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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Philbert Departs

There's a morale in this tale.  Here our little avian visitor has shelter, food, water and safety from predators and yet through continual trial and error and unyielding persistence he/she finally escaped his/her entrapment.  The moral of our story is simply "regardless of danger, an animal belongs in the wild" 
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Today's "Repair Blitzkrieg" was a resounding success!  All but the sweet Motobecane re-build were finished.  AND that was only because the parts for the Motobecane didn't come in until late afternoon.  Our delivery picker upper had a mild mechanical failure. (flat tire) So that one will be done tomorrow.  ALSO finally finished up the sweet Specialized re-build, and man! what a gem!  From a bucket of rusty parts and nicked and scratched frame to a true beauty!  And decked out with new tires, and seat to boot!  Justin finished up another sweet Three Wheeler, in traditional "Re-Cycle Blue Metal Flake!"  AND the gorgeous Vintage Roadmaster cruiser is all back together EXCEPT for the light face.  It's on it's third coat of bondo.  The first coat had to be ground off as I mixed a wee bit to much hardener in the mix!  Oh well, live and learn (although I hope I get to live long enough TO learn!)
Quite frankly, we were so focused on getting those projects up and running, haven't even figured out which ones to move on to next! 
Ah well, we can always dip into the garage!
Night, night ya'll!

ONLY $155.00!!

ONLY $175.00!!

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