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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think I , did more socializing today then I have done all year!  Not necessarily a bad thing, but I didn't get much done.  It's cool.  Met allot of neat folks today.  Conversations ranging from vintage bikes (of course) waxing nostalgia, to politics with a gent who was present for the goings on during the Viet Nam war.  It was, to say the least entertaining!  Managed to get only one done...sorry.  But had a wee bit of slow down on the Cannondale, as needed to do some body work, as well as an "operator error" on the light casing for the vintage Roadmaster.  Also got another banger 85% done but was met with a few delaying issues.  Oh well! Par for the course.
Whilst I was working I of course had the movies going, strictly as background noise of course, and happened to put in a copy of the "Forty Year Old Virgin".  Believe it or not, have never seen it!  Don't know what all the fuss was about the movie.  Now I love Steve Carrel, and Seth Rogen, but these were definitely not their best performances (for my money Bruce Almighty, and Green hornet respectively).  The vulgarity was a bit overdone, perhaps for boundary pushing shock value, and the laughs were just not there (the chest waxing not withstanding, that bit was hilarious) but also I think I took some light hearted offence to the depiction of the Fanboy/techno-nerd as a hopeless cause.  Hey I have my comics, sci-fi, and toys and I'M not a nerd...
am I?
All and all, was a real hoot today!  Thanks for coming in and paying us a visit! 
See ya'll tomorrow!
ONLY $45.00!!

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