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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house,
all the children were whining,
ticking off me and the spouse!

OK... not to much really.  Surprisingly they were rather well behaved (mind you "well behaved" means no collateral or structural damage, nor major bodily injury has occurred) Mom and Dad popped in some Christmas movie and snuck off to the bedroom to wrap the final gifts acquired in a hurried flurry of activity this afternoon.  You know the whole "wait...he's got more gifts then him!" not taking into account the cost of said gift, it's the volume that has to match! And as always every year my lovely wife and I agree that as times are tight we will focus on kiddos and Mom and Dad will have to settle for a gift certificate for 1 hour of quality alone time redeemable on demand, but then sneak out at the last minute and buy stuff for each other anyway. Although this year I saw her wrapped stash and think she out did me this year.  Shortly after the ending of "A Christmas Story" we heard a moment of silence then the annoying crooning of JigglyPuff and we realized someone had snuck in one of their many "Pokemon" videos (I have NO IDEA who bought these bloody things!) so after wrapping I came out and at my own personal bodily risk started my own "Mystery Science Theater 3000" spoofing of their entertainment choice.  They were laughing but offended at the same time.  A viscous maiming of yours truly ensued quickly squelched by the appearance of a scolding Mom.
At this point we settled down with Christmas cake cookies and some egg nog while dad performed our one and only true family holiday tradition, the reading of "The Tomten".  Now this isn't necessarily a "Christmas" story but it takes place in a New England like setting and has marvelous illustrations and what makes it even more poignant is that fact I am reading the very same copy my father read to me every Christmas eve since I was four.  It holds very special sentimental value to me as I was not an only child but this was a traditional rite that was shared strictly between my father and I, alone in my room as I snuggled to bed awaiting Christmas morn.  I however expanded the audience to include all the children.
So they are now snuggled up (well except for Elijah and the two youngest girls as they are a wee bit of the night owls) and mom and dad await them passing out for Santa to visit.
So with that I would like to thank each and every one of you who made this year a lot of fun and we wish you and yours the very best of Christmases and hope for a good new year!

Post It....And They Will Come

 Don't know if I am a marketing genius or just lucky!  But thanks to all the folks who responded to our impromptu one day sale on Sunday!  Sold NINE bikes yesterday in just under five hours (actually the bulk of 'em sold in about an hour!) Also had several repairs come in and we thank you very much for the trust.  Needless to say it being Sunday we took it easy on rebuilds, but do have a ladies multi speed cruiser in the rack as we picked at it slowly like a Christmas goose.  So today is your LAST day of shopping chances!  And we still have several sweet rides that would look just DARLING under your tree!  So I'm off to the shop and will see you there!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Public Service Announcement!

In honor of the Holiday and all the shoppers doing their bit last minute we will be doing an unprecedented move and open tomorrow, Sunday from noon till five.  Furthermore we will be initiating a shameless ploy to separate you from some of your Christmas funds by offering a special ONE DAY ONLY 20% OFF SALE! That's 20% off everything across the board!  So pick from any of the sweet rides we still have in stock!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What If....?

I like to think I'm a rational thinking individual.  I primarily don't believe in that which science can not substantiate, and the realms of magic and supernatural are sequestered to the confines of fiction.
Given the significance (however ludicrous it may be) of tomorrow there is a little nagging doubt coming from some small corner of my psyche.
"What if all the wacko "the end is near" types are right and tomorrow IS the end of everything?"
I actually caught myself today casually running through the implausibility of it all.  Reaffirming myself of the complete unlikelihood of someone thousands of years ago predicting the end of time...down to the last day. know, there's still that nagging doubt.
As it has been very slow in the plaza the last few days I wonder if there are other folks out there that may not think the same thing.  Maybe building a bunker or something?  Well all I know is more then likely there are gonna be a LOT of believers running around on the 22nd hurriedly trying to fill their Christmas shopping list!
Ah HA!
Well as it was quiet once again I spent the day...OK, I won't lie.  Spent the morning and early afternoon on facebook engaged in a heated debate about gun control and school safety.  Me, a major left liberal and two major right wingers!
Did I mention it got heated?
BUT, as further proof that there is good in all, it never got nasty or personal.
Wish all politicians could learn from us "common folk"
Did get busy in the afternoon though, and put out a sweet looking ladies cruiser!  Check out pics below.
So that's gonna do it for now, as Mamma and I have to go and do the Christmas shopping.
Yes...I know..last minute.  But if our kids had an inclination that there was goodies hidden in the house they'd  tear it apart looking!
Good night and see y'all tomorrow!
ONLY $85.00!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hi HO Cowboy!

Ain't nothin' Like a Busy DAY!
And today was nothin like a busy day!
BUT...that's OK cause it gave me time to get some more goodies out!  YAY!  Put up a real sweet Men's Diamondback cruiser, and a GORGEOUS Fuji M600!  This thing is like showroom new! And a cute little 16" Nascar bike for some cute little mullet wearing spawn!  Also started working on a sharp looking ladies cruiser as well.  Thanks to Justin from the Barber Shop Downtown Dunedin for visiting with his repair and the Mom for bringing in her boys bike after it's unfortunate hit and run.  Glad we could beat out all the other bike shops in town by HALF on price!
Now, just so everyone doesn't think I only rag on Republicans I will gladly admit their is enough shame and blame to go around the other side of the isle as well.
This bit of finger pointing goes to the Editor In Chief himself, Mr. Obama!  His address to the country following the New Town Massacre was moving to say the least!  I'm not ashamed to admit given the situation when he choke back his tears I let mine fly.  But given time to reflect and with the continued activity and mobility to approach the touchy subject of gun control and a willingness to take on all the strength and might of the NRA's political power in light of this recent tragedy has me wondering.  OK, more then wondering.  Convinced rather.
See in his tenure there have been other mass shootings, recently the movie theatre killings and words of mourning and solace were given then...nothing.  Now probe, no committees of any substance Zip! Then came the elections.  Perhaps I'm being a tad cynical but I'm really fed up with politics constantly getting in the way of the common good, decency, morality and our safety as a nation.  It seems clear to me that in his first term he tender footed his way through, not willing to step on bigger toes, but now that hes in his last term he chooses to act?  More power to him if he can bring about some real substantive change, but how many lives could have been saved if we had made a "assertive effort" to curb this kind of violence back in Columbine?  Our leaders need to grow a back bone and to hell with the lobbyists and special interests.  it's clear our children's safety is of little concern to their bottom line!
All right...
Stepping off my soap box!
And that'll do for tonight!  Hope to see MORE of you tomorrow!!
Hint, Hint!
And as promised here's some of the latest goodies!
ONLY $350.00!!

ONLY $250.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $145.00!!!

ONLY $130.00!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Circle The Wagons And Pass The Amunition! The School marms A Comin'!!!

Have you heard the latest brilliant idea some are proposing?  In the wake of the Connecticut tragedy some are suggesting that in order to prevent further school violence...that we arm school staff and/or teachers!
And what's even more scary is those making the suggestion are not some gun toting, plaid wearing, pick up driving, tobacco chewing Redneck whack jobs but these are Republican Senators.
Yea your right, not much difference.  But still!
Oh I could go into a litany of reasons why this is a BAD idea. But simply put  haven't we learned that escalating an already bad situation isn't the answer.  Why not put some of the tax payers money into something useful, like securing our schools a little better.  I've been to enough schools to know just how easy it is to walk in and be right in the middle of things.  Hallways, cafeteria's, front offices the security is a joke!  Look with a little cash and a minute amount of smarts I could solve the problem.  Lock all doors and replace glass ones with steel. Have two entries in and out except for fire doors that open only from the inside with an alarm the sounds when opened. Have the main entrance two doors with a hallway in between.  On the exterior door (which is always locked and can only be opened from the outside by a buzzer.  With a security camera on the outside anyone wanting to come in must be ID first.  Also, why not require any parent with an enrolled child have a corresponding ID for that school. Yes, front office personal would have to be hired and put in place, remaining diligent but isn't this a worthwhile expense to safeguard the lives of our children?  Look, until our Governments get their proverbial heads out of their asses about mental health care we have to protect our own!
Today was end of the year tax preparation day at the Ol' Dungeon!  I'm not the neatest and most organized person when it comes to cataloging receipts and such.  Put it this way....we have a REAL big shoe box that everything gets tossed into and I gather it up at the end of the year.  So that was my day.
BUT!  Managed to get in some soon to be goodies today!  WAHOOO!  Really needed an infusion of new blood so keep an eye peeled for them!
So that's it for this evening!  Mama  found a copy of Teen Wolf on netflix so I'm vegging out with the classics tonight!
See ya tomorrow!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Of Teenagers And Computers

That was a bit of a hiatus!  Sorry for the disappearance from the airwaves but it's a byproduct of a teenager being allowed access to the shop computer.  Some unknown virus found it's way into my system when Mr. Elijah (although he venomously denies it) was out and about on the web visiting God knows what sites.  I don't know what it caught, and more ominously I don't know how I fixed it but we seem to be working again so cross your fingers!
So where to begin?
A lot has been going on the last couple of weeks and although most of the excitement hasn't necessarily been in the shop the world at large has seen some mighty intense events.
First off, the shop!
As Christmas rapidly approaches the kiddo side of the shop is getting a little light with no builders to fill it.  Although for the more generous of Santa's we do have a couple SWEET, REAL BMX'ers!  An old School GT FULLY restored!  And trimmed out with some wicked cool swag!  Also a light weight FMF with close to a grand in high end goodies!  And priced at only $250./350. respectively!
Our adult side is a little better stocked but dwindling.  I will have some good pics tomorrow as I haven't bothered with this comp down.
And For the avid "sale" watchers we are in the midst of a two week long "Mayan Doomsday Sale"!  Yes it's four days left in our ringing in the Armageddon Special as we await the end of the Mayan calendar!  As anyone who is in the know, knows that many a reliable Internet nut job will tell you that Dec 21, 2012 is the date set aside by Fate and Destiny to blow up the planet!  So in the spirit of such happy tidings we are offering up a 10% savings on all bike purchases! (regular pricing taking effect on Dec 22)
And speaking of the end of the world....
I gotta tell ya this  story.
(all the names have been changed to protect the innocent)
A valued friend and ex employee of ours whom still frequents our establishment came in the other day to do a little side work for us.  In passing he told me a tale of another ex employee who was always, shall we say,  a unique individual.  They still keep in regular contact and apparently a brief while back he announced that he was leaving the Florida area to move to South Carolina.  Apparently during some in depth Internet research (remember, the Internet is a cornucopia of reliable intell) he discovered that on the 21st of this month the Earth will shift on it's axis and the magnetic polarity of the planet will switch.  In turn this change will magnetically attract the moon INTO our Earth causing the "other" moon that exists inside the Earth will be shot out the other side.  Becoming our new moon.  And as South Carolina is centrally located in the country...he'll be safe to continue his musical career.
I guess it's true what they say about musicians and conscious altering drugs.
There is SO much wrong with this prediction of future events but my biggest question is...The asteroid that crashed into the Earth killing off the entirety of all the Dinosaurs was only 6 miles wide.
6 miles!
I'm no scientist but I'm pretty sure the moon is a little bigger then 6 miles.  So one would believe that an object it's size striking the Earth may make South Carolina safety a little irrelevant!
And speaking of Science fiction....!
Have been a lot of good (well most but allot none the less) of DVD releases lately and here's my take on a few!
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!
Yes, ludicrous title but surprisingly a really awesome "alternate history" flick!  Short synopsis, Abe Lincoln as a boy witnesses the sudden death of his beloved mother by, yes you guessed it a vampire.  The "wasting" disease claims her and he grows to seek vengeance for her death.  Later as a young man during a clumsy attack on his mothers killer he is saved by a "hunter" who eventually trains him in the art of vampire killing.  Armed with his slayer weapon of choice, a long ax glazed with silver he sets out to perform his duty.  At this point the story intertwines more aggressively with actual historic events.  With one twist.  As the European vampires migrated to the new world they settled in the South.  A silent detente being struck they stuck to the South, agreeing to leave the North alone.  A motivating factor for their setting up shop in the plantations of the deep south was the relative abundant supply of food that would not draw undo scrutiny of their feeding practices and presence.  Slaves.  Imported not only for labor but for food. It gave a whole new reasoning behind the causes of the Civil War.
The over done slow motion "action catching" aside it really turns out thought provoking yarn!
George Lucas opined an appropriate quip "A special effect is a tool.  A means of telling a story. A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing"
That pretty much sums it up.
Want more?
Personally, I'm getting pretty tired of the "made for franchise" movie making approach of late (Marvel not withstanding).  This movie plays like a 2 hour long prologue for what is sure to be another run of "Alien" sequels.  But what's worse is Mr Ridley Scott seems to have abandoned much of the original mythos in taking this "pre" aliens look at not only their origins but our own (go out and rent for that explanation) Seems like what we learned in "Aliens vs Predator" was all but forgotten. For the sheer joy of eye candy the $1.27 it will cost you at Redbox will be worth the "couch change"
Better yet, just go review the original Alien and Aliens. Much better watch!
Starting to get a little worried about the creative output of the once great Pixar.  Not only are they starting to pump out sequels but it seems Pixar wasn't "brave" enough to do anything more original then a remake of "Brother Bear" but set it in ancient Scotland and making the protagonist a girl.
It was no where near as humorous as any of the other Pixar greats and the emotional keynotes they attempted to strike just hit a dull note.  Nothing like the emotions wrought by Scully and Boo in Monsters Inc or the unexpected pit crew showing up at the end of "Cars".  Although the advance of the cinematic computer rendering of beautiful Scottish landscapes was at times breathtaking the story just fell flat.
The Amazing Spiderman!
Ok.  Here is another of my pet peeves.
The Reboot.
Not happy to leave an established storyline alone, Marvel especially has taken to "rebooting" a franchise.  In short, having already witnessed one "origin" movie which leads into a succession of films they knock out a trilogy (or less) then REDO the whole thing from scratch!  IE.  The Hulk (and rumor has it Fantastic Four and Daredevil) So it was with great trepidation that I approached this film in the same fashion as I did when the put Ed Norton in the big green guys skin.
And the same thing happened here that happened with the Hulk...
I LOVED it more!!!
Yes, I got sucked in.  I really dug the new direction and the more spry Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.  Toby Macguire did all right, but I liked the seamless way in which Andrews character took to the new powers (and the fact that he used web cartridges and not spun from his own body) And Kristen Dunst!  That girl peaked in "An Interview With A Vampire" The choice of "The Lizard" was a choice one and definitely saw shades of "Ditko" in the filming!
Definitely one to add to the collection!
Now on to current events.
Even though  the horrendous events that occurred in Ct. require much deliberation I feel it in bad taste to discuss here.  I have voiced my opinion to family and friends via Facebook, but my diatribes through that venue are rarely censored as I choose to do in this format, and discussing  the tragic events without the use of damning profanity for the evil individual who committed them would be rather difficult.  Suffice to say I can not begin to grasp words to offer the families as solace or comfort.  I only hope their unwilling and unfathomable sacrifice will inspire the leaders of our country to take SERIOUS measures to ensure that any individual capable of such unspeakable horror is not given the opportunity to amass such firepower as to wreak such havoc.  And equally as important is a stringent and comprehensive overhaul of our countries mental health services.
I in the meanwhile will only say prayers for them and give thanks for my children each and every day.
Good night folks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cheaper's Not Always Better!

Alright, so it's not the best thing a resale shop can proclaim but in today's episode it applies!  In spades!
But before I get to that I'd really like to express my appreciation for all the great folks who came out to see us today!  Darn near wiped us out!  And thankfully picked up many new soon-to-be's as well!  Among them a sweet ladies GT auto bike!  For the uninitiated that's a multi speed cruiser that shifts it self!  And thanks to the very kind gent who had heard "great things about us" (never get tired of hearing that) and brought us a cool little donation!  This one will probably end up hanging from the walls.  It was his grandmothers who had intended on cleaning it up for the grand kids but never got around to it, and as he heard we treated old bikes with respect wanted us to have it.  It's an early 70's Schwinn "Pixie" bike.  Little 16" boy's/girls bike.  The type with the removable top tube to give it an instant sex change!
So as I was intimating had another one of those "told ya so's" today.  On Monday had a couple visit, just into town looking for a couple of rides.  They checked out the Trek 720 and the Giant  we had.  Liked the rides but said they were going to look around.  No problem.  Well had a gent come in today and snag up the Giant right quick for a states run and left a happy camper.  Shortly after the couple from Monday came back in.  She riding a Duent single speed and he an older Schwinn road bike.  Their expressions appeared less then impressed.  In fact they seemed rather demure.  Apparently the $200.00 they spent on their Craigslist finds was a little less of a bargain then they thought (in all fairness they did save $35.00 by not buying the two they saw here) The Duent's tires were dry rotted and one blew out, both it's crank and rear axle were loose and the chain kept slipping off (paid $80.00 for that one) The Schwinn...well suffice to say the two bent rims were the least of the problems!  (paid $120.00 for that one) Now in all fairness to the couple they in fact had not been the purchasers.  A family member purchased the bikes for their visit for them apparently to save them some cash.  Well anyway, they were interested in the two they had ridden (and loved) when they first came in.  As the Giant was already sold he picked up the Big Boy Raleigh instead (which he liked even more) and rode off happy.  Well OK, maybe not ecstatically as there trade ins were worth far less then had been paid for by them.
Morale of the story? Always use caution when purchasing from Craigslist (except here of course) as they offer no warranties (not like us!)
Now that I have gloated....
Managed to put out two new goodies today!  A real fine ladies 26" Schwinn MTB and an equally fine light weight Nishiki commuter!  Regrettably I have no pics!  Forgot the camera phone at the shop!  Sorry!  But will post 'em up tomorrow!
So that's about it for this evening!  I have bathed ALL the little ones and am now EXHAUSTED!
Y'all have a great night!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Old Girls New Life

As is the way of nature, all things have their time.  And so too is true for bikes.  As we always say every bike will find it's owner.  And the classic Schwinn Starlet is no exception.  Yes after adorning our show room with her graceful lines  a gent referred to us by Bullet from "Hands on" came in today to get cruisers for his daughters and was taken aback by her beauty.  A quick text photo to his wife and she was in love.  So at the end of the trip he walked away with her and two other cruisers.  Thank you so much sir for granting her a new life with someone who can truly appreciate her opulence.
Well today also finally saw a welcome break in the stock rut we had!  And by rut, I DO NOT mean having TO MUCH stock, but no where near enough!  Yes I spent the last day and a half after cleaning the shop twice on the Internet finding out all sorts of useless information!  Example you may ask? Well for one, do you know that in 3500 years of recorded human history we have only enjoyed a total of 356 years without war? That in ancient time peasants had dirt floors and only the rich had slate floors.  But due to mud and rain making the stone slippery they would throw loose thresh down on the floor to absorb the water near the entry ways.  But as it to would become slippery whenever they opened the door the thresh would slide out the open door, so they attached a thin piece of wood in the doors opening, hence the term "threshold".  And even more disturbing is the practice of a bris in Jewish culture.  After the offending piece of flesh is removed from the babies thingy the moil(sp?) fills his mouth with wine and puts it around...yea, you guessed it, to sterilize it.
Now I'm not one to mock another cultures religious practices but HUNH?!
I thought there were laws about these things!
So as I was saying, finally got some fresh goodies in today!   YAY!  Put together a REAL sweet Raleigh hybrid.  Nice big boy frame decked out with new slick tread tires, a REAL comfortable NEW Cloud 9 seat, and this pup is FULLY refurbed!  Also put out a NEW Hyper BMX with the 22/9 drive, orbital brakes etc! And when I mean new I mean only a month old!  Also picked up a soon to be sweet Nishiki commuter and a real nice looking ladies Schwinn MTB! As well as a vintage men's Raleigh three speed that needs WAY MUCH work, but I wouldn't see her go to the scrap heap!
Now onto something completely different!  Contrary to popular fear our wondrously hysterical comic strip "...Warts and all" is not dead.  As this year has been a busy one  for our artist AfroMonkey as he has WAY to many pans in the fire not much has gotten done but as I was bored yesterday and found myself on Facebook of all places complaining on how bored I was he chimed in and announced that he too was in a lull coming into the Holidays and if interested i could shoot him a few scripts!  SO as I am sure he is now regretting that statement, sent him many a script I did!  I have five notebooks full! My children are an never ending source of hilarity (tongue planted firmly in cheek!) So hopefully in short order I will be having some new material to premier here!  And as I have no fear (or humility) to shameless self promotion, for those of you not familiar with our award winning comic strip here's a small sample!  Hold on to your sides firmly!

Yes, really They're all just as funny!!!  Check 'em out at ""
So without further ado!  I'll wish y'all a wonderful evening and best get myself ta bed!  Talk ta ya all tomorrow!
And her's the new rides!
ONLY $150.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Numbers Don't Lie

A perplexing quandary has haunted my casual thoughts from time to time that speaks to many subjects.  World hunger, war, Politics, Finances and religion to name a few.  That question is "How can so many people faced with the same information and evidence come to such diverse conclusions?"
One such can of worms was opened in a recent post I made regarding our current financial crisis.  Thankfully mine was not the only opinion to be featured solo as a couple good folk chimed in with their opinions.  Now it is my usual fashion to respond, in kind in the opinion column but they brought up such good conflicting viewpoints I felt it would be prudent to re post them here.
Then respond in my own thought provoking way.

Poor misguided soul you are.

Investment in the USA will just fall through the floor with the logic of slapping all the investors of the world with more taxes.

folks that have worked their way into position to make over the $250k will not even bother investing and creating jobs. They simply will walk away. workers will start losing more jobs ...... You will have no more customers to purchase your products you sell and then you will be asking yourself how you will make it.

Now, not to be outdone...

Sorry, but I gotta disagree with you there, Anonymous. Corporate profits are at an all time high, but we here closer to the ground have yet to see an advantage. The myth of "job creators" has been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked, and the fact that people like you are still arguing for this spectacularly failed economic paradigm only goes to show how effectively the lie has been promulgated.

I say we link arms and go over the "fiscal cliff" (which is really more like a curb, but whatever; the rhetoric is what it is). The Republicans want to play chicken, and I say we take them on. Is it POSSIBLE that our taxes will go up? Sure - but it's also just as likely that the backlash will be so severe that a) the tax code will be retroactively amended (remember, this is for tax year 2013, which won't have to be settled until April '14. It'll be an accounting NIGHTMARE, but it IS possible for Congress to amend the tax code at any point before that) and b) will piss off so many people that the 20114 elections - in which ALL 435 House seats are up - will result in a massive lay-off of the obstructionists using this sort of thing for their own political power.

So OK...Let me see if I can quantify my response in relatively easy to understand parables, as I tend to be long winded on these subjects.
In a word "Top Down" growth does not work.  Putting an enormous amount of wealth in the hands of so few does nothing to elevate the general population.
Now yes, if someone works hard and builds their wealth they deserve it. And yes, if a company is productive they expand and in expanding create more jobs.  But here's where it gets fuzzy.  Most major corporations are looking at the bottom line, as in  "how do we add a 1/4 of a point to our investors stock options?" Job cuts are most probably the first option.
During the Clinton administration we saw an enormous amount of growth and prosperity and that was when the tax rates for everyone were MUCH higher then they are now!  And even more importantly were much higher then the current proposed "tax hike" This time of joyous prosperity saw Clinton leaving office with an estimated budget surplus of 1.7 trillion dollars.
Then came the Bush regime.  Not only did his dirty little wars depleted much of that windfall but his incessant tax rebates (yes I did like my $1500.00 check but I hear tell corporations got A LOT more then that) and pretty soon we were WAY in deficit land!
Then came the Great Recession!
Surprise, surprise.
Now, as to the idea that allowing major corps to keep more money as incentive to add more jobs?  Let's look at a few recent examples.  First, during the many "ill advised bail outs that Obama gave out (auto manufactures not with standing) some executives took the cash and gave themselves BIG bonuses, planned executive retreats in the tropic with intimate Jimmy Buffet concerts to name a few "wise" investments in our countries future! SO much for trusting them to do the "right" thing.
ALSO.  Over the last year out of all the figures coming out of the corporate sector they estimated an average of 18% growth in employee productivity.  Sounds good, hunh?  Well, let's dissect that figure for a moment.  Most companies were laying off, on average 47% of their work force.  That's almost HALF.  So in the face of such staggering, impending unemployment those folks remaining at the job were faced with a choice.  As more oppressive work loads were thrown their way it was made very clear to them that if they couldn't handle it there were MANY folks waiting in the wings to take over their jobs that could handle it.  The end result was that someone on salary used to working 40 hours a week were now working 60 plus hours a week, with no increase in pay!  And trust me, there was no point in risking a complaint.  Just look at Hostess, when the crews went out on strike they just closed up shop, filed for bankruptcy and paid their executives hefty bonuses to stay on to break up the companies assets to sell to the highest bidder. Now as the economy has improved and companies are slowly coming back and beginning to show profits are they reinvesting it back into their work force? Hiring on new workers? NOT to the extant that the money would facilitate.  Oh NO!  This time has shown that given the right incentive and motivation their remaining employees would continue to produce at the same back breaking pace for as long as they can perpetuated job insecurity.
ALSO.  Think about tax refund time.  What happens in February through April of each year when the tax return checks start to flow in.  Well the average American worker takes their windfall and spends it.  In the American economy.  They don't plop it in an off shore tax dodging Cayman Island account (HEY Mr. Romney!) No they reinvest it into our very economy!  We for one used our tax refund from 2010 to open up our shop!  And I know of many folks who in some ways did the same.  Would a major corp do that? Doubtful.  I'm sorry but there is no data to support that higher taxes impedes growth, adversely it inspires creativity.  Some of which may not necessarily be on the up and up, but that's one way in which successful business remain successful. Creative accounting.
Growth MUST start at the bottom.  Small business incentives, allowing the working class to keep more of their money in order to ensure that they flourish.  Yes the business must remain to employee, but coming from an old carpenter....
 "No building, regardless of how large, or majestic it may be will stand if not built on a sturdy foundation"

No as far as our little ongoing venture!  Would like to give many thanks to all the folks coming out yesterday and today and blessing us with their patronage.  Made for a fantastic end to the week!  Would have mentioned it yesterday but as stated a LOT of folks came out on Friday especially with a plethora of repairs leaving this old boy a wee bit tuckered out, and after celebrating Momma's Birthday I just done passed out! So forgive me if I left anyone feeling shunned.  Many a ride found new homes and we are working away on some new goodies to be premiered next week!  Keep an eye out for them sweeties!
So that's it for now.  Have been talked into watching "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter"  Yes.  That's what I said.  Hey could be worse. Could be "Abraham Lincoln, Zombie Hunter"
These movies actually exist.
Night y'all!