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Monday, October 31, 2011

1 of 3

Yep!  It's once again time to celebrate another pagan holiday annexed by modern day dogma.  This is 1 of only three days that pleasantly impact our business as we close early today.  In a time honored tradition of our family both parents must be present to coral the excitement and subdue our little goulies in preparation of the big night!  As well,  a new tradition at this time of the year has become the sharing of the years...stomach virus.  Oh yes, last year it prohibited two of the children from being able to get out and beg for candy door to door.  This year it appears that it has decided to way lay yours truly.  Having thought it would by pass me , I was however foolish in my assumption.  Although it had effected the majority of the children, they got through it.  It was not until awakening this morning that I realized it had moved into me.  So I apologize to anyone that may have been by this morn, but I reluctantly had to sleep in a bit.  Sorry.
Would like to thank the anonymous benefactor who left three donations at my back door!  Twas very nice to find more potentials! 
Yesterday was quite a busy day for Justin!  Thanks to Mrs. Bauer for choosing the cute Starter BMX!  Diego drove quite a ways to come in and pick up both the Racer X and the Rhino MTB.  originally he set out only to get the Racer but they were so cheap, he grabbed two!  And the custom three wheeler has finally found a home!  Regina, apparently ALSO driving quite a ways, grabbed her up!  But have no fear, we have another one that just came out of the sandblaster that should be ready by Thursday!  Also are working on a older model (pre-walmart) Mongoose BMX!  And a couple more bangers! 
You all have a safe Halloween and lots and lots of chocolate~!
ONLY $50.00!!!

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