keyboards had a cent key?) BUT a can of the 32 oz house brand is $1.99?  Which one is the bargain?  You'd be surprised how many people miss that.  OH, and by the buy, something some supermarkets are doing now, to make more money?  Check this out!  They will put a 32 oz can on SALE for $1.99, BUT 2 16 oz cans are .89 cents!  Do the math!  That's $1.78 for 32 oz, split up!  I gotta credit them for creative marketing!
look for free stuff to do with the family. Yes, splurging for Chuck E' Cheese's for the day, make you Super Dad!  But they'll be just as happy hitting a local park, with sandwiches and a climbing crib.  Bring along a Frisbee.
I'm sure I could go on, but you get the general gist. 
Now I leave you with a recent E-mail from our buddy Chip.  He chimed in about my recent post regarding the Gas price question a customer inquired about recently.  This mans an expert, and paraphrasing his comment would not do them justice.

   It's a sad state of affairs when $3.29/9 a gallon is seen as "cheap" gas, but yeah, gas prices are down a little- But not a lot. Traditionally, gas prices climb for the summer, for the traditional North American Driving Season ("NADS", hehehehehe...) that lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Demand, and therefore price, drops after that as the kids all go back to school and everyone hunkers down for the winter. If you look at a map of the world, most of the seriously motorized countries are above the equator, so we're all out driving at the same time. And then we aren't.
   As gas prices drop, and we transition into winter, the price of heating oil and natural gas become more important as we drive less and stay home more. Above I-10 (North Florida), heating the home in the winter becomes a major expense as the price of heating oil and natural gas go up with the increased demand. In the long run, the expense and then the scarcity of these commodities is expected to fuel (no pun intended) a mass migration of northerners to warmer climes as they will no longer be able to heat homes and businesses in the Great White North. (Eh?)
   So for now, yes, gasoline prices are "down". Well, down-ish. Barring the Saudis and Iran going at it (which is very much NOT out of the question this week), look for gas prices to stay low and mostly stable through the winter, only to rise, as always, with the warmer temperatures next spring.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So, Is This What We're Coming To?

So our shop sits in the Sunset Square Mall.  We share the space with an assortment of shops, such as an auto parts store (where we buy most our paints and tools) Subway (coffee, and Breakfast) The Chinese restaurant (lunch) and Sweetbay (multi-purpose).  At the back of our shop our door opens up into the rear courtyard, where we wash our bikes (do painting in the cooler months) and test drive the bikes (bumpy enough to give them a good rattle test.  Also, as with most plaza's, here is where you will find all the many dumpsters.  Well, while testing out the last creation of the day (another sweet ladies GT Timberline) I was buzzing back and forth, testing the shocks on the speed bumps when I caught some movement up behind Sweetbay.  Someone was by the dumpster and I didn't think to much of it at first, thinking it was just an employee throwing out produce.  Continuing my drive by, as I passed I noticed three ladies, with the dumpster lid open.  One middle aged woman and the other two being older teenagers.  As I passed headed around the corner I noticed that not only were they not wearing uniforms, but they held bags in their hands...that they were filling.  Well, I'm not that quick in the awareness department so what I saw didn't register in my head until I rounded the front of the plaza, so I whipped around and headed back.  I really wasn't sure what I intended on doing, perhaps offer help, or a better alternative, but when I returned, apparently spooked by my presence, they were gone.  At times like this you can't help but feel thankful for the blessings you have, but you also feel a twinge of guilt.  See, I remember what it was like a couple years ago, when the older boys and I would travel, via bike to the local food pantry to help supplement our meager food budget, and at that point, they were pretty slim pickings, and long lines.  I can only imagine how much worse off they have become.
What's my point?  Well, I ask any of you who are making it nowadays, find out where your local food pantry or soup kitchen is, and the next time you stock up your pantry, put aside an extra bag and drop it off.  Trust me, these folks are good at figuring out who needs, and it will get to the right folks.  In Clearwater, look up the RCS Food Bank, at 700 Druid rd E, downtown (727) 443-4031.  These folks are SUPER good, with a LOT of volunteers waiting to help!
OK, so today we had another quite day, but pounded out some SWEET rides!  I'd like to thank Micheal for the wonderful donation of the GT Timberline.  He'd brought it in last a bucket to have us assemble it and do some new part install.  He'd been planning to fix it up and sell it, but after completing the rebuild, we discovered the majority of his drive train was shot.  Once we let him know what it would take, cash wise to replace it all, he opted out (wisely) and donated it to us.  So, not wanting an otherwise fine bike to go to waste, we put her all back together, and she's ready to go home with you!  We also put out four more BMX'ers and are working on another two!  Got in a couple more bangers as well, and they'll be hitting the floor tomorrow, as well as an old school Specialized Hard Rock (in a bucket) that I'm dieing to dig into! 
And, as always a special reminder to anyone scoping out the blog, if you see something you like and are serious to buy please call first!  ESPECIALLY if you have a distance to drive.  But if you don't, PLEASE don't verbally abuse the help!  As we've said many, many times, bikes this good, priced this low are a bargain that people are looking for, and they DON"T last.
OK, I'll stop stomping the equine!
Well as tomorrow is another "No-School" day, the kids are waiting to watch a movie, so I'd better close the book!
ONLY $120.00!!

ONLY $45.00

ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $35.00

ONLY $45.00!!!