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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

To Speak, Or Not To Speak.

So, this happens often, but oddly enough it came to pass yesterday that we were struck thrice with the same odd happenstance.
From time to time, amongst all our looky loo's we have someone come in looking for that "just right" bike.  Strangely enough, the ratio of those folks leaving with the bike the wanted or not is about 50/50,  What strikes me as peculiar, is sometimes, the person is genuinely thrilled that we had their "perfect" bike, but leave with the assumption it will here when they choose to come back.  Such was the case yesterday.  Three times some nice folks came in, giddy with the discovery that we had exactly what they were looking for, perfect size, style, accoutrement's and in two cases, the perfect color.  But, after asking the prerequisite questions, and each one expressing delight over the low price, they happily stated they'd be back this weekend or next week to pick it up.  Now, believe me, I understand budgets and waiting for paychecks, but I always feel a sense of sadness when I know, someone so excited about a bike is, in most cases, going to be disappointed when they come back.  Bottom line is, as has been mentioned before, the majority of all bikes we put out, will sell in 48 hours.  So how to bring that up to the ecstatic customer.  We are a firm believer in the bicycle will pick the owner, but it's a lot like passing the woman of your dreams on the street and not introducing yourself! 
Out of a sense of foreboding, I do mention, passively "Well, I'm sure when you come in we will be able to find something you like" The response, to which is a reaction of cynicism and disbelief, as if my words are meant as a last ditch sales pitch, or  the occasional moment of double take, where they ask me to clarify the statement.  I guess what it boils down to is, any regret, no matter how inconsequential they may seem, is not a good feeling to live with.
Sent the Diamondback Outlook to a new home yesterday and I do hope the young man remembers to lock this one up!  Although, being  teenager, I'm not hedging my bets!
Thankfully, in response to the higher demand from folks, we put out two "Cheapie Cheaps" yesterday!  The much coveted "DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!  A fully refurbed (but somewhat less the perfect paint) 26" MTB, and a SWEET 29" Men's cruiser!  And we have another of the same cruiser that we will be putting out today! 
Last night was another weird one.  Two nights in a row now that sleep has been denied.  Well, uninterrupted sleep that is.  First, Miranda is in one of her "up every couple of hours" shtick, requiring a diaper change, cuddle and a bottle.  Then, of course, Suzanne, thankfully not barking, but still requiring my early morning attention, was licking my hand and face, continuously, until I took her out for a potty break.  Then, around five am, the storm that came in actually woke me up.  I usually sleep a lot harder then that!  I stood outside and watched the rain bands swishing down the street, and the high winds for any sign that they may turn violent.  Turned out to be but a brief moment, petering off to nothing.
Angi got up in the earlier am for the next bottle and diaper change, sending Kaleb off to open up in a sweet attempt to allow me more sleep, but once she informed me that coffee had been made....well that rolled me out of bed!
SO, with no more preamble, I'd best get my REAL job going! 
See y'all soon!

image 1
Men's 26" MTB!
only $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

And Now....For The Weekend Update!

This weekend landed with a deafening "thud".
Saturday found a few looky loo's, but not much of anything else, sadly.  We did manage to get out three more goodies though!  So it was not a total loss.  And what gems they are!  Two more road bikes, A GORGEOUS Schwinn World Sport, and an equally exquisite "Team Fuji" Fuji, upgraded to a commuter.  Also, came out with a very sleek Raleigh C-40 Hybrid, with a NEW rear wheel and several other upgrades!  And for a sweetheart of a deal as well! 
Kaleb came in and opened on Sunday, to see what he could see, with the caveat that if he got busy I would come in.
Well..... I didn't come in. 
No, he pretty much napped most of the day (speculation) and had a brief rush of folks looking at said road bikes, but apparently after a half an hour of Q & A they opted to come back in today. 
So, spent the day in repose and relaxation.  Got our house duties done early, then as the kiddo's dominated the video game, Angi and I zoned out in our room to mindless TV, briefly passing out for a nap.  Come dinner time, we decided to give the kids a treat, and save on the cooking time and do Checkers.
Now...we hardly EVER do fast food, and last nights experience proved WHY we don't.  Having to force my way through what they tried to pass off as a Philly Cheese Steak, I could barely touch my fries.  Angi had similar regrets with hers, us we both felt, afterword's, as if we had swallowed bricks!  Yes, even this morning we were still feeling the lingering effects of this epicurean misstep!  Angi suggested I record the terrible sounds her stomach was making in a vain attempt to digest the indigestible, so if ever she should have the thought of eating there again, I could replay the sounds to remind her it was a bad idea!
Unable to lay in comfort watching TV afterwards, we took over the big TV at bedtime for the kiddos, watched her new Fave "The Strain" on FX, then as we switched to Hemlock Grove, she lay in my lap and we both eventually passed out.
Into today!
Got some repairs to finish up, then back to the basics, and get some more rides out!  We need to put up some cheapie, cheaps for the more economical buyers, and we have a couple candidates! 
So, with that, see y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $160.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $160.00!!
image 1
ONLY $210.00!

Friday, July 25, 2014 ain't a new episode...but it's SOMETHING!!!

Well, the weather broke just long enough for Rozy, Suzanne and I to make it to the shop, dry.  Of course, half an hour later the skies opened up again.
Another day risking the aching of old bones, and the stillness of slow traffic.  Hopefully some brave soul will weather the storm and come and pay us a visit!
Speaking of brave souls, when I went on Facebook this morning, as they are ever watchful to give me the heads up on all my obsessions, I caught wind of the recent announcement out of the San Diego Comic Con, that ALL of the original cast members of Firefly will be reprising their roles in the upcoming Online game "Firefly Online".  Even one of the secondary characters, the villainous crime lord Niska, will return.  Now if only Badger, Saffron and Jubal Early sign on, it would be complete!  Especially Jubal, HE was a very compelling adversary who quite frankly, should not be counted out, even though he was left floating in space at the end of episode 14!
 Yes, when I first heard of the upcoming franchise, I signed up, named my captains avatar, and am waiting impatiently for the first day.  Realistically, of course, I have very limited time to play, but it's the thought that counts.  Hey, I'll take ANY opportunity to absorb new Firefly, regardless of WHAT medium it comes in!!
Back to work.
Yesterday started out to be  good day.  Relaxing morning coffee with Angi, then off to the shop for what I had anticipated to be  busy day of production.  We got busy in the am, sending the Giant to a new home, after a prolonged conversation about technology, kids and the inevitable intertwining codependency! Had several looky loo's, with very specific wants, who we will remain ever watchful for that perfect ride  Then, taking what I thought would be a brief soiree into a single repair, it quickly became apparent it would be the days entire ball!  Thinking it merely a drive train replacement, I continuously found one issue after another, eventually having to replace the entire derailleur compliment and shifter as well!  I gave him a good deal, considering it was rather unexpected.  By the time I finished, it was almost six pm, but not wanting to give in, I had picked up an older Raleigh road bike, in trade, so that one popped into my rack and went off seamlessly, and should be finished post haste! 
We still have plenty out back to play around with, one in particular, an old Trek Cross, I am debating on whether I am going to part it out, or rebuild as a banger.  Mechanically it will be sound, but the white paint leaves a little to be desired for the more discernible eye. 
We also got in another collection of VHS movies as well!  Some real classic gems in here!  "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and other B-Movie classics.  The most appealing pieces, to me, was a small collection of Rowan Atkins "Blackadder" series!  An absolutely delicious comedic farce of one families lineage throughout important moments in English history, with each cast member playing a different role.  An added bonus is Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House in later years) proves his chops as a brilliant purveyor of hilarious proportions!
So, today, once the Raleigh is done, I will keep myself incessantly busy pumping out more goodies for tomorrow.  Although, the smart ones will keep checking our Facebook page for them as they go out!  Sadly, far to many folks lately have been coming in a day or two after we have posted them on Craigslist actually expecting them to still be here!  I feel downright lousy that they made the trip in vain, and always forewarn them, next time, best to call first, as very little will last last 24 hours!
Last night was another blessed evening of dinner and relaxation.  As a pleasant side effect of having to wait for the ingredients, we made a "kids" dinner first.  Thereby, all the kiddos were done, washed up and in bed before we sat down for the evening repast!  Peace, quiet and light conversation lending itself to calming digestion!  Retiring to the bedroom we put on "Greed" and having apparently been more exhausted from the late night before, we both past out before the ending of one episode! 
SO, rested and refreshed we begin our day anew!
Hope to see you all soon!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Calm Seas in Rough Storm

In so much as the last few days has seen me reluctant to relinquish my mornings at home, last night proved even more difficult to let rest and focus on the demands of the day!  Picture perfect, Angela created a sumptuous dinner, that I devoured in record time.  Once all children retired, we relaxed, enjoying each others company until eventually having to give in to the need for rest.
SO, yesterday was going along peacefully enough until I glanced out into the parking lot and noticed a badge walking towards the door.  Of course, there is that fleeting moment of fear  "did something happen", "is everyone OK" and the irrational fear "what did I do?"  The officer was amiable enough, but opened with the line "I'm here about a Diamondback Edgewood you purchased"  I was immediately struck with panic, as I could not recollect having bought an Edgewood for quite some time.  See, an Edgewood is a really nice Hybrid.  Also, as the officer was obviously holding a copy of the information we file with the state each time we buy a bike from someone, he apparently knew more then I.  Scrambling to remember, with the fear that perhaps I REALLY screwed up and upon buying the bike, perhaps, absent mindedly sold it without holding it for the fifteen days, filled me with fear.  The begrudging acceptance that my rather questionable memory has even gotten worse over the last few years, failed to give me any solace.  We have two Diamondbacks in stock, but one was a donation and the other a "buy back" on our rental program, so neither are needed to be reported. The officer retained his composer, and was quite understanding of my befuddlement, even to go so far as to offer humor, as I turned off the TV to think and he countered with the statement "you don't need to turn off MST3K on my account!"   It took a few minuets for me to collect myself and go through my signed and fingerprinted copies of the original purchase order to discover where the error was.  Last week we purchased a 20" Diamondback BMX, that still sits out its fifteen day hold in the back.  This bike, clearly, could not be misconstrued for an Edgewood!  Seems the only info he was given was that we bought a Diamondback two days after a gentleman had HIS diamondback stolen.  They had not bothered to inform the officer of any information other then the name "Diamondback"!  Once it was established that this was not the bike he was looking for, he was very apologetic and professional.
Didn't help my heart calm down any faster!
Well, even with that moment of nail biting drama, we did manage to put out FIVE new rides yesterday!  WAHOO!!! 
Check them out below, as we now have a plethora of the much coveted ladies cruisers!  Even another 24"er!!!  Of course, the three seed cruiser sold about 15 minuets after it was put out, but we have even more to build in the back! 
Thanks to all the folks for paying us a visit yesterday, having sent two rides to new homes.  Very gratifying, in the sense that one nice lady had been all but convinced by her husband that her discordination had all but spelled the demise of her desire to ride.  It only took a brief moment of looking at her current bike to determine her instability was merely a result of a poor choice of bicycles.  Being to tall for the meager 24" cruiser she had, I insisted she try the 26" we had.  She immediately noticed the difference, and in short order was adeptly navigating the parking lot, well at ease.  Glad we could help get her mojo back!
So today, once again directing my energies to the task at hand, have to bang out a couple more repairs, then it's back on new builds!! 
So, with that, see you soon!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!
image 1

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Crusier Craze!

Again with the whole "morning after"!  Last night was a wonderful evening of smooth bed time transition for the kiddos, and an early evening retirement.  The older boys, having enjoyed of late, more then their fair share of "free time", were put on impromptu "help out or suffer the consequences" lock down.  In an attempt to reward them for having stayed out of trouble, and being helpful in the past, they have been allowed to, pretty much, "blow and go" of their own accord.  WITH the proviso, they respect and appreciate the privilege.  Unfortunately, as is too often the case with children, they quickly took it for granted and began to "expect" it.  Gone were the "may I please" and "thank you" quickly replaced with "I'm going to" and gruff and grumbling in the face of expected chores.   So when it came time for their usual evening frivolity, they were curtly directed to help up with clean up, retire to their rooms early, and Kaleb was instructed for the next two days, he would be spending them at the shop, working.  The stare of incredulity betrayed his bewilderment as to the severity of this restriction, to which I immediately explained my reasoning for.  Simply put, freedom is extended only when it is appreciated and requested.  Hopefully the two days of lock down will remind him to ask his Mothers permission, not tell her what he is going to do.
Having put everyone to bed, the house relatively quiet, Angela and I were allowed the luxury of some peaceful alone time.
And then I had to get up and once more greet the new day! 
SOOOOOO, I'm going to make the day fly by today by working my little fanny off to get out some more rides!  Managed to put out only two yesterday, sadly enough.  One of them, truth be told, didn't even require any work!  That one is a GORGEOUS three wheeled Schwinn Meridian.  Last years model, it is still in excellent shape, and ready for the road!  The other, part of the trailer full we got this past weekend, is a ladies cruiser!  She took A LOT of work to get up and running, but the end result was well worth the effort!  I also have one of the rare and elusive ladies 3 speed cruisers, in my rack as we speak, having been close to 90% done last night!  Light weight aluminum, she is quite the looker, but again took much effort to get that way!
Once I finish her up, I have to side track for a wee bit, though and get through a few repairs, then back to the good stuff!!
So, with that, I best get my keister in gear and put out! 
See ya soon! 
ONLY $255.00!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pressing ON!

OK, so I was NOT at full steam yesterday! Please don't think ill of me!  It took me a while to get up the gumption to do anything as I was feeling all kinds of lazy!  I got out of my shell after a little bit and although I tended to meander about, seemingly without direction, I managed to put out two newbies!!  The first is a real sweet deal!  A FULLY re-furbed AND upgraded ladies Nishiki MTB.  She took a lot of work, but was worth it and as we got it cheap, we are selling it cheap!  The second is every ones favorite another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!!"  She's a well running Schwinn Ranger 26" MTB, but possesses just enough chinks in the paint to demote her from full status.  But if you're looking for a solid ride you can't beat this price!
Yesterday sent an assortment of Looky Loo's our way with a swell of interesting questions and some fun, light conversations. Always love smooshing with folk!  I love the interest some have in what we do, and their willingness to continue returning while looking for just the right ride to fit their whims!  Thankfully, for the most part, we eventually find one for 'em!  Several folks are 90% there on the Giant Innova Cross we have, I don't foresee that one lasting the day!
Having picked up even more goodies yesterday, we will be hoping to pound out even more then yesterday (I think I got my wind back), as I have to wait on a couple of the customer rebuilds until the parts come in! 
Last night found Angela and I really feeling all the walking around we did on Sunday.  As she is recovering very well from the ink (hardly any signs of redness!) but still wanting some reclining time, we relinquished control of the big TV to the older boys, rotting what little brain cells they have left playing video games, and we retired to the bedroom to watch "The Murder Show".  No, not the real tittle, just a reference to any one of a number of "true crime" reenactment shows.  As we laid there, I was apparently not long for the world and passed out very quickly. 
Thus, having been woken at five am by Suzanne needing to go out, I was not all that delirious when I went back to bed.  By six am I realized I was not going to fully go back to sleep, so I got up and quietly puttered about the house. 
We did however, on a whim, decide that it was past time for my traditional "summer time" shave!  Gone is the scruffy "woodsman" look, having been replace with the more streamline version.  Check out the rare selfie below!
All right, with that self indulging close, I'd best get to it! 
See ya soon! 

ONLY $75.00!!
ONLY $115.00!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning Reality Slap!

Ever have one of those mornings?  You've had a REALLY good day off, a relaxing evening with someone you love.  Minimal to NO trouble what so ever, then you wake up this next morning and  sad it's over, and you have to go back to your grind?
Yea.  Me too.
Yesterday Angi and I took a selfish day and, rising early, had a relaxing morning coffee, then headed out for a day at the mall, sans children, so we could make a long time dream of Angi's come true.  She finally got some INK!  Yes, long wanting to adorn herself with a permanent statement of her own, a couple weeks back she stumbled upon the perfect first pick.  An artistic rendering of a lady butterfly.  Having originally envisioned it smaller, she was easily convinced by the tattoo artist, Jeremy at Atomic Tattoos, to go a little bigger in order to bring out the pictures detail.  She had spent some time talking to other folks who have had worked done (myself included) and we all coached her on the level of pain she would have to endure.  Mine was on my chest, one of the more sensitive areas, so I was no help, other then to say "you'll get to a point where the pain is the worst it can get, and every thing else is a piece of cake"
Needless to say, she was a tad bit apprehensive, but she was determined to go through with it.  Once all the preparations were done, and the lines laid out, he put needle to skin...and she didn't flinch.  At first I thought it might be "brave face", but as I watched, her countenance betrayed no hint of anguish.  At one point in the process, she almost dozed off!  After about three hours, the work was done, and aside from one brief moment of sour face when he was doing the coloring, she held up with no problem!  The end result is beautiful!  Check out the finished ink!

No sissy little one inch lady bug!  This was some SERIOUS ink work!  Even after the numbing agent wore off and the "bad sunburn" feeling kicked in, she has already picked out her next piece and it's location.  A very fitting tribute to our son Cannon, and the other children as well!
After this we took some time to wander about and have lunch (unfortunately....mall food) then went home where she could take a few hits of Advil and convalesce.
Which then brings us to today.  After the experience, I am having trouble redirecting myself to the tasks at hand, but as we have several repairs from Saturday to get done, I best put my head on straight.  I did manage to get out one new one on Saturday, another really sweet Diamondback MTB, and have a ladies Nishiki in my rack that's getting a full face lift!  So I best finish up and get on with the repairs!  Until then, see ya round!

ONLY $160.00!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Wheel Nirvana.

Or at least the annex, next to Nirvana where they hold all the bicycles in need of resurrection.
So, the last couple of days has brought in a swarm of new material to bang on!  Got in a couple real gems in trade yesterday, and already processed one of them out.  This one is a really gorgeous ('s gorgeous NOW after all the work!) 2007 Trek 200SU.  SWEET!  Love the Matte paint and Bonteragger slicks!  Also managed to put out a FULL rebuild on a classic Giant "Big Boy" hybrid AND what turned out to be a fantastic ladies 26" 7 speed Sun Cycle comfort cruiser!  Shocking, really, considering how rough the components were!  True, we had to replace a lot, but the body was still looking sharp after a full tear/clean down!
A lucky gent from Sarasota snagged up the vintage Mercier.  Yes, there are some out there who really know a once in a lifetime opportunity!  Just think, the rear derailleur alone is worth more then we were asking for the ENTIRE bike!!!
Also!  Another FUN 10 minute rule!!  Had a couple come in the  looking for a couple of rides.  She liked the ladies 24" cruiser, he, the vintage Puch three speed.  They hemmed and hawed, road tested, then even after asking me how long it takes bikes to sell, opted to "think about it".
....eight minuets later....
The gent with the trailer load had his keen eye on the quality of the Puch, and we wheeled and dealed to get it done!
The couple came back in later that afternoon realizing the sweetness of the deal, but alas...too late.
The young sir had missed out on his ride, and clearly there was regret in his eyes, and guilt in hers for insisting they "think about it". 
Again, when it come to the ten minute rule..."If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'!"
And, as always, our extreme gratitude extended to...REFERRALS!!!
Had a gent bring in his Gary Fisher for a FULL drive train replacement, tune and some upgrades, as he wants to rely on it for work commuting (WELCOME TO THE GREEN WORLD!!!) and he had been shopping it around for quotes, got some ludicrous prices, then was told about us!  Turns out, all the work he needed (and then some) HERE was less then HALF of the next lowest quote!  AND the real shocker was...we are using all NEW parts...just like the other guys!  HA HA!!! He was so thrilled he came back later that day with his girlfriends bike to have us do several modifications and upgrades to that one as well!
Allrighty!  I best get at it because it aint' gonna' git' any thinner in her 'till I do!

ONLY $120.00!!!
ONLY $190.00!!
ONLY $145.00!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Duncan Days!

Up, down, in, out.
Now, Cats in the Cradle, and Walk the Dog!
Not unlike the old Christmas Stocking favorite, the Yo-Yo, so too was the day yesterday!
Started off with promise, having two repair pick-ups, very first thing and one drop off, spirits were high!  
Then the clouds rolled in, and henceforth came the rains. 
Thankfully it was only brief, and once they subsided, I took an eager Suzanne out back for a walk.  Unfortunately, the city or Progress Energy or whoever is responsible for doing so, are quite inept when it comes to tree trimming.  The Catch 22 of  Florida living, is the rapid tree growth, while beautiful and offering shade, can be detrimental when too close to power lines, especially in high winds.  However, it is illegal for residence or tenants to trim back said trees that are close to power lines.  The fact that no one seems to police the situation ends up resulting in what we had happen here yesterday.  As I was at the end of the alley behind the shop, waiting for Suzanne to find that "just right" spot to do her business, the transformer directly above me blew!  The resulting shower of sparks and deafening "POW!!" left my heart and nerves in shambles, and sent a terrified dog running for cover with an audible "YELP!".
Needless to say, all tenants of the shopping center sat idle in the dark for a couple of hours, awaiting the repair truck. 
Oddly enough, after about 15 minuets, still in the stone age, we got our busiest!  We took in another repair and sent two bikes to new homes!  Shortly thereafter the lights were back on and our high hopes were rejuvenated!
The rains came back!
At this point, I became somewhat despondent.  The boys showed up later in the day, Elijah finally getting around to repairing his rear wheel that has been popping spokes (eight total) for the last week. He has been too busy working and sleeping (mostly sleeping) to be bothered.  The apathy resulting in a rim so badly malformed he will have to replace it (AGAIN!) in short order! As that was done, and it was Taco Wednesday at the neighboring Mexican Restaurant (the Chicken being Angela's favorite) I opted to treat for the family.  As her and I chatted back and forth she suggested I just come home early, so we could eat and relax for the night.  Leaving the boy in charge, I put the tumultuous day behind me and did just that!
So I begin today with renewed vigor, the sun, bright in the sky with only scattered clouds, I hope for the best!
Thankfully, that is truly the gift of life, that each day is a new chance for change!
See you soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Please, Remember To Shut The Faucet Off Completely Before You Leave!

I'm sure, if I went through our archives, I would find that every year around this time I spend an inordinate amount of time lamenting over the weather.
However, in the absence of anything else to discuss...
This week has been like the "off season" for tourism in Death Valley. 
We did, however manage to pump out two newbies, and they are everyone's favorite, the "DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!!"  A nice looking men's 26" 18 speed mountain bike and another 26" dual shock 21 speed MTB. 
We have also two other old school MTB, a nice Giant and Raleigh, needing an aggressive amount of work, having endured years of captivity within the dark corners of the tool shed, but are still worth the effort.
Wow.  I'm sitting here racking my brain for anything of any interest to talk about, but I got 'nuthin.
Best just give up the ghost and get to work!
See ya soon!

ONLY $65.00
ONLY $75.00!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Don't you hate that?
Yesterday was just an odd sensation.  Having had to try and rest in, Kaleb came and opened up.  Eventually I staggered in early afternoon, having found work piling up and got at it.  By the time I bothered to take a glance at the clock it was almost five!  UGH!   Then of course, having worked Sunday, I couldn't even remember what DAY it was!   Yes.  That kind of day!  We managed to get out all the repairs, and even took in a few more goodies, thank Heavens!!  Was really starting to get light in here!  Going to work away on those shortly.
Kaleb is recovering rather well, of course displaying male bravado.  Not wanting to be dormant, he continues to work away on his rides.  Not wanting to get to graphic, but having to redress the wounds last night Angi did the whole hydrogen peroxide and removing of the icky stuff.  Don't know how she did it so calmly. 
That's about the extent of any excitement we have had.  Not sure if that's good or bad. 
Best get to busy and put out some goodies.
See ya all soon!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Blurry Lines

Where to begin?
Sorry, have not been on here for a few days, just a lot going on.  Some things, of the personal kind, in transition and coping as best we can.  Don't know how much more I can comment on that at this time. 
Of course, no moment of stress is complete without the intervention of fate.  Friday, Kaleb went to acquire some parts for another BMX.  Unfortunately by the time he rode to where he was going the individual selling the items had sold them twenty minuets before he arrived, having not bothered to let Kaleb know. This, perhaps, was belaboring his mind and replaced attentiveness with anger and crossing the feeder on 1 19, he was struck by a car. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured but the impact threw him and he landed VERY hard, once again scarring his body in many places with serious road rash.  Once the EMT's and Police showed up, they checked him out and found no evidence of anything serious, and Kaleb refused to be brought to the hospital. Both Angela and I persisted to persuade him, but as he has a strong dislike for them, we just kept him clean and watched.  After a couple days of forced rest (he was up the next morning intent on repairing his bike) we had to relinquish his house down time.
Of course, there is always something.  No sooner do we get Suzanne, that somehow an orange and white cat has taken up residency on our porch.  Owen, feeling sorry for the feline, took it upon himself to feed her. Now, she arrives each evening like clockwork, looking for food and a vigorous petting.  Of course, this puts Suzanne in hyper attentive mode.  Thankfully she is not the kind to bark continuously but the constant back and forth clicking of her nails on the tile does grate on the nerves after awhile.  Such was the state of affairs last night.   Feeling a tad bit under the weather, I could hardly get comfortable for sleep. This of course only impeded Angi's hope of resting either.  It was when I finally started to drift off that Suzy (what the children have named the cat) started batting at the door, then began mewling.  This of course was met with the "click, click, click" of toenails.  It wasn't until 6.00 am that it finally ceased.  And once again, as I began to drift off (thankfully, Angela was some how able to drown it all out, and finally rest, though I don't know how) Kaleb started clanging around in his room around 6.30, gathering up the pieces of the two bikes he has scattered around the room, so as to ferry them to the shop and build his new ride (the Haro he bought just last week is now a pretzel) I chided him to lay off, and wait for a bit before he left, handed him the keys asking him to open up as both Angi and I REALLY needed some rest.  Of course, no sooner had I said that, did the girls start to stir and rise.  Getting them situated, we tried to lay back down, only to be continuously serenaded by the strains of cries, arguments and inevitably the TV up loud!  Proof positive of what Angela has always stated as to why she is so tired all the time!
We did manage to get  some work done over the last few days, although that was primarily to do with repairs.  One interesting piece we had come in, really looked rough when we got it, covered in grease, dust and hair.  But, as it was a freebie so that wasn't a problem.  Turns out, this road bike had occupied the dark recesses of a garage for a couple of decades until the owner, cleaning out said garage determined he'd never have a use for it again and was about to pitch it to the curb when an astute neighbor stepped in, told him about us, saying he should bring it in to see if we could use it.  Having done so, he asked for no remuneration but was just glad we felt it could live again.  Sure enough, this vintage Mercier with a complete compliment of vintage Campagnollo was WELL worth the rebuild!!  The paint has some issue, but the parts run smooth!  Check it out below.
Having arrived myself only this early afternoon, we have quite a bit of repairs piling up, so I had best get on to that, and will try to keep in better touch.
See ya soon.

Vintage Mercier le Velo Road Bike !!
ONLY $220 !!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Battin' A Thousand!

Well, I feel all kinds of a $#!+!!!
Sad reality is, as Angi and I tell our kids all the time "it takes a while to earn someones trust but only a second to loose it!"
So even though the events of this morning are morosely justified, I feel like a real turd none the less!  Part of my morning routine on the computer is to check the status of our accounts.  As we have had issues in the past, considering how much we do online, with unauthorized deductions, we like to nip it in the bud quickly if we find it.  Yesterday, I put cash in the bank and Kaleb made the run.  When I opened up the account it was not there.  With our bank, regardless of when in the day you make it, the credit is immediate.  Then the mind started to fill in the blanks.  First, Kaleb has been coveting a bike he wants to buy, and has been hoarding money accordingly.  His past, when it comes to family cash, is....shady at best.  And to top it off, I realized he had never given me the deposit slip.
Yes, Anger took over and my mind made the leap.  When he got into the shop, I pounced, until he was in tears.  He kept swearing up and down that he DID deposit it.  I did not believe him...vigorously.  Again, in the past he had lied repeatedly at moments like this only to eventually realize he didn't have a leg to stand on, and would then confess.  This time though he held out and insisted I was wrong and he would prove it.  Then going to the bank he returned with a deposit slip dated for today.  Still, I did not believe, but rather insisted he realized he was caught and just deposited it today.  Reticent, he declared I needed to call and confirm.  Sure of myself in exposing his ruse I did just that.
Only to have the teller confirm that, yes, in fact he did deposit the money yesterday but due to her negligence she entered in one digit wrong and deposited it into someone else's account.
At this point all the blood drained out of me.
I felt like a complete and utter schmuck.
My apology was heartfelt yet tinged with a tale of morality, as to that which his mother and I had always warned him about his past actions having repercussions on the future, but in truth, I think that was more for my own benefit.  An attempt to lessen my own feelings of guilt for not having given him the benefit of the doubt.
Yes.  I'm a Schmuck!
Going to get off that for now.
Thanks to all the folks for gracing us with their presence yesterday.  Sent the OLD SCHOOL Mongoose BMX to a new home yesterday after A LOT of wheeling and dealing!  Also picked up, then sold, a real sweet looking ladies Mongoose comfort cruiser in about ten minuets.  Literally.  The gent who dropped it off on consignment was pulling out of the parking lot when the buyer came in and saw it!   Sadly though, that was the only newbie we got in!  The remainder of the day was briefly dedicated to repairs, then pretty much online Scrabble and an unexpected, yet brief nap! The rain came in...wahoo! 
Today...well, still waiting for something to work on so I will be dedicating time to update EBay! 
See ya all soon! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Changing Tides.

I really dislike this time of year.
When the encroaching heat stymies all activity and the persistent rain sounds the death knell of all productivity.  The lessons I try and teach my children on how to survive in life can boil down to one sentence "No matter how you feel, or what mood you are in time never slows or ceases".  Sadly, it is a lesson that only reaffirms itself, constantly!  This month is case in point.  Obviously, when the weather gets too bad to ride, there is little we have to do.  The end result is tighten belts.  Not that we haven't been there before, oh heavens no, but it never fails that when business is at it's slowest, the bills are at their highest.  However, there are shining moments at times of stress, ones that strengthen my resolve that Angi and I haven't done such a bad job in raising our kids.  Elijah, hearing Angi and my whispered concerns over the state of affairs, came forward and offered to commit the entirety of his next check in order to help us catch up.  Now, I  swore to myself a long time ago I would never ask my children for financial help, but reality precludes me from sticking to my guns on this one.  That's the one thing I have always loved about our kids, they never cease to surprise me! 
Honestly, I was never so noble as he when I was his age.  To expose a sad family secret, when I was around thirteen, I had a job, and used the money on my own indulgences.  I'd been saving for a comic book.  Daredevil #1.  I had saved all but twenty of the necessary $150.00 when my mother approached me to help pay the light bill which was at risk of being shut off.  These were bad times for us.  My parents recently divorced, her with the thankless task of raising both my sister and I, and having just recently found employment herself.  I (much to my retrospective shame) refused.  Thinking that my needs trumped what I perceived as hers (I was far to stupid to realize that should the lights be turned off I would suffer as well).  She persisted and eventually I reluctantly relented, but not without some misguided statements as to the inequity of it all.  Hence my evolved opinion of not asking my kids for help.  No, not because I felt shafted by my mother, but because I never wanted my children to feel responsible for my obligations.  Times then were different for my Mother, and in hindsight, she probably lamented over the necessity of asking me as well.  I just couldn't see it through the haze of teenage arrogance.  As I said, we are blessed to have kids that can look beyond that.
Even though the tide may be at low ebb, we did manage to keep busy yesterday, having a few repairs come in and put out two new goodies!  One of them is WAY sweet!  A 1995(?) GT Pro-Series 24" BMX cro-moly Cruiser!  SAH-WEEEET!  Check these out on Ebay, they range in price from $300-1500.00!!!!  This one is all original except for a replacement seat and seat clamp!  NIIIICE!!  Also, one of the fan favorites, another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!!" (WHOOPS!  Scratch that!  Just sold it!)
Hmmm.  Might just turn out to be a good day after all!  Also had two gents come in, hungrily swarming over the videos, having bought 40 of them!  SWEET!
Alright, best get at the repairs and put on something funny to watch and wain my woes!
See ya soon!

1995 (?) GT Pro-Series 24" BMX Cruiser!
ONLY $300.00!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shame, Shame on YOU Mr. Peace Keeper!

Ever wish you walked or rode around with one of those POV helmet cams?  Always recording what you see?  You know, like with that brief encounter in the woods with a family of Yeti's, or the chance, rapid appearance of a fleet of flying saucers? Or the equally rare second where a politician tells the truth? 
Well, yesterday was not as exciting as any of those (or as implausible as the truthful politician) but I had wished I had my video phone out and ready. 
As we were headed home last night, Logan was leading the way as I had Suzanne setting a slow pace.  It's hot and I don't want her to overdo it.  We came up on the intersection of Patricia and Union.  Here, we cross over Union headed South then once at that corner, head East on Union.  On the SE corner of the intersection sits a Chevron station and a Quickie Mart.  As we stood, waiting for the signal, I noticed two police cars, lights flashing, having pulled over an obvious ne're-do-well.  As we began our crossing the officer in the back, pulled away and headed for the North East exit to the parking lot.  I was watching as he drove through the lot and noticed he was looking down, towards his lap, obviously reading something.  As we had crossed and were coming up to the lot entrance, with Logan in the lead, the officer, oblivious to all except what ever he was reading in his lap, went right over the very obvious and brightly painted stop line at the lot's edge to come to rest mere inches from the road, completely obscuring the cross walk.  This action, having been performed a mere few feet from Logan compelled him to desperately slam on his brakes, propelling him off his seat and nearly turned him into a Eunuch!  Logan, clearly shaken and dumbfounded, merely stood in shock.  The officer, blandly looked up from what he was viewing, smirked and pulled out into traffic, offering no apology or acting the slightest bit contrite!
Exactly HOW do the law givers or enforcers in our land expect the general population to conduct themselves civilly or properly when they themselves are not beholding to the same laws or morality they contend to inflict upon us!?  Stop lines are there for a REASON!  And I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that even if texting while driving may NOT be illegal, in the strictest sense, it is frowned upon.  And yes, it was texting, not some official capacity.  police cars are equipped with computers that mount to the center console to the RIGHT of the driver.  He was looking and reading down and to his left hand.  And they pull over cyclists for texting or using their phone while they ride!!  I'm sorry but does the word contradictory or double standard ever get covered in police school? 
ANYWAY!  That's my gripe for the day, by chance I hope it gets to those who SHOULD be reading it! 
Yesterday plodded along for a bit, having ample time to put out three new rides, then near days end we started to get busy, really busy!  Within the last hour of the day we sent the Gary Fisher to an appreciative new home (and WOW that one stayed here longer then I thought it would) of course having been another example of the ten minute rule!  OK, it was a little longer then ten minutes...more like an hour and a half, but it applies!  Gent came in earlier in the day, road tested it, loved it but stated he was going to wait a day (???), then in the afternoon a nice lady did some wheeling and dealing and took it home.  Also, got in four repairs right before close, one of them from a gent who had chosen to use our services strictly based on the fact that we have "Firefly" paraphernalia in our window!  Oh yes, extra special job for him! 
Oh!  Another cute Suzanne moment!  Last night, after having put the girls to bed and the house had quiet down Mom and Dad took their usual moment to sit on the porch and download.  Suzanne, as always, wants to be where we are, but when we went out, she had been laying on the couch, apparently asleep.  As Angi and I engaged in idle chit chat we heard the sound of someone trying to open the door.  We don't have the standard door knob but rather the lever, requiring merely a downward push.  It took a seconds focus through the window shears to realize it was not one of the kids but rather Suzanne, standing on her hind legs with one paw on the door frame and one on the lever trying to open it!  As stated before, she is one smart pooch!
Well, Id best get my Jiggy on, as we did manage to pick up a couple new rides on trade yesterday, and Heavens knows we got some holes to fill!
See ya on the other side!

ONLY $80.00!!
ONLY $60.00!!
ONLY $35.00!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Warm Welcome.

As you may recall, in our last exciting episode, I had discovered my handle bars had been screwed up by my arch nemesis "Belligerent Teenager!"  I spent the remaining few moments on Saturday replacing them, only to find on the way home that having had to use an inch diameter in an inch and a quarter quill, I utilized a shim that slipped, thus making the remainder of the trip..."interesting".  Having no other back up to get into work on Sunday I was forced to have to limp in, gingerly holding the handle bars!  The realization that one false move could send me sailing forward to inevitable death by road rash, precluded the idea of bringing Suzanne along for the day considering her propensity for sudden and drastic course corrections!  Angela agreed to dog sit for the day, with the help of Logan doing "walkies", which I think, did not seem to perturb Suzanne much, as she seemed more then content to spend the day in repose. 
However, as the old saying goes, "distance makes the heart grow fonder" once I returned home for the afternoon, Suzanne met me excitedly at the door in a full, vigorous total body tail wag, complete with the offering of a tennis ball in her mouth.  From that point forward, all evening she did not once leave my side, albeit somewhat discomforting when I had to use the rest room.  Yes, at this point the bathroom, at least for me, has become based on an "open door" policy.  Even Angi and my evening of repose, relaxation and TV watching was somewhat determined by Suzanne's whim, as her tendency to bop me in the cheek with her paw when I am not paying her suitable attention.  This point of contention is made apparent by Angela releasing my hand, crossing her arm stating sarcastically that she knows who is more important!  All in good fun, though. 
Even though the "day off" was somewhat sidelined by the necessity of me coming in yesterday, we did managed to salvage the afternoon with a Barbecue and some small play time.  However, the children, ecstatic that Mom was not voicing her negative critique of their Netflix choices, were elated thy were getting away with a mini-marathon of "Family Guy" hence play time was short lived.  Yes, chastised me if you will, but my children (much to the chagrin of their Mother) share my same irreverent sense of twisted humor.  Much like the controversy of times past in regards to the violence of The Coyote, cross dressing tendencies of Bugs Bunny or dangers of kids thinking they can fly like "Superman" much of the "politically correct" hullabaloo is unjustified.  Teach a kid "it's not real" and they get it. 
Managed to send home two rides yesterday and a couple more repairs came in, Thank you so much for the trust!  Also picked up a few BMX'ers and a really sweet Ladies 24" cruiser! Yes, the Holy Grail of Florida cycling! The rare and elusive Twenty Four Inch!!!  That one is already in my rack awaiting completion!
Ah well, I guess I best get off my buttocks, as I have spent the morning with the beginning of the week EBay rush of shipping, and now I need to get some rides built!
Love you all, very much!  Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Even Ants Take Sundays Off!

Every morning I sit out front enjoying my morning coffee before engaging in the rigors of my vocation.  We have a little sitting area out there, two chairs and an Ikea side table donated by uncle Chippie.  Without fail, prior to placing my cup down, I have to tamp off the swarm of sugar ants busily lapping up the residue from drinks before.  However, I noticed an odd anomaly from times before where we opted to open up on the occasional Sunday.  Every other day of the week there are always several dozen little workers swarming about the table top, but every Sunday they are no where to be found!  So, with no expectation of my findings being published in "Scientific America" I otherwise choose to flex my own curiosity by staging an impromptu Myrmecological experiment.  Once I realized yesterday that in order to take the sting off the depressingly slow past few days, I would have to bite the bullet and come in today in hopes of raising some funds.  With this realization, I concocted the idea as an attempt to overcome the melancholy of once again loosing a day off.  Izzy was here yesterday, and as her pittance for visiting she garnished a couple of those high fructose sugary drinks pretending to have something to do with "real" fruit.  Once she finished one, prior to leaving for the evening I left the open container on the table.  Upon arriving this morning, I took my coffee out to the table and lo and ants! 
Are their "blue laws" in the insect world?  Is there an ant workers union that had fought and won the right to have Sundays off?  Can you imagine thousands of little ants with little picket signs marching on a small cadre of soldier ants in an attempt to bring their list of grievances to the Queen?
Or am I just really over thinking this?
Oh yes, wen I get bored my mind goes to some weird places!
Yesterday started off with a bang, from the get go, sending my expectations soaring,  We had a deluge of repairs grace our tiny shop and we dove in with renewed vigor!  Once completed, we remained coiled with excitement awaiting the next wave...which did not come, sadly.  Eventually, reflexes relaxing, we settled into the reluctant recent norm of sitting about trying to keep busy.  Eventually punting about cyberspace for something to occupy the time.  Around 4.30, almost napping, folks slowly started to filter back in, as a very nice young couple came in, falling in love with the comfort of the Cannondale Adventure 4, and giving it a new home.  Several looky loo's as well, and a trio of small fixers, thereby making the day not a total loss.
The day ended, unfortunately with me a mild bit irritated, having discovered that the handle bars on my own bike had somehow, mysteriously, been bent!  By "Mysteriously" I mean, sarcastically, that I knew how they had gotten bent!  Elijah, who has a terrible track record when it comes to bicycles, had used mine the night before running an errand to the store.  He and Kaleb had gone to the beach for the day and on the way there his bike got a flat.  Even though I am constantly mentioning they should free up some space in the back packs they religiously carry....everywhere, for a small set of tools and a spare tube or two, they apparently do not what to give up the spaces dedicated to a plethora of electronic devices, personal speakers, drink and food.  So be it.  He ended up using my ride to do an errand he didn't want to give up his lazy time to do.  When I got my bike out of the shed I should have known something may be amiss, as it was not placed in with the normal degree of care I would do, on it's kickstand, but rather had been seemingly "tossed" onto the other bikes, laying half on it's side and only one wheel!  Needless to say, I had to delay my return home as I had to hurriedly replace said bars. 
We will be adding the price of a new set to his already cumbersome tab!
So in conclusion....
Nah.  No morale to any of this, just going to get a mosey on and try and find something to work on!
See ya soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


So, last night Angi and I decided to be a tad bit selfish.  Having tried several years in a row to make it to see fireworks we opted to make it a little easier on ourselves and go it alone.  With the kiddo's more then happy with Pizza and free reign of the TV, we got ready to go.  After calling the cab I stepped outside and realized the yard was a wee bit of a mess and started to pick up some kids debris from the day....
Then I felt the first rain drops.
Very soon, the now traditional Fourth of July torrential downpour was upon us!  Of course, at the very height of the deluge, the cab showed up, and I tried in vain to offer Angi shelter with the umbrella, the driving rain having made the shelter worthless.
Not wanting to surrender, we pressed on to downtown Clearwater in hopes that the water would lighten up.  Thankfully, by the time we got half way there it all but did.  Of course, we had time to kill so we tried to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Apparently, management didn't bother to plan ahead for what would surely be a VERY busy night, and the line was close to a half an hour long, having only three on staff, and they had run out of just about everything!
What fun.
We stepped across the street to the local pizza joint ordering up something to munch on, but no sooner had we sat down and ordered, did we hear the fireworks start early.  At this point, Angi, who is VERY fleet of feet, handed them her license to hold our seat and food, and we booked.  Rather she booked and I did my best to keep up!  Wasn't that bad, as it was downhill.  Thankfully we had a close up spot to view the show, and missed very little. The way back up the hill, Angi took out her fast shoes again.  At that point I didn't even try and keep up!  After finishing our dinner and waiting over an hour for a return cab trip home, we cooled down and chilled for a little while.
At this point, as we relaxed, Suzanne surprised me by once again showing just how sharp she is.  When she first came into our home, I tried to interest her in a game of fetch.  She had no idea what I was getting at!  I've always wanted a dog who would play catch but for some reason each dog I had showed no aptitude for it.  Well, last night, as Angi fought with her phone trying to upload her film of the fireworks to Facebook, Suzanne came to me on the couch, with a tennis ball in her mouth.  At first I just thought it was her propensity for wanting something to chew on, but curious, I pried it from her mouth.  At this point she got a big grin, starting wagging her tail so intensely her whole body was into it.  Quick, random movement of the ball had her head and eyes following it, so I gave it a toss which she excitedly charged after, then returned it!  I have NO idea where she learned the game, but she was hilarious to watch!   After a half an hour she was exhausted and passed out on the floor.
Yesterday was expectantly slow, but we did manage to send two rides to new homes one of the being on the "ten minute rule"!  gent and his son came in and looked at the GORGEOUS Trek Pure, and were sold on it but for some reason were going to wait.  Seven minuets after they left a very nice lady, who has been following us for sometime to find a good comfort cruiser, happened to be passing by the shop and decided to stop in and check out the stock, falling immediately in love with it.
Today, the traditional flood of weekend repairs have been coming in, so with that, I'd best get to it!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $110.00!!

Friday, July 4, 2014


Ah yes!  That day of the year when folks spend a lot of hard earned cash to watch it explode on their front lawn while friends and family gather to drink American made beer and scare the bagebuzz out of other's children trying to sleep.
Oh goodie.
Yes, I'm not so "UP" on this time of year, as the sarcasm denotes.  However, I can not begrudge folks too much who have the ability to enjoy the long weekend.  OK, so maybe there is a tad bit of envy wrapped up in there somewhere, but I'll be the last to admit it.
Oh....wait....I just did, didn't I?
For us, it's just another day, albeit a somewhat shorter one, as we close at six.  As mentioned yesterday, for the last several years every time we have tried to enjoy the holiday, something has occurred to wreck it.  So tonight we try once again to shuffle out and view the fireworks in the park, downtown Clearwater.  Truthfully, just about the only time we ever bother traveling to that part of town, as there is so little to do there. 
Do I sound tinged with a wee bit of vitriol?
Enh?  Yesterday was wholeheartedly BORING and we have little more to do today!  So I am in a wee bit of a mood.  The one ray of sunshine though, was last night as Angi and I had our chill down time before getting dinner ready (in response to the children's plaintive pleas, was "Beanie-weenies") and as the conversations rambled aimlessly, we of course covered the children's actions of the day.  As we were talking, Miranda came to the front door and holding onto the nipple of her bottle repeatedly whacked it against the window, in an attempt to get our attention.  The simple act of using her bottle as a bludgeoning weapon reminded me fondly of something from my youth.
Diaper Man.
Now, for the younger readers or even the "uncool" older readers who suffered a most egregious gap in their youthful revelry, "Diaper Man" was a member of the quintet "The Mighty Heroes!".  This group of bungling Superheroes (Strong Man, Tornado Man, Rope Man, Cuckoo Man and Diaper Man) were back up stories for a variety of incarnations of "the Mighty Mouse Show" having produced a total of 21 episodes.  Thus inspired, when we went inside, I popped the TV on YouTube and sure enough, found several of the episodes.  The really nice part of it all, was some of the kids, curious as to what I was into, sat and watched.  And liked it!  The shocking part of this is most of the things I remember from my childhood, that I attempt to interest them in, is met with a resounding "thud".  This one had them cracking up. 
Well, on the work front...nope.  Nothing to build, all repairs long since done and we are just waiting for this holiday to be over so things can get back to normal. 
Soooooo, I'm going to relish in my youthful excesses and see if I can find any more episodes of "The Mighty Heroes!"
Then maybe Shmoo.
Who remembers Shmoo?

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Did NOT want to wait until tomorrows update to share this gem with you!  Just in on consignment, an absolutely GORGEOUS 2010 Trek Pure, pedal forward cruiser!  This one has barely seen road!  and is in both mechanical and esthetic pleasing condition!!

ONLY $380.00!!!!

YAWN! Well....At Least We Have Plenty Of Movies To Watch!

Not even the crickets showed up!
I can only assume the ghost town feel yesterday was due to folks preparing for the long weekend.  Well, at least some folks have long weekends!  No, we are open all the way through  We will close an hour early tomorrow in hopes of viewing the fireworks!  It's an annual tradition in our family to make plans to go and relax and view the festivities, which is inevitably screwed up some way or another.  Last years fiasco gives me pause for doubt, but as we are gluttons for punishment we will try again!  Angela loves fireworks and I do hope we are able to pull it off this year.  Fingers crossed, No torrential downpour to put a kink in the plans! 
We were able to finish up a couple of projects yesterday, a nice bang around men's 26" cruiser and a real sweet Cannondale H300 Commuter hybrid.  This one is FULLY re-furbed AND upgraded, with a newer alloy bars, integrated shifters, NEW rear wheel and tire and she rides like a dream!  She is showing some wear on the paint, hence the lower price for such a gem!  And those two bring us up to date on the available re-builds.  Today, I am once again cursed to have to resort to *shudder* PARTS SORTING!!!
I do so hope a plethora of folks come in today to provide us with something else to do!  OH please, oh please, oh PLEASE!!!
Well, as I have no real words of wit or wisdom to impart upon you today I will bid my farewells, as I best just bite the damn bullet and get to sorting! us....

ONLY $65.00!!
ONLY $210.00!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turnover Tuesday!!!

Now THAT'S what I call a TUESDAY! 
Or rather, that's what we wish EVERY Tuesday could be like!  Sent SEVEN rides to new homes yesterday!   INCREDIBLE!
Normally we break out a trilogy of movies and hunker down for the average slow, lazy day Tuesdays usually are, but not then!  It quickly became even MORE apparent that we really need more goodies to put out!  I'm half tempted to go in the back and dig through the scrap pile that hasn't been picked up yet to see if there is anything I could play with.  I say half tempted as doing so would be a lesson in futility I wouldn't have the patience for.  Oh, we are pretty picky about what we label as "scrap".  We don't like to get rid of anything, but clearly, if it's going to take more to fix it then we can sell it for?  Enh.  Why bother! 
'sokay, though, we do have another Cannondle commuter to build and I picked up a men's 26" cruiser yesterday that a gent just kind of handed to us with the statement "I'm tired of dealing with it!"  Seems he has had issues with the rear wheel, and attempted to rectify it himself a few times, only it kept breaking.  We informed him it needed new guts, but he decided to just get rid of it and go get a new one.  More the better for us!
Aside from battling my Internet connection this morning it has been a wee bit quite around here, due in part, I'm sure to the rain we had earlier. 
Well, as thrilling as I am sure all this adventurous banter has been, I must cut it short.  Due to my fighting with the Internet, I lost the morning and really must get to building! 
See ya all soon!!

Here's the new goodies!

ONLY $240.00!!!
ONLY $70.00!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Sometimes a mischievous little Imp crawls up my brain and I find a situation ripe for raising a little bit of titillating controversy.  I'm a glutton for punishment that way.  Trouble is, Angi knows me FAR to well at this point so I don't get the same rise I used to get.  Last night, after dinner and the girls bath I was sitting in the living room dressing them in their PJ's and getting them settled down for bed.  Izzy was doing her usual squirmmies, so as I wrestled the nightgown on, I tussled her hair.  While straightening it out, I stated "but honey, you have to keep looking good so some day you can land a husband, because no woman is complete without a good husband!"
And I waited.
Angi just calmly turned and gave me "that" stare, and simply stated "don't listen to your father".  Drat!  Missed again!  She did get me back this morning though with the comment, "I'm going to make sure they know to marry for money!"
Touché'.  Your score, dear!
Last night (or rather early this morning) Suzanne proved she is a good watch dog.
As the Storm clouds moved in last night, heavily, Elijah called to let us know he was going to hold off after work and go see a movie and give it time to clear up.  Of course, Angi and I were not waiting up so we told him he had to find another way in.  They have there ways, usually a knock on the boys window to wake someone to let them in.  Well, he apparently rolled in around 2 am, and with less then silent grace.  Suzanne, sensing an intruder, alerted us with growls and barks.  "I'm up!" and once this was acknowledged the barking ceased and she led the way out into the house, covering me, to investigate the intruder.  Once she was certain all was well, we went back to bed. 
Later, around 6 AM, Kaleb, who has gotten into the habit of coming into the shop WAY early, was less then quite himself.  Again, the barked warning, the investigation and the back to bed.  Although all the excitement left her a little on edge and she had to cuddle in next to me, and given her posture, I got the comforting feeling she was doing it to protect us.
She's a very good dog!
On the work front!
Lessons in timing and a cautionary tale of "calling ahead".  We had a Cannondale MTB in here for about a week and a half (LONG time for a Cannondale) and had just re posted it yesterday.  Almost immediately we had three calls.  Then, an hour later a VERY excited gent came in and snagged it up!  I mean, you don't find a Cannondale for $110.00 every day, you know?  Well, shortly after that, we had two more folks come in to buy it,  only to be disappointed it was no longer here!  One of the gentleman was very understanding and left with the promise he'd keep watching the Blog, but the other was a little less so.  Seems he HAD called about it, but had done so around 9.30 am, but waited until five to come in.  Had he told us he wanted to buy it, we could have taken a credit card over the phone and reserved it for him.  Sadly, some folks seem to be under the impression that when I use the term "quick turnover" I'm merely indulging in high pressure sales.  Nope.  Just being up front!
We also managed to send home another five aside from that one, so once again we are looking for MORE goodies!  We did manage to pick up TWO MORE Cannondales yesterday!  as well as a bevy of scrap bikes.  Folks cleaning out there sheds, yards and what have you!  Granted, the majority needed A LOT of work, but they were donations so the work is welcome!
Funny observation.  The other day we picked up another collection of movies and as I was sorting them I realized I had acquired a copy each of Back to the Future 2 and 3.  Oddly enough, the only one of the trilogy I had left was the first one.  SO, in a fit of nostalgia, we set out for a marathon as we worked.  What really struck me as odd was it having been so long since I sat down to watch them, as we were working on #2, when Marty and Doc go into his future 30's in the year 2015!
That's NEXT YEAR!!
I couldn't help but laugh at the writers over zealous expectations of just how advanced we would actually be!  Nope.  No flying cars, no hover boards, no bionic implants, no re-hydrators, no self drying clothes or self lacing shoes and the "Smart Home" they lived in gave you the impression that it had been "old and out of date" for some time! I couldn't help but laugh at the irony, that the scenes from 1985 were far closer to our current day reality then their view of the future!
I still want a flying car though!
I'd best get at it, as there are A LOT of parts to put away!
See y'all soon!
Oh...yes, we did put three newbies out....but they all sold.  Sorry.  No pic's!