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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do's And Don't Of Bike Riding And Maintenance

It's funny, ya know?
I've been banging out this blog going on five years now.  From it's early incantations as an often times "flagged and removed" feature on Craigslist to it's recent incarnation it's been a real hoot!  Many folks have commented on both it's pro's and con's and have been kind enough to share their opinions about it and us.  We thank you.  But whats funny is for a blog centering on bicycles...we don't spend an awful lot of time talking about them!  It's true what they say that most people leave their vocation at work and spend their off times indulging in what that position affords them (or what it does not but we do anyway and tell the bill collectors the check is in the mail).  Me?  I'm simple.  Work, family and a few minor trysts with film and fandom.
But in the interest of attempting a shot at bicycle wisdom I will offer up one sage bit of advice.  No, it's not something as pedestrian as "always wear a helmet" or elementary as "remember...ride with the flow of traffic" or even as controversial as "when cut off by oblivious auto driver always write down plate number.  Then call and get drivers home  address and clandestinely key his paint and stuff potatoes in his tailpipe" not that I would ever condone such actions, oh Nay Nay!
 No folks, my little bit of sage like advice stems from a repair I got in today.  Seems this rider was having difficulty with their rear wheel.  Seems the bike lost almost completely its mobility ability.  As if the chain were stuck.  I assured them we could rectify the situation and once at ease and comfortable with our mechanical prowess the customer left it to our tender machinations.
Upon removing the chain guard and taking a closer look the cause for their trouble was painfully obvious and lead me to the conclusion that I must share this one all important, nigh on imperative tidbit of cathartic revelations.....!!!


Shout out to the young man his mom and his girl for boppin' by today and picking out the rad Haro BMX!  Returning customers from when we first opened up the new place, she remembered Angi and their shared "Twilight" confab.  And no worries to his Mum, yes mam big boys ride BMX'ers too!
Also, to one of our regulars, we thank him for another CHOICE consignment piece!  This one is...are you ready for this?  An Ultra rare Rex Criterium Road Bike!!! OH YEA!  GORGEOUS chrome lug work, lightweight frame and sweet Suntour components!  MAN!  You do NOT see these rides every day!  Check out the equivalent on E-Bay.  Selling for between $400-750!!  Granted I gotta tweak this one a tad, but its minor stuff.  He did a full repaint on it and looks REAL good except for a minor flub on the top tube (have no idea why he touched it up by hand and not spray) But check out the pics below!  Also giving you pics of the Diamondback hybrid I did up the other day.  Hey, don't blast me!  I know that's a slow output but once again banging out repairs to keep up.
And REMEMBER!!  Tomorrow is 4X4 Friday!  Get in early to get first picks!
Have a great night!
ONLY $150.00!!!

ONLY $190.00!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Non Issue

Well as many of you who read this blog on a regular basis can attest to, from time to time I lament about my children and their many peccadillo's on a somewhat normal basis. So in the spirit of fair reporting I feel obligated to re port when one or more of my children honor an old saying my father would occasionally utter in reference to me "sometimes that boy impresses me".  Granted, infrequently.
As I've mentioned Mama has gone away for a week to be with her family in MO, as she regrettably lost her grandfather.  She left out earl;y this am, and originally I'd intended on bringing the baby girls to the shop but as we have had a huge influx of repairs, I didn't want to fall behind.  And trust me, having Izzy and Miranda at the shop would have put the kibosh on doing any greasy dirty work as they both need constant holding and such (really the best part of having babies anyway!).  So with much reluctance I took Elijah up on his offer to stay home with them.  One thing I can say for the boy, he's excellent with the little ones.  With slight trepidation I left him to go to the shop, not for the little girls sake, but for what I was sure would be the inevitable ruin of the houses sanitary and organizational condition upon my return.  Well much to my "shock and awe" when I arrived home this evening not only was the house NOT a mess, but dinner had been done, dished out, ate, and cleaned up after.  All school age children (and Izzy) were bathed and dressed for bed, and school clothes were laid out.  They even had left a fresh towel for me in the bathroom!
I was justifiably shocked!
Perhaps the future holds some hope after all.
 As I hinted towards, today was another day blissfully busy getting folks rides ready for the season!  And a real shout out thanks to all for your trust, AND to the many other folks who referred these folks to us!  Always the best kind of compliment!  Managing to keep up (for the most part) with everything, even stopping to do small "drop in" repairs in reasonable time.
Was only able to pop out one newbie, but shes a sweety!  Nice Big Boy Diamondback Hybrid 24 speed. FULLY re-furbed and looking sharp!  I describe it only because I forgot to take a pic again.
Special thanks to Uncle Chippie for dropping in to consult on the "mystery" bike.  We are in complete agreement on two points:  It is a very sharp, clean lightweight lugged frame with some real choice components and two: we have no bloody idea what it is.  He hinted to a Rivendale,  a very HIGH end bike from back when.
Not sure, so the inquest continues.
Well, I'm gonna end it here as I have to try in vain to get comfortable to sleep with out my security blanket.  So good night and see you tomorrow!

Things To Do With An Inordinate Amount Of Leggo's (not to mention WAY to much spare time!)

Well if a teenager is given enough free time on the Internet he will inevitably find some very obscure (if not immoral) content.  Elijah was hunting through the web at school the other day (as he has apparently been able to crack their security "no-fly" zones) and got to you tube where he found this phenomenal video accenting the engineering skills of our more astute foreign competitors.  Let's face it folks, we here in America are turning out a choice crop of graduates from our public schools who will be well suited for a glorious career in the industrial cleaning and food service sectors.  When a high schooler here is incapable of calculating the change from a twenty dollar bill on a purchase of $17.50 WITHOUT the aid of a calculator and 45 minutes of free time, and some third grader in India is debating calculus theory with his instructor...we are in trouble. And no disrespect to the service sector,  I've worked in it for many years and have had a few jobs with my name on my shirt, but as many parents I aspire for my children to have less of a "rough go" then we have had.  But I am a man not burdened by illusions.  Hence why my 14 year old has to serve time at the shop banging on BMX'ers!  I'm preparing his vocational path.
And if there is ever a more suitable path for my sixteen year old, it will be computer related.  A chair, a desk, and a computer screen. Minimal interpersonal relations and a mini fridge fully stocked...he'll be a happy, productive camper.  Provided you don't expect results.
Oh am I a tad jaded?
But when the complexities of flushing a toilet, or the ability to remove ones shoes from the middle of the floor (not to mention wet towels) escapes him, one must pause to shudder in anticipation of their future.
But at least with lethargy comes one certainty...he won't have a reason to serve time in our great correctional facilities.
Once again, hence why the 14 year old serves time at the shop!
Yesterday was another surprise Tuesday!  As I had grown accustomed to this day being traditionally our slowest, the last couple of weeks it has proven to be "repair drop-off day! But I did manage to get out four new goodies!  pics below EXCEPT for a real sweet looking men's 26" Schwinn Sidewinder MTB!  Fully refurbed, got it for a sweet deal, so she's out cheap!
Well enjoy the video, and the pics as I gotta hurry my hinney to the Shop!
See ya soon!

ONLY $50.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!
ONLY $100.00!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Priest, A Rabbi And A Cleric Walk Into A Bar...

Which is really silly, because you would think after the first one hit the other two would have ducked!
I always heard start a lecture off with a joke.
Did it work?
But seriously folks...
Oh Lord, I'm in a mood.
Where was I?
Oh yes...
So today and yesterday I have been hearing some very encouraging news coming out of all places, Libya.   Yes, where all the hull-a-baloo about the crappy movie,the violent protests and deaths seems the majority are speaking up once again.  True to their word that the radicals spearheading these violent outburst DO NOT speak for the majority, seems a VERY large contingent of the common man has taken it upon themselves to disarm several of the fanatical militia involved in the uprising, and driving them out of their encampments and compounds!  This move motivated the new government to call for the disbanding of all in country militias not directly under control of the government.  I send personal condolences to all the families who lost loved ones in this brave and bold move for freedom.  As I stated earlier, they are going to decide their own fate and their own form of freedom and democracy!
Long Live a Free Libya!
Well, today i was a bit of a lazy lout.  Nothing new to put up, sorry.  Was doing mostly repairs all day amongst chatting it up with customers, visitors and well wishers!  Did manage to get some nice new goodies, too!  One of which is a wee bit of a mystery I must say.  A 26" MTB, big frame, with nice clean lug work and a very light frame.  Some higher end Shimano equipment but definitely late 80's early 90's but NO markings except for a stylized "R" on the headset similar to the ones on a Rolls Royce?  Needs ALLOT of work but I really believe she'll be worth it. Sold the Bianchi right quick to one of our regulars, this will be his twelve bike he's bought from us, so happy trails sir! (and see you in about another month)
Well, Momma goes away on Wednesday to visit her family in MO for a week and RE-Cycle will temporarily become Daddy Day Care for the two little ones until the oldest one gets home from school so if you want to catch a glimpse of two of the cutest little girls you'll ever want to meet they will be on display from 9-3 each day. (please keep hands from inside the cage, and do not feed the children!)
All right, best call it a day and catch a few winks.  Ya'll have a good one!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh NAY NAY! Don't Make THAT Fatal Mistake!

Shout out to our BMX Bud!  He's bought several rides from us, including the Crupy not to mention fixin'us with a couple sweet rides in exchange.  Along with several nice little freebies!  He and his son came into to have a few adjustments down to the Crupy and a 24" Redline he's got.  Drool Drool on that one my homies! Had the pleasure of testing the crank on that one (hee hee!) VERY lightweight!  My fat butt was able to do a couple foot bunny hop off the curbs edge!  Oh, all in the interest in testing it's durability of course!  I'm a stickler for perfection!  As we were chewing the fat he made the fatal mistake of asking MY opinion on the upcoming presidential election.
Again, I have to apologize for the colorful, and aptly descriptive "Daddy" language that was used as adjectives to describe my rather jaded opinion of the Republican Challenger.   From now on referred to as 47/13%.  (you'll have to google that for reference).
At this point PLEASE understand that as far as Republicans go (nowadays) I have nothing personally against the general population who register as such.  I do understand that some of the rally cries of your run of the mill Republican are rooted in common sense.  Less taxes, more personal freedoms, and smaller government. But it's the dogged adherence to the complete abolition of a woman's right to choose, complete "finger in your ear, nah-nah-nah I'm not listening " stubbornness when it comes to conversations relating to gun control, and a desire to demolish any social programs that my cackles rise.
And while we are on the subject, what about Nation wide health care?
Hmmmm?  Here's where I have a problem with that.
Considering the astronomical cost of medical services and the establishments unwillingness to lower many rates,coupled with mismanagement and waste this system is going to end up costing us a tremendous amount of resources.  Along with that is what I would consider "self inflicted illnesses", married with incredibly bad self monitoring and control.  Case in point.  24% of Americans are overweight.  SERIOUSLY overweight.  I myself am overweight by at least 50 pounds.  And I have absolutely NO ONE else to blame but myself.  i don't get enough exercise, I eat way to late, and way to much, and I snack every night.  I drink sweet tea all day (my weakness).  So should I expect, if it gets any more out of hand and i should develop associated illnesses for someone else to pay for my health care?  Or should I put down the snacks, take a long walk and join Jenny Craig? On MY dime?
Is there going to be any preventative health measures, such as putting anyone tipping the scales on a monitored diet?  Perhaps make those who choose not to relinquish their health care and pay the tax?
What about smokers?  Yes I was one, for 35 years but never once did I blame it on the tobacco companies!   So if they get cancer, or emphysema should we foot the bill?
Allot of what ails us is our own doing, and I don't think the millions of folks who show restraint,and common sense should have to pay for the folly and poor choices of others
As i said.  Opinionated.
Kaleb sold the Genesis first thing before I even arrived this morning (up late watching "Sons of Anarchy" Intense show that made 3.30am sneak up REAL fast!) The Huffy comfort bike didn't last either, as well as the men's cruiser I put out yesterday, but it's cool though, got two others in trade for it and already rebuilt one of them (although, stupid me forgot to get a pic of that one!).
Finished up a "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL"!  (trying so hard to get more of these gems out) men's 26"MTB, and got in and refurbed another Townie Electra"  Oh they are so smoooooooooooooooooth!
So in the end like to thank all the folks for venturing out on a very pleasant first day of fall.  Yes, yes!  Check your calenders!  Although it may not feel like it yet my fellow Floridians, Autumn is upon us and you now what that means!?
Night y'all!
ONLY $160.00!!!

ONLY $50.00!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Not So Much

A wee bit late in starting tonight so I have to make this quick as the hour of sleep approacheth.  Only managed to put out one today but it took ALOT of work and I should have taken a before picture for sure.  She was a chipped up wreck of a ride someone did the unthinkable with and turned it into a bastardized motor bike!  But after a load of TLC,fresh paint and some spare parts we have a BEE-YOU-TI-FUL Bianchi MTB!  Light weight, smooth and fast!
So here she is and I'm gonna git some sleep!
PS. Don't forget we are full of sweet rides so come see us tomorrow!

ONLY $140.00!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Reason To Dislike Wal-Mart

The beauty of living and working in the same community (commute not withstanding) is the fact that you become familiar with your surroundings and its inhabitants.  Yes, true a very rudimentary observation but it goes without saying it has it's perks.  like the folks at the auto parts store where we buy our cleaners and paint (yes I do recognize the irony of shopping at an auto parts store, thank you very much) allowing me from time to time to "put it on my account".  To the many family members working at the local China One who recognize my phone number each day when I place my order for lunch and answer with "what you want for lunch, bicycle man" So it is with that sense of familiarity that we do all our shopping at the local Sweetbay market.  Now just for comparison sake the plaza our shop in is literally right next door to the local Wal-Mart "neighborhood" market.  Truth be told the parking lots are somewhat connected, and even though I would probably save a few bucks on the food budget there is one very simple difference between the two shopping experiences.  Suffice to say when I or any member of our family goes into Sweetbay we are greeted with smiles "hows it going", they are genuinely interested in how the kids are doing, is Kaleb staying out of trouble and how big is the baby getting.  Now in the oft chance we are forced to pick something up at Wal-mart the air is filled with a different vibe.  The closest comparison would be agitation and disgust.  As if your presence is annoying them and they just want you to "get your sh&+ and get out"  It was with a twinge of regret that I found myself having to visit there today as Sweetbay didn't have what I needed in stock.  At Sweetbay I ride my bike right into the store and have my own little spot inside to park, so it was without hesitation that I swooped into the vestibule at Wal-Mart and parked it next to the bench inside next to another persons ride.  I picked out my goodies, went through the "do it yourself" checkout, argued with a stubborn machine reluctant to give me my change then left to get my ride..only to find it missing.  About prepared to spin into a profanity fueled range I was cut short when I noticed through the sliding glass door that mine and the other persons bike had been "thrown" outside near the carts in a heap.  Obviously not a thwarted attempt at theft, but according to the smirk of one of their employees and a curt "not suppose to park 'em inside" they had been jettisoned to the curb.  Considering the well documented continuous rash of bike thefts from their store you would think they would have a little more consideration, care or tact.  But obviously the megalith of box stores has no worries when it comes to how they treat their patrons as I'm sure they figure "enh.  Where else are they going to shop"
Sweetbay next door comes to mind.
So today was another busy knock 'em out day!  Got a couple more cheapie BMX'ers out, as well as a sweet looking men's 26 cruiser.  Also got in some more consignments!!  A SWEEEEEET looking Bauer road bike!   Yes it's true this brand has had mixed reviews but as little is known about these (some say it's Canadian, some say it's from New Zealand) but considering the quality of components (for the time...I'd say early to mid 80's) and the nice lug work, I couldn't right it off as a cheapie.  Also a nice 21 speed Panasonic commuter!  So check 'em out below.
On the News front....not today.  Sorry but the most interesting a new news I heard today was the conviction of some Amish Terrorists.
Yes you heard me right.
16 members of a schismatic Amish group were sentenced in response to a series of "hate crimes" against other members of the Amish community, includeing cutting off of men's beards and women's hair.
Just where in the hell is all this going?  I mean "the AMISH!?!" if there has ever been a poster child for peaceful, non-aggressive's the Amish!!!
What Next?  A drive by in Sesame Street?
Maybe a turf war in Candy Land?
I'm hanging up my running shoes and leaving the race.
Alright, y'all have a peaceful night and lock your doors just in case there comes a roving band of disgruntled Buddhist Monks.

ONLY $75.00!!!!!

ONLY $160.00!!!
ONLY $210.00!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We apologize to all Llamas, as they are a graceful and noble creature!

All right first things first! I apologize yet again for the long pause in posting, not to mention the aborted attempt at posting two days ago. For anyone (and Uncle Chippie) who read through it may or may not notice that my thoughts were cut short as I had not made it through to my point. This was due in total to a failure of what I thought had been a repaired Internet connection. I was sadly mistaken, and apparently it made the editorial decision to cut me off mid stream.
In honest retrospect it was probably a wise move on my carriers part.
BUT, I think we have the problem fixed and will move on. I did in fact revisit my ramblings and edited and completed that entry for any of you brave enough to read through it again. If not, read on.
Well to quote the immortal Micheal Corleone "Just when I think I'm out...they pull me back in!" Yes, I don't know just when it happened but after a few weeks of being relegated to listening to NPR the long sequestered News Junkie in me has come out of the closet yet again!
And he's Flaming!
So as I considered it my civic duty to impose upon you  my opinion of current events grab yourself a coffee, your fave reading chair and hold on for...
Well seems like the current presidential race is getting more and more intriguing as we finally catch a glimpse of the true Romney!  Yes, as to be expected a man who has lived a life of privilege and has never had to suffer the indignity of presenting a food stamp card at the check out, or endure the inequity of a "unemployment line" nor has had to rob Peter to pay Paul was caught on video at a dinner for HIS constituents (check it out on you tube "mitt Romney's 47%) stating unequivocally that 47% of Americans don't pay taxes,live off the government as they have a "victims" mentality and expect to be provided with housing, food and medical care and he's not worried about them (I'm paraphrasing) 
He of course came back quickly with massive back peddling to explain away his comments as he wants to bring us OUT of poverty, but seriously? If you have any doubt that he is not your traditional conservative looking to give handouts and tax breaks to the ubber wealthy (he thinks that "middle class" is anyone making 250,000.00 or less a year!?!?) then you deserve to be living in his America.

Now I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and any one's right to lampoon or slam anyone they want.  Hey, we all have "off" buttons.  I myself am a HUGE fan of "Family Guy" and include in my evening prayers that they will make another sequel in the "Harold and Kumar" franchise, but I DO have my limits.  See, these and others will first present the traditional stereotypes in an "in your face" way but in so doing show just how foolish these conceptualizations are. Yes, they can get downright raunchy but there is a line.
So when the fecal matter hit the oscillating device in the middle east over the lousy movie I think this reaction should have given some folks pause.  
But not the French.
Charlie Hebdo recently featured a series of comic strips ridiculing the prophet and the Islamic recent reactions.  The cartoonists defends the work by stating that they were only doing what they normally do by  putting a "humorous" spin on current events.
Or was it just an attempt to profit on scandal?
Look at how much smack the Italian magazines made off the topless photos of the Duchess.
Personally, when it comes to downright "hate speech" I hit the off button. 

And for the vindication of Genoists everywhere!  Seems they recently trotted out an ancient piece of parchment discovered in Egypt that has been authenticated to have come from the later half of the second century AD that speaks of Jesus, mentions the name Mary (could be his mom)  then refers to a line "Jesus said to them," my wife"..." giving credence to a long held belief that Jesus was in fact married to Mary Magdalene and sired a child (go rent the Davinci Code) and that it was Mary who Jesus pegged to continue his church when he was gone.  This revelation if ever brought to light would most certainly have earth shattering consequences to many faiths.  Hey, I'd love to see a woman Pope! Maybe a more matriarchal Holiness would be more likely to share some of the Vatican's wealth with some of the poorer nations.

Now that we are back up and running we will be treating you to a bevy of pics for the rides we have put together over the last couple of weeks (those that still remain in stock that is) Some real choice rides here!
And I'll be back tomorrow with some more insightful (yet oddly unremarkable) comments tomorrow!
ONLY $120.00

ONLY $125.00!!!

ONLY $170.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $180.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

International Diplomacy For Idiots

We extend our heart felt gratitude to the outpouring of concern from many of our readers wondering if all was well. Seems our absence from these pages has raised a few alarms. Have no fear all is well. Took a little hiatus from it as many of you may have noticed I was running out of things to say. Have kept very busy though so have no worries! You should check out the selection of sweet BMX refurbished we got now!
So... a moment whilst I step up on my soapbox.
When I become ruler of the world..
Well unless you have been living under a rock you are probably aware of the growing unrest and demonstration in the middle east in response to a very low quality film insulting the prophet Mohamed. In this the "Arab Spring " brought on in no small part with American assistance the traditional chants of "death to Americans" once again rings through the throngs of some of the more fanatical fringes. See, in short a culture that does not fully understand the true definition of freedom of speech and is use to governmental control cannot believe such a film would have been made without government approval. Well there's our pickle.
So here's my thoughts in the way of a "what if".
Say you have a friend that for all intents is a nice guy but has some issues. Family baggage. An unpredictable temper but has some benefits to offer. So when he gets in trouble you're there to help. If he needs some cash you pony it up. You figure you won't get it back but something keeps you keeping on not looking for gratitude but certainly not expecting that when someone in your neighborhood talks smack about him he turns on you because you live there. And rains all sorts of hell down on you to boot!
So what do you do with a friend like that?
Look with all due respect to humanitarian assistance and such we all know why we're REALLY hanging out there. But in all honesty, and not to toot our collective horn but America IS the Worlds only Super Power (although we must give props to the quickly gaining China) and we do consume somewheres around 45% of all the worlds oil. So even if we are not camping out in their yard, I think they'll still sell us all we can swallow. Granted , in the past our interest (and need) to be there was quite cynically because the dictators and despots that ruled the roosts were put there by us and we needed to keep 'em on a leash (to a point). Simply put, these guys kept the population suppressed so they wouldn't realize "hey! We got a heck of allot a money here! Wheres our cut?"
Enter Arab Spring.
In all the chaos brought on by the ill-conceived 14 minute trailer on you tube (that in truth I, and most the people protesting HAVE NOT seen) one has to keep in mind that the MAJORITY of natives DO NOT agree with the negative violent aggression. But we have to realize there is allot of underlying wariness towards the West. And as much as most of them want a Democracy, it is going to have to be THEIR democracy. One that fits their ideal sets, their beliefs and moral code. We cannot expect them to adhere to a western form of freedom. So I suggest we pull back. I mean in Iraq alone we have some 14,000 delegation staff there alone. I'm not going to do the math but in payroll alone? How much could that cash help HERE! Give the troops their marching orders and bring 'em all home. Board up the embassy windows, put out a "Gone Fishing" sign and take a powder. Let them have their room to make choices, make mistakes and move forward without our intervention. Also as a side line? All that money in subsidies we send, all the weaponry we provide to our allies in the region? Keep it all in escrow. Tell 'em once they get their mutual trials and tribulation, in fighting and territorial disputes all worked out FOR GOOD, we'll put 'em back on the payroll.
It's called leverage!
Lets deal with our own problems for awhile. And just to squelch any doom sayers about Jihads or terrorists attacks on our soil for this mindset, 9/11 happened BECAUSE WE ARE OVER THERE! Not because they "hate our freedom, our way of life" to quote the Texas village idiot.
Not to sound to condescending but one thing I have learned as a parent is that you can only tell your kids NOT to do something so many times, eventually you just got to pull back, give them room and let them stand or fall on their own.
I do have faith that such a assembly of vibrant ancient cultures will make it on their own.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big BMX push!

Not like I was planning on it though!  We've been picking up several BMX'ers So we have just been banging them out!  Got another Haro out , this one done up in Chrysler Blue!  (a subtle little twist of irony). Also put up a nice looking Mongoose XR-75.
Thanks to all the folks coming in today with the pleasant confabs.  And thanks to the two young gents rebuilding a three wheeler that gave me a chance to practice my Jerry riggin' skills!
Had another a "tired of walking" sale on the ladies Schwinn MTB.  Good luck on the house hunt man!
All right, beyond that I have very little of any importance to say.
So with the need for sleep beckoning me...
Good night.
ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $100.00!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whoops! Forgot!

Yes, yes, yes we HAVE been building bikes these last few days!  Forgot to post pics though so we'll remedy that shortly.
As the thermostat peaked over 92 today not many out and about until the evening hours but I kept myself busy cleaning up the place then did a re-furb on a sweet little Haro BMX.  First time I used a set of replica decals.  Hope I set 'em right. Only had memory to go  on placement. Also spent a little time on the phone with my dad having a political discussion.  That was interesting.  Suffice to say he is a life long Republican (although surprisingly conservative with voicing his opinions) so the exchange was lively but much to my shock we saw eye to eye on a great many things. Think sliding tax scale.
All right so here are the new goodies...
ONLY $140.00

5 SPEED 20"
ONLY $40.00

ONLY $95.00

ONLY $90.00!!!

ONLY $90.00

ONLY $50.00!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Laboring Day!

Well if you missed it yes we were open!  I would have flat out forgotten that today was a "holiday" were it not for the fact that upon awaking this morn to haul the kiddo's to school Angi had to remind me that "no,no dear...Holiday"  Well for them at least.  I figure that if the establishment can afford only one day to recognize all the hard work we and our ancestors do and did to build this country (so 1% can get REAL fat and REAL rich) I'll just skip the condescending booby prize and just schlep off to work.
And many of you showed YOUR appreciating by coming in to visit and say hi.  Now what BETTER way is there to say "Thanks" then that?!
And I'LL send a thanks to the gent who came in today and swooped up the Specialized Crossroads we just put out Saturday night first thing this morning.  And for all his kind words he extended, not to mention braving us after...YES, seeing some of our less then favorable "reviews" on google. One more note of vindication for our little neighborhood shop.  Thanks for the vote of confidence sir!
Also found a new home for the Crupy BMX.  Went to one of our regular "enthusiasts".  This will be his third.  See ya soon man!
Also went on a BMX binge of our own as we pumped out a classic GT, a Dyno GT and a Mongoose Rebel. Id show pics but the old phone is on the fritz again! Hopefully tomorrow!
Also thanks and salutations to all the re-pairs coming in today.  Seems the Snow Birds are coming back to roost and pulling their rides out of storage for a good dusting off!  Love seeing you all again!
All right, I best call it a night!
See y'all tomorrow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Copenhagen and The Ill Effect of Trolls

No I'm not talking about Chewing Tobacco or Dungeons and dragons
First in line is a "why can't we do that here?" story.  Seems Copenhagen Denmark, all ready a VERY bicycle friendly place is putting in a "bicycle Highway" to inspire even more of their population to ride their bikes rather then their car.  Not only that but their installing sequential traffic lights that if a bike rider travels at a steady place s/he can ride straight through while the lights turn red for the car drivers.  The city management has done an extensive study and surprise surprise that beyond the benefits of eleviateing auto traffic, and improving air quality they have calculated that they will save 55+ Million a year in state funded health care.  Wow! Who would have thought that a healthier population is a fiscally sound concept!
Had a gent come in first thing this morning and snatch up the Peugeot I put out last night and as we were talking he informed me he had seen the bike on Craigslist and while checking out the blog switched over to google and checked us out and our "reviews".  And he commented on, amongst the glowing "real" reviews we had a couple scathing ones.  To his credit he could clearly read between the lines that the Troll (referring to the web crawlers who have nothing better to do then interject their bogus hurtful remarks in order to tarnish or harm other persons) was full of it.  Hope you and your wife have fun on your rides sir!
Also found a good home for the three wheeler with a multi-returning customer!  I think this makes the fifth bike for them.
Given the quick moving cruiser opted to do another full re-paint/re-build on one of the many cruiser I have kicking around in the back.  This one an OLD Murray cruiser.  This time I scavenged the front end of the Schwinn Roxy we picked up a few days ago (the Schwinn Roxy is my White Whale.  We have had three of these retro cruiser before and each one has proven to be cursed, so I parted this one out IMMEDIATELY) then I dropped the rear with a 24" wheel and a 26" in front.  Add a nice pair of ape hangers and a chrome accented seat and you get this gem!

ONLY $115.00!!!
Side note.  The wheel on this one will be replaced with a coaster brake on Monday.  Have to wait for one to come in.  Also picked up a REAL sweet find today and managed to finish it up before close!  This is the kind that folks DROOOOOOOL over!  A Specialized Crossroads Sport, XL frame!  The Cadillac of the "Big Boys"!
ONLY $230.00!!!
Needless to say the last two days have been a bluster of activity with a lot of rides finding new homes!  A fact we are very, very happy with.  Obviously though that leaves me to be building up more and more this week so keep your eyes peeled on this here site to find YOUR perfect ride!
Y'all have have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday!
Oh, one PS!  Next week we start our school season hours.  Monday through Friday remain 9am to 7pm but we will now be open on Saturday from 9am to 5pm for a little more family time.