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Friday, February 28, 2014

WooF! What A Thursday!

Blessings abound! 
Even given the over cast, gray weather yesterday folks were still coming out in droves!  I knew the Trek 4300 was looking for just the right rider.  The bike was a medium frame, and whereas it was still a VERY nice ride, it was not a popular size.  Low and behold the perfect gent walked in yesterday!  He was of sturdy build but cursed with short legs and looking for a good, solid well built higher end ride that would fit his frame.  BINGO!  As always, the bike picks the rider.  The green Fuji we put together the night before left real quick with a gent that KNEW the value of a classic Hard tail.  The Giant Rincon, that again had been put out the night before, is testament to a cautionary tale.  Had a gent call the night before VERY interested in it (turns out he is a repeat customer) but decided to wait until yesterday to come in and check it out.  He called again yesterday afternoon asking if we still had it in stock, and stated he was going to try and come in and view it. At the time he called, it was still available.  Although, Earlier in the day, a young lady had come in and test rode it, and as it fit her tall stature, she was smitten.  But, as any wise shopper would do, she was going to "another" shop to look at what they had in stock.  An hour past and she returned eagerly to pick it up.  Obviously she saw what "other" bike shops in the area charge!  As this sort of things has happened far to often in the past,  I thought best to call the other gent back and inform him that it had sold and to save himself the trip if he was indeed going to come in.
I left a message.
10 seconds later.....
The gent (who had fought traffic coming from Saint Pete *GUILT*!) was less then ten minuets away and was looking for final directions.  At this point I informed him the bike indeed had sold, to which he responded (although clearly disappointed) that he understood.  He came by any way but unfortunately at that time I was tapped out other then a few "not what he was looking for" bikes.  The morale of the story; " If you see something on our website you REALLY like, use a credit card over the phone and ensure it will be here waiting for you"
Yesterday also saw some unbelievably SWEET deals come through the door!  And I mean WOOF!  We have been sitting on three Orbea project bikes since October of last year.  At this point they are just taking up space but an obligation is an obligation.  We had a gent email us a couple weeks ago stating that he was interested in the mountain bike, and would we be willing to do a trade.  As nothing else was happening with the bikes I said "Sure" I'd be willing to check out what he had.  Then I heard nothing back.  Turns out he had to go out of country on business for a bit, but returned yesterday and we were the first on his "to-do" list.  I didn't expect much when he called but what he brought in damn near blew my mind!  And he KNEW what he had!  In trade for a semi-complete Orbea we got a COMPLETE, PRISTINE 56cm 2006 carbon/alloy Fuji Roubaix RC road bike!
For those not in the know, suffice to say she had an MSRP of $2000.00!!!!  Not ONLY that, but a disassembled but complete ladies 2006 Specialized Dolce Elite!!  That one had an MSRP of $1300.00!!!  Then on top of it, he had two sets of areo-bars, a sweet set of carbon drop bars (which already sold quicker then I could blink!) and another set of v-rims!   WOW!!  But, he was happy and we were DEFINITELY happy and the lucky new owners of these rides (whomever they may be) will MOST DEFINITELY be happy!  If nothing else, because we got a sweet deal, we will be selling them equally sweet!  Just check out the Fuji below and drool at the low, low price! 
On the home front, got my usual round of texts with Elijah yesterday evening as he was waking up to go to work (did I mention his job is third shift...YUCK!) he definitely sounds less then thrilled with his vocational choice at the moment.  I'm gonna have to script a very heart felt yet firm e-mail inspiring him to stick with it.  Kaleb has, for some unknown reason, been ramping up his dormant rebellious attitude.  Someone has stuck a broom handle up his butt and I think the splinters are causing some annoyance.  So much so that he feels compelled to inflict it on everyone else!  As always, once the evil side comes into view, we clamp down on all the pressure valves!  Rescinding cell phone and all freedoms until he gets his act together.  OF COURSE, I have a conference with the school next week to discuss "getting him back on track".  *Sigh*, I really had hoped we were done with all this! Of course as is always the case, we cannot ever be given the opportunity to deal with just ONE juvenile problem at a time.  Nothing serious, it just seems all the little needling animosity between pairings in the house seem to come to full bloom at the same time.  The Owen/Rozy nit picking fest goes on, unabated, and the Owen/Logan "would you leave me ALONE" prodding is enough to make your cackles get cackles!  The only saving grace in it all was that last night, as I sat at the table having my "coming home from work" cup of coffee, the girls were all running about, playing on the floor in front of me, and the pure joy of their unfettered abandon, and hysterical giggling made all the other carp melt away.
Of course the household cacophony brought out the Irish in Angi and the Yankee in me, so in all good fun we both stepped blithely into full character and had good fun playing the part of arrogant blowhard and hot tempered wife, quickly devolving into Daddy chasing Mommy about the house with equally meted open palmed butt smacks accompanied by a variety of slandering insults.   No, that kind of frivolity is not for everyone but for Yankee's and Irish it's called "foreplay"! 
All right, I have blathered enough, "I got some heavy chores to do"  (that reminds me, I haven't watched "Blazing Saddles" in a while!) So I'll talk at ya soon!

Abso-freakin-lutely GORGEOUS "LIKE-NEW" 20" Schwinn Hawkeye!
ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $735.00!!!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

Well, yesterday saw Elijah leaving the nest again.  He got the call Tuesday evening that they picked up a small job in Jacksonville that needed to be done on their way to Missouri.  After five days home, he didn't want to leave.  To quote Joni Mitchell "you don't know what you got 'till it's gone", and isn't that always the way?  Although, in truth, it is not to surprising.  I've known for some time that Elijah would always have a problem leaving the nest.  Obviously, parents can read their children from a young age and figure out how those things will go.  Oh, Kaleb and Owen will leaving flaming skid marks at the front door the day they hit eighteen!  Logan, hopefully going to college, will do so with some reluctance.  Rozy, the same, but with a twitch of excitement for the unknown.  Izzy and Miranda, to soon to tell, but whatever those two do will wow the world!  After only a month on the road, as I had mentioned before, Elijah returned with a new respect for what he has.  I don't say "had" because this is still his home and I envision will remain being his stop over point for some time.  I can only hope that in the next few months he's on the road, he will adjust.  I'm a tad bit concerned that his home sickness may compel him to do something impulsive and give up on his employment.  It's not the fact that he doesn't enjoy the job, it's just that a young man with a first job that so separates him from his safety net, may become a wee bit overwhelming.  As with all the children, we have come to realize that with an eye to caution and their security, we have been very guarded as parents, not allowing them to foster their individual experiences of the world in lieu of concerns for all the evil it holds.  The end result is children who are dependent and possibly unable to contend with the realities they will be forced to face. 
Parenting is a learning experience with a severe bell curve!
Thankfully, with the availability of technology that keeps us in constant contact when necessary (yes, even though I complain about said technology) I can only hope he will turn to me to help "Talk him off the ledge" if ever it gets to be too much. 
On to work.  Yesterdays unfortunate  regression into nasty winter weather, slowed the influx of looky loo's,  and shoppers, but gave me the opportunity to get some more goodies built!  Put out a gorgeous example of early "Giant" pre-hybrid, Crosses.  This ladies hot pink Rincon is to die for!  Resplendent with  NEW tires, a FULL re-furb and wide comfy seat!  Also, a labor of respect that we acquired last week, saw the light of a new day with the donor transplants from the Trek we got a couple days ago.  The Trek had WAY to much corrosion on the aluminum frame, but the parts (having been installed only a few months prior) were in EXCELLENT shape!  Their addition to the gorgeous lime green Fuji Hardtail really makes it POP!  I do so hope the previous owner of this fine bike can appreciate it's new life. 
Today, we have some scrap bikes to part out, one of which has some NICE accoutrement's to showcase in our parts department ( Then, as I have a new bevy of babies to rebuild, I will be banging on them later.  And, oh yea, got a slew of repairs to catch up on as why am I still talking?
See ya soon!
ONLY $125.00!!

ONLY $135.00!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Weap For Our Future!

OK, so in a rare display of an uncharacteristically grumpy  demeanor, I got a gripe.
Surprisingly, my rant involves my own short sightedness.   See, it became abundantly clear to me the other day that I am a wee bit of a hypocrite. 
I'll explain.
I have railed on, considerably about the state of today's youth, resultant of parental neutrality.  Allowing the inmates to run the asylum and such.  However it became very clear to me last week that, at times, I am equally culpable for our countries current conditions. 
I'll explain.
Our routine around here has changed somewhat to conform with the kids changing schedules, not to mention, due to some disturbing information Angela uncovered regarding a pervert who has been hanging out in a church parking lot exposing himself to little girls coming home from school.  The same church that our kids pass each day to and from school!  Once hearing this, and because Elijah is no longer available to escort them home and Owen has tutoring three days a week after school and Logan has Math club (blah, blah, blah) we decided the kids would come to the shop after school and then home with me at the end of the night. 
ANYWAY, long story short, one day last week on the way home Owen asked me "Dad, how long until my birthday?"  Always wanting the kids to think for my self, I inquired as to when his birthday was (yes I DO know when it is, but follow along) he told me, then I asked, "what is today's date?".  He didn't know.  So, OK, that's not TO bad, I sometimes forget the date as well.  So I told him the date then asked him to do the math and figure it out.
I could have just as well asked him to devise a theory to contradict Einstein's from the look of utter bewilderment he gave me. Then I asked him, "OK, first lets count the months, then we will figure the days".
Here's where it got REAL sad!
Now, I know Owen can play "stupid" because he knows it annoys me, and he loves to annoy people.  It's his hobby.  Some people collect stamps.  He concocts ways to annoy.  But his utter confusion was far to real.  He didn't know all the months of the year?!  Much less put them in order!?
He's in third grade.  And he doesn't know the months of the year!?!?!
So what exactly DOES he learn at school!?
Here's where I became keenly aware of two things.  One, schools no longer teach fundamentals and two, I wasn't doing MY job as a parent.
See, I have noticed through the last several children to go through the system that unlike when I was a child, schools don't seem concerned with the basic fundamentals of societal survival that we were taught.  How to read a calendar, a clock (not digital) basic math, the importance of reading etc., etc.  Really, I'm not sure WHAT they are learning, because the majority of the time they tell me about what cool video they watched at school or the video game they played.  But in the  end the responsibility of getting them prepared for life, is one that I have shirked. 
So I began to take a good look around me, with an emphasis on what I was not doing.  It became painfully clear to me.  During their time at the shop, as I am consumed with my tasks, I merely shuffle them to the play room and tell them to "watch a movie".  When we get home, and I have my shower, then dinner, after baths I become engrossed in Angi and to an extension, Mommy and Daddy relax time.  The children are left to their own devices.  Now, the recent introduction of Magic has provided some small reprieve from video games, and allowed for a more interactive experience, but often times can result in outright brawls between Owen and Logan over the TRUE interpretation of a particular cards abilities!  "Enh",  at least they are interacting.  But for the most part, as everyone has some sort of electronic device providing them with an excuse not to exercise their imagination or intellect I get the sneaking impression that I am propagating a race of Borg drones! (Star Trek reference, google it)
A plan of action began to gestate! 
Yesterday, when they arrived, I informed them that first they were to really clean the back room (as when I did it earlier I discovered a very large pile of snack and drink debris covertly stashed in a very small place).  When that was done, I informed them "No TV, No games!  Pull out your homework!"  To which they responded, "But we have none?"  Oh, nay, nay!  Daddy is no longer wearing blinders.  To this I retorted, "give me your back packs!"
Panic ensued.  They attempted to try and excuse themselves to the back room first, with a variety of excuses, but I held firm.  And lo and behold, each one processed a homework packet, handed out on Mondays, that had yet to be started.  Firmly, I bid them to get out their pencils, sit down and begin.  Twas akin to soldiers resolute acceptance that they were going "over the wall" into "No-mans land" assured in their utter destruction.  Slowly, the resounding chorus of "I don't understand this" and "I need HELP!" reached it's crescendo, complete with whining and tears. 
OK so NOW I remember why I dislike homework time!
 Once tears were dried, and after a thirty second tutor session comprised of the simple command "Read...the....directions!" all was understood with a casual, dismissive "OH, now I get it"
But that was only the beginning of the fun.  Once homework was completed, and they began to make there way to the play room they were stopped, with a cold shiver, in their tracks when I stated "NO TV!" 
You would have thought I killed and ate their favorite pet in front of them for the looks they gave me!
Again, more whining.  I simply stated "play a quiet game or read a book".  This completely foreign concept of reading did not sit well with them, so as they had the option they reluctantly decided to go outside and play a game.
Once arriving home, To add further insult to injury, Elijah had received his newest acquisition in the mail.  His NEW cell phone, or hand held media device, whatever you want to call it.  Now here is why I say "NEW" with a modicum of disdain.  Four months ago he bought his other NEW phone for over $300.00.  That, I thought was excessive enough, but this NEW one was close to $500.00!?!
Imagine my resolute befuddlement!  WHY?   You just bought a freakin' expensive toy a few moths ago, now you drain your bank account AGAIN! 
OK, OK.....shaking it off.  I can only hope that this will be it for a while and he'll start keeping money in his bank. 
ANYWAY, As I sat at my perch at the dinner table (pre-shower) catching up with Angi briefly before "delousing and destinkafying" myself I noticed how quickly the children had congregated around the TV where Miranda had been watching some inane cartoon.  In a sarcastic tone I uttered something about the fact and Angi, always capable of interpreting a subtle clue, quickly got up, shut it off, and directed them to change from their school clothes and get washed up for dinner.
So, this is the infancy of my master plan.  To slowly wean the whole group of them off the electronic teet! 
The next step.  A family weekend camping trip DEVOID of any and ALL electronics! 
Now THAT will make for an interesting blog!
Yesterday WAS........tuesday.  Notice how I did not capitalize tuesday?  Yea.  We did however get in another slew of repairs, so we thank you ALL very much for your patronage.  And to the hold outs, pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top come in and pick up you finished repairs.  Getting kind of hard to walk through the shop.  Also, got in some choice newbies!  Well, soon to be choice, that is!   A classic Fuji MTB, a Trek 4300 (that may end up a parts bike if I can't save the paint) a classic Trek 800 antelope and three more BMX'ers!  Also, put out a (now) gorgeous Schwinn Meridian three wheeler!  This is last years model, for some reason having been purchased then left to the elements.  We did some refurbishment and rustication and she is GORGEOUS!!
So with that, we gotta git back at it! 
See y'all SOON!

ONLY $215.00!!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harold Ramis; November 21, 1944 – February 24, 2014

We have lost another great one. 
After a long battle with vasculitis Harold Ramis passed away yesterday.  Thankfully, he left behind a legacy of incredible work that not only entertained but influenced the newest generation of actors and writers in the comedy genre.  Among his works are some of my personal all time favorite films.  From "Groundhog Day", "Stripes", "Caddyshack",  and "Ghostbusters" to one of my personal top five "Animal House".  His sense of irony and sardonic wit resonated through the characters he created.  The impishly fun way he poked fun at the establishment and it's  morality imposed strictures emanated through actors like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and John Belushi just to name a few.  His films always left me the lasting impression to just not take $#!+ to serious. I wish there had been more time to see what else this genius could come up with.  Sir, Hollywood has just become a little more dull.
Yesterday was a blitz.  First thing in the AM we sold six in under ten minutes!  This left us hurting for stock, yet again!  But, HEY, it's a good problem to have!  Imagine the alternative!  Soooooo, spent a good amount of time banging out some new goodies.  Got two real sweet kids bikes, one an awesome running girls GIANT 20" MTB!!  Also, thankfully, picked up a few new ones as well.  Top of the heap is a really nice looking Schwinn three wheeler, newer and in excellent shape!  Just needs a few tweaks and she's ready to go!  Then on to a couple old school 3 and 5 speed touring bikes.
So with that, we will make it short so I can get back at it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $75.00!!!
ONLY $40.00!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Um....Is That Intended As An Insult....Or A Compliment?!

Yesterday was just plain fun.
My father and stepmother came by yesterday for brunch, so it gave everyone a reason to be up early.  We normally sleep away the morning on Sundays, and then regret how quick the day went by.  But, we were up by eight, did a quick fluff and stuff abbreviated version of the normal weekend chores resulting in the final removal of a small pile of debris in the front foyer just as they were walking in!  After the eats we visited for awhile, catching up, then in traditional "Atherton Family" style, they had to take off to make the drive to Hommassas Springs to crash for the night before the long trip back to Texas.  With all the chores done (except for a couple loads of laundry) we spent the remainder of the afternoon outside, on a particularly LOVELY day, playing with the kiddo's!  It was especially nice as Elijah, being home for a few days, was outside with us.  After he beaned me off the head with a football I even made a rare sprint, chasing him around the house, with only a miss as my reward as the toss I made missed him by about a foot!  I suck at tossing a football!  No, Frisbee is my sport of choice, and in between fights over who's turn it was to throw, we all tossed it around for a good while.  Of course, no day out front is complete without the prerequisite water hose spray down.  Resulting in some very filthy little children in need of baths!  Mom, apparently pleased with the day, generously acquiesced to some of the boys desire to have a "Magic Tournament" with Dad and Elijah after the little ones went to bed.  She dutifully took position on the couch with her IPAD allowing us to do battle. 
All in all a very wonderful day!
Saturday, we had an interesting visit from a gent looking to sell a bike.  He has done business with us before so when he inquired if we were still buying I said "sure" and bid him to bring in his ride.  Of course, as it always seems to be the case, even though the person has a bike their car they sometimes feel compelled to tell me about it first.  Apparently he had bought it "new" at another one of the local bike shops for his daughter, but she never rode it so it was in "perfect" condition.  He made a point of telling me "we paid over $300.00 for it".   A statement like that pretty much sounds the death knell of a purchase.  Whenever the price they paid for their bike is foremost in their thoughts, it informs me that they are not taking into consideration "wholesale" prices or depreciation.  BUT, because I knew the man, and was thinking good thoughts I repeated "go ahead and bring it on in".  Well, sure enough he was truthful in the fact that it was in EXCELLENT shape.  It did in fact look brand new.  But it was a "brand new" Schwinn Ranger.  A ladies Schwinn Ranger.  Here's the problem(s) in a nutshell.  The Schwinn Ranger is pretty much the same as a Schwinn Sidewinder.  Both bikes, used (here) will fetch between $85-$110.00, respectfully.  Depending factors being condition, color and whether they are a men's or woman's.  Men's being more valuable.  Also, Schwinn's are a "Wal-Mart" bike.  Currently, you can buy a BRAND NEW Schwinn Sidewinder for $164.97.  Then, there is the problem that the bike he had was not only three years old.  More like five to seven.  See, the shop that he bought it at is not a Schwinn dealer.  There are not that many Schwinn Dealers left.  Ever since Wal-Mart screwed up the brand name, most dealers faded from history.  No, what he had bought was most likely a "gently used" trade in.  I don't believe the shop purposely mislead him into thinking it was new, he just probably assumed it was.  To further compound the problems, he had been shopping around at "other" bike shops, visiting one that dealt in both new and trade in used.   There he saw a bike very similar to his (but apparently NOT in as good a shape) that they were asking $190.00 for!?!?  Needless to say, his expectations were high.  Wanting to see just how far this would all go (I can be a bit of a masochist) I asked "how much are you asking for it?"  to which he responded "I'd take a hundred"
This is where I look for the "thin ice" sign as I begin to tread lightly.  I informed him of the issues I mentioned before, even going as far as to show him, on Walmart's website, just how little a NEW Schwinn goes for, explaining to him that the price he was asking for was about $5-10 dollars MORE then I would be selling it for.   It was all to no avail.  We are not other bike shops, and I do feel badly that he had been taken advantage of when he bought this one for over $300.00, but there's no way we could justify selling this particular bike for more then our "standard of value".  Sadly, he left a little less then satisfied and his parting, gruff words were "Then you're not charging enough for your bikes!" you.  And we will proudly continue to do so! 
I would love to show you the three bikes we did built on Saturday (ironically enough, one of them being a very similar Sidewinder (sold for $90.00)) but, they all sold (plus three more) first thing this morning.  So I don't want to tease you.  BUT, I will be working on a few more rides today and will hopefully be able to have at least enough time to post their pics!
So with that, See ya soon!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Prodigal Son Returns!

So what does this say about me?  Does it make me a bad person that I experience a certain degree of giddy pleasure each time I hear a car in the parking lot struggling to come to life?  I mean, I feel for the person trying to turn it over.  Way in the past I had my own hard times with motorized transport.  But somewhat like an ex smoker lecturing someone, virulently about the hazards of smoking, I want to step outside and say "Hey, if you rode a bike you'd be home now!"  Heh, heh.  And just what is the sense in asking me, as I am riding up to the shop on a bicycle, "Excuse me, do you have any jumper cables?"  And imagine the incredulity in some folks eyes when you tell them "I don't own a car"  Their immediate impression is that I have a DUI, but can't grasp the concept that we choose not to own a car! 
Last night brought our hard working wayward son home for a visit.  That in and of it's self is a weird concept to grasp.  He's visiting.  They have down time on his job and had to pick up a new team member back at the home office so they will be in town for about a week.  In true "coming home" fashion, after the slew of excited greetings (we didn't tell the kids he was coming.  It was a very heart felt reunion)  he emptied his cooler, past out pop tarts, then threw his laundry in  the washer and asked to take a shower. 
He has changed.  And I can say with full conviction, for the better!  For most of his young adult life he portrayed the stereotypical "sullen" teenager.  Not very interested in anything, inactive and indifferent.   He spent the majority of his time, after flunking out of school shuffling back and forth in the house, miserable, with nothing to do but chores.  He needed to get out of the house!  Watching him each day was like watching an elephant in captivity.  If you have ever been to the zoo, you'll see at times the depressive shuffle and wobbling back and forth they do as they hate being captive.  Same thing with him!  I felt a very great sense of relief and satisfaction last night as I greeted him with a very strong bear hug.  Now, I'm sure some of you can remember that in the past I have mentioned my philosophy is that life is both comprised and defined by "moments".  All the other crap we do 24 hours a day is merely labor to get to those moments.  Last night was a big moment.  I find it hard to describe how we hugged, but he released a breath of air with an audible "humph" through a smile.  It spoke volumes to me.  No more is he that sullen teenager, but instead he has become a man.  He has walked in his own shoes, done his own days labor for a days pay.  He has begun to realize what every young man should know about the value of work and providing for oneself and for those around him.  He was very proud that he was able to provide a snack for all the kids.  It may not seem like much to anyone else, but it's significance was not lost on me.  He even splurged for a large package of "Magic" cards for Logan and I.  As he handed them to me he stated "for the cause".   His whole demeanor has done a 180!  The mere fact that he was smiling meant the world!  He really wanted to pay for dinner last night, but I respectfully said he needed to save his money.  And everyone was happy to see him.  All old sibling animosity and needling, in-fighting, gone.  Replaced by genuine gratitude to just have him back in the fold.  He seems more polite, respectful and genuine.  I have to admit, with  a small level of reservation, I am proud of the man.
Enough sentiment, my eyes are getting puffy!  ON to OUR work! 
If you caught the blurb last night about the Spaceliner you know what I was up to for the better part of yesterday.  This one took some SERIOUS cleaning to get her looking like that!  It was a throw away retrieved by a scrapper then, in an odd series of events, ended up here.  Funny story.  The scrapper in question was under the misunderstanding that we were a pawn shop, and had brought some Playstation 2 games in to see if we were buying.  I was interested, but only because we have a PS3 that will play them, so I went out to his truck to see what he had.  It was then that I noticed a chrome set of handlebars poking out from underneath a pile of refuse.  I inquired if he was interested in selling the bike, and what was it?  We dug, and dug, and dug eventually revealing this rare gem!  Murray made the Spaceliner cruiser for Sears from 1964-1968 only!  I did a little research online to try and find a base price but the only information I could come up with was history, and the only pictures came from vintage bicycle museums.  I took a clue from a similar bike from the same year that shared some of the same characteristics, and a Bendix red stripe rear coaster that is SMOOTH, and came up with a negotiable asking price.  But MAN is this thing SAH-WEET, and it has a retro chain guard to DIE for!
Also, on the more realistic side of things, managed to put out a nice looking ladies 24" 18 speed MTB!
Today Ive got a few more goodies to tinker with but I need MORE!!  Dig through your garage folks!  Check under the bushes in the back yard, clean out the shed!  I'm feeling generous today!
All right, I best get at it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $50.00!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh I Just Gotta Show Ya This ONE!

ONLY $390.00!!


Celebrations of Passing

Let me tell you a story.
I was born and raised in New England during the seventies.  We were part of the new nuclear family set, with some slight lingering effects of the previous generations influences.  Dad worked, Mom took care of the house and the two kids.  A matched set, girl and boy (I was the boy).  In the naive freedom of that time, at an early age my sister and I were allowed the space to explore our surroundings unencumbered by the worry that we may end up on a milk carton.
Now, I grew up on the ideals and influence of "The Brady Bunch" and "The Partridge Family" to name a few, and became fleetingly aware of a certain disparity between the life I knew and that which I saw there.  The sense of a close knit family.  Please don't misconstrued my meaning, I knew I was loved but there was little cohesion to us as a "family". This was also true of my extended family.  When I was younger we would have the occasional visits from aunts and uncles, grandparents, and every thanksgiving we made the hour long trip to my mothers parents for a meal, then I would nap on the sofa while they watched the game.  Even there existed a certain tense, stoic detachment.  They would spend a few hours updating each other on their goings on (long before Facebook or e-mail).  My sister and I trying not to touch my grandmothers "Hummel" collection (it was VAST).  Then after a few hours, my dad would stand up, stretch and announce to my mother it was time to go. We had a "drive" home.  And that would be it until my grandparents prerequisite drive to our house the weekend before Christmas, which would be equally brief.    I never knew the benefit of extended family, I hardly knew my cousins, or their families, to the point of not always getting their names straight!
 Funny story; when I was 23 and recently separated from my first wife and before meeting my TRUE soul mate my mother and sister insisted I attend a family reunion at my Aunts place in Vermont.  While there, I had to cling to my Mother as, sadly..."I didn't know anyone there!"  Like an assistant at a State Dinner she would whisper in my ear as a new face would approach "this is your cousin..., this is your great uncles roommate twice removed...."  she kept me from looking the complete fool.  At a lull, while we stood by the porch railing of their gorgeous estate I looked out towards the surrounding wood's bordering an expansive, rolling lawn and saw a group of young people, perhaps a couple of years younger then I walking back towards the house.  Amongst them was a very lovely young lady, and I became keenly aware that perhaps coming to this shin dig might not have been a bad idea.  As they approached our small group my aunt Mary, apparently noticing the interested glint in my eye, grinned as she looked at the lovely young creature, then at me and said with a certain amount of flourish "and this (putting her arm around her and presenting her to me) is your cousin Zoey"
I felt positively redneck!
Now, before you feel sorry for me (or admonish me for not making a greater attempt at connecting with my family) I am not sorry for my upbringing. Not in the least.  I do not hold any malice or contempt for my parents.  They instilled in me a STRONG sense of self reliance, a good work ethic and independence.  I was allowed to discover myself instead of having someone tell me who I was going to be.  And I love them very deeply for that. 
More importantly, that nagging sense of "missing" led me to the strong conviction that someday I would have the LARGE close knit family I never knew I craved. 
OK, I know that was all a somewhat long winded, narcissistic preamble to the following, but I wanted you to understand where my mind set was at when you read the following.
Yesterday was Angi and my thirteenth wedding anniversary.  We'd planned an evening out of dinner and a stroll through our favorite part of Florida, downtown Dunedin.  About a little after three in the afternoon, however I got a call from my Dad.  He and my stepmother were in Florida, having driven three days to get here, after hearing that my grandmother was "not doing well".  I absorbed the information, and in truth, took it in stride.  I wonder what that says about me.  My approach to death, while not welcoming it, is excepting of it.  Now, I have been lucky enough, through the benefit of e-mails, been kept apprised of her situation.  She was 99 years old, and for the last two or more years had been in 24 hour hospice care.  By her own admission, she was "ready".  Her passing, I'm sure was a relief for her.  And she did have the blessings of living a very full life!  She had visited almost, if not all, countries on the Earth, a few times over at least.  And I am thankful that for her sake Angi and I  were able to provide a legacy.  I am the only male of my generation, therefore the sole progenitor of the family name.  An obligation I most willingly fulfilled.  In spades!
Not surprisingly, though Angi didn't take it as well.  Not that I was going to mention it until later, but when I arrived home she knew something was wrong.  There is NO hiding anything from her. She has come from a much more close knit family circle and had grown very fond of my grandmother.   When I let her know she suggested that we post pone our evening.  I saw no reason.  If nothing else, the possibility of someone passing solidifies ones resolve that time is short, enjoy each moment you can. 
That evening, as we were coming home, we got the call from my Dad.  She passed a little after nine last night.  I can not feel remorse, only peace.  She is now where she wanted to be for some time.
Rest well.  We all love you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Student Has Become The Master

So, if I could just channel that energy, enthusiasm and intelligence into a more constructive outlet!
Anyone following this litany of musings will be aware of my recent re submergence into the realm of Magic, the Gathering (http://wizardsofthecoast/  with full Geek vigor!  After amassing a large stockpile of cards, via E-Bay, I proceeded to school Elijah, Logan and then Owen on how to play.  Logan, being the one son with full Fanboy potential embraced the game with gusto!  Quickly he has surpassed my knowledge and with great fortitude, taken the time to research not only the game play but card information and deck design, complete with tips on combination spells and such. 
OK, so at this point your eyes are rolling back in your head and you're saying "What the HELL does this have to do with bikes!"  Well...nothing actually, but then my life is not consumed with bicycles. They are merely one passion intertwined with many others.  So to the uninitiated, Magic is a card game, not unlike Dungeons and Dragons, but played with a deck of "collectible" playing cards.  Kind of like playing with Baseball cards.  You buy them as preformed decks, or booster packs, again like a package of baseball cards.  To give you an idea of the magnitude of cards you have to choose from, since it's conception Magic has introduced 83 different sets of playing cards.  OK, lets make this easy to visualize.  I took the time to print out a list of ALL the sets and ALL the cards they have produced, here's a picture of the size of that Tome.  Yes, I did burn through a full ream of printer paper...


All sets can be intermingled and work together.  Hence the combination play. So with that many cards there are a LOT of combinations to consider.  Certain cards have certain abilities or characteristics that when combined with others, produce different outcomes or magnitude.  Deck building is both an art and a science, and takes strategy and planning (not to mention luck that they come into your hand when you want them to!).  After playing for only a couple weeks, Logan asked if he could go through the "extras" and build his own deck.  I said sure and he, with great flourish and excitement, dug into the boxes!  That alone was worth the effort.  His level of enthusiasm and shear Geek flare is contagious.  Every day with him and Magic is like when I went to my first Comic Book Convention in Boston, Mass!  After a few days he had put together three decks, and was eager to test play them.  Thinking myself the Superior, I chuckled with a certain air of condescension and broke out a simple Angel Deck and mopped the floor with him.  Then we switched, he played a fledgling Zombie deck and I went with a blue/red spell deck and drove him crazy a he couldn't get one creature out on the battlefield.  Slightly aggravated but not deterred he went "back to formula" and last night, after some gentle pleading and prodding to Mama, she granted us the time to play a few games.
And he SLAUGHTERED me! Well, he had a little help.  We played the first two rounds with Owen working a blue deck and they double teamed me, ruthlessly (hey at least they were working together and not arguing!)  They made mincemeat of my Rat deck, trounced my Rainbow deck, both times I didn't knock him down one life point!  Now, fearing my status being diminished I pulled out the Wolf deck, because things were serious!   First round I got him, but only by two points.  Second time I tried the Rainbow deck again, and this time it fell together right and I was able to get him, but again only by three points.  The kid's smart, I give him that, and if I am not careful I will be seeking his wizardly patronage in the future! 
All right, to those of you who persevered and actually read all that, now on to work!
Yesterday was another Whiz Bang!  Thanks to ALL the folks coming down and putting their trust in us to fix up their rides, and yes, as always we do SO appreciate that they were referred to us by so many other folks.  Especially the gent who needed some basic TLC for his "Well Loved" Free Spirit.  He had visited one of those "other" bike shops in town, and sadly came away from the experience feeling dejected, insulted and demeaned because he dare bring such a bicycle into their bike shop!  However, one employee possessed some decency recognizing his deflated countenance and gave an excuse to follow him out into the parking lot where she told him about us.  Turns out, only cost him twelve dollars and fifteen minuets to get him rolling with gusto!  Now THAT'S the kind of thing that makes me smile!  No newbies going home to new families yesterday, but we did manage to finish up two more!  In the interest of providing what some folks have been asking for, put out another "Daily Banger Special!"  This one a mere fifty for an 18 speed ladies MTB.  BUT for those looking for a little more flash, got a GORGEOUS Raleigh Ladies 21 speed MTB!  This one looks NEW!!
On the buying front, picked up several parts bikes (already stripped and out of the way) and one REAL humdinger of a scrap truck find!  someone actually through away a vintage ALL CHROME Spaceliner cruiser!  This one is SPECTACULAR!  Oh, sure, got a lot of rustication to do, but once finished she is going to SHINE!  Already got a new set of rubber for her! 
Also have that Trek 4300, with new bottom bracket in hand which will be finished up, post haste!
So with that, I will bid you a fond farewell, and see you soon!

ONLY $165.00!!

ONLY $50.00!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Can't Have It Both Ways!

So last night, after a hard day toiling away on newbies and repairs (more on that later), after the nightly barrage of "hello Daddy's!", hugs and kisses, I took a much needed shower and shave (yes, shaved off the winter Jihad beard) we ate dinner and after kiddo baths I plopped down on the couch.  Contrary to our somewhat normal perusal of Netflix, as Angi was in depth on her IPAD, I opted to do the unusual and breeze through cable.  settling on the Omni present "Law and Order" marathon, I etched a divot in the sofa cushion and half attention on it and half on what Angi was doing, I fully embraced the "vedge"!  No sooner were my eyes beginning to glaze over did the ever present "commercials" come on.  Usually, this results in me arbitrarily looking to spots in the room other  then the screen, but for one (that sadly was repeatedly played at every sponsored induced break) both my attention and my ire was peaked.  As with so much of the useless tripe now being passed off as "entertainment" it was a reality show "Nashville Wives".  Yes, there have been many shows of late featuring  gaggles of middle aged, overfed, over indulged and overly annoying, whining  prima donnas who's comfortable and opulent lifestyles seem to only further reinforce their incessant need to bitch.  Sorry for my language, but it's the only word that truly describes the level of disdain and contempt I feel for these preening harpies!  In this particular add, amongst images of opulent homes, manicured lawns, lavish trappings, racy sports cards, overindulgent shopping sprees, and prone women lounging pool side being served fruity cocktails while they try very hard to tan all the surgically enhanced accoutrement's they posses, one woman comments that she is working on a divorce.  The scene shifts to her having words with her music industry husband, as they voice over her stating that "all he focus is on is music and that doesn't work for me"
There is an old adage I truly believe in, and it is both true for males and females, "You can complain about money, or you can complain about time.  You can't complain about both!"
So, what?  You can cash his checks, you can spend his money, you can lavish yourself in a lifestyle that HE provides for, but then bitch (sorry, again, only word that applies) about the fact that he is consumed with providing that which YOU take for granted!?!?  UH, UNH honey!  It DOES NOT work that way!   No, if you were to say "look, none of this other stuff means anything unless I have you here to share it with"  THEN be wiling to downsize your lifestyle!  Perhaps sell that ENORMOUS rock adorning your finger, or give up one of the five super cars in your garage, and you'll have a leg to stand on. But, short of that, shut your collagen injected lips, grab a Mai Tai and go sit poolside!   My contempt for this kind of thing goes beyond the fact that people of affluence and privilege think for a second that they have anything to complain about!  They pluck the silver spoon from their mouth and in utter contempt bemoan the fact, with vitriol, that it is in fact, not gold!  No, its the fact that the greater population of the world, who have REAL problems, real strife and real hardship would actually watch these worthless individuals...and call it entertainment!
All right.
Stepping off my soapbox.
Yesterday was a hullabaloo of fun!  Sent the cool looking men's 26" cruise home with a returning gent, who even had me do a little further modifications with a nice set of ape hangers  and an upgrade to the seat.  Also, found a home for the sweet 5 speed tandem to a newly arrived Floridian!  Toward the tail end of the day we also sent the "Like NEW!" 26" MTB home with one of our regulars.  This being his third bike he has adopted from us.  Managed, also to put out two new goodies (cut me some slack, had lots of repair to do) one of them being a FULLY re-furbed classic men's cruiser, decked out with all NEW tires!  We also picked up and put out one heck of a garage find!  An absolutely flawless, almost new ladies Schwinn Trailway Hybrid!  Gorgeous pearl white!  Amongst some of the other goodies we picked up are a couple more Daily Bangers, and a real (soon to be) sweet medium frame Trek 4300 MTB.  Just have to pick up a new sealed bottom bracket for it, then she will be good to go!  Well, needs a full refurb as well but that goes without saying!
On to the magic of new world personal media, Facebook!
No, I'm not a fan.  I don't need to be shown what you are eating for dinner, or how many bowel movements your child has had, or see pictures of your cat sleeping and so help me if I see ONE more picture of a camel on Wednesdays,  I'm going all medieval!!!  But it has its uses.  This morning, as I was going about my chores, the phone rang.  Nothing unusual, but the voice at the other end inquired if I was who I was, by name.  I responded affirmatively, and the voice (oddly familiar) introduced himself as Mike Connolly!  Now, obviously, you may not know this person, but I sure do.  WAY back in the day, when I was a pre-teen,  just becoming a young man my older sister had a friend from high school, Mike.  Mike is five years my senior, and back then he walked WELL on the wild side.  He of course was casually into what all the kids were into, and he had a penchant for speed.  No, not amphetamines, I'm talking cars.  Fast.  He wouldn't go through a parking lot at less then 65.  In my youthful exuberance, I idolized and looked up to him.  He quickly became a staple in our household and as at this point in my life my parents had divorced and my Father, at the time enduring his own issues was much less a presence in my life.  Mike (unbeknownst to him) began to take on the role.  Not really as a father, but as a fun, reckless well meaning older brother, who took more then his fair share of delight in treating me as any older brother would.  Mischievous, at times malicious but with my best interests at heart.  Perhaps, he was unaware of the impact he was having on me.  Even though his occasional dalliances with both alcohol and pot were known to me, he made it clear somehow, that I needn't try.  It's hard to explain, but the feeling I got was if I was to indulge, it would be my own choice, but the wrong one.  And not wanting to pale in his eyes, I abstained.  And that abstention stuck with me.  Of course, there was the other end of the coin.  His influence led to, shall we say other venues, that in the interest of not offending, I won't go into details.  Suffice to say he set me up with my first "girlfriend" and chided me about it afterwards.  I spent many days and nights getting into trouble with him, six of the eighteen car accidents I had been in was with him (the dump truck incident being the fastest and scariest one!  Who knew a Chrysler Coronet could be opened up like a sardine can!)  All throughout my influential years, he's was there.  Then, as with all things, people move on, drift and fade from memory.  Life goes on.  Then this morning I am flushed with a swell of memories, of vivid clarity, and with the wisdom that one only accumulates with age, became truly aware of just how much his presence shaped me.  And now, some 27 years later I come to find out that he is alive and well, owns his own business, married with four children and has been living  all these years less then sixty miles away from us! 
It will be an interesting reunion lunch!
But I think I'll skip driving anywhere with him!
All right, I best be on my way! 
See ya soon!

ONLY $95.00

ONLY $170.00!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick Fly BY!

Okey Doke! 
Not much time for witty banter or blathering.  Managed to put out two newbies yesterday, very nice, and also picked up several new "soon-to-be" gems!  Also had a plethora of repairs came in.  Once they were done I got my groove back and was on a roll with new builds!  I have my energy hat on and want to get right back at it, so here are the new ones and I'll be back later with more!

ONLY $115.00!!!

ONY $95.00!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

No, Seriously What Holiday Is It!?

Apparently today is some kind of Holiday as I have been getting several calls this morning inquiring as to whether or not we are open. Not to mention the fact that the kids have school off today.  But I rarely associate most of their days off as holidays as they seem to have SO many!  Teacher day this, and study day that and conferences and what have you.  In lieu of the fact that they did NOT have school we made a calculative error and allowed some to stay up later then usual.  Owen and Rozy are on Daddy's "poo-poo" list, as their attitudes and behavior of late has been less the exemplary"!  Talking back, arguing, fighting constantly between themselves (they are less then a year apart in age and them being together is like putting a fire out with kerosene!) and their unwillingness to clean up after themselves much less help in the household duties has left Mama in a quandary.  This left me to do the whole "Wait until your father gets home" bit.  General rule, groundation, and each further transgression resulting in another day added to their sentence.  The level of vitriol generated by this resulted in their one day groundation stretching to three for Owen and an additional week for Rozy.  Yep, they really don't know when to cut their losses! 
Yesterday marked Angi and I being together for twenty years.  Now, for the record we were not married until the twentieth of this month, and as such, it being the "officially legal" sanction of our union (occurring seven years after we met) I had planned the real festivities for that date.  Angi, on the other hand had anticipated a celebration yesterday.
But, to her credit there was not much of a fuss.  Instead we just took the day to hang out and relax.  I spent some time with the kids (minus the two in their rooms) while Angi took some quiet "Me" time.  Then, as she puttered on her IPAD I sat next to her puttering with Magic cards, occasionally sharing what each other was working on.  It was all in all a pleasant day off.
Saturday was less then stellar, but that was not for a lack of folks coming in!  We had many looky loo's but had less then anything to show them!  Later in the day I did manage to pick up a SWEET classic Schwinn World Sport road bike though!  It's one we sold two years ago, and the gent traded it in.  We didn't have to do to much to it as he kept it in top shape.  We only had to replace one tire and upgrade the bottom bracket to a sealed one.  Also, put out a cool looking men's cruiser with a split top tube, and decked it out with a full re-furb and new tires!  The remainder of the day was consumed with repairs and trying to update our new "Parts Department" listings.  But today we still have several more to get out, so I will go ahead and sign off now to get a jump on that! 
See ya soon!

Schwinn World Sport Road Bike!
ONLY $160.00!!!
ONLY $90.00!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

On To The Next Day!

Well I don't know who said you can't have romance when you have children....but they were pretty much on the money!  Not to say Angi and I didn't try!  But, with so many other things and plans, when you have children you must be flexible!  Reducing your expectations to relative nill.  Angi was a little disappointed as the things she had ordered for me had not yet come in, except for some "Firefly" related window dressings for the shop (check out the front door next time you come by) and only two of the things I ordered came in.  But that's OK, as our Anniversary is on the twentieth (that's the wedding anniversary.  The anniversary of when we first met is on the sixteenth)  and the remainder of the items are intended for that day.  Of course, the Cosmos with its unnerving sense of humor, decided that Valentines day would be best celebrated by putting the full moon on display!  Yea.  The point in the lunar cycle when the kiddo's go batty.  Hence the term "lunatic"!  And they were in RARE form!  As the little ones are getting older their defiant streak is coming out.  Thoroughly testing our resolve against spanking children.  No, don't get me wrong, I'm not a granola crunching, Zamfir "Master of the Pan Flute" listening hippie that thinks children need their "space" and must "express themselves" (although, I did actually say that last bit one time, more as a joke then anything else) It's just that spanking's, while at times necessary, should be reserved as a last resort.  Let's face it, the thought of having to smack my children is abhorrent.  But then, sometimes the old adage "spoil the rod.." and all that, is applicable.  Their degree of in fighting, the level of disrespect and just over all bad attitudes has lead to a few "bottom pops" recently.  I just hope they get the point, and soon!  Needless to say, with all this going on, and our adherence to the fact that it was family movie night, any alone time for Mom and Dad came after midnight, in effect what gifts we did have for each other were given post Valentine.  No problem, at least it was in the spirit of the holiday!
Yesterday was very busy, thank you all very much! Once again selling out of all our adult sized bikes.  I did manage to get one more new goody out, in lieu of finishing repairs!  So check that out below.  I have three cruisers I will be putting together today, so keep your eyes peeled for them!  And don't forget to check out our new parts department!  The link is in the upper right hand corner of our home page! 
All right folks, it's back to the grind for me!  See ya all real soon! 

RE-Cycle is a family owned and operated "neighborhood bike shop" that specifically caters to those made to feel uncomfortable in those other "boutique" bike shops! We offer low price, quality service by using a combination of new, and/or refurbished parts best suited to NOT break your bank! How many times have you gone into another shop for what you anticipated to be a "simple" repair only to find you were going to have to pay more then you did to buy the bike?! Or left it there to be fixed for one price only to return to discover that what you owed had quadrupled! Or been made to feel less then intelligent or less then "cool" for riding your "old" bike? then felt pressured to just abandon it in favor of buying one of their "good" bikes?
Hey, if that's been your expireience rest assured that is NOT how we work around here! We have two things in common! 1: we rely on our own bikes for our sole source of transportation and 2: we are part of the working class!
We assess your needs through a creatively original process! We listen TO you! We let YOU tell us what you need and then find the best and cheapest way to attain it! We tell you UP FRONT what it will cost! Yes, every now and then we may discover another potential problem but here's the neat part...we CALL you and let you know what it is, and how much it will cost and get your permission FIRST! ALL of our work comes COMPLETELY backed with a FULL, 1 YEAR WARRANTY!!! Worst case scenario...If your ride is to far gone we offer FULLY refurbished bikes for sale, ALL backed with the same warranty and most for under a 100 bucks! We'll even through you in a trade for your old ride! ALL assessments are FREE and MOST work is done same day! So give us a call with any questions at (727) 831-9742. Walk in's welcome!
See ya soon!

ONLY $75.00!!
And a special shout out and a Re-cycle HOWDY to a young man who over the past few months has become a regular around here (and that's not necessarily a good thing for him, as we have to keep fixing various part of his bike!) for bringing us in a real NEAT gift!  More Window Art!  He did some work at one of the local movie theaters and got this real sweet promo poster that just look FAH-BU-LOUS in our window!  Thanks a whole bunch for thinking of us, man!


Friday, February 14, 2014


Come to think of it, that might not be the best word to provide an acronym for.
Yes, today is the day of love!  Loosely translated, this is the day florist LOVE!
A day when all women across the world are shown just how much they are revered, respected and loved (and men are hoping that such displays are rewarded with the chance to get some!)
All kidding aside, I'm a very fortunate individual when it comes to this.  I met and (eventually) married a woman MORE then qualified to be revered this time of year.  Now, there have been oft times where I have not had the where to all to do it right.  And she deserves it!  She has provided me with the gift of a gaggle of (most of the time) great kids numbering somewhere around nine, I think.  I loose count sometimes.  I just do a head count at dinner time to keep the numbers straight!  And at times we have suffered loss, or inequities, homelessness and strife, but through it all she has stuck with me.  And I'm sure there have been more then enough times she has done so for the opportunity to give me a "wake-up" head smack!  But, in the end, I am a lucky man to have found her all those years ago, giving me the opportunity to know what love really is! 
Yesterday was...dead.
I'm thinking it's due to the long weekend and the romantic start to it!  Perhaps folks are saving the pennies for hearts and flowers.  Who knows?!  But for us, it was a whiz bang of a repair day!  Having to wait out the last few days for a parts order, they started to pile up.  But after getting our goodies first thing, we banged out ELEVEN yesterday!  WHEW!!!  ALSO, managed to pick up five new goodies yesterday.  Here's hoping our dry spell is at an end.  Got three sweet looking cruisers and a couple more mountain bikes.  Heaven knows we NEED the stock.  So as soon as I put the finishing touches on the last repairs I'll be diving right into those! 
On the topic of our parts department.  Yes, I got the blog set up for it, but am having troubles cross referencing it to this blog.  Once I figure that out we will be cooking with gas!
All right, enough of the blathering, I gotta get to work!
See ya soon!
Oh, by the by, did manage to get one new one out, this one is a SWEET looking 24" classic Raleigh mountain bike!  Check her out!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

End O' The Day Blog!

Well, Logan and I are waterlogged at the shop!  I can handle a run in the rain, but he already got soaked coming here from Math Club and I don't want him to catch a chill.  So here we sit, waiting on United Cab.  And no,  just because I know you are going to ask, I do not wish we owned a car for moments like this.  I'd rather be inconvenienced once then be shackled with the daily inconvenience of car owner ship!  I'll keep my two wheels, thank you very much!
So, obviously with the onset of the rain earlier today, things slowed down considerably.  We did, however, send the newly minted Trek 800 home with a VERY happy young man.  He'd been searching high and low from here to his (until recently) home state of Missouri for just such a ride. However, the closest he could find was twice the price and only half the bike.  It was kind of funny, as he stood admiring the fine machine he asked if it "really was a Trek".  Apparently he couldn't believe how little we were asking for it considering it's excellent condition and how much he had seen similar bikes sell for elsewhere!  Heh, Heh!  Notice my thinly veiled self promotion?
Then the cab arrived.
Next Day!
As I was saying, he left a very happy camper.  We also sent the cute little 24" dual shock home with a gent, also a little surprised at just how little we were asking for it, as he asked, with a suspicious lilt to his inquiry,  "what was wrong with it".   Not a thing, that's just how we roll! 
Before the rain hit we also had several looky loo's come through, but alas, we are still a little light on stock.  We are working on another classic (almost done).  This one is turning out to be a sweet looking little vintage Raleigh Mountain bike.  I'm rather surprised actually, as this was a rusted away hulk sitting in bone row that I almost scrapped out.  Thankfully, desperation for anything to put out on the line drove me to give her a go.  I'm glad I did.   Old chrome and alloy always cleans up so well, but this one was so bad I thought it was a lost cause.  But, with some elbow grease (not to mention a few replacement parts) and she is turning out to be a real gem!  After that's done, it's back at the repairs!  They have languished for the past few days as I was waiting for an order of (*shudder*) new parts!  AHHHHHH!  As you can tell, we don't much care for adding to the countries landfills by ordering new stuff, but you do what you have to! 
Well, Elijah seems to be slowly adapting to life on the road.  Work has him Hopping!  In the last week and a half he has been to Georgia, Louisiana, West Virginia and currently waiting out a snow storm to head to Arkansas.  He announced on his last call, proudly, that he made his first snow angel!  Yes, still some kid in him.  After Arkansas, they have a lull and are not sure exactly how long they will have until they have to move on.  So it seems he will be cooling his heels at the hotel until they get their marching orders.  I'd love to tell him about any scenic hot spots he might visit while waiting there...but I can't think of any.  Oh well. 
I best get a move on!  These repairs are not going to fix themselves!  Wouldn't that be cool, though?  Like, straight out of Stephen Kings Christine.  I sit on a stool, look at the bike, then in a low tone say...
"OK, Show me."
See ya soon! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Here are four new goodies for your perusal!  First is a sweet looking ladies purple 18 speed MTB in "LIKE NEW" condition! 

Fully Re-furbed and ONLY $95.00!!
Next we have a Classic men's 26" MTB, 18 speed and fully re-furbed!  This one is only $90.00!!  and in excellent condition!

Next up is a sweet looking men's 26" "Specialized Hard Rock" wanna be!  A little heavier then it's inspiration but still sports some nice components!  Upgraded with a full set of Pro-Max brakes, along with NEW brake shoes.  NEW set of X-Rims wheel, and tricked out with Hutchinson rubber.  A new comfy, padded MTB seat, and all new cables and housings.  A real gem!

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All this and for ONLY $110.00!!  WOW!
And now the cream of the crop, the king cheese....An abso-freakin-lutely GORGEOUS classic Trek Antelope 800 MTB!!  This one was garage kept w/regular maintenance!  And she shows it!!  All original but with new rubber and cables!  FULLY refurbed and running like a clock!!! WOW!!

This one is cherry!!  ONLY $160.00!!

Well, that's it for today folks!  We will see ya'll tomorrow! 

And He Rose Victoriously!

Angi and I experienced our first foray into the auction circuit last night!  Thank heavens for at least acquiring some knowledge as to their inner workings by watching cable!  Angi did a very good job as an auction goers wife.  She looked very attractive while maintaining a supportive role, while at the same time pointing out the things she wanted me to bid on for her!  She got three big trays of vintage costume jewelry, a antique wash basin (which I'm sure at this point she is still trying to find a place to display it while keeping it a safe distance from little Miss Grabby Hands!)  She also stumbled upon a framed copy of her favorite print by Gustav Klimt, "The Kiss", which is now prominently displayed in our living room.  Finally, toward the tail end of the evening they got to what I was there for, the bicycles!  Honestly, I paid too much for them.  But I'll tell you, you get really caught up in it!  I was chomping at the bit when the bidding started.  The first was a "Choice" Lot of six bikes.  This means, first you bid, then the winning bid gets to "choose" out of the bikes which one(s) he/she wants.  Much to the chagrin of the competing bidder, I choose four out of the six.  And yes folks, I couldn't help but approach the row of bikes announcing my intentions, with a swelled chest filled with arrogant victorious pride!  Very out of characture for me!  (stop laughing honey).  The only reason I didn't take all six, was the other two, while nice looking vintage three speeds, were not of notable origin, and neither had working rear hubs, so not worth the cash.   In the end, however it does help us fill the store a bit, and they are in really good condition, but we are not going to make a killing on them, I assure you!  It really surprised me how much some of the stuff there bid out for.  I mean, a lot of it looked like the stuff you find in the reject boxes at yard sales!   In the end, though, I think I caught the bug!  I went to an auction once, YEARS ago when I was twelve  with an employer of mine.  It was for farming equipment and supplies, and in the middle of a bidding duel for some huge tractor I itched my nose and they recorded it as the winning bid.  Needless to say I was mortified and made to sit in the truck for the remainder of the auction.  So it was a LONG time before I had the nerve to step into another one.  I learned, though,  Angi and I stood to the side until we wanted to bid on something.  She was good, though!  When they were doing a table bid, she saw what she wanted and strode right through the crowd to get in the front.  And boy, some of those folks in attendance take their positions in line VERY seriously!  One snooty lady took offence that Angi, even with a polite "excuse me", dared get ahead of her.  To which Angi gave her best "screw you" smile. 
Never mess with an Irish girl! 
In the end, got some choice rides to put the shine on, then will be posting them!  Keep an eye peeled here later today for pics! 
We will take this chance to thank ALL the folks for coming in with their repairs yesterday!  We have QUITE a back log!  Special shout out to all the folks referring friend to come see us!  A big one to our buddy Robin for bringing down a friend with a truckload of repairs (literally). 
all right, now I best get at it, got some heavy chores ta do taday!
See ya!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Growing to big, too quick!

Well, it would appear I have become somewhat obsolete!  As Elijah has left the home for greener pastures (albeit temporarily) the seating arrangements at the table have shifted. Each child moves one seat over.  This has brought young Ms. Miranda from the high chair to the table.  At least as a consolation I am still feeding her evening meal.  Or that is to say I was.  No, almost in conjunction with Elijah's departure and her move to the big table, young miss has decided she is big enough to feed herself!  They grow to damn quick!  I liked that time at dinner I could just focus on her as it's the only time she maintains eye contact for more then 10 seconds as the remainder is spent exploring every facet of her surroundings with very rapid grabby hands!  Of course, growth is not limited to the youngest. Oh nay, nay!  Perhaps it's our changing nest that has made me more keenly aware of each child's peccadillo's but some of them at times can be hilarious!  Logan is finally starting to come out of his shell and smartly acquiring some of Dad's questionable traits!  In particular, his risqué sarcastic humor.  He got us good with a couple this weekend that had us in hysterics! 
Speaking of this weekend!  Tax time came around again!  YAY!  The one time of year that the true value of all our little tax deductions becomes apparent!  Of course we did the annual bringing of all accounts up to date, and thankfully we were not far off!  Then Angi and I went out to support our national economy and splurged on the kiddos!  Granted, it wasn't toys they would have appreciated more, BUT it was all new wardrobes for each child and all new bedding.  The last sets were somewhat scattered.  As Owen has a tendency to sneak pieces outside for swings and hammocks and such.  Then, of course, Mama's annual phone upgrade (not to mention some more Magic cards for her geek husband!).  All in all, a busy weekend!
But now I am back here and on target.  And BOY what a weekend!  The demand has not let up!  Built three on Saturday, but they sold just as quickly as I could put them out.  And sorry, but I'm not going to go through the cruelty of picturing them here.  Unfortunately doing that confuses some folks as I get calls asking if we still have the bike, even though we have labeled them as sold.  Suffice to say, there were two nice hybrids and a cruiser.  'Nuff said!  Also, we'd like to thank ALL the folks bringing in their repairs!  We stayed late on Saturday to finish up a couple for folks willing to wait!  Even on Sunday, when even though we were closed, I had to run to the shop to grab a couple things I forgot, and found two folks waiting at the door.  Don't know how long they were here, but I guess they assumed we were still open on Sunday. 
And also, on the "hate the messenger" front, please don't.  You have heard me talk before of the ten minute rule?  Where someone looks at a bike we have, really likes it, but decides they are going to "go check out a couple more places" or "is going to think about it" then inevitably someone comes in ten mins later and snatches it up?  Well, just such a thing happened with the ladies GT we had.  A lady came in, rode it, loved it, but was going to "look around".  This time, as she was leaving a gentleman came in, test rode it and came back in, leaving it outside stating "I'm Sold!" and rode her away, a happy camper.  Then, less then a half hour later the lady came back in (apparently she had gone up the street and damn near died when she saw how much the NEW equivalent of that hybrid sold for) to buy the bike and was quite livid that it was no longer here.  She questioned, quite animatedly, why I sold the bike she wanted.  Admonishing me for selling it out from underneath her.
Um.... 'cause we are a bike shop?  That sells bikes?  Please forgive my sarcasm but what some people find for cause of indignation sometimes surprises me. 
We are STILL waiting for folks to bring in more goodies!  I prayed this morning for someone to bring me in a truckload of bikes to buy, but unfortunately I was not specific enough.  Sure enough, a truckload DID come in...but with only ONE of them being salvageable!  Yes folks, even WE cannot save ALL bikes!  I hate to see them go to the scrap yard, but I can only hope they enjoy their next life, whatever that incarnation shall be!
All right, I have blathered enough, now it's on to work!
See ya soon!

Our little Miss experimenting with table manners!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Plays Like A Country/Western Song!

So, last night after dining on a fine meal of crow , both Angi and I realized we were being stupid and buried the hatchet.  Thankfully I skillfully zigged and she buried it in the table instead!
 Of course, any kind of opportunity to seal the sorry was waylaid by a very grumpy Miranda who had us up until 12.30 after a short power nap at seven O'clock! 
It worked out OK, as I was forced to sit down and watch Happy Feet 2 with her.  I've been hesitant to watch it since it's released, as I was not overly fond of the first.  It was OK, but just a wee bit Polyanish for me,  This one, however was wonderful.   Matt Damon and Brad Pitt supplying the voices for two Krill (yea, the little shrimp thingies that whales eat) were HILARIOUS!! 
Elijah is having a tough time of it.  Not with the job, as much with the distance.  The realization has set in regarding the demands of the job and travel, not to mention the long time away from everything he has known for the last eighteen years.  I'm just thankful we can text and Skype so as to help him through it.  I know he will eventually adjust but it is hard to hear him struggling.  We all miss him, and the void at the dinner table is hard to adjust to as well. 
Sorry to be maudlin.
I want to thank all the looky loo's from yesterday braving the elements to come in and check us out, some of whom have had the fortitude to keep coming back, in search of the perfect ride.  We feel very honored that they have chosen to wait for us to get that ride instead of just going somewhere else!  The ladies cruiser we put out two days past sold right out of the gate after we opened, and we did manage to put out two newbies as well.  Thought it was going to be three, but as I was working on what I thought would be a nice Giant Cypress, and after completely stripping it down, realized that the bad sealed bottom bracket was NOT coming out!  The curse of steel rusted in aluminum!  ARRGH!  Sadly, had to scrap it.  Although the bright side is I got some good parts to rebuild a Trek we got in.  Which reminds me, thank you to the several who made donations yesterday!  A couple are a little to far gone for rebuild, but they bore some good part that will come in handy!
Speaking of parts, still working on the parts department for the blog, digging through our plethora of parts buckets, discovering all sorts of treats I forgot we had!  HOO-RAY for organization! 
So with that, I'm gonna get back at it and see if I cant get that up and running!
See ya soon!

20" MONGOOSE 3.0
ONLY $50.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mother Nature? Could you PLEASE Make Up Your MIND!?

So, yesterday I came in and had to turn on the AC, which, of course, immediately froze over, forcing me to shut her down and open up doors, inviting in heat and humidity.  This of course inspired the clouds to open up and grace us with rain.  Apparently somewhere behind it loomed a nasty cold front as this morning we awoke to cold rain!  Adding insult to injury, I had completely forgot to finish my laundry (by finish I mean I brought it to the laundry room but forgot to put it in the machine).  This of course led to a Daddy temper tantrum this morning, but in the end I had to come to work in shorts.  Yay! for organization!  That of course didn't help the current atmosphere around the house.  February is not exactly a good time of the year for us.  Can't explain why, but for some reason both Angi and I get a tad bit, disgruntled.  And who are we going to vent our frustrations on?  Yea.  So take Irish temper, mix it with French arrogance, sprinkle a little German aggression and a dab of  Polish ignorance and shake it all together and pour into two fire signs. then step back and watch the explosive mix!  OY!  In a nutshell, we are both being pretty FREAKIN' STUPID!
See, most folks, when they see us together, don't always get us. She is class. Plain and simple.  She carries herself with confidence and purpose, poise and elegance.  She can make anything look good, and takes command of any social interaction with grace and ease.  Me?  Well my nickname, Scruffy about sums it up.  The thing is, that her best attribute can, at times, be her detriment.  Fire.  Fire can warm you, serve to fuel your needs, but if it gets too intense, it will scorch you.  Unfortunately, I have the habit of throwing way  to many logs on it!  Hence our current predicament.   Of course, as always it will all blow over in a couple days.
 Of course Logan mentioned something to Angi yesterday, regarding the Valentines party at his school. 
Apparently both her and I lost track of what time of the year it was.  Not wanting to be caught unaware....AGAIN!  I spent this morning preparing for the season.  Yes, right this very moment neither of us is very thrilled with each other, but I realize that THAT feeling is fleeting.  She has been with me and with us for a long time, and we have been through a lot.  She is far more  worthy of my adoration and praise, respect and love. so I am not going to let this holiday slip by without celebration.  To that end I did a wee bit of detective work spying through her Facebook, Amazon and a variety of other sites she visits to locate her "Wish Lists".  WHEW!  That is sure a lot of digging!  BUT, I secured some very nice gifts, with thankfully enough time to ship and have before the Holiday (not to mention our two anniversaries ALSO in February!!).
Yesterday was another repair day, plus spending some time doing a rebuild on a classic Chicago Schwinn.  Not for sale though.  We put the finishing touches on a project bike a customer was doing for his wives birthday.  Did manage to put one out, though.  This one came from digging through the slim pickings in Bone Row, so she took a bit of finesse to get up and running!  Check her out!  Today we have managed to pick up a couple more, in need of a lot of TLC, so I best get a move on!
See ya soon!

ONLY $65.00!!