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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blustery Saturday.

Lot's of goings on!  A "heavy on the re-pairs" Saturday.  Very cool, but somewhat strange thing for a Saturday.  Thanks to all the returning friends.  It's a cool feeling to be able to say "regulars"! 
Funny thing happened on the way to the bike shop...  Seriously.  Had a young man bring in his Trek for a front tire repair.  He had blown a couple spokes, and wanted us to replace and true.  Well when Justin set to do it, as he tighten the first spoke "TWANG!" another one popped and flew across the shop.  At that point he inquired as to whether or not that was normal.  Well, no.  So I checked and sure enough several of the spokes had rust cracks in them.  Sadly, the only options at that point were to replace ALL the damaged spokes, or replace the wheel.  And considering the amount of bad spokes it was cheaper to just replace the wheel.  Well, slight problem.  His ride had dropped him off and were on their way to Tampa and had only left him with enough cash to pay the original quote ($8.00).  Well, I couldn't let him ride off on a wheel that could fail on him, so we told him "No problem" just bring the cash back when he could.  Well he was kind of surprised by this, and somewhat incredulous.  I had to explain to him that my karma was worth a little more then twelve bucks.  And knowingly putting him at risk, or forcing him to walk the distance home wouldn't help me out in the afterlife!  Besides, if he stiffed us the cash, HE'D be the one with the dead karma albatross around his neck! 
Pay it forward.
Well thanks to Chip and Joanne for the surprise Saturday visit!  And bearing gifts no less!  Seems they cleaned out a neighbors yard and brought in some interesting bike goodies!  A three wheeler (in DESPERATE need of a major overhaul!) and a....well...a...hmmmm?  Let's just say someone had some left over parts and frames, and a spare welder, and decided to make their own tandem.  Frankenbike.  A very....unique looking ride, to say the least.  Made from a dual shock MTB in the back and a kids BMX in the front.  See the shifter and brakes are in the back, but the kid up front steers.
Should make for a rather...different rebuild project!
Also got the skinny on his latest book that he was nice enough to send me an advanced "reading" copy this evening.
Well, Angi sold the sweet little Schwinn 18" whilst I was off on an elongated test ride today.  Apparently the son was quite taken with it!  We managed to get out three new re-builds.  Justin FINALLY finished the Redline BMX.  I gotta admit he did a real good job with it, too.  But he'll have to work on his building time.  2 days a LITTLE to long for a BMX.  Also put out a nice Mongoose MGX 20" MTB, and a sweet ladies single speed cruiser.  An Ocean Pacific/Sun cross breed.  Wish I had pics, but forgot to plug my phone in!  Sorry!
Well, as the day is done and I'm preparing for tomorrows newest adventure with the youngins (yes, I'm trying it again!)  This time...Miniature golf!
Wish me luck!

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