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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dwindle That Pile!

Another Monday come and gone!  And complete with a Solstice full moon, no less!  Although, sadly, for some reason, clouds or what have you, I never got to see the full effect!  Sad Face! Oh well...I did get to see a hunters moon the other day, and that was just as impressive!  Forgive me if I speak from this point forward in the present tense in regards to Monday, as my day hasn't ended yet, even though it's 4.44 am on Tuesday! 
Been a busy day! LOL!
Got here earlier than usual, with an unusual amount of pep, and wanted to finish up the Schwinn S-25 we picked up on Saturday. some folks can mistreat a perfectly good ride, escapes me.  The gent I picked it up from had "had it" with the bike, as it had been giving him "too many problems!"
It is a real clean looking example of the brand, but had just been...unloved.  The biggest problem was the forks were on backwards.  Yes, you may be scratching your head saying "WHAT!?"  but believe me, when I say this while I am talking to you, but as a Wal-mart get what you pay for when the guy "assembling" it, is paid minimum wage, has no skill, and a tool box that consist of four tools (no joke...flat head, Philips head, crescent wrench, and an allen key!) They put the petals on, turn the handle bars straight (sometimes) and put the seat on.  THAT'S IT! 
SO, sometimes, they are unaware that the brakes go FACING OUT!
Well, it had been giving him problems, BUT we gave her "the Old RE-CYCLE strip down" and solved ALL the problems!
Once that was done, it was on to repairs, as folks were at my door even as I was opening early!  YAY!  Once those were done, it was down to stripping down some of the overflow out back.  Yes, our thrice monthly visit from the landlord "concerned" about the build-up out back, prompted me to do a little foraging through the piles to figure out what could go!  I hate scrapping a bike that some day could see a new life, but not as much as I dislike the nervous tittering of the guy that owns the place!
I got about half way through the pile, and need to finish it up tomorrow.  BUT, I did manage to find room inside to drag a few "Could-be's" into the shop!
Sent the sweet men's cruiser to a new home, or rather Logan did in the evening, so there are still some folks out there brave and stalwart enough to endure the summer riding season!
What's YOUR excuse?
Okey Dokey!
Now, I'm gonna get four hours of death sleep then be back at it!
Y'all have a good night...

26" SCHWINN S-25!
ONLY $95.00!!!

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