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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leave It To Murphy's Law...

You'd think the bastard would let me have one day void of incident, but NOOOOO!
Day was going so well.  BUT.... Remember I had mentioned that I picked up a vintage Roadmaster ladies cruiser?  Well it's outfitted with a gas tank style top mount, capped off by a stylized built in dual light kit...Pr should I said....had.
 I had it in the rack, and had just finished stripping everything else except the tank. I turned around for a brief moment to place the chain gaurd on the table and....
And doesn't it figure it landed RIGHT on the light casing.  the plastic light casing.
um hmmmm.
Well I recovered most pf the pieces, and tomorrow will have to utilize some fiberglass resin and cloth to rebuild it.  It's just WAY to cool a look to not try.
Well aside from that set back, it was otherwise an awesome day!  Met a wonderful lady recently retired from the teaching gig, and starting up a garlic business at the local farmers markets. Yum!  I LOVE garlic!  There's nothing better then sauteed onions, green peppers mushrooms in butter with a whole clove of sliced garlic! 
Now you know why my cholesterol went way up. 
Anyway... She picked up the vintage Schwinn cruiser we had and in trade?  Well lets just say that there are some bike shops that don't believe in matching up the rider with the right bike.  They tend to direct them more towards the higher ticket items.  Well, this (see pic below) was not the right ride for the lady!  She's happy with her sweet new cruiser and we got (after a lot of cleaning) a SWEET hardly ridden Trek 3700!  Also, thanks to Scott.  A returning customer and a happy success story.  A while back he bought a vintage Power King 3 speed from us as a casual cruiser.  A young gentleman with an eye for the vintage rides discovered he not only really enjoyed riding but determined it was a more useful mode of transportation then his car.  With that in mind he decided to upgrade to something a little more prone to speed.  He is now the happy owner of the vintage Schwinn Continental 2!  YAY!  Also, I didn't think the Panasonic would last too long, but it didn't even make it past the morning.  A gentleman perusing Craigslist stumbled upon our adds and came in to see if we could  repair his Schwinn World, but checked it out and decided to trade up instead.  So now we have ANOTHER sweet Schwinn road bike! She'll be out tomorrow!  Also got out another "Daily Banger Special" so there's that.
Well, another day has come to a close, so have a wonderful eve!

2009 TREK 3700
ONLY $195.00!!!

ONLY $40.00!!

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