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Thursday, October 20, 2011


If ever you should yearn for simpler times there is an easy solution.  One that does not require excessive capital be spent on trying to score a vintage toy from your youth on E-bay. 
Have a child.
Yes, I know that open up a whole new spectrum of cost!  But risking sounding to corny, the reward far outweigh the cost! 
The downside to being the one that "brings home the bacon" is that you miss out on all you provide for.  No, no!  Not looking for the sympathy vote.  It's an excepted evil I have long since grown use to (not to mention the benefits of not being around when the fecal matter hit's the rotary!)   At times, as they develop I'm treated to new and wonderful discoveries they have made, in themselves and the world around them.  Most of the time though as it happens, new for me, I looked to the other family members as to say "Wow!  Look at what he/she did!"  They then look at me, with an expression somewhere between bored and patronizing and say "they've been doing that for three weeks.  Where have you been?" 
Hey, it's new to me!
Well tonight was one of the rare exceptions I was the first to see.
After arriving home from the shop doing my normal delousing and wolfing down dinner I sat to have coffee (decaff.  Lord it sucks being middle age) with Angi.  No sooner had I wedge my ass in my corner of the comfy couch in the sitting room, when Izzy woke up crying.  Not usual nowadays.  Well after much doting from Momma, she still was not happy, until Mamma took her outside for some air.  After a few minutes I went out at the behest of my lovely wife to watch her walk about.  it was then, by the light of a street lamp did I and I alone get to watch her discover her shadow.  Priceless!  Watching her shock and humor as she watched it move back and forth, and trepidatiously reach out and try to grab it.  She was adorable!
So at least I got a chance at first.
All right!  So today was a blur of a day!  Literally, I have no idea where the time went!  Justin sold the Raleigh MTB to a young man looking to get into the sport.  As well as an alternate form of transport!  The Trek went out to a visiting business man, desperately missing his Cannondale he reluctantly sold some time back!
And buying!  Wow we got in some SWEETIES!  A soon to be real clean ladies "body Glove" cruiser came in from one of our readers, Adrienne.  Glad to finally have met her!  Her husband was checking out the Schwinn Sport Tourer I just put out, but he has a VERY specific wish list, and this one just didn't fit the bill.  Hope we'll be able to suit him up in the future!  Also got in a PEACH of a Raleigh M55 MTB!  As well as a couple more banger stock!  As I mentioned, finished up the Schwinn moving right on to the m55, and Justin FINALLY finished up the classic Mongoose BMX Scratch Build re-paint.  This one is WAY COOL!
Check out the pics below!
ONLY $135.00!!
All right, as the night is winding down, and I need some rest I'll say goodnight!

ONLY $125.00!!

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