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Friday, October 14, 2011

Happier Than Glass Maker In A Hail Storm!

Not to far from the truth.  Read an article about a man in Sacramento California that was breaking windows to drum up business for his other wise slow glass repair business.  Well what he lacks in reputability, he makes up for in deviousness.
Today was a peach of a day! Many more awesome folks swinging by our hip pad.  It was Far out! Thanks to John for stopping back by.  Met him a couple days back.  He had questions regarding parts availability for an older Schwinn tandem he's wanting to restore, and when I told him "No problem!" he said he'd be back.  Well...he came back!  And bringing along not only buckets of the parts needin' fixin' but brought us a (soon to be) SWEET Panasonic road bike for trade!  Oh I love these!  Sturdy and lightweight, perfect for single/fixie conversions.  And as I'm writing this I just had a brainstorm!  Chip brought us in a drum braked hub, that he re-strung on a 27" painted red/black front wheel.  Could be a real sweet match up! 
Thanks to Stan and his lovely wife for popping in and grabbing up the Ocean Pacific cruiser.  He's also on the look out for one so they can bang about together.  We WILL be in touch! 
And to Cindy, she did the smart thing and called in about the cute little 20" MTB we had, and came on down and made her son a VERY happy camper!  And as always, thanks to all the folks for bringing in the usual Friday pre-weekend re-pairs.  Gonna be a lot of happy trail riders out this weekend!
NOW, onto the happy me!  Not only did we get in the sweet Panasonic, we also picked up three more bangers (people LOVE the inexpensive yet fully functional rides. And we have been sorely understocked on them as of late) but we also got ANOTHER (soon to be) nice 6 speed men's cruiser!  Already in tear down and cleaning mode!  And to top it off, the PRIME piece of peddling pulchritude...(drum roll please!) A GORGEOUS vintage (early 60's) ladies Roadmaster cruiser!  Complete with rear rack and integrated dual headlights!!  Oh she is SO FINE!!  Gonna need a lot of clean up, chrome polish (batteries) and a new set of tires but I am tickled!
So keep an eye on theses pages!
All right, time to be moving on, as it's Friday night movie night!
Tonight...GREEN LANTERN!!!

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