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Friday, December 30, 2011

"It's amazing what one can accomplish when one forgoes one's morning Scrabble game!"

Sometimes I regret ever discovering Pogo online games.  As a Scrabble and Domino fanatic it's rather addictive.  But last night as the four bikes i had built sold faster then I could build them, and I still managed to keep up with repairs (thanks SO much!) I swore I would dedicate today THE WHOLE DAY to building  up more stock.  And by gum, I held to it!  (will wonders never cease?) Managed to put out eight.  Although I only have pics of six of them, as the other two sold before I could get a snap.  Sorry.
Have another sweet men's aluminum cruiser that we pulled out of what was a real wreck!  Now she SHINES!  Also a Haro Vault in lovely lime green and pastel yellow (I have NO idea who comes out with these color combos) also a real unique looking Royce Union BMX, a nice starter Schwinn BMX, a special priced Mongoose Banger MTB, and a very very sharp like new Elite Ls.  Love the frame design on these!
And put the big boy Schwinn road bike on my rack and stripped her down for tomorrows clean and rebuild, then have many others to work.
So this is one pooped pappy, signing off.
ONLY $40.00 BUCKS!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $40.00

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $60.00!!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rubber Chicken

Went to do a parts run yesterday, and instead of sending one of the boys decided to do the run myself.  Even braver, instead of taking a cab or the bus took my bike instead.
When I say it's been TO long since I rode, is an understatement!  For far to long my legs have to positions, locked in as I stand or bent at the knees when I sit.  The whole pistoning up and down thing?  Not so much.
Thankfully it was lunch time when I got back as I needed to rest. 
Again I say, SAD!
Thanks to the folks coming out of the whole Holiday blitz thing and coming into pick up their repairs that have been here since...well since well before the shopping season.
And again I apologize to anyone inconvenienced by our policy regarding checks and credit cards, but it's a political choice we made and stand behind.  Just remember the old adage "You'll get more flies with honey then vinegar"
Did a whole bunch of fun buying yesterday ('tis the season).  A few bangers, a gorgeous (soon to be) Schwinn road bike, a Big boy!  67cm!  And a Raleigh road bike, about the same height!  Odd to have two big boys at the same time.  Also bought a pristine Specialized Expedition that lasted about 10 minutes before it sold!  I show it's pic just because.
Put out another daily banger as that's what most folks seem to be searching for, with another on the rack almost done.  Then i move on to the great folks rides once again trusting us with their rides!  THANKS so  much!
'Till Later
ONLY $60.00!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hyborian Hype of the Cimmerian Barbarian

Still recovering after the Holiday festivities?
Me too.
With so much goings on in just one day I find it rather taxing to slide back into the whole "work" thing.  Needless to say yesterday saw me rather lax.  I ended up being replaced by Angela and Kaleb so i could meander about shopping at Wal-Mart.  Now before you jump me and brand me a hypocritical heretic, the grandparents sent Wal-Mart gift cards for Christmas, and as they won't allow you to cash them in...well whats a boy to do?
We asked the kiddos what they wanted to do with the cards and after much discussion (and a little coaxing from Mom and Dad) they decided to pool their money and buy one big gift for the family.  As they already have a game system they opted (with the older boys help) for a Blue ray surround system.  So I, Elijah and Owen spent the afternoon setting it up.
Well no good surround system can be properly tested unless you have something with a lot of action to bring out the boom!  Originally we wanted to get "Cowboys and Aliens" but the local Red Box was out, so we opted for the newest Conan.
Well, after the annoying bout of skips (I thought Blue Ray were suppose to be skip proof!) We got into the meat of the movie.
It's been close to 30 years since the Cimmerian has seen the silver screen, and while at the time (hey I was a kid) it seemed really cool, more refined tastes decry Arnold's performance as rather campy.  He was still new at the whole acting gig, and hadn't got his chops yet.  But this new one?
I'm still having a bit of an issue as to whether I liked it or not.
I'll 'splain
Truly graphic in it's depiction of gore and violence (directed by Marcus Nispel (Pathfinder, Friday the 13th remake, Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake)) it rips through the origins of Conan and his early life like a bloody scythe.  Literally "born" on the battlefield the CGI image of the enemies sword thrusting through his mothers womb sets the tone for the film, as Conan's dad (played by none other then Ron Perlman) has to finish the incision to deliver the child.  Well, I had to cover mommas eyes for that bit of celluloid gold!  The movie doesn't let up.
As the story progresses I was initially turned off as scene after scene was reminiscent of "Lord of The Rings", "300", "Batman Begins" etc. etc.
But then a little voice in the back of my head, the same boyish one that for nearly a decade revelled at the Marvel Comics exploits of Conan, said in no uncertain terms, it's not Conan that's copying them!  They copied Conan!
It's true! 
Conan was created by legendary pulp fiction author Robert Ervin Howard.  Having first appeared in Dec, 1932 in the pages of "Weird Tales" in a story entitled "The Phoenix On The Sword" it is lauded by most as the beginning of the Sword and Sorcery genre of Fiction.  Predating J.R.R Tolkiens "Hobbit" by five years.  Sadly Mr Howard committed suicide a meer 4 years later after 17 stories had been published, as he was informed his mother would succumb to Tuberculosis.  Fatefully though in March of that same year Robert in a letter to Conan fan and fiction author P. Schuyler Miller and chemist Dr. John D. Clark he outlined Conan's history, motivation (or lack thereof ) and character development concepts. They themselves had developed a map of Conan's world from Mr Howard's stories.  And as the stories were written in a first hand account they had a tendency to jump around in narrative from one time period to the next, following no defined, linear time line.  You knew what happened to him as a child and as an aged king, and a 20 something pirate, so the job of connecting the dots made for much story fodder!
 With all that in mind it made the movie much more palatable, as it truly was much more to the spirit of Mr Howard's Barbarian.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Morning After

Oy Vey!
Christmas eve was fun this year, but took it's toll.  Had Friends and family over for dinner (thanks for the grandparents bringing dinner, and Mrs. Lisa for all the baked goods!  Then after the kids opened some gifts we settled down to a family tradition of reading the classic "Tomten".  This story was read to me by my father every Christmas eve since I was three.  WAY back before they had invented electricity.  And I picked up the tradition with my kids when my eldest was three. Back then I was reading from a copy I had picked up after an exhaustive search of local book stores as i had believed the original copy was lost.  Well, about 12 years ago, when my Mother and sister were moving out of their house in Exeter, they found the original copy that my father had read from, and sent it to me as a Christmas gift!  You can imagine my tears when i caught glimpse of that worn, water stained copy complete with tell tale Crayola marks from yours truly. So this year, as a treat (I think even more for me then my kids) Grandad sat in the big chair and read to us all.
Then with hugs and kisses we put all the little ones to bed with sugar plums running rampant, said our farewell to guests, and began the painstaking task of gift wrapping the broods gifts.
If I don't see a roll of tape for another year, I'll be happy. We did it smart this year.  We asked the kids on Thanksgiving the three things they wanted for Christmas, and that's what they got.  And I'll give 'em credit, they were all very appreciative (PLUS, if they get out of line it gives mom and dad leverage!)
After the festivities Mom and Dad took a Christmas nap (or tried to at least) until the Nerf gun war broke out in the play room and ricochet shot hit the dividing door on the play room side. 
Then up to make Christmas dinner which was NOT the traditional Ham but rather Ham-burger (in all our shopping we FORGOT to get the dinner!
It's cool though.  With all the sweets everyone ate, they pretty much just picked at the meal.
All in all a VERY good Holiday!
And now it's back to work!  have MANY that need building, and many that need re-pair so I'll be a busy little bee today!
Hope you all recover well!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another Holiday Wish

I would like to thank ALL the wonderful folks who have made this such an awesome  year!  All the great people who have chosen to patronize local business such as us.  All the chances we have been given to re-pair and improve SO MANY rides!  And the countless well wishing and good vibes from everyone.
I'll tell you a secret.  Pretty much EVERY year for the last 16 we have been, from one organization, or charity or school group provided with the majority of our kids presents for under the tree.  Most of them knowing the amount of our brood seek us out and bags of gifts arrive.  Well this year i am very proud and thankful that we, with great appreciation were able to decline.  Thanks to all you folks we were able to provide for ourselves for once.
I'll tell you, it's a great feeling!
yesterday was TREMENDOUS!  Pretty much sold out the store.  It was a joy to see all in attendance.  I usually thank each and everyone separately, but as we were so busy, I missed some names and don't want to dis' anyone!
In preparation for the Christmas revelry today was a tad bit scattered.  Did manage to finish up two new rides, and Lord knows we need them! Check out below for your after present opening shopping!  Will see you all come Monday!  Hope you and yours have a FANTASTIC Holiday!

ONLY $120.00


And a prayer for Peace, Harmony, good Will....
and loads of goodies!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Eleventh Hour

Thanks so much to my lovely bride for holding down the fort yesterday so i could get some much needed shut eye!  Have been burning the midnight oil lately trying to stay on top of things and she offered to open up to let me sleep.  And sleep I did...until almost
X-mas day is rapidly approaching and I haven't even done my shopping!  ARRGH!  Christmas was SO much cooler when you were a kid! 
After doing up all the re-pairs yesterday, only had time to put out one gem, but shes a LOOKER!  Last year ladies Schwinn Comfort Cruiser model.  This baby was rode only once!  Then had mechanical trouble and was garaged.  Well we fixed her up, and she all shiny again! 
All right, that's it for now, as i still have more to do.  Talk to you soon!
ONLY $90.00!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rapid Emergency Response!

Well never let it be said that there is ever a dull moment around here! 
First off, I simply ADORE the fact that so many folks trust us so impicitly with their re-pairs.  We are full up in the back with completed ones awaiting pick up and more keep pouring in!  However we still manage to keep on top of them.  And today, while amid a slue of happy shoppers and questions abound, one of our local Fire Fighting Finest pull up in the ladder wagon right in front of our door with lights flashing.  I caught it out of the corner of my eye and immediately paniced thinking that there was a problem at one of the shops next to us.  Two burley fireman jumped down from the truck, swinging open the side door and quicklly pulled out...
a Schwinn.
I couldn't help but chuckle.  We have many clintle from various city personell, but they usually visit us in their civies!  One of the gents sons had dissasembled his bike and never put it back together, so it's now on our to-do list.
Sold the MGX to a smart gent looking for his son, to get him back and forth to work.  In his words it will help him save up for a car.  Although we hope it will inspire him to by pass the car, and keep riding!
Also found a home for the next BMX with one of our regulars shopping for his nephews.
And I think we sold another one but I am WAY to wipped to remember.
We got our early Christmas present from the swell gentleman who bout the Lemon"D" a few weeks back.  He was cl;eaning out his garage and brought in a SWEET Raliegh road bike, PRISTINE!  Thanks for the wonderfull gesture!  We gave her a good once over and now she's ready to give someone a GREAT gift!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!
Also, even after completing all the re-pairs we managed to put out three new pretties!  The aforementioned Raliegh, a nice Ladies Banger, and a Gorgeous Jamis Earth Cruiser!  Super!
ONLY $190.00!!!

Well as it's late I will bid you a good night!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's 2011. Where's All The Flying Cars?

We was busier then a puppy with two peters, today! Thanks to all for coming in and keeping us hopping!  And sorry to the two folks who were inconvenienced by having to bring in their recently purchased bikes for warranty work!  Hate it when we don't get it right the first time!  They were both BMX'ers and they were both about the bloody frog leg brakes!  With Orbital no less!  Between you, me and the lamp post it's the least effective brake system there is.
Met alot of cool folks today drifting by to see what it was all about, and we thank them for their time, which unfortunately I didn't have all that much to spare.  Thanks to Chip for popping in for a before Christmas "Hiddey Ho!" And to Chris, a "Right Place Right Time: Kind of guy who came in looking for the perfect road bike and found it in the Nishiki I had JUST bought a few minutes prior to his arrival.  We'll have her up and running in a jiff!
And speaking of confabs, met a gent today who had much in common as we were of the same generation and as so many talks do, the topics drifted.  In the meanderings they landed upon our youthful impressions of what the future would hold.  Growing up with "Star Wars" and Ray Bradbury and a plethora of Sci Fantasy idealism, we had as children eagerly awaited the arrival of flying cars, service droids, and colonies on Mars.
We are, needless to say a tad bit disappointed.
It got me to thinking though.  Would we ever really be wise to use flying cars? 
I mean think of all the fender benders and out and out total wrecks that occur on the highways each and every day.  Now could you imagine if our propensity for text/driving were to be taking place at an altitude of 500 or 1000 feet?  Not only would we be striking other hover craft, but once they fail plummeting to the grounds and taking out everything beneath us!
Not gonna walk away from that one!
And the folks (I use to be one) that would push their vehicle until the little red arrow was WAY below E?
And what about insurance rates?
On second thought, keep humans grounded!
But the service droids can stay.


Wow!  Our faces are flushed!  Thanks for all the awesome compliments yesterday and especially for all the cool donations!  As the Holiday approaches those giving or getting bikes this year have been emptying out their hidey holes and bringing us last years (and beyond) bikes!  So cool!  Some were out right donations and some were for stocking stuffer cash, but MAN did we get some swells! 24" K2 Appaloosa MTB...PRISTINE!  3 cruisers, an old Fuji road bike, a Jamis MTB, 3 bangers and a few bucket fulls of BMX parts (enough for two scratch builds!) Thanks to the folks bringing us their repairs, and by recommendations no less!  We love it when a friend tells a friend, who tells two friends, who tell their two friends....and so on....and so on! (hint, hint!) It's what keeps us here! 
We managed to put out four goodies yesterday just in time for the gift giving season (meaning if you buy them, I can afford to give gifts....hint, hint!) Just HAD to stay late to get the sweet K2 ready, but also put out three cruisers as well!  Check out the bronze one!  I LOVE that color!
Today has us starting with a Tony hawk BMX scratch build in the rack, then have the Raliegh re-build to finish, put out a few small repairs then back at it with another 2 sweet cruisers! 
Before I go, 1 itty. bitty rant!
My wife often kids me that the reason I gripe about the disparity in wealth these days is because I'm jealous.  I'd have to say, Nah!  True, I'd like to have less reason to sweat at bill paying time, but aside from that, i wouldn't know what to do with myself if we were uber-wealthy.  Moreover, with all the trials and tribulations the common man must endure, it pains, and infuriates me when I hear tales of grotesquely outrageous spending by the Ultra-wealthy!
Case in point!
Whilst perusing the Yahoo news this morning I caught wind of  a real estate purchase by one Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the spoiled brat 22 year old rich princess of billionaire Russian Dmitriy Rybolovlev.  This little rich girl bought an APARTMENT on Central Park West for 88 Million dollars.
Yes, you heard me right.
I'll be fair and state that the owner of said apartment has stated that the proceeds of the sale will go to charity...but I'm not holding my breath.
This is all SO WRONG on so many levels. 
The really sad part is that the place isn't even going to be a permanent residence.  It's just for when she visits the city!
You wonder why so many of the working class are SO p....d off!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fairy Dust and Little Boys Who never Grow Up.

Busy, busy weekend, so please forgive me for no updates.  Thank to Rocko (now THERE'S a cool name for a kid!) who picked out the Modem for an early Christmas present.  And to Shayana, planning to get back on the road once her little one is born. Thanks to Laura for giving us the chance to help out.  She picked up the last two bikes on the wish lists on Sunday. And to a retro hip Emily who finally gave a loving , appreciative home to the '61 Roadmaster!  And as is custom, thanks for all the repair work that keeps us going around here!
And Now...
I am, for the most part very progressively minded.  The whole gender and sexuality issue, is basically a non issue to me.  I reverently admonish any parent who would chastise or disown their child for their sexual preference, as it is simply how God made them, and NOT ours to judge.
When I was a young boy my sister, who very much would have preferred I been born a girl, at one time BRIEFLY would dress me in her clothes and have tea parties and Barbie play.  I have no excuse.  I will in my defence however state "I retained my OWN underwear!" It was a practice short lived.
I will not say I cross dressed willingly, only that I liked the fact that my sister would agree to play with me, as otherwise she kept to her room and I to mine.
So fast forward to today.  No, except for that one time a couple Halloweens ago I dressed up as a bearded fairy Godmother, I've stuck to my civvies.
The same cannot be said for Owen.  His affinity for the frilly side of life is becoming ever more prevalent.  As the below Holiday Greetings shows.
Those are size appropriate artificial breasts. He very much enjoys getting a reaction out of folks.  Whether it be buy hyper actively annoying them, helping them or shocking them.
Why do i have the sneaking suspicion that we are raising this generations Lady Gaga.
Because, between you and me, I REALLY think Lady Gaga is actually Marilyn Manson in drag.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Ha HA!!! It feels REAL good when you are able to prove that the utility company has screwed up.  Even better when they provide the proof!  I paid the bill and they told me I still owed X amount of dollars.  Naturally as any rational person would do, I went psychotic.  Apparently unsettling the young operator, she quickly transferred me to her supervisor, who tried to convince me I was wrong and owed the money .  I had been informed two days prior of 1 amount that differed from what they were quoting and insisted they check the tape recording of the conversation.
They acquiesced.
Well thanks to Jinenne for giving the dual shock a home for the holidays for her husband who may or may not be serious about getting some exercise.
And as always we greatly appreciate all the repairs, thanks for the trust!
Oh and just so there's no confusion, 'cause we've had more then a few queries of late regarding the bikes we have in stock.
Yes.  They have been fully re-furbished and come backed with a 1 year warranty. But....they're used.  No.  We don't replace all the parts with new parts.  That would be silly.  And it would be contrary to the whole concept Re-Cycle was founded on.  R...E...Cycling! Not to mention VERY expensive.  And that would be a cost burden passed on to the customer.  Simply put a $70.00 bike with new tires, tubes, brake shoes and cables alone would cost $168.00. 
Wouldn't stay in business for more then a week doing it that way.  There are places out there that sell NEW bikes.  We're not it.
All right it's movie night and I'm out!

TOP 5!

All right people settle down, settle down!  Before I get to the much anticipated "Statement of Opinion" regarding the top 5 All Time Best Holiday Films (as according to me) I just want to recap yesterday!
WOW!  What a BUSY day!  And a Thursday to boot!  Banging all day with a plethora of re-pairs, it was standing room only around 4 pm when my parts order FINALLY came in!  Thanks to Amy for giving the old Murray a home for the Holidays!  I hope her beau enjoys! 
Managed to finish up the gorgeous Haro BMX!  This one is built to the hilt with heavy duty power!  Wrapped up in a Dark Cherry paint job!  SWEET!
ONLY $140.00!!

Have another ladies banger on the rack, then on to completing the Raleigh re-build I've been pinning over!  From there....?
All right, Below are what I feel best represents the genre of Holiday fare that speaks best to the many facets of the Holiday season.  As you'll see, not all of them are ones brimming with Holiday Cheer and twinkling lights but as anyone who has had to untangles the hastily packed Ball of Lights from the previous year, or had to visit with family and friends that you can only stomach for 24 hours each year I give you...

#5. It's A Wonderful Life

Truly an American icon this movie once could be seen (with the advent of cable) at least every two hours on SOME channel starting Thanksgiving eve.  Nowadays you may see it once or twice if your lucky.  Each time I watch it the superb premise, acting and directing coupled with the simple message chokes me up.  But skip the colorized version!  It was meant to be watched in Black and White, hands down!

#4 Charlie Browns Christmas

Since its debut in 1965 it has been an intricate part in every childhood holiday experience. It was one of the few times a year my sister and I were allowed to watch TV during the week and i can still clearly remember the excitement generated, not unlike Pavlov's Dog when the bell rang, when that spinning CBS Special Presentation hit the screen!
Note; in this listing include such classics as "Frosty", "The Grinch", "Rudolph" etc.

#3 "A Christmas Carrol"
The George C Scott version from 1984 wins HANDS DOWN for best portrayal!  Reginald Owen in the 1938 release was a close second (skip the '51 version, tad bit campy.  And with all due respects to Mr Patrick Stewart, he tried a little to hard, and the film just seemed rushed) But George's version is much more faithful to the original (plus no PAINFUL musical numbers) and you REALLY feels his torment and share in his gradual blooming of conscience and awareness.

#2 "An American Christmas Carrol"
Yes, you're right in your observation that this is just Charles Dickens once removed.  Made for TV in 1979 this revamping of the old classic takes place in Depression era New England (Concord to be exact) so it's close to home.  Plus it stars an unlikely Henry Winkler as Benedict Slade (scrooge) and makes no bones about trying to disguise the fact that it is, in fact a remake.  At one point while visiting a book shop that owes him on a loan, he picks up a leather bound copy of Dickens masterpiece inspiration. What makes it stand out from the others is the fact that this was a real break out performance for Mr. Winkler that I thoroughly enjoy. 

#1 "The Ref"

Ahhhh, the TRUE meaning of Christmas!  Sex, lies, divorce, teen angst, insufferable family monsters, drunk Santa Clause, larceny and Fruit cake!  All delivered in the ranting angry styling of Dennis Leary in his prime!  Can it get ANY better?  I truly get a masochistic thrill out of this one each time I watch it.  Curl up with a nice cup of spiced egg nog, a comfy blanket and give it a look!  It'll make you feel better about your family!

Well that's it!  Now I better stop playing and get to work!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Old Fart Peeing On An Electric Fence

Blunt.  To the point.
OK, to be totally honest I am not the best when it comes to book keeping and somewhere along the line (having to pay utilities in two locations)  I lost track of the water bill at the house.  Well the ever benevolent monolith of Public Water will be very kind to remind you with a festive Christmas red ornament in the way of a 24 hour warning.
At which point did water become more expensive then electric? Example:  Last month the electric at the shop was $88.00 the water?  $134.00!!!
We are for all intents and purposes a machine shop!  For the better part of the day we have drills, sanders, grinders, bench grinders not to mention the TV and DVD player going gang busters!  Our water usage?  An average of four flushes in the camode and maybe wash 2 to 3 bikes a day.  And that costs $134.00!?!?!  I won't even mention how much the house bill was but YES it was more then the electric there too!
So needless to say, this Christmas will be sparse, Charlie Brown!  Yes, I know It's my own damn vault, but still...
I can remember stories of old battlefields, aggressive bloody cutthroat battles of two opposing factions committing heinous atrocities against one another for the gain of a few acres of territories that on Christmas day would fall eerily silent and the men who mere hours before were trying desperately to destroy one another would rise up from their trenches, meet in no-mans land to shake hands, swap food share photos having a Yule-time celebration.  For that moment they were at piece.
So why is it that the Utility companies can't follow suit this time of year, especially when so many people are having such a hard go of it, and just cut them some slack.  Maybe a little Christmas discount?
Yes I know, Unrealistic Expectation of Humanity.
Was the busy little beaver yesterday, staying current on all the re-pairs as well as managing to put out two new swells!  No mind you I do include the pics below but the Trek didn't even make it to posting as it sold to a very nice gentleman, Dale as an X-mas gift to a special friend.  Also thanks to Tim for picking out the Ladies Pacific for his special significant other.
And thanks to Brad for the special "you-Shouldn't-have" "reward" for us recovering one of his stolen bikes!  And while were on the subject, a special shout out to officer Rodney for keeping his word and personally returning the bike to Brad, saving him a trip downtown! 
Blains "way-cool" road bike is done and ready to begin training for its cross country journey!  Happy trails Man!
Well today will see the assembly of the sweet Haro custom BMX then on to a couple more before the day is through!
So with that...
See ya real soon!

ONLY $70.00!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Place, Right Time

As providence would happen, i was blessed to be allowed to do m y good deed for the day. 
Most folks around these parts know that if they have the misfortune to have a bike stolen first you report it to the police, then report it to us. 
Just such a thing happened today, when an gentleman came in to report the sad news that some young scumbag punks brazenly walked into his open garage and in broad daylight took off with two bikes!  A ladies cruiser and a nice men's K2 MTB.  He left us with a description and left.  As would have at, at the end of my day I had to go up to Sweetbay to pick up a couple things before heading out and what did I find blocking my path but the ladies cruiser laying in front of the door.  Recognizing it from his detailed info, I snatched it up and walked in to see if the manager could identify the rider on the exterior video camera.  As it turns out there was no need as the rider came up to me (as he was at the checkout) to identify himself and once I informed him it was reported stolen he quickly informed me that he borrowed it from a friend (who's name I AND the police have) I let him know I would be commandeering it and returning it to the rightful owner.
He had no argument.
The bike is now in the possession of the police to be processed for fingerprints, and I have been assured it will be returned to the rightful owner tomorrow.
Managed to put out three little gems today with a fourth in paint on the rack ready for assembly tomorrow.  And as always THANKS for all the repairs!  Keep 'em coming!
Well now its chill time!  Talk to you later!
ONLY $90.00

ONLY $95.00


Butterfly Effect (or I am SUCH a guy!)

I need not try and sound all literate by quoting the famous saying, and although it has a rather Zen like connotations, in truth?  The phrase was coined in 1961 by a meteorologist, Edward Lorenz.  And as with so many things pop culture swallowed it up and made pseudo philosophy out of it (not to mention a real POOR movie starring an equally annoying Ashton Kutcher...EUCH!) So it is with that stint of psudoism I find myself willingly babysitting little Miss Izzy this morn. 
Not so much a Butterfly flapping it's wings in New Jersey, but this bloody cold that I have been fighting has taken it's toll on Angie as well.  Snoring is a real test of the depth of any relationship, and bless her heart she has had to deal with my wall splintering nocturnal grumblings for the majority of our marriage.  When  I'm sick, it's worse! Last night I tried those breath right strips.  That was a waste of $7.50.  She obviously had minimal sleep, so i opted to take Izzy with me to the shop to hang out until momma wakes up.
It's with that in mind, and little misses propensity for constant close proximity to her parents that has led me to be sitting with her, intermittently playing or punching on the keypad.  It's been awhile since i checked my e-mail or blog or what have you so as she dozed off for her morning nap I took advantage of the solitude.  And stumbled across the promo for the new GI Joe flick! 
Yes.  As I said, I'm SUCH a guy!  Now aside from the occasional miss use of a variety of fireworks and incendiary devices in the adjacent sandpits near my childhood home on several unsuspecting action figures and a few vehicles, I never much played with GI Joe's.  For awhile, while working in the collectors industry I did deal in a multitude of the collectible figures (not to mention commandeering the battleship play set (over six feet long) and using it as a coffee table at the infamous bachelor pad at 27 court street, Exeter NH) i didn't much find an appeal to them.  I was a Transformer kid.  But when the first movie came out on DVD, Angela picked it up and I figured what the heck, I'll give it a look. 
WOW!  Was I pleasantly proven wrong.  It was actually good.  So it was with some mild excitement I was looking forward to seeing if they were going to do a sequel.  They did not disappoint.  In my web browsing morning I caught the trailer!  With what appears to be a whole new cast (except Snake Eye's) including Wayne Johnson and....oh But THAT would be ruining the surprise!  Check it out!
YEP!  Regardless of any controversy behind the man I have been a huge fan since Moonlighting and the man has only gotten better with age!  Don't believe?  Go rent RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous) another comic book turned movie, with a STELLAR cast!  His part in the film is reason enough for me to be at the theatre for this one!  So that's today's "Butterfly Effect" for me.  Oh, and on the topic check out You Tube for "Bruno, the Kid"
Ultra hip animated series '96-'97, with a big time cast of voices, starring Bruce as lead character (a tip to the mans onstage singing career as "Bruno")
Yes folks, I am a fountain of trivial pop culture tidbits!
We have been a blurr of busy around here, but still manage only one or two newbies a day!  Haven't really bothered to post any of them, as most have sold before I have had a chance!  have bought ALOT as well!  Thanks to the anonymous donor who dropped off three gems yesterday.  As he was cleaning his garage a neighbor told him about us, and he dropped off his sons now longer used rides!  A Redline and a Haro BMX!  SWEET!  Also picked up a Giant Modem yesterday which is on the rack and almost done!  Another Next BMX, in real nice shape will be out as well.  Got a Trek 930 MTB in trade for the Trek 7000 we had, and also got to real rough but well worth it vintage pieces!  An older Western Flyer, and a Firestone!  Will have to dig deep to get an age on these!  Will DEFINITELY be doing some before and after pics on these!
Well, Little Miss seems to be quite sound asleep, so I'm gonna try and sneak back and get some work done!
Hope to see ya'll real soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Has it really been since Tuesday that I poked my head in here!? 
Much to the chagrin of bike shoppers everywhere I TRY and post some banal, insipid monologue for your pai....pleasure.
However, I have been BLISSFULLY busy this past few days.  Not to mention it has been a tad bit difficult to type as I (If your eating don't read this) I lost a good portion of a finger nail on my left index finger.  Now I know why all those spy's use the technique to get the enemy to talk!  I'd tell 'em ANYTHING after just ONE!  I smooshed it in the bike rack a couple weeks ago, and it got caught on something a few days ago and RIP! 
Many, many, many Thanks to all the folks bringing their rides in in droves for a variety of re-pairs!  We love it when we hear the phrase "a friend told me good things about you...."
Thanks to Kyle for giving the Kool Kustom Kruiser a new home for Christmas!  We hope his girlfriend likes the thought!
And to James, another "Tired of Walking" sale in the form of the men's Cruiser we had for all of 20 minutes! 
Tobeasa visiting our area picked up the Jamis Big boy, when he realized it was cheaper to buy here then rent anywhere else!
Traded out the Schwinn S25 to Thomas and got another banger in exchange.
And i think there's a couple more in there that I have forgotten.  Sorry.
Have managed to put out four new goodies in the elapsed time (pics below) the best of which HAS to be another righteously SWEET Trek 330!  Now FULLY refurbed she is a ride to envy! 
Have done ALOT of buying as well!  OH yes, the scrap-truck-ah-plenty have been backing up to our doors!  Alot of scrap for parts but amongst them a few gems!  An Old Raleigh Road bike, a Schwinn Frontier, Giant Cypress, another pull behind kid cart and the creme de la creme... a  1967 Schwinn with a 2-speed kickback!!!  Still trying to find out the model, as it only says Schwinn on the chaingaurd.  Looks just like a Typhoon though!  Needs ALOT of work, but should be a peach when shes done!
All right, so now that everyone is up to speed, i had best get to work!
Hustle, hustle, hustle!

ONLY $85.00

ONLY $175.00

ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby's Day Out!

As momma has her midwife appointment today (I usually go, but this is the whole blood test and measurement stuff that takes forever, and we didn't want to close up for that long) SO little Ms. Izzy is hanging with Daddy at the shop!  Thank Heavens for port-a-cribs!
It also gives me a chance to get her hair trimmed!  Poor thing had it done three weeks ago, and now she can't see again!
Momma treated her and the older boys to another showing of Twilight: Breaking, ah I mean Breaking DAWN!  And I got a nice quiet evening all to myself, spent shopping on Amazon for Christmas!  AHHH!  No shopping trips!
Managed to get the place cleaned up and reorganized yesterday, just in time for a new influx of re-pairs and buys.  Hey! I'm not complaining!  I love the work!  Just wish I could keep the lanes clear!  Today I have a nice ladies three speed on deck, which I'm trying to find 1 little annoying piece for, then I have another 24" banger and a couple BMXer's to put out, so should be fun!  Hope to see ya all soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

.......... *unh*............

Did I really make this much of a mess on Saturday!?
between all the buying we did this weekend, and all the building, and re-pairs there is a HUGE mess to clean up that I am in now way prepared for!
HI!  And welcome to another exciting episode of "This Is Your Mess!" 
Needless to say, I will be doing some more scrapping today!  I HATE to trash anything (buy trash I mean turned in to the local metal recyclers down on Hercules) as it always seems the moment you get rid of need it!  Oh Well!  Like my old mountain climbing partner kept saying "You need to let go!"
Ba duh bump!
So with out further ado, just wanted to poke my head in and say HEY! Show the pic's from the two done on Saturday...and I best get to work!
Love Ya!
ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I See BLUE People

Ahhh!  Were it not for the advent of computer technology Hollywood probably would have ran out of ideas YEARS ago!  HOORAY for reverse engineered flying saucers!!
Yep, another of our classic childhood treasures have made the big screen, and we had front row to the spectacle last night.
the Smurfs!
Now the stretch of fantasy was not so much the little blue guys "three apples high" taking an impromptu road trip via "magic portal" to New York, but more trying to make the audience believe that Neil Pattrick Harris was a heterosexual, soon-to-be father. 
Filled with several "cute" in-jokes, poking fun at the little guys penchant for "La, La la-la-la-lahhhh", some GREAT type casting in the voice work (not to mention the comedic mention of "passive/aggressive Smurf") a loving tribute to the Smurfs creator "Peyo" not to mention Hank Azaria as Gahrgamel (Garbage-smell?) as ALL WAYS stealing the spotlight of ANY movie he's in!  It was an all-together simplistic premise, not to high on thought provoking script writing, but DEFINITELY a hit with the little guys (now I'm committed to get the whole series on DVD.  A perfect excuse to relive my if I needed an excuse!  Yes, I STILL have my collection of Smurf PVC characters tucked away in my closet.) They were in hysterics, and we only had to pause briefly to explain the complete origin of Smurfette (yes...they do tread ever so slightly on the whole 99 Smurfs....1 Smurfette thing) voiced wonderfully by Katy Perry, who gets in the GREAT line "I kissed a Smurf...and I liked it"  (Google Katy Perry if you immediately didn't get THAT in-joke)
I've heard from many critics that the rehashing of childhood faves for Hollywood fare is wrong, a cop-out.  Well with few exceptions I have personally enjoyed most of them (Dukes of Hazzard, Knightrider not withstanding) Were it not for the practice we would have never have had Transformers!  And THAT I could not abide!  But can you blame them?  In the final analysis Hollywood is about the Benjahmins, and these are properties that are proven!  And if they can make a good story sell, more power to 'em. 
There's enough "thought-provoking" human tragedy out there for the rest of 'em!
Yesterday was a hustle bustle of activity and we would like to extend our gratitude to all the folks who once again chose us to take care of their rides!  Much obliged!
Thanks to Pedro for coming back in, like he said to pick up the cool Schwinn S-25!  I know your Dad will appreciate the gesture! 
Thanks to Judy and Vic for their continued public service with the purchase of the Roadmaster for their newest benefactor.  Judy is a crossing guard and when she meets a person in need of Cycle help, she comes sees us to hook them up!  Glad we could help!  And to Terrance, for grabbing up the men's Dual-shock MTB, to replace his tired ride.  Definitely a step up! And to Breezy, nice to see you and Logan back in town for the season, and as expected he outgrew the twelve inch they bought him last year.  Glad we had an 18" he liked!
Well, after all the repairs yesterday i only managed to get 1 new one put out.  This one is a salvaged mens Cruiser.  The body was super nice, but the wheels were toast!  ALMOST scrapped it, but in the end just couldn't bring myself to do it!  So here ya go! (pic below)
Well, as it's Saturday, I'm gearing up for a busy day and hopefully will have new goodies to show you by the end of it!
See ya soon!
ONLY $60.00!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Motivation is the Mother of Inven...Oh Let's face it, It's Just a MOTHER!

Not willing to succumb (further) to the annoying flu bug, I plan to be active today and set out to finish up a long stagnant project.  Some wonderful customers of ours about two months back put in an order for a three wheeler for their son.  They Had already purchased three vintage pieces and wanted to get him a ride as wheel.  About three days into the project they got called out of state on work and asked if we could store it until they returned.  Well given the size of the ride we parked it in the garage until their return.  Which was last week.  There coming ion Saturday to pick it up and as I lost a day yesterday I figured best not to wait till the last moment.  So with determination in hand I set out to finish.  Being the brilliant strategist I am, all my three wheeler parts are stored in the rafters, secure behind a mish mash of wheels. one time they were organized.  SO, precariously balanced on out Gorilla ladder I set out to get the few remaining pieces I needed.  And as always, no good effort goes unpunished!  No sooner had I reached behind the pile did it decide to create a cascading waterfall of wheels, clamoring down to the base of my ladder nearly toppling me over for my troubles.
It was at this point that providence struck! 
I spent the remainder of my day stripping down bad rims, reorganizing the storage, and tearing down 7 scrap bikes for good measure.  Terry, our scrap guy will have a field day! 
So needless to say. aside from that and the re-pairs that needed getting caught up with, no new builds today, sorry! 
But there's always tomorrow!
Thanks to Vince for happening buy today and choosing the way cool Schwinn Sting Ray replica to bring home to his boy.  Dad collects old Schwinn's and thought it would be a good place to start his son!  SWEET!
Also, as always thanks to all for your trust in leaving us your repairs!
All right I had best sign off now and get some rest for the morn!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today my lovely wife is...... something years old!  Of course it was a Twilight themed birthday party.  All the wonderful fangirl goodies we could find her (that she didn't already have!   Right down to their own line of perfume!
Hey, don't ask me...they never had Star Trek Cologne.
Not a darn thing got done today!  As fate would have it, what I was feeling is NOT a sinus infection.  Full blown flu!
So my lovely wife sacrificed her day to run the shop today, in part because I had to bring Kaleb to his hearing.  I gotta give props to Judge Day.  He's a real good sort and remembered our family.  He was the residing judge in our debacle from three years ago, and he's the one who LAMBASTED the other parties involved for their failure to do their job, and their treatment of our family.  He agreed with the defense's recommendations for probation with the possibility of early release as he said "I agree with the defenses recommendation as I know that Kaleb has  STRONG parental supervision and guidance"
A wonderful closing vindication.
After the two hour trip home (PSTA...yay) I stumbled into bed, at Angies insistence, and Kaleb helped her at the shop while Elijah took care of the babes.  Surprisingly they were respectable enough to keep it down so I could rest.
Wow.  Sometimes these kids surprise me!
Anyway.  I'm cuttin' out early to rest, Hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My head id stubed ub....

Ah the joys of cold and flu season.  I do so hope this is nothing more then a minor sinus infection  (Occupational hazard)  and not the onset of the ickies.  I did my damnedest to mottle through with it and managed to put out two more goodies!  The manly Trek 7000, 21 speed and ANOTHER Schwinn S-25 (these are some sweet riding bikes) Damnedest thing too!  I was about 2/3 the way through a FULL tear down and clean on her when I realized just how dry rotted the tires were, and the fact that there were more then a few rusty spokes on the wheels.  I was somewhat beside myself as we have a REAL shortage on both wheels and tires for 26"ers.  Well always the "Sally Forth" type (the expression NOT the comic strip) I figured, I'm this far into it, at least get the cleaning and assembly done down to the wheels, and worse comes to worse I'll leave it up for a later day.  Lo and behold a scant few moments later, as if in response to an unspoken wish, one of my scrappers showed up curbside on his moped, and strapped to the back?  Well none other then an almost new set of Schwinn wheels and tires!  Sometimes my good fortune astounds me!
So here are today's contribution to the Veloist world!
Now, I'm gonna take some Nyquil and pass out.
ONLY $90.00

ONLY $190.00!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Deja Vu, Too.

The Mind is a glorious machination of bio-chemical engineering!  I put it as the second most important part of the human body
Way to go, God! 
Now with minimal argument it is true that humans (reportedly) only use about 10% of it's capacity, the other 90%, presumably remains dormant.
In other words it allows a great deal of room for error when it comes to psychiatry (all due props to my sis for her choice of vocation) The phenomena that perplexed me most for the better part of my youth was that of Deja Vu.  I need not go into a definitive description as I can assume that most folks have encountered this at one time or another.  It was not until later in life I veered away from the more fantastical version of lore and superstition regarding it origins, instead choosing to embrace a more analytical, scientific synopsis.
In brief:  The brain, functioning as a biochemical computer has ways in which it stores and processes information accumulated throughout the waking day.  Hence, in part dreams, which utilize the most basic of human communication, symbolics to store necessary information.  (remember the old memory trick, where your taught to associated the desired memory with odd concepts or imagery) So in effect, when you dream, your watching a memory download.
As you are interacting  daily with all sorts of stimuli, your brain is constantly processing data.  Normally it stores it in the part of the brain that holds short term memories, later to be processed as long term, filtering out the unnecessary information (like your spouse's conversations, or conservative talk radio).  Instead when you experience Deja Vu, your mind is downloading directly into you long term memory, NOT filtering out the info, kind of like "real time video", so in effect, the triggering sensation one encounters, say like a smell or sound that triggers a long term memory relapse is the same sensation you encounter with Deja Vu.  It is, realistically speaking a "false" long term memory of familiarity with a wholly new encounter.
In short...
This was my day. 
I don't know (and wish I had the resources to run extensive studies) if electrical discharge and barometric pressure has any effect on this effect, but as today was downcast and rainy it seemed to only exhasberate the feelings.  So if anyone was talking with me today and I had an odd look on my face (even for me) I apologize!
On to a more familiar rant!
That is the existence of "planned Obsolescence"!  As much as I've bitc...complained about it, I feel this bears mentioning.  As I was digging through the Dungeon today, trying desperately to find a fender for the SWEET Schwinn Stingray replica shown below, I stumbled upon another box of goodies in the rafters, on a shelf precariously close to the heap O' metal passing as "organized" fenders.  As I rifled through the twisted pile of metal that bears a striking resemblance to that pile of metal coat hangers in your coat closet, I accidentally bumped the box, which unceremoniously tumbled several feet to the edge of the loft, then of course instead of just landing there, blew open scattering it's contents higgley piggley to the hard concrete below.  With the usual calm, reserved demeanor I continually display I proceeded to pick up the debris.  What struck me as odd, and forced me to briefly ponder for a moment the backslide we, as a population have underwent, was the relative unmolested condition of all the items.  The items in this particular box were a variety of "vintage" items.  Headlamps, taillights, a little (gaudy red and yellow 70's kitch am/fm bike radio) et all!  Had I dropped any of today's plastic paraphernalia simply from my hand to the floor, it would have shattered.  But not this stuff!  As a child I had always thought that the future would hold wonders of technological advances of a much higher standard (I'm still waiting on the flying cars) Never would I have guessed that the item we used then, would not only NOT have changed much, but would instead be made shoddier and of cheaper stock!
Here's a thought, next time you have to buy a household item, or clothes or what have you, find a second hand vintage shop to do your shopping!
Leave Wal-Mart in your rear view mirror!
Managed to put out four more today, with a fifth all but done on the rack (that one a SWEET Trek men's hybrid!) Re-did the Kool Kustom Low rider we "finished" about a month ago, thanks to Chip for restringing a GOOD 24" coaster wheel for it.  I  do not posses the patience for that task.  Also re-did the Race Inc 24" cruiser BMX.  It had come with a five speed, but it NEVER worked right.  And I can safely say, it was of no fault of ours, it was just a real design failure on their part, so I turned it back into a single speed.  Also put out a GREAT scrap truck find, a real trick Pacific Schwinn Sting Ray replica.  Was a true rust bucket when we got it but  worth the time!  Also squeezed out a real nice Ladies 26" MTB DBS!
All right, I've rambled enough and gonna do the downtime thing!


ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $115.00!!!!

Monday Rush

Lord.  the worst thing about school vacations is the impact on a parents schedule.  I get SO use to being able to sleep in those extra two hours.  This morning back up at 7 am!  EUCH! Well i need to make this brief as I am off to open up, and am leaving the laptop with Momma as she now has kid free time to catch up on "Vampire Diaries"!  Don't ask me, she loves it.  It's like Gothic soap operas.  I leave you with the gems we put out this weekend, and will bring you up to date tonight!
G' Day!
ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stepping Cautiously to The Fringe of Hope

I do so hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day!  Ah yes, the "Anglo Saxon Commandeered from Pagan ceremony despite the treatment of the Native American" Holiday!
Opps!  Too negative?
Well, with all due respect to my Blackfoot (and wife's Cherokee) Heritage, we do the whole "Feast 'till you hyper extend" thing like everyone else...thing.  And, man  I'll tell ya, Having an actual working kitchen is SO the bomb!  Last year, living at the old ramshackle homestead cooking such a large meal with a partially functioning stove and no counter space (I don't mean little, I mean NO counter all) was a challenge!  This year?  BOOYA!  Four burners and two ovens!  NO WAITING!  Angi cooked up a 20 pounder, with all the trimmings...and I HELPED! 
 My job?
Yes, it will be a while before we have real mashed potatoes again.  but at least this year I was able to find the peeler AND the masher!  Usually to find utensils we have to check the bathroom or the backyard.  No I understand the masher makes a good garden trowel...But I have NO idea what they do with the peeler in the bathroom!
I don't think I want to.
After the feast of course, comes the sampling of the Holiday pies.
5 different kinds.
I stick with apple, and Logan sticks with pumpkin, but everyone else had a little (in the case of Elijah and Kaleb A LOT) of each, complete with a BIG dollop of whip cream, so needless to say there was a TAD bit of hyper energy to burn of.
It's surprising how much damage and physical injury can be caused by a plastic whiffle bat.
Well, the good news is that the front room furniture was not permanently damaged in the ensuing melee.  Elijah, feeling rather pumped up on sugar once again choose to challenge for the position of Alpha Male.  Such a challenge can not go unanswered.  And yes, wet Willy's and a couple of well place boogers (sorry if you're eating) were the catalyst.  Granted the boy is solid, but easily thrown off balance, and pinned, although he did get in a real good whack with the whiffle bat.
'sucker stings!
Well needless to say the little guys got involved and burned some calories at dad's expense, as mom stood on the periphery keeping Izzy at bay.
Ahhh, good times.  Good times.
Once the Hullabaloo ended we sat down to perform a new tradition, the making out a letter to Santa.  As they are getting older Mom and Dad really didn't want to guess.  We gave them each three choices as this year we are keeping it low key.  Most years we go overboard at the last minute, but not anymore.  They surprisingly took it very well, and weren't greedy (although Elijah's request for a computer may be a stretch).  Also, as is the custom, got calls from the family (and an E-mail from mom).  The reaction to the resent press release regarding Angela's "condition" has gone rather well.  By "Well" I mean, my sister politely extended her love and hopes that Angie remains well, My father and Stepmother merely glazed over and abruptly changed the subject, and my Mom's e-mail made no mention whatsoever.  Oh, but don't think badly of them, trust me!  I prefer these reaction to the ones we got with the announcement of the birth of Rozlynd!  Trust me!  THAT was mistake that NONE of our family would choose to make again.  But my best to my sister, who is now happily living on her own in what sounds like an ultra cool pad in Dover, NH, as my mother prepares to move on to her new life with her recently discovered soul mate, proving that love is ageless and good things do come to the faithful.
And speaking of faith!  I had some of mine restored!  As some may recall, recently we had a reunion, of source with our estranged elder daughter.  To recap, she had a falling out with us after she turned 18 (well, truth be told she never responded well to living with rules since she was 12) and moved to Missouri and promptly dropped off the radar.  We tried in vain to locate her, until she was discovered by her Granddad, quite by accident.  Unfortunately, she was not in a good way.  Angi and I put her and her "fiance" up in a hotel down there for a couple of weeks under the proviso that she get back on her Epilepsy medicine, get a job and get housing for herself.  There was a deadline.  For all appearances when the deadline came to pass (which I tenuously extend for another weekend) she had not full filled her end of the bargain.  With no other recourse I had to stop footing the bill and wished her the best.  Thinking she and her beau had just hit the streets again, I was pleasantly surprised that we got a call from her last night, from the self same hotel.  Apparently she and her man found jobs, and were taking care of business on their own!  They have joined a local church, and are involved in a drug rehabilitation program.  On top of all that, she is in the process of mending fences with Angela's folks (she stayed with them for two months to disastrous results) She sounds good, healthy and I think the old adage "you have to hit rock bottom" applies.  It's good to know that our efforts didn't go unrewarded and she has (tentatively) seen the light.
OK, sorry....getting a little misty eyed.
For me, i look forward to the day when Momma can welcome her back to the fold. LOTS of damage there that will take time to heal.  But it's a start.
On to business (my moment of weepy eyed sentimentality over) I have LOADS of bikes to put out as I have done an inordinate amount of buying over the last three days!  And just in time as today has already seen Julio buying up the GORGEOUS Trek 330, and a nice couple from Minnesota snatched up the men's GT, AND sweet Schwinn Aluminum Comp! 
So we hope in your "Black Friday" travels you pop on in and say "hey"!