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Monday, January 31, 2011

An OFF day!

We were not our perky selves today.  Perhaps a byproduct of not enough sleep at night, or the whole "quitting Smoking" thing, but tempers were a TAD bit fraid today.  I LOST it with a very stubborn 12" tire change.  If you've never changed a 12" on an electric bike...DON"T!  Sell the bike when you get a flat for scrap!  Needless to say it has been awhile since anything went airborne in the Dungeon...until today.(Matt's getting good at knowing when to duck).  Zombie-Boy was wrestling with a 20" freewheel, no flight test, but some colorful language ensued.  And Matt got snippy with a stubborn rear derailleur.  I heard SOMETHING metal hit the concrete...hard, with that one!  Must be a full moon or something.
Momma, bless her heart new better, and took a walk when voices began to rise.  I think we all need a day off.
And as if word of flared nerves had gone out, it was slow today for a Monday.  Good thing, I reckon, as I would hate to have had customers in here when all this went down.  Well I'll just try and rest tonight and be a good boy tomorrow.  I PROMISE!
We did manage to get three out amidst all the chaos, so check those out below.
As for now, I have to finish mounting a tire and then I'm calling it a night.  Hope all goes well!
"Daily Banger" Special
ONLY $60.00!!

"Daily Banger" Special

ONLY $85.00!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old jokes: Based On Fact

Ever banter about the old sexist jokes regarding a woman's sense of direction?  Or More importantly the ability of reading a map?  Astoundingly even in today's day and age of hand held navigational devices, the old jokes still APPLY!
I have to snicker, but Bless my Mothers Heart!
Today was her visit, Down form the tropical North East: New Hampshire!  Yes folks she flew all that way for what amounts to a 72 hour visit, as she has to be back up North for work next week.  We Atherton's are Workaholics!  But in all reality the 6 hours she spent with us this year is probably about all she could handle.  As she says "I raised MY children!"
Seriously, it was nice to see her again and for her to be able to see the kids.  We went out for brunch to the "Golden Coin" (if you get a chance to eat there, do so.  Good service and home cooked food.  Very Tasty!) and she got to visit, some day she'll retire here I'm sure but for now she'd miss her New England.
But, on the way back to Sun City, OH MAN!  Now I know it can be somewhat DAUNTING to attempt to navigate through this state (HEY, when I came down here I'd never seen "Turn around" lanes in the middle of a freakin HIGHWAY!) But, with cell phone in hand acting as an air traffic controller following her progression on google....she got lost...twice.  And unfortunately at one point she was stuck in South Saint Pete!  Fortunately though we got her on the right track, but believe me when I say the customers in the shop, hearing the conversation got a good chuckle!
I LOVE ya MA!  You know I do!
So...Now we just have to survive *ahem* I mean ENJOY my Sister's visit next week.  (Honestly though I think the only reason she's coming down is to see the Harry Potter thing at Disney Whatever.
Alright, so onto work!  Today...I was a tad bit distracted, but we managed to get a few things done.  Zombie-Boy is STILL laid up.  So his little corner of the Dungeon has been quiet, But Matt was in and rendered a GORGEOUS re-furb, re-paint of the 30+ year old K-mart Road Bike.  Now I don't know who built the thing originally, but for a "K-mart" bike it had some nice components (for the time) and lug work.  Pic below.  And we posted it and it actually sold BEFORE the post showed on Craigslist.  But it's so PRETTY i just had to pic it here!  he also had time to re-furb a nice ladies Free-Spirit  "Daily Banger!".  This one a splendid example of 90's "tres' Chic"  with the stunning texture "splatter" paint scheme.  Fetching!
Me?  Well after a tune-up, i put out a Clean little Rhino 20" we picked up today.  This one is basically brand new, just needed bearing work, a kickstand and a bath.
Purchases?  Well we got the aforementioned Free Spirit, Rhine and a SLICK Schwinn Riverside Men's 7-speed cruiser!  YAY!!  Black and white, leather grips, back flat rack and full fendered!  She needs ALOT of work but will be one HECK of a smooth ride when she's done!
What left?  Sold the Pacific Bmx to a slick from upstate who just KNOWS he's gonna be hip on that ride!  As predicted the Ladies Beach cruiser I put out last night barely lasted after opening.  She was quite happy with her purchase and genuinely excited to be riding again!  LOVE to hear that! 
The Ladies "Daily Banger" put together at the end of last night was sold at about the same time, Knew that one wouldn't last.  And I thank them for all their kind words and compliments!
So tomorrow should be a busy day filled with many more new goodies!  See ya all then!
BEA-U-Ti-FULL Full re-furb/re-paint
ONLY $180.00

Ladies "Free Spirit" "Daily Banger"
ONLY $55.00!!

LIKE NEW! 20" 7-Speed Rhino!
ONLY 45.00!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

one more before I go!

Another "Daily banger!"
Thank you for your support.
Pretty "Daily Banger" Bliss
ONLY $65.00!!

Goofy WORKS!!

For some bizarre reason everyone here today came in in a goofy mood.  And it was a Swamped day!!  Thank you all for your visiting and continuous support!
Lets get to the meat!
Sold the Jamis to a really cool guy buying it for his son and in trade we got a SWEET 2008 Trek 220 MT!  It's in top notch condition and will make a transitional bike for some lucky person, because we got it for a VERY reasonable trade and it only needed a little work, so we are letting it go CHEAP!!  Almost thought we had it sold this evening when a lovely young couple for her.  She is a petite lass, but doesn't want to ride something that makes her look petite (AHHH, that explains why soccer moms drive Hummers!  I get it!)  As it turns out, it was just a little to short for her, but that's OK, 'cause they gave us one of the nicest compliments when they said they'd wait to see if we could find them something for her, rather then go ANYPLACE else!  WOW!  Thank you SO much for those kind words!
The Clutch BMX went out first thing to a sweet young man and his Mom, and he was QUITE excited about the buy!  So glad we could be a part!
The Next BMX went out shortly there after to a wonderful set of parents for their son who also traded in a SWEET like New MTB!  That one was bought at Christmas but there son preferred a BMX.  Hey, that's cool with us!
And one of our regulars came in, (this will make his third bike with us) originally to repair or replace a rear 20" BMX wheel.  As it turns out, WE ARE OUT (OMG!) of rear 20's (if any of you have some, we'll buy!) and when he found out that the sweet 20" Mongoose Outer limits was cheaper then buying a new rear wheel, he snatched it up!  (smart man!)
And a very distinguished young Lady with an expert eye for the finer things in life walked out of here VERY happy after her purchase of Zombie-boys painstakingly refurbished Univega Metro 5 ladies bike !  I wish her the best as she'll be the talk of the trail on that gem!
And coming in at number 1 (with all due respect to everyone else)  has to be George!  and his lovely and undoubtedly VERY understanding and relaxed wife.  George is now the proud owner of the Royce Union Big Boy, and I have to tell you I finally met my match!  I never thought I would meet someone capable of being a bigger smart ass then me, but he did it!  I am VERY proud and pleased to have met you sir!  My hat's off to you!  And I thank you very much for not sicking your ankle bitter on me! LOL!!
And, as always I thank each and every one of you for entrusting your re-pairs to us once again, and we are very happy to have gotten you back on the road quickly.
ON to the buys!  Today was also an excellent day for procurements.  The aforementioned Trek 220, and the Magna MTB, as well as a nice Ladies 26" single speed cruiser (never can have enough of those)  2 real sharp simple starter BMX's that look like they were hardly even ridden, a ladies 26" banger (on the rack now) and  ANOTHER Vertical PK-7.  An older model but a better looking one I think!  And all but two are already out (I've been a busy little Bee!)
thanks to Momma from taking time out from the kiddo's to come in and give a hand, bringing Kaleb to do grunt work.  And Matt has diligently been going away at his road bike re-paint that should (fingers crossed) be on the floor tomorrow!
So with that, I have to finish the Banger and boogie!
"Showroom New" Beginner BMX
ONLY $40.00!!

Ladies Single Speed Comfort
ONLY $60.00!!

"Daily Banger" Heaven
Only $60.00!!

Simple "LIKE NEW" beginner BMX
ONLY $45.00!!

Sweet! Transitional Trek 220 MTB
ONLY $110.00!!


It's a gorgeous day.  Why are you sitting inside?  We have had a week or more of frigid temps, and once again it's (almost) t-shirt weather!  I know there is a little voice in the back of your head saying...."Get OUT(side)"!  And believe me when I tell you you MUST obey the voices in your head!
Your just jealous that the voices like me, more then you.
Where was I?
Oh Yea, It's a great day for bike riding, so get on out and....
What's that you say?
You don't have a bike?!
Your bike doesn't work right?
(heh heh)
Well COME ON DOWN!  We'll get you up and riding right! (that didn't sound right)
So on today's menu is more building of goodies, Matt is in and is in a STRANGE mood.  He just left riding a 12" boys bike with training wheels?  Don't ask me, I'M the SANE one!  We are kid free here today, as it being Sat they are at the hotel vegging out to cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, I must lament at the current Board of fare as far as cartoons go.  Angela was flipping through channels and realized there were none on the major stations and had to settle for CN.  I say, bring back the classics!  I'm gonna do a rare thing and offer up one of the many ideas I have rattling around in my vacuous head.  I think some DVD production company should develop a series of boxed sets, called simply "Saturday morning's" and instead of just 1 title of shows actually produce in each boxed set a year of Saturday morning cartoons.  You can even start back in the 50's up until the advent of cable (when everything got screwed up.  But play in chronological order each week of cartoon blocks, commercial  and all for the three major networks of the time (each on their own disc)  Each box set represents 1 year.  And in the "special features" you can show the specials that each Network had premiering that years new cartoons, interviews etc.  I know all that material is still out there, probably be a licensing head ache, but someone should give it a shot!
All right enough of that I have to get my butt in gear and start puttin' out some stuff.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I Be Pimpin'!

I would say today has been a quite day, but the kids were here most of the day, so I can't.  They have been couped up in that 1 hotel room and it's getting a little claustrophobic in there.  Not to mention deadly to walk through, so momma let 'em hang out here for the day. Plus I don't think she really wanted to go back there earlier either.  She spent the morning cleaning it up and she needed her shop time, to regain perspective!
Speaking of the home  front, Just got word this evening from the new landlord that the House is ready and he's bringing the keys by tomorrow!! YAY!!  Now we get to pack. BOOO!! maybe there's some way I can get out of helping?  I KNOW!  Over the next week or so you folks can help by coming in with a lot of re-pairs and buy a lot of bikes so I HAVE to stay here and work! YEA, that's the ticket!  (Shameless capitalistic ploy, hunh?) But trust me you will be performing a public service by protecting the peace and all sound ordinances, as Momma's style of packing is to thoroughly organize and carefully pack, where as mine is to grab trash bags and chuck about 90% of three years accumulation of cra...stuff. (arguments ensue)
Well, Matt finished up a couple re-pairs then went on to start work on the old (way old) K-Mart road bike we got in last week, and boy I'll tell you, it's looking pretty sharp, nice shiny chrome under that layer of rust.  He opted for a full re-paint.  Wisely, he has chosen to avoid the K2, leaving that for someone with calm resolve and patience.  But seeing as there's no one working here like that, I guess I'll do it.
As for me, i put out to new kids bikes.  They were a backyard find, covered in OODLES of rust, but the bodies were in good shape, i couldn't let myself scrap them.  And I'm starting on some other bangers, as we are about out of those.  Have a couple prime MTB's for that category.
Hopefully Zombie-boy will be off his back by tomorrow and back in to finish up his goodies.
Now briefly on to the Pimpin'!
After a lull of 3 months that my artist, Afro-monkey couldn't dedicate to the strip he's back at it in earnest.  Ya'll could do me a favor, if you would please.  and go on over and check out for me.  We've stockpiled a couple weeks of strips and he's updating the sight every couple of days.  our hope is to someday be able to syndicate the strip, but in order to make the product more tasty to the syndicates they like to know there's a built in audience.  So please, check it out and enter in the comments section what you think, good,  bad or otherwise.
We'd greatly appreciate it!
Well now, it's back to work for a brief time then home to shower and Friday night movie!
ONLY $45.00!!

NICE transitional BMX 18"er


Wow, outta the blue.  Thought I was doin' pretty good with the whole quitting smoking thing, but for some reason today is BAD!  I'm fighting it, but Lord!  Maybe this is the final death throes of the addiction as the poisons leave my body.  Boy I hope so.  Gonna have to keep busy to keep my mind off of it!
Speaking of busy!  Zombie-Boy is apparently laid up today as he threw out his back...somehow/
I will NOT speculate.
Matt's in today, apparently feeling better, funny, you rarely see the two of them together in the same place at the same time, could it be that....?  NAH!  Well?  maybe...Matt is....Zombie-Boy!?
Have much to build today but I want to take a couple of minutes to go over some interesting news tidbits, then cover 1 commonly asked question around here.
First, a big "Way To Go!" to the city of Portland, which has adopted the use of man powered three wheelers to deliver office supplies to all city offices and employees!  In an attempt to cut down on gas-tly emissions all their goodies will now be delivered by Pedal Power!! In an over sized trike, with a storage box on the back (still looking for pics) Now the rest of you pollutant spewing cities need to take notice!  Imagine, all these cities, and towns complaining about budget cuts?  Imagine how much money you could save if ALL city employees were required to ride bike? Well, we have done some research in the past and the average person (you and me) spends (on average) $29,473.08 PER YEAR to own and operate a motor vehicle (and that quote DOES NOT include the cost of insurance)  For a small example, take city code enforcement? (yea, you knew I'd pick on them didn't ya!?) Last time i was there I counted 22 vehicles in the parking lot.  Simple math.  They'd save $648,407.76...A YEAR! by simply eliminating that fleet!  Heck, I'd even save them more, for each car they dispose of, I'll GIVE them a real nice bike to re-place it, with a basket and everything!  Believe me, I've met these people some of them could do with a little more bike riding!
Obviously, we need emergency vehicles and what have you, but eliminate the fat!
Secondly comes our first ever "Somebody Was Watching The Discovery Channel!" award!  Seems a group of inventive drug dealers in Mexico, just over the Arizona border, tired of the standard smuggling operations came up with a new idea for speedy importation of their product onto American soil.  Employing a large trailer, a metal bar and some heavy duty elastics they were caught by US Border Patrol, responding to a tip testing out their...Catapult!  Yep, copying a design for a medieval "Long Range" catapult, their apparent plan was?  Not sure, but check out the pic below!
Now on to the "recently asked questions .  "Do you have any used bikes?"  may seem like a simple question, but it has a not so simple answer.  The bikes we purchase are used, however they do go through a full refurb.  In short, we tare the bike down to frame and rebuild it, cleaning every nut and bolt, re greasing and oiling all moving parts, and replacing all parts damaged or worn out.  hence why we call them "re-furbished" bikes.  There is a difference.  We do not simply buy and then sell, like pawn shops, or thrift stores, or what have you.  We offer a FULL one warranty, so they HAVE to be in TOP ridding shape when they leave!
Hope that answers that question adequately.
Also, as promised i leave you with the pics of the two other bikes finished last night!
So, I think I've wasted enough of your time today, and I must get to work. Talk ta ya 2-nite!
If you absolutely, positively have to get stoned overnight!

The Counterpart to the Mens Metro 5!
ONLY $170.00 or $300.00 for the pair!

It may look Goofy, but Lightweight, fast and comfortable!
ONLY $135.00!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Seventh Ring Of Hell....

...exists on the high end of a 7 speed freewheel.
MAPHISTO HAS BEEN BANISHED!!!  Matt (with all due props to Zombie-Boy for the assist) has finally rid us of Mephisto's Road Bike!!  But it has been proven the high end (smallest cog) of the 7 speed freewheel exists to torment bike mechanics, that's all there is to it!  I think he went through 4 before finally finding one that would work.  BUT, the customer is happy (we hope) and all is right again in the Universe!
Today was another one of those "to cold to come out and play" days.  SO, we putz with all new projects.  The Haro 20" I started last night is done and shes a PEACH!  Brakes were an issue but that has more to do with our total lack of organization then anything else.
GA-FAW you say?  "We thought you had the shop cleaned and organized" you say?  Yea well, the difference a week and three guys has!  SOMEDAY!  is our mantra around here!
Also, Zombie-Boy finished up the Ladies Univega Metro 5, but has to do a final tune in the am, then we'll have pic's. He worked a little on the Dahon...Oh I know, "still?"  someday. (see there it is again!)
  And I got to finish a SWEET Mutt of a Takara deluxe Touring bike we got on consignment. It is a little quirky looking, but OH so comfortable to ride.  Light weight and fast but SMOOTH!!  Will have pics tomorrow, even though I'm half tempted to keep it for myself.
Matt put out another Triax PK-7 "Daily Banger" but still a real sharp looking and nice riding one.  He then went on to....stripping carcases.  Tomorrow he wants to tackle the K2.  Just re-member folks...I warned him. 
Well I gotta go get diapers, and formula and hustle home!
Oh by the way, the newest kitten is eating solid food!  And Willamina is bigger then her mother now!  She takes after her father, Raptor for sure!
SWEET "Daily Banger"!
ONLY $80.00!!

Full re-paint, re-furb "scratch build" 90% Haro with all the goodies!!
ONLY $160.00!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hail, ail the gangs all here (almost)

Well today proved to be another busy one.
On the family front as well as work.
My Mom is coming for a visit in two days.  My Dad and Step Mother are already here in Florida and my sister comes down in a little over a week.  Haven't seen my mom in about 8 years and my sister in 6 years.  Needless to say my mother has never met either of her granddaughters so I know she's looking forward to that.  My dad and step mom hung out at the shop a little while after the kids came here from school.  "How did you fit them all in there?" you may ask.  Tweren't easy.  Kinda cool have'n grand dad here to put the kids in place.  I barely had to do anything.  And you should have seen the look on the kids face as if "Why is that older version of dad telling me no?"
It's what our kids have been missing.  I am a firm believer in the benefit of an older generation having sway and influence on today's kids.  These people KNOW propriety, and proper behavior, something the last couple generations seem to have forgotten.  And we have become so, I don't know....wimpy when it comes to setting our children straight, that they pretty much rule the roost.  And manners and decent behavior?  HA!  I am a real hard ass with my kids about certain things, and respect and appreciation and humility are way up there on the list.  But the kids they go to school with, and hang out with?  Well that can be a real hard influence to break.  When 90% of the kids today would rather say @$#! you, rather then thank you?  Makes it hard for an old fart like me.
Case in point.  I was working a little late trying to get a Haro frame in paint for a young man who has been DYING to buy it (and this young man is a good example of a well mannered child) so I had the shop locked up after hours to work unperturbed when there was a knock on our window.  poking my head around the Dungeon door a saw two small kids maybe 8 or 9, a brother and a sister holding a little BMX bike.  I answered the door and they asked if I could help them fix there rear wheel.  Seems they had a little accident in the parking lot.  Her long sweater got caught in the coaster sprocket and chain and in trying to get it out they broke the rear locking ring.  Well I removed the rear wheel, and not only was the sprocket broke but the wheel looked like a taco!  Well I couldn't let these two kids try and ride this thing home, so I told them to hold on grabbed another coaster brake rear and put it on.  Then they left without so much as a thank you.  Forgive me if that sounds petty, i don't do things to help in hopes of a reward, but a simple thank you?  It's just a scary realization that seems to be more the norm nowadays.  I hope someday there will be a revival of good old morality, perhaps if they taught that in school...instead of dwell on the FCAT.
All right I have stepped down from my soapbox and have firmly placed my feet in reality.
On the work front...
Zombie-Boy has FINISHED the Univega!!! And Boy Howdy was it worth the wait!  This thing is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  and without pause he went right on to the ladies version.  Matt unfortunately had to go home sick this morning and I hope he feels better, and gets his but back in here!  Mephisto awaits. (I ain't touching it!  I'd turn it into slag!)  I took care of a few more re-pairs that came in today (again thank you for your trust!)  then got started on the full re-paint, re-furb of the aforementioned Haro.  Another SWEET lookin' little BMX!  And OH the goodies I brought in today!  A Trek 3900 MTB!  LOTS of work needed on this one, but she'll be sweet when she's done!   A K2 Mach 1.0 road bike (We needed more road bikes!) and a couple more bangers!  So we have a busy week (as always) be lookin' for them gems!
Well, I haven't had a shower or dinner yet, so I need to hustle!  Y'all have a good night!

ONLY $170.00!!!!

High Marks!

Ah.  The difference a day makes.
Just back from mommas follow-up, and although shes gonna have to deal with twinges and regrowing nerves for the next 6 months to a year, she passed with flying colors!  And the doc was quite surprised she has kept stead fast to the quitting smoking.  My shock would be do folks who have to deal with what momma went through actually fall off the wagon?  I mean, yea it's hell trying to quit, but when your faced with the reality of your own mortality?  OK sorry, enough preaching.
The events of yesterday seem to have not only been solved but may turn out to be to our benefit.  Here's crossing the fingers!  In the end NOTHING will keep us from carrying on the torch.  Our community deserves an inexpensive alternative to pricey boutique bike shops, and we will continue to kick, fight and scream to keep this a reality!
Looks like Zombie-boy may actually finish the Univega today, and I have one overhaul then it's back to production, got a couple cool (but majorly rusted) kids bikes I want to get out!  Then Hopefully another one of the goodies we got!
So till tonight!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I thought it only rained on Mondays?

Today was DEFINITELY a roller coaster day!   Major Ups and Downs!  Won't go to far into details but suffice to say I think we dodged a MAJOR bullet today.  And the UPs were major as well.  So in the end...I'm currently trying to get the threads to line up so I can screw my head back on straight without stripping it!!
A very big thanks to the folks who came to visit today PRIOR to the HUGE storm front coming in!
The Pacific Python sold to another CONVERT (YA!) today.  My best wishes are with you sir and I hope you DO keep up with it!
And to the wonderful lady and her Mom who stopped in "just because" as they have been following our little blog and just wanted to check out the shop.  I hope when you come back to FL we'll have something that fits your fancy.
A special "thanks" to the wonderful lady who showed a keen iinterest ion the Columbia I was working on this morning.  She had a hard time visualizing what it would look like done as she saw it in a bucket.  Well! check out the pic below and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!  It came out GORGEOUS!  I love old chrome!  It shines up SO nice!
And the gentleman who also has been perusing the blog, when you're ready we will be more then happy to supply you with the parts to build yourself a three wheel tandem.
Once again (as always) we are eternally grateful for the trust you put in us to do your re-pairs, Thank you!
Zombie boys STILL working on his Dahon project...and the Male of the pair of Univegas, He's got that one REALLY shinning!
Matt....cleaned his work area.
and OH YEA he's about 90 % there with "Mephisto's road bike"
Me?  Well I was busy all morning doing my Kal El bit.  Once I knew the Kevlar held I went on to build up the Columbia and as aforementioned....SWEET!
Angela, still trudging came in a little later as she took the morning to take much needed rest, and once the effects of the hollow points wore off...started to come around. 
Well, as there is a slight break in the rain I'm gonna try and skip out a wee bit early, so here's hoping that tomorrow will pass....
without incident.
ONLY $110.00

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's the little things....

Unbelievably we have been opened for over a year (here).  Not counting the two years we did this out of our garage. And in that time which has flown by so fast, we have met so many cool folks and seen so many happy bikes go to new homes, and we have done it all....
 without the benefit of running water.
That's right folks!  We have been opened for over a year and NEVER got around to turning on the water...until today!
And I don't think I've ever seen a group of grown men (and 1 woman) actually GIDDY about such a thing!  Our bathroom has stood as a "What Not" store room collecting layer upon layer of dust, metal shavings and over-spray throughout the year.  Well in part "Thanks" to my son Elijah who had the misfortune of showing up just when we needed the thing cleaned (heh heh) then after the truck load of sh...refuse was removed I hit it with a gallon of bleach and MANY cleaning rags!  and Viola'! instant Library/rec-room!
And as is just I had the privilege of christening it!
WOW.  to not have to walk home to wash a bike or intrude on our neighbors to utilize the facilities.  And to be able to intermittently wash our hand?
A little the end of the day i found myself standing in it admiring the little closet.  Funny how such a little thing can make you feel like a success.
SO, on to business.  Thank you to all the totally tubular folks what came out to visit today!  Sold the Ladies Road master to a very nice lady for her daughter, however I have the sneaking suspicion that Mom is going to claim it as the daughter will probably come in for a custom cruiser after not so long!
And the Way Cool Royce Union Downhill that went out last night sold to a real cool couple who had nothing but great compliments to say!  We do so LOVE to have our ego's stroked!
And A special HI and Thanks to many "Old Timers" who came into today.  And by old timers I mean folks who patronized us whilst we were still shleppin' bike out of the garage.  Nice to know you folks are still around and re-member us!
And a special HI to the young couple in looking for a MTB for her, and I had just happened to purchase one 10 minutes before they came in that they just loved!  I put a rush on it and they just left happier than GI Joe on a two day pass at Barbies Beach House!
And as is always the question of the day "yes" the clown bike CAN be ridden and thanks for asking!  We love to know that old beast still attracts the eyes!
And as always we are deeply thankful for all the trust you folks put in us when you bring us your re-pairs, and I NEVER get tired of hearing the surprise in your voices when I tell you it will be done today!
We Put out another Royce Union (from the same scrap truck as the last) today.  This one is a Big Boy Hard Tail!  And MAN is she smooth!  Matt put out another 20" BMX (can never have enough) and was working on Mephisto's Road Bike!  Sheesh, this thing becoming a real NIGHTMARE!  Hopefully I can figure out the dilemma tomorrow!
Well with that, It's been a busy day and I need my beauty rest.  So until then...

OVER 56cm of Big Boy Cruise!
ONLY $115.00!!

ONLY $50.00!!

What Dreams may Wicked This Way come!

Ever have one of those dreams that was like an old movie serial?  For all our younger readers, back in the OLD days going to the movies was an EVENT!  For like a quarter you'd see a newsreel, a couple cartoons, a serial then the film.  A serial was like a 10 or 15 minute chapter in a larger story.  So you'd have to go to the movies each week to see each chapter.  That's been like these dreams I've been having the last several nights.  Neither good nor bad but surreal. It's just every night I go to bed and the dream picks up where the other one left off.  Weird.  I can't quite figure out where it's going, but I'm looking forward to the ENDING!
That way maybe I could sleep good.  Thank you to my lovely wife whom brought in the kids to school this morning and let me get a little more sleep, I needed it.
So in today with a fresh feeling! Yea right.  The fresh feeling comes after caffeine.  But I'm gonna pump out the MTB I started last night, then move on to another BMX, as we are low on those as well.  Everyone is in attendance today so hopefully they can get some stuff pumped out today!
Hope all goes well for you today.  Be talking at you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bust A MOVE!!

That's about all the UMPH I can muster!
Busy day (work wise that is!) 'Twas an even colder day today, so not as many intrepid adventure seekers hittin' the road to come visit!  But that KO, I had plenty to keep busy!  Finished up a sweet looking Royce Union Downhill Today, another "scrap Truck Survivor"!  Originally thought it would end up in parts, but I just really dug the frame, so it's now Cherry!  Well granted it's got a few nicks and dings on 'er but she was brought all the way down to frame and rebuilt, so mechanically VERY sound!  Also got started on another Royce (same scrap truck), another MTB but this one a hard tail Big Boy!
Momma and Kaleb were in for a wee bit, Momma visited with the looky loo's and I put Kaleb to work cleaning up the back (again) as 'neither of the other crew came in today.
Special "Gosh...That Sucks" to my Dad staying in the Sunshine state for a few months.  He is now a retired vagabond, living life on the road in his trailer, and unfortunately he had his bike stolen last night from his campground!!  Yep...A big Florida HELLO!  'round here if'n ya don't nail it down, they'll take it!  A real sweet Giant Cypress!  So now I'll be on the lookout for a new one for him.
And a special thanks to Terry our scrap guy for the wonderful gift this morning!  My VCR here at the shop died last night and lo and behold Terry showed up with a new (To us) one today!  How'd he know!?
So now I can watch my movies as I work!
Well I have to ,once again endure the cold trip back to the Hotel!  Thank Heavens we've only got about a week to go!
ONLY $90.00!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

IT'S how mUCH?

It's been a while since I had to purchase new parts.  But alas I found my self in need of a few items to do re-pairs we did not have, so I made the call.  I don't know when it happened but according to my supplier my catalog was WAY out of date.  OK granted it's November of last year but, WOW!  I mean tubes went up $1.30, tires almost DOUBLED!  Apparently all thing relying on petroleum (which is about all) has gone up alot over the last year in total and they kept there prices down as long as they could.  Well doesn't THAT SUCK!
So needless to say we will be DOUBLING our efforts to hold on to as much as we can of used parts that can be salvaged!
Today was a MAD busy day! Thanks to all the intrepid folk who braved another sunshine filled Florida day (Sunshine yes, blistering cold winds YES!)  Sold the Jamis Boss and ladies Univega to a wonderful couple who were QUITE excited about there purchase, and their enthusiasm was QUITE contagious!  Thank you so much for the pleasant visit, and all the wonderful compliments.  You made our day!  As well as the fact that they are (wait for it.....) CONVERTS!!!!  YAY!
The KHS Montana went out to a very astute gentleman who knew JUST what he wanted, and how he wanted it!  we LOVE that!
The blue Road master went out as well, and I'm sorry we didn't have a bike for the husband of this great couple!  Perhaps soon!
And a special "HEY THERE!" to James Micheal a very, very, very enthusiastic young man who just LOVES bikes! and to his mom and their ever expanding young family (#4 due in about a month) I think it's great you are all habitual outsiders!  Keep away from the TV!
And the young gentleman undergoing his bike building project, I hope the Old School Chicago Schwinn you got serves you well!
Well I KNOW there are folks i missed and I mean no slight.  Angi was doing a BANG UP job of holding down the fort up front so Matt and I could concentrate on putting out more goodies (pic below) unfortunately we could only get out three today.  First thing this morning was doing the few remaining re-pairs from yesterday, then we were tag teaming a stubborn Myata we have had here for FAR to long with an incessant click in the drive train, which leads me to..... DUM, DUM, DAHHHHHHUM...

This myata came in for a full re-furb 2 months ago.  The customer left it for  month before paying the deposit (no fault of his, as he was dealing with an injury) when he came in to pay we began the work, and again, and again.  It came back twice with an annoying clicking in the chain.  And as much as we tried and swapped out parts, even eventually paying for NEW parts ourselves just in the oft chance that the others were faulty, it STILL CLICKED!  Maddened we tried once again today.  We thought we finally had it and I took it out to test drive it.  Briefly I talked with a customer and when I turned back to the bike I glanced at the rear end...
it was SEVERELY out of alignment!!!
ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  the frame was BENT!!!
Ever have one of those moments?
So in the end we informed the customer that it was our screw up and we should have caught it.  So in the end we are transferring all the components onto another (NOT BENT) frame, on us.
Well with that salt in the wound I have to get a move on.  I got a long COLD ride to get on!
Sweet 5-speed Honda Racing Conversion!!
ONLY $40.00!!

Outer Limit's!
Check out the SWEET 5 spoke Alloys!
ONLY $55.00!!

What a SWELL Hybrid
2000 Jamis Citizen
ONLY $135.00!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


OK, to any of our readers who smoke (no, no don't worry I REFUSE to be come of one of those preachy EX-smokers) But I want to give you a real reality slap that my wife brought up the other night that made the suffering of quitting a little easier.  She pondered out loud about how much money we may have saved by quitting?  An easy equation.  The cost per pack multiplied by how much we smoked per day.  She has not smoked in 21 days X 2 packs a day X $7.25 per pack = $304.50!  Me 9 days X 3 packs per day X $7.25 a pack = $195.75!!
That's $500.25 we have saved in 21 days!
An average of $166.75 per week!
That's $8671.00 a year!!!
No wonder we were always broke!!

Info to chew on.  What could you do with an extra 9 grand a year!

Thursday, January 20, 2011 Oxygen!

I think I cough now more then I ever did smoking!  They say when you quit the body starts to expel the toxins.  Oh isn't that a joy!  Well I keep plugging!
Well today was alot of re-pairs day, and put out fires day (don't ask) but in the end I maintained a level clear head (AH.....hunh.) Put out that KHS I was working on, it's a real shiner! Don't see many of these out there, and after a full re-furb she's in AWESOME shape!  Again I apologize for the quality of picture.  Zombie boy finished up a couple re-pairs and is continuing to work on the Dahon he's been putzin with for more 'n a week.  At this point if I charged by the hour the bike would be selling for around $700.00! (just kidding!) He seems VERY proud of his creation. 
Can't wait to see it when it's done.
Bought MORE goodies today and don't ask me where I'm gonna put 'em!  Got another workman 3 wheeler that is a DEFINITE candidate for a Before And After photo shoot!  WOOF!  this thing is ROUGH!  I'll take snaps tomorrow when it's light out.  Got a (soon to be) nice Royce Union MTB, and a couple more bangers.  So the Little Engine That Could is still pluggin!
Had a weird conversation today i don't quite know how to process.  Had a gentleman come in, well dressed, obviously some sort of professional that was asking the basic question, "What we do" "how we do it" "where we get our material" and then stated that he'd been "asking" around about us.  That every one he talked to knew about us and gave us good compliments.  I liked to hear that, but then he said something strange, he said that we should really consider "raising" our prices.
That's an odd thing for a potential customer to say.  he went on to say that if the other shops in town were charging  more for doing the same thing then we should to.  That I should try it and that I'd be surprised, that people would be willing to pay it.
That may all be true, but we are here BECAUSE all the other shops in town charge what they charge.  And with no small amount egotism attached, before us they had no other option.  Won't go into all the reason why (again) we do what we do (don't want to bore you...too much) but just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you should!
Still all and all he didn't buy anything, and just left with an odd smile on his face.

I Pity Da Fool!

OK, I didn't comment yesterday, 'cause I was ranting, but the other day we settled down and FINALLY got to see the A-Team and I must say I was NOT disappointed!  Even though I am a BIG Dwight Shultz fan, and to me he is the true Murdock (and Barclay for that matter) the movie was a real treat!  Seeing Hollywood actually make a Good movie re-make of an old (sorry dating myself) TV show I grew up with was awesome!  The Final big scene was a TAD bit over the top But I can live with it.  And The cameos by most of the original cast (George Peppard may he rest in piece) was a nice touch.
Now, if they could just make a "Hardcastle and McCormick" re-make, that would be sweet!
Well, that Gt we put out yesterday lasted about an hour and sold just before closing last night, and another two of the ladies Road masters left this morning, so we are back into hyper build mode! 
And Welcome back to Matt, the wandering Mechanic!  Says he missed the dis-FUN-ctionality of things around here!  As I am playing Daddy to little Miss Izy this morning 'till Big Bro Arrives, I have a morning to putz around paper work!
But once I'm let loose I hope to have the KHS done and move on to the Royce Union MTB!
So until later...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Time

You know I don't force my opinions on other people, I'm not that way.
So I go next door to Subway to get some tea, and as I'm walking in I see a young mother and her little boy, he's maybe 6 having dinner together and I say to myself  "isn't that nice" until I pass them and notice that shes on the phone texting or surfing the web, and he's got one of those pocket DVD movie player thingies opened in front of him!
Seriously!  I mean just how much time do you get to spend with your kid(s) 1 on 1?  To me, and to mine, dinner time is sacred.  The TV isn't on when we eat, the cell phones off, and yea it can be a zoo with all the bodies at the table, but it's good chaos.  And really it's the only time of the day I have an opportunity to hear about their days.  I guess I'm old fashioned but all these folks with their high tech thingamagiggees, sever the cord for an hour a night and interface with your family!
On our work front, spent the morning with Izy as momma had to go home and rest, been overdoing it lately. But banged out a gorgeous GT Wind stream Hybrid, and Jay's been doing re-pairs.  Now he's working on an MGX and I have a SWEET older KHS mountain bike in my bay, parts a' soakin'!
Sold the Specialized Rock Hopper to an astute buyer today, and had many lookee loos as well.
The Jamis cruiser we had taken a deposit on, is available again.  The gentleman who was going to buy it had to sink some serious dough into car re-pair, soooooo.
ONLY $130.00!!

ONLY $110.00!!
Until tomorrow, gotta run!


Here I go again...
CAUTION!!!  DO NOT!  I repeat, DO NOT!!  attempt to deal with any branch of the Governmental Bureaucratic BOZO"S if you are trying to quit smoking!!
Here's my tender tale of terribly tumultuous trials and tribulations!  A year ago, whilst doing our taxes I stupidly left my day minder, containg ALL my personal identification in the tax office.  20 minutes later upon realizing I did so, I returned to the office to retrieve it.  Nope, not there.
So I figure go get the social, go get the ID.
Apparently in January of last year the Federal Government passed new, more stringent laws re-garding proof of identity.  Now you need a picture ID to get your Social Security card, BUT you need a Social Security to get a picture ID?
Hey, in the dictionary under "Catch 22"....
SO, I have sporadically over the last year been attempting to re-gain my identity, only to be thwarted at each turn.  Well, Once tax time was coming around again I reasserted my efforts with vigor, and had FINALLY gotten through, to an ACTUAL REAL LIVE PERSON at the local SS office (notice how the acronym for social security is...SS...remind you of another (in)famous "SS"?) who instructed me to gather up ALL the information I had that identified me as me and bring it to the office.
SO, today was that day, with my FULL bag in hand and Izy in tow I shelled out the $14 dollar r cab ride to the social security office, stranded in line OUTSIDE for 45 minutes until they opened, went in got my number, sat and waited another 30 minutes, was called up, opened up my abundant information and.....STOP! 
"do you have....?"
"Do you have....?"
"I'm sorry I can't help you"
I then proceeded to try and explain that I had spoken to "BLANK" and was informed..."
But no. This bland, arrogant, self righteous uptight Neophyte had NO desire to give me the time of the day much less waste one more second of her valuable time!  I attempted to retrieve SOME semblance of information from her in regards to where or what or how I could get something that proved my identity, but at that point she was already shuffling around looking for the paperwork regarding her next victim, and was eagerly awaiting my departure.  Well needless to say I DO NOT take to well to being dismissed, a character flaw to be sure, however one that elicit a somewhat DIRECT response.  I believe I said something regarding the cost of the wasted trip, as well as some colorful choices of words from the seedier side of the English Language muttered under my breath when the Rent-A-Gestapo appeared at my side and in CHOPPY English asked me if their was a problem.
Ever ACTUALLY opened a can of worms?
Well I did in fact keep my mouth shut, because if age has taught me anything, it has proven to pick your battles.  And "you can't fight stupid, with stupid"
Well, upon re-turning to the shop I made MORE calls and was given the suggestion to get a copy of a medical form and that was proof enough.
Funny.  Anyone can walk into a Medical Records and re-quest a copy of medical re-ports, that coupled with a utility bill apparently is proof enough to get a SS card, then take that and get your ID?  Doesn't sound all that secure to me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


OK....It's official.  I'm getting old!  Was running something across the street today for momma and as I push off on the bike I extended the first down stroke and blew out my hamstring!  I'll tell ya.....
I am so out of shape (aside from an increasing pear shape) it aint funny!  I gotta start to exercise more (whoop! just got buzz bombed by a flying pig!) I think I'll wait until I've ome to grips with the whole "not smoking" thing!  Not that it's driving me crazy or anything but just how do you adjust the sights on a sniper rifle anyway (OH!)
OK on to work!  Got 4 more out today (pic's below) and sorry for the poor quality of the pics, as the flash is dead! 
Short entry as Tonight I have the A-Team Movie waiting and "I love it when a plan comes together!"

ONLY $65.00

ONLY $60.00

ONLY $125.00

ONLY $80.00!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Living Up To It's Reputation!

That would be Florida to a "T"!  Awoke this morning ready to go at 6.30 am, wanted to get laundry done BEFORE opening...however.
The loud roar coming from atop the Hotel roof hinted towards LESS then pleasant weather conditions, as did the hammering against the window, so a bike trip was OUT of the question, as was awaiting the bus.  SO 8 buck cab ride later I was at the shop.  As the rain persisted I figured it would be a good, quiet day to do some MUCH needed organizing in the Dungeon.  It went that way for a while, but then the sun came out lit up the sky and with the sun came the throngs of bike enthusiast!  Hey, I aint' complaining!  Sold the Schwinn and Jamis cruisers I put out this morning (their pics are below.  Why?  "cause they're cool!") Also sold one of the Ladies Road master's and the GORGEOUS '04 Giant Boulder SE!  That had to be my favorite sale (not just 'cause of the money) but it was a young man and his dad. The son clearly trying to make a wise informed purchase with his cash, and decided initially to "check out" a few more of the local places.
3 hours later...
He and his dad are back in HAPPY to make such a wise purchase (other shops "Sticker Shock" is a great form of advertising...for us!)  
On the buying front!  Picked up several parts bikes (another backyard clean-up!) got a good beginner road bike in trade.  The gentleman we purchased it from was reluctant to let it go, he and it had 30 years of history together, but he wanted something a little more laid back to ride.  Have no fear!  It will have a glorious re-birth!  Also picked up a nice set of Phase 2 5 spoke ally wheels/w tires, a nice Haro 20" BMX frame, w/3-piece crank, and a STUNNING male cruiser with a really cool frame design....OH I smell a CUSTOM coming along!  Gonna have to do something REAL special with this one!
And a special "thank you" again to the folks who came in to pick up their re-pairs, and just in time as a whole new wave came in!
SO, in the end it was a good day all the way around!  Y'all have a great night!

And a couple more of the finished strips!  Paco's REALLY kicking it into overdrive!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinosaurs with Rocks In Their Stomachs?

It's true (supposedly) Certain dinosaurs would swallow rocks into their stomachs, as the bulk of their diet was coarse and fibrous, the rocks in  the stomach made like a natural pulverizer to grind up the food and make it easier to digest.  Want made it curios to me, is how in the HELL did they figure that out, and more importantly How did they communicate something like that to the other Dinosaurs?  I mean if your the first to figure it out, how do you pass such info on?  What it's like "Hey!  Myron, check this out, in the morning for breakfast before you start munching on that elm, try swallowing some of these rocks.  Gives ya an excellent BM!"  Visualize a Bronto rolling his eyes.
Yep these are the things that come to mind when I'm doing routine re-pairs!  And that was today ALOT of re-pairs!  Thank you so much for your trust!  And Thanks to the couple from Norway who put a deposit down on a special ordered, re-paint on that old Jamis cruiser we rescued from the ditch the other day!  He needed something tall, as he's...something tall!  And a Special thanks for the great compliments on our little enterprise here!  Seems they winter here and last year they took home pics of the clown bike and put it on their home page, apparently they've had ALOT of people download the pic!  Seems there's alot of them floating around over there.  Not a day passes that at least one person takes a pic of it!  Makes a Daddy so proud!  And the nice couple from...somewhere up North, came in and picked out the ladies Road master and the Schwinn I just bought yesterday, for a re-furb!  And thank YOU for all the wonderful compliments as well.  Speaking of stuff bought, the Murray Beach Cruiser I bought with the Schwinn yesterday sold as soon as I opened the doors this morning...And I hadn't even worked on it yet!  He liked it just the way it was.  Thanks to you sir!
Picked up a real sweet ladies Univega hybrid today, needs some work but will hopefully be out by tomorrow or Tuesday.  Sorry i have no new builds to share, 'twas Angela, Kaleb and I today, Angi manned the front and Kaleb did tear down parts bikes, but I had the re-furb and several re-pairs to finish...But TOMORROW...Look out!
Y'all have a restful night!

Sauropods and stegosaurus do not chew the plants they eat. They simply shred the leaves and stems and swallow the shreds whole-rocks within their stomachs then batter the swallowed plant material to a pulp. A good strategy with cycads, which have soft, pulpy interiors, this approach doesn't work well with angiosperms, which are much woodier and tougher. With the rise of angiosperm plants at the beginning of the Cretaceous, sauropods and stegosaurus were replaced by iguanodonts, which had "chewing" teeth (figure 45.51). The jaws of iguanodonts contain enormous batteries of grinding teeth that shred, pound, and grind even the toughest angiosperms. Even bigger than stegosaurus, Iguanodon was as heavy as an elephant.


I want to know who came up with the concept that the word "downhill" was a negative connotations, as in "it's all downhill from here" or "after he just went downhill" because let me tell you after hooking up my little cart  to haul the dirty laundry to the "Mat" near work...I WISH the journey was downhill!  But it may as well have been the Himalayas for all I was concerned!  Hauling 100 lbs of dirty laundry from Edgwater heading East up that homkin' steady grade? WOOF!  I'm SO out of shape!
BUT on the good side it has been over 4 days since my last smoke (no I have NOT cheated!) and as a pleasant side effect I have been wanting things healthy for me!  Weird I know!  Instead of having my customary pot and a half of coffee, I only had 1 CUP!  I had a craving for, of all things ORANGE JUICE!?!  Surreal!  Have I wanted a smoke?  Oh at time I'm nicin' like a "Morph-Fiend" but have persevered!
Angela has been going without for over 2 weeks, Friday was bad only because she was back in her element here at the shop, Old habits and all that ya know!
OK so shop talk.  We had a moment of briskness yesterday, sold three off the floor and one out of the back, Thank you all!  And Thanks to all who came in to pick up their re-pairs, it was getting a little crowded in here!  And then thank you to all the folks that brought in more!!  We appreciate your trust. After the little rush the clouds moved in, it got cold, everyone scurried home, and we focus the remainder of the day working on re-pairs and Zombie-boy was pumping out more goodies!  A special SHOUT OUT to one of regulars (and he knows who he is) He Bought his 8th and 9th bike from us yesterday!  A couple more of his kids have come down from New York and he was getting them transportation (smart man)   thanks to you!
Got a call yesterday from a potential customer asking about a few of the bikes we have listed on Craigslist, and then asked our hours, when he discovered we we're open 7 days a week and until 8 pm he asked "why so late?"  OK good question, and one I'm afraid I didn't answer so well, as I was in the middle of 3 things during the conversation (what can I say I multitask!)  So here's the straight poop " Most people work during the day, they are your customers, someone shouldn't sacrifice they're lunch break to run errands or visit the bike shop, and because most people get out of work at 5 and they have like, a 1-2 hour commute home, when do they have time to take care of  their bike?  Our busiest time's around here are from 7-8pm, most nights we're here even later.  So in short, we are here for the customers, NOT the other way around!
Got in some WAY COOL goodies yesterday as well!  Old school Murray Westport single speed cruiser, Nice Schwinn single speed cruiser (wow! 2 in one day! I'm happier then Lindsay Lohans tape worm!)  Got 2 count em two, twin, his and hers, OLD SCHOOL!!!! Univega Metro five's!! and bought another trucks worth of unique fixer-uppers (or parts bikes...we'll see!)  and to top it off rescued two more from the ditches of Clearwater!  They will live again!
So with all that i have even more work a brewing, Check out the new goodies below!
ONLY $40.00!!


ONLY $85.00!!

GORGEOUS Full re-build, re-paint!!!
Classic Specialized Rock Hopper!
ONLY $155.00!!!