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Saturday, October 15, 2011


No I won't be as crass as to make light of such a serious malady.  I just have genuine concern that it will become a real concern as I get older.  As now I see to be having difficulty remembering things like names, and high points of conversations others swore that we have.  And I'm not just talking about forgetting the talks I have with my wife when I'm really not listening, but blowing her off (that's part of the marriage bylaws, somewhere in "Love, honor and ignore" I think) but important stuff!  I picture myself ending up like Patrick Stewart in "Safe House". (check it out,  GOOD movie)
Well, Izzy has hit an interesting "stage" in her development.  One we have never experienced with any of the other children.  Now no child likes being told no, but with her if you even utter the word, she begins to ball like she just witness you killing her favorite puppy!  I mean, tortured face and real tears, almost fear induced.  I am, as my wife continues to lament very guilty of spoiling my girls.  Daddy has a real hard time (nigh on impossible) punishing them.  So for me to see her cry like that, well you'd get less of a negative reaction from me spooning my gut's out!
Speaking of forgetting.  My apologies to the wonderful lady who called today in response to yesterdays blog, as I forgot her name.  However she had the misfortune of having two of her bikes stolen a few weeks back, and in an attempt began to peruse Craigslist in the oft chance that she'd see them advertised there (hey, it happens far to often) and happened upon one of our adds.  Well apparently she has now become a regular reader!  I thank you for the audience, and for the very pleasant conversation and compliments!  She was inquiring about the Panasonic I had mentioned, as she remembers her father having one.  So please keep an eye on these pages as it will be the first bike I tackle on Monday.
Thanks to Chris for coming in and scooping up the Ladies Diamondback we had just put out today.  We picked it up from a gent from North Carolina (sadly he, as so many other needed cash to make it until payday) Unfortunately I have nary a pic of the bike, as I said it was just put out (still wet from the wash) when he happened in.  But it was an AWESOME looking pink hybrid.
We managed to get out five new goodies aside (those pic's ARE below) Happily, another nice "Daily Banger Special", a men's 26" MTB.  A cute little older Kent BMX with fiberglass rims.  A ladies "Daily Banger Special" a 26" MTB. and a SWEET 26" Men's 6 speed Cruiser with full fenders, and a Way-Cool 26" Men's older Raleigh MTB!  that one was a recover from a scrap truck, that I was somewhat dubious about it's being able to be redone good enough...BUT it came through with flying colors!
Well tomorrow marks are first FULL family day!  Justin will be flying solo at the shop.  He's earned his wings.  Since past disappointments I have been rather reluctant to trust anyone but family with sole control of the helm.  But it will be nice to be able to enjoy a day with all in attendance.  We start out small, with a trip to downtown Dunedin, for a picnic in the park, some playing and ice cream at this cute little old school "malt shop" type place.
So, as I ended up working late tonight to finish the Raleigh, I will be signing off.

ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $ 60.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!!

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