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Saturday, October 29, 2011

WOW!! Almost Famous...kinda.

Weird posting time, I know!  Last night got to busy at the days end to focus, then it was Family Movie Night!  And the feature was Captain America!  FINALLY!!  In a word.  ROCKS!
Then coming in this morn, well it's a Saturday!  So after the hustle and bustle sat down and did my normal morning routine.  Well when I got to E-mail, someone had sent an erroneous e-mail, lambasting the Schwinn Avenue we have on consignment with the false statement that the bike sells for $159.00 New at Wal-Mart.  Well, I can understand the misreading.  Wal-Mart sells both the Schwinn Avenue for $249.00, and the Roadmaster Hybrid, same style same blue coloring for $159.00.  Otherwise that's where the similarities end. TRUST ME!  We have worked on 7 of those Roadmasters since they came out this past summer.  3 of them we recommended the folks who had just bought it to return them for their money back.
ANYWAY, curious I checked Craigslist after and found this.


Why Do the Same People Keep Spamming This Site?

This Site is For Individuals and Not Dealers or Pawn Stores.

You know a couple of bikes here or there is tolerable.

But Posting Several Bikes is Abusing this Site.

Flag these Shops, Pawn Stores, and Gross Over postings.

Clearwater Re-Cycle - Cute at first - Now Just Annoying.

Lutz/Lol/Tampa "Localbikeauctions" or "Localbikeoutlet" Good God.

Let's Clean Up this site.

  • Location: Stop the Spam!
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
HEY!  We are still MOST DEFINATELY cute! 

This add was quickly  responded to by someone saying this:

 re:SPAM SPAM SPAM...But I Dont Like Spam! (FLAG The Spam!))

Cool your jets man. People come here to find bikes for sale. The posters that you are griping about have bikes for sale. So what if craigslist is one of the outlets that they use. Guess what, you see their ads. BTW it doesn't make you any better than them if you post the same anti-spam BITCH post every few hours. Get a life, better yet, go ride your bike. If you don't have one, check out local bike auctions, that guy has a ton.....

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
WOW!!  we're part of a controversy!  SWEET!  I've always wanted to be controversial!!  And i thought I had an excessive amount of spare time!  WOOF!  Well, in a way it's kinda cool to know that you have a name that folks recognize.  Good, bad or otherwise!
Hey, bad publicity is still publicity! 

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