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Monday, February 29, 2016


Yep...This is the kind of dedication you should expect from us at RE-CYCLE!! 
Here it is, our one day off and I am sitting in the shop waiting on a customer who NEEDS a bike for their ne job they start tomorrow.  They weren't able to get in yesterday, but gave us a ring desperate for a ride!  They have patronized us before, and in their words: "won't go anywhere else for a bike"!  Hey, with a tag line like that how could I say no!  SO, taking time off from the families one day together, here I sit...waiting.  Gent is coming three hours to grab a ride, so it's the least I could do! I do hope he hurries up though, as the boys and I have plans this evening!
Okay.  It's Monday now. The gent did make almost on time, and walked away with the Pure Fix Mixie we have had!!!  What's really great is, that this weekend we were fortunate enough to find homes for BOTH of the two rides that have been taking up semi-permanent residency here.  The Bickerton folding bike went with a gent intent on restoring it fully and making it a museum piece!  SWEET!!  Although, truth be told, I do hope he gives it some road time to show it off. 
Saturday was a humdinger of a hootenanny!  Honestly, it tested my undiagnosed brain freezes as I completely lost track of what left!  WOOF!!  That and all the wonderful folks bringing in repairs!  WOWZERS!   Those kept me hopping from open till about close.  What was really sad was coming in this morning, there were two left that hadn't been picked up, and for the life of me, I couldn't remember what work I did on them!  ARRGH!  I had to actually consult my list!  THAT'S how busy it got! 
We also picked up a couple goodies on trade too, and as soon as I clean up the mess from a busy bee day, I'll be jumping on them!  Got me lot's of holes to fill (insert giddy giggles here).
That evening, Angi and I took a bit of time to hit the store and get a few more trinkets for the party later this month, and I needed to grab a new pair of boots. The pair I bought less then a month ago all but died.  Probably the acetone from my other job, as the adhesive holding the soles on was all but dissolved!  Ugh.
So, later that evening as we sat and enjoyed the relative quite of the evening, I had the brainstorm of taking the boys out Sunday evening.  I've been trying to put aside time for spending with the kiddo's but it can be a bit of a challenge.  Not only the scarcity of time we DO have, but the fact that their ranges in age are, not to mention varied differences in tastes, make doing something ALL together, aint all that easy.  I opted to take the boys on a ride, meet up with Elijah and go see "Deadpool".
Only ONE slight miscalculation REALLY was an "R" rated movie!  Yea...a wee bit of "sudden" full frontal, that I should have seen coming, but didn't react quickly enough.  Logan, the shy one, averted his eyes, but Owen's eyes got REAL wide!  Other than that, though, the movie was HILAROUS!!!  Not to mention BRILLIANT!!  There is so many "in-jokes", fan faves, and cameos.  OK (SLIGHT SPOILER ALERTS)  speaking of cameos, a couple of the X-Men show up, one of them being Colossus!  Always a mutant fave of mine, I didn't think the original run of X-Men did him justice!  This one though?  PERFECT!  Not only was he the proper "hulking" size in transformation size but he spoke with the correct THICK Russian accent!  AND, a personal favorite style of film making, "breaking the fourth wall" was used to hysterical depths!  The fact that Deadpool's love interest was portrayed by Morena Baccarin (Inara from Firefly!) was an excellent bonus!  And the ending snippet?  OH MY GOD!!!  FREAKING FAN-TAB-U-LOUSLY FUNNY!!!  But the one thing that I really found exciting was the fact that this movie tied ALL the Marvel Franchises together in harmonious spoofing!  And THAT is quite a feat, as (and this get's confusing, so bear with me because I haven't even figured out "why") the rights to produce Marvel properties are split.  Marvel owns the Avengers, Sony owns Spiderman and Fox owns X-men (and all mutant films) but here, you see ALL of them!  Well, maybe not all the characters, but there are visual clues of the Avengers, such as a derelict S.H.I.E.L.D Hover carrier, not to mention a nod to "Sam Jackson" with an eye patch and leathers, The X-Men of course, not to mention SEVERAL mentions of Wolverine, a Spiderman spoof occurs in the closing credits, and there is even a line dedicated to "Blade" (although Ryan Reynolds refers deliberately to "Blade 2" which is kind of weird, as he played the part of Hannibal King in "Blade Trinity)  as well as a lampooning of not only his stint on "Green Lantern" but a joking reference to his ORIGINAL origins in X-Men Origins; Wolverine.  He even goes as far as to pan himself as an actor!  Oh, the list goes on and on!  Definitely a prominent one to buy as soon as it hits Blue Ray!
Well, I best get a move on, though, as the repairs are starting to flow in again!  Not to mention, I have a lot of other work to bang out!
See y'all soon!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Further Proof Of the Existance of a Benevolent God

The greatest gifts are those you never thought to ask for! 
Early this morning, while on break at the warehouse I was poking about on the web, randomly having chosen to check and see what Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson (the two Gizmonic Institutes employees stranded on the Satellite of Love on  "Mystery Science Theatre 3000") had been up too lately.  Earlier yesterday, whilst having lunch, I poked about on you tube and discovered that some of the talent from the cult classic had gone on into other similar projects (movie riffing).  I was aware of Joel's hilarious troop of MST3K alumni doing "Cinematic Titanic" and Mike's work (with the gents who voiced Tom Servo and Crow) on the equally HILL-AIR-E-OS "Riff Trax" (oh...if you get a chance, You Tube their decimation of Twilight!  OH...My....GAWD!!!  Angi did NOT appreciate it, but I was in stiches!!) but as I was poking about the listings, I discovered they had also produced a similar Riffing premise under the guise of "the Film Crew".  This is what predicated me poking about later that evening to see if there was something else the S.O.L crew had done that I may have missed.
What I discovered was ALMOST as awe inspiring as a new season of Firefly, and WHOLLY unexpected!

Here's the rub!  At the tail end of last year Joel got back the rights to the show, and quickly set out on a "Kickstart" campaign to raise funds to produce another NEW four episodes, with a goal in mind of two million to do so.  What happened?  Well, in short, their fundraiser became the HIGHEST GROSSING FAN FUNDED FUND RAISER......OF ALL TIME!!!! (check out the Guinness Book Of World Records if you don't believe me!) Far surpassing their initial goal...they raised over SIX MILLION!!!  Seems I am NOT the only slightly askew "Mystey" out there!  In the end, they have slated FOURTEEN new episodes in total.  And MAN, have they already got some talent on board!  Not only the creative staff (although, sadly, aside from Joel helming the project, none of the original cast has signed on, yet...but I'm holding out hope they won't disappoint the fans) but guest stars such as Mark Hamill and Jerry Seinfeld are already on board!  Not to mention Patton Oswald playing the son of TV's Frank! this point some (most) of you are scratching your heads wondering what the heck I'm going on about, but really, if your curiosity has not been peaked by ALL the times I ramble on about this little slice of comedic history, and you haven't at least Googled MST3K once, must just not like laughing!  And I can't help you. 
Now, I'm not sure when or WHERE the new episodes will air...but I'll find out!
On to work!  Had several looky loo's, curiosity seekers and visitors come and see us.  Picked up a few new goodies, but regrettably, having spent my allotment for the day, had to pass up on two CHOICE rides!  ARRGH!  I'm kicking myself on THAT one!  Two barely road Giant hybrids...I was just tapped out and forgot the bank card at home!  Anyway...*sad face*...
One ride I HAD to pass on because the poor gent had his monetary expectations set, artificially, WAY to high!  I'll explain: He rode in on a, admittedly, sharp looking GT hybrid.  About twelve years old, it was in decent shape with newer tires and seat, but he was looking to get $125.00 Out of it.  I had to gently explain that we have had several of that particular bike in our history, and we only sell them for between $95.00 and $115.00.  He was visibly taken aback by this, and at first I though his look of consternation was breed by incredulity, but I came to find out, that having been down here on vacation, he had picked this up at another  bike shop (North of here...I ranted about this joint a few months back) and paid.....$250.00!?!?!   No JOKE!  He showed me the receipt!  I couldn't help myself when I blurted out that I was pretty sure that was more then they sold for new!  I asked him why he didn't just sell it back to them.  Turns out, they don't buy used bikes, they only take them in as trades. 
Well, I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I had hoped, a by product of visiting and wrenching rusty parts off the stubborn Kent road bike.  I have already replaced far more then I had anticipated, but it's cool!  It's a real cute smaller framed ride, so I aint complaining!  Ended up putting out only one new ride, but that's a pretty sharp looking ladies comfort cruiser complete with a WAY comfy Cloud 9 seat upgrade! 
But I promise, today is a full work day!  Gonna bang out some heavy newbies (he says with mock assurance!)
All right, best get at it!

ONLY $105.00!!!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

God Bless the Beast and the Children (after all...they're one and the same!)

Yesterday was a weird day, yet again!  First, winter did a loop-de-loop and swung back around, hitting us with a dip in temps.  Not to mention, the harbinger of returning winter, rain, hit early in the day causing Florida folks to hibernate.  It goes with out saying (that's a weird statement, don't you think?  I mean, people say "It goes without saying"...but then they say it!)  visitations were at a minimum.  We had one gent come in and grab his repairs, and a couple looky loos (more to get warm and dry than anything else) but other than that, nuttin'!  Ah well, gave me time to bang out some more goodies!  Than, about mid afternoon...ever get that feeling that you know you're about to get sick?  I don't mean "Hey!  I get to see what happens to my lunch, mid-digestion" no, I'm talking about the sudden realization that some sort of "Ick" is about to over take your body.  Yea...within short order, started feeling the "malaise" of nasty.  I tried to ignore it, and just keep plugging, but by around one PM I knew, there weren't no going to the night job....and surviving!  So, after a few phone calls, tracking the right people down, I finished out the day here, than headed home.  At that point, the eerie delirium started setting in, and before I knew it, didn't know what I ate for dinner, whether or not I took a shower or how, in fact I ever made it to bed, or fell asleep!
The only vague memories I have was a REAL heated (not BAD heated, just REALLY intensely opinionated) discussion with Angela regarding government, humanity and "Anonymous".  Yea, our stances on these institutions and groups "askew" at certain points.  Hey...makes for some thoroughly vibrant conversations!
That, and at some point in the evening, apparently my snoring was interfering with Miranda's TV time in Mom and Dad's room, so I got punched!
We were also paid a visit by Kaleb.  I gotta say, I'm "optimistically, reservedly" proud of the boy.  Angi was right, after all, "tough love" was going to be the only thing to get this boy to get his $#!+ together. Here's the irony though, Kaleb had his "teenage" bout with "mood altering substances" which he has, seemingly, effectively walked away from.  So where should he find a job?
A pharmaceutical company! BWA-HA-HA!!!
The real kicker is, after Elijah left the nest a couple weeks back, the two of them, in conjunction with another young man, are going to be renting a trailer together, apparently this weekend.
No, I'm not puttin' in the Kibosh on this arrangement...but it's going to be INTERESTING!!
Oh...there are going to be some "sticking" points.  I won't doom the whole thing, and have tongue firmly clenched between teeth.  BUT...when they BOTH have stated that there are going to be "RULES"....and those "rules" don't seem to be the same....
oh boy.
Not to mention Elijah's statement that he was the "eldest"?  Heh...
I wonder just how long it will be before Angi or I will have to become mediators.
Then again, they could just surprise us.  Heaven knows, they haven't failed to do that over the last couple months!
Thing is...I am really looking forward to be able to go to THEIR home and visit.
First....I'm gonna eat their food without asking, use their toilet and not flush, change the TV channel and sit on their couch with my dirty shoes propped up! 
....well, not much anyway!
As I was saying, put out three newbies yesterday.  A full rebuild on a 24" Diamondback MTB (and just why I put that much effort and work into it I have NO clue!) A sharp looking Schwinn 7 speed hybrid commuter, and another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  Check them out below! 
Today, I have that old Kent road bike I'm going to redo, than start trying to weed through ALL the stuff out back!'s getting REALLY full out there, to the point of not being able to walk around the rows!  So, before I get complaints from the neighbors, I best start stripping!
(heh...if I really went out back "stripping" I would DEFINATELY get complaints from the neighbors!)
NOW, back to work!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $40.00!!!


Monday, February 22, 2016

I want EVERY weekend to be like THIS!!

Ahhh!  Another week has begun, and I can embrace it with a little more zeal after a GREAT weekend!  Saturday was Angi and my anniversary, and for the first time in some time I ACTUALY planned ahead!  Swallowing my own fears of being on the water, I took her on an adventure she has always wanted to undergo.  We spent the earlier part of the evening on The Starlite Dinner Cruise at Clearwater Beach. Angi, upon seeing some of the other passengers being decked out in flashy splendor, commented on her concerns of being "underdressed" But, I was of the opinion she looked, as always, radiant and beautiful, whilst at the same time being properly dressed for the remainder of the evening meandering about.   Of course, I had to overcome an additional moment of hesitation when I realized it was a "...three hour tour...a three hour tour!"  Well, thankfully the "weather didn't start getting rough and the tiny ship was NOT tossed"  and we enjoyed an incredible dinner, quite a bit of time on the top deck enjoying the almost full moon and stars, and even got to watch Angi partake in some dance floor time.  Perhaps, in retrospect I should have joined her, but my self consciousness and two left feet in right sided shoes, prohibited me from ruining her fun!  Our server Brett, made it an extra special time, and it was so wonderful to see Angi BEAMING with delight upon entering her element.  She's very much a water spirit, whereas I am more Mountain, and the solitude that inspires.  Seeing the normal daily stresses drain from her face replacing it with a content almost excited, giddy smile was all I could have hoped for!  After docking, and not wanting the evening to end, we wandered out onto the Boardwalk.  Turning South, we noticed above us, on the top of the Pier 60 building, there appeared to be some sort of goings on, on the open roof top, so, infused with the courage of previously imbibed spirits, we opted to enter and find our way to the top.  Turns out, it was a roof top club, so we were not in fact crashing anything.  However, our stay was short lived as we soon discovered the service there was less than friendly and altogether disappointing.  So after finishing one drink, left to wander again.  From there, we hit the Hyatt, where the service was by far better, and enjoyed another drink on the open patio looking out over the beach, and I got to enjoy a very nice Churchill from their humidor.  Angi tried the multi-rum punch they had, and sat listening to the waves crash the shore (when there were no annoying cars blaring God awful rap music rolling past).  After finishing, we crossed the street and removing her shoes, touched souls with the ocean water, as I watched, passively enjoying the shared moment. 
Once she had her fill of soaking her toes in the salt water, we wandered again, in search of an Irish coffee.  We ended up at Crabby Bills, again, looking out over the water.  As fate would have it, there Coffee maker was non functioning, but Angi informed the bartender how to create a reasonable facsimile with Baileys Irish cream, cream and Irish Whiskey!  It was SPOT ON! 
Surprisingly, even having eaten just a couple hours earlier, we went ahead and ordered a round of garlic mussels, stuffed clams and shark skewers, thinking we could always bring home the leftovers for the next day.
There WERE no left overs!  WOOF!  I even used the supplied grilled toast wedges to scoop up every piece of sautéed garlic!  Heh! At this point, the restaurant closing, and in fact most of the beach apparently doing the same, we called our cab and enjoyed the last few moments of wave sounds, snuggling up on the outside bench.
All in all it was a FANTASTIC time spent away from all the chaos and trials of daily life, and we are both SOOO looking forward to when we can do it again!
Sunday, was one of recovery and leisure, or at least a reasonable attempt!  Although we had not hit the sheets much before three am, we were STILL up before eight o'clock, as the realities of home life burst through our blissful sleep!  Suzanne, having apparently ONCE AGAIN gotten into something that didn't agree with her stomach....well, suffice to say, the rug at the end of our bed needed a hosing off, and straight into the washing machine.  Once that was done...I was regrettably awake, and Angi was soon to follow, once she heard that my shuffling about and subsequent grumblings in "Daddy Language" had risen the girls, who promptly plopped on the couch and indifferent to others still asleep cranked the TV.
But, after coffee (a lot...) we slowly went about our traditional Sunday chores, but at a much more relaxed pace then normal!  I even snuck in an afternoon nap with Miranda. 
We closed out the evening watching a couple episodes of our newest "controversial" show, "Lucifer".  This show creates a humorous and almost sympathetic "likeable" image of Old Scratch, but perhaps that's why the religious right is up in arms about it!  HA!
Saturday, during the work day, was quite busy as well, taking in the usual flood of repairs and sending a couple to new homes!  YAY!  Thanks to all for your continued support! TODAY, I got a couple more fixers to bang out, than I am back on new builds, the one in my rack being another electric E-Zip being converted into a simple six speed hybrid.  GORGEOUS bike, but al the electric guts were fried.  From's anyone's guess! 
SO, time to crank up the Mysties and get to work!
See ya soon!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hey! You Can't Park That Animal There!!

Oh my Heavens!  What a PURR-FECT day for riding!  WOOF!  Almost cloudless sky, perfect temp with the slightest breeze!  This is your weather on the nines, reporting!
Yesterday was awesome!  Thanks so much for all the folks who helped make it a success, and for the bevy of repairs in dire need of our gentle touch ( gentle as you can be with a five pound sledge hammer!  Yep...not kidding. That's what it took on one stubborn seat post!) and for finding new homes for a few of the rides!  Oh, and we got in even MORE goodies!  Oh I was happier than a swarm of maggots on fresh road kill!  Ick...that didn't sound good!  My apologies for putting you off your Post Toasties!  One of them was one of our faves! A gent came in with a SAH-WEET trade and knew EXACTLY what he was looking for.  Without hesitation, he snagged up the gorgeous Diamondback we'd just put out and presented us with a three day old Men's 26" cruiser (a BEAUT!) in trade!  Seems he wanted something with gears as the cruiser proved to be just a little too slow for him!  HEY!  No problem!  I'm sure we'll find a home for this gem!  And, that one made the fourth newbie we put out as well!  She joined the ranks along with a Honkin' BIG BOY Raleigh 7 speed Hybrid, a real sharp looking PRE-Wal-Mart Mongoose MTB, and a rare 24" ladies Jamis hybrid! 
And yesterday was also NOT without some early morning excitement!  Of the unfortunate kind!  And, in no small way, was somewhat spooky!  Due to my work schedule and Miranda now being of the nocturnal nature, neither Angi or I are getting much sleep.  The end result of this, is sometimes we are dragging in the morning, and subsequently, I'm late to open.  Yesterday was such a day as I didn't get here until almost 9:30.  As it turns out, a young gent had been here, first thing, interested in selling a bike.  After a few minuets of waiting, he opted to go down to the corner Quicki Mart and get a drink while he waited.  Unfortunately for them, he drove his truck to their end, rather than walk.  Apparently....he's been having transmission trouble.  As he pulled in, and put it in park, before he could shut it down, the thing slipped out of park and lurch forward!  Instant drive through!!

UGH!  We feel terrible for them, they are real nice folks, but there is that self serving little voice in the back of my head expelling a heavy sigh of relief that it could have been us!  Thankfully, and surprisingly, the frame work of their store front was completely salvageable, and they had it all put back together by late afternoon!  And, at no point did they actually close!  That's the Capitalist spirit! 
So, today, I have a plethora of repairs to pound out, then hopefully squeeze out a rebuild or two, as today I will be leaving a wee bit early.  Today is Angi and my 23rd anniversary and I have a special night planned for her!  We will be open until five though, as Logan will be up to help out!
So...I'm OFF ( all knew THAT, but I mean I gotta go!)

ONLY $160.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $125.00!!

NEW!!!! NEW!!!! NEW!!!!
ONLY $80.00!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

"What's He Doing With That Thing?

So...okay.  Don't know if I can write this off as being tired or because I got a couple new box sets of MST3K DVDS, and I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing as one eye was watching Mike and the bots riff on a real cheesy "werewolf" flick starring a low rent Sheen/Estivez brother and a bargain basement Andy Garcia look alike, but whichever....I'm just glad I caught THIS flub before I took the gorgeous Diamondback hybrid MTB I was refurbing all the way to finish. Although, truth be told, I probably would have figured it out when I went to run the cables!

No, folks!  Can't blame alcohol or temporary insanity, just pure stupidly on my part.  Yes, I did fix it, reluctantly, as it set me back a few minutes.  Ugh!
Well, today was fun, anyway.  Finally found the right ride for a special gent who had visited us several times looking for a while.  We got him and his pug nose pooch all set up with bike and buggy so they can cruise the beaches in style!
No, I didn't build anything new, sadly.  Well, not so sad, had several repairs to finish up, and thanks SO MUCH for your continued trust AND referrals! Let's not forget THOSE blessings!  Then, with Logan relieving me, I snuck in the back room and took a nap.  It's been a LONG week, and as the song goes; "Running on empty "!  It helped a wee bit getting through the night shift.  I have so much to do this weekend in getting out newbies, I needed the shut eye!
And boy howdy, I hope the repairs pick up tomorrow, it is literally standing room only up in this joint!
Plus, been wanting to put Logan on a mixie, as he hates gears, and had a perfect candidate donated yesterday.  I want to get it up and running for next week!
On the homefront, Angi's efforts on the BIRTHDAY BASH for March is in full gear.  See, she wants desperately to make it up to the kiddos for last year.  It was such a bummer of a time, everyone's birthday had to be skipped, but she's making it up BIG TIME!  I have little to do with it as parties ain't my shtick.  I wouldn't know where to start.
On to the boys.  Kaleb seems to be getting it together.  Having secured lodgings, albeit temporary, he also has a job he seems to like and does well.  We'll cross our fingers and pray.  Elijah, moves in to his new digs this weekend, again, albeit temporary, as he and his brother are in negotiations to get a permanent place together.
That should be interesting.  I do hope them the best!
And, I gotta brag.  Logan, recently, got interested in magic tricks.  Now, I  pride myself into figuring out how these things are done, and calling them out (yea, I'm THAT guy) and was able to debunk a couple, but he's got a few he executes FLAWLESSLY that for the life of me, I have NO idea how he does them!  Color me impressed!  This boy has got his $#!+ together!
Alright, I  best end here and get some shut eye!
Talk at ya soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weekly montage?

Miranda is going through her nocturnal phase.  It's 4 am and she is wide awake watching Sprout on TV.  Poor Angi hasn't slept in two days so I made her go to bed when I got home and I'm sitting here trying to ignore some really bad British animation that she seems to mean enjoy.  Just hoping she tuckers out soon!
Today was a busy morning and after banging out the repairs got a couple gems fully redone with a third almost done in the rack.  Put up a SWEET  BIG BOY GIANT and a like new Pepsi promotional bike to boot!  Lots of folks coming through the door, but sadly most were a day late and a dollar short.  The rides they saw on Craigslist and such already being snagged up!  Yep, it's that time of year again when the bikes we produce have a less than 24 hour shelf life so please, if you have a first!  We can't keep anything in stock!  Still have LOTS to go through and make ready, though, so pickings aint slim yet!  Keep the rides coming to those selling!
Ok,,,I know I'm missing sone kudos and thanks, perhaps I'll remember tomorrow. But fer now...I'm burnt.  I'll write more tomorrow.
This is sad!  Sitting here tonight going through and updating and came to realize I've begun three entries this past week and didn't finush one of them!  Ugh...there's burning the candle at both ends, then there's trying to ignite spent wax!
Actually...I think we're on cinders!
Today, after Angi and I only had about two hours sleep, we were open a few minutes late.  I had foolishly planned , in spite of loving busy time, to put my feet up on the desk snd have a brief siesta, but the phone starting to vibrate in my pocket on the way in, proving that thunk a fallacy.   No, I pulled up a fourth wind and hit it, finishing up the nice DBS I had in my rack, then getting right on repairs.  Thank Heavens for the new batch of MST3K DVDS to keep me entertained.  Got the full rebuild and three tunes done and done, then finished my day out processing the tear downs.  Got a couple sweet vintage parts bikes in the last batch, as we always like the odd ball stuff!  Then threw another Diamondback in my rack and tore it down in prep to rebuild for tomorrow.  Well that, and line up the new batch of repairs. Thanks to all the referrals we get every day, they are our lifeblood!
There was no slow down at the plant either, as a full checklist greeted me!  So, with a baby girl to move out of my spot and a much needed shower in my immediate future, I bid you a good night!
See ya soon!
Wow.  Okay, this is REALLY pathetic! I meant to edit and post this montage yesterday morning...but again, got busy and forgot!  SHEESH!  So, as I have been busting my nuggets trying to keep the stock up, I've got several to share.  Of course, the ones that sold?  Enh, why tease you?
Today, did a full workover on a SWEET Diamondback MTB. This was one of those sad cases where someone bought a gorgeous ride, but didn't use it. They just set it in the shed or whatever and let it go to rust.  Thankfully, the body was pristine, so well worth the effort!  I think I did another one too, but I'm gonna have to check. Yes, my mind has gone to pot!
At just what point did we become a nation of mewling, contemptuous overbearing, opinionated over protective parents that held tightly to the belief that our young must be kept as porcelain dolls while at the same time relinquishing ALL power to their tiny, immature hands?
Yea...that old chestnut!
So here's the skinny!  Whilst flipping through YouTube the other day in an odd moment of inactivity, I stumbled upon a clip about a little girl taking horse riding lessons, that hinted towards a determined youth.  Intrigued, i checked it out.  In the film, clearly shot by her mother, the girl of no more than nine apparently got a new four legged transport and was accllimating the beast to it's new role.  Either that, or the kiddo was a greeny, as during the course of the filming, the little girl got tossed several times.  The mother didn't stop filming, but instead, spoke words of staunch support.  And this little girl  kept getting back on, with no whining, determined to persevere.  Eventually, she was trotting comfortable about the paddock.  Growing up on a horse farm and in an equestrian family, i'd had my fair share of getting tossed.  It DON'T tickle!  BUT, like anything else worth doing, you take your lumps with pride.  I was very proud of that little girl AND her mom, for not being the tradirional wuss and stopping the whole thing before success.  Thing is, I went on to read the comments.  I shouldn't have done that!  Would have saved myself some righteous ire!  The MAJORITY of comments chastised the mother...VENEMOUSLY!
When...did we forget HOW we ALL learn, and more importantly...overcome adversity and achieve accomplishment?  This insesent impulse most parents seem to have to shrink wrap their kids and not let them venture forth to screw up and, at times, get hurt, is why we have so many twentysomethings living on their parents couches, playing freaking Nintendo instead of moving on with their lives. And then...the parents have the nerve to bitch?!  Thing is, Angi and I are NO better!  With so much pressure put on you by every institution and Nazi monitor, chastising you because at four in the afternoon, after playing outside for an hour....they're dirty?(no $#!+, Sherlock!) it's no wonder we laminate the seeds of our loins and don't look back!
Thing is...the little girl in this film is going to go on to excell at WHATEVER she chooses to do, simply because she doesn't understand and has not been pressured into following the linitations of "playing it safe" and has no reservations, or FEAR of getting hurt or failure.  More kids need to crash a bike, fall out of a tree , skin their shins, get bit by a dog or have their heart broken by their furst "true love" in order to toughen their hides and learn that a bright red burner is HOT!  The alternative is, every time life throws them a wicked curve ball straight to their head, we will be coddeling them in the fetal position, paying their bills and setting up an appointment with a hundred an hour therapist!
Okay, I'm done. Now...shower time!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


GOLLY BOB HOWDY!!! Today was ah humdinger of a hootanany!
I don't know who opened the flood gates but THANK YOU!!!  Not only did we send two too new homes (the Raleigh road bike didn't make it past 9.30 AM!) BUT we got TWO trailers in of fresh goodies!! Oh, I am happier then a puppy with two peters and his own private room!  All are rough but some have LOT'S of potential!  Amongst them, a couple classic pre-Wal-Mart Schwinn MTB's, a BIG BOY Giant, and a sweet , classic Peugeout touring bike! NIIIIIIICE!  On top of the thirty we snagged today, got another twenty to look at tomorrow!! Oh, we are goimg to be FULL very soon!
To that end, in anticipation of a VERY busy day tomorrow, and in recovery for today, I took off from the plant a couple hours early, once my "honey-do" list was done.  I don't do it that often, but I'm running on two hours sleep and I need some go go juice for the 'morrow !  Gotta give a shout out to Vic, a visiting Veloist to our shore, down for Snowbirding.  Seems he didn't pack his ride on the trip South, deciding he'd just rent once he got down here.  Unfortunately...he didn't do his homework.  Once he visited a couple other shops, then had EMS restart his heart after hearing what they charge for bike rentals, he'd all but given up on the dream of seeing florida from two wheels when  a neighbor friend told him about us.  We are VERY popular in the retirement  communities around here, and are forever getting HAPPY referrals from them.  His dream was saved!  Upon hearing our Sweet Vacation plan he couldn't help but ponder aloud "why doesn't anyone else give that deal!  'Cause we're SPECIAL!  And I got the short yellow bus pass to prove it!  He snagged the Diamondback, greedily upon seeing the way low price on it, commenting on how much he LOVED our place!  Sooooo basking in that glory, dude, THANKS!  Course, we saw Norman for his bi-weekly tube change!  Key Man rides....a LOT, and has an ongoing battle with sand spurs!
Yea, I gotta pump out some (oh SAH-WEET!  The original Beverly Hillbillies  theme song just came over my Pandora!) major metal this weekend as NEXT weekend Angi and I are taking a small vacation!  We never had a honeymoon, so we're taking 24 hours to  we have SOOOOOO earned it!  All we gotta do is chain up the kids, throw in some water and baking soda for smells and we're good to go!
Don't need baking soda!  Putting down newspaper is cheaper!
But seriously, we got it covered...Suzanne is gonna take care of 'em.
She's way to smart to accept that chore.
Ok...I'll stop.
So, tomorrow first thing I tackle the pile, so best get some rest!
See Y'ALL soon!

Give Rogers and Hammerstein a big hug for me, K?

This one's primarily for the guys out there, as my sexist assumption is, the female folks out there may have already figured it out as there is no social repression keeping them from embracing the blissful, relaxing, and uplifting joy of this excercise.
Have you had a pissy day? Stress got you down?  Overloaded in the brain pan from work, or nerves frazzled like a piece of hemp in a wind tunnel?  Well...I have a sure fire solution to make all that sh....stuff melt away!!
First, shoo away all significant others and any possible resultant offspring from said union, take control of whatever audio playback equipment you currently use and pop in a healthy dose of....
Show Tunes!
Yea, you heard me right!  Tuck away the awkward testosterone, suck it up, and put on your best prancing shoes, get in touch with your fabulous flamboyant side and jam out to some uplifting diddys from movies or theater you'd never share with your judgemental poker buddies!  Such selections like Hairspray, Mama Mia, Grease, Pitch Perfect  will do fine.  For the older crew out there maybe Annie or Oklahoma will work.  I ain't kidding, guys.  Firmly grasp your sexuality, be secure in it and just treat yourselves to total and complete abandon, and in your best baritone....sing along so the neighbors begin to wonder if they ahould pitch in for a Rainbow Flag as a house warming gift! (As I type this I got Abba on my headphones, and I AM soooo Heterosexual!
See, it's been one of those weeks...the trouble with so many bodies in our house is the....drama they can bring...and that of THEIR choice of significant others.
Granted, Angi has the bulk of hands on suffering, but I get the aftermath, not to mention the concern for her having to cope with it and I just needed to drown it out. Pandora and a selection of Show tunes to the rescue!  All night I've had ear buds in, occasionally singing along to the curious glances of my coworkers.  Who cares, their questions regarding  my manliness be damned!
Trust me, it does the body good!
Today, put out two new goddies!!  A real sweet vintage Raleigh road bike festooned with new tread and a small frame Nishiki MTB.  check em out below! All the repairs caught up, and had the time to build!  YEA!
Ever have this happen?  Come into your house and find someone unfamiliar asleep on your couch?
Yeah...babysitter crahed here. I had no idea, and didn't recognize her. But...the good news is...with the return of the sitter, so too comes the return of Angi to the shop!  YAY!  Below, she poses with my second in command...Suzanne
Anywho...I soooo need a shower!
Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So...I Should Just Put A Big A On My Shirt?

Every now and then things creep up behind you and give you a real reality head cuff.  Usually, in my case at least, it's not to subtle hints that I'm getting older.  Thing is, I don't "think or feel" like I am.  The impression I was always given as a whipper snapper was that with age came wisdom and a certain level of maturity.  Well... I'M WAITING!  Much to the chagrin of my wife, i really don't think I've grown up at all!  Aside from subtle changes in epicurean preferences, IE; preferring spicy/savory over sweet, and a few more trips to the little boys room each day (I refer you to previously mentioned eating habits)  not much in me has changed.  But, sometimes, something comes up ro remind me of the fallacy of my assumptions.  Today, had a gent bring in a couple rides for work.  An older Trek hybrid and a Schwinn World Tourist.  The later was his previous ride being repmaced and he wanted to spruce it up to sell.  I remember the particular bike as I  had one, new, as a teenager.  Nice sturdy ride.  After the work was done and he came in to pick up, he asked my opinion as to what he could get for it.  We've had several similar rides and i  gave him an idea of what a good asking price would be, but he countered with the statement "but it's vintage!"  To which I responded;  "not could be considered a classic, but a bike has to be more then 25 years old to be vintage"  He looked perplexed monentarily, then stated, "but it's a 1985 model!"  At that point the little voice in my head that runs the abbacus did it's quick calculation and before it could utter the words "DUH!"  The carbon dating tally flashed before my brain, flashing in neon " 31 YEARS!"
1985 was my graduation year...
The sudden irksome dawning of sickening realization kicked in that EVERYTHING I lived with was now....vintage!
Junior....get my shawl, lead me to the rocking chair and grab me some pudding, please!
I've been living in a fools paradise!
No wonder my kids think I'm not hip.
Well....anyway, that aside, I'll always believe I'll never truly get old....I have to much debt to take care of!
Speaking of which!  Put out a couple of real treats to help curb some creditors, but we need your help doing it (as in BUY the rides, people!)  The Diamondback we got in on trade was already in sweet shape, so it didn't need much and came out FINE!  THEN, polished off the gorgeous Trek racing tandem.  What a peach!!  As I said, someone is gonna get a steal!  The bulk of the day was spent with repairs though, thanks so much for your continued humoring of us, and we're  REAL happy to see so many folks overhauling their old rides rather then getting suckered in by some other shops to buy new ones!  That's right brotherman, "FIGHT THE POWER!"
(Sorry...watched "Undercover Brother" while working today, got ethnic there for a monent)
Anyway, check out the new rides below.
Had an interesting talk with Elijah today, a continuation of a lecture regarding personal responsibility from yesterday.  At some point in the discussion he made the statement, to which I have to acquiesce, that at times I can be a "dictatorial
Rather than take offense (to a statement that IS true) I came to the realization of the TRUE  meaning of that word....
@$$Hole: one who woll tell you the REAL truth, regardless of your opinions or feelings"
Sad reality is, most people can't handle the teuth if it contradicts their narrow perceptions of reality...thats why God created the @$$hole.
A mantle I proudly grasped long ago!'s freaking cold out here...not to mention WAY get inside!
See Y'ALL tomorrow!

Monday, February 8, 2016

In Your FACE, Old Man Winter!!

Another Monday has rolled around FAR to quickly for my liking!
Saturday was a blur of folks paying us visits, I just wish I had more to show them!  I had every intention of banging out some new rides, but the flow of repairs was constant.  NOT that there's a problem with  that!  Oh, Nay, Nay!  But before I knew it, it was past closing time!  On top of all the busyness, about three in the afternoon had a gent cleaning out his garage and brought in a HUGE bevy of "slightly loved" parts!  Some of them, had not even been used.  Apparently he bought out the leftovers from one of the other smaller bike shops that closed up, and they were primarily the "pulls" from upgrades of new buys, so saw no use at all.  SAH-WEET!!!  And they were all things we could use!  A bucket full of nice seats, several top of the line wheel sets, alloy seat posts. tires, tubes etc..
The Miyata we put together did go to a new home.  The couple that came in Saturday looking for the Diamondback that had already sold didn't hesitate to snag it up this time around, and in return, traded in a real decent men's Diamondback, too boot! 
Sunday, was more of the traditional "weekly" purge of refuse and debris from a week of "kiddo-tastrophes".  On top of all that, I had to go clothes shopping!  ARRGH!!  I loathe shopping!  BUT, as our dryer decided to take a powder a few weeks back and we just haven't gotten around to picking up another one, we have been doing weekly jaunts to the laundry matt.  Trouble is, we missed last weeks run as we had a lot of other things going on.  As it turns out, my bag of clothes, presumably safe in a bag in the laundry room, had in fact been added too.  Someone had taken some wet clothes from the bathroom and placed it in my bag...and never informed me.  When we went to organize everything Saturday night...Well, "Earthen Smell" didn't do the smell justice.  With regret and a pinched nose I deposited the entirety into the trash barrel, and made the declaration I was going to the thrift store for new goodies.  I received no argument.  Come Sunday morning Angi and I headed out to the Main Street Thrift Store.  I heard tell they had quite the selection of used clothes (no, I don't buy new.  No point.  I destroy clothes the first day I wear them, as I have TWO dirty jobs!)  and upon arriving, discovered they do.  Actually the only thrift store I've ever been in that actually had a good selection of men's jeans, and therefore not forcing me to dig through a plethora of men's plaid dress slack...size 52 short!  Thing is, and for the life of me I couldn't understand WHY their used T-shirts were going for an average of $5.99 each!?!?  I mean...that's more than a NEW one at Wally World! A plain white Haynes T-shirt for $5.99!  You can buy them in packs of three for $6.98!  Conversly though, the jeans I got ranged from $2.99-$5.99 a piece, and the long sleeve shirts were roughly the same low price.  Camel, lined and insulted, with hood, ample pockets, High insulated collar that zips up, no sparse buttons to let the cold wind breeze through and comes down mid thigh with a pull cord to cinch up!  Oh I was in Heaven!  No more freezing cold rides home at 2.30 in the morning layered in several hoodies in a vain attempt at keeping the wind at bay!  Angi lucked out too and found a few good outfits, with accents that looked quite stunning on her.  With bags in hand we headed back home and got on the chores at hand, but we at least tried to just take it all a relaxing pace.  But, I still ended up having to schlep the laundry down.  Even though Elijah got it started for us, he had to get home and get rest for work, so at around midnight I had to go up and finish it.
So, this brings us to today!  Have gotten in three repairs already, so I'm hoping I can get them banged out quick and get SOMETHING built!
Here's hoping!
See a soon!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thank You For The Wonderful Tea Party, Mrs Nesbitt!

Let's all do the WHIZ-BANG-WATUSI!! 
Yesterday was....

Considering it started out to be quite quiet, and by lunch time, we had not seen a soul.  Owen and I ate our lunch and I was ready for a nap, BIG TIME!  No sooner had I lain my head on the table thinking I could steal a wink or two (in a vain attempt to recover from the previous week) did the first of MANY fine folks start crossing our threshold!  And I am SOOOOO not complaining!! 
I lost count at some point, but not only did we sell out of all but one of the adult bikes we had in stock (I stopped counting the Pure Fix we have, as the poor thing is a grandfather now, having sat in the line up for over six months!) but we also sold two out of pre-production to a very excited couple, down on Snow Bird time, quite thrilled to find out about our "Vacation Plan".  They've been looking to take advantage of the Trails, but not to keen on the prices they've seen elsewhere.  And you could have knocked the over with  feather when they learned about the warranty!
As always, gotta give a big THANK YOU to all the folks for their continued trust in regards to repairs! 
Not to mention having a couple Ten Minute rules! 
Again, I felt bad for one couple.  They've been looking for a set of rides for a while, and were in the day before.  He liked the Diamondback Outlook we had, but we didn't have anything for her.  I gave the standard cautionary tale about how unlikely it is around here for a couple or family to find bikes for both (or all) of them at the same time.  It's always best, if you see something one of you likes, to snag it up and come back in again for the other(s).  But, he seemed to feel a little self conscious about being the only one to walk away with a ride, so he opted to wait until yesterday to check on the Miyata I was working on, for her.  Well, I finished the Miyata, but sold the Diamondback to a casual gent (whom brought us a BONUS I'll mention in a second) looking to just cruise about on "something cheap".  Well, no sooner had he snagged it up, but left it behind briefly while he went home to drop of his car and walk band snag it, did the other couple come back in planning on snagging it.  Weird thing was, even though she liked the Miyata, they didn't grab that one either as now SHE seemed concerned about the only to walk away with a ride! 
Well, in defiance of the stead fast reality that most couples don't find a ride together, one returning set of Looky Loo's came back in to snag up both the "LIKE NEW" 24" and the awesome Jamis Hybrid.  They were clearly serious about getting rides from us, as after the first couple times o perusing our wares over the last couple of weeks, they went out to U-Haul and had a tow hitch and bike rack installed on their car in anticipation of driving off with a couple of gems as soon as we put 'em out!
On too the BONUS ROUND!!  We had an anonymous gent stride in, mid-afternoon, and present us with a classic Raleigh Road Bike with the proclamation "Here's your next project", gratis!  SAH-WEET!!!  And the previous allusion to the kind benefactor who bought the Diamond Back?  He brought us in a Trek "Double Track" racing tandem!!! HOLY SPIT!!!!  This thing is GAH-OR-GE-OUS!!! Just some minor surface rust on the pedals (Shimano Clip Less 105's?!!  These things are like $280.00 a SET!!!) and needing a few spokes replaced!  And YES!  FAH-REEEEEEE!!!!!!  WOZERS, PENNY!!! 
Without pause, that pretty thing went RIGHT into the rack!  And MAN, is it LIGHT!!  Someone is going to get one HECK of a sweet deal on this rarity!!
Well, after the day I was jazzed up, and Angi and I had made plans to visit Wal-Mart, in desperate need of new sheets for our bed (last load of laundry came with the addition of a handful of crayons...yea, our bedding now looked like a Jackson Pollock canvas!)  but I declared a side trip to our favorite Sushi Joint, Tom Yum Thai, 104 Patricia Ave, Dunedin.  We got there about 20 minutes to close, and even though we noticed they were, briefly, a tad bit dismayed their Friday plans may be set back a little bit, they gave us the same courteous service as always.  Now, Angi, being a true connoisseur of Sushi, always knows what to order, but I usually have my staples.  This time, however, I put my taste buds in her capable hands, and she did all the ordering.  I was NOT disappointed!  Once they presented the dishes, I was awestruck!  This had to be the first time I have ever delayed digging in to make a point of gratefully thanking the master chef for his efforts.  Each roll was FLAWLESS!  Out of respect for their evenings, however, we stopped short of devouring each succulent morsel, and took a good portion home, so as to let them get on with their lives.  Oh but it was SPECTACULAR! 
OKAY, enough jawin' from me!  I gotta git these repairs done and move on to the repairs!
Talk ta ya soon! 

Friday, February 5, 2016


Ah....the hilarious hijinks and jocularity of a slapstick romp with Moe, Larry and Curly as you are curled up on the couch stuck inside on a Sunday afternoon.  Adjusting the old rabbit ears to get a better UHF signal as you strain your eyes at the small screen, studying every grainy black and white altercation between the three angry clowns.
Well, I'm hear to tell you, for all the times I chuckled at Curly getting a crow bar across the head or jaw, I really had NO appreciation for just how much that kind of contact hurts....
until last night!
My teeth STILL ache!
Had a slight mishap with one of the bay doors and while trying to reset a roller had to pry open the track to slip it back in.  Well, what does one pry with?  Yes!  Good Class!  Gold Star!  A CROW BAR!!!
SAFETY TIP!!!  Don't put your face close to a crow bar when operating!
Imagine a classic Adam West Batman sound effect balloon...
That, coupled with the sudden realization that solid steel and soft tissue are NOT good bed fellows! 
At that point I just finished the door, cleaned up the blood and sat out the remaining half hour, too embarrassed to interact.
Kind of imagined I was set in the corner wearing a dunce cap. 
Yes, pretty much tried to write off all of yesterday as never happening!  Of course, the weather didn't help anyone's disposition.  Went from overcast, to cold with an increasing wind chill, of course the worst of it fired up when I left to get the girls, so Suzanne and I were drowned rats by the time we made it to their school.  Thankfully one of our friends that works there offered to drive the girls home. 
It goes without saying that nary a visitor came by the shop yesterday as they were smart enough to stay home!  Sadly, I didn't get much done at all, as it time.  Spent the better part of the morning on and off the phone and computer just trying to pay the bill.  Why there has to be SO much red tape just to pay a simple bill is beyond me!
SO....yea...I'm working hard at trying to make today a better day!
I'm gonna do that by popping in some mindless comedy (wish I had a copy of the Three Stooges movie that came out a few years back!) and build some bikes!  Got a plethora to choose from, and am starting with finishing up the ladies MTB that sat out yesterday in my rack, then perhaps, on to a BANGER road bike.  A little heavier than the standard ride, but a good starter for someone. 
SO, taking my "liquid diet only" face, I'm gonna git to work!
COME ON!  It maybe cold, but it's sunny!  Come pay us a visit!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Digging Thru Debris

Well, another day under our belts.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, shower, rinse, repeat.  Today wasn't bad though, by any means.  A few more drop offs, and a few quick fixes in the AM and sent both ladies cruisers to a new home.  Odd though, the couple moved from HERE!?  Talk about Veloist shock!  I hear they're quite friendly to bicycles there.  Not so much in Florida.  Not to mention never having experiencing a summer here.  Oh, that should send them running!
Managed to get two sweet rides out as well.  A real sharp looking ladies Jamis hybrid and a nice MTB DBS!  Got another ladies MTB in the rack and will bang on it tomorrow.
Had a parts picker in, too and we started ah jawin about some of
the rides hes flipped, and swapped war stories.  Too funny, seems nobody has anything good to say about "offer up"!  Yea, give us Craigslist any old day!  Too many people wanting to pay you ten percent of your asking price than getting PO'D at you when you refuse the offer!  I maybe blunt, but rarely rude...except to a few"tenacious" bottom feeders on there.  They coukd make the Pope drop the F bomb!
Tonight at the plant was even slower sadly.  They were so bored they even offered to let ME weld!
Oh yea....THAT'S a good idea!  We'd all be cinder!  No thanks, I'll stick to my wood working!
Well beyond all that, not much new to report, so I'll sign off early and go scour off the filth.
See y'all soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the good, the bad....and the countenance impaired.

So....that was a day.
Well, the good thing was all the folks coming in to pay us a visit, putting their trust in us to take care of their repairs.  We thank you for that!  We also picked up some real gems to be, i am slathering at the mouth to dive into.  A special note goes out to the wonderful couple who brought in two diamonds in the rough....way rough, sadly, but our hearts and prayers go out to you in your current predicament.  We have been therre ourselves a couple times, and sudden, unexpected homelessness is one of the real tragedies of new American lifestyle.   You both had a very positive, upbeat outlook on the whole thing and I hope it all turns around for you real quick!
Needless to say, my day was busy with repairs so the newbies sat...waiting for their new lives.  Unfortunately, they may have to sit out for part of the morning as we still have a couple more folks to get back on the road first.
Then...there are those who put value in their rides that exceeds our own.  Ugh.  It happens rarely, but every now and then someone comes in with something, and...well...I really hate to sound...insulting?  But they really don't understand the concept of supply and demand, retail, versus wholesale...etc.  Case in point, had a couple "vintage" bikes come in looking to sell.  Trouble is they were ROUGH!  And really...nothing special about them, other then the Schwinn headbadge.  Now, we know our market, and for vintage bikes?  Their barely is one, not at the prices some folks see on EBay that's for darn sure!  Trouble is,folks look at the "asking" price, and percive THAT'S the value.
 That's what the seller "Wants".  Oh...try and explain all this to someone convinced their bike is a rare treasure worth at least a hundred a pop.
I always try and tenderize the reality by explaining "this is what it's worth to us"  but, well...they get offended anyway.  I know in retail you'll never make everyone happy...but still, I feel bad anyway.
So, yea, there was that.
Then after the afternoon pick up at the girls school, i headed to the find a VERY sparse checklist.  Three hours work needed to be stretched to ten.  Ugh.  As the night progressed, and I noticed everyone else was walking around in the "trying to find something to do " haze I started to chat with the foreman.
Seems theres been a REAL slowdown...and quite possibly more layoffs coming.
Yea...thats got my knickers in a twist!
I am NOT a fan of the unknown, and the pensive, excruciating wait for the other shoe to fall!  Really...didn't need to hear that...TODAY!
Our only hope is the sales staff gets a fire under their collective asses and they sign out some more units.  My thought?  Layoff the under producing salesman and leave us alone!
Well...I can only hope my fingernails grow fast so I have something to bite!
Best case scenario?  Unemployment and more time at the shop!
Oh, Suzanne doesn't like me now.  Sitting on the porch this morning I usually let her out without a leash, but her last couple of darts at rabbits, and Angi's caution, has made it apparent she needs to remain on a lead.  She ain't liking it at all.  Well, if it means she doesn't get run over by the fast moving paper delivery? She's going to have to deal with it!
Alrighty....I best  get cleaned up and to bed
See Y'ALL tomorrow!
Oh, for those paying attention, had a GOOD talk with Owen today.  There are "extenuating circumstances " compelling him too "act out".  Sadly, i feel for the boy.  I am happy to say, we found some common ground to step upon, embracing each other, figuratively, and allowing him to see he does have a life line to keep him away from the edge.