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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beware Of Dog!

To the dawn of a new weekend!
Coming around after a bout of the nasty flu, no worse for wear save some body aches.  After spending the middle of the week in a somewhat comatose state, pushed myself yesterday to get some stuff done!  Caught up with the repairs (only a few behind) and managed to put out the full frame up rebuild on a pretty sharp looking Giant Rincon that we got in trade a few weeks back from a very lovely young lady who has been a regular around here for some time.  It's funny, the biases and stereotypes that even one as liberal as myself can tend to place on people.  A very petite young lady, she is not only an avid bike rider, but LOVES to scratch build and customize her own rides.  When she first came in, a few years back, my prejudices merely assumed she was just accompanying her husband  into the shop.  Of course, being the closet misogynist I apparently am, I struck up a conversation with him.  Apparently, she had encountered this before, and as he looked at me, befuddled and confused by my inquiries as to how I may help him she spoke up and asked very specific questions regarding a set of forks, accompanied by accurate dimensions, lengths, metal composition and rake. 
Okay... duly brought into the 21st century.
Ever since, she comes here whenever she is embarking on a new project, and this frame was the remains of something she cannibalized to complete another ride.  Paint is in real good shape so I took the time to allocate all the necessary parts, and tweaked it slightly to turn it into a lightweight commuter ride.  Check out the pic below!
Today, as all newbies have been processed out, I MAY just be able to finally spend some time weeding through the pile out back and eliminating the junk.
OH!  Speaking of out back!  Over that last few weeks we have had someone coming into the alley way and pilfering through the piles.  It's mainly scrap, but it's the principle of the thing.  Last night, I was hanging out late at the shop, as Friday is my night out.  Yes...I spend every Friday doing the same thing, watching movies online with my friends, riffing on the B-movie schlock.  Last night, with the back door open for Suzanne to have access to run about, she was laying peacefully on the floor when all of a sudden with a deep, ferocious growl and loud bark, she skittered out the back door like a shot.  The sudden abrupt departure sent me running!  Before I was even out of my chair, though, I distinctly heard the frightened exclamation of someone out back and a flurry of rushing footfalls away from the back.  Whoever it was had to have been fast as I have seen Suzanne at a full gallop and she would be very hard to outrun.  By the time I got outback, everything was quiet and she was gone.  Next came a panicked search for my baby girl.  I finally found her near the adjacent fence line pacing back and forth, guardedly.  Whoever they were, they apparently made it over before she got them!  Heh, heh...She initially thought she was in trouble when I sternly called her name, and slightly cowering, slinked back to my side.  I assured her with a big hug and vigorous body rub, that she in fact was quite alright and that she did good.  Doggie treats followed in earnest!
She may remain a relatively docile pooch but she KNOWS how to guard!
Okey Dokey!
Now, on to the work load!
Remember...we have lots of goodies left to peruse through, and riding season is rapidly (thank heavens!) approaching!

ONLY $130.00!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bicycles 1 / City 0

Oh Ugh.  
Started off as one of THOSE days! 
Came in early this AM with the intention of getting an early jump on finishing up the Giant MTB in my rack.  Everything was going fine until I had to go out back for a few minuets in my opening duties to take out the garbage.  Seems my brain was not with me when I first came in (running on only a few hours of sleep) and I forgot my keys in the front door. Well...that's bad enough but while I was cleaning up the back a friendly neighborhood patrolman happened by the shop, saw the keys dangling in the door, found no one in the shop, and promptly took the keys out of the door and let his card with a small note.  Coming up front a little before ten to open... I found the note.
Hand slap to forehead.
Thankfully, when I called, he was still in the area and brought them back promptly.  True, could have been worse in so many ways, but ugh! 
So, yesterday, was about a few more repairs and getting started on the sweet Giant scratch build.  We got in the nice looking frame with a few components and getting it worked up now.  Hope to have done before it's time to head out.  Gonna go more street then mountain.
Hoping today will see some more folks coming through the door.  It has been far to quite over the last couple of weeks, obviously due to weather, and I'm missing all the happy faces finding their new transportation.
OH!  Speaking of "Transportation"! 
The other day, after dropping off Izzy from school and getting ready to head off to work, we got a visit from the "City Code Enforcement"  (AHHHH....My old nemesis...we meet again).  Seems they had gotten "calls" from concerned neighbors about the "condition of our yard"
Points of contention being "clutter". 
WHAT clutter?  As I looked out upon the yard seeing only a few assorted balls, a tricycle against the tree, and some beach toys in the girls favorite digging spot.
Well, the "Clutter" they were talking about, was our bikes.
Apparently Bicycles, are "clutter"
Oh...anyone who knows me, KNOWS where this is going!
It's a fair assumption that my IRE was rising.
I curtly (oh...that is SUCH a kind description of the tone of my voice!) exclaimed "THAT "clutter" are our transportation.
He looked incredulously at the six bikes in the driveway, sneered slightly, and stated "why do you need so many?" going on further to explain that they had received reports that we had up to twenty bikes in the yard.
Aside from the six vintage bikes we have neatly displayed in the front and along the side of the house as "lawn art" (NOT against code) I told him that we have a total of nine that are regularly in the driveway throughout the day.  He stated "well. you need to keep them in the shed" 
Oh...NOW my ANTI-CAR opinion came out and I informed him that yes, in fact, prior to going in at the end of the evening the bikes ARE put in the shed, but are left out until then in case they are needed.
Sadly... he continued on with "eye sore" and clutter.  WELL... NOW my voice went up a few volume clicks and became a wee bit less accommodating as I informed him, as I gestured to ALL the cars parked in various driveways around us, "each house has a driveway used for the parking of the occupants transportation.  As we DO NOT drive or own a car, but instead choose to use BICYCLES as our transportation, we WILL use our driveway to park them.  Unless of course, you tell ALL the residents of this neighborhood that they can no longer park THEIR cluttering eyesores in the driveway, THEN we will remove ours. 
He didn't have a lot to say after that.
I'm gonna write that up as a win!
Okey Doke! to work!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why Is It Still Summer?

Yes, I know, it has been a coons age! What can I say?  It's that time of year when very little happens around here.  So, obviously, not much to write about! 
BUT, yesterday I did manage to get some actual building done!  WA-HOO!! 
And Golly Bob Howdy, I wish I had done a before and after pic on this CLASSIC Gary Fisher we got in!  WOOF!
Picked it up last week from our scrap guy and she was ROUGH!  Rusted out, dry rot, and filthy like it had sat behind someone house for a decade!  BUT, it was an American made Gary Fisher, so I gave it my all.  After a full tear down, went after the frame with some acetone and ALL the marks and filth came off revealing a gorgeous dark metallic green paint. With hope rejuvenated, went after the sweet "Higher End" components, and lo and behold they cleaned up just as well! With the addition of new cables, housing, tires and tubes she was ready!  And MAN!  WHAT A RIDE!!!  In my ten years doing this there have only been four rides I REALLY wanted to claim for myself (and I DID snag two) but this one is definitely number five!  Smooth, quick, comfy...Boy oh BOY!  Once back from a LONG test ride, I just held it in my hand and stared at it appreciatively.  BUT, I aint in this for myself, Soooooo, she's up for grabs! 
Also, put out a real nice classic ladies cruiser.  The day before, also managed to get out a lightweight alloy dual shock MTB (that found a new home the next day)  and a sweet boys 20" BMX.  Today, I am hitting the pile and trying to get out at least a couple more...after I do all my updating of course!
SOOOOO, without further preamble, remember...we are here today until three pm and STILL have a good selection to pick through!  Check them out in the "What's Still Here" column as YES I did update it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $245.00!!!

ONLY $80.00!!

BOYS 20" BMX!!!
ONLY $45.00!!