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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flattery Will get You everywhere!

Like with any other job, regardless of how much you may love it, there are times you are's a job!  One requiring commitment, labor time and toil.  Sometimes to a point of tedium.  But then there are the times when you are gently reminded of why you do what you do.  In our case, those reminders always come from the folks we service...there bikes I mean!  The other day was a good case in point.  A gentleman attending SPC, studying renewable resource development brought in an older GT MTB for us to reassemble and rebuild.  In trade towards his bill he brought along a "Bike In A Bucket"  An older Specialized Hardrock, 90% complete, and in need of a good re-furb!  he also brought along a bevy of compliments.  Obviously, in accordance with his major, he shares in our desire to reuse what the Earth has already provided, and was genuinely giddy to have found us.  His burning question "Why aren't there more places doing what we do?"  Good question.  Personally?  I think it's only a matter of time.  I meet people every day that in some way are thinking twice before discarding this or that, in lieu of holding on for some possible future use. 
Also i would like to thank one of our new friends, not only for letting us rebuild the SWEET trek road bike that everyone wanted, but also for his kind donation to our friend John of some canned food!  (no yams!).  you'll be happy to know we are starting to accumulate quite a bit of goodies for him.  Angela's "Mommy Network" (pause briefly:  My wife furthers the whole "re-use" theory with a group of local moms, who trade and donate clothes and toys and such, back and forth and are always looking to welcome more "families in need") came up with a couple of boxes as well!  We'll be having them all delivered to John by the end of this week.
Well we managed to put out three more yesterday.  A 24" trek MTB.  This one's an older  cromoly frame, and runs like a champ!  Also, a 24" dual shock "Daily banger Special" MTB as well!  And to top it off a GORGEOUS Vintage Ladies Raleigh three speed!  pretty sure that one's sold though, but we're going to pic it below anyway!\
ALSO!  Got some exciting new additions yesterday!  A (soon to be) nice men's 26" Diamondback Sorento! A banger BMX (we are REAL light on BMX's right now!) And the best of 'em all, in trade for the unicycle we've had, like   FOREVER a SUPERSWEET Vintage Schwinn Continental 2 Road bike!!!!   KEEN!  That one's going on my rack post haste! 
So on that note, I'd best get hopping!
ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $140.00!!

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