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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fine Wine...or Milk

Have yet to decide how I am ageing.
I use to to enjoy rainstorms. The fresh smell, the sounds the raindrops create, that hollow rumbling sound of thunder and the flash of lightening (especially at night).  Now?  I find myself irritated for it's intrusion into business.  Ugh.  Have I grown...responsible?  Dare I say, A respectable business man?
Lets hope not.
It's no fun being a 'grup (have to check that term out on Star Trek TOS (episode 8 'Miri"))
Now the only thing I need to Know about this rain (if any of you know ANYTHING about animal husbandry)  How do you "sex" these smaller animals?  I mean He told me 2 of each animals, but it's not like he left any instructions on how to tell the difference.  And just what the hell is a Cubit?
But the COOL thing about this rain?  Last night as it rained HEAVY I gathered up a bunch of pots and pans to catch the drips from the ceiling when I realized "WOW", our ceiling DOESN'T leak!!  What a treat!  In our old house each time it rained we had a pretty water fall come down the front wall of the living room, and if necessary you could shower over the dining room table.  Convenient.
I envision myself a pudgy, cantankerous gray haired old man with a stained beard. Not all that dissimilar to that of the Old prospector in those 50's westerns. Without the hat.
Anyway, I digress.
Was able to put out two yesterday, and some repairs.
I'd like to give thanks to our newest Bud, Chris for allowing us the pleasure to start work on his collection of 3-Wheelers, and can't wait to dig into the challenge of his 2 "in a box of parts" 3-wheelers!  We can rebuild them...we have the technology!
And to another Chris, the UPS guy, for coming to US for your sons birthday present.  I know he'll enjoy the AWESOME Mongoose BMX you picked out!
And to Khoi, for not only choosing us to build his "dog runner special" (hopefully he can tucker out his wiry doberman) but for being patient with my inability to spell.  As I said yesterday my brain was mush!
And to David, for being a man of unique tastes (and somewhat eccentric, but that's cool...we like eccentric) for his order on the old Schwinn cruiser we got in a couple of weeks ago.  he wants a full mechanical build but leave it looking like the rusty hulk that it is.  A "sleeper".  Cool
So Now, I will battle back the whole "rainy-day-just-want-to-crawl-back-in-bed" doldrums and get some work done.
ONLY  $60.00!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ever have one of those mornings where your brain refuses to function on anything "higher brain function" and resorts instead to the "lizard brain" or rudimentary survival instincts?
YEP.  It's one of THOSE mornings! 
Stayed up way to late last night.  Had Friends from the shop over hanging out, watching snippets from "who's line is it anyways?" and twiddling with mommas new Ipod.  Well not NEW, got it in trade towards a bike yesterday, I had intended to keep it for myself, so I could be COOL like everyone else in the house, but she liked it so I got her old one in exchange.  Which was Kinda fun as I got to watch her and Elijah moan and groan as I deleted all the music from it (heh heh) and replace it with mine!  And of course as I was downloading I just HAD to listen to some of it!  Should of seen their precious faces as I played the ENTIRE "In a Gadda Davida" tune...17+ minutes of raw jam, and Mom was rather disturbed with Blood Rocks, DOA!  Hey, at least I didn't subject them to Weird Al, or my Big band/swing selections! 
So as I was saying my skull now contains a slooshy gray matter, comically attempting to mimic the functions it was once world famous for.
OH, OK I'm sorry, I can't even back that up!
Yesterday (was a blur) We saw the departure of the Trek 800, to an awesome couple from out of state, thanks SO MUCH for the words of support and encouragement!  WOW!  And yes sir we WILL be keeping an eye out for a bike for you as well!
The Ladies "Daily Banger Special" MTB went out almost as soon as the doors opend (as they usually do) to a wonderful young lady buying it for her husband, an when you are ready we'll find one for you as well, mam!
The Thruster Rampage went to a young man who was QUITE excited to find it on line, so much so that on the way here to pick it up, he called 3 times just to make sure we knew he was SERIOUS about getting it! 
Which does remind me to remind you all that which I often remind myself to remind you to remember (Oh Lord I've gone cross eyed) that we do make EVERY attempt to keep the "What's still here" list updated, but sometimes we get busy, and I don't get to it in time,  so it's ALWAYS best (especially if you have a distance to travel) to CALL first.  Case in point was the Trek 800.  Actually had a lady come into the store to buy the bike as the couple who bought it were walking out with it!  Then 15 minutes later another came in for the same bike!  We HATE to see folks go away empty handed and unhappy.
We'll take this time to say a big WELCOME ABOARD to our newest I mean scratch that, EMPLOYEE (YEA, that's the ticket!) Adam!  Another much needed shop hand to help keep us clean and organized (OK, ya got me to help GET us clean and organized!)  And i am quite impressed, he came in on Sunday to help out Angi, and he cleaned the bathroom, and Low and Behold I had NO IDEA that the linoleum back there was WHITE!  I thought Smokey gray grease was a color choice!  As we speak he's finding all the parts for the bucket of head sets we have.  One at a time.  And No we don't have a nick name for him yet, but I'm leaning towards Hercules.  Not for the physical prowess but because he came to us via his friend and our "Shopping Plaza Buddy" who works at the Dollar store (and hangs at the house) Hannah, who bears a striking resemblance to a young Lucy Lawless (AKA, Zena, Warrior Princess)!
BUT, as with so many things, all shall be revealed in time.
Well, it's been a hoot but I think maybe, perhaps I should, sorta go to work...or something.  I leave you with Pics of our goodies from yesterday, and (FINALLY) Paco has sent me another finished strip (1 more and we solicit for syndication...please keep your fingers crossed) and I give you a snippet of what kept us giggling last night!
ONLY $85.00

ONLY $165.00!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Was that a DUCK?

Ahh, the rainy season.
When a young mans fancy turns to thoughts of...rubber rafts.
I know, considering the condition of some regions of our globe, I have NO right to gripe about the cascading flood that flowed through our parking lot (and in conjunction down Sunset Point Road) yesterday.  But in my own little self serving, egotistical was inconvenient.  Yes I know, how dare  I  compare that trifle with the calamity that my brother humans have been faced with?  it's BECAUSE I'm human, that i think thus.  To quote one of my favorite movies "It rains and the rain causes a major car accident and as you sit in traffic you say "Why does this always happen to ME?"*
But on the up side, it's fun to watch the wakes cause by the cars trying to get through the slosh! 
And I never should have thrown away that rubber raft that sat in the shop FOREVER!
Yesterday was an up down day, rain aside.  Sold the GT to a VERY wise gentleman who knew a good deal when he saw one.  Plus i took a little more off the top.  As always I LOVE TO DICKER!
On the downside,,,
One of our new regulars came in yesterday (no he's not the problem) We've been trying to help this gentleman solve his biking issues.  He's chosen bike riding for physical therapy to help him on the mend, but needed a Hybrid when we had none. He Had a budget and ended up at Wal-mart for his Hybrid.
The FIRST one he bought started to fall apart the 2nd day out.  Warped wheels, bad crank and pedals, rear freewheel, you name it.  Then he brought it back after we gave him the laundry list of problems and to their credit they gave him another one which he then brought directly to us for an examination.
This one was worse then the first!  Among other things the bottom bracket housing was stripped!
Anyway during the inspection he had informed us that whilst checking our listings on the net he informed us that we had been given a bad review on google.  Concerned, we checked it out.  Turns out someone had stated that they had ordered parts through us (from our distributor) and had been waiting three weeks for the parts (shifters?) .  And that when they had not received them, contacted us and we didn't know what they were talking about?  Now I'll be the first to admit (and my wife will RESOUNDINGLY agree) that I don't have the best memory in the world, but I have NO recollection of any of this.  Neither making the order or getting an inquiring call back.  BUT, questioning my memory I went back through our receipt books.  The comment had been posted on March 1st so I went back 2 Months from that date and had NO record of ANY special orders?  So it begs the question, "What exactly is going on?"
Let's face it, we have become used to being besmirched from time to time, but that feeling of "Hey, were just trying to do our best to serve our community, and yes we DO screw up from time to time.  But WE WILL own those mistakes and make it right!"
So this is a general call out to "Bill" If we DID do you wrong and DO owe you PLEASE call us, bring in the receipt (If it's a special order there's ALWAYS a receipt) and we'll make it right!
All right, I'll get off of that and shake it off!
Well today looks a little clearer, and I Got me a "soon to be pretty" 3 wheeler on my rack, Zombie-Boy is "In DA Howse!" and working on another banger...From there?  I think we'll need to hit the garage!
So y'all have a great day and hope to see ya soon!

* "Hudson Hawk"

Monday, March 28, 2011

All Things Brady

Inevitably, when spending the day off with my children thoughts irrevocably drift to that of the Brady Bunch.
And how much my kids, 'aint.
Yes, the epitome of early 70's suburban bliss, where America was happy, smiling, carefree and snowy white (not to mention, at civil and social duress, war and I said "NOT" to mention)
Hey, for a kid growing up in rural/suburban New England it was not THAT far from reality TV.  Hence my desire for a big family.
Like I said...civil and social duress, war and upheaval...
But as I stood pruning my hedges and doing yard work my mind couldn't help but wander.
Perhaps the Brady Bunch was NOT so Sublime.  They skated the razors edge on a FEW occasions, subtly of course.  I could remember one episodes (thanks to Wikpedia for confirming my facts) in the fifth season, that was an attempted "Backdoor pilot", entitled "Kelly's Kids" where a suburban couple (friends of Mike and Carrol) end up adopted three boys, a white kid, an Asian American, and an African American (forgive me if the terms are not politically correct...I'm not hip) I mean think about it.  This was Saccharine sweet, middle America TV here folks!  To have such a controversial concept as a MIXED FAMILY on prime time TV!  Back THEN!  I mean we were no where NEAR as socaily advanced as to be ready for that!   For obvious reasons the show in it's initial form didn't make it to a series.  Only in 1986 did the "Concept" make it, then ran for only 6 episodes.  Obviously the networks STILL weren't ready to admit that this kind of unconventional family was acceptable.
Hey we've come a long way (somewhat)
And there were some (UN)intentional bloopers that ACTUALLY made it to air time!  I offer those snippets below (special hint, watch Robert Reeds Mouth when he's talking to'll know what to look for.  And Just WHAT is Peter doing to Bobby?)
Ahh, the beauty of the Internet for research!  You find all KINDS of neat stuff!
And as far as work goes, Angela figured out the slow pace of this weekend...SPRING BREAK!  Shows you how informed, and observant I am.  I didn't even know the kids were off this week! 
So we will be building and building and building goodies, y'all make us a stop on yer exploits!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Puppies, puppies, everywhere puppies.

My beloved wife is once again engaged in her search for the perfect husky.  But I highly doubt that I will be able to afford $1900.00 for a dog.  Not that I don't like dogs mind you, I'd just rather spend the money on the kids, her and I (if I had it to begin with) but she can dream, right.  'sides I'd rather have a pound dog, anyway.
And then she's watching film of the Japan disaster (all our prayers).  She's a little peeved at this point as some folks are taking there footage and doing voice overs with soundtracks?  They been watching WAY to much Fox!
Today was oddly quiet.  We don't like it quiet.  Don't let that happen again, OK?
But hey, it was rewarding in other ways.  Sold the Ladies RM to a young lady looking to get back into it after a 16 year absence!  You go, Girl! 
The ladies 24" huffy Beach Cruiser went out to a young lady who SWORE it was identical to a bike she had "lost" (to her ex-boyfriend) 2 years ago, and she "HAD to have it!"  Well now she does.
And sold the 3-wheel "Daily banger Special to an awesome young man who was ECSTATIC that his folks were buying it for him!  I'm glad we could be a part of helping him "Get out of the house more"!  It's things like that, that make this job worth while.
And a very warm thanks to all the folks coming in to check out the swag, and thanks for the wonderful, ego boosting praise!  We'll try to be worthy of it!
Zombie-boy and I managed to get out 2 more today.  Yea, I know, but they both needed ALOT of work, and it had become a labor of love!
So now, it's Fajita night at the old homestead, and then tomorrow?   I'm taking my day off back! 
My yard is starting to miss me.
2005 TREK 4100
ONLY $155.00

1995 TREK 800
ONLY $120.00!!!

wHY are you inside on SUCH a Beautiful Saturday!?!?!?

That being said, before you go running out into the sunshine, do you have plans?  Well you know as well as I the ONLY thing (aside from hitting Yard Sales) you would be rather doing is RIDING A BIKE!  And i need not berate the point.  If you don't have one...GET ONE!  And Please include us on your shopping stops.  TRUST ME, your wallet will thank you (not to mention your waistline...says the fat man!)
 Believe me, I'd be a lot better off id i rode more bikes then built them!  Occupational hazzard! (that and eating cheese at 1.30 in the morning while I'm sitting up with the baby.  HEY, it's Havarti!)
So, we have many goodies to offer today and are building MANY more!  Zombie-Boy is making a rare Saturday appearence (I think it's 'cause he saw how busy we were LAST weekend, lets not dissapoint him, K?  I hate it when he pouts) Have ANOTHER sweet Trek 800 OLD SCHOOOOOL on my rack.  this one a Lovely Magenta!  but it's a mens?  Must have been made in the "it's OK for men to be sensitive" 90's, (hey I cried during "Steel Magnolias", didn't you?)  And have already started buying more SWAG, picked up another SA-wheat Trek aluminum, that a hungry Zombie-boy scoffed up ( I bet he's happy NOW)
And speaking of YARD SALES!  visited a few this morn, and got some more keen videos, amongst them, a copy of "Smokey and the Bandit!"  Oh THAT one's going on as soon as I get off here!  And Angela found me a copy of Patrick Stewert's "A Christmas Carol" (although, for my money, NOONE did it as good as George C. Scott!!  Hands down)'
Allright enough irreleevent blather )bet your saying that happened after the title!)  So we will see you ALL here today (that's me using the Jedi mind trick)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gotta git' But here ya go!

Today was a BUILDING FRENZY for Saturday!  Many new goodies and many more to be built tomorrow!  Check 'em out, and I'll talk EXTRA long winded tomorrow Morn' and Bore you to tears!


ONLY $85.00!!!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

ONLY $210.00!!!

ONLY $55.00!!!

ONLY $45.00!!!


First, sorry to any and all whom may have came by the shop last night after 6 pm.  Had another concert at the school (this one for Logan, Who did a GREAT job by the way!) then we went out for ice cream.  THOUGHT we had the shop covered but everyone else bailed early as well.  Go figure!
But I didn't even have time to blog, so here goes, first and foremost, thanks to all the great folks coming by yesterday.  Nice day, brings out nice people!  the Next Plush left with a wonderful Momma, who performed the whole transaction, including making room in her car for the bike, while balancing a very well behaved baby on her hip!
The Raleigh pseudo-Banger left about 15 minutes after hitting the floor to one of our regulars!  Thanks' Mate!  New that one wouldn't last/  Zombie-Boy is almost done with two paint projects, the Old JC-Penny bike we got in on trade last week, that we promised the gentleman who traded it in we would give it a new life, and MAN...did he ever!  Check later today to see this beauty!  AND on top of it, he has the SWEET GT MTB almost in shape.  He was waiting on the rear derailleur (which came in this morning)  I expect it to be out soon (provided his butt ain't still passed out on his couch!!!  WAKE UP!)  And Jose' was burning through goodies yesterday, pounding out re-pairs and keeping us moving ahead.  As well as putting out a SWEET ladies Hybrid, another "Daily Banger", and an AWESOME little BMX'er!  Hopefully, He too will be in soon as we have MUCHO EL STUFFO to put together!  And me, well an odd anomaly occurred in the shop yesterday, apparently some quirk of nature,  perhaps a small tear in the gravitational field, surrounded the general vicinity of the desk, and adversely affected the chair, by removing it's atomic mass to zero, and in order to keep it from  floating away into the nether sphere, I had to weigh it down.  Now even more strange is the necessary mass/weight ration required to do it was in fact, EXACTLY that of my ass.  GO FIGURE!  So, not wanting the chair to float away and quite probably wreak havoc with the local air traffic control..I did my civic duty...and "Sat on it"
(are you buying ANY of this?)
OK, onto the topic of our title (or is that title of our topic?) 
Yesterday I was QUITE flabbergasted to say the least!  Now anyone that has been following this blog, knows that OCCASIONALLY I may, perhaps, SUBTLY poke fun at "boutique" bike shops.  But you may also have noticed that I have the good taste and professionalism to NOT mention them by name, as there are many who have, in the past, had "not-so-professional" opinions of us.  Petty?  Perhaps.  But hey, if Coke and Pepsi can do it (I mean come on they had a WAR!) why not us?
But today i will break with standard protocol, dispense with objective professionalism...
And name names!  Well one at least...
Chain Wheel Drive!
There I said it.  Probably one of the oldest Bike shops in the area (I hear tell)  the epitome of "Boutique Bike Shop" snobbery.
And boy Howdy, was I WRONG!!!
For the last couple of months I've had some folks coming in to check us out, buy a bike or do a re-pair and they've had these little slips of paper, like a big business card, with our name, address, phone number and google map, obviously printed out from our web listing's.  I, being the sharp witted individual that I am, took several times to finally become inquisitive and ask a customer with said slip of paper  "How did you hear about us?"
"Chain wheel drive RECOMMENDED you"
Not only have they been recommending us to folks looking for inexpensive used bikes, but ALSO inexpensive re-pairs!!  And not only that, someone there went as far as to print out these little slips of paper to hand out to customers!  I mean folks, i gotta hand it to them this goes above and beyond the call of customer care and professionalism. I was QUITE wrong about these folks, and where we may not see eye to eye on certain things, I aways like to be wrong about a negative, 'cause in the end, We all win!
So the next time I bad mouth a "Boutique Bike Shop" (and you know I will) the list DOES NOT include "Chain wheel Drive!"
SO, I have to get back to work now.
I think the chair has gone back to normal.

ONLY 95.00!!!

ONLY $70.00

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

yep, I was right, lot's ta yak about!

Today was a pleasant maelstrom of activity!  Started off quite but that didn't last long!  Met many a fascinating personages today and thanks so much for all the AWESOME comments, and I must apologize for the mess!  Re-pairs were flooding in (thanks for all the trust folks!  I love that so MANY people are realizing that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to do so.  Nothing makes my heart sing then the look of pleasant surprise on peoples faces when they have decided they are going to start riding again and they want to buy a new(er) bike then the one they have rusting in their garage, and I inform them that it would be in their best interest to have us check out the bike they are planning on discarding BEFORE they buy another one (hey it's FREE to do so) as in most cases things seem worse then they are.  It may turn out that the re-pairs would be cheaper (besides it keeps one more bike on the road and one less in the scrap yard!)  Speaking of scrap yards!  A few days ago we picked up a '71 Schwinn Cruiser that was headed towards just such a sad ending, I spotted it in the back of a truck in the parking lot and asked the scrapper how much to keep it safe from it's impending doom.  We settled on a price, and I had it in the shop no more then a few minutes and a gentleman, buying a bike for his wife saw it and was truly enthralled with it.  He called back today from Sarasota asking if we had done anything with it.  Now mind you this thing while beautiful, is a rusted hulk.  He wants us to do a mechanical re-furb ion it but keep it looking just as is, rust faded paint and all.  He wants us to build a Sleeper!  COOL!
So all hands were on deck today and we bought us some KILLER goodies!  ANOTHER 3-wheeler, maybe this one will last to see the sales floor~  A sweet GT MTB, that Zombie-Boy DOVE on as soon as it came in, he's already done a full repaint (Cast gray, and black metal flake, GORGEOUS!) and was about to bite my head off 'cause I grabbed the Schwinn Ranger 2.6.  And that baby sold while it was still in the tear down phase to a WONDERFUL gentleman very enthusiastic about riding again for health reasons!  He bought the Ladies Hybrid for his wife (bless his heart) and even went right out and bought a bike rack for his truck and everything!  He;s REALLY getting into it!  More power to you sir!
And thanks for coming to us to the wonderful couple from up North, whom are AVID cyclists, and wanted to come and get a bike from US!  We are honored to have served you on your visit!
Thanks to James from New York whom SOMEHOW heard of us, and fell in love with the Xootr fold up bike.  Seems it's cheaper to buy the bike from us and pay to have it shipped up to him rather then go and buy one there! WOW!!  Again we are quite honored!
Jose' was in his regular form and pumped out three bikes and a score of re-pairs keeping us rolling!  I was bouncing about the shop helping folks out but managed to get a little farther on the three wheelers, and prepping the Schwinn as well as doing some re-pairs of my own, along with re-building a rear end for another 3wheeler we built a month ago.  Seems we screwed up on THAT re-build and missed a crucial problem with the axle, leading to catastrophic failure (it seized up) so the easiest solution was replace the whole assembly!  OUR BAD!  Well, that's the benefit of the 1 year warranty, and thankfully they weren't TOO peeved!  Again, DREADFULLY sorry!  Then when all was said and done my lovely wife came and relieved me as, sadly old age once  again reared it's ugly head as in the guise of a pulled back (either it;s old age or  a fat gut...either one)  so I came home a little early, only to find the hard work Angela had done today at cleaning had been...revoked by our darling children.  SO MUCH for relaxation.
But all ends well as they realized the error of their ways and had it remedy by the time Daddy got outta the shower! 
Smart kids.
Well tomorrow should be a cranked up day as we have plenty of goodies to build and hopefully the willpower (and ALOT of Advil) to do it!
Night y'all!


And i pop up again!
OK, been a couple days, sorry!  Our computer was tired and needed a bath!  You have NO IDEA how much dust and debris can build up in a tower in a dusty work shop, WOOF!  Jerry, our new buddy, spent bout 6 hours cleaning this sucker up, and doing some serious rerouting (rewiring?) to this Frankenstein!  And he still has to replace the mother bra, or bored mother or whatever that thingy is!  But that's the beauty of the barter system!  We build him a bike, he builds us a better computer!
Well the last 48 hours has been a whirlwind, and I'm sure I'll have alot to yak about tonight, but we're behind the 8 ball on several special orders and I gotta get back to it.  So until then enjoy these lovely pics of some of our latest!
Unique Ladies Cruiser
ONLY $95.00

ONLY $165.00

ONLY $85.00

ONLY $85.00

Monday, March 21, 2011

before I go...

ONLY $120.00!!!

Yes...we do BUY bikes....yes....we do FIX bikes.....yes....we do SELL bikes

Thanks to all once again for a fabulously funky, funky fresh day!
Could hardly get them off the racks before they were outta heah! (actually one sold just as I was starting to strip it down!)
"Man, it's like you're gonna have them all your life and I gotta let them go right after birth.  I mean let me have time to cut the umbilical cord, OK?" (sorry, seemed an appropriate time to quote "Iron Giant" haven't done that classic yet)
Well most times I have something Pithy to say, but I'm not really pithy right now, just tired.  Been a humdinger of Humpdy hump day, and i still got some to do before heading out!
Would like to thank the young gentleman who bought the Raleigh "off the rack", for the folks he's been staying with!  A very kind gesture.
 And to one of our regulars for picking up the Schwinn Ranger (prior to being done as well) as his second bike.
And thanks to Dick and the "Recumbent" gang, for letting us do another tune-up!  You gents stay outta trouble, now!
And to our new friend Gary, for bringing in the gorgeous vintage Schwinn ladies bike in trade for the repairs on the Triumph.  Can't wait to get them both up and running again!
And to everyone else coming by for a visit and say HEY!
And a second shout out...WE ARE BUYING BIKES!!! BRING ANY AND ALL DOWN!!!
Night ya'll!
ONLY $70.00




Sunday, March 20, 2011

I want my day off back

I got spoiled.  It's nice to break away for a day and do gardening or hang out. NOT that i have any problem with my job, love that too. 
SO, the Peugeot (after some colorful "Daddy" language) got out without to a pleasantly thrilled young lady, Please enjoy your trip back to Orlando, and show it off to all your friends!  (and don't forget to bring It back for the free tune up next month!)
And thanks to the fine gentleman who purchased the banger, yes "a day DOES make a difference!  Sorry we didn't have all the goodies you saw here yesterday, but that's basically how it works!
Thanks to the fine, knowledgeable gent who picked up the Mongoose Switchback.  Yep, he knew a GOOD Mongoose when he saw it!  And to the folks and there re=pairs, you have brightened our day with your words of genuine glee!  And to the TWO young men who BOTH got tube changes and then had to come back a few ours later and do it again!...(OUCH!)  Think tire shields!  a MUST here in Florida, what with the sand spurs and all!  (OK, one had a sliver of glass in his tire, but you get the point!)
So NOW we have to pump up the production BIG TIME!  to have more goodies out for next week.  And this will be my weekly CRY OUT!  IF YOU HAVE ANY BIKES TO SELL?  COME ON DOWN!!!
And next  time your in the shop, check out our new "Swag Board!"  More goodies for the "Anti-establishment, Oil company Bashing, all around Rebel" type of stuff (with more to come!)
All right, gotta get moving, as it's Sunday inner!
Peace Out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you hold the side of your head, like in the cartoon, it does NOT stop your head from spinning!

gaLOREE halA LOO YA!   What a day!
Any of you keeping track?
If you've periodically been checking the "what's still here" border of the blog, you will have noticed the stock quickly dwindling.  Sold six the first HOUR after opening.  I mean , I didn't even have my coffee yet!   Momma was supposed to open with me but got held up by the baby, leaving me alone to tend the masses until 12.30. WOW!  I'm surprised I was coherent.  Met ALOTs of WONDERFUL folks today, and I hope I miss none!
The wonderful young lady and her companion whom purchased the Stalker, and wished to have me do a "Mutt" conversion, I do SO appreciate your patience, and a SO sorry bout the inconvenience and wait time! The Slick Black Cruiser went out to an "I know what i want" young man and a very generous Mom.  Hey can't begrudge a man who knows his mind!   And to the lovely young couple who purchased the Male stalker and the ladies Huffy because they were visiting for a couple weeks and was "cheaper to buy TWO bikes here then rent 1 for a week at one of those OTHER place (hee hee! sorry gloating again)  Hope you all enjoy your stay!
Sold The Hyper Jolt to a gentleman who is having us convert it into a MTB/cruiser hybrid!  COOL!  It'll be done in the AM!
And Kudos to Bri for "getting back into it" after a LONG stint away!  he Schwinn World Sport (with all the trimmings" should fit the need, nicely!
And to Joanna!  ANOTHER CONVERT!!!! YAY!!!  We welcome you to the ranks of the enlightened!  The dual suspension "Banger" will get you there and back quite well, thank you!
Thanks to Al for letting us work on his classic, and get it up and running again!  Glad we can get you back and forth to work, and Thank You so much for all the kind words!
And to Charmain, I WILL have the Peugeot ready for you tomorrow.  She's so excited to get riding and I'm sorry i couldn't get it done tonight!
To Angie and Thomas, WOW folks, i appreciate all the wonderful sentiment and for including us in your Blog (will hook up the link as soon as I get it!) and i hope you enjoy the "Super Bee" and by the way, the Mutt conversion is done but the phone number I have is wrong, please call.
And Amber, Chin up, it'll all work out.  And the custom cruiser should brighten your day.  And thanks SO much for the awesome Biker Stickers!  Hope to get more!
Well folks, i gotta move on, will be back tomorrow (yea i know it's my day off but there's to much to get done...NEED MORE STOCK!
ONLY $145.00!!!

ONLY $2.00 a piece!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

...Oh, don't get started!

Are the "nuclear clouds" wafting to the states or are they not?  That was the "heated" discussion between one of our regulars and Zombie-Boy.  And I had to listen to it.  Apparently they both had very differing opinions.  In the end, I had to squelch the debate with the simple re-tort "What does it matter either we live or we die" Very Zen, don't you think?  life's WAY to short to worry about how or when we'll die.
Simple theology,
Ride hard, ride well...
until you die....
then coast.
SO, today was a briskly moving day and took in MANY new goodies so we'll get started!  The Ape Hanger Cruiser went out to one of our regulars compatriot (or son, not sure) and in return he left us with a real cool consignment piece!  A Xootr Swift!  It's a sweet light weight aluminum folding 8-speed bike.  These things go for $750.00, but he's only asking $400.00!! 
Sold the Ladies MTB Special to a gentleman who had come in a couple of days ago, and was quite shocked when he saw the bike we had put out shortly before he came in was already gone (along with several more he had noticed at the time) so he QUICKLY purchased his second choice before it too was gone the way of the Dodo!  Very wise, good sir!
Sold the Trek 3700 Ladies that we had put out last night, first thing as there were several folks vieing over it.  It went tot he first to arrive for it!  Hey, folks know a GREAT deal when they see it!  I'm sure your girlfriend shall love you for it, oh benevolent sir!
The Trek RE-paint and re-furb left today and although he was slightly taken back by the bright Orange hand grips (hey, it was the LAST matching pair we had, sad to say) He was quite impressed!  Thank you for the compliments sir!
Thanks to all the folks for bringing in their re-pairs!  I never fail to get a tickle when they ask, hesitantly how long they will have to wait, and when you tell them a couple hours, they stagger back (HEHHEH) one guy even became pleasantly adamant that we didn't have to rush!  It really makes me wonder "what are folks USE to when they go into a bike shop?  I mean we can fully disassemble a bike clean it and rebuild it in just under 4 hours! (and that's NOT rushing!(I mean with coffee breaks and everything))  I guess maybe that's how the "Other" guys get away with charging so much, they make it look like it takes longer then it actually does.  OOPS!  did I give away a industry SECRET? (*snicker*)
All right I'll stop gloating.
On the buying front, Picked up a SWEET Old School Peugeot Road bike (I had to grab it and start breaking it down before the other Mechs snagged it), got in a Vintage (but rough) JC Penny touring 5 speed, in trade toward a rebuilt vintage Schwinn we did.  Nice older gentleman who needed the low step over and we fixed it up real sweet!  He called it his "Chic Magnet!"  I hope I am that feisty when I retire!  Picked up a couple more bangers, and the CHOICE picks of today's Swag...?  An Iron Horse Maverick 2.0!  (needs some work but MAN what a beauty!  V-Brake, high end Shimano, dual disc brakes, dual shock (NOT the cheesy kind, either)  Oh man she'll be SWEET when she's done.  AND my personal "Oh I'm all a QUIVER" finds (to rival that of "American Pickers") Not just 1 but TWO, his and hers VINTAGE '68 Raleigh Twenty's!!!!!!!  WOWZERS!!!  Check out the "before" pics below!  I've decided NOT to do a repaint, but instead a full mechanical refurb and parts clean but keep the original finish.  Yes it's somewhat worn but I thing that worn Khaki green gives them REAL character!
And that reminds me, while doing a little research on the bikes I stumbled on another blog that i think any casual fan of bikes will get a real kick out of.  I left the link on my blog site to the right, just click on "lovely Bicycle" and read another Northerners fascination with the bicycling experience.
Well It' after 8 and it's movie night and Angela picked up a copy of "Goonies" the kids are dying to see.  UGH!  I guess I'll have to force my way  through it as she ALSO bought me a copy of episodes of THUNDERBIRDS!
and I'm gone.

ONLY $400.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $65.00!!!



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Want to hear a STRANGE but true story?

And don't ask me what made me think of it.  Well OK, I'll tell you.  Know how certain things, seemingly trivial things can start a flood of memories, that can be almost overwhelming?  Well, as I was finishing up one project today, before I started on another I decided to clean up my bay (yes, I know AMAZING!) and happened to find a photograph of the kids (pre-Izzabella) from a point in our life that was rather painful.  One of those moments, that at the time, we were uncertain,  as if your whole life was so unsure and out of our control.  BUT in the end it turned out OK (HUMOROUSLY SO).  But it started me waxing nostalgic.
So here's the rub.  Today's is St. Patty's day!  Now I'm not Irish, but I married one.  And despite the Red Hot temper...I couldn't imagine being with a better nationality!  Sure keeps things interesting!
But I digress. 
I am branded. 
Fate itself had determined the course of my love life in a way that is so eerie, it borders on unbelievable, but a series of events occurred in my life that in retrospect could be nothing but preordained. (PLUS, I've always loved Irish music, so it standed to reason)
When i was sixteen, a year and a half before meeting my FIRST wife (Don't ask, we are ALL allowed 1 mistake in life) I had a TERRIBLE car accident, two weeks after getting my licence (sorry to bring up bad juju was her car).  I became airborne, bounce off two trees and WRAPPED a Ford Escort around a telephone pole.
less then an inch in either direction, You wouldn't have anything interesting to read!
And that accident occurred on my first wife's birthday.
Well, stranger still, one of the injuries caused scar tissue in the inside of my left bicep, that when healed spells out...
It doesn't show all to well now that I have been living in the South (I remain tan 24/7/365) but somewhere in our memory albums there is a photo of it.  I'll have to look for it sometimes. 
So, that combined with the almost comedic timing of Angela's and mine meeting for the first time (LOTS of things had to happen in succession to make THAT possible) God and The Devil themselves couldn't have kept her and I apart.
(OH, and as a historical side note in the "Too weird" dept.  Exactly 10 years to the day, a young man driving the same kind of car, in the same direction, at the same time of day, that had the same first name as I, had an almost identical accident, in the exact same spot, and the car came to wrap around the same telephone pole.  NO JOKE, my mom has the article clipped to her fridge!)
On the work front.
Today was another BUSY buying day !  YAY!! getting ready for the weekend!  Picked up a vintage Schwinn beach cruiser, 4 bangers, ANOTHER beach cruiser (SWEET SLICK BLACK), a LIKE NEW Hyper jolt, A vintage Raleigh MTB, a 3 wheeler, a couple of kids bike...and a Partridge in a pear tree!
No skip the last one.
Sold the Banger from yesterday first thing to another semi-CONVERT!!!! YAY!!!!!
Looking forward to more!
And the re-pairs flow unabated!  As always, our deepest heart felt thanks to all for your trust!
Pumped out the Trek Ladies 3700, Jose' did a FANTASTIC job! And he has another pair of Banger MTB's about 90% done.  I...organized...several times, as we got fuller and fullerer throughout the day.  And put out the Hyper (oh THAT was a lot of work *sarcasm*) and built out and painted a vintage Schwinn three wheeler special (Dark Metallic purple...FAB-U-LOUS)  And Zombie-Boy?  Meandered about, occasionally poking at the tandem.  *sarcasm*
So in short, I feel tired but feel like I didn't do a damn thing!
ANYWAY!  Tonight is the St. Patty's get together (with a makeshift live Irish concert in our living room COOL!  So I gotta git home to corn beef and cabbage! 
Y'all have a Green night!
ONLY $180.00

ONLY $75.00!!!

It's Worth The Hug

OK, gonna get all sappy and sentimental on ya! (tissues will be provided at intermission)
First I must apologize for my abrupt blog last night but as stated, I had all but forgotten that I promised Logan I would look over his Pokemon list with him the night before.  In an attempt to inspire him to read more his teacher provided him with a print out listing all the Pokemon and a brief back story of how they came about (as if he didn't ALREADY know that, as ALL visitors can attest to as he rushes to grab his tote of Pokemon to regale the new guests with their wonders.  Hey , it's cute) bless her heart.  And he wanted to share it with me (I like Snorlax, he has the power of...sleeping!  My FAVORITE!) As crazy as things get, with work the shop the house...blah,blah,blah...the kids unfortunately get shafted sometimes (more by me then mom.  I'm the workaholic type)  SO, when they show a special interest in sharing something with me, no matter how inane it may seem to us cranky adults, I try and make a point of being there (even if (sorry Mommy) I have to let them stay up a little late.  See yesterday was a weird day.  Got busy right from the get go for an hour buying, then the place was like a ghost town.  but that's cool as we have so many new goodies to work on then about an hour before close we got SLAMMED (YAY!) with all sorts of wonderful folks!  Several re-pairs (thank you ALL for your trust!) and the Kaluna sold to a WONDERFUL couple from Saint Pete!  She knew what she was looking for and we are so glad she found it here!  Thanks for all the kind words, and glad we could help with the art project!  If you need more scrap metal let us know!
So in the end he stayed up late showing me all the wonders.  And trust me you'll know when they appreciate it.  At bed time you give the perfunctory hug and kisses and tuck ins and good nights.  but there are times, when they are truly thankful for you, that that hug is tighter, lasts longer and is DEFINITELY more heart warming then any other.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pokemon' Awaits!

Have a date with Logan to check out his New Pokemon' Cards and I'm running late so I have to be brief! Very busy day (more tomorrow) and have MANY new additions!
Ladies 5-Speed Cruiser!
ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!!!

ONLY $160.00!!!!


YEP!  as predicted!  I was able to get out of bed this morning without feeling like I got hit by a Tandem Schwinn (hey...we don';t drive...trucks!) and was feeling so good NO ONE was injured!
And to double the pleasure, I am feeling so chipper that I'm re-arranging the Dungeon (oh the guys are gonna love me for that! (insert sarcastic roll of eyes here)
OH!  and lest I forget (again) We want to thank the wonderful Canadians for the GREAT platter of finger sandwiches they dropped off yesterday!!  They were awesome!  (and YES the kids got the bulk of them! (hey...I had to have a few...just to sample, ya know?))
SO!  it's off to work and hope to see y'all today!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

May I Rest in Peace

Nope.  Not dead, but it's gonna feel like I died and went to Heaven! 
Since moving into our new home we have managed (with the help of diligence on Craigslist and some VERY good friends) to re-furnish it.  After having spent a month and half in the hotel and all our stuff was still in the house, with no electricity and uncleaned etc, well we felt it best just to trash all the upholstered stuff (hey after being three years with our kids, it was a couple threads short of garbage anyway) and all the mattresses.  So we managed to corral mattresses for the kids, but none for mom and dad.  And i don't know what happened, but once we lay back on our old mattresses it was like pain time infinity each morning we woke up.  I mean like, ache so bad wake you up 2 or 3 times a night just to shift positions, pain.  Get up in the "Oh I need a gallon of coffee and 4 Advil or I will rip the pancreas from your torso pain! 
THAT kind of pain!
(sorry if you're eating)
So as luck would have it, I'm doing my morning routine of checking CL and hit upon an add two minutes after it posts, for a Sealy Posture Pedic Save Your Spine Pillow-Top Feel Like You Just Won  the Lottery Mattress and Box Spring set! 
JOY! came with a 6 inch thick Memory foam Cover!
SO, with Cell phone and Google Map in hand I called and YES!  It...was....OURS!
So one more trip with Terry to Oldsmar and it now lays  firmly in place of our old Inject your nerve endings with searing hot needle tipped death worn out springs of Machiavellian torture induced Crippling Spinal cord contorting pain killer addicting mattress.
....there called...similes
OK, OK....I'll stop.
But I should be in a better mood tomorrow.
SO, OH today was a HOOT!
to a point.
Met MANY an interesting folk!  The Schwinn Ranger wafted out of here lickety split!  And no sooner was it gone that four more folks came in looking for it before I even had a chance to take it off Craigslist.  I do feel bad to, as 1 couple came down from Tampa to get it.  BUT, they didn't call first!  I can't stress it enough folks, stuff sells REAL fast around here, We will hold it for you (for the length of time it takes you to get here AFTER you hang up the phone) but you have to CALL!  With the cost of GAS (hint, hint) you don't want to waste it!  HOWEVER!  even though we didn't have that one, we did set up two of the folks with bikes we just brought up from the garage to build, they put their deposit on it and went away KNOWING that THAT bike was THEIR"S!  And One such Gentleman was wise enough to grab the ladies Magna for his wife...before it TOO sold!  And have no fear, we'll have one for you too, sir!
Well on the finished front...only 1.  WOW.  ONLY ONE!  yes, I know.  I've been in and out of the shop all day, and jose' is working on a Special for a very nice elderly man, and Zombie-Boy has 2 Specials, and another cruiser in his bay.  So the only one out is the Super Bee (pick below) all custom and complete with another RE-cycle Original re-covered seat (Check out the "used to be  Hawaiian Shirt" seat cover!  Tres' CHIC!
Well, Here's hoping that I can stay in the shop and put out more pretties!
NOW, I gotta get home and build a Leprechaun trap.
The "Killer Bee!"  Custom Cruiser!
ONLY $110.00!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

...and he won't come back from dead mans curve...

Hey, I'm in a beach mood after today!  And that's the first "California Beach Cruiser" type song that came to mind.
(is that a LITTLE too morbid?)
Well I had said earlier on that the Beach Cruisers were starting to come out of the wood work and WOOF I have not been disappointed!  Picked up 4 more today!  As you will see below!  Two are ready and two more are on racks in the Dungeon!  1 in paint and 1 a full strip down (but I like the blue so I'm trying to save it!)  And the painted one shall be forever more dubbed...
The Killer Bee! (you'll know why when you see it!)
(that's called...dramatic tension.)
Well today was another humdinger of a day!
The Diamondback went out, thankfully, to a regular.  And I feel QUITE honored, as it was purchased by a regular with quite a PARTICULAR eye!  he usually buys parts from us to fix up his own unique creations, but like the DB just the way it was and "had" to have it!  Way Cool!  I thank you sir!
AND I am DOUBLY honored by the sale of the Sweet Ladies Huffy MTB, that not only went out to a.....(TUM TUM DUMMMM!!!)  'NOTHER CONVERT!!! YAY!!!
BUT, an astute one at that.  A Psychologist who wishes to park the car and ride her new found joy back and forth to work!  COOL!, and not only that but she tricked it all out, with a comfy seat and front and rear racks, and when I gave her the total she was so tickled, as the whole thing was less then a comparable bike (without the extras) at WAL-MART!!!
Joe came in to pick up the Schwinn he purchased yesterday from Angi, unfortunately i was not able to raise the handles bars for him, as I did not have a neck adaptor for it is a thread less neck, and to order one...well i had to convince him that as he is JUST getting BACK into biking after a 20 year absence, before he starts sinking TO MUCH money into it, ride it for a couple of weeks to make sure he'll stick with it!
And a Special thanks to him for the wonderful "30 years ago while renting a bike in Jamaica" story! FUNNY!!!
Well Jose' and Puddles were on board today as Zombie-Boy took along weekend, and they got a crash course in "assembly line" building, as we were SO depleted of goodies!
They prepped and cleaned two cruisers and 1 MTB, while taking care of some re-pairs.  And while we are on the subject, THANK YOU for all your trust folks, as always with leaving us with your Babbie's!  We love to see 'em!  And thanks to the young man that came HERE, instead of the "other Place" to have the conversion on your sweet single speed!  I ALWAYS love a challenge!
And, lest we not forget, We greatly appreciate ALL the wonderful folks stopping in for a look as to what all the hub bub;s about, always a pleasure to chat with you!  And thanks for ll the kind words!
Well, i gotta put 1 more coat of yellow on the Killer Bee, then head on outta heah!

ONLY $85.00!!
(see it's an "ape" hanger joke...get it?)
ONLY $85.00!!!
(now THATS a play on words...instead of Kahuna...)
ONLY $80.00!!!
WAIT!  There's still more!
FINALLY after a weeks absence Paco has sent MORE strips!  Here's the latest Finish!  Enjoy!

Did someone get the number of that truck?

WOOF!  What an AWESOME weekend!
The only downside?  Now the shop echo's!  There's NOTHING left (well almost nothing)  Still alot of BMX"S and kids bike's left.  BUT only a couple adult bikes left.  Have no fear though, we are in force and pumping out a WHOLE new batch, and by  the looks of it they should be some real sweeties here!
And we have to keep up on the specials as well!  Had many an order this weekend!
SO, just popping in to say HEY and it's back to work!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

As promised

We deliver. 
Thought I'd get 3 done, only did two.  but it's not my fault!  I got a little tired and started seeing gnomes and fairy folk in my peripheral vision, at which point I surmised that perhaps it would behoove me to acquiesce to exhaustion and call it a night.
Plus when the voices in my head start to argue amongst themselves i know they're getting cranky.
Have a good night folks!
ONLY $55.00!!
ONLY $115.00!!!