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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So That Ride At Disney Isn't So Out Dated

You know, I don't even know if the ride is still there, but when I was little and visited my Grandmother in Florida we took the prerequisite trip to Disney World and among other things visited "It's a Small World" (or whatever it's called).  At the time it seemed well, kinda lame.  Not as exciting as Space Mountain, but there was some truth in that overly saccharine song. 
My regiment every morn is to clean the shop, put out the sign then sit down at the 'puter and check e-mail, update Craigslist and do the blog.  When I check the blog I review the stats.  It breaks down how many folks visited the site, any comments left by folks, which re-feral sites lead them to us, which blog entries they read and where they hail from.  I usually only pay attention to how many stopped by and comments.  This morning however I noticed something pleasantly out of the ordinary.  Our readership quadrupled yesterday from it's norm.  We average about 150 views a day but inexplicably yesterday we had 597!?  I was intrigued.  What had I done differently yesterday that inspired such a spike in views?  I do cross post all our blogs to Facebook and yesterdays palather about  the casting for Dr. Strange aside, wasn't much more of anything specific.  All the referral site were normal, just more of them.  Oddly enough the spike in numbers seems to correlate to an increase of oversea views.  So Id like to give a shout out and mention for all the following viewers visiting us from "A Small World"  Thanks (in no particular order) to...
Russia, Sweden, Canada (OK, they're not "overseas") United Kingdom, Ukraine, France, Latvia, Indonesia, Germany, China, Poland, Philippines, Mexico, Netherlands and Lithuania.  Those were the places that visited us just yesterday.  Of course the US was in there to, that goes without saying.  Honestly I have NO idea how our little rant sessions would have been heard about by folks outside our immediate area but I do want to say thank you to everyone, world wide for their interest in our words and our humble little operation.  Feel free to leave a comment (in any language) we'd love to hear what you have to say! 
Managed to get out TWO new rides yesterday!! Believe it or not even under our current holding pattern waiting for the permit we are still not through the overstock and some folks, hearing of our predicament have just been donating some old rides to us.  Appreciate that IMMENSELY!  One of the ones we were given yesterday was in rough shape BUT once refurbed and dressed up with a real sweet set of Kevlar tires turned out to be pretty sweet!  Add to that what was once a rusty hulk sitting in our shed, that blossomed into  quite a lovely classic three speed!  And today after the swell of repairs are taken care of, I've got a (soon to be) nice looking Schwinn comfort cruiser to bang out!
So, we ask you brave the heat and come on down and take advantage of some of the sweet rides we have to offer!
See ya soon!

ONLY $90.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Breaks In The Day!

Hate 'em!
If I'm up, awake and cognate I'm either working or relaxing with the family.  I have a routine that I am "fixated" on and do not like to deviate from.  When something out of the norm occurs it throws everything off!  Such was my malady yesterday, so much so once returning to the shop I found it nigh on impossible to refocus and get anything done.  Hence why I have nothing new to show today in the way of rides. Oh I did get some work done on a neat ladies vintage three speed, but I have several more that should have been finished languishing in "Bone Row".  And today is no exception as I have to break mid afternoon to take Kaleb to visit with the intermediate school. 
SO, starting anything new may not be in the cards.
This is for any of the high Mucky Mucks at Marvel entertainment!  Y'all can listen in too, and hopefully help get the word out on this incredibly brilliant idea.  As Marvel is ramping up phase two of it's brand of Superhero flicks this year and next culminating in Avengers 2, they are on the idea hunt for Phase Three.  Under suggestion are such stalwarts as Black Panther, Inhumans and Doctor Strange.  The Doc's the one I want to touch on.  Believe it or not he did in fact appear on screen before, way back in 1978 on the small screen starring Peter Hooten (? apparently a less then important actor as he doesn't even warrant a Wikpedia reference!)

Yea.  GREAT casting!  Mike Brady haircut and a "porn"-stache!  I caught the flick on Netflix a few years back and could only get through the first 15 minuets it was so bad.  Picture quality was so dark and grainy it looked as if it had been filmed in one night because it was SO low budget.  It was the pilot for a proposed series (remember the 70's Marvel attempts?  Spiderman (1977-79)?


 Shoots webs as thick as sailors ropes?!  Captain America (1979) ?  Spandex clad with Plexiglas shield!?

  And the HULK (78-82)?

 Ok.  That was a cool show, especially to all the young boys with suppressed anger issues!  Whenever my kids ask "If you could be any superhero who would you be?"  The Hulk of course!  To be able to be THAT wantonly destructive and impervious to harm!  Oh gimme some a dat! 
But anyway....
Marvel has announced that Dr Strange will definitely be in Phase Three, probably in '16-'17.  A few actors names have been tossed around to fill the title role including Patrick Dempsey and Liam Neeson.  OK, Liam is definitely a fine actor and a true bad ass, but over exposed.  And Dempsey?  Well I know in the beginning Steven Strange is a narcissistic bastard but he comes to grips with his humanity, all I've ever known is Dempsey just playing a prick.   No, I have a much better recommendation.  Along with my elder son Elijah who seemed to be on the same page we offer up...

Benedict Cumberbatch!  Yes, OK....I know.  I constantly rave about the man but just LOOK at the man!  He IS Steven Strange!  The brow, the hair line, narrow face, eye set!  Just add the Van Dyke and gray streaks in his hair and you got the Doc!  And as far as acting chops!  LORD!  Just watch Sherlock, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and as he is a presence in the new Hobbit trilogy he's already getting his feet wet in the realm of magic!  He can Do brooding, contemplative, AND action better then any out there right now (I mean Dempsey? By the All Seeing Eye of Agamotto, NOOOOO!) He also does heartless self aggrandizing prick PERFECTLY (again check out Sherlock!)
Marvel, you have done very well (for the most part) in casting for the most recent flicks (Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane NOT withstanding) DO NOT let this recommendation go unconsidered!  I firmly believe it would be a pairing akin to that of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, or Heath Ledger as the Joker! 
Bear witness.  It MUST be so!
Anyway.  Ranted enough, now best get something done.
See ya REAL soon!

Monday, July 29, 2013

@#$!&*#$%! # #&*+#@!!!!!!

Lets all hear it for the Florida Judicial System!!
(insert multitude of obscene hand gesture capable of making a New York Cabbie blush!)
Once again treading knee deep in the abysmal quagmire of our finer court systems I had to awake this morning at 6 am!
Let's pause THERE for a minute and just visualize ME being wakened at such an ungodly hour.
NOT a pretty picture.
Even worse was the fact I had to wake up a notoriously heavy sleeper, Kaleb while at the same time NOT accidentally waking up any of the other sleeping beauties for fear of the inevitable Domino effect of ALL children being woken up.
Once again, remember this is at 6 AM!  I cringe at the thought of my beloved being woken at such an hour by a gaggle of grumpy, argumentative children.  I fear my legs would have not been able to propel me fast enough to successfully escape her righteous wrath!
Of course after having a very LARGE cup of my Swedish Espresso we stumbled out the house to walk the mile to the closest bus stop.  Thankfully the early morning ride in is occupied by the working stiffs such as myself, so all was relatively peaceful.  That is until the transfer to the 52 to Saint Pete.
Look, with all do respect to those who rely on public transit, there is a certain sector of that class (and all the rest a ya can agree) that, shall we say....lack social skills.  There's the folks who engage in LOUD conversations of a highly personal nature, oblivious to the presence of others in their sphere of influence, whether they are talking on the phone, to another passenger or to themselves!  There are those who are unfamiliar with the concept of personal hygiene and what soap is used for!  And of course the language is the pleasant mixture of street and long shore men.
After a blissful two and half hours on the graces of public transport we were dropped at the Court and made the trudge across the parking lot to stand in line and be violated, then proceeded up to the court room.
Now mind you, this most current of offences is for all intents and purposes, minor.  He had been suspended from school for doing wheelies in the parking lot, but once he left school grounds to go home he supposedly had forgotten something in his locker and went back to get it.  But instead of going to the office he went through the back gate to his locker and got nabbed on camera, then later picked up for misdemeanor trespass.  Just further proof of our family curse.  "You screw up, you WILL get caught!"  (anyone who knew ME in school can attest to the accuracy of this claim) The boy is not overburdened with an abundance of smarts.
Once in we had to wait until ALL other cases were heard only THEN being informed that whereas the state HAD filed charges they had NOT filed sentencing recommendations. Their reasoning for not doing so was they had not had a meeting with us prior to the arraignment.  A meeting they had FAILED to attempt to make with us.
So instead of contacting us they choose to wait until we came to court in order to inform us we had to reschedule the arraignment to allow them time to make an appointment with us!
Not to mention the fact that on the date of his arrest in May, they had in fact LOST part of the intake (IE. drug screen) and he needed to go back to do it again!
Um.... I'm no expert on drugs but wouldn't whatever he MAY have had in his system on the day of his arrest pretty much be OUT of his system after two months?!
Call me crazy!
Then, of course as the day wasn't fun enough as we walked out the door of the assessment center what to our weary eye's did appear?  Our very own bus speeding off with a sneer! 
The next one would be along in a scant 40 minuets, so we had the pleasure of sitting in the sweltering heat with a gaggle of high quality people being regaled (against our will) to many a tale of nefarious deeds.  And WOW I had no idea that questions could be so violent as apparently on this side of town they utilize a hatchet whenever they inquire towards something.  They kept insisting that they had to "AX" a question! 
Well, once again we gleefully joined the ranks of the propane propelled patronage and off we went.   Of course upon arriving in downtown Clearwater we did so 2 minuets AFTER our connecting bus had left, but not a total loss as I had not yet eaten a bloody thing and it was past lunch, we paid a visit to the local café' for a burger as our wait for the next bus was an hour.
Finally we arrived to the relative security of our little niche of the universe.
Somewhere between last night and this morning the shop phone died (YET AGAIN!) so Elijah is in the process of getting us another one!  That'll be four this year.
Do us a favor?  Brighten our day and come pay us a visit.
We need the company!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yea....I Know...SUNDAY?!

Much to my own reluctance but holding true to my dedication I opted to come in today and get some stuff done.  My hats off to Angi for even contemplating me coming in on our one day off, much less allowing it!  BUT, as next week starts tomorrow I find myself in the unenviable position of having to deal with even MORE of my 15 year old bull.....stuff.  Monday I have to take him to visit his second home, the Clearwater Court then on Tuesday I have to get him enrolled in a secondary school as if not passing the grade weren't enough he didn't make it through summer school either.  And yes, he is still breathing.  I think, perhaps like battle weary soldiers the constant bombardment and conflict numbs one to the point of complete apathy, where you merely go through the motions and wait, praying you make it through to the end of your tour! 
Elijah will be filling in for me while I am enjoying the patronage of Pinellas Counties Public Transportation, not to mention the joys of the judicial system so I figured best I get our "house" in order around here so it's merely a "latch key" operation.  We'll be here to five, so feel free to come on down and say "hey!"
MOVIE RE-VIEW!  (no...STILL not "Pacific Rim".....nor "Wolverine" for tat matter....LORD I am SO far behind!") At Elijah's insistence we checked out "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" Quite frankly I was going to give it a pass, as I had heard bad things about it and thought it may be akin to the testosterone fueled Hugh Jackman flick "Van Helsing" (although the one line in that movie "In the name of Allah!  What is WRONG with you!? was HILARIOUS!) where they take a fine literary character, pump him up with steroids and unleash him for the mass "Monster" market.  But I was wrong, this one was just pure fun!  Granted, at points it is quite gory, and the female lead of Gretel played by Emma Arterton was a wee bit TOO much on the "Bad Ass Bad Girl" side, right down to stereotypical stance and posture, but you get over it.  What tipped me was Jeremy Renner ( AKA Hawkeye from Avengers and Arron Cross from "The Bourne Legacy") He's just one of those actors with a dry wit and good "good guy" appeal.  So I caved and gave it a watch .  Granted, there are the inevitable historic inaccuracies you have to get over, like them possessing a Gatling Gun?  This critter wasn't invented until 1860, but the movie has a much earlier historic feel to it.  The original story was written in 1812 this film takes place 30 years the math, takes place in 1842. And it doesn't appear Europe got them until the 1880's.  That's assuming the movie takes place in Germany as no one in the movie spoke anything but colloquial English with no hint of an accent. 
But I'm nitpicking.
It was just FUN!  Check it out But DON'T let the kiddo's watch!
All right, I am off to get some work going.  Working on a couple vintage ladies bikes, two classic three speeds, and then....????

Saturday, July 27, 2013

What Is That Odd Looking Orange Ball In The Sky.....?

Not wishing to jinx our good fortune but we are going on two days of relative sunshine (knock on wood) and I don't know what to do!  Now you all have NO excuse to not be out riding today!  You have been cooped up, growing lethargic, layers of fat are beginning to form, love handles expanding, your joints beginning to atrophy....
no wait...
that's me!
Seriously!  Take advantage of the reprieve and hit the trails!  As has been proven of late, it can change on a dime so get out there and enjoy what time you my have!
You say you don't have a bicycle to ride?!
Well it's a good thing we are here for you!
(shameless self promotion ensues!)
And we put out even more goodies yesterday!
An absolute gorgeous men's cruiser LIKE NEW!
A cute little 2012 20" Trek bike.  These are the kind that rich parents pay $200.00 plus for! And we got it on the cheap!
And a SWEET Schwinn Sierra 7 comfort cruiser!  AWESOME! 
Yes it has been a while since we commented on something or watched something new and no it is not about Pacific Rim....YET!  But Elijah and I WILL be going to see THAT either today or tomorrow.  I  HAVE to see that on the big screen!
No, last night for movie night we watched "Jack The Giant Slayer".  I have no idea why this one did so poorly in the theatres.  Granted, it was not a stupendous storyline nor original but it was a far better "family" movie then much of what has been coming out lately.  Now mind you, I use the word family loosely. I know there are folks out there who won't let their teenagers watch anything but Christian movies and certain Disney films and there are those that will sit their infants in front of the "Paranormal" series (usually in the front row of the theatre at a ten O'clock show!) so to each their own.   There are some fairly violent scenes with some minor gore towards the tail end of the flick, but buy and large the actual "acts" take place off camera. But as far as an interpretation of a classic fairy tale it's pretty darn good!  And keep in mind the original  Grimm fairy tales were NOT the happy ending Disney films they were later adapted into!  This generation is being introduced to that fact with some gusto!  Think the latest Snow White, Red Riding Hood...etc.  I look to the reactions of our kids and they were all enthralled and enjoyed it immensely.  The pacing was good, and for the most part the director seemed sensitive to the fact that it WAS a kids story and they would be watching so he kept the "scary" to a minimum.  All in all worth the rental  and the cost of snacks!
Thanks to all the folks for coming in yesterday and the new homes rides went out to!  And now we are back at it and will see ya all soon!

ONLY $130.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!

20 TREK!!!
ONLY $60.00!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

I Got Nothin.....

The concept behind this blog is to inform, perhaps entertain or at the very least vent.  Not to mention allowing our extended family to keep abreast of everything going on in our lives as I really stink at making phone calls!  But honestly aside from the normal everyday inequities of raising a large family riddled with "isms" the last few weeks has been everything BUT interesting.  I mean I'm stretching the limits of interesting each time I sit down to write.  Oh occasionally there is a smattering of "interesting" but buy and large with the now consistently bad weather around here most folks are obviously not considering their biking recreation with any level of seriousness.  I have to admit that personally the thought of that wet rooster tail on your back and soggy socks gives me a moments hesitation when I head to work.  But, in the end, pack up a plastic bag with a fresh set of clothes and I'm off.   We are however, still plugging away at the builds!  If noting else the free time (not to mention the continued wait time on the bloody permit) has given us the reason to dig through all the rides in need of WAY much work!  With that I present to you the latest two that we have painstakingly rebuilt!  A real sharp looking 3-speed, 3 wheeler!  FULL re-paint and re-furb!  Also a ladies 26" 'DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!"   This one had a good body but pretty much ALL the parts had to be replaced.  So with that, we move on to the next project which will be.....
I have no idea.

ONLY $240.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marinate All Day, Then Set To Broil.

So how many time have you been asked, or have YOU asked "Hot enough fer ya?!"
Well aside from needing a slap your damn straight!
This is the ugly side of Florida.  Summertime varying from torrential downpours to oppressive humidity and stifling heat!  Here's a real common sense no brainier:  When you ride, unless you have to commute at  certain time, hit the streets in the early am before the sun hits the horizon, or take  nice ride at night.  Honestly, that's my favorite time.  Your day is over, you've had a meal the sun has set and there's an almost constant calming breeze (or is that the fact that you're moving?) and if you stick to side streets and neighborhoods very little traffic. BUT remember to have both front and rear lights!  Police with little else to do LOVE to pull over cyclists without 'em!  Keep your chin up Florida!  Before you know it we will be through this and will be complaining 'bout how cold it is! 
We are deep into the "WTNWTMW" pile as we await our papers from the Gestapo to resume buying and even though our production has diminished somewhat (from four a day to about one) but we still have much to pull from!  Finished up a SWEEEET Shogun road bike yesterday and have tore down a three speed three wheeler AND a classic Puch 3 speed that is identical to one of mine and this one even has working friction lights!  SAH-WEEEEET!  Also fixin to have Terry start hauling some of the overflow back from our shed!  This is where the REAL diamonds in the rough are kept!  Classic rides that at one point were backyard weed catchers! But under the wrench and spray gun will live yet again! 
So with that I'd best get to work!

ONLY $165.00!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Remember the classic scenes played out time and time again in tired old cliche' Western scenes where the bad guy rides into town to face off in the town square against the films hero?  And  as he slowly saunters down the dusty center of town you see and hear doors slammed shut, windows shuttered, town folk scurry from the street seeking shelter from the impending draw down.  Or in classic horror films where the "Evil" strides down a barren street late at night and all the street lights flicker out as he passes? 
Well the only thing Angi could say after yesterday was "Well there's something you can blog about!"
Angi and I had the brilliant idea for a lazy Sunday and that was to take all the kiddos for a walk and get some Ice Cream at Checkers.  Now when we go out with all the kids in tow we are used to getting glances and stares.  Curious eyes flashing with obvious thoughts and questions, but we rarely pay it any mind.  But our reputation seems to have preceded us yesterday as we turned from our street onto the straight run of Elizabeth lane and I kid you not, as we slowly meandered down the road the audible clunk of door latches and locks became apparent.  A young child playing in his driveway was quickly ushered into his home as the garage door was hastily shut. A group of teenage boys further up turning onto Elizabeth from Souvenir Dr. slowed, paused then turned around and quickly rode in the other direction.  The street rapidly became a ghost town.
Ah yes, our reputation preceded us.
Makes a fathers chest swell with pride!
Once again it is summer time and for aficionados of all things "geek" the place to be is the San Diego Comic Con!  Unfortunately for me, in my life time I have never had the opportunity to travel so far for such an event.  I have been (with a certain twinge of jealousy) been following some of the proceedings.  And is always the case any new and exciting info and teasers are saved for this annual celebration of Fanboys! 
Some of the highlights have me quivering in my custom made spandex super suit!  ( No....not really. Could you imagine ME in spandex!?) First is in the field of Avengers 2!  The new film due out in 2015 will feature as it's antagonist....ULTRON! 
OK.  Some of you reading this for bikes may have NO clue what or who I'm talking about, and getting into ALL the back story on this character would require more space then this blog would allow!  Suffice to say, he debut in 1968 created by scientific genius Hank Pym (aka Ant-man, aka Giant man...more on him in a sec) Based loosely on Pym's study of the synthetic Dragon Man, he imbued his creation with a copy of his own brain patterns but as Hank was a little on the unstable side Ultron gained self awareness with some REAL bad Daddy issues!  He brainwashed Pym into forgetting he ever built him and sent him on his way, taking over the doctors lab he rebuilt him self several times, hell bent on the total extermination of Pym and all humanity he was a part of!  Needless to say over the years this uptight 'bot has given the Avengers a run for their money many times over!  And as  the Ant-man Movies premiers 6 months after the release of Avengers 2 they are obviously setting up the character of Pym to lead in.  How they will be able to side step all the rich continuity of these characters in the Marvel universe to present it in a digestive form for the general public will be interesting to watch!  Some may ask, but what about Thanos? You know, the sneak peek at the end of Avengers.  As was my assertion upon learning there would be a three film arc for Avengers, they are going to save him for the coup de' gras in number three, but have him working in the background . 
AND Superman 2!  Yes, right off the back of the  INCREDIBLE success of "Man Of Steel" come a sequel with an incredible. long desired and anticipated team up of Superman and... you guessed it!  BATMAN!!!
Oh..... be still my heart.
To understand the significance of this event you have to realize that fans of the genre have been waiting for this moment since Christopher Reeve wore the tights and cape!  The closest to a team up was when George Clooney, wearing the cowl uttered the line "and this is why Superman works alone"  And apparently not only will they be together on the big screen but rumor has it that it won't be a love fest!  Traditionally Bat's and the "Big Blue Boyscout" have been at best, reluctant allies.  Supes not liking Bats dark brooding manner, and habit of sidestepping the laws to get results, and Bats not appreciative of The big "S's" "Bright and Shiny" routine.  Now Batman has not, of yet been cast.  The complication being that the universe the latest incarnation of Christian Bales Batman is not the same as the latest Superman.
I know.  it's complicated.  See, with the introduction Of Iron Man, and all the others tying into Avengers, Marvel has created a continuity on film, of some of their properties ( although other Marvel mainstays on film such as Spiderman, Daredevil and Fantastic name a few do not exist at current in the same Universe as they are film properties owned by OTHER production companies.  Beyond that don't ask me to explain, it's all legalese!) and DC has decided with the creation of the new Superman to begin a new generation of films bringing some of their prominent characters into the same world.  Leading up inevitable to a conflagration requiring the creation of the Justice League of America.  Obviously hoping to bank like the Avengers!  A tall order considering Avengers is the third highest grossing film of ALL TIMES! 
And it's great to hear about all the legitimacy the comic book medium has been enjoying in recent years, as many Hollywood A-listers have been attending and raving about the experience (Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock and Matallica to name a few) and you learn something new everyday! I thought Samual L. Jackson was just doing a job by appearing as Nick Fury but it was cool to find out that he makes bi weekly jaunts to his local comic shop in LA where he has stuffed boxes of all the latest releases awaiting him!  Although, in retrospect, I kind of should've known given his tenacity in demanding not only a roll in the latest installments of Star Wars, but also his insistence that HIS Lightsabre should be purple so you could pick him out in the panoramic battle scenes.  Not to mention his appearing as "Mr Glass" in M. Knight Shyamaln's "Unbreakable". 
Also, Marvel is branching out with Disney to begin creating animated films as well, based on Marvel properties!  The first of which will be Big Hero Six loosely based on a Japan based group of hero's.  Below check out a short snippet of the test animation.  It's not telling of the storyline but the scope of the artwork is breathtaking!  Oh I have said it before and I will say it again... IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BE A FANBOY!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

God Speed!

We here would like to send out our most sincere best wishes to Mestre Acordeon on his 70th birthday and the fulfillment of his own birthday wish.  He is planning an epic Bicycle adventure from San Francisco to Brazil.  Allotting 400 days for the Trek he will take along some students to help film a documentary of the trip.  This is no race but instead he will stop along the way to explore and to take time to engage in his profession as a Capoeira teacher ( a Brazilian Martial arts).  Undergoing a 14,000 mile trek I personally would like to extend my most heart felt ENVY!  After reading the article I began to realize just how much of a whiner I am.  Constantly complaining about how OLD I feel!  SHEESH!!  This man is SEVENTY and I get winded riding 2 miles to work!  Perhaps this will plant the seeds of inspiration and drive me to undergo the journey I have always wanted to take!  To ride the entire length of old Route 66 from end to end.  Perhaps a pipe dream now (no way my lovely wife would allow me to disappear for months on end) but something to plan (and train) for later!
Would also like to take the time to thank good fortune and providence for being t the right place and the right time this morning as Rozy and I were returning from the corner store this morning and happened to overhear  conversation between one of the ladies that works at the bar and Pat from the computer store as she was inquiring as to whether or not he had use for any VHS tapes.  Of course one as techno-hip as Pat has NO need for such outdated technology I quickly chimed in as to how much she wanted for them.  Her response was merely that I could HAVE them!  So we got the added treat of seven cases of videos this morn!!  Of course with the collection we have at the house (one room dedicated to nothing but) only about two cases represented stuff we didn't have (although some were welcomed seconds just in case the others wear out) and this person had some great tastes!  WOW!  Naked Gun, Airplane, Dumb and Dumber!  Not to mention a plethora of classic war and western films (not quite my taste though) Even got a copy of some of the Red/Green Show!!  SAH-WEET!! We kept out those we wanted and are offering up the others at only $2.00  a pop!  So at least I got some new material to watch! 
On to the goodies!  Put out a NiiiiiCE! full rebuild Giant Cypress hybrid.  This is a further take from the "W.T.N.A.L.O.W." pile!  Frame we've had sitting around for some time and finally got around to build!  AND got a good ways into building that Rat Rod out of the old JC Higgins ride!  Unfortunately was not able to make the Springer front end work on it but it's still gonna be "rad" when we are done.  From there?  Enh. Got some bangers that in the end will require more work then is traditional for a banger but we gotta keep stock up, and until we get our secret decoder ring from the cereal box we call "Florida Department Of Revenue" we are coming up on a deficit of new goodies!  No fear, though.  Still have ALLOT to pull from!  Much to the chagrin of my wife and partner (and boss) I guess my policy of "buy everything" paid off! 
Well with that I'd best get my hinny to work! 
See ya soon! 

ONLY $150.00!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Giggle, Chuckle, Gaufaw!

Thanks to all the brave souls for enduring the onslaught of rain yesterday to pay us a visit!  The Raleigh track bike finally found a home!  In a rare moment we actually dropped the price and immediately we were swamped with emails and calls.  She found a good home with an enthusiast with a ken sense of value and quality!  We'd also like to thank those repairs for coming in and we appreciate all the trust!  Today we will be putting out a full rebuild on a vintage Schwinn Continental road bike, as we finally got around to getting the tires yesterday then on to a string of kids bikes a nice lady donated to us on Saturday.  Then I will possibly, maybe get around to building up the vintage JC Higgins frame into a sweet Rat Rod!  So I best be toddling off but I'll leave you with some cute pics Angi sent me that I just had to caption!
See ya soon!



Monday, July 15, 2013

Tread Lightly, There Be Landmines

Obviously the headlines and discussions littering the Internet are those of the recent "Not Guilty" verdict in the Zimmerman case.  Well I'd rather bob for apples in liquid hot magma then get to far into this charged debate.  Quite frankly I didn't follow ANY of the trial as my opinions regarding the passing of "Stand Your Ground" is mixed.  I firmly believe that if a person feels his or her life is threatened they have every right to defend themselves but passing a law mainstreaming and highlighting that "right" coupled with lackadaisical gun laws merely invites folks to arm themselves when they assume that they can fire upon anyone threatening them and will get a free get out of jail card.  Simplistic I know, but consider the fact that after the law was passed in 2005 the rate of "justifiable" homicides has tripled.  Some of that number keeping could have to do with the fact that a statue had been established to firmly place the numbers in, and what would have been categorized as a simple homicide was now relabeled.  And oddly enough in this case it seems the media and the protesters are debating Stand Your Ground when in fact the defense didn't even use the law as a defense.  Point is, once the law was past a lot of fence sitters apparently had decided that if the state said it was OK they stray away from avoiding conflict and choose the fore in the primal "Fight or Flight" response. 
I can remember being a teenager and being in situations that a more experienced adult would have avoided and allowing testosterone to rule my reactions, but in this case he went up against someone who happened to have felt secure in the knowledge that he could carry a gun to defend himself because the State said it was OK, and rather then try and diffuse the situation both allowed their emotions to get the better of themselves and disastrous unfortunate consequences ensued. 
Thanks to all those coming by to pay us a visit Saturday!  Moved several more rides out to new homes but sadly nothing new to show!  That will change by the end of the day though as we have been pulling some goodies from the "Wow-that-needs--lot-of-work" pile and will have goodies to show off soon!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Sky(net) Is Falling!!!

For one so deeply entrenched in Sci Fi lore and films nothing could have prepared me for some of the things I stumbled upon this morning while going through my News. 
As much as I enjoy Sci_Fi whenever I read any updates on science I tend to focus primarily on  archeology, anthropology and paleontology.  Modern scientific breakthroughs serve more to bore me and in some cases make me a tad bit afraid.  But as I was thumbing through the latest I caught a blurb about "Atlas" from "Boston Dynamics"  Quite frankly what got me to read was less the "Atlas" and more the "Boston" in "Boston Dynamics".  As it is in my humble opinion the BEST city in all the US and quite possibly the world I was drawn to the article.
In retrospect I feel a combination of "Glad I did, wish I didn't"
As images of "Terminator", "Matrix", "I Robot" and "Real Steel" flash through my head I discovered much of the latest in robotic advancements not only from BD but others as well.  From robotic "Suits of armor" to toys, to relatively autonomous robots the speed at which they are developing is in no uncertain terms unnerving.  At the moment their ability for free thought is limited, more responding to pre programmed actions, but each company is working on developing their own robotic "brain".  My question is why?  Robots operating on pre programmed parameters to perform set tasks seems more then adequate.  Why allow them to "think for themselves"?  As humans our ability to think and react  is tempered by emotions, guilt and recognition of consequences relying heavily on our own personal experiences.  How could you program such things.
Again I refer to films teaching such apocalyptic morality tales as SkyNet becoming self aware and determining the act of shutting it down an act worthy of destroying the human race.  Or the head computer in I Robot re-interpreting it's prime directive of "protect humans" in direct conflict with it's other directive "Never harm humans" and in order to "protect us" it had to save us from us by completely controlling us.
And do we or more directly the ones creating these gizmo's have any concept of what they have?  Such highly technologically advanced critters and what do they do with them? Parade them around like a side show attraction making them do dance steps!  Ugh!
At least the military has some creative uses such as "Big Dog" and "Petman" (although that name is in it's self unnerving.  Could WE end up being the "pet's"?) Then on to the hulking 330 pound Atlas!  I bipedal robot with striking similarities to the T100!  (minus Schwarzenegger  skull)  Even machines designed with the best motives at heart can prove deadly in the incompetent hands of some men!
I give you a personal example...
When I was 16 I had a job working at a bakery.  They had a dough press that worked with a spring actuated handle.  About 3 and half foot long solid metal tube. It stood straight up holding a 50 or so pound press in place that you would hold, tap a foot pedal releasing the full weight of the press against the handle you were holding pressing the dough into a large cauldron.  On cleaning day I was told to wipe out the cauldron but be mindful of the press.
I didn't listen to good.  As I was bent over the cauldron my foot grazed the pedal and WHACK the press released slamming the solid metal arm onto the back of my head with 50 pounds of pressure.  It goes with out saying I was unconscious for a wee bit of time, waking in the hospital with a mild concussion.
SO I have to wonder, is a bipedal metal creature capable of massive hydraulic pressure, metal limbs and no conscience a good thing?
A fleet of worker bipeds performing task otherwise unsuitable for humans, or the aforementioned military applications, to "suits of armor" not unlike the Iron Man suit (check out Titan video) would be more then enough to meet our needs.  Would it be a good thing to create the holy grail of AI and let loose a being capable of communicating in 0's and 1's into a world completely dependent upon computers?  It's cliche but when it comes to science just because we CAN do something doesn't me we should do something 
Check 'em out below!  If nothing else there is the entertainment value.

OH, and as far as business?  UGH!  This continuous rain has been keeping many folks sheltered away, but thankfully when the rain offers up a break some folks still pay us visits. Thanks for that and the repairs till coming in!  We did manage to put out  a couple new rides, one of which was finished and old in about an hour, but here they are.  And a shout out to the wonderful lady donating several rides to us today.  Gonna start working on those shortly. See ya soon!

20" 6-speed MTB!
ONLY $40.00!!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ah...Nope....I Ain't Got Nothin.

Well, haven't stopped in lately 'cause hasn't been much a-goin' on!  I presume it has to be the unpredictable weather keeping folks away as I make sure I shower every night! Not even much of anything interesting enough in the news to offer up an opinion f any value, so I'll just post pics of our latest additions and invite ya'll to come on down and check out our goodies! 

ONLY $105.00!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

It's A GREAT Time To Be A Fanboy!

Yes, I have raved before about the immense joy Fanboys of all ages must be experiencing in todays world of advanced technology and special effects, and no more truer emotion could be felt after watching the incredible "Man Of Steel!"
I know, the film primiered a couple of weeks back but due to various issues, Angi and I were unable to see it until this past Saturday. 
I'm glad we waited.  But only for the fact that we were 2 of only six people in the film.   Granted, at certain points we were the loudest.
First I'll start with what's wrong with the film. Which is very little.  The worst flaw would be any critic of the film!  On the cab drive over we talked with the cabbie who was for all intents and purposes a BIG Fanboy and a traditionalist.  By definition someone who hates all thing revisionists.  And granted the film  askews artistically  from the original formula but  is the better for it.  His opinion was it was terrible.
I have NO idea what he was talking about!
As Superman has been around for over 70 years he has gone through MANY incarnations in various media.  Either comics, film, literature or animation, and depending on who is penning his exploits is to the extant of his back story.  Honestly, the first ever story WAY back in '38 if you want to be a traditionalist had the ol "Blue Boyscout" depicted as a basic strong man who could "jump" real high, not fly and instead of battling super villains he took down a wife beater.  SO some leniency must be given for artistic interpretation and in they took a "leap of faith" on this one that paid off big time! 
The second problem is minor but represents an odd choice on the post-productions end.
At the point of the movie where General Zod and his compatriots are pronounce guilty of murder and high treason and are sentenced to the Phantom Zone they are encased in a stasis pod and rocketed off to a control ship which then enters the phantom zone.  Well to put it mildly the entire thing is incredibly sexual in nature.  First, the stasis pods that envelop them harden into the form of an erect penis!  testicles and all!  Truly, the epitome of the traditional phallic symbol!  The control ship then leaves the upper atmosphere and the phantom zone opens slowly to form...a giant inverted triangle!  OH NO the similarities do not end there!  Then some mechanism engulfs the ship and the undulating tendrils look eerily like a swarm of sperm exploding outward, engulfing the ship and then swallows it whole!
REALLY?  Is this some parable on rebirth, or violation or what?  Just seemed out of place!
But THAT'S where the problems end!
The writers went to great pains to more effectively explain not only Superman's motivation but those of his parents and more importantly General Zod! 
Back track.
Years ago in the original film, Zod and his henchmen escape the Phantom Zone and track down Kal-El (old Supes) to Earth to seek revenge for his father imprisoning them in the first place.  Always seemed like a weak motive for revenge to me.
Here, turns out Zod and Jor-El (supes dad) were at one time on the same side in the Kryptonian conflict.  More sense is made of not only Jor-El's motivation for sending Kal to Earth, but for why Zod, once freed from stasis when Krypton explodes , seeks him out as he carries within his DNA the future of Krpton. (I won't go into all the particulars here).  And as all Krptonians are genetically engineered for a certain station in life, he is tasked with the preservation and protection of all things Kryptonian, even if that means destroying all human life and rebuilding krypton here. 
Also, the relationship between Lois and Clark makes WAY more sense!  They did away with the whole "Clark show up wearing glasses and Lois the star investigative reporter who has spent an intimate night with Superman can't see through the flimsy disguise. " bit!  No, SHE actually "investigates" and finally tracks him down by talking to his mother.  But once she hears his story and motivation chooses to drop the story to protect those important to him.  (yes, he does don the glasses at the end of the film and seek employment at the Planet, but no one there has seen Supes up close, so they don't make the connection)
And the fight scenes!  LORD!!  Absolutely MAGNIFICENT!  The degree of collateral damage is appropriate for when two "God's" fight in downtown Metropolis.  Right down to the destructive shock waves caused by massive impacts of fist to flesh.  And the crescendo, when Superman does the unthinkable in defense of Human lives is nothing but memorable!  Anyone who has had any exposure to the legend of the Man of Steel will understand what I'm talking about! 
And as is some unspoken law in the film mythos of Superman, all actors manifested into the role must bear close resemblance to Christopher Reeve, Henry Cavill does not disappoint!
And thank Heavens there was no mention of the tired plot device "Kryptonite"!  The sad old excuse to bring Supes down to our level or ultimately destroy him.  That's the problem with being a God when it comes to story telling.  How do you best the unbeatable?  However, that does pose the question, with the threat of similarly powerful foes abated where do you go for a sequel?  I'd hate to think that the trilogy will be littered with nothing but Kryptonian adversaries .  (Oh, a special tip of the hat for the visual mention of "Lexcorp" via totaled oil tankers!) It will be interesting to see where the franchise goes!
SO in the end we can once and for all sequestered such dogs as Superman 3 and 4 and that GOD AWFUL MONSTROSITY "Superman Returns" to the dusty recesses of the cut out bin in some second hand video store....FOREVER!!
Finally a true and rightful heir to the throne has arrived!
Saturday was another brisk day and we thank all the folks who gave new home to some of our cuties.  Only managed to put out one new one though but are working on more  we speak, so keep tuned in!
See ya soon!

ONLY $60.00!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Epic Fail....

Well I hope everyone had a good Fourth.  Ours started out OK.  Short version. Around our plantation any outing requires several hours of preparations.  Thankfully, mine was relegated to going to work! AH HA!  But Angi and Elijah spent the better part of the day packing supplies, dressing, then cleaning, then re-dressing babies.  The boy's had to go to Wal-Fart to get a couple of umbrella strollers as the really nice dual stroller we had for the girls...well...suffice to say it fell victim to one of Owens more elaborate contraptions and...well....plastics are somewhat hard to mend.  Then, as we were going to Coachman park in Downtown Clearwater intricate travel plans had to be arranged.  We once again relied on PSTA. The rain started to kick up as we waited but we hopped for the best and soldiered on.  Kaleb and Logan and I caught the bus by the shop, then picked up the rest of the brood near the house.  It was cute to get the "DADDY!" reception as they climbed aboard!  We got off downtown, and had ice cream at D & D while we waited for the rain to let up.  Around six it was still overcast but dry...relatively.  So we set forth to the park where we eventually found a prime viewing spot and set out our picnic to listen to the band.  The older boys did what older boys do, much to the chagrin of their mother as there were many scantly clad teeny boppers running about (seriously!  What parent allows their daughters to run around in public in outfits that are normally sequestered to the adult film industry!)  as the three middle kids waited (im)patiently in line to ride the bungee jumper.  Mom sat with the babies as I did the "High Alert" Dad thing and wrenched my neck constantly keeping track of children.  Unfortunately, as the band had just begun a very menacing bank of gray clouds was swiftly making it's way towards us and before we (or all those in attendance) could react a torrential downpour was upon us!  We immediately sought shelter under a tree as Elijah and I held a blanket over the little ones, but within minutes all were soaked to the bone.  Unfortunately I remembered to late that the library at the top of the hill had a large vestibule that could have kept us all dry.  Shaking and cold we called for cabs to take us home.  Sadly, as it turned out the fireworks had in fact, NOT been rescheduled, but as everyone was soaked and cold there was no salvaging the evening.  Angi, the girls and Elijah took the first cab home (yes, even in today's more politically correct world sensitive to the equal rights of women I still adhere to the more chivalrous rules of Women and children first!)  Kaleb, Logan, Owen and I awaited the next cab...which never came!  After an hour we hoofed it over to Starbucks where they were nice enough to let me use their phone (I'd left mine in the diaper bag) and the boys had hot cocoa and I a MUCH needed double shot of Espresso! 
So in the end, I owe them all a nice day out Sunday!
Yesterday was once again surprisingly brisk, and managed to move out two new goodies to new homes AND put out one new SWEET ride!  This one is a Cannondale road bike (of sorts).  We have had the frame kicking around for quite some time until the right parts were gathered!  It's a raw aluminum frame, ultra light, decked out as a 21 speed commuter, all complete with a compact quick shift rear end!  Very SWEET!
Today...well it's anyone's guess what I might surprise you with!
See ya soon!

"Yea!  They'll sit still for ice cream!!"

"No...I didn't need to have the banana split!"



Holding down a babe enthralled by new sights and sounds!

Dinner on the green.

obvious disappointment as the skies turn gray

making the best of it with a soccer game in the vestibule.

ONLY $180.00!!!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Morning Without Squishy Socks?

Yes, awoke this morning to find an absence of water fall on our roof.  Made the trip to the shop devoid of a soaked but and back.  Odd the things we get used to.  As today is the fourth and the other members of the clan enjoy the celebrations we will more then likely be closing at 5 pm today in hopes that this year Mama will get to see the fireworks.  She has missed the last couple of years due to one reason or another, and I'd like to give her a chance to see the show!
Yesterday was a REAL surprise!  With almost continuous rain which at one point hit scary gale force winds we were QUITE busy!  Thanks to all for coming in and not only paying us visits and compliments but giving a total of five bikes new homes!!  Well, technically four as the fifth was claimed by our eight year old, Rozlynd.  At her insistence she is no longer a kid so therefore must give up her kids bike and get on a bigger one.  She claimed the 24" pink MTB. 
A couple updates!
On the stolen Trek front.  Some times following the crowd is the wrong thing to do.   I should know that at this point in life and it is to my shame I strayed from that belief.  When we first started in this business we know we needed a way to avoid buying stole bikes.  There was non available through official channels, so we created on based primarily on instinct and common sense but also on taking copies of sellers info.  For the most part it served us well.  There were times even then that we inadvertently bought a stolen bike, but when it was brought to our attention or identified we returned it to the owner.  On one such occasion, we contact the police to come and take the sellers info and during the conversation with the officer he asked whether or not we had collected our purchase price from the owner before returning it, as that was our right.  I balked at the idea originally, but then a doubt was placed in my mind.  So I researched it and sure enough was informed by others in both the Sheriffs office and Clearwater police that this was in fact the truth, and that was what all pawn shops and second hand sellers did.  Well, I thought,,,if that's what everyone else does!
UGH!  "If everyone else jumped off a bridge...."
SO yes, to my shame there have been three other times since then that I have charged others for the return of their OWN bike, and in retrospect I should be flogged!  My only justification was that that was the law.
Well I was wrong on TWO counts!  First and foremost that it is morally WRONG to ask a victim to PAY for the return of their own property after they have been violated in such a heinous way!
And Second....
After the recent debacle I was researching the laws regarding a "Secondhand Dealer" s (thank Heavens once again for the Internet) and I came across statute 538:8...

538.08 Stolen goods; petition for return.—(1) If the secondhand dealer contests the identification or ownership of the property, the person alleging ownership of the property may, provided that a timely report of the theft of the goods was made to the proper authorities, bring an action for replevin in the county or circuit court by petition in substantially the following form:
Plaintiff A. B. sues defendant C. D., and alleges:
1. This is an action to recover possession of personal property in     County, Florida.
2. The description of the property is:   (list property)  . To the best of plaintiff’s knowledge, information, and belief, the value of the property is $   .
3. Plaintiff is entitled to the possession of the property under a security agreement dated   ,   (year)  , a copy of which is attached.
4. To plaintiff’s best knowledge, information, and belief, the property is located at     .
5. The property is wrongfully detained by defendant. Defendant came into possession of the property by   (describe method of possession)  . To plaintiff’s best knowledge, information, and belief, defendant detains the property because   (give reasons)  .
6. The property has not been taken under an execution or attachment against plaintiff’s property.

(2) The filing fees shall be waived by the clerk of the court, and the service fees shall be waived by the sheriff. The court shall award the prevailing party attorney’s fees and costs. In addition, when the filing party prevails in the replevin action, the court shall order payment of filing fees to the clerk and service fees to the sheriff.
(3) Upon the filing of the petition, the court shall set a hearing to be held at the earliest possible time. Upon the receipt of a petition for a writ by a secondhand dealer, the dealer shall hold the property at issue until the court determines the respective interests of the parties.
(4) In addition to the civil petition for return remedy, the state may file a motion as part of a pending criminal case related to the property. The criminal court has jurisdiction to determine ownership, to order return or other disposition of the property, and to order any appropriate restitution to any person. Such order shall be entered upon hearing after proper notice has been given to the secondhand dealer, the victim, and the defendant in the criminal case.

In short, if the rightful owner of the stolen property proves it's theirs the buyer must return it with no expectation of restitution from the victim.  He may pursue restitution from the assailant but NOT the victim!
So how has this been going on!  How can POLICE recommend that the victim pay for their items return? Well, my guess is that that would mean the investigating officer would be inconvenienced with having to go to trial, and its just easier to tell the victim to suck it up and buy it back.
Well, after discovering this I contacted the gentleman who owned the Trek and after apologizing profusely informed him I would be returning his money, in full.  It was my lapse in judgment that allowed me to purchase this bike in the first place.  And at risk of inviting potential con artists, if anyone who has had similar experience with us and had to by back a stolen bike is reading this PLEASE contact us as I would like to extend the same apology and restitution likewise.
And to the young lady who came all the way from Tampa to pick up her items we recovered, I am less eloquent with the spoken words, but I must let you know I do appreciate the offer of a reward for the return of your items and I hope I did not offend by not excepting.  I am a firm believer in Karma.  To except a reward for doing the right thing negates any good that one may do.
 "Pay it Forward" The next time you have the opportunity to do for someone else "above and beyond" will be payment enough.
We were slamming on customers yesterday (wait...that doesn't sound right) so unfortunately didn't get anything new out BUT we are real close to putting up a SWEET old school Cannondale(ish) road bike!  Have had this ultra light frame kicking round for a while and finally accumulated enough parts to get it together.  She'll be out in the next hour or o, so be checking out for that!
Alright, y'all have an awesome fourth and if ya got some free time between barbeque's come check us out!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't know Whether to Hug Yesterday Or Choke It!

Well as is the way with all civilized societies there is  cost to habitation and vocation.  The debacle of a yesterday has only brought that reality into stark contrast!  I am thank full that we have FINALLY come into contact with detectives that are willing to work with us in order to ensure we are doing everything we can to be completely legal in the eye of the law.  Now don't take that to mean we didn't take steps to ensure we were handling our business in a moral sense but we always knew there had to be more that we could do to ensure we were not inadvertently purchasing stolen bikes, but every turn we took and call we made to both local and state authorities were always met with answering machines and no call backs.  After a while we just gave up, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  Now finally we have applied for what is called a "Secondhand Dealers Licence" which will begin the whole process. 
That's the good news.
Now here's the bad.
As part of the regulations we are required, upon making a purchase to withhold said item for 15 days before we can fix and sell it.  And worse still is we have to wait until the licence has been issued to be able to buy or trade anything!  OUCH!  The only saving grace is we have a back stock of bikes previously purchased that we will be able to work on and put out, so fingers crossed and hope for the best! 
I do want to thank (and blame (LOL)) our "Canadian Friend" for spotting the stolen bike on "" then our site and informing us.  We tracked down and contacted the owner and the bike is now securely back with him.  And also, thankfully he WILL be pressing charges against the seller.  
And then...
Had a killer sales and service day.  Apparently the Cosmo's way of apologizing for all the trauma!  Moved a few rides to new homes and had MUCHO repairs come in!  Thank you all so very, very much! 
And further on the happy side of our day thank the Internet for the availability of finding person(s) contact info!  On the way to work yesterday we were traveling down Union (in a heavy downpour) and stumbled upon a swath of scattered paper and cards.  At closer examination it turned out to be the contents of someone's purse or wallet.  Checkbook, social security card, pay stub etc, etc.!  All the ingredients for a theft of identity!  And BELIEVE ME!  That is a hell I would not wish upon my worst nemesis!  I've had it happen to me THREE times!  And it took six months to clear up felony theft charges in the state of Texas for of all things a Chicken Trailer!  Yea, to like haul chickens because Heaven knows there is a HUGE black market value for chicken trailers!  It came down to me having to fax my ID to the DA in order to compare with the video images at the rental place where the thing was rented from using my identity.  Clearly I was not the master thief they were looking for!  And that took six months! 
ANYWAY! Sorry, went off on a tangent again!  Utilizing the Internet and master detective skills I was able to track them down!  (OK...I just called the place they worked at) but it was stolen in Odessa!  Weird.  However they are coming down to grab it and we are just happy they won't have to suffer the inconvenience of having to retrieve all of that info.  I mean imagine.  Dealing with the social security office!
We do have a bit to work on today so perhaps I have spent enough time yakkin' and bettah git ta steppin"
Sorry...I just can't pull off "street"
See ya!
Oh yea, here's a couple of the goodies we put out yesterday!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scum Rises To The Top...But Why On Our Cup?

YEP!  Gonna have to rant again!!
Bruce Wayne was once quoted as saying "criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot"  He should have added "stupid"! 
Seriously!  If you KNOW you are selling a stolen bike why in HADES would you allow someone to photocopy your ID AND get an imprint of your finger print!? 
Relying on blind luck?  Or is it because your parents shared the same last name BEFORE they got married?!
Yea, once again we got in another stolen ride and I would like to thank one of our observant and astute readers (I believe her name was Anni Nonomous) who recognized the bike we had posted from a "Stolen Bike Alert" on  We were able to ascertain who owned it and return it to it's rightful owner so you should be proud of yourself for your civil service! 
Yea, that was  short rant but anything more would have broken my "no foul language" rule.
Yesterday was surprisingly busy, given the weather conditions and found new homes for a couple of rides as well as putting out a few new ones!  Check them out below! 
In the process of writing this the police we contacted came, took the info and informed me that they would help us get more up to speed on the "new" way of doing things by sending a detective by to get us hooked up like a pawn shop.  Well, I have heard that several times before but here's hoping!
SO now, on with the show!


ONLY $95.00!!


Monday, July 1, 2013


This is one of those Mondays that all those Monday cliché's were written for!  I like a good rainstorm as much as the next guy, but you'd think they would schedule them for a more convenient time, like at night!  But "OH NO!" every now and then they gotta shoot a nasty morning like this at us so we can have squishy socks all day!  Well, OK maybe not this time as we planned ahead and brought some dry clothes with us (HEH!  Used my brain once!  I be smart an stuff!) but it's the principal of the thing!  Another day off came and went and except for a brief dip in the Redneck pool the rain pretty much had us trapped in the house.  So in between refereeing a variety of small cross border skirmishes and various diplomatic faux pas between warring factions the day went relatively smoothly.  Of course once evening rolled around the inaccessibility to burning off sugar out doors made getting children to bed a wee bit of an issue.  Eventually we resigned ourselves to allow them to wear out and pass out wherever they dropped.
We finally went to bed round 2am.
Yay team!
Also, I send a prayer out to the little puppy we came across this morning who seemed a tad bit lost.  We knocked on a few doors but no one knew where he belonged, so we rode around a bit until he got squirmy, then once I put him down he shot off to a house he seemed familiar with, so I hope he's OK.
Now if someone can tell me how to get the smell of wet dog off of me! 
OH, wait...that could be good though.  At least no sparkling vampires would dare attack me if the thought I was a Quileute changeling!  Go Team Jacob!!!
Actually managed to get some bikes built on Saturday, surprise,  surprise!  And what gems they are!  A sweet looking Eddie Bauer cruiser (that one sold), a ladies 24" dual shock in FINE condition, a gem of a full chrome Dyno Zone.  Kaleb came up with a scratch build utilizing a 24" frame and made us a single speed "Urban Assault"!   And we got a REAL find in a 2011 Trek FX!!!!!  Like FREAKIN NEW!!!!
So check 'em out below, and we are going to get back at it as we have a soon to be fine Giant in my rack and others on deck!
See ya REAL soon!
PS!  As an added bonus!  We here like to keep you abreast of all the recent advancements in technology and as the encroaching end comes to available petroleum within our children's lifetime we present a few alternatives to every day items that once relied on the icky black goo...
Check 'em out below!

ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

ONLY $320.00!!!!