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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It figures...

Rarely at times, as had occurred last week, a bike comes through the shop that I fall in love with.  Such was the Puch (thanks to Chip for identifying the make for me!) last week that now is undeniably MINE!  But it has never happened when we get in another  so soon that I am equally infatuated with!  Such was the Diamondback I listed last night.  I took it on a long road test and being that it is the second such make and model we've had i knew I would not be disappointed. BUT, I refuse to allow myself to be so selfish as to claim another so soon.  And as I am a real sucker for vintage, I'll stick with the Puch.  BUT, it would not have broken my heart if the Diamondback stuck around for a little while.  Purely for testing purposes, of course.  But as fate would have a very nice gentleman, monitoring the blog caught wind of it and swooped in a plucked it up!  Ah well, at least it goes to someone who can appreciate it for the fine machine it is!
I would like to thank all the awesome folks who came in today!  Wow!  I'll tell you if we get more compliments like these my head won't fit through the door!  Thanks to the gent who commented on the "Personal touch" of the blog.  Truth be told, I just like to talk to a captive audience (especially when I'm the only one talking! hee, hee!)
Seriously, it always helps when the kind folk stop by and talk up the blog when Angi's present.  Gives me more excuse to be on the computer!  Thanks to Walter for being such a joy with his re-pair!  It was so cool to have someone so excited about riding again!  Glad we could get his ride on the road again.  Thanks to the gent coming in for the tire and tube repair.  He was admiring the family photo that graces the front of the shop, and had a nice chat with Angi.  I do appreciate all the kind words, and look forward to seeing him again.
Had a real odd question today from a young man stopping in for a minor adjustment, and I hope my ill conceived (and somewhat brisk) response did not offend.  He asked if we had seen a decline in bike sales and service since the price of gas went down.  Well, truth be told I have no idea how much gas costs these days.  It's been about seven years since we had to buy any, but I retorted "Anyone with half a brain must realize that it won't stay down for long!"  Gee, I sure hope he's not a car driver.  But that's my one character flaw (all the other quirks are called "peccadillo's...not flaws) I have occasional "brain to mouth" miscommunication.  I am the epitome of "politically incorrect"
Today was a blur of production!  I played Scrabble early, and got it out of the way so I could focus on work!  We put out a sweet, "Like New" Mongoose Estes dual shock MTB.  It was less then three days old when the folks who owned it had a rear end run in, and sold it to us.  We fixed her up pretty and she's out.  Also, we had a bevy of kids bikes starting to pile up in the back room.  In an attempt to make room we banged out seven of 'em!  It's almost to the point where you can walk back there!  Next major task is to get the wheels weeded through...again!
Oh, speaking of movies (sorry, couldn't come up with a cleaner segue than that) couple nights back Angi picked up a copy of "Across the Universe"  A musical put out in 2006, that I never had heard of.  I'm not much into musicals, but gave it a look any who, and I got to admit it was a real kick!  Set in the tumultuous 60's and with the backdrop of the Vietnam war it utilizes all Beatles songs(enjoyable even though I'm more of a Monkees fan) , sung by the actors to help tell the story.  Eddie Izzard does a real cool rendition of Mr Kite.  And wait until you see the military induction!  WEIRD!  So I leave you them as I once again forgot to take pic's of the bikes!  Sorry, they'll be up tomorrow!
Night, night!

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