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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekend Update: "I'm Chevy Chase...and Your Not"

Just popping in to see how poorly out of date the Blog is.  I have to apologize, yet again, to all our readers for not keeping up on it.  Same old song and dance, only so many hours in the day, and most folks have migrated to sound bit updates on our Facebook page, so that's where the focus is. I am, however, trying to focus on using the Blog as a Lazy Sunday update.  In that vein, hopefully I will have lots of fun stuff to share come THIS Sunday.  As of late, it has been far too quiet around here, BUT, over the last few days I have been getting more looky loos who are "just starting to look" in preparation for the new riding season.  That, and we are having more folks coming in looking to sell and trade, SO hopefully the new season will kick in with gusto!
SO, stay tuned Next Sunday, and we'll see how it goes!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beware Of Dog!

To the dawn of a new weekend!
Coming around after a bout of the nasty flu, no worse for wear save some body aches.  After spending the middle of the week in a somewhat comatose state, pushed myself yesterday to get some stuff done!  Caught up with the repairs (only a few behind) and managed to put out the full frame up rebuild on a pretty sharp looking Giant Rincon that we got in trade a few weeks back from a very lovely young lady who has been a regular around here for some time.  It's funny, the biases and stereotypes that even one as liberal as myself can tend to place on people.  A very petite young lady, she is not only an avid bike rider, but LOVES to scratch build and customize her own rides.  When she first came in, a few years back, my prejudices merely assumed she was just accompanying her husband  into the shop.  Of course, being the closet misogynist I apparently am, I struck up a conversation with him.  Apparently, she had encountered this before, and as he looked at me, befuddled and confused by my inquiries as to how I may help him she spoke up and asked very specific questions regarding a set of forks, accompanied by accurate dimensions, lengths, metal composition and rake. 
Okay... duly brought into the 21st century.
Ever since, she comes here whenever she is embarking on a new project, and this frame was the remains of something she cannibalized to complete another ride.  Paint is in real good shape so I took the time to allocate all the necessary parts, and tweaked it slightly to turn it into a lightweight commuter ride.  Check out the pic below!
Today, as all newbies have been processed out, I MAY just be able to finally spend some time weeding through the pile out back and eliminating the junk.
OH!  Speaking of out back!  Over that last few weeks we have had someone coming into the alley way and pilfering through the piles.  It's mainly scrap, but it's the principle of the thing.  Last night, I was hanging out late at the shop, as Friday is my night out.  Yes...I spend every Friday doing the same thing, watching movies online with my friends, riffing on the B-movie schlock.  Last night, with the back door open for Suzanne to have access to run about, she was laying peacefully on the floor when all of a sudden with a deep, ferocious growl and loud bark, she skittered out the back door like a shot.  The sudden abrupt departure sent me running!  Before I was even out of my chair, though, I distinctly heard the frightened exclamation of someone out back and a flurry of rushing footfalls away from the back.  Whoever it was had to have been fast as I have seen Suzanne at a full gallop and she would be very hard to outrun.  By the time I got outback, everything was quiet and she was gone.  Next came a panicked search for my baby girl.  I finally found her near the adjacent fence line pacing back and forth, guardedly.  Whoever they were, they apparently made it over before she got them!  Heh, heh...She initially thought she was in trouble when I sternly called her name, and slightly cowering, slinked back to my side.  I assured her with a big hug and vigorous body rub, that she in fact was quite alright and that she did good.  Doggie treats followed in earnest!
She may remain a relatively docile pooch but she KNOWS how to guard!
Okey Dokey!
Now, on to the work load!
Remember...we have lots of goodies left to peruse through, and riding season is rapidly (thank heavens!) approaching!

ONLY $130.00!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bicycles 1 / City 0

Oh Ugh.  
Started off as one of THOSE days! 
Came in early this AM with the intention of getting an early jump on finishing up the Giant MTB in my rack.  Everything was going fine until I had to go out back for a few minuets in my opening duties to take out the garbage.  Seems my brain was not with me when I first came in (running on only a few hours of sleep) and I forgot my keys in the front door. Well...that's bad enough but while I was cleaning up the back a friendly neighborhood patrolman happened by the shop, saw the keys dangling in the door, found no one in the shop, and promptly took the keys out of the door and let his card with a small note.  Coming up front a little before ten to open... I found the note.
Hand slap to forehead.
Thankfully, when I called, he was still in the area and brought them back promptly.  True, could have been worse in so many ways, but ugh! 
So, yesterday, was about a few more repairs and getting started on the sweet Giant scratch build.  We got in the nice looking frame with a few components and getting it worked up now.  Hope to have done before it's time to head out.  Gonna go more street then mountain.
Hoping today will see some more folks coming through the door.  It has been far to quite over the last couple of weeks, obviously due to weather, and I'm missing all the happy faces finding their new transportation.
OH!  Speaking of "Transportation"! 
The other day, after dropping off Izzy from school and getting ready to head off to work, we got a visit from the "City Code Enforcement"  (AHHHH....My old nemesis...we meet again).  Seems they had gotten "calls" from concerned neighbors about the "condition of our yard"
Points of contention being "clutter". 
WHAT clutter?  As I looked out upon the yard seeing only a few assorted balls, a tricycle against the tree, and some beach toys in the girls favorite digging spot.
Well, the "Clutter" they were talking about, was our bikes.
Apparently Bicycles, are "clutter"
Oh...anyone who knows me, KNOWS where this is going!
It's a fair assumption that my IRE was rising.
I curtly (oh...that is SUCH a kind description of the tone of my voice!) exclaimed "THAT "clutter" are our transportation.
He looked incredulously at the six bikes in the driveway, sneered slightly, and stated "why do you need so many?" going on further to explain that they had received reports that we had up to twenty bikes in the yard.
Aside from the six vintage bikes we have neatly displayed in the front and along the side of the house as "lawn art" (NOT against code) I told him that we have a total of nine that are regularly in the driveway throughout the day.  He stated "well. you need to keep them in the shed" 
Oh...NOW my ANTI-CAR opinion came out and I informed him that yes, in fact, prior to going in at the end of the evening the bikes ARE put in the shed, but are left out until then in case they are needed.
Sadly... he continued on with "eye sore" and clutter.  WELL... NOW my voice went up a few volume clicks and became a wee bit less accommodating as I informed him, as I gestured to ALL the cars parked in various driveways around us, "each house has a driveway used for the parking of the occupants transportation.  As we DO NOT drive or own a car, but instead choose to use BICYCLES as our transportation, we WILL use our driveway to park them.  Unless of course, you tell ALL the residents of this neighborhood that they can no longer park THEIR cluttering eyesores in the driveway, THEN we will remove ours. 
He didn't have a lot to say after that.
I'm gonna write that up as a win!
Okey Doke! to work!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why Is It Still Summer?

Yes, I know, it has been a coons age! What can I say?  It's that time of year when very little happens around here.  So, obviously, not much to write about! 
BUT, yesterday I did manage to get some actual building done!  WA-HOO!! 
And Golly Bob Howdy, I wish I had done a before and after pic on this CLASSIC Gary Fisher we got in!  WOOF!
Picked it up last week from our scrap guy and she was ROUGH!  Rusted out, dry rot, and filthy like it had sat behind someone house for a decade!  BUT, it was an American made Gary Fisher, so I gave it my all.  After a full tear down, went after the frame with some acetone and ALL the marks and filth came off revealing a gorgeous dark metallic green paint. With hope rejuvenated, went after the sweet "Higher End" components, and lo and behold they cleaned up just as well! With the addition of new cables, housing, tires and tubes she was ready!  And MAN!  WHAT A RIDE!!!  In my ten years doing this there have only been four rides I REALLY wanted to claim for myself (and I DID snag two) but this one is definitely number five!  Smooth, quick, comfy...Boy oh BOY!  Once back from a LONG test ride, I just held it in my hand and stared at it appreciatively.  BUT, I aint in this for myself, Soooooo, she's up for grabs! 
Also, put out a real nice classic ladies cruiser.  The day before, also managed to get out a lightweight alloy dual shock MTB (that found a new home the next day)  and a sweet boys 20" BMX.  Today, I am hitting the pile and trying to get out at least a couple more...after I do all my updating of course!
SOOOOO, without further preamble, remember...we are here today until three pm and STILL have a good selection to pick through!  Check them out in the "What's Still Here" column as YES I did update it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $245.00!!!

ONLY $80.00!!

BOYS 20" BMX!!!
ONLY $45.00!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Oh you CAN'T always get...What Ya Want!"

Weird how  can feel guilty for not keeping this thing up to date but as I have been saying for the last couple weeks, not a whole lot going on to report!  I DID however finally update the "What's still here" column, and as you can see... LOTS of stuff added and lots subtracted!  We do have a bevy of goodies in here, and some are excellent pieces! 
So... in the column of "you can't please everyone";
Had a gent come in this weekend for a tube change and brake repair.  Right off the bat I KNEW there was going to be issues... but I pressed on.  Weekends are our busiest repair time and we ALWAYS go in order!  First come first serve.  The aforementioned gent came in around noon time and had four in front of him,  I told him it would be about three hours, and he was flustered.  I explained the policy, he begrudgingly acquiesced...then proceeded to come back every thirty minutes, each time increasingly agitated.  *sigh* I really wanted to say "if I didn't have to stop every thirty minuets to EXPLAIN our policy, I could get it done that much sooner" but I was nice!
Finally, after about two hours, I had them all done, and shortly thereafter he came in and picked it up.  Here I was thinking it would be over.
The next day I got a text of a picture of his bike... with a flat tire and a number with the words, in capital letters "CALL ME!"
I did.  What began was a twenty minute round and round about the fact that he rode the bike home (about two miles) put it up, and in the morning came out, and the tube we had changed was flat.  I reminded him, that when I inspected the tire I found several small shards of metal imbedded in the tire, and had warned him when he picked it up he MAY want to change the tire as I could not be sure I got ALL the metal (small bits can get stuck in the meat of the tire and puncture a new tube when you air it up, and you wouldn't know they are there until the tire goes flat again) but he insisted it was a NEW tire...therefore it COULDN'T be a problem.
After explaining this... again... I also informed him that it was possible in the two mile trip home he may have had the misfortune of picking something else up. It DOES and HAS happened before.  BUT, if he brought the bike back in I could inspect the tube and find out exactly where the problem lay, and react accordingly.
I don't know what he didn't get or in truth, what he wanted me to do?  He kept repeating the problem and that it was just replaced yesterday, to which I continued to respond "just bring it in and we'll fix the problem".  In the end though he exclaimed "so you're not going to take care of the problem?  Fine, I'll deal with it myself!" and hung up.
Sometimes...I just don't get people.
On the plus side though, we have had a steady stream of repairs coming in and have even managed to find homes for a few newbies.  So, we'll keep on plugging...praying for cooler weather!
See ya soon! 

Friday, August 26, 2016 aint much of a much!

Slacking off as usual! 
it's been a bit of a bit since I poked my head in.  The summer is slowly grinding to a "done and done" but things are still quiet.  We have been mainly focusing on staying current with repairs, but as it has been, with this bloody heat my evening work is taxing!  the unfortunate by product being, that during the week, my tail is a lot less perky as it should be!  Apparently many out there are suffering fro the same kind of malaise as we just haven't had many folks looking to break into the Veloist lifestyle.  I, begrudgingly, can't blame them as going outside leads to a quick case of "melting". 
Come ON Old Man Winter!  Get your keister in gear!
We have been trying at least to keep a stream of newbies out.  And yes, I am going to try and get everything up to date with what is still in stock. 
Plus, we have had a trickle of new stuff coming in, and I have a Mongoose Blackcomb in my rack, calling my name. 
Not to mention a plethora of cruisers have been flooding in lately. 
Jeeze...really wish I had more to chat about, but this is the cost of a Florida summer!  Here's hoping I'll have lots to talk about tomorrow!
See ya soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let the Buyer Beware.

SO, yea, I promised to keep this updated but it's summertime, the week before the kids go back to school and that is pretty much the peak of the doldrums of summer.  NOTHING happens! 
I've kept busy with a slow stream of repairs and spent the remaining time doing new builds.  Other then that the only occurrence of note happened mid week.  Had a mom and her three kids in shopping for school rides.  As with most parents nowadays she was looking for cheap.  REAL cheap.  Trouble was, for the older kids, both needing a 26" bike, there was no way I could produce anything worth putting out for the thirty a piece price tag she was hoping for.  Let's face it, RE-Furbed means, we strip it down to frame, and rebuild it frame out, replacing and repairing worn and broken parts to full reassembly.  Can't do four plus hours of work AND replace parts for thirty dollars.  Every now and then we get some AS-IS's we put out cheap, but few and far between, because we're not going to sell anything that don't work!  ANYWHO.  They decided to "look around".  Well, apparently they found two, I presume at a local thrift store or pawn shop, and were going to use one of the older kids bikes as a hand me down to the younger.  Very practical. theory.  On the first day of school the kiddos headed off only to make it less then half way there before they had to resort to walking.  Well, the younger one didn't have to, her hand me down worked fine (OK, LOL, it was, coincidently, a bike they bought from us three years ago!) But, the two older ones were having nothing but problems.  As with most places around here (NOT US!) that sell bikes...they won't let you road test them.  SOOOO, they had NO idea just how messed up their bargain bikes were.  The older boys ride was the worst.  The chain fell off and lodged behind the chain ring, so he literally had to drag it to school and the older girl...couldn't stop!  A fact she discovered by apparently almost crashing into traffic! 
The mom, bless her heart, brought them into me the next day for repairs.  I was able to roughly guess their origins by the computer generated price stickers that are used by a couple of pawn shops around here and thrift stores.  I also noticed the prices.  She only saved $20.00 buying them there.
The boys bike, an older Huffy, had a single piece crank that was BADLY bent with a bent chain ring and a twisted chain, as well as a crushed bearing ring on the drive side.  There were a few other mechanical issues that were a problem as well.  The girls bike, a slightly newer next, had been long exposed to the elements and the cables were rusted almost solid in the housings.  When she went to brake, and couldn't stop, she obviously panicked and squeezed REAL hard, snapping one of the dry rotted plastic brake levers.  On top of that, on here ride, the rusting was so bad the chain itself had four areas with fused links. Now mind you, I am not condemning the Mom for wanting to save a few bucks.  As a parent I KNOW how expensive back to school time can be.  Not only that, even in todays world of poor quality control and dispassionate business, most folks STILL expect that if they buy something from a store, it will actually WORK! Even a place selling used goods. 
The sad ending is, to fix the boys bike here, it would have cost $68.00 for a replacement crank, bearings and chain plus labor.  For the girls bikes $46.00. Brake lever and replace all four cables and housings plus chain rustication and clean. Well, for that, plus what she already paid for the bikes...she could have bought all three of them fully refurbished rides here WITH a one year warranty!  And still had cash left over!  Unfortunately, where she bought them had a no return policy, so it looks like the kids will have to walk to school for a while.  Our best advice is to never purchase a bicycle used unless they have a return policy of full refund.  They certainly are NOT going to fix the problem!
Well, that's gonna do it for today.  Now, gonna try and finish up the one ride from yesterday!

Monday, August 8, 2016

One Step Closer To 50

At this point I HAVE to ask "WHO left the water running?!"
Yes, another one of those "Comment on the weather" kind of openings, but JEEZE LOUISE!!! 
I think I'm gonna have to gather a lot of wood and figure out what a cubit is!
It goes without saying, that because of the sheer volume of water coming down this weekend we had very few visitors, but still enough to keep us busy with repairs.   Nothing found a home this weekend, but we did take in a few for our machinations! I am determined to get to a few of them ASAP and try and have out before to long.
I do want to thank those folks who did brave the elements though, especially on Saturday when it was REALLY bad! Woke up to the thunderous roar of rain on the roof.  Even though I love the sound of a good rain and thunderstorm...not so much when you have to work! 
And a shout out to the couple who came in from Palm Springs.  WOW!  Quite the drive!  They'd been following us on Facebook, the Blog and Craigslist and decided to make a day of it, explore Dunedin (eagerly taking my advice to check out Flanagan's Pub Downtown, for lunch) but to come in and introduce themselves, check out our wares in the hopes of finding a couple of choice hybrids.  Sadly, we had nothing to show at the moment to fit their needs, but left us with their info for when we do get something.  Their explanation being that even though they could afford to buy new, they would much prefer to support the kind of conservation we do.  In their words, however, there is no other place like us between us and them, thus the long trek. 
To this day, I can't help but wonder why more folks don't do this kind of thing.  Sure, you AINT getting rich at it, but by the end of the day it is a very fulfilling feeling knowing that not only have you helped some folks out, saved a few pounds of pollution from choking our atmosphere, but also kept a landfill a few dozen pounds lighter!
Well today is a minor milestone in my life, albeit causing some melancholy.  Today I turned 49.  Ugh.  Due to recent changes in my life it is a day filled with a combination of hope and malaise.  Hopefully, it won't linger to long.  To that end, going to put something funny into watch, and get to work with my hands.  The simple joy of recreation itself tends to drive me from my funk!
See y'all Soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Really! whoever opened the floodgates, don't close them!

Feast or famine! Best way to describe things around this joint!  But I'll tell you this summer is been a humdinger! Regardless of heat or rain things have been jumping!! Oh bless all those who have been paying us visits each and every day!  This week we have been jammed with repairs to the point of sideways walking the length of the shoppe!  Not to mention three or more rides finding new homes EVERY day!!  Today had a gent come up from Plant City looking for a road bike. He checked out the denali and the Motobecane, but just couldn't make up his mind. So he snagged BOTH! Also sent a little 24"er to a young gent needing it for school. A special shout-out to the wonderful lady who picked it up and will be donating it to him today. My thanks to my son Logan for filling in for me in the morning today. I don't know if there was a full moon last night but the restlessness kept me up past sunrise. I had enough time when I finally did crawl into the shop to get the repairs up to date so that folks can keep riding for the weekend. Needless to say I have a large Bevy of new  material awaiting me for tomorrow! Several Choice pieces just waiting for the finishing touches to give them a new life on the road. No worries I will be posting them as soon as they are done not only on our Facebook page but on the blog. Barring the regular slew of repairs that come in for the weekend tomorrow I will be spending the day pumping out as many new ones as I can! We have sent so many bikes to new homes this week that the stock is getting pretty low. Alright folks that's going to do it for me tonight looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Have a great morning!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Morning Quickie!

We'll make this quick!  Trying to remain focused on repairs and new builds in a rather hectic schedule of late!  Yesterday was consumed primarily with keeping up with the repairs, as it happens.  Did manage to get out another of the NEW kids bikes out! This one a real cute little girls 20".  Also took in a few goodies as well and have HIGH hopes I can get some of them banged out today!  We'll laid plans of mice and men...and all that!
Yesterday started out well, with a nice couple coming in a wisely snagging up the Ladies Fuji Hybrid!  NICE choice!
Many more looky loo's coming in, but for whatever reason didn't take anything home with them?  Oh well.
Jeeze, I really got nothing more to yack about, and the rides are calling me!
See ya REAL soon...when we can chat!

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Oakaley Doakaley!  This is going to be a relatively quick update as I am on a ROLL in getting through some of the back log here! YAY!  Getting through a lot of stock and don't want to break my stride TOO much!
Yesterday was a far cry better then Friday!  YAY!  Sent four rides too new homes, folks are really getting excited about the NEW Newbies and their genuinely low price deals. SOOOO, if'n you're looking for a good deal...WHY ARE YOU STILL SITTING THERE?! wait, seriously...come back...I aint done talking yet. 
Also banged through the repairs at break neck speed, enabling me to go on to MORE newbies!!  YAHOO!  Put out FIVE in the afternoon!  Only got pics of four though, as one found it's new home straight off the rack!  But check out these gems below!  WOOF!  Two NEW Newbies, and Two AWESOME rebuilds!  They are GORGEOUS!! 
Well, I could regale  you with all the goings on, but truthfully, I am getting back at it! 
Hope to see you all, REAL soon!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $260.00!!

ONLY $140.00!!


ONLY $100.00!!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Good Day, Good Day.

Well, yesterday was a hoot!  Twas the kiddos annual "before they go back to school" physicals!  Everyone passed with flying colors, but unfortunately, the doctor informed me that medical science STILL hasn't come up with an anti-annoying medication, and we were just going to have to get used to Owen. 
But...we still love's that.
This time around we opted NOT to deal with the two and a half hour bus sojourn, and called a friend at Uber Cab, Jackie.  She hooked us up, to and fro for almost the same price as it would have cost to take the bus!  We got back to the house early enough, that I could put all the kids to work helping me get it cleaned up.  Summers are ROUGH on your state of cleanliness! Once all was set and done, the place made livable again, I decided to make a special dinner as reward for all our efforts, so opted for slow cooked homemade beef stew. Sadly, trouble was, you have to give that about four to five hours to cook, and started to late!  BUT, gonna have a heck of a tender meal tonight!  Ended up polishing off the "bubble and squeak" instead.
Whilst winding the evening down, we were outside relaxing, and after having rained for a bit earlier, the sunset was AMAZING!!  Also, we discovered as it slowly set, one cloud mass looked strikingly like a lumbering Godzilla.  Of course, the inspiration for movie time became...Godzilla!
Once back inside and with snacks in hand, movie popped in, within a short period of time, even before any of us got to SEE Godzilla, we all promptly passed out on the couch!  WOOF!  Full bellies, and hard work for the day, I guess we were all just too tuckered out!
 Elijah was running the show for the day, but it was basically dead.  Got in a few repairs though, which I will be jumping on shortly! 
Even with the storm outside, today has been a flurry of activity!  I am SOOOOO happy to see that TWO rides have already gone out to folks "GETTING OFF THE OILGARCHY'S TEET!" and using them for commuting!  YAY!  MORE CONVERTS!!   And many, many more looky loo's! 
SO, with that, I REALLY better get a move on, on those repairs!
Hope to see you soon!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Starting to get back into the swing of things!

Why do AC's pick the HOTTEST days to freeze over? Seriously, isn't ice suppose to happen when it's COLD outside!  UGH!  So yea, kind  warm in here, so until it thaws out...I'm just hanging by the fan!  I get enough of working in the heat at night.  NOT a fan of it!  I m going to have to move eventually though, as we got in several repairs yesterday that need ah doin'!  Kaleb has gone to retrieve a few parts for me, then I hope to bang them out!  Aside from that, we did send  couple more rides to new homes AND put out another four newbies (although one of the ones to FIND a new home had just been put together!).  And OH, I'll tell you, the town of Dunedin needs to start paying me a promotional fee! Had a couple from Sweden come in the other day and it turns out (and I have no idea how folks in other countries even her about us!) that they'd ben reading this blog for the last few years as "entertainment" (I can see that!) and when it came time to plan their next vacation...they choose they could visit US!  WOW!  Color me FLATTERED!!  Their first day hear, unpacked at their vacation rental, had a meal downtown then came in and snatched up two of our bikes!  Lickety Split!  They were doubly happy when I told them about our "Vacation Package"! I'm putting that experience right up there with the Taiwanese Governor and the Real Estate Mogul from Belgium (now THAT was an enlightening conversation!  LOL!)   That makes, too date, 43 countries to "represent" in our little corner of the world!  NICE!!  God Bless the Internet!
Today, as mentioned, got some repairs then I am going to TRY and put out some more goodies!  I have been dragging my carcass out of bed on time the last couple days for just that purpose (regardless of how much I just want to SLEEEEEP!!!) as it is getting "walking sideways" tight in here!!  Plus...Daddy like a FULL room!  Nice to see all these rides here.  Would be nicer if some of them (if not ALL) found room in YOUR garage!  (remember, comfortable bedding, lots of fresh water and put an alarm clock in with it so as to not let it get lonely) Allright!  Now, you oogle the pic's and not that the iceberg finally melted, got the AC back up and running, and I'm gonna try and get some work done!
(and a special tip of the hat to the Hamptons.  Looking very lovely this time of year!)

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $35.00!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hey..we're getting back into the swing of things!

SO Okay, making a concentrated effort not to overlook the blog as a means of communication!  I got los in the immediate contact afforded through FaceBook, and won't be abandoning it, but this little joint here has been a mainstay for us for over ten years, and don't want to let it wither away into abandonment!
This weekend was less lustrous then it should have been. It was a beautiful day on Sunday, very mild compared to most of last week, but still not many people out.  Weird. We did send home one ride in the early AM, but then it was a day absorbed primarily with new builds!  And a vain attempt at cleaning...very little effort actually.  Managed to get out three more NEW newbies!  Check them out below!  Some SAH-WEET rides! 
I did have one happenstance on Saturday I found rather irksome.  I'll share it with you as a cautionary tale.  Had a gent come in last week, looking at the Raleigh Rebuild we had, the one with all the Gary Fisher parts.  REAL sharp bike, combined with the almost new parts off of a $1000.00 plus Gary Fisher that had a cracked frame.  The bike was flawless and seriously up graded, but because we got the parts bike so cheap, I had it out at only $220.00.'s the thing, I have NO problem with bargaining with people, I understand, it's part of the schtick.  Thing is, our mark up on bike is NOT all that high.  I don't do the whole "Mark it up 50% so you can drop it down 20%.  No, our prices reflect what we put into a ride plus a few bucks profit.  Hey, gotta keep the lights on! BUT, we follow a few rules on negotiating; be respectful of the work, appreciative of the quality, and don't act like your doing me any favors.  Well, this guy broke all three rules.  SOOOO, I wasn't dealing.  And honestly, I really don't have too.  Our bikes are always priced to sell and we never have a problem moving anything.  Well, he points to the one thing that was an issue, a small tear in the otherwise pristine seat (an $85.00 seat mind you) and says, condescendingly "I'll give you $150.00, cash.  That's a great deal, you should take it, you'll never sell this for what you're asking!"  Ugh.  Really.  Um...been doing this for ten years...I think I got a pretty good bead on what I can and cannot get.  Seriously, the wheel set alone was worth twice what I was asking for the whole bike.  I smiled, and said no thank you.  He wasn't giving up, and actually tried to continue to inform me how to do business, and that I should be grateful for such a generous offer.  Again, I declined, and as the bike had just been put out, I informed him we rarely deal for the first 72 hours anyway, as most bikes sell in 48.  He just laughed and said he'd come back in three days and he was sure it would still be here and that then I would take his offer. 
Well....two days later, a couple came in and fell I love with it, knew it was a good deal, and snagged it up, not only for our asking price, but also upgraded the seat and had us put on a couple extras.  Well, oy, here's where it gets interesting. The following day, when I was at my other job, the gent came back into the store assured he was going to get the bike for his offering price, as he had seen it still advertised on Craigslist.  Yes, okay, hadn't pulled it off the listing yet, as the bike was picked up the day before just as I was leaving for my other job, and I just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  Well, it wasn't here and he got PI....well, upset.  He hadn't called to confirm if it was still here, and went off on Logan as to why it wasn't here.  Logan could only tell him "it sold".  The guy then proceeded to start texting me and....well, I won't reveal that sort of language, but suffice to say, he was implying that I was lying and hiding the bike from him, because he really wanted it.  And that was just bad business.
??????? didn't want it at the price we were asking, someone else did.  Don't know how much clearer I can make it than that.  Of penchat for 'killing them with kindness" kicked in, and it didn't make him any happier that what he was trying to imply was not only NOT having an effect, but was actually starting to become entertaining!  I don't think I have ever had to deal with such a ridiculous display of unreasonableness as on that day.  Eventually, just to stop the annoyance from interrupting my work, I had to use the handy dandy "SPAM" feature on my phone to block his number.  It was like, he seemed to think if he bugged me enough, I'd somehow have the buyers return the bike ad sell it to him at HIS asking price.
So, in conclusion; "treat everyone with the respect you would have them afford you, but if you can't...expect to get burnt!"
Now, check out the goodies below...and I am off to work!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just Cleaning Off The Dust!

OKAY!  WOW!  I really need to dust off the cobwebs in this Blog room!  Definitely collecting from lack of use!  Yes, combination of busy week in the P of M at the other joint, 95 plus degrees each night last week in there and I was DRAINED by the time I got back.  Spent almost every day just sleeping as Logan ran the shop. I am definitely getting old!  But, yesterday and today and into tomorrow I am banging on the bikes hard! SHEESH!  It has gotten WAY FULL in here.  WOOF!!  Got another batch of the NEW NEWBIES in and there are some GEMS!  Check these out below!  Now, as far as updates...enh...this week not so much!  With this heat wave and daily storms, once again we hit the summer crud that keeps all Floridians clinging to their air conditioners.'s things been for you?
Well...jeeze, sorry, I'm just going to do a little cleaning in here then get back to work!
For any more daily updates Like us on Faebook.  That rooms a lot cleaner anyway!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Good Morning!'s morning for me!  My body has shifted full force into the realm of the third shifter, lo these many months, and now the brain doesn't shut off much before 6.30 am every given day!  UGH!  No longer do I even have the respite of weekend sleeping in.  I must say, though, this summer has so far been a far cry different then last year!  Even though the weather is similar, it as ot seem to impede those whom love the Veloist life style and those intrigued by it's allure to take up the two wheels and hit the streets!  This, of course translates into more folks needing to maintain or replace their rides and we have been kept busy providing these needs!  ALL HAIL THE CYCLISTS!!  We extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all those who keep visiting.  And perhaps, given the current state of American Politics, perhaps many of you are preparing yourself for a European lifestyle, perhaps anticipating a quick exodus to more bicycle friendly countries, abandoning the almost assured doom of the American landscape should a certain person take the highest of offices.  Can't say as I blame you!  Ireland and Iceland are looking pretty good to me!  To that end, we have been quite busy pumping out new rides and will be showing our current selection below. 
Well, so much more goings on, and should the opportunity arise that I am able to sit down and share on these pages, perhaps I will.  For now, though, I have to get myself together and head off to the next gig!  Until then, have a GREAT day and keep riding!
See YA!!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bringing You All the News That Is Fit To Print!

OKAY!!  Bringing everyone up to speed!
Been a busy week!  So please forgive the long interlude between updates.  Our daily coverage of the goings on has shifted (surprising for me) to our Facebook page "Re-Cycle Bicycles" (Like us for all the updates) as it's just so much less time consuming.  And that is a definite plus given my limited time to devout to the whole thing.  On average, to update all our sites and listings, I was spending about three hours a day and as I only have five hours a day here, Monday thru Thursday that doesn't leave much time for more frivolous building bikes!  Call me provincial, but I think maybe I ought to devout more time to the latter.  And that theology has paid off, as this week we have averaged three newbies a day, and folks have obviously appreciated that, as they have been flying out the door as quick as we can build them! I'll treat you to a few pics below, a couple we have left and some that found new homes.  There were quite a few though that never even got a selfie, because they didn't even make it out of the rack before getting snagged up.  That, in it's self, is an oddity come summertime!  NO, I am NOT complaining!   Usually, we are slower then the warm up match at a snail race, but this year?  WOOF!  It's so awesome to see folks saying "ta heck with the weather" and just getting out and riding! 
Funny Happenings!
On Wednesday we had a couple come in to peruse our stock, looking for a couple of rides.  We didn't have much to look at (see the above statement as to how fast they are leaving) and they asked me where was the next closest "used" bike shop to us.  I SOOO wanted to say "you're not from around here, are you?"  BUT, I minded my snarky remark, and politely informed them that in all of Florida, that we knew of, we were it for a shop that deals exclusively in refurbished bikes. They were, to put it mildly, surprised and a wee but incredulous of my claim.  Well, apparently, the wife took it as a challenge and spent the next few days researching the claims, via Google.  They came back in yesterday and after purchasing the sweet Mixie we had informed me of their findings.  She discovered that there were several shops listed as "used bike shops" but upon calling them, came to discover that only two ACTUALLY sold used bikes, BUT they were only high end trade ins and as it turned out, what few one place even had...were within 20% of retail!  She apparently had even gone so far as to press a few salesman (who were trying to press HER to consider a NEW bike instead...Hmmmmm?  Go Figure!) stating the fact that they had no interest in paying that much and did THEY know anywhere else that just sold used bike.   Well, the interesting common thread she found  I found tremendously interesting AND flattering.  Of all the shops she spoke with, some as far away as Pensacola, one name was repeated (and apparently, in most cases recommended) and that was us!  HAHA!
SO, the one thing we always said, from when we first started this enterprise in our garage "we're not looking to get rich, just popular!" has seem to come to pass!
Of course, we have to give a big shout out to all the folks bringing us in their repairs this week, as that has kept us jumping!  Thank you so much for the trust!
Alrighty!  Now, I best get to it! 
Remember, we are open today until three pm, and will be open tomorrow from 10am-?, if it's slow, we're going to break it down early and go home and barbeque!
ONLY $90.00!!
ONLY $150.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!!


Sunday, June 26, 2016


A big thanks to all the folks who made the last couple of days so freaking awesome!  It was like the height of the busy season Friday and Saturday!  My biggest charge being that so many folks are out looking for rides! Sure, as always we greatly appreciate all your trust I bringing us your repairs, but also, in what is normally the doldrums of summer we have had so many people from all ages and walks of life coming in who REALLY want to ride! Over the last 72 hours I haven't been able to build them fast enough!  Below, I will show you what was built yesterday, and the ones that flew out of here since our last post.  We had a couple old builds come in as well!  We rebuilt a real sweet Trek Antelope 950 two years ago, and the gent who had bought it, brought it back in yesterday.  He was coming back to riding after a long absence, and after riding the Trek for over a year discovered he really enjoyed riding and wanted to upgrade.  No, no...don't berate him going "new", because if we helped in any small way towards his rediscovering the joys of two wheels?  Well, that is good enough for us!  Besides, we got back one SWEET ride AND I was able to fix one thing about the bike that always bothered me!  When it was originally put out, I didn't have a matching set of shifters to put her, but tis time around, I had the one she needed!  YAY!!!  And, ten minutes after posting her on Craigslist an excited father came I ad snagged it for his son.  Yep, that's the way it has been all weekend!  Even found homes for three of them while they were still in the rack getting their facelifts! 
And yes, you a bet there have been more then a few "Ten Minute Rules" in all that excitement!  One I particular gave me the giggles!  As I have lamented in the past, I am always hesitant to let those who "want to think about it" or "check out a few more places" know what will happen should they NOT snag up what they see and like when they see it.  A couple came in looking for two rides, and she saw the Trek 7200 we had and the awesome Giant Suede that was then being suspended in the rack ready to be transformed.  They both agreed they would be perfect....but....they wanted to "go look around".  Well...I took the plunge, went against my norm, and informed them what to expect "looking around".  We are the only shop I Florida dealing exclusively in refurbished bikes, and either they could shop Walmart and spend around $150.00 or go to another bike shop and spend $300.00 plus.  Then I pointed out the ten minute rule sign and what it meant and they gave a "yea sure" chuckle, and said they may be back.
Okey Doke! minutes later (yes...I actually use the countdown feature on my smart phone) another couple came in, saw the Trek...loved it and snagged it up.  They also eyed the Giant and after finding out how long until she would be done, came back and grabbed her as well.  Also, I that time frame, three other rides found new homes.  Well, no sooner had the dust settled from that busyness, and I did a per functionary clean and reorganization of the lie up, did the first couple come back in, now fully aware of what a sweet deal they'd walked out on, only to do a comic double take as to just how empty the store was compared to how it looked two hours prior!  I smiled my best Impish smile and waited for the inevitable "WHAT THE....where'd all the bikes go"  Oh...I REALLY fought the urge to smugly tap the Ten Minute Rule sign and grin!  But I was a good boy, and just informed them of what had occurred.
Is it wrong of me to take satisfaction out of moments like this?
Enh.....color me Smug!
Yesterday, what we still got left from the builds, are a real sharp looking ad well riding MGX dual shock MTB resurrected from the scrap pile, and the pick of the litter HAS to be a gorgeous 2012 Trek 7200 hybrid resplendent with a full compliment of accessories!  NICE!  This one was garage kept for four years and LOOKS IT!!  Gorgeous!
Today, got a couple quick repairs to do, then back to the newbies! 
Hope to see y'all soon!

2012 TREK 7200 HYBRID!
ONLY $325.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!!



Thursday, June 23, 2016

In Life...grab what fullfills may not be afforded a second chance!

Oh, if you folks ain't out there riding...You SHOULD be!  Sure, the days feel a lot like bundling up in a parka, covering yourself with a wool blanket and climbing up into the attic to take a roll in the insulation in August, but the Nights?  Not to mention early morning?  WA-HOO!  There is a cool breeze coming from...somewhere, and it is SAH-WEET!  The roads to yourselves, very little noise!  Oh, it does the soul GOOD! Just came in from my ride home and took a couple extra miles just to unwind!  Nothing but me, a couple cops and the paperboys! 
So, to all the folks calling in and inquiring about the Evox recumbent, WAS an awesome bike!'s gone! It NEVER ceases to amaze me!  No matter HOW much I shout "DON'T WAIT!" to folks they must think I am full of bunk...high pressure sales and all that.
Um....NOPE! We've been doing this shtick for ten years!  We know how long it takes to find a new home for our rides and it is a QUICK adoption process!!! Most of these doe eyed beauties don't last for more then 24 hours before someone becomes smitten with the charms, and THRILLED at the LOW PRICED adoption fees!  The Evox was NO exception!  It's had only gone out Monday and we must have had two dozen calls within MINUTES of posting, and almost unanimously everyone, although THRILLED to find such a fine ride SOOOOO cheap...said they'd be in this weekend to look at it!?
I DO hope those people call first and save themselves a trip!
Today, yet again, was all about the repairs!  I did manage to get that sweet old Giant HUGE Big Boy stripped down and some of the parts picked out before I had to head out to sweat my nethers off at the plant!
Logan managed things after I headed out, and from what I heard took in a few more fixer uppers!  Have t check them out first thing!
And too anyone coming by the old Shoppe these last few mornings...sorry if I haven't been here waiting.  Although I really love my new position at the plant, the heat coupled with a VERY constant, steady work flow, has left me exhausted at the end of my couple days this past week or so I have done a "whoopsie" and opened late.  I do HATE doing that...but...these old bones....what ya gonna do?
Speaking of which, best get some sleep!
See y'all tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dwindle That Pile!

Another Monday come and gone!  And complete with a Solstice full moon, no less!  Although, sadly, for some reason, clouds or what have you, I never got to see the full effect!  Sad Face! Oh well...I did get to see a hunters moon the other day, and that was just as impressive!  Forgive me if I speak from this point forward in the present tense in regards to Monday, as my day hasn't ended yet, even though it's 4.44 am on Tuesday! 
Been a busy day! LOL!
Got here earlier than usual, with an unusual amount of pep, and wanted to finish up the Schwinn S-25 we picked up on Saturday. some folks can mistreat a perfectly good ride, escapes me.  The gent I picked it up from had "had it" with the bike, as it had been giving him "too many problems!"
It is a real clean looking example of the brand, but had just been...unloved.  The biggest problem was the forks were on backwards.  Yes, you may be scratching your head saying "WHAT!?"  but believe me, when I say this while I am talking to you, but as a Wal-mart get what you pay for when the guy "assembling" it, is paid minimum wage, has no skill, and a tool box that consist of four tools (no joke...flat head, Philips head, crescent wrench, and an allen key!) They put the petals on, turn the handle bars straight (sometimes) and put the seat on.  THAT'S IT! 
SO, sometimes, they are unaware that the brakes go FACING OUT!
Well, it had been giving him problems, BUT we gave her "the Old RE-CYCLE strip down" and solved ALL the problems!
Once that was done, it was on to repairs, as folks were at my door even as I was opening early!  YAY!  Once those were done, it was down to stripping down some of the overflow out back.  Yes, our thrice monthly visit from the landlord "concerned" about the build-up out back, prompted me to do a little foraging through the piles to figure out what could go!  I hate scrapping a bike that some day could see a new life, but not as much as I dislike the nervous tittering of the guy that owns the place!
I got about half way through the pile, and need to finish it up tomorrow.  BUT, I did manage to find room inside to drag a few "Could-be's" into the shop!
Sent the sweet men's cruiser to a new home, or rather Logan did in the evening, so there are still some folks out there brave and stalwart enough to endure the summer riding season!
What's YOUR excuse?
Okey Dokey!
Now, I'm gonna get four hours of death sleep then be back at it!
Y'all have a good night...

26" SCHWINN S-25!
ONLY $95.00!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

There's an airbag at the bottom of this thing...right? An Airbag!?

Ten Minute Rule by proxy! 
Sometimes, the way things go around here can be somewhat confusing!  Case in point; We had two SWEET rides here for two-three weeks respectfully.  The Schwinn Protocol and the Townie Electra.  (that's not to say that ALL our rides aren't SWEET!) Both 2016 models with little to NO wear, and sporting price tags more than HALF off their original retail...but they sat for what, around here, is a LONG time (most rides are gone in 48 hours or less).  Advertised in all our useful internet venues (print is dead folks, sorry to say) and "renewed" on Craigslist every 48 hours, they just sat with little to NO response.  THEN, Thursday, the Protocol left to a loving home, and no sooner was it gone did I get three calls asking if it was still here (I had updated it's post earlier that day, and had not yet deleted it).  Yesterday, the Townie went out with a gent who had been wanting it since he first saw it while doing some after hours window shopping.  That was just before close, and true to form, this morning, first thing, prior to me doing all my morning updates, had two calls about it and one very nice lady stopped in, in an attempt to pick it up...having just seen it on Craigslist!  Always call ahead folks, and safe yourself a possibly, wasted trip! 
Now, as I am not one to shrink from criticism, we had an experience all together alien to us the other day, that brings about a cautionary tale!  That odd happenstance was a "disgruntled customer"!  Yes folks, it may sound a tad bit odd for anyone who works in retail or service to NOT complain about difficult customers on a daily basis, but we RARELY have ANY problems!  This time however, was a series of missteps that lead up to the problem. First, the gent brought in his Hyper Mountain Bike to, ostensibly, "get the gears fixed".   He did so, mid-week in the afternoon, after I had departed for the second job.  I spoke with Logan briefly, as the customer had wanted it done "while he waited" and had to explain the situation to him, which he begrudgingly excepted, but I assured him I'd check it out first thing in the AM and get in touch.  At this point he informed me that as he himself would be at work all day, and could not receive phone call, that I should just go ahead and "do whatever it needs".  I don't care too much for those conditions, frankly, as it has been my experience that what some folks may consider "a quick fix" is anything but!  I told him this, but he assured me it would be no problem.
Ok...famous last words!
When I got in, in the morning, I put the ride in the rack, and sure enough, it was skipping and missing shifts, and was quite sloppy.  But here's the rub, had NOTHING to do with the gears!  His rear axel was bent, the bearings on the drive side were blown, the left were worn down, the freewheel had several bent teeth, the chain had three bent links, the front tube was a blown out gell tube (ick) that needed more than "just air".  Now HOW he thought this was a gearing problem and didn't notice the incessant wobbling in the back end as he rode, is beyond me, but as he said "do whatever it needs" I did that.  Now, mind you, we replaced his freewheel, rear axel, replaced and repacked the bearings, replaced his chain, front tube, seat clamp and adjusted the gears for good measure for only $68.00.  If you have ever gone to a "boutique bike shop" you'll know, you couldn't get the freewheel installed for cheaper then that.  Well....he came in to pick up the bike the following day, and was "flabbergasted" that it cost "That MUCH!" to repair, what he was convinced, was a simple gear problem.  He had anticipated between $5-$10, would take care of the problem.  Here's the lesson; if you recognize that your ride isn't riding right, get it to a mechanic ASAP!  Little problems become BIG problems very quickly.  The longer you wait, the more wear and tear, metal fatigue ETC, that are going to end up costing you more.  He eventually, reluctantly, excepted the explanation (it helped that I kept all the old parts just to show him where all the breakage was) and departed.  Unfortunately, we, and others of our ilk, have the unenvied task of having to be the bearers of bad news, BUT, don't kill the messenger (This ISN'T....SPARTA!!!!) we didn't break it, we're just trying to fix it!
Okey Dokey...talking about "fixing" I best get at it!
And, oh YEA!  Duh'!  We put out another goody yesterday, nice, simple men's cruiser!  Check her out below! 

ONLY $65.00!!!