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Thursday, January 31, 2013

In retrospect...

At times I think Gods design of human growth was somewhat ill informed.  Or perhaps we could fix this one flaw in natural design and take a page from the flick "Demolition Man" and make it mandatory that once kids hit puberty and prior to entering the teen they be put in stasis and be fed a steady stream of direct cerebral implanted lessons on proper etiquette. 
As I'm sure you have figured out once again having issues with our troubled child, hence why I haven't had the strength to blog the last couple days. 
The reality is I'm probably being punished for all the crap I put my parent through when I was a teenager, but then again what kid doesn't.  But not ads the kids don't have to answer for their misdeeds  from the law, or the school, or the parents thanks to all the sweetness and light extended to all the little hoodlums running around who have no fear of having to suffer consequences worse then a slight slap on the wrist.
See somewhere along the line Kaleb adopted the Creed that he wants to have "a free life" where he gets to do what he wants to do and not have to pay for it.  A little advise he seems to have picked up from some of his "waste of flesh" friends! Problem is that in order to finance his life he takes to pilfering from dad, or other places.  Once again last week he dipped in the home till twice, then was later in the week delivered to mom in the middle of the day by two police cruisers.
oh yea.
That was fun.
Problem is, that aside from a little inconvenience on him, he suffers no real punishment.  The school keeps talking about "special help" but unfortunately I know where that goes.
So needless to say hes under house arrest until I can figure out what to do with him.
Thanks for letting me unload.
|Now, on to business.
We start on the build out next week after the permits (oh yea...bureaucracy) so focusing on keeping the stock up as thankfully we have been blessedly busy this week!  Sold out at least once.   Thanks to all for that!  Have a few new goodies as well, but only three as we have been quite brisk with repairs as well (thanks for that as well folks!)
All right, I best be off!  Re watching Sherlock again and can't miss a second!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Credit To My Heritage

I have to question all the derogatory comments and inflammatory jokes in regards to the French Military.  Yes we've heard the one about the French Armies flag.  It's solid white.  But now in the last couple weeks they have swept through West Africa and deposed the mass of attacking Islamic extremist fighters along the way.
How long have we been in Iraq and Afghanistan?
10 years or so?
I mean no offence to our soldiers but given our lack of completion over there....
in all the arguments over the gun control issue I heard one stance taken by some official that they were against the Establishment of a data base that identifies persons with psychological issues fearing that in so doing they would stigmatize them.
Look, I realize that there are a wide range of issues that would compel someone to seek professional help but when it comes to possession of a gun? Why shouldn't we as a society require if not DEMAND that when someone has issues if they decide the answer to their problems is purchasing a gun and a crate of ammo they at least have to go through a vetting process!  I mean seriously?! we're worrying about their feelings getting hurt?!  Color me unsympathetic but I think some folks priorities are a mite askew!
It's simple.  I'm not saying make a persons medical history public, just make it so that if a person requests a permit to purchase make it mandatory that the investigators and they alone have access to their medical and psych profile.  Don't even have to specify what their issue is.  Just that if they ever sought psychological help....NO GUN!  Then of course if they want to  contest the verdict that's when the specifics of their therapy will be released with their consent!
Problem solved!
All right, I've ranted enough and are late for work!
Se ya thee!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ill Advised Brilliant Idea (Phase three)

On our day off after doing our house cleaning chores someone (and I ain't takin' the heat for this one) had a brilliant idea.  When Mom and Dad went up to the new joint to scrape the old nail salon graphics off the windows and put up temporary scrawl on the windows to warn the neighbors 'bout what was comin' we would take along the whole shebang of kiddo's and see the place.
Oh yea...that was fun.
Of course the normal barrage of needling and animosity ensued a  scant few feet from our front door until we got to the street corner where upon Mom brought out "The voice"!  You know the type.  That shrill, up-a-few-octaves "momspeak" that terrifies and immediately puts in line both kids and dads alike. Then it was merely a matter of crowd control, and constant re-direction until we finally (how much farther IS it?!)  arrived at the shop.  We let the kids explore while mom and dad broke out the Windex and razor scrapers and went to work.  All went relatively well except for  the occasional "DON'T bang on the windows!" and "Stay INSIDE!" the only real issue.
Well, first let me explain one thing to "set the scene".  The joint use to be a nail salon.  And in accordance to their previous needs at the back of the store they had a bank of three sinks with water leads in the floor.  A 3-4 inch PVC pipe topped with a spigot.  I thought nothing of them as I will be removing them and capping the pipe prior to covering them up with my work benches.  I was under the impression that the water was turned off as the previous tenants had left the premises.
I was disastrously mistaken.
And it took Kaleb playing soccer with an old Cranberry juice bottle to point out the error of my assumption!
Now I'll give him credit, once he did his Beckam slam on the thing and discovered old faithful through the fragility of PVC up against a hard goal attempt he did the right thing.
Tried to hide the fact by quickly covering it up with a towel.
It took Owen's panicked insistence to get me a runnin'.  Luckily I was able to discover the well hidden, unmarked water main...after about a ten minute deluge.
Needless to say, the bailing out took slightly longer with nothing more then a dust pan, a very frayed mop and a piece of old poster board as  a squeegee.
Well after some time we left, sign clearly in the window but with nerves a tad bit frayed none the less!
Humph.  Next time it's mom and dad alone.
Tomorrow it's back to organizing and possibly get a couple more goodies out, who knows!  But y'all need to come in and give me a reason to HAVE to build more!  (hint, hint! nudge, nudge! Say no more, say no MORE!)
'fore I leave though!  Family movie night this week was "Hotel Transylvania!"
FUNNY!  It's good to finally see another animated flick worth some weight!  Far to many bones lately!  It had everything you need!  Humor, story, good art, keen voice talent, entertaining musical numbers, and endearing moment of emotional cathrsism (with a BRILLIANT jab at "Twilight"!) but during the ending credits is what I REALLY want to talk about!   There is some absolutely gorgeous concept art used as a backdrop by Noelle Triaureau!  I've always been a fan of concept art from back in the day when I was first exposed via Ralph Mcquarries Star Wars (Steampunk style!) , and this girls talent is RIGHT up there!  I am SO buying the "art of..." book!  Check 'em out and swipe 'em for your wallpaper!
I already use the background castle one myself!
All right y'all, have a great night and we'll see ya tomorrow!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Phase Two!

We finally have the finished lease!
Yes, signed papers received from New York, and keys in hand mom got her first view of our new home (after a fully satisfying sucker up of Sushi dining out!) and thankfully she was very impressed! She was quickly into idea mode and I think we pretty much have the whole place mapped out.  Can't WAIT to get in there and get started!
Today was day of tear down, cleaning and organizing so sorry no new goodies today.  Although we do have a few from yesterday, but no today after tearing down the remains of the Dungeon (except for my small work section) we set about weeding everything down AGAIN.  The new space is smaller and must be streamlined. But it'll be a lot easier to work in while being right there with the customer.
SO that's about it, overfull from dinner and wanting to chill!
ONLY $40.00!!

ONLY $65.00

Thursday, January 24, 2013

And The Curse Continues

Some time go in our little rant page I'd mentioned a somewhat vindictive yet poetically just curse that follows me around.  Simply put anyone that messes with, brings harm to, or seeks to act detrimentally to me or my family meets with unfortunate karmic blow back.  Well, it has happened again.  As you by now know we are leaving our home for three years now and moving up the street a ways to 428 Patricia.  The reason for the move was that the plaza's management decided not to renew our lease when it runs out in February.  Their silent reasoning was revealed as rumor had it that someone was coming in to rent the two empty spaces next to us but ONLY if they could have our space as well.
Well, anyone watching the news lately would have noticed that SweetBay was closing down 33 of it's stores locally.  Oh, did I mention we are located in the "SWEETBAY PLAZA"?
Apparently upon hearing the news that our Sweetbay was one of the places closing down the new potential tenant of our little slice of heaven...
But as we have already signed on the dotted line, paid our cash up front and already started tearing down we are going anyway. 
Sorry though to all the great folk who work at Sweetbay for getting caught in the storm.
(is that a little narsasstic of me to think I have THAT much cosmic power?)
Put out a couple goodies today, check 'em out below.
No me go sleepies!
ONLY $90.00!!

ONLY $45.00

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Quickie

Gonna make this short.
I'm one tired old man and that three wheeler I was working on damn near kicked my butt!  Reason one why we don't have to many out.  They take ALLOT of time!  Did manage to finish it up and put out two more gems.  One of 'em a 20" BMX sold all ready BUT got one heck of a sweet hybrid out!  This one a choice Raleigh C40 21 speed.  And I mean she is a PEACH!  Gorgeous body and rides like a harm.
OK, if you'll forgive me I gotta chill 'cuase got allot lined up for the 'morrow!

ONLY $190.00!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He said Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

So today was Miranda's 6 month Check up.   We put her up on the left, kick the tires and check under the hood.  She came out with flying colors aside from some friendly doctoral advice that shes a wee on the high end of the weight scale.  No kidding? Mommas thrown out back and aching shoulders could have testified to that. 
Now as we are  ecologically sound and devout environmentalists we of course have no car.  Most of the time this is no problem, but as the kiddos doctor is in Saint Pete, it is a fabulous five hour round trip on Florida's crack public transportation!
There's five hours of my life I'll never get back!
But as Miss Miranda slept the majority of the trip it gave my mind time to wander!
A dangerous proposition.
So after reading the daily newspaper (as I don't read the sports, want adds or advertising it left me with 3 minutes of gripping news reporting) I caught an article that surprise me.  A few days back I blogged about the current debt ceiling and budget and made an outlandish sideways remark that perhaps the congress should forgo their salary in lieu of their inability to come together and work out our financial woes.  Of course I had no real expectation that this would ever happen.
I was wrong.
And my (and others) ranting was taken to heart by....
A Republican.
And not just any Republican, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  He states, and I quote 
“We will authorize a three-month temporary debt limit increase to give the Senate and House time to pass a budget. Furthermore, if the Senate or House fails to pass a budget in that time, members of Congress will not be paid by the American people for failing to do their job.”
Granted there is some question that this violates the 27th amendment, but think of it.  This could be a new and improved way of governance.  Make all governmental employees beholding to their tasks and the failure to perform them as mandated will have their income docked. I mean we do it for contractors.  Any builder or mason, electrician what have you that fails to complete a project in the allotted time is fined for every day after the deadline.
Ahhh.  The NEW America!
Needless to say, today's sojourn resulted in me not getting back to the shop until around three, and I have a three wheeler in full refurb mode for a customer and that took up the remainder of my day, so new goodies sadly.  I did however take in a nice looking Trek 2500, and a Mongoose XR-250 (one of the better ones) so once I finish up the three wheeler those will be coming out.  amongst all the other tempting sweeties!
So with that, Mama has agreed to engage me in my favorite past time...
So I'm off!  Y'all have a great night!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Phase One

Well today was the beginning of move preparations!  With help from the boys home with a day off we got half of the Dungeon stripped down and Terry left with an over flowing trailer full of scrap! 
Of course the day was not without injuries (remember....the boys were working)   Kaleb was carrying some stuff through the shop when he stumbled (not clearing a path) and's just say he's walking rather funny right now and NO I did not administer first aid!
Then on the way home through the parking lot Elijah not to intent on paying attention cut his handle bars to quick and went thump.
It's really hard to express parental concern when you're trying real hard to hold back the laughter.
And what is it with scrappers these days? I swear they have radar!  No sooner do we have the shop emptied out into the back then guys in trucks on bikes and walking were poking about as if they were ready to load up everything.  We had to keep one of us posted out there to make sure nothing got took! 
Tomorrow it's back to work on stock though as we want to keep the bikes a coming!  Of course don't want to allow the repairs to get behind either.
Speaking of new builds!  Did manage to get one out today and man is she a beaut!  A rare 26" Haro Vector MTB!!! SAH-WEET! 
Gonna call it a night as gotta start early tomorrow.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Just reread our last entry and realized just how lackluster my response was.  Don't get me wrong.  I am excited about the move, and the opportunity for new horizons (as corny as that sounds).  The new locale really fits our needs, and is so PRIME location as far as frontage and exposer.  We have come up with some real exceptional ideas for display, and the work shop is open to the store so it is a much more intimate and personal space.  Not to mention a private office area perfect for a couch, TV and dvd player (hee, hee!).  It's just the whole notion that we have six years worth of accumulation we are going to have to go through, organize and downsize while at the SAME time maintain the shop business, keep up repairs and build new rides!
 (We have bikes! All types of bikes at all types of prices. Just get your but off the sofa and come on down and buy you way to a thinner you and new look on life! So with that said see ya soon right??? )
Sorry... That was the wife.  Went to get her coffee and she wanted to be funny.
As I was saying, the other regrettable effect is having to say goodbye to all our friends at the plaza.  Once we announced our move there was a groundswell of disappointment but well wishing none the less.  On top of this we sadly were informed that the Sweetbay in the plaza is closing as well!  Not to mention the possible departure of the hair salon and possibly the auto parts shop as well!  Very, very sad.
But life must progress.  Nature abhors stagnation.
SO, today was another day of mass production as we put out a few gems (check em' out below!)
Best that I call it a night but will see you all bright and early Monday morning!

ONLY $75.00
ONLY $75.00
ONLY $55.00!!
ONLY $75.00!!
ONLY $180.00!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

HUSSAH!! It's Official!

Our new digs as of March 1st, 2013 will be.....
428 Patricia
Dunedin Fl.
Met with the new landlord and got the papers today so next week we start on the build out (yay)   and then the arduous task of moving. 
Gonna be a fun month.
Thanks to the rain it was quiet enough in the place to get some rides built (until it let up and the repairs flooded in) so we banged out three choice looking rides for your approval.  Check out the pics below.
Anywho, it has been a busy day and I'm whipped.  We'll talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Return of the Japanese Monster Movie!!

I gotta tell ya I'm happier then a puppy with two peters!!!
Why you may ask?  Because my son Elijah (an even bigger videophile then I) just turn me on to what could possibly be the biggest movie of this summer!  A return to the classic Monster Movie! 
OH yes!  Grab your jammies, your favorite pillow and a bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs 'cause it looks like it's gonna be a return to the classic Saturday Afternoon "Creature Double Feature"!!
Yes I will unashamedly admit I am a fan of those old cheesy, rubber suited monster of the classic ilk of Godzilla, Gamara, Rodan, Giant Robot and the like! (especially when accompanied by the commentary of Joe and his robot buddies on the Satellite of Love) But now with the assist of a mega budget special effect extravaganza and at the helm sits a master!  In Juy of this year Guillermo del Toro brings us Pacific Rim!!

AMAZING!  Classic Monster meets Battletech meets Godzilla meets sheer awsomeness!  (head up by Jax from "Sons Of Anarchy") Obviously there re some sly tips of the hat to some of the old classics, just check out that horn headed critter going over the bridge!  Now check out this pick of one of Gamera's old nemesis....

OH yes!  I sure hope this become the next fad!  I can just see it!  The return of the double feature in eye popping 3-D!!
All the brain frying eye-candy a boy can take!
Once again thanks to all for another busy, busy day!  Not to mention all the kind words and accolades.  Sorry to hear of some folks treatment of some of those "other" bike shops in town and I'm glad we could serve you to your satisfaction!
Once again we were swamped with repairs and special orders so that was the bulk of my day.  Did manage to put together that sweet Specialized...but!  It sold about three hours before it was finished.  So....
Tomorrow will be more about building as we picked up even more goodies today!  So keep an eye peeled for that good stuff!
Oh...and on a slightly (OK....BLATANT) political note...
I must say I have no love lost for the NRA but they sunk to an all time low with a recent add they released to help bolster their stand against the gun legislation offered up by the Prez..

Needless to say I am Appalled!  But in retrospect I can only say "what else would we expect"  The NRA is simply nothing more then a mouth piece for the gun manufactures. 
That's it.
The President offers up a common sense approach to our rampaging gun problem but in no way does it take away our 2nd amendment rights.  It merely makes it more sensible in a modern world to have guns in the hands of reasonable citizens.  There is no call for the average person to posses AK-47's, Bush Master Assault Rifles or 60 round magazines, body armor or the like.  Their are many more provisions that serve the same purpose. 
Time for America to see the truth behind the gun hugging NRA's real motivations!
All right, I'm done...
'Till tomorrow folks!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Psychiatric Help. 10 Cents

It must be my charming personality or easy going demeanor that makes me so easy to talk too.
Sometimes it's a curse.
From now on I won't take breaks outside the shop.  Suffice to say I must give off the vibe that I'm the one to tell your troubles too.  I hate to be rude or inconsiderate but I'm just taking a chill second between projects and many souls feel that I'm the person to tell about their financial or relationship woes too.  Obviously they need a empathetic (or is that apathetic) ear, so I give it and offer my objective (or is that subjective) advice.  So I hope Ian and Tish are able to overcome their individual predicaments and persevere.
Wow! What  a Chock Full Of Excitement day!  Three count 'em THREE truckloads in today!  Bought 15 bikes today!  Had one of our regular scrappers bring in a trailer with four three wheelers and a SWEET mid 60's Raleigh three speed with a generator front hub and complete light set!!!  Several candidates for the "Daily Banger Specials!" two nice all aluminum MTB's with front discs (one already built AND sold) a good looking early Specialized Hard Road (yes that's it's name) to name but a few!  Oh not to mention the sweet and rare 26" Haro MTB!!! Oh yea!  That's the ticket!
As always loved serving all the folks repairs today!  Kept me a hopping!  Especially the old school three speed we did a full refurb on. I always love the challenge of trying to find all the right little odd size flat head screws! (yea....tad bit O sarcasm there!)
And for a Netflix moment, I felt my self acquire a tad bit more culture last night as I at down and watched Dustin Hoffman in "Death of a Salesman" last night!  Loved the way it was filmed as if on a stage set, and the acting was absolutely delicious!  Always heard about the story but never watched it.  Very sad and bittersweet.
And a special shout out to my lovely wife who upon hearing that I was deluged and overwhelmed with so many new projects came don and lent her expertise in organization and make it all fit while till allowing room to move!
Love ya babe!
Alright, I got my work cut out for me tomorrow so I bid you a good night!

Monday, January 14, 2013

How Come It Works For Them And Not Common Folk?

I can't ever remember having the option of debating whether or not I have to pay my bills.  Has anyone out there ever been able to say "Well, spending more money is bad, and seeing as I don't have enough I'm just not gonna pay my bills!"
But apparently that's just the position our government finds it self in.  Now I'll be the first to admit (and many will chime in in agreement) that I'm the last to claim I'm an expert on governmental ins and outs, and I can't begin to imagine the level of expenses they are faced with to continue running, but if you break it down to a household level it becomes somewhat elementary.  See, they're "debating" the debt ceiling.  As the name would intimate it's the limit that they can spend.  Some republicans sate that we need spending cuts.  Some democrats say we need to raise the debt ceiling? (how do you do that?  I'd love to know how you increase your spending limit, if you don't have the cash) The prez's stand point is that America needs to pay it's bill's.
Go figure.
So here's my point (there's a point?!) if at payday you have $400.00 and your bills are $380.00 but your entertainment choices (movies, drinking or whatever) cost $40.00 and that rel cool shirt cost' $50.00....? Well. You pay your bills, stay in for the night and wash your old clothes.
It's that freakin' simple!  What's to debate. 
Tell ya what.  Lets start with a moratorium on governmental salaries.  There are 435 members of the house of Representatives with a salary of $174,000.00 each annually.  That's a total of $75,690,000.00 a year.  Now seeing  that by and large their ineptness and impotence as leaders of our nation has in great part contributed to our current stagnant economy we should take that and throw it in the kitty.  A small chunk of change in the grand scheme of things, but perhaps just such a penalty should be levied against this body of stagnant, in fighting morons.  Honestly!  In any other business any employee so incapable of performing their JOB would be fired!  Or at the least have their pay docked.
Then get on with the business of running the country.  Pay our debt's.  Pay our pensioners.  Pay or Social Security recipient and trim the fat.  And with just a little bit of Internet hunting will reveal just how much fat!
I REALLY want to thank all the wonderful folk coming in today and dropping off many a repair.  So many came in referred to us by many others and left a very happy camper...
Well all but one.  A very lovely lady who recently had her bike "serviced" by another local shop (to the tune of $150.00 for a tune up and two used tires (seems it was the cheaper of two estimate the other being $190.00)) brought it in to have a tube check as it was continually loosing air.  As we talked she inquired what we would have charged for the same work.  She was not to happy when she realized that our cost would have been $49.00 for the same work.
Well at least she knows where she'll be coming from now on.
And thanks to Irene for giving us the chance to work on her beloved Jamis.  I can't BELIEVE the other bike shop recommended crapping it and buying  new one!
Oh wait.
yea, I guess I can.  Takes less effort to sell a NEW bike then fix an old one.
(did you sense the clandestine vitriol in that statement?)
We did manage to get out one new goody today.  A sweet Miyata road bike.  Slightly scuffed paint but FULLY re-furbed and trimmed with new tires, tubes and cables. Check out pic's below.  We also have done some more buying and the gem of the lot is a sweet SunCycle three wheeler I'll be diving into tomorrow so watch the blog for that!
All right, I'd best be off as the hour are waining away!
ONLY $120.00!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Bussiet Month

Well this January is shaping up to be like all others, thankfully!
As the holidays come to a close those receiving new bikes for Christmas (or needing extra cash to make up for their over spending) bring out all their old rides for selling!  So with over whelming gratitude we greedily snatched up each and everyone.
Granted, haven't had much of a chance to build any of them as we have been blissfully swamped with repairs for the last three days.  So thank you all for that! So with that knowledge we have decided to open tomorrow noon to five so I can get more rides built up for next week!  And not a moment to soon as we only have three adult rides left to sell!
The other night we sat down to the new Dredd film starring Karl Urban.  I have to say they have made two Judge Dredd films so far and neither one hit the nail on the head.  Granted this one came close and standing alone as an action flick it was good albeit slightly predictable. I do respect the bravery of the director and Mr Urban for the fact that at no point do you see Dredd without his helmet.  True to the creators insistence that The Judge was the hero not the man beneath the helmet. The intense slow motion effects worked well within the construct of a drug induced "trip", and of course the gory action was made that much more effective (if you're into that) but truth be told the whole act of slowing down or freezing action shots (ie. Matrix) is becoming overdone.  Personally the intensity of  fight scene is much more palatable in the style of early Jackie Chan, or the Bourne Trilogy where you grab the edge of your seat and brace for the ride trying intently to follow the fight coriography.
Even though I have become rather jaded by recent Hollywood attempts to bring about "made for trilogy" movies I hold true to my caveat that the only ones that worked whole heartily for me are those based on the comic book fandom.  Here are characture and story lines designed to be ongoing and with continuity and their own fully developed universes worked quite well as such.  I hope this one was but a meager beginning to an on going franchise.  They created a rather convincing "Mega-City, with the towering "Mega Blocks" dotting the landscape as tombstones in a grave yard, a devastated world riddled with possibilities! 
I do so hope they work in the Wastelands !
All right with that I'd best gt some down time to be fresh for tomorrow!
See you all then!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gettin' Back In the Swing!

Feels like it has been for ever sine I sat down and fluttered away on the key board.  Although this computer IS NOT my on!  Annoying position of keys and what have you.  Each time I go to hit tab I print out q's. Pain in the but! 
Went to type in a "!" an I got a "@" instead!
Pissah damn!
Well, after the initial two days of momentary panic (and a plethora of daddy language infused diatribe about the disloyalty of landlords....oh don't get me started on landlords....) I set back to the task of building new ride and doing repair.  And OH the repair!  Thanks to all for keeping us rolling with their trust, not to mention their work!  Several overhauls and a couple of refurbs not to mention the regular flow of minor spit and bailing twine tweaks, that keep us movin' on! Thank you so much.  AND not to mention the many referrals that have been coming in.  Wish we had more to sell you folks.
And a special shout out to Uncle Chip!  He came in today to show off the 40th in his bike collection!
(THERE! I did it again!  another freakin "@") And it is a special honor as we were the ones who supplied him with the raw materials. 
Story is, in a conversation about a yer go he made the passing jest that he wanted to purchase a ten gallon hat, a pair of sheep skin chaps as he wanted  to purchase and ride a Giant Green Iguana.
Now before you go thinking we have gotten into the care and feeding of wayward animals (we have kids...that's enough) but it is in fact a bicycle.
Well as fate would have it last week in a scrap truck buy I got just such a bike. One call later and a very excited Chip paid us a visit.  Well after much labor on his part he gave birth to one SWEET urban cruiser!!  Check it out below!

That is one slick ride!!!  He did a full tear down and major clean!  Actually found a real close to the original green touch up.  Topped it off with the luggage rack, new headset, fenders and a nice set of Micheline slicks!  SWEEEET!
And speaking of sweet rides....check out our latest addition!

OH YEA!!!!
In order a fully refurbed West German collapsible bike, 18 speed "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" men's mountain bike.  A GORGEOUS LIKE NEW ladies 26" MTB.  A real slick ladies 7 speed cruiser and a fully refurbed classic Schwinn World Sport road bike!  All up for first dibs!
And speaking of first dibs....
As we prepare for the move it would be real great (hint hint) if a huge mass of bike buying folk came to pay us visits over the next few days and pick out a bike for their new home.  And help us make money to pay for ours!
Hope to see y'all REAL soon!
'till tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


What did you get for Christmas?
Obviously as the astute reader will have ascertained it has been over two weeks since our last entry.  As it turns out one of the wonderful holiday "gifts" I got was one HELL of a destructive computer virus!  Seems whatever has been dogging my lap top and triggering my Malware finally got thru and when I fired her up Christmas afternoon to talk about the holidays I was met with a big blue block telling me several bits of bad news of the non existence of a majority of my operating systems.
Finally had to break down and go get a loaner while the original gets sent to CompuDoc or whatever to see if she's salvageable.
Now on to another belated Christmas gift we received in the mail a couple of days ago.  Suffice to say some folks, not surprisingly put commerce over loyalty.  As our three year lease is up in March of this year the management at our plaza have opt not to renew.  No obvious reason was given other then "chosen not to..." but the scuttle butt about the plaza (Lot's of helpful busy bodies about) is that another business is coming in our place.  See, next to our shop are two empty storefronts that have sat unused the entirety of the three years we have been here.  Apparently whatever is coming in needs all three spaces merged into one and won't sign on for just the other two!  Therefore....out we go.
Have no fear! 
We had a sneaking suspicion that this very thing may have been brewing for the last couple of months so we have been scouting for a new location for our little enterprise and currently have three options open to us!  And obviously as we wish to stay in the general vicinity each one is within less then a mile of our previous one.  (hint! The one we are all leaning toward sits just north on North Highland/Patricia next to Dodges, across from the bowling lanes.  GREAT frontage!)  We will of course keep everyone up to date as we get closer to the move and hope that all our loyal customers will continue to visit, en masse!
On to work!
Wish I had a boat load of new rides to feature here as it is the first time I have written in two weeks but as we have been working break neck almost everything has been selling quick as we can make it!  And we have made some GEMS!  But even the three we built today are gone already so...
But I do have three back to back road bikes I'll be pumping out tomorrow (hopefully) so I'll have more to show tomorrow.  That's not to say we have nothing in stock!  Oh NAY NAY!
just not much.
But feel free to come in and poke through our "soon-to-be's"! and reserve yours today!
Well, for now I must be off as I just picked up a copy of "Judge Dredd" (the new one...not the God AWFUL Sylvester Stallone one) and I can't wait to check her out!