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Friday, January 31, 2014

No, No...Seriouly....

At any moment I was expecting the annoying Ashton Kucher to jump out and say "You've been Punked!"
So, last night, our new landlords Dan and Amy came by the house to sign the lease and pick up the rent and deposit check.  It's really warmly odd, I'll tell you.  It was like having the grandparents over.  They are such a warm giving couple, that I didn't feel at unease.  I'm strange that way.  When I'm at home I'm not what you would call social with anyone but Angi and the kids.  Even when my own family visits I seem oddly guarded.  With them I was not.  And Angi and the kids have been smitten with them.  Anyway.  As we were talking, they informed us they were going to order the new cabinets and materials to fix the kitchen right.  I offered to do the work myself, which thankfully they excepted.  Now here's the kicker, not only did they reduce our deposit amount (the old landlord is trying to screw us out of $350.00 of it for work on the kitchen to fix a problem that was pre-existing BEFORE we moved in!  When they took out the old garbage disposal they re-attached the pipes with Gorilla tape.  No. I'm not kidding!) but they reduced our monthly rent as well!  Yes, reduced our rent!  You could knock me over with a feather!  As I said before, Karma does pay you back, eventually!
Today is a milestone in the families life, Elijah heads out for his new job tomorrow morning, and we will be having a "Bon Voyage" party for him tonight.  He is headed for Georgia for a week, then I believe to Louisiana.  From there, who knows.  it's good to know in some small ways he does still need us, as Angi has had to school him on what and how to pack.  He was prepared to carry his entire wardrobe with him, but we gently reminded him that there are washers and dryers out there!  He'll be running some last minute errands for supplies today (much needed long johns and such) and I have a wee bit f a surprise in store for him.  His old bike has crapped the bed again, and as he can bring his ride with him I will be donating a bike he has been drooling over here at the shop.  Yes, I'm a hard ass but with a gooey center!   (besides, I'll bill him for it!) 
Yesterday was Cold + Wet= Slow.  So I made up for it by cleaning, organizing and building.  Put out two more of the kiddo bikes, and stripped down a few that just didn't cut the mustard.  And more of the same today!  Once the repairs that did come in are done I'll be banging out a few more!
So with that, and the fact that we were actually on time this morning, I'm gonna get at it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $35.00!!

ONLY $25.00!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two Times Ten Minutes

Golly Bob Howdy! 
Nope.  Not going to mention the cold rainy weather.
Nope.  Not gonna mention the lack of sleep. 
Nope.  Not gonna mention my addiction to the game "Hitman" as it caused my lack of sleep.
No, just going to go on to yesterday!  WOW!!  Thank you ALL so very, very much for coming in and visiting us yesterday!  All the repairs really kept us jumping!  Managed to get them all banged out though and a very special gracias to those who came right back in and picked them up so as to allow us room to continue moving!  You would be surprised just how quickly this space can fill up! 
I will take a moment and refer to an old cliché' that still holds true to this day "you can get more flies with honey, then with vinegar"  This holds true to attitudes when negotiating price.  See, around here our motto for pricing is "The only thing written in stone was the ten commandments", but the way to approach a good negotiation is NOT insulting either the product or the price.  No, that will result in us becoming reticent and perhaps even raise the price.  But, as always, our methods are vindicated each and every time this happens.  Had a couple folks come in yesterday and after inspecting the wears, balked at the prices, stating "We can get the same bike at Walmart for less!" 
Not one to be caught unaware, and after seven or so years, we figured out it best to check with Walmart to see how much any bike they offer sells for.  It's called "The Internet".  They have a web page or two on there, and it's pretty easy to check pricing.  There remark was in regards to a Mongoose that we have for $85.00 that Wally World sells for $189.00.  Now, I might not be a math genius but I'm pretty sure $85.00 is less then $189.00.  Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  See, I remember the old alligator trick they taught me in first grade, you know "<  >"  and all that.
Anyway.  After lambasting our price, the gentleman offered me $50.00 with an air of confidence that I would realize just what a wonderful endowment he was offering to bestow upon us.  I politely declined.  As it happens, another customer was present in the shop looking at rides while this was transpiring, and when the couple left, he went to check out the bike we had been discussing.  Once he recognized how good the deal was, he snagged it up.  No haggling.  As it turns out, the original couple had gone outside, apparently to discuss the bikes merits and were not paying attention when the second gentleman walked out, loaded the bike in his truck and drove off.  A few minuets later, they came back in and with a flair of benevolent generosity stated "OK, we'll give you $65.00".  Now, mind you, I took no smug, self satisfying glee over the fact that I had to kindly decline his generous offer and inform him that the bike had already sold (*snicker*....OK, maybe a little glee).  It was cute, though, the way his eyes became incredulously wide, and he did a mildly cartoonish double take.
But that was not the end of that days fun.  Had a gent come in, look at the Giant Cypress (the really perfect one) and was very interested, but wanted to "visit a couple more places".  He left, and I started the clock!  Within seconds another two gents came in, looked about, settled on the Giant, asked the questions, then as I was anticipating the close, inquired if we did layaway.  DOH!  Epic Fail!!   No, in fact we only offer a 72 hour hold with 50% down.  He sniffed at that, and stated he'd be in at the end of the week to pick it up, as he was sure it would still be here.  Now I KNEW it would sell!  SO, with one eye on the door, and one on the clock I went back to work, assured the next person who walked through the door would be buying the Giant.  Yep.  Five minutes later...  A very nice couple who's male partner had been in earlier came in and grabbed it. 
Sorry, do I sound a tad bit smug?  My apologies.
Managed to put out a couple gems yesterday!  A really sweet Raleigh road bike someone had left alone in the corner of their garage for FAR to long!  Needed a FULL tear down and serious clean (with some appropriate parts to replace those rusted a little to much!) but now we have one heck of a fine looking ride!  Also, while waiting for Elijah to get back with the needed materials to finish up the slew of repairs we banged out a rugged little BMX mutt!  The remainder of the day, however was consumed with finishing up the repairs. 
Today, will be more of the same!
Now, on to the home front.  For all those interested readers, yes, the sale of our house finally went through the middle of this month and Sunday we finally got to meet our new landlords.  Now, I am a firm believer in the blessings of Karma.  Do good, get good.  This whole ordeal we had to suffer through came with a wonderful closer.  We got ourselves  FANTASTIC new landlords!   Not only are they good people, both wonderful with children, but they actually do what they say, and then some!  All the little problems we have had with the house were addressed, and taken care of!  Our kitchen sink actually drains, AND they put in a garbage disposal!  They replaced the old breaker box and fixed all the electrical issues!  Now our lights don't dim and flicker and we are no longer electrocuted when removing clothes from the washing machine!  We have a light in the laundry room, and all the pocket doors in the house actually close!  They also addressed issues we weren't even aware of!  Apparently the roof on the back end of the house had a leak, So they replaced the whole section of the roof!!  And to top it off, instead of just Jerry rigging the kitchen cabinetry, they are going to replace all of it!!!  What ever we did to deserve these wonderful folks, I hope we remember to keep it up! 
So with (all) that, I'd best be getting back at it!
See ya soon!
ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $165.00!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vapor Trails? I'm seeing vapor trails?

Yes.  Angi and I are THAT tired!
Apparently the cosmos, not content with sharing it's usual brand of humor, has opted to throw more inequity at us.  After a weekend of brief naps we were looking forward to a good nights rest last night!  And boy howdy if you think I'm tired, feel a great deal of pity for Angi!  She was cursed 20 odd years ago by choosing to mate with an animal with a penchant for LOUD snoring!  And, to add further insult to injury she is an incredibly light sleeper!  As she puts it "Mama hearing".  I am not exaggerating when I say, if the baby rustles in her bed down the hall, she snaps awake.  So you can imagine, when I myself am exhausted and when I finally do fall asleep, I snore that much louder.  Poor thing, she is starting to look like a raccoon with the bags under her eyes.  So last night, after an early dinner, we rushed the kiddo's through clean up and shuffled them off to bed, whining all the way, Ho, ho, ho!  We then plopped down on the couch and were going to watch a little bit of TV for a wind down then hit the sheets early.
But Miranda had different plans.
 Not at all interested in sleep, she kept us running until about 11.30 when she finally passed out.  Well, she kept Angi running mostly.  As mentioned before, she is definitely a mama's girl, and when she is feeling a little off, she will only contend with Angi's attention.  So, not wanting to watch ahead on any of our shows, I opted to play the video game for a while.  Something very insidiously satisfying about playing "Hitman" when you are a tad bit frustrated!  So, finally, once the baby fell asleep, we found ourselves wide awake.  Ever have that happen, where you are so tired you go around the bend to punch drunk alertness?  Trying to inspire sleep, we climbed into bed and popped in a recently rediscovered copy of one of Angi's favorite films "Beauty and the Beast".  I don't know how long Angi was awake, but I made it as far as when Belle discovered the library then I was gone.  Apparently I must have been a wee bit loud, as she had to rouse me a couple times last night to "roll over".  I feel so bad for the poor woman!  Thankfully, Elijah has watch right now, and she is able to get some mid morning rest.
Well cinch up my tighty whitties and call me a soprano!  We got in a FINE looking vintage piece yesterday!  A 1972 Chicago Schwinn Speedster 3 speed!  And I mean she is CHERRY!  ALL original right down to the tires!  Complete with working dyno light kit!!  Only had to do a wee bit of rustication and she was read for the showroom!  Check out the pic below!  Also got a real sweet looking  Raleigh road bike that is in my rack now, begging me to finish her!  So with that, I'd best be on my way!
See ya soon!

ONLY $160.00!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

With Freedom Comes Responsibility!

You will all please forgive the bags under my eyes and the slight dragging of my feet?  Once again last night found me impatiently waiting bedside by a gurney at Mease Dunedin Emergency Room until approximately 4 am this morning.  As they were woefully understaffed and filled to capacity we were placed in the hallway right near the exit doors making it impossible to hunker down and get comfortable for the wait.
Yesterday marked the first time Kaleb had some alone time (Oh, are you really surprised that his named would be mentioned?)  After having foolishly stayed up Saturday night until 4.30 am Sunday morning playing video games Angi and I finally crashed, only to be awoke bright and early a few hours later.  Suffice to say we went into Sunday quite tired.  Around noon time, after Kaleb had completed his chores he inquired if he could go visit his girlfriend.  In lieu of his recent almost all A's progress report we allowed him to go with the caveat that he return for dinner time at 6 pm.  He agreed and took off.  Now, I will say in the past, when he has been allowed to go out, he has always returned on time,  most often a few minuets early for good measure.  When 6 came and went we didn't worry too much as by this time it was raining steadily. As he as done in the past when out, we just assumed he was taking shelter until it passed.  By eight we were in full worry mode.  No call no show, we made the call.  Reporting him to the police as a missing child, all info passed and they informed us that a juvenile officer would be contacting us.  While waiting Angi and Elijah did a little cyber search, broke into his Facebook and read his communique with his girlfriend.  Turns out, at a little after noontime he had IM'd her to let her know he was on the way and would be there in 40.  As it turns out her return message was that her Mom had decided they were going shopping and she wouldn't be there.  At this point there was no response from Kaleb and his mention that he was entering an unsavory part of town on the way to her house as his last communication, got us all a little concerned.  Not being one to sit idly by waiting for new info, I grabbed my cell and bundled up against the rain and set out after him, trying to guess the route he may of took.  Around nine o'clock I was on Gulf to bay headed for Myrtle (his last known location) when I got a call from Elijah that Angi was on her line talking to Kaleb.  Seems he was at the 7/11 out on US 19N, with no clear reason why he was there or how he got there.  His speech was slurred and somewhat incomprehensible.  Other then the fact that he had been in an accident, had hit his head and lost consciousness, we couldn't deduce much more.  Quickly I called a cab to get me there ASAP, but in hindsight probably could have rode the distance in the amount of time it took them to get to where I was.  Finally around 10.30 I got there to find him curled up by the door, inadequately dressed, soaking wet and shivering.  No matter how much the boy works at pissing me off the paternal instinct kicked in and I couldn't help but feel my heart sink seeing him like that.  Loading him in the cab I saw just how banged up he was, incoherent and in pain, so we made a dash for the emergency room.  Once there I unloaded him and the bikes and cradling him, walked him through the doors.  Now apparently, at this point the sight of us was a wee bit confusing to the night clerk, as I helped him to a chair and went to sign him in.   I was under the misconception that he had been "hit" by a car, while in reality he had swerved to avoid a car, hit a curb and took a very bad spill.  The mention of him potentially being victim to a hit and run, sent the alarm bells ringing, as an officer there started asking a slew of questions I had not yet gotten the answers to.  In the meanwhile, the nurse had asked if I could answer the appropriate questions to process him in, and she introduced me to a colleague as his "friend".  Now, either she thought I was younger, or he was older or I was his boyfriend, for when I corrected her preconceptions and informed her I was, in fact, his father she looked perplexed and asked "your really his father?"  Needless to say, in the heat of the moment I let it go.  Now, I will say that I have to give kudos to the local constabulary as they seem to take pedestrian hit and runs very seriously.  Another of Clearwater's finest arrived shortly after admission to take Kaleb's report, but with a slight air of incredulity as he had already done his homework and discovered that no accidents had been reported in or around the immediate area.  And as Kaleb could not tell us exactly where he was when it took place, something about his story didn't smell right.  Oh sure, took look at him you could clearly tell he had been in an accident, but where, when and why still is not clear.  It took no time to realize that he had not been at his girlfriends, and that instead he was somewhere he should not have been, doing something he should not have been doing that slightly impaired his cognitive functions, resulting in reduced reflexes.  He is a skilled rider and this was definitely not in character.  Thankfully, no serious injuries occurred, after a slew of X-rays and cat scans he came back bumped and bruised but not broken.  In the end we may never know everything that transpired but we know enough that it will be some time before he has any "alone time" again!
 Elijah opened up for me this am so I could get a couple extra hours to rest as my wonderful wife, exhausted herself, took on the morning chores and allowed me to rest.  I'm still getting my bearings straight, so I'm not sure where I am at as far as works and goodies!  I will say I just picked up a REAL sweet vintage Schwinn 3 speed walking in this morning, so that will be out soon!  Other then that, stay tuned to these pages for when I get my head screwed back on straight! 
See ya soon!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

And it didn't work...WHY?

So last night was "Family Movie Night!"  Aside from the older boys starting to think (with the addition of cable and a TV in their room) that perhaps they were just a little to old to sit and watch a film with the family, it was another night of frivolity!  Have no fear about the older boys, though.  Once they were informed that no other TV was allowed to be on during movie night, they joined us.  The nights pick was "The Lone Ranger".  Yes, that little chestnut that bombed so horrifically in the box office.  But I can't stop wondering, why did it bomb so bad?  Angi and I were picking it apart in our heads, but couldn't come up with a clear answer.  I mean ANY film that will make Angi put down her IPad to watch HAS to be good!   Sure, it was a tad disjointed for your average viewer as it is told from the perspective of a very aged Tonto, who, at the beginning of the film, is residing in a early 30's "Wild West Show" seen spinning his yarn to a rapt young man.  Occasionally the film would switch back to the circus tent, accenting that particular point in the tale.  But that couldn't be it, as the transition is seamless and really doesn't slow the film down, but offers a brief humorous respite or underlines the long term emotional impact that certain event caused.  Perhaps it's the possibly interpreted, decimation of a legend?  Not unlike Seth Rogen's recreation of "The Green Hornet" or Antonio Banderas's "Zorro" where the stalwart, stone faced heroes of yesteryear are dissected and reimagined as more buffoonish, humanist characters with all flaws and warts apparent.  This Lone Ranger was anything but a dedicated hero in the beginning but rather was a district attorney returning to his home with no real understanding of just how raw the wild west really was.  Tonto, is not the faithful sidekick, but rather an initial adversary who is NOT firing on all cylinders!  His insanity though, is explained in bitter irony later in the film.  But no, the potentially perceived character assassination couldn't be it either, as both actors pull it off believably.  Was it the deliberately frank depiction of the stark injustices and inequities meted out on the Indian nation by greedy, scheming white men that made some folks squirm in their seats?  Not unlike Tarantino's recent bleak appraisal of the state of slavery in "Django", this film still held back a few punches when it came to what happen to America's original occupants.  No, this couldn't be it either, as not ENOUGH has been said about that tragic point of American history.  So what was it then?  This was a VERY good movie!  Filled with action, humor, a believable growth of camaraderie between the two main characters and a plethora of well timed, laugh out loud one liners!  The final one uttered by Tonto had both Angi and I in stitches for a while!  Trust me when I say this folks, we watch ALOT of films, but only buy the really good ones to add to our collection and this one WILL be bought and rerun several times here at the shop! And that's saying ALOT for a western!
On to work!  Got a couple more gems out yesterday.  Would have been more, but 'twas a might busy with repairs yesterday (thank you all SO VERY much!) and the two that we did put together took ALOT of work!  The Mongoose you will see below was a "left in the backyard for four years" ride!  Needless to say it needed MANY replacement parts!  But now it's ready once more for the road!  Also sent the Nishiki home with a very excited repeat customer!  One of our first customers to boot!  And in trade I got a couple parts bike's that happily had the remaining  things I need to get Greedo back together!  Today, I have another Mongoose in my rack almost done, then after a small bout of repairs, gonna get back at Bone Row!  Happily, we're making some real progress in cleaning that out!
So, until then, see ya REAL soon!!

ONLY $85.00!!

ONLY $175.00!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Little Engine That Could!

Yep.  We were plugging along at a steady clip yesterday!  Got another five newbies out, and finally more cruisers!  One of them being a Motobecane ladies cruiser!  I can't remember EVER having one of those!  Also got in a beautiful 60cm Nishiki road bike!  All in splendor with cable pass through and gorgeous lug work!  Not to mention a further dent in the kiddo bikes we have in abundance!  Thanks for the comments and e-mails regarding yesterdays post!  Seems I am not alone in my confusion over what constitutes "acting your age", especially for men! 
Yesterday had a gent come down and check out the Rincon we had, looking for the right bike for his wife, who then came in to confirm it was the right ride for her.  The plan was if she liked it, he would call in with his credit card to purchase it, and the Peugeot hybrid we had for him.  She liked it, but that was where the plan seemed to unravel.  I waited for his call, but in the interim had several more folks come in, interested in both bikes.  Here's where I had a conundrum.  Our policy is NO holds!  First come, first serve, but he had been in here several times before looking for the right bike for her, so his interest was assured as well as his commitment.  So I made calls.  Several, but only got an answering machine.  About five hours later, still hearing nothing, another couple who had came in earlier in the day, came back from the driving range t see if they first gent had contacted me, as he had not and the second couple were also repeat looky loos (and the husband had already purchased his bike from us last week) I acquiesced and sold them the Rincon, while at the same time another gent (who had also been in before) purchased the Peugeot.  SO, if our normal fortune stands true, the gent who had come in first will probably call or come in today wondering where the bikes are.  Yes, that's just the way it works.  We hate not being able to make each and every customer satisfied, but as always, communication is the key.
Have more and more goodies to work on today, so I'd best get a move on!
See y'all soon!
ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $195.00!!

ONLY $35.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy.

You will forgive me if I seem a trifle maudlin.  As is my normal morning preparations for the day, I awoke this morn, got the kiddo's up and moving and went back into our room to dress.  As I shower the night before, hair care consists of putting it up in a pony tail and putting on my hat, not much need to primp in front of the mirror.  And as my attire is predicated on whatever is on the top of the pile, again, no need to look in the mirror and make sure everything is straight.  One of the benefits of knowing "Hey, I'm just gonna get filthy anyway" on this job.  But this morning, for some reason, I paused before the bathroom mirror and found myself taking a long look, and I couldn't help but wonder "Who's this old man looking back at me?"  Where did all these lines and gray hairs come from.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I wont be getting a lift or Botox anytime soon, but it just got me thinking, do I feel alone in this query?  I mean when I was growing up I can't tell you how many times I was on the receiving end of "You need to grow up" and "Act your age" speeches.  The funny thing is they never say "Grow old" just "Grow up".  So what does that mean?  I have to be honest, except for the gaining wisdom for things like not touching a hot stove, and the ability to "look before jumping"  I really can't see as to where my thought processes have "matured".  Is that normal?  Should I have different opinions or thoughts now that I am this old?  Why don't I feel more mature?  And why is it that the passage of time feels different now?  From time to time I catch wind of references to the times when I was a kid, now referred to in a vintage or nostalgic way, and yet they still seem so not far removed, as if they occurred just weeks before.  Making it hard to reconcile the fact that they happened over thirty years ago.  Is time that fleeting?  Is it odd for the time I spent as a child and young adult to be so prevalent in my memory, when I find it hard to recollect what I did a week ago?  As I said, feeling somewhat nostalgic and maudlin today, please forgive me the dalliance.  I would however love to hear from anyone my age or older who may experience the same feelings of disconnect.
Back to life, back to reality...
Kept myself very busy yesterday pumping out some more goodies and made a real dent in the pile of kiddo bikes we have been getting in of late.  A few are pic'd below, but any under 20" I don't bother to photog!  Today will be more of the same!  I REALLY want to clean out bone row!
Well Elijah got the word yesterday, his job fires up Feb 1st as he heads out t his first stop in Georgia. So we will be having  going away dinner in his honor. So I'm looking forward to sharing his war stories with y'all!
   All right, this old man had best get at it!  See ya all REAL soon!
ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!!

ONLY $35.00!!!

ONLY $45.00!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AH Buzzbuzz...Buzzzz!

Like a hive of busy little bee's we got BUSY yesterday!  Managed to bust out five new rides yesterday!  Apparently these old bones got a little life left in 'em!  And what beauties they are!  Two of them, of course sold in record time!  One, a gorgeous ladies, old school Giant Rincon was bought an then resold within seven minuets!  Even before I had got a chance to work on it!  The other, a classic Raleigh Mountain bike took the same path! Though I at least had enough time to rebuild that one!  We also pumped out a gorgeous seven speed Schwinn cruiser, a later model Giant Rincon and an absolutely FLAWLESS 2005 Giant Cypress!  Feel free to check them all out below.  Also, we have a sweet looking (now after much knuckle scraping effort) Mongoose D40 MTB almost finished!  This one is SAH-WEET!
SO, last night Angi and I once again ventured into the sad world of unappreciated teenage angst.  Oh joy YES!  That barren wasteland where the evil overbearing parents reign down harshly, with unjust and unrealistic expectations on their poor, downtrodden, misunderstood and martyr like teenagers!  Gleefully rubbing their hands together and cackling manically, they crack the whip of dominance against the yolk of oppression as the sallow faced youths toil endlessly in a thankless attempt to satisfy the whims of their demonic overlords! 
Notice the cleverly concealed sarcasm?
I'll set the stage.  The older boys have two chores, which they split together.  Other then being expected to keep their side of the bedroom clean (which is an exercise in futility on our part) they are tasked with doing laundry, and cleaning the dishes.  Suffice to say, this is a nightly excursion into redundancy that we must undertake the tenuous task of reminding them.   We are constantly met with "But I did it yesterday!" (italics denote whining)  and "why can't the other kids do their OWN dishes?!" (capitals denote aggressive defiance)  Then of course comes the fighting and banging and deliberate half assed attempts.  Their idea is, if they do a crappy enough job, either I or Angela will step in, tell them to go away and do it ourselves.  Something we have both been guilty of from time to time.  But when you go to dish out dinner and the dinner plates you thought were clean have remnants from the dinner from the night before?  You get my point.  Our oldest has one further responsibility and that is to help mom during the day with the babies, when needed.  Although to hear him tell it, he does it ALL DAY LONG! (that's both whining and defiance) But, in all fairness ever since his indifference to school and a "It doesn't interest me" attitude resulted in his senior class office informing him that his presence in school this year was unnecessary, he has been a regular fixture around the house, as apparently working doesn't interest him much either.  Yes, he does restart his job next month and I do hope it works well for him, but in the meantime he's going to supplement his food budget by doing some helping around the house! 
Last night, upon coming home I was informed their was a slight mishap (and I won't go into THOSE details) caused by the fact that rather then performing the duties he was assigned he opted to sit at the table for hours creating a stop action film on his cell phone.  Now these things, ever since both he and Kaleb got one, have been a real thorn in my side!  Hardly a moment goes by when they are not attached to them.  And RARELY are they used for their intended purpose.  A phone.  No, with headphones in place they are constantly playing away.  Kaleb, sitting in his normal spot had apparently not made much of an effort either, as nary a load of laundry had been done.   I had enough, and confiscated both of their phones with the promise that once they had sufficiently "impressed" me with their desire to perform their tasks admirably, they would get them back.  Well, apparently my demonic hordes had slaughtered their favorite dog. Beyond the pouting, and initial refusal to sit at the table and have dinner in lieu of slumped shoulders, glaring eyes and reticent depression they did nothing to impress. Instead, Kaleb had voiced their opinion that neither Angi or I had "Any appreciation for everything they do!  Then they ate their dinner in stone silence and proceeded to go to bed.  Apparently, if they couldn't have their lifeline there was no point in going on!  Oy VEY! 
Thanks for letting me vent!  This only emphasize the trouble with youth today.  Yes I DO sound old when I say that, but at what point did we except the fact that children no longer needed to take on personal responsibility?
Now, exorcised of all frustration, I best get on with it, as I got a lot to do!
See y'all soon!


ONLY $240.00!!!

ONLY $110.00!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Makes A Day Worth the Effort!

It's moments like this that inspire me to create child number ten!
After your child hits the toddler stage, the tender moments of holding them or feeding them are way laid by an incessant stream of expletives and "Don't touch that's!"  Oh sure, they have their moments of sunshine but the majority of the time you're consumed by concerns for child proofing the house and protecting your electronics and precious belongings.  It never ceases to amaze me just how fast and expertly such little hands and feet can create such BIG calamities!  What makes it all the  more difficult at times is the knowledge that for all intents and purposes, you don't exist, merely an obstacle to overcome in the achievement of their single minded objectives.  As is the way around our home.  It has always been a running gag that the kids don't realize they have a father until they hit about or around two.  Angi is the center of their world, as it should be.  As God intended, the woman plays the role of the caregiver, while the man (hunter and gatherer) is the provider.  I have no problem bending to the will of nature.  But it sure can be lonely and unforgiving at times.  That makes the magic moment, where you see the undeniable clarity enter the eyes of your child, all that much more memorable.  That point when your child really looks at you, smiles and silently says "there you are!"
I had just such a moment last night!
Miranda, who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is our most devout "Mama's girl" yet was having some sleep issues last night.  Angi came to the shop yesterday afternoon to join me for lunch.  Taking advantage of the fact that Elijah is still "in house" and available to watch the kiddo's. After lunch she hung out until close, trying hard to ignore the fact that I was watching a "Tick" marathon!  That evening the telltale signs that Elijah had allowed Miranda to nap far to long made themselves apparent.  After dinner and bath time, as the girls were going to bed Miranda performed the  all to familiar ritual of sitting bolt upright, emptying the content of her crib onto the floor, and playing with the light switch, alerting us to the fact that she was not yet ready for sleep!
With a heavy sigh, I extracted her from her confines and with feet jigging furiously she was set free into the living room.  Of course the Magic game that Logan and I had engaged in now became a secondary game of "keep away" from her tenacious bout of "gimme,gimme!" 
Finally able to complete the game, we gave up on round three and retired to the media room and some Netflix.  After about an hour or so of playing "Keep the coffee cup safe" with me Miranda crawled up onto the other end of the sofa, and with bottle in hand, absent mindedly watched our show. 
Then it happened.  As Angi and I sat together at the opposing end, Miranda slowly turned and looked at me.  Thankfully I was not so engrossed in what we were watching that I didn't notice.  Once she realized I was looking at her, a broad smile broke out behind her bottle and with her normal bouncy gate strode across the couch and plopped down on my chest.  Playfully she tugged at my beard and rubbed my face.  All the while looking very intently into my eyes.  And the familiar realization spread across her face.  "There you are!"  After a while she rolled over and lay across my chest, snuggling my neck and proceeded to fall asleep.  To some, this may seem rather routine or even mundane, but as I realize the pecking order in our little microcosm, it was a monumental occasion.   After an hour, even though my leg was falling asleep and I really needed to use the facilities I hated for the moment to end.  But in the interest of her comfort Angi helped lift her and  I gently carried her to bed.  After one final kiss goodnight I couldn't fight a rising teary eyed swell. 
As I said, it's thing like that which make everything worth while!

Now on to work!
Yesterday once again found us in  flurry of labor!  Managed to put out two newbies while at the same time keep the repairs up to date (thank you all so much for your trust and patronage!) Also, marking a milestone is the fact that we FINALLY found a home for the Trek 1000!  A beautiful road bike, it took quite some time to find the right master!  Also, took in a whole mess of new rides to work with.  Granted, several were just for parts, but got a couple potential gems as well.  So with that, you will please forgive me as I have a bevy of work to put out!  Check out the new ones below and we'll see ya real soon!
ONLY $150.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Start Diggin! And Put Your Back Into It!

Well, I knew their would be consequences!  Once we decided to except credit cards I knew at moments there would be issues. Unlike dealing strictly in cash, when you know how much you have to work with, credit cards have a waiting period.  As an extension of both having a checking account now, AND taking credit cards, when I was asked to except a check the day before Christmas, I hesitated but in the end took the assurances of a very good customer the check his friend wrote would be good.  Now, I hold no malice or ill will, as I know mistakes happen, but the torrent of problems that one little check (OK, it wasn't that little) caused are causing ripples to this day!  As fates would have it, it did not clear.  Apparently the gentleman was writing it based on a Christmas bonus he was anticipating.  On X-Mas eve day he came in and picked up his newly re-furbed and seriously upgraded bike, paid and then proceeded to whisk away to Washington state for the holidays.  Unbeknowst to him, his bonus did not clear until the check he wrote took a spin through his bank, ricocheting like a tennis ball and shattering our account.  At this point the myriad of payments and withdrawals we had made created a cacophony of noise themselves.  In the end, some monies that were owed consignors (awaiting the two day cc clearance) were devoured by  both payments and returned check fees!  ARRGH!!  In the end I had to place my tail firmly between my legs, dine on several courses of crow, and beg their forgiveness!   Once contacted, however the check writer was most sincerely apologetic and has assured us, once he returns from his month away (who gets a month off?!) he will make it all right.  In cash!  So, we extend this public apology to all those wronged in this little debacle!
The weekend is over and it's back to the job, as I'm sure many of you are coming to grips with.  Twas another semi-lazy day 'round the ol' homestead.  As we prepare for the oncoming of the new landlord Angi felt it imperative to give the house a once over.  Truth be told, it wasn't all that dirty!  Aside from the normal accumulation of kid yuck, only took about two hours to cover it.  As always, the kitchen, the chore of the older boys, needed a thorough wash down, as their eye for detail is rather lacking.  I have to give much kudos to the new landlords, though!  He quickly took care of a couple nagging problems we have had with the house since shortly after we moved in, regarding the plumbing.  In just a couple hours he had plumbers fix all the issues that we have had to deal with for a year and a half!  I think we are REALLY going to like this couple! 
So, this weekend was a BLUR of activity, thank you ALL so much!  It is now really light in here for finished product!  WOOF!  But have no fear!  Picked up a bunch of stuff as well, that I will be feverishly busting out today!  And I have motivation!  Last night, when Angi and I did the broods food shopping, she stumbled on a couple sweet films for me!  One of them is the complete first (and only) season of "The Tick!"  A BRILLIANT live action comedy starring Patrick Warburton as the lead!  Think Seinfeld meets the Avengers!  HILARIOUS!!  That'll keep me going! 
So with that, today has already been brisk, so I best get a move on!  See ya soon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Cool Kids!

Hey! Want to try some? Everyone is doing it!
Well, I should have seen this one coming! 
A brief explanation.
As the Snow Birds continue to flock to Florida and the weather is prime for riding, this time of the year business BOOMS!  And as is always the case, we rarely have enough supply to meet the demand!  Oh we're not sitting around on our laurels, oh nay, nay!  We are busily trying to put out as much stock as we can muster, but the supply chain is trickling at best!  Never enough folks selling!  So, as is far to often the case, bikes continue to sell either off the rack as we are working on them or out of bone row before we work on them!  Well, a new wrinkle has been added.  Back in December, after years of resisting the temptation, we finally started to except credit cards.  Now, the rules of "first come, first serve" have taken on a new meaning.  Some folks, familiar with us from years past, are calling in advance of their trips down here, checking on what we have in stock, or coming out and ponying up their CC number to buy in advance!  I must say, it just shows the level of trust and faith that we have been able to instill in folks that they will purchase a bike, sight unseen, knowing full well that we will build it right and stand behind it with our warranty!  Yes, that does seem a mite self aggrandizing, but "When ya got it!  Flaunt it!"
Yesterday was just such a day!  Two of the rides we were going to be working on sold right out of Bone Row to two separate folks.  One is pic'd below, the other, not yet finished will be coming soon.  Maybe. If I remember to take a pic!  But I do have to say, in all humility, Thank you all very much for your trust and continued patronage!   In the end we were able to keep at least one of the rides we built yesterday to show off to any looky loo's as well as picking up a couple more we will be working on shortly! 
And now!  MOVIE REVIEW! (CAUTION! SPOILER ALERTS!)   Plopped all the kiddo's down in front of a new flick last night, one they have been jonesing for.  The new Percy Jackson Flick.  I will admit, I was going to give this one a pass originally, as I was less then impressed with the first.  These films are far to contrived, a weak copy of the Harry Potter fame trying to cash in on the whole "mystical adventures for kids".  And the stories are less then memorable.  I have very few talents, but one thing I can say is I remember just about every film or TV show I have ever watched.  The first film in this series was SO unmemorable I had a difficult time following along the second.  The only real reason I watched (excepting of course that the kids wanted to see it) was the fact that Nathan Fillion appeared as Hermes (yea, the God of Transitions and Boundaries) and yes, much to my glee they actually put in a tongue and cheek reference to "Firefly"!  But other then that and a few cool bouts of special effects, the story was blatantly weak, predictable and frustrating.  At one point, inspiring my ire,  they were attempting to reclaim the golden fleece, being used by the bad guys to resurrect the leader of the Titans, and Percy had a clear shot at retrieving it, but pauses long enough to allow the God to be resurrected, so he can give his cycloptic brother a hug, as he thought he had been killed!  Of course, Percy is then, in a less then surprise ending, able to dispatch the creature with the help of Poseidon's sword.  Of course, all the characters thought to have been gobbled up by the vengeful Titan, drop safely to the ground (yes, kid's movie, nobody really dies).  The truly sad part about the film is I just KNOW there will be a sequel!  UGH! 
In closing, unless you have kids, give it a pass.
All right, that's it for me today, gotta get back at it! 
See ya real soon!


ONLY $85.00!!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Childhood Milestones

There comes a point in every child's life when they learn "sneaky".  The art of misdirection, manipulation and covert opportunism.  That moment when the blatant snatch and grab is deemed ineffective and the creative juices flow into a more calculated plan of attack.  Izzy hit hers yesterday.  The norm in our home is the younger girls get up and have the run of the main living areas in the house.  The hallway to the bedrooms and opening to the kitchen are cordoned off with baby gates and their play is monitored in the remaining space.  Out of caricature yesterday, Izzy asked permission to go into her room seeking independent play time.  An unusual request for her but permission was granted and Elijah hoisted her over the gate as she bounded off, happily to the confines of the girls room.  After a short period of time, Angi asked Elijah to check on her and make sure she was OK.  She was.  See, at the end of the week each one of the grade schoolers receives a bag of snacks from school.  Comprised of juice boxes, crackers, peanut butter, granola, canned fruit, etc.  As each child is quite proprietary about their snack bags, they stash them clandestinely in their room.  Well, apparently Izzy had discovered Rozy's sometime earlier.  As Elijah opened the door to the girls room he discovered that Izzy was perched atop Rozy's bed on a laid out blanket where she had neatly arranged the contents of the snack bag and was, quiet peacefully, having herself a little picnic.  An opened bag of crackers lay before her while she blissfully munched away on a heavily peanut butter laden one while lazily drawing on a punctured juice box.  She realized she was not alone, and slowly turned to meet Elijah's gaze.  Unperturbed she merely grinned, placed her index finger to her lips and uttered a soft "Shhhhhhh".  Then, disregarding his presence, turned and went back to her picnic.  Elijah could do nothing but giggle, slowly shut the door and respond to mommas inquiry "she's fine"  After hearing this, and while putting the girls to bed last night both Izzy and I couldn't help but chuckle when Rozy questioned aloud "where did all these crumbs come from?"
Karma is life's teacher.
Can't help but send out a big warm "THANK YOU" to all the folks visiting us yesterday!  Yes, the "Buy it from the rack" continues unabated!  Built up three yesterday and sold two of them before they were even done!  Alas, I do feel sorry for the many who missed out.  I understand folks hesitation to purchase from bone row, as the diamonds in the rough do less then shine.  But in the case of one hybrid we had, several folks looked at it prerebuild and expressed interest but wished to wait until it was done to see it.  Long ago I got out of the habit of letting people know they had an option to purchase a bike before the work was done, forewarning them that it was bound to sell quick.  Quite frankly it made me sound to high pressure, and I don't want to give that impression.  But one gentleman, realizing it was perfect for his needs, did just that.  Of course a few hours later a few of the folk who had looked at it earlier came back in hopes that it was complete.  It was. Completely sold.  Again, sorry.  And of course thanks so much to all for the repairs, it's what keeps us going!
All right, gotta make that the end, as I have plenty more to get done!  Y'all have a great day and we'll see ya soon!

ONLY $65.00!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

....Yawn and Stretch and Try To Come To Life....

And already poured two cups of ambition!
(Gold star to anyone who can guess the song those lines are plagiarized from!)
Sorry I haven't poked my head in for a few days.  Once again the arrival of wildly fluctuating weather patterns wreak havoc with the old senses and was battling a bout of the flu.  Oh, that was fun.  I have to give special mention to my lovely wife who not only endured my snoring and disrupted sleep patterns, as well as care for me when I was all doe eyed and pitiful over the weekend.  I jokingly remarked as she bathed me on Monday night that it was trial run for when I was old and
gray(er).  The look I got gave me the impression that  was wishful thinking on my part!
Through it all though, I have been trying to hold down the fort and keep things moving around here!  Christmas left us a little barren (what we call a GOOD problem!) and have been working like the dickens trying to keep new stuff flowing.  A real hearty shout out to all the folks who seemed to be of like mind on Saturday and brought in a SLEW of donations!  Apparently many folks had new bikes on their Christmas lists because we have been getting the left overs! HUZZAH!  We have NO problem rebuilding them and giving them new homes.  And I'll tell you, folks have been lining up to make that a reality!  Of the five bikes we have put out over the last two days we have...none left!  Yes, we have entered into the all to familiar territory of selling them off the rack before they are even finished!  Right down to folks hanging out waiting for me to complete them! One such sweetie was the case for a very fine gentleman yesterday who has been stopping by almost every day for the last week and a half looking for just the right ride.  He stood and watched the rest of "The Incredibles" last night while I finished her up!  No fear though, I have plenty more to pluck from and will be getting back to it shortly!  So as not to forget, a hearty welcome to all the new folks coming in from a variety of recommendations and referrals.  Not only from a bevy of happy customers but from many of the local (and not so local) bike shops!  WOW!  Three deserve honorable mention.  A gentleman from Saint Pete came up and relieved me of several pieces of BMX history at the mention of a bike shop down there.  One gent from Washington State, visiting family for the season, came in from a highly flattering mention from not his family down here, but from a friend in his home state that had come down two years ago on vacation, and after renting a ride here was so enamored he thought to mention us to his bike riding friend!  And, a very nice young lady had called for advice regarding what type of bike to buy a coworker as a birthday present.  Apparently this fellow veloist was adamant that if they were to get him a bike that they needed to get it here!  Unfortunately, at the moment I didn't have what they were looking for but walked her through a few ideas for brand names and styles and what pitfalls to look out for when buying a used bike.  I wish her the best of luck.
Well, now's the time to say goodbye, to all our com-pa-nee!
See ya real soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

WHOOP! Dere' It IS!

The annual influx started a little early this year!
Explanation.  Right around Christmas time we have the increase in buying you would expect, depleting our stock.  Then we kind of languish and flounder until a steady stream of new bikes start coming in around the third or fourth week of January.  At that point most folks are starting to see their Christmas purchases starting to show up on their credit card statements, and suddenly they realize that little Johnny and Suzy got new bikes this year, what do they need with the old ones?  Soooo, seeing as we are the only used bike rescue in town, we get BAH-IZ-ZEE!! (that's "busy", with an emphasis, for the unhip and colloquial impaired)  Well, we started seeing them yesterday, in spades!  Thankfully, Elijah was present and was able to help me rack 'em, stack 'em and pack 'em!  Then we got busy with tear downs and rebuilds.  Some of them have unfortunately outlived their usefulness and will be used to help bolster up the others, sad to say, but most will be given a new life.  actually, two already have as you will see pictured below! 
Yesterday was busy on the repair front as well, thank you all so very much!  I will never get tired of hearing folks tell me that a friend or family member ordered them to go to no one else but us!  Makes a man feel all gooey inside!  Also, put together a real sweet full repaint on  a Caloi cruiser yesterday, and no sooner had I listed it, did it sell, lickety split!  Apparently to the chagrin of a few Craigslist viewers.  No sooner did it sell, did I start getting phone calls about it.  I had to gently let them down, and inform them she already found a good home.  Most took it well enough and vowed to keep watching, but one gentleman was less then gracious.  I did explain that I had just sold it when he called, but that statement did not deter him from lambasting me for NOT removing it immediately from Craigslist.  Just so there is no confusion,  all our updates occur in the morning.  The new stuff goes up and the sold stuff comes down  If during the day, I find myself near the computer, and there has been a lot of activity I may take a second to update, but by and large it's a morning thing!  A man has to have his regiment!  So sorry for any inconvenience. 
It's been a couple weeks since family movie night.  As with the Holiday break there was no thought given to the regiment of Friday night movie time at the ol' casa.  But we all curled up in the media room and popped in the latest Marvel flick "The Wolverine!"
Understand, I was a little unwilling to give this one a look.  The reason being? I was FAR from impressed with the first foray into the X-men one shots "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"  No, that one was a travesty!  From the tweaking of his origin story, to the unnecessary love story, to the bastardization of a lot of key players right down to the fact that they didn't even give Gambit a creole accent!  It was junk!  But as everyone else was key to watch, I caved.  And I am glad I did!  This one was by far a marked improvement!  From Logan's love of Mariko, to the retelling of a key moment (albeit out of sync with the comic book timeline) in Wolverines life.  And of course the tantalizing key in at the end of the film to the upcoming X-men epic "Days of Future Past"!  Yes folks, definitely give this one a look!
Alright, for me, it's back at it and we will see you all real soon! 

ONLY $45.00!!

BOY'S 20" BMX!!
ONLY $50.00!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Now How Did I Screw THAT Up?!

Ah yes. 
The days of mixed blessings.
We seem to have WAY to many of those lately.
First, yesterday brought us many a wonderful folk with kind words to say, several referrals and loads of repairs.  We thank you very deeply for being the sunshine of our day!  Quite frankly, without them, I probably would have headed for my pillows, pulled up the covers, closed my eye's and wished for a do over! 
And just why was yesterday a hassle you may ask? (and you'll probably be asking yourself "WHY Did I ask!?) I'll tell ya!
A few weeks ago I made the mistake of clicking on what turned out to be a bogus "business loan" site, online. The site looked legitimate enough (what do I know!) and amongst my name and address asked for my phone number to have a representative call me.  Oh yea.  Many of you are probably groaning at this point and calling me all kinds of stupid.  And you'd be right to do so! No sooner did I log off, did the phone calls start. Unabated, they continued for HOURS!   Ever since then I have been plagued with a slew of both emails (on average 300 per day) and telemarketer phone calls (on average 70 a day).  So many phone calls, in fact,  that I have to recharge my phone twice a day.  And they don't listen when you tell them "take me off your list" So this is a cautionary tale folks! 
back in the 90's I worked for a carpet cleaning company that used telemarketers so I know a few things about the way they work.  In order to get potential clients they buy "call lists" from companies that compile potential "buyers".  Folks proven to use services from such agencies.  Apparently in the new age, that is an even quicker and easier process.  So, yesterday morning I get another of the annoying calls.  At this point, when a non local number shows up, I give the courtesy greeting of "Good morning, Recycle, How can I help you" then pause.  A real customer will make themselves known, but if it is someone speaking in a RICH Indian accent and slaughters my name by pronouncing it "STAVAN" I know to respond "not interested, take me off your list" and in the interest of saving my battery, hang up.  One such number came up yesterday,  (772) 585-9865.  Now I give you that number so if ever you should get a call from these pirates you will know to avoid them!  Once again hearing the strong Indian accent, I knew it was a bogus call, said my line and hung up.  Seconds later they called again. And again and again.  Finally on the fifth time, even before I could get out my line, the caller interjected and asked I not hang up, as this was not a telemarketer sales call.  Feeling somewhat embarrassed I was afraid that perhaps I responded prejudicously.  No.  I didn't.  It wasn't a sales call, it was worse.  A SCAM call! And the worst kind!  The individual informed me that there were three separate criminal charges being filed against me and that I needed to contact his supervisor at the same number he had called me from but type in ext 121, and they would divulge the info to me.  Dubious, at best, I quickly ascertained that this was a bogus call.  With the intention of giving the "supervisor" a piece of my mind, I tried the number back, only to get a message from the operator that the number could not be completed as dialed?  So, I dropped it.  But, after a short period of time,  slightly nagging doubts crept into the back of my head.  Back in '97 when we were still living in Texas, I had erroneous charges filed against me, for failing to return (of all things) a chicken trailer to a rental company in some Podunk town I never heard of.  And that's not a euphemism, it really was a "chicken" trailer.  For hauling chickens.  As it turned out, I had been the victim of identity theft, and as the individual using "me" was leaving a trail of misdemeanors across the west, I spent almost a year clearing my name.  Hence the doubt I now felt.  If you use one of those "people finders" online and type in my name there are TWO people out their using the same social security number! So I was worried that perhaps it was happening again.  So with just a little bit of time, I investigated the number these people called me from and discovered quite quickly that there are many mentions of the scam online.  Someone goes on a "loan" site, they suffer the slew of emails and phone calls and within a short period of time receive a call from some company representing the DA or a lawyer and state if you mail out X amount of dollars they will get the charges dropped. 
Now, perhaps I'm mistaken But isn't it illegal to impersonate a representative of government, or a lawyer?  And maybe I watch to much Sci-Fi but in  world that can track a digital fingerprint to your doorstep, isn't there any kind of agency that  tracks cyber crime?  Shouldn't these criminal be arrested?  Or is our government so dependant on cheap labor and services from India that they don't want to rock the boat?  All I can say is I am just waiting for these a-holes to call me again so I can REALLY tell them what I think of them!
if that wasn't bad enough, shortly after that debacle, I calmed myself down and went back to work but within seconds the next number in that days glitch list popped up it's ugly head in the form of a sudden loss of power.  At first I thought the rain and wind outside knocked out another of the infamously weak transformers in the area but in the sudden quiet I could hear someone rummaging in the back of the shop, outside.  I poked myself out to see a "Duke Energy" hatchet man removing my meter.  Inquiring as to what was going on, he informed me I would have to call the office as we were scheduled for a shut off?  I couldn't understand as I had paid the bill at the end of last week. 
Embracing the modern age, we do most of our bill paying online, or with money transfers.  I sat down last weekend and paid both the electric bills (two addresses) and the water.  After a fevered phone call with self righteous indignation I was quickly vindicated.  YES!  I was proven to be... an idiot. Apparently, somehow I paid both amounts to the same address.  The home address, and neglected the shop all together.  Thankfully, it was a quick fix, as they just transfer the money from one account to the next, but of course I had to sit in the dark for a few hours before they turned us back on.  And with my ever decreasing sight proficiency, I sure hope I didn't miss anything on any of the repairs I did by minimal natural light!
We did manage, amidst all that, to finish up one new ride!  And boy was SHE a chore!  But in the end we got a real sweet 3 speed tandem for our labors!  Check her out below!  Now, I'd best get at it as I got a slew of new goodies in yesterday and need to get 'em processed! 
See ya soon! 
ONLY $160.00!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Pooped To Pop

That about sums up why I haven't checked in for a couple days.  Not much to talk about when your neighborhood becomes an arctic outpost.  Oh sure, we have had a few looky loo's and some repairs, which we are eternally grateful for, but in the end, routine.
Last night about ten minuets before closing we did get a patron who travelled from Orlando.  Seems he's intent on building another fixie and as we seem one of the only places in Florida dealing with used bike parts he paid us a visit.  Apparently the cash he spent on gas was worth the effort, as he snagged up the Nishiki road bike and some upgrades.  Not a problem!  As he asked me to strip the bike down to frame, picked up his upgrades and left me the remains!  Which is "SAH-WEET!" 'cause now I have the goodies I need to turn my "Greedo" into a single speed!  It's gonna be one goofy looking fast ride! 
The other night I reluctantly discovered that I am going to be one sorry grandpa!  No, no kiddo's pregnant right now, but I set upon Izzy and Miranda for play time after work and we did a circle chase around the living room sofa.  The "I'm gonna git you" game.  After about twenty laps, and the occasional tickling "I got ya!"s I became aware of just how out of shape I am!  Needing to pause to catch my breath the two exuberant girl folk bade me to continue.  OY!  I better get me to a gym! 
Yes, we have been working on rides, as each and every newbie we put out is leaving just as quick!  Have a tandem in the rack that I battled all day with yesterday, having to make the rear end work, but finally got it just before closing.  Just simple stuff now, and then she is out.  Also, we were donated a couple beaters on Monday, and already built up one and have a Caloi cruiser in paint.  We were going to just scrap that one, originally,'s a Caloi!  The original paint couldn't be saved, but now she's a bright, shiny red!  Hopefully that one will be out later today.  Also, got some more goodies yesterday. One's a cute 24" Raleigh "Old School" cross and a mid 80's GT Dyno BMX!!  Gent was going to throw them away after cleaning out his garage but brought them here instead, thinking we may be able to do something with them.  Sure gonna try!
Oh...this bloody rain is getting heavier!  Yuch!
Well, as I said, not much to chit chat about, and as the curse of now having cable AND internet at the house (yes.....I caved) we have been spending WAY to much time into the wee hours of the morning catching up on some of our favorite shows.  Not to mention with all the extra providers Angi has downloaded, we are discovering other programs.  Needless to say, been dragging a wee bit.
See y'all soon!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OK. Now THIS Is Winter!

OY!  What a day!
The ups and downs started on Sunday.  After a brisk Saturday we were surprised to wake up Sunday morning and discover the temperature hovering around 74.  Spent the day playing and enjoying the unseasonable weather and the final day of Christmas break.  Come Monday morning the kiddos were awoke, surprisingly, by Dad on time and as their clothes had been set out the night before we made it out the door with plenty of time for them to make it for breakfast with their friends.  The weather was still a balmy 70ish so their outerwear was less then substantial.  I should have paid more attention to the weather report.  Around ten am the cold front barged in!  How the heck one gust of wind can drop the temps 30 plus degrees in less then an hour is beyond me!  But there it was.  Angi, regrettably, had to be called in to do a bank run to get the rent in the landlords account.  As she is well under the weather I regretted having to call her, but landlords wait for no man! So she stalwartly fought the good fight and soldiered on!   As she was here around school out time I rang them and asked to have the kiddo's jet to the shop (as we are closer then the house) and have Angi usher them home via cab.  This of course left their bikes here, which they would need in the AM.  Once Kaleb made it home, he and Elijah bundled up and proceeded to take two of them back, leaving Owens bike for me to handle when I closed.  After lights out, I tried to finagle his ride, but as it was much smaller then mine, the "Ghetto Tow" wouldn't work.  Fully aware that I would be drawing undue attention, I consigned myself to the fact that I had no other option, and set out with his bike slung over my back fully intent on being noticed.  Which I was.  No more then a couple hundred yards from the shop I drew rollers on  my back.  First a horn, then sirens, lights and spotlight.  Stopping my ride and setting down Owen's I got off and stood (with hands contritely to my side) about 20 feet from the cruiser.  Now, here's where some officers take things a little too seriously.  Instead of just poking his head out the window and calling me to the cruiser he used the PA!  LOL!  YEP!  Kind of got himself Al Capone's Vault!  OK, I played nice and cautiously  stepped towards the cruiser.  He paused for dramatic effect, then with great flourish swung open the cruiser door, stood tall, did the whole Captain Picard maneuver of straightening his utility belt, and with chest effectively puffed up, strode towards me.  Now, here's where my wife's least favorite aspect of my character came out!  Before he could even get out "wha..." I spelled the whole thing out for him.  Why I was there, where I came from, where the kids went to school, why I was carrying a bike, my name, home address and phone number etc, etc all in one breath! (I've never been one for social niceties.  If I know what you are going to say I'll spare you the effort of having to say it)  He paused (for effect) took out his pen and little pad (doing the one handed flip of the cover, Colombo style) and completely unperturbed asked, "name?"
Of course, as has always been my experience, anyone stopping you, either friend or foe, when it is cold outside, must take an excruciatingly long time getting to the bloody point!  Once all info was taken he invited me to stand closer to his cruisers engine, to keep warm while he "called it in".  Apparently, computers are also aware of the ambient temperature and are programmed to take longer processing info when the temp drops below 40 degrees!  After an eternity and ten minuets, I was "free to go!"  Yes, I am happy that the police are taking a more aggressive stance on bike theft and anyone trying to ride two bikes is gonna get yanked, but it was cold! 
Speaking of landlords!  (we were, just go back a couple paragraphs) Finally got to talk to our new landlords yesterday.  And they sound like a very nice couple.  From what I could ascertain they are professional landlords and their interest is keen on keeping us in the home, NOT selling it off!  HUZZAH!  Perhaps our luck is coming to fruition!  I made it clear that our goal is based on Miranda.  She is currently 18 months old and we wish to not have to move until she turns eighteen.  I don't think state law would allow a sixteen plus year lease, but at least we are on the same page! 
Speaking of kids!  Logan made me a proud Papa on Sunday INDEED!  As has been my goal with each and everyone of my children, he is becoming quite the Fanboy Geek!  Elijah was the first with his love of movies, but Logan is quickly catching up with Geekdom!  Not only his recent immersion in the world of "Magic; The Gathering" but Sunday he really threw me for a loop!  While Elijah was playing "Need For Speed" on the video game, the car he was driving rear ended a police cruiser and the hood flew up and off the car.  Without missing a beat, Logan, who had been watching, stated "What was that?  Was that the primary buffer panel?!  Did the primary buffer panel just fall off my Goram ship!?"  I was ecstatic!  For those not in the know, those were the first lines uttered by Captain Malcolm Reynolds on board Serenity in the movie of the same name based on my favorite cult classic TV show, Firefly!  I couldn't help but walk up and hug the boy!  Not only did he say it, but he said it right, word for word!  Ah yes, our little Padawan is coming along nicely! 
So, needless to say, with Arctic like temps yesterday we were less then busy.  I do say thank you to all the folks braving the elements and paying us a visit (oddly enough, most were Canadian) but as always, this time a year leaves us a little light on new stock, and more heavy on kids bikes.  We did manage to pump out some repairs, though.  Thanks to every and all for your trust and patronage!  Also put out two new rides!  A 20" Diamondback BMX, this one has been sitting around for some time waiting for a new life.  Finally got in the parts I needed Saturday to finish her up!  Also, a ladies 24" MTB!  We have been having many requests for not only ladies bikes, but smaller ladies bikes, and this one fits the bill! So check 'em out below and I'd best get on my way.  Picked up a tandem Saturday and want to get her done!
See ya soon!

Well...sorry.  For some reason the blog doesn't feel like posting pic's today. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yes Mam, We ARE the Place!

I think God blew out Florida's pilot light!  It got so bloody cold yesterday I could play my Sinatra LP's on my chest!  (think about it).
Today coming in was not so bad though.  I only needed two jackets.  Weird thing about this area of the country is it was 42 degrees yesterday and today it's suppose to get up to 74.  All these years and I am still not use to that kind of shift. 
I'd like to thank all the folks who came down yesterday and made our collective heads swell!  We always love to hear that the person standing in front of us was referred by someone else that thought highly enough of us to tell their friends they "have" to come here and nowhere else for their repairs or purchases.  Makes an old bike curmudgeon blush!  One such lady was ecstatic that we had just the right road bike for her diminutive size in the form of the Nishiki.  Alas, she was unprepared to take her home on that day but is aiming for Sunday.  I hope, for her sake, it's still here, as we have already had three calls about it this morning.  Also, another "shouldn't have waited" tale.  Gent came in to looky loo and noticed the red Hybrid we had, road tested it and liked it, but as we were the first place he had looked, he was going to do a little more shopping (any of this starting to sound familiar?).   Again, less then ten minuets later another gent and his wife came in looking for a hybrid, road tested her and after a couple of tweaks (adjust seat and a slipped shifter cable) and he happily adopted her.  As he was getting ready to leave he was nice enough to inform us that last year when he was down he had gone to another of the local shops and picked out a seasonal bike for four times what he paid for ours, and ours was WAY better!   Thank YOU sir!  Sure enough, right before closing the first gent came back to pick up the hybrid and was rather annoyed it wasn't waiting for him. 
We also managed to put out five new rides yesterday!  Yes, try not to gag, I actually worked yesterday!  Two cute looking kiddo 20's (yes, this time of year I start getting ALLOT of kids bikes) as well as a 2013 Haro 100-1 BMX and a GORGEOUS 24" Redline BMX.  Seems the Dad was always trying to get the son into biking but it just wasn't working.  Another poor child felled by the allure of computers (and yes, I do recognize the irony of making that statement...on a computer).  And from another father son team, a 2007 Gary Fisher Wahoo!  Seems Dad won it in Las Vegas and gave it to his veloist son.  The son, however, didn't have the heart to inform Dad that he only rode road bikes, and kept this gem garaged for it's whole existence.  So come on down and check out all these and more!
Alright, I have blathered on enough, gotta get at it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $280.00!!

ONLY $225.00!!

2013 HARO 100-1
ONLY $190.00!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fashion Over Function?

My eyes are glazed over, my head aches and sweat glazes my brow.  It was January the second.
Yes, as has become our new year tradition, every second of January I plop down at the desk with several cups of coffee, a calculator and multiple stacks of wrinkled receipts and papers and begin the arduous task of filing taxes!  Mind you, the end result is not a bad one.  Kind of like lottery time around our household as with all our little tax deductions running around they guarantee us a very nice return!  Ah yes, now I remember why I love them! 
WHOA!  Take it easy with the venomous condemnation!  Was only joshing!
I know the true value of our children. They're helpful at chore time and the little ones have small fingers perfect for cleaning out shell casings!
Yes, from ten am yesterday until about fifteen minuets to closing I sat hunched over the computer following step by step to complete the chore, as well as the quarterly state tax (yuck!).  That one's a real thorn in my side!  Both charging it and paying it.  BUT what must be done, must be done!
It goes without saying that nothing else got done around here.  Oh sure, took a little time to send a couple more rides home with good folks.  The ladies Trek hybrid went to a very nice lady who wanted to "buy one for herself".  Seems a recent ex boyfriend had offered to buy her one just before they became "just friends", but he was going to get her one from Wal-mart.  Yea, there's a good way to loose a girlfriend, tell her she's only worth Wal-Mart! Also, thanks to Uncle Chippie for his continuous pimping of Re-Cycle, as one of his fellow Gomba's came in on a parts run!  Other then that, and a few welcome Looky Loo's, it was nothing but paperwork!
We did manage to get in a couple more gems!  A 20" Haro BMX and a 24" BMX!!  Don't see many of those around! 
So, last night, around eleven O'clock as Angi, I and the older boys were vegging in front of our ritual "Supernatural" marathon we her a muffled "Puhumph" outside accompanied with a bright blue flash.  Then another and another and so on.  Seems the local transformers were blowing.  Quickly Angi ordered everything to be shut down and we went outside to see what was happening.  We had noticed earlier it was getting a tad bit windy outside but were not prepared for what met us as we streaked outside in our light, casual evening cloths.  Bitter cold!  We were outside long enough to notice that a fire truck was parked out front of our neighbors house and it appeared that half the residents were mingling about.  Standing in only sweat shorts I opted for a quick retreat back into the house but Kaleb hung out and asked questions.  Seems the transformer behind the neighbors not only popped, but caught fire!  Lucky for us, though the remainder of the houses were dark, ours somehow still had electricity!  This morning as I was headed out to work, I discovered the real ill effects of last nights encroaching winds, and that was 43 degree weather!  As I only had my hoodie with me, it was a brisk ride into work to say the least.  Of course, once here, I witnessed some of the folks milling about who were caught unaware as well.  Several were quickly darting about in a variety of unseasonable dress.  Shorts with parkas, T-shirts with gloves and scarfs.  One lady even had a skirt, open toe sandals and a heavy winter wind breaker on!  Ah yes, Florida.  Land of the unprepared!
Allrighty!  Now, I am off to labor away, so I wish you all a good day!
See ya soon!