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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Maudlin Lang Syne

The only real effect of the passing of one year into the next is the necessity to purchase a new desk calendar 'cause I'm to cheap to buy the sixteen month version!  So of course we WILL be open tomorrow!
Yes, here again we once more pass into a new year, 2014.  Wow!  The older I get the more I realize just how quick the last 40 something years have passed and I can't help but ask myself, yet again (as is the happenstance every year) where the hell are the flying cars, Mars colonies, jet packs and loyal humanoid robots!?  And where is my robotic Daggett?  (obscure reference kids!  Check Google!)  All you need to do to see just how presumptuous science fiction writers were is to check out any movies made or pulps that were written a mere 50 or so years ago to realize just how far off they were!  Look at something as recent as Aliens!  In this future we have achieved interstellar travel, fully human looking artificial life but we're still using toggle switches and keyboards!?!  And check out their computer graphics! 
But seriously, as this year comes to a close, I'll be spending it with my lovely wife out and about on the town, settling into Flanagan's Pub downtown for dinner and a couple of pints to usher in another year.  Of course, as I am prone to do, I have spent the last couple of days reflecting not only on 2013 but years previous.  I can't help but be thankful for everything we have been blessed with, and with its ying comes the yang,  regret some decisions made.  I will fight the inevitable urge to dwell on the yang!  A new year offers the promise of rectifying mistakes and improving on successes.  I wish you all the same attempts and good fortune!
Thanks to everyone who visited yesterday and for the plethora of repairs to help grease the wheels and keep things moving around here!    Managed to get out two new goodies yesterday, Huzzah!  A really gorgeous Giant Cypress and an equally impressive Mongoose Pro.  That Mongoose is one of the GOOD ones, not the ones that Wal-Mart sells in an attempt to destroy the Mongoose name!  Check 'em out below! 
Alright, short but sweet.  I gotta git on to work, as I have a pile of repairs waiting my ministrations!  See ya'll soon!

ONLY $140.00!!

ONLY $140.00!!

Monday, December 30, 2013 could hear a pin drop!

Not sure if it was the inclement weather or folks taking off for the last weekend of break or just sitting at home looking at their credit card expenses asking themselves "I spent HOW MUCH!?" but this weekend was sloooooooooow! 
That's not to say we didn't have a lot of looky loo's, oh nay, nay!  But Thursday and Friday we got hit hard and sold just about every adult size bike we had so there was not much to look at! We do have a few nice ones left, mind you. but the "under 100" stock blew out of hear like no ones business!  We did manage to add a couple though and Boy oh BOY are they SAH-WEEEET!!  First off, another recumbent!!  A gorgeous EZ-1, 21 speed sweetie!   Also we got a first.  An electric bike!  An RMartin 36 volt, 7 speed folding bike, aluminum frame, complete with a newer lithium battery (less then ten months old), new tires, charger and all the paperwork.  This one sells new for $1499.00 and we got her for ONLY $850.00!! And she's a quick little bugger too.  What I really like is she is light enough that if you were out and ran out of a charge she's nothing to just pedal home.  For my part, I did manage to build two on Saturday.  The aforementioned recumbent and a real sharp looking BMX for the kid in your life.  This little Mongoose looks almost new and sports NEW tires to boot.
Also, have a ladies hybrid half done in my rack and just picked up a Mongoose Pro (this is one of the GOOD ones Walmart hasn't destroyed) that will be going out lickety split.
Even though the Holiday is coming up, I won't be taking off the first.  No, we celebrate the new year but don't use it as an excuse to close for the day, so there was nothing for me to make up for and work yesterday.  I took the day, as usual, to hang out with the family.  Of course, with the rain, we were home bound, but made the best of it, playing the day away.  Poor Angela, feeling the effect of the holiday week, was exhausted and we tried our best to remain (relatively) quiet while she rested.  After I got the kids to bed around 9, the older boys took over the video game and I laid in bed with her while we watched back to back episodes of "The Murder Show".  That, of course, is just a generic title for any of the multitude of "reality based, true crime" shows out there.  She had been watching "Sister Wives" which is why I hadn't come and lay down sooner.  Sorry, but any schmuck that thinks it's OK to have more then one love in his life is about as brain dead as the women he's married to, so I'll give it a pass! 
I really don't have much more to jaw about so I'll be taking my leave and getting back to work!
See ya!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $850.00!!

ONLY $350.00!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Raging Debate.

Good Morning Campers!
OY!  Another semi-sleepless night! This does not bode well for me, and in extension, Angela.  Last night was movie night and I sent Kaleb to Wally World to get a copy of Despicable Me 2 that the kids have been dying to see ( too).  We got started a little late as I got held up at the shop.  But when it was all over and we turned in early.  Midnight is early for us lately.  But here's the problem.  For almost 22 years we have grown accustomed to being secure in the knowledge that all our little ducklings were safe and snug in their beds before turning in ourselves.  Last night Elijah was allowed to go out for the evening and hang with friends.  Around 10 pm he called and asked if he could crash at his friends house as they were droning out to video games and wanted to play until their ears bled or they passed out.  I acquiesced, but didn't take into consideration that the nagging "missing duckling" effect would hit so hard, and I tossed and turned all night fading in and out of sleep.  And considering the width and girth of the bags under Angi's eyes when she briefly woke this morning as I was dragging my but out of bed, tells me I kept her awake as well!  OY VEY!  I have NO  idea what will happen when he goes off to work next year!  Of course in true manly fashion I did not express this sentiment when he text me this morning stating he'd be on his back home after he had waffles for breakfast but instead chided him by stating "How sweet, after a night of passion your boyfriend makes you breakfast!"
Yesterday was another humdinger of a day!  Sent home several to new homes as well as  a lot of parts!  This all highlighted a real serious problem we have this time of year, lack of stock!  Oh we still got a few goodies left, and a couple to get in the rack, but nowhere near enough to fill the demand!  It's simple; folks are not thinking about cleaning out their garage or their back yard, purging them of unused bikes as they are too busy with family, presents and pie!  So if you, or someone you know, has got some bikes suitable for horse trading or sale?  COME ON DOWN!!!
Uncle Chippie sent me an interesting article this morning.  Give it a read, then, if your interested in my two cents, I comment after!

CHICAGO (AP) -- Early blasts of snow, ice and below-zero temperatures haven't stopped a surprising number of Chicago cyclists from spinning through the slush this winter, thanks in part to a city so serious about accommodating them that it deploys mini-snow plows to clear bike lanes.
The snow-clearing operation is just the latest attention city leaders have lavished on cycling, from a growing web of bike lanes to the nation's second largest shared network of grab-and-go bicycles stationed all over town. But it also spotlights questions that have been raised here, a city wrestling with deep financial problems, and across the country.
Who is paying for all this bicycle upkeep? And shouldn't bicyclists be kicking in themselves?
A city councilwoman's recent proposal to institute a $25 annual cycling tax set off a lively debate that eventually sputtered out after the city responded with a collective "Say what?" A number of gruff voices spoke in favor, feeding off motorists' antagonism toward what they deride as stop sign-running freeloaders. Bike-friendly bloggers retorted that maybe pedestrians ought to be charged a shoe tax to use the sidewalks.
"There'd be special bike cops pulling people over? Or cameras? What do you do (to enforce this)?" asked Mike Salvatore, owner of Heritage Bicycles, a new Chicago hangout that neatly blends a lively cafe with a custom bike-building workshop in a 19th-century building.
Chicago is by no means the only place across the U.S. tempted to see bicyclists as a possible new source of revenue, only to run into questions of fairness and enforceability. That is testing the vision of city leaders who are transforming urban expanses with bike lanes and other amenities in a quest for relevance, vitality and livability - with never enough funds.
Two or three states consider legislation each year for some type of cycling registration and tax - complete with decals or mini-license plates, National Conference of State Legislatures policy specialist Douglas Shinkle said. This year, it was Georgia, Oregon, Washington and Vermont. The Oregon legislation, which failed, would even have applied to children.
"I really think that legislators are just trying to be as creative as possible and as open to any sort of possibilities to fill in any funding gaps. Everything is on the table," he said.
It's not a new idea. The Netherlands, where a cycling lifestyle has long been the norm, had bike taxes from 1924 to 1941, when the Nazis did away with it in a gesture meant to win over the Dutch.
Hawaii has had a statewide bike registration law for decades, as has the normally tax-hating city of Colorado Springs, Colo., though in both cases, they are one-time fees and all proceeds go toward bicycle infrastructure.
In the case of Colorado Springs, the proposal came from the cycling community itself. The $4 tax on the purchase of new bikes has been in place since 1988, and no one seems to mind. It only raises up to $150,000 a year, but it's useful as a local match for federal grants. And it gives cycling advocates leverage when pushing for bike projects. For one thing, it has revealed that 25,000 bikes are sold each year, a big number in a city of 430,000.
"The idea was to legitimize bicycles," explained Al Brody, a cycling enthusiast and retired Air Force officer who once coaxed a city councilwoman on a trek up Pikes Peak to lobby for opening up the mountain roadway to bicyclists. "It's in your face: We're paying taxes, this is how many bikes we're selling."
Portland, Ore., is handing over entire traffic lanes to cyclists downtown, irritating some businesses.
Robert Huckaby, who owns a moving company, tried but couldn't raise $1 million to get a measure on Oregon's statewide ballot requiring a bicycle registration fee and licensing. He acted after the city permanently closed a road that was a main entrance for his business because cyclists blowing a stop sign were getting hit by vehicles making turns.
"The unfortunate part is that we want to be known as the bike-friendly city of the United States, but no one's listening to John Public," Huckaby said. "They're just listening to basically the city of Portland and the bicyclists."
In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made bike lanes and bike programs a signature issue, believing it makes downtown an attractive place for bright young people and innovative companies. More bikes means less pollution, less traffic congestion, practically zero wear and tear on the city's roads and a healthier population.
Nevertheless, the idea that cyclists aren't paying their fair share has resonated. But many bike riders are also car owners who pay the fuel tax that helps fund highway construction, or home owners who pay property taxes, which go partly toward road construction.
The city councilwoman didn't do herself any favors by trying to sell her bike tax idea as an alternative to a hike in cable TV taxes; opponents accused her of wanting to subsidize coach potatoes at the expense of healthy cyclists.
Good or bad policy, some bikers feel the debate heralds cycling's re-emergence into the American mainstream.
"Who would have taken (the councilwoman) seriously 10 years ago?" Salvatore, 32, said. "Seriously, 10 years ago, there was (only) a handful of nutcases who biked around Chicago."

Chip was very adamant in his opposition to this measure and would be up in arms if ever they tried to implement something like this in our town.  I find myself in the rare position of being on the other side of the debate on this one, and I'll explain.
As a devout bicycle rider I would willingly pay to register all my families bikes (for adults).  Riding a bike for a kid, who does not have the option to drive, is unjust.  However, as an adult, especially one who relies on it completely for transportation why shouldn't I be subject to a registration fee?  I use the roads and sidewalks that the city maintains and I should be held liable for my share just like every car driver out there.  And think of it on the positive.  You have a registration!   You have YOUR bike on file with the state just like every car.  If it gets stolen it will give you an edge if ever recovered.  No more "Can you prove this is your bike?"  HELL YEA!  Here's my registration!  Not only that, but nowadays whenever the city council is making judgment on street or infrastructure improvements or changes, they call town meetings but rarely listen to the "Freeloading, helmet wearing, spandex clad cyclists"  Having paid taxes, however, will allow us to stand up and be heard!  Perhaps we could do more to improve the condition of the bike lanes, or install more?  Implement bicycle share programs, more bike parking, more security and an improve response from the police in regards to bike theft.  And think of the tenuous relationship between car drivers and cyclists?  The car driver wouldn't have anything to complain about if they new we were paying our fair share.  I'm just saying, helping foot the bill helps everyone.
Special shout out to me mum!  She's always keeping abreast of the goings on in the cutest little town in the U S of A, Exeter NH!  My place of birth and old stomping grounds!  Seems an ex English teacher ha set up a Comic Book Shop in the bottom floor of the Exeter Book Store!  This new joint called "Stairway To Heaven" is only a stones throw away from my old comic shop!  I just had to give him a ring yesterday and wish him the best of success as that town deserves the Fanboy culture! 
I need to start digging and find some more goodies to make!  Check out the newbies below and I'm off!

ONLY $70.00!!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Foever Young

I'd love to say the Christmas season allows me to relive my childhood, but who am I kidding!  I never grew up!  The only true downside is, when you possess a sixteen year old brain in a 40 something body, it does occasionally remind you, at times painfully, that with age comes limitations!  Such is the case when staying up until the wee hours of the morning playing video games!  Bless Angela and her penchant for humoring my more youthful excesses! 
Once again (and I am one bubbly proud papa for this) Logan was vibrating in his seat last night during dinner, as he was chomping at the bit to play us at Magic again!  The boy has the fever....bad!  He ceremoniously put way his Yu-Ghi-O and Pokémon cards, and even more surprisingly his hand-held video games!  I NEVER thought he would cut that umbilical cord!  But his exclamation that "Magic is MY game!" sealed the deal!   After only one day of playing he is already trying to learn the art of deck building, which I am more then happy to teach.  Of course, it will give me an excuse to go buy more cards!
Hee, hee!
The next inevitable step for the young man will be to delve into the strange and surreal world of...
Elijah has already discovered a gaming shop in Dunedin that sponsors tournaments, so I'm betting within a very short time I'll be spending some time there.  Even Owen has shown an interest in learning the game, but more as a desire to be a part of it, not so much the game itself.  He is more akin to Kaleb in the fact that his interests lie in more athletic, energetic  play.
Of course, with such a diverse age grouping around the house, my source of play varies.  This morning my darling little Izzy wanted Daddy to play with her Faerie collection as I had my morning coffee, and it took all my reserve to play it straight!  Hard not to throw in dark humor when playing with dolls!  Just that ten minuets of playtime endeared me to her, though, as she at first insisted I not go, but then acquiescing to the fact that I had to, gave me one of the best hugs I've had from her in a while! 
Before I forget, Movie review!  Couple days ago finally got to see "Elysium" with Matt Damon and Jodi Foster.  Set in the year 2154 after the elite and rich have escaped the ecologically desolated Earth to an orbiting Space station, the remaining population eeks out survival under strict martial rule serving their heavenward masters.  Damon's character, injured in an industrial accident with a lethal dose of radiation, is given a bottle of pain killers and five days to live, then unapologeticly sent home to die.  He knows if he can get up to Elysium, they have the medical attention available to cure him.  So goes the harrowing adventure of his ascension to salvation. 
Created by the same team that brought us "District Nine" (a little less then thinly veiled remaking of "Alien Nation") this one is an obvious commentary on current US immigration policies.  Set in a decimated Los Angeles that looks like the slums of Dubai, the prevailing language, and population is Spanish.  Jodi Foster plays a cold blooded, heartless secretary of defense well, but they should have done a little better to expose her motivation and not allow her to be so two dimensional.  I enjoyed the glimpse into post environmental apocalypse  and they did a good job of figuring out a functional evolution of current technology.  All and all worth the eye candy!
Yesterday was a very busy start right out of the gate!  Sold the three wheeler, FINALLY!  Also found a good home for the white Mongoose XR-200.  Managed to put out two new ones!  A real sweet looking ladies 24" MTB and a SWEET 22/9 drive BMX! 
I have talked enough and need to get back at it! 
You all have a great day! 

ONLY $65.00!!

20" BMX!
ONLY $90.00!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yule Tide Aftermath!!!

Seriously, have to say, this Christmas turned out alright!  A very special shout out to both Angi and my folks for their contribution to the coffers!  Would not have been anywhere near as much fun for the kids without the assist!  Some wise and thoughtful gift selection on Angi's part lead to some very happy kiddo's, not to mention her last minute gift choice (with the help of money from Grandma) of a new PS3 Game system.  This is the type of gift the kiddo's have been hinting for, for years!  And Boy oh BOY the response they gave when they discovered what it was!  We also sprang for remote control cars for three of the boys and a remote control helicopter for Logan (with a special nod of appreciation to Pat over at Zone Red for the discount!) As it turned out, all three cars worked on the SAME FREQUENCY!  So it made for some VERY interesting, uncontrolled racing!  Logan, the mechanically creative kid (who up until yesterday was FAR to involved in electronic devices) got his very first model kit!  You'll see him up here working on it as mom said no stinky glue and paint in the house!  We also got him and Elijah (as well as Mom and Dad) each a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards.  These are my two Fanboy Geek sons, and Magic is just a handheld card game version of Dungeons and Dragons!  But difficult.  Logan took to it immediately, and after one test game beat both Mom and Dad (experienced players) twice!  Up until the Video game was revealed, I think Elijah and Kaleb were a little less then thrilled with their "grown up" gifts.  Aside for some Hot Wheels cars for Kaleb (he collects them) they got clothes, aftershave and Kaleb got a high octane bottle of hot sauce and Elijah an alarm clock, travel bag and coffee mug (in preparation for next years job traveling the country).  Of course, Momma always spoils the little ones, and both Izzy and Miranda got a bevy of cute pink things, which both tried to claim all for themselves.  I picked out a cute train set for Izzy, which Kaleb helped set up.  With the addition of a set of plastic dinosaur toys her and I made the Jurassic Train Park and had fun with the dinosaurs trying to destroy it.  Both Rozy and Owen are now part of the "Electronic Device" club in the house (much to my chagrin) as Momma found Rozy a real sweet deal at "Southern Pawn".  It's the kid equivalent of an I-Pad, and she got it on the cheap!  A couple games and a charger later, and Rozy was in cyber heaven!  Elijah gave Owen his old touch screen phone and at one point everyone in the house (except me and Izzy, we were destroying the train set) was on their device (even Miranda had a toy touch screen!) it was surreal!   Angi, going against my mandate, squirrelled away some dough and bought me a few things as well.  Amongst them, my OWN model kit, of course, it was the USS Enterprise 1701 (the original) which I'm sure you will see hanging in the shop soon!  She also picked up the last two volumes I needed to complete my collection of rest room books, "Calvin and Hobbs!"  We were up until after midnight playing Magic with Logan, then I took my turn at the video game, and a very humoring Angi let me rot my brain until about 2.30 this morning! 
All in all a very wonderful day!
Speaking of Holidays, As it still is technically the holiday season, I think I can get away with some more favorite moments in Holiday history!
Christmas 1997.
We had only been in Texas for a couple years and I had been with the carpet cleaning company for a little while, and had not yet risen to my position of authority.  As was far to often the case, money was tight and we were looking at another light Christmas.  About three days before I was sent out on a routine job, the basic two rooms and a hall special, and was in a less then pricey neighborhood.  When no up selling was expected I had anticipated a "Blow and Go".  I was met at the door by a very nice elderly man who took me to the Living room/sitting room that I would be cleaning.  I was quite shocked when entering the sitting room to discover that it was wall to wall toys!  Not collectible, mind you, but just a ton of well preserved play things.  This room was large, easily 500 square feet, and you could barely move, there was so much stuff!  I asked him if he was only looking to do the traffic areas, but he insisted he needed the whole room done.  At that point I was fretting the hours it would take for me to move everything to get under them, and asked him, reluctantly, where I could put everything while I cleaned.  In response, he asked me, if he paid me a little extra, would I mind just bagging it up and getting rid of it!?  He went on to explain that all his grand kids had outgrown them  and they would not be having kids of their own any time soon.  It was all just "taking up space".  I asked what he wanted me to do with it all, and he just responded by asking "do you know anyone with kids?" 
When all was said and done, I'd filled two large boxes worth of Hefty bags FILLED with toys (some of them vintage!) and had them precariously stacked and tied down in the back of my truck atop my equipment.  If that wasn't enough, he handed me a $100.00 tip for the clean out, that he would not let me refuse!  Giddy with excitement, and it being my last call of the day, I hurried back to the office, unloaded my equipment, did my paperwork and called home to inform Angi not to let anyone in the garage when I came home.  Once there, I kept my little secret from everyone and buried it under the tarp in my garage work space (they all knew not to invade the sanctity of Daddy's work shop).  Come Christmas eve, well after Angi and the kids were asleep, I snuck out (a major feat considering Angi is a light sleeper) and spent the next couple of hours setting up all the gifts (no, I didn't wrap a one of them!) By the time I was done, our living room, being only half the size of the  gentleman's great room, was stacked calf deep, wall to wall with an ENORMOUS selection of toys!  I made sure Christmas morning I was the first one up and sat at the table (very groggy) sipping on coffee waiting for the rest to come out.  The shock and amazement of all of them was well worth the sleepless night!
ALRIGHT!  On to work!  Christmas eve day around here was another blitz!  Given the hustle and bustle of the season and the day, my mind is a little foggy on just what we accomplished and sold, so you'll forgive me if I fail to mention it all.  We did have several last minute fixes and we thank you for the faith and trust, good people!  But I DO remember that we sold the vintage Paramount to our Schwinn Collecting friend!  He came in last minute to check out the latest and talked himself into an early present for himself!  Oh yea, we did manage to get two new goodies out as well!  A really fine condition Mongoose BMX that is SO bright, you'll have to wear shades while riding it!  Also got a almost new looking Mongoose XR-75 Mountain bike!  The owner was looking to upgrade so we got his leftovers! 
Today is looking like it's going to be a busy one as well!  Have a couple more repairs lingering and a few looky loo's coming in to check out our wares with one couple looking to get one of the other bikes we picked up Christmas eve after she's finished, so I best get at it!
See ya all REAL soon!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Traditions!

Marley's ghost wouldn't even raise a hackle! 
Surprisingly, even though it is very difficult for me to even consider taking a day off, we obviously won't be open tomorrow.  Angela informed me that if I even thought about coming in in the afternoon like I did  few years back she'd hang me with the holly with a sprig of mistletoe shoved up my....
But anyway!  We will be closing today at five pm to prepare for tomorrows rampage of present openers.  We did good this year and got everything wrapped well in advance.  And as a side note, so I don't forget, we would like to extend a public "thank you" to the folks at Flanagan's Irish Pub in downtown Dunedin.  The owner is a regular of ours and a couple weeks back he overheard me lamenting about what a thin Christmas this is and he and his lovely wife came by yesterday with a bevy of Holiday gifts for the whole family! Angi and I have already made plans to spend New Years eve ringing in the New year there! 
Angi and I plan on doing the traditional round of egg nog, the reading of the family heirloom, "The Tomten" then once all the kiddo's are in bed set out the booty, have a breather and hit the sheets.  We plan on being the first ones up this year to wake them up with a resounding chorus of "Santa was here! Santa was here!"  We have reason to celebrate.  Thanks to our parental benefactors and their wise choice of the perfect gifts, cash, we went out last night and bought the kid something they have been pleading for for years.  It's a....well, I won't be able to tell you until after the holidays, as some of our kids read the blog (obviously to find out just what I say about them) and I don't want to ruin the surprise.  But I will tell you, Angi is absolutely giddy over the fact that we were able to do this for them!  You should have seen her wrapping it last night!  We had quickly finished up the others, then she took 20 minuets to find the perfect paper, bows and tag.  The paper was perfectly aligned, with even folds, I was starting to doze off on the bed! 
All in all, I find myself actually looking forward to tomorrow!  Not to mention the HUGE Christmas ham we got!
Mmmmmmm, BOY!  As if I were not fat enough!
So, I'm gonna sign off with a very Merry ChristmaKwanzaahanukkah! , and we WILL be open on Thursday fully prepared to help you spend your Christmas cash!
WOW!  How capitalistic of me!
See YA!
OPPS!  Almost forgot!  Here's a couple more goodies for under your tree!

ONLY $130.00!!

ONLY $145.00!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunday Brunch!

Oh, NOW I remember why I take a day off!
We came in to work a full day yesterday to fill up some vacancies from Saturday (what another BLITZ that was!  Thank you all so much!) and put out some real gems I tell you!  A BLOODY FANTASTIC 3G Chopper, that words don't do justice! But after finishing I took her for a test drive and MAN will I be jealous of whoever buys this SWEET ride!  Very tempted to keep this show piece, but I need not be selfish!  Also Finished up the 1975 Schwinn Paramount, and I did not do much, mind you.  Wanted to keep her as original as possible.  Switched out some corroded cables, but let everything else intact.  It will need to have the right brake lever replaced as well as new handlebar tape, but other then that, she's a  REAL peach!  Also, a very swift K2 Astral 2.0 on consignment and she is one heck of a nice hybrid!  Also, three new kiddo bikes for under your tree!
The Schwinn hybrid sold first thing, and to our pleasure,  to a very nice family transplanted from Boston.  A gift for their teenage son, who, and I am not funnin' here, was a dead ringer for a young Matt Damon!  I even extended them a small discount, dependant on him reciting the line "How do ya like 'dem apples!" which he did in a Southy accent, with gusto! 
Also a big "Welcome to Florida" to the newly arrived family from North Carolina who came and snagged up two new rides for the kiddo's! 
Today, in between shuttling bikes out to new homes, I am working like the dickens to get some more newbies out, so stay tuned to these pages for pics!
After work, Angi and I took another ride to shop, picking up the last few things for Christmas morning.  I like riding with just her sometimes, as we needn't endure the ritual stop to "reeducate" the kids on how to ride as a group.  Not exactly Holiday Happiness!  Besides, I get to follow her and it's a pleasant view! Hummana, hummana! 
After the ride, we headed home, plopped down in the bedroom and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" while wrapping everything up!  Finally finishing up, we passed out about 2.30 am.
Then back at it this morning!  And it has been another Whiz Bang of a day, I'll tell you!  Already sold another couple of the kids bikes as well as the K2 Hybrid!  Have no fear though, we still have plenty of stocking stuffers for ya!
While working today, I popped in a copy of the classic 1927 Fritz Lang masterpiece "Metropolis".  While watching I couldn't help but wonder, with all the advances in movie technology on top of all the recent remakes of classic Sci Fi flicks, how come no one has brought this piece of celluloid out of mothballs and given it a makeover!  I do remember hearing back in 2007 that Thomas Schuehly had acquired the remake rights and was hunting for a director but have heard nothing since.  It dawned on me that, and here's my two scents, they need to do a real "Steampunk" version of the flick.  Not unlike the brilliant Terry Gilliam flick, "Brazil", but much darker.   In 2002  Christian Bale starred in "Equilibrium" that seemed very influenced by Lang's epic silent movie, but I'm talking a real gritty, swashbuckling story of the working class overcoming the elitist top worlders.  And the fact that the main protagonist in the original was a woman, it was very ahead of it's time!  Let's hope Hollywood doesn't muck it up and make some glossy, matrix inspired high tech morality tale.  This movie was made wen steam was the power source of choice, keep it so!
Alright, I have babbled enough, back to work!!

$950.00 OR BEST OFFER!



ONLY $600.00!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


As is always the way this time of year I always come up with a reason to make up for the time I take off for frivolity on Christmas morn.  This time, though I didn't need to come up with an excuse as we got SLAMMED yesterday!!  And MAN did we get in some really sweet rides in yesterday!  Sold a bunch and now I gotta git more out.  Check these pages Monday and be AMAZED at some of the really unique rides we got.  INCREDIBLE!!  Now, I need to get at it but come in and see what we are up to.  And hurry, stuff is moving out FAST!! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Closer It Came....Inch....By....Inch....

Got your Holly and mistletoe up yet?
Family flying in with the normal chaos and fanfare?
Or just crawling under a rock until the dust settles?
Today is our family tradition of "Secret Santa".  Not a unique idea but Angi, fed up with the occasional lack of holiday appreciation from the kiddos, determined some years ago that each child would pull a name from a hat and spend their holiday cash on buying a present for someone else, rather then the usual self indulging splurge.  After work today I head home, shower and the whole brood heads out, en mass to K-mart!  So, fair warning to all employees there, if you have a weak constitution or lack of tolerance for children you may want to call in sick!  And anyone out driving in the Dunedin area may see a rather unique bicycle parade, sung to the chorus of "Stay in  line!"  and "Look out for traffic!"  and  "Are we there yet, my legs are tired!"
Oh it's gonna' be a peach of a time!
Yesterday was another blitz of a day!  Thanks to all for the patronage and the repairs!  Oddly enough, took in more then we sent out!  Seems everyone had a bike to donate, trade or sell.  Had to turn a few away but I never turn away the donations or trades!  Trust me, there is a brain behind these ruggedly handsome, chiseled features!  And Golly Bob Howdy did we get some SWEETIES!  A gorgeous ladies Schwinn 26" cruiser, a Mongoose 29"er MTB, seven assorted kids bikes, another hybrid style and one ladies a pear tree! 
And speaking of blitz!  Don't Ever....EVER do the STUPID thing I did yesterday!  Whilst checking my email I made the fatal mistake of opening up what turned out to be a SPAM "Small Business Loan" add.  Curious, read the blurb about a low interest unsecured loan, thinking ahead for future cash flow, and answered a brief questionnaire.  A little voice in the back of my head urged me not to answer, but I did not heed it's warning.  When they stated I was approved for a loan and please enter phone number so one of their agents could contact me.....
I did.
Yes, the resounding chorus of "YOU IDIOT" may now ensue!
Within minuets, I'm talking.....minuets!  the phone began to ring.
and ring.
By the time the day was over I had received 104 telemarketer calls, and only ONE of them spoke clear English!  The majority I could not even understand what the hell they were saying!  By about the fiftieth call I started to answer the phone "You are Telemarketer call number 56, please take me off your list" and so on, before they could even get a word out!
Once I left the shop I just shut the phone off.  When I awoke this morning and turned it on, there were 47 missed calls!
I feel like Victor Von Frankenstein "What have I done!? Oh dear God in Heaven! What...Have....I .....DONE?!"
As mentioned, managed to get out the sexy, pink ladies cruiser plus two more rides, but they were gone even before I could get a pic, so....sorry.  I do however have a plethora of goodies to work with, so after today's installment of Christmas memories, I'm gonna get at it!  See ya soon!
Christmas 2003.  At this point we had made it to Florida and were living in Dunedin.   There were just five kids but that was enough to be considered a prime candidate for a variety of charities.  Between the school and the church they had offered us help but as things were relatively stable and Angi had started shopping early, we respectfully declined.  Our next door neighbor was a professor at the University and was very fond of children,  Sadly, she and her husband were unable to have kids of their own, so she enjoyed occasionally doting and spoiling ours, within respectful reason.  She had approached Angela and inquired if it would be alright if she got the kids a few gifts.  Apparently a small group of her students and some alumni  chose a family to clandestinely bring gifts to on Christmas, and it would mean a lot to her if we would allow her to do that.  She was very happy when we acquiesced.  It was planned that on Christmas eve, after the kids went to bed, they would bring the gifts over.  When the evening arrived, and the little ones were all tucked up and asleep, Angi went next door to let our neighbor know it was Okay to come over.  She informed Angi that it would be another hour or so, as they were coming from the school and were having trouble arranging transportation.
I didn't realize that meant enough transportation!
An hour later a pick up truck showed up, then two, then three.  Several students jumped off and climbed out and began to quietly do the happy little elves bit.  When all was said and done, you literally could not walk into the living room, or sit on the couches or at the dining room table.  When Christmas morning came we were awoken with gleeful squeals and wailing.  The kids ran into our room and Kaleb clapped his hands and exclaimed "Santa went CRAZY!"  They spent the better part of the morning unwrapping their way to the tree and Christmas dinner was very late!
PS.  Was going to show a pic of the really sweet ladies cruiser, but while writing this blog, Uncle Chippie came in and bought it for the lovely Joanne.
Shhhh!  Don't tell!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Clock's Tickin'!

Another year, and the fat mans day is coming!  Have you got all your shopping done?  Angi is headed out this morning to get the last few stragglers picked up and I did a little this morning.  As mentioned it's a light year for us, as I have heard, for many others as well. 
Got one REAL sweet potential gift for a vintage Schwinn fan who has someone who REALLY loves them!  Now, perhaps it's because we recently got one in, but I wasn't as overwhelmed this time, but it is a BEAUTY none the less!  A 1975 Schwinn Paramount P-13!!!  The REAL cool thing about this one is it comes complete with the original tool pouch, owners manual AND receipt!!  Bought on Jan 27, 1975 at the Schwinn Store, "City Cycle" right here in Clearwater! 

That's called a Pedigree folks!!  And she's ALL original!! In excellent shape and just chock full of Campy!  And GOLLY BOB HOWDY!!  Already got some fans chompin' at the bit on this one!  Gonna give her a good clean and put her out and watch the drooling aficionados fight each other for it!  Nah, just kidding.  I wouldn't think of doing that before setting odds and takin' bets!
And the really fun thing is the gent who brought it in on consignment, is not only a really nice guy, but he is a professional Bill Clinton impersonator!
And if that ain't Hollywood enough for you?   Had a gent come in to drop off a repair and when I was taking his info discovered his name was Kirk.  I couldn't resist, and asked how many time in his life he had been called Captain kirk, to which he responded, he was a retired fire fighter....and had been Captain Kirk!
HOW POETIC!!!! So now, not only have we had Santa visit in the past, but former prez, Clinton AND Captain Kirk!!
So, yesterday I did...well, really in the final analysis, not much of anything.  Oh, I kept busy with a slew of repairs and trying to finish up a refurb on an old cruiser in time for Christmas, but didn't put anything out new!!  ARRGH!!  And boy could we use them.  Stock is dwindling as we sold a few more yesterday, and boy do I love playing secret Santa!  A very wonderful lady, one of our regulars came in yesterday to pick up a repair and had her kiddos in tow.  I got to meet her new baby (last time we saw her she was about ready to burst) and he's the cutest little guy with really big brown eyes!  The two older ones went gaga over a couple of the bikes we had and she clandestinely bought them, with the assurance I'd hold until Christmas eve.  We had to convince the young boy she had to talk to Santa in order to see if he could get it.  VERY cute! 
Today, I think may be more of the same.  Have already gotten in a batch of repairs and still have the finishing touches to put on the cruiser.  Maybe, if I'm lucky I'll get out something new!
Now, on to Favorite Christmas stories, part two!
Christmas 1975.  It had been a pleasant holiday break, thankfully with a fresh blanket of snow to accentuate the holiday.  After the blitzkrieg of early morning frivolity I asked if I could go over to my friends house to tell him what I got and see what he got.  Please note, at this time in our lives our family lived in a semi affluent neighborhood, although we were not rich by far.  Some of my friends however, in comparison, were.  Once entering my friends home he took me down to the rec room (that's what rich folk do with their basements) and found a slew of new toys!  Amongst all the goodies he and his brother got, was a bumper pool table, a pinball machine and an Atari Pong!!  WOW!  I spent hours playing with him, then, reluctantly went home.  Now this is where I prove just what an ungrateful little bugger I was.  Once home, I approached my mother and asked why "I couldn't get good presents like Joey?"
That's the first time I can ever remember making my mother cry.  And it broke my heart.  Sure I had made her angry, crazy and frustrated but I'd never made her break down like that.  She ran upstairs sobbing and I just stood there.  Shocked.  Eventually I gathered the courage together to go to her room, where she lay on her bed and I sat next to her, and while begging her forgiveness started to cry myself.  She held me and said she was sorry they couldn't have done more, but it was at that moment I realized what the Holiday's really meant.  They didn't have to give me anything, I hadn't earned it.  In retrospect, they probably spent more then they could have afforded in the first place to give me and my sister the best Christmas they could and I was ungrateful and uncaring.  From that moment on I learned to not only appreciate what I got on the holidays, but what I was blessed with every day of the year.
Alright folks, now I best get to work!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty Debacle!

Just caught wind of this latest controversy, and as I am prone to do so on many occasion, I just have to put in my two cents!  I have never watched Duck Dynasty but I don't live under a rock.  I've heard of it.  Recently the patriarch of the show, Phil Robertson was suspended indefinitely due to disparaging remarks regarding homosexuality.  Referring to it, among other things, as illogical.
Let me make one thing perfectly clear regarding my opinion on sexuality, for what it's worth.  We are conceived and born, as we are.  Everything is predetermined genetically (and if you want to get religious, by God) and we are who we are.  Homosexuality is NOT a choice.  That being said I feel that homosexuals should be afforded all the rights and privileges, freedom and protections that every other member of the human race does.  No exceptions.  It is with that in mind that I come to Phil's defense.  As much as I disagree with his opinion, he has every right to express it!  How can any individual, group or affiliation deny him that right or penalized him for expressing it?  To the best of my knowledge, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what the first amendment protects?  He didn't say "kill them" or "burn them" or "Run them out of town"  he just questioned the appeal of the male anatomy versus the female.  And I can only assume that in his part of the world, that may be a predominately popular opinion.  So what's all the uproar about.  Look, there are folks out there who don't like homosexuals, or whites or blacks Methodists or Catholics.  If that hatred spills over to violence or denying those we don't like their basic freedoms, then we'll talk.  Phil merely voiced his opinion on a subject.  And quite frankly, those who watch the show and may have heard it probably share similar opinions anyway. 
In the end, you cannot deny one person their rights in order to obtain your own!

My Newest Sidekick!

Last week, for some reason I really can't remember, Owen ended up coming to the shop after school and sticking around.  All the other kiddo's were at the house as Friday is the usual day for them to hang out with Dad.  When I returned home that evening pretty much all of them commented on just how peaceful the day had been.  No fighting, anxiety or agitated babies.  You see, Owen is what we call the "Instigator", sounding rather like some comic book evil arch-nemesis.  That's not to say he's violent or cruel or mean, just "wired for sound".  He knows all the buttons to push!  Kaleb was much like him at the same age, but for the most part, has toned that side of him down.  Owen gets the little ones all worked up with running about and horseplay, aggravates Logan just because he can.  Being so close in age to Rozy, there isn't a second that goes by that they are not needling each other or fighting and he goes out of his way to try and get Elijah and Kaleb into trouble (as if they need the help!)   So it was no surprise when I was informed that on this particular day, the house remained clean, the kids played well together, Logan didn't have an aneurysm, Rozy didn't scream, cry and whine, and the older boys did not become homicidal.
With very little fanfare (and NO room for negotiation) I was informed that for awhile Owen would be accompanying me to the shop.  After school.  Each day!
Well!  What could I say?  SURE! I'd love to help!  At this point I realized compliance was the better part of survival!
So for this week he has been my right hand man.  I should have known, though as this was right around the same age that Kaleb was told to "Go See Your Father!" back in the old days of working out of the garage.  There were mixed results in that case!  He encountered "problems" with his impulsive behavior but I'm hoping I have learned from that experience and can better navigate Owen. 
Yesterday was a pleasant day.  Had many nice folks coming into browse, chat and buy.  Sold both the male and female cruisers!  In both cases to repeat customers.  The Ladies went to a gent who has purchased three from us, and each time a trade in upgrade!  The Male cruiser went to a multi-return customer who has bought six to date.  This one, unfortunately, was to replace his own that was recently stolen from his garage in a three minute strike.  The lowlifes apparently not only took his, but his wife's, a minibike, pack of smokes and pair of gloves?  Sorry for your troubles. mate!
Had some really nice "getting acquainted" talks with folks as well, meeting a very nice lady from I think, Michigan, now living in FLA with her sister, both now intent on picking up the three wheeler. 
We did manage to put out three new goodies as well.  Steering away from some of the more pricey bikes we have been putting out lately, got a real sharp looking "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!" This one, an eighteen speed dual shock MTB was a real tank when we got it, all steel, but we lightened it up a wee bit by replacing the rims with alloy ones!  Now you will be able to actually lift it!
While doing my morning cleaning and reorganizing after the day before blitz, I realized just how empty bone row was getting!  I mean seriously depleted!  I brought out the three remaining bikes from the estate sale and listed them as "project bikes".  Sharp looking higher end Orbea bikes, incomplete, will make for a nice DIY for someone mechanically inclined.  Priced VERY reasonable, a few parts later and you got yourself a real choice steed! 
Now, as is my traditional Holiday fare, I can't let this time of the year pass without some kind of mention.  At first, I was compelled to analyze the true meaning of Christmas, but as that seemed a tad bit pessimistic I've opted to take a little more space to try and spin a more positive or perhaps entertaining slant with short tales of some of my most favorite family holiday moments....
Christmas 1999.
At this time in our lives we were residing in Katy, Texas.  Angi had done her usual beautiful job of decking the halls and trimming the tree.  As every year, we had gone shopping and got a multitude of ornaments and such, which she had arranged beautifully.  Mind you, being a traditionalist I insisted on minimal plastics, resulting in glass bulbs (no, no don't beat me to the punch line).  The tree was set at the front of the house before the exterior window to showcase her masterpiece to passersby, to the side of the couch next to the fireplace.  One night as we came to sit at the kitchen table in the adjoining room to enjoy the evening, the hubbub of little ones resounding through the house, we heard an odd sound.   A slightly muffled pop and a crunch.  A few moments later came another.  It didn't take but a few moments to pinpoint the direction, and as we approached the tree noticed Kaleb, huddled behind the couch under the tree.  Before him lay several broken glass bulbs with one in his hand...
that he was contently eating.
Panic ensued!
A frenzied trip to the emergency room later and we were informed that, surprisingly, no internal or external injuries had occurred.
But it would be best if we checked his lower half in the next 24-48 hours.
Merry Christmas!
All right folks, now I must be off to work!  See y'all REAL soon!!

2012 Orbea Carpe Project Bike - $250

Orbea Mountain Bike, Project bike! - $500

Orbea Jango Hybrid project bike! - $400

ONLY $70.00!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wow! We Be Like A Real Shop n' Stuff!

What a fitting way to celebrate our anniversary and usher in a new year of tinkering away on bikes!  After 7 years of a cash only business we now accept....

HOLY MOLEY!!!  Yes folks, we finally caved!  After so many requests we reluctantly dragged our buts out of the stone age and got our selfs all mah-da-nized!
So now you have NO excuse!  Get on down heah and we'll hep ya max 'em out!


This is what happens when you don't pay attention and are SO far up your own ass...ets! 
It was not until I was updating Craigslist this morning that I happened to notice the date!  Today is December the 18th! 

We should have done more to usher in our next year!  I take full responsibility for dropping the ball on this one!  I extend my heartiest thanks to all the wonderful folks who have made it possible for u to get this far!  Here's hoping for many more anniversaries to come!

And The Time's, They Are A Changin'

Corny title, I know. 
But as we sat loosely celebrating Elijah's eighteenth last night I couldn't shake the echo of that song from my head.  I just wish we could have ushered in his adulthood with a little more pomp and circumstance.  Sadly, with the chaos of the last month, the plans we had made reluctantly fell by the wayside.  We were able to eek out a day away from the house for him, a special lunch with dad and some cash for him to go and splurge on one of his patriarchal inspired obsessions, movies.  He took a trip to Best Buy and got himself a copy of Kick Ass 2 and Paul.  Originally he and Kaleb were going to go out for the evening but he postponed that until Friday in lieu of staying home and watching one of the aforementioned flicks.  We had a cake and sung the song but I could tell, regardless of how he tried valiantly to hide it, it was a little less then momentous.  It made me think of my own coming of age.  Oddly enough, mine was apparently less then memorable as well, for I can't recollect what I did when I turned 18.  Around our house, given the regular tough time my Mom my sister and I endured, I'm sure it was light,  not the big to do you would wish.  I appreciate the fact that our kids are adaptable and understanding.  They're good kids, unspoiled without the inclination to inquire "Is that all?" Angi and I just wish we could do more, as I am sure so many folks nowadays can concur!
Now, while we are on the subject of Elijah, he surprised me yesterday by taking the initiative, while he was on his jaunt, to stop by his employer (just to refresh, he worked a week in October for a remodeling firm that travels the country following work) to inquire as to when they will be starting up work again (they take November and December off for the Holidays) and he was informed that they would be ready to go mid January.  It appears his new career is a go for the new year! 
Want to know the weird part?  I'm going to miss him.  He will be gone for ten months.  No weekends off, and unless they are working in the area, no home time.  Lord knows I have chided these kids for the course of this blog, but for the most part, in good natured fun.  As much as I am a foil for them, so are they for me but in the end the house will feel a tad incomplete.  As he has reached this point in his life I cannot avoid reflection tinged with regret.  I wish we had done more together.  All those Norman Rockwell inspired musings over camping, fishing, hiking, boys night out etc.  I hate to admit it but these kids have not had it easy.  Sure, we try and have moments, but they are few and far between.  In the end, what will he have to hold on to?  We have dinners every night as a family and almost everything we do, we do together, but I can't think of one thing they can point to, in fondness and say "we did that!"  Perhaps this is an empty nest thing that we all must go through, and maybe it will get easier over time.  In final analysis, though, we must have done something right with him as he assured us that he would be sending money home each week to help out the family.  I must admit, I am very proud of this kid!
OK, tissue moment over. 
On to work!  (before I start tearing up again!)
Yesterday was a BLITZ!!!  Let me see if I can remember everything.  Early afternoon, after a traditional slow Tuesday morning, I had been putting the finishing touches on both a NICE Mongoose XR-200 and an even more impressive Leader MTB, when we had a slew of customers descend upon us!  In ten minuets we sold the Sampson road bike to a very satisfied gent who had been looking for just such a light weight Titanium bike as she, to augment his bicycle stock!  At the same time a father daughter team came in and snagged up the Schwinn MTB and the dual shock, disc brake Next MTB.  At the same time a couple came in with two GORGEOUS hybrids, a Specialized Crossroads and a Schwinn Sierra 700 to put on consignment.  No sooner had they left did a gent come in, see the Specialized and gleefully exclaim (as he found out the ridiculously reasonable price we were asking) "My  friends told me this was the place to go!"  and snatched it up!  Could have knocked the original owners over with a feather when I called them and told them to turn around and come grab the money.  What was equally gratifying is when they informed me over the phone how grateful they were, as they were selling the bikes to help out a friend having a hard time this Holiday season!  Also sold the blue Mongoose BMX to a fella picking it up for a "hit hard times family".  Seems his wife works at a school where the majority of the kids are from low income families.  He himself is a machinist that makes components for bike parts for Profile.  In a child's mind this equates to a person who builds bikes.  A young lady at the school approached his wife and asked if he would "build" her brother a bike for Christmas.  WOW!  Now THERE is a child that gets the true meaning of Christmas!  I couldn't think of a more deserving home for that Mongoose to go to!
As mentioned, managed to put two more goodies together with a third in my rack, not to mention the remaining hybrid on consignment!  So please. check 'em out and I am going back at it!  See ya soon!

ONLY $220.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $260.00!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THIS......Is COLD?!

By about mid afternoon yesterday I had the odd sensation that I was missing something.  Around 2.30 pm I realized I had not gotten a call or a text from my lovely wife.  We routinely keep in contact throughout the day.  Everything from the cute, and brief "I miss you, I love you" text's, to the extemporaneous diatribes regarding children's unfamiliarity with common decency.  No, thing's were quiet.
Too quiet.
SO, I thought it prudent to make a "wellness check" phone call.  Turns out, I had nothing to concern myself with, however.  Angi and Elijah had gotten a bug up their bonnet and decided to complete the Holiday decorations and do a little reorganizing!  Now, I am a creature of habit.  I have my little corner of the couch, my end table for my coffee, and my favorite pillow.  I believe the phrase is "set in his ways".  But Angi has been attempting to convince me to rearrange the living room and media room, but I have gently resisted.  So she made the switch for me while I was away.  It was not until I returned home last night did I discover just how much of a change! 
As I and the three elementary kiddo's (they spent the afternoon with me so mom and E could finish their work) turned the corner onto our street we immediately realized that the living room furniture was at the bottom of the lawn near the mailbox.  What an odd place to set up the living room!  It was going to be hard to see the TV from there!
As a general rule around our house, furniture is replaced every couple of years.  We have had this set for almost four.  It had originally been placed in the sitting room at the old house, but as there was no TV in that room it hardly ever got used.  In the last year and a half it has been used...a lot!
Poor thing.  White floral never had a chance!
They moved the sectional into the media room and the new reclining couch into the other room.  Her inspiration was my inability to get comfortable on the new sofa.  I must admit, the way it is placed now allows me to watch TV without craning my neck.  And the best part is, now her and I can sit together!  It has been far to long since we have been able to cuddle while watching a flick!  And her tree design must be mentioned.  A real testament to simplicity and old world elegance.  In our home you will not find tacky, gaudy or multicolored blinking lights reminiscent of the neon signs dotting the back alleys of some risqué "red light" district!  No plasti-form nativity scene, nor cacophony of overbearing ornaments.  No, she did it very tastefully with a splash of silver, burghandy, deep green and umber.  Very beautiful!
Speaking of Holiday Seasons!  I have apparently fallen far from my New England upbringing!  Up there, we know what cold is!  I can remember standing outside in below forty degree weather sporting nothing but a pair of jean and a T-shirt, but last night as we prepared to go to bed I rose from the couch, shed my throw blanket and was keenly aware of just how frigid the house felt.  Quickly determining that it was freezing weather and concerned that in the morning I would discover the children had all turned to popsicles, I realized it was necessary to turn the heat on.  As I went to thermostat I half expected it to read below fifty degrees!
It was 71.
Seventy one!?
LORD!  I have become a bloody wimp!
Well today marks a milestone.  One which accents the multitude of gray hairs on both my head and face.
Elijah has turned eighteen today!
Holy crud!  Where has the time gone! 
Yes, through nostalgic memories of a chubby little boy hobbling to and fro so many Christmases ago, wanting desperately to topple the tree, to his pre teen team up with his younger brother Kaleb in their alter ego's as the "Disatrous Duo"!  The trials and tribulation of his teenage romances into the brooding darkness of the latter half.  Now he stands a hulking 6'2" 240+ pounds (but still with that round baby face)
What now?
Of course, I could not let the day pass without a little humor at his expense.  Oh yes, that's "How I Roll".  As we sat finishing up a movie last night, he announced that it was midnight, and he was now an adult.  Mom offered him a heartfelt "Happy Birthday" I of course pointed out the fact that he was now an adult, I was no longer financially or legally responsible for him and he needed to get out!  I actually was able to maintain a straight face long enough for him to appear slightly concerned and curious as to whether or not I was serious! 
Today, he has the day pretty much for himself.  With a little cash in his pocket he took off for a bit.  I think that's probably the best gift he could have gotten!
On to work!  Managed to get one newbie out yesterday!  A 26" dual shock MTB, with front disc brakes and a new set of Hutchinson tires!  SWEET! And as usual, thanks to all for their steady stream of repairs!  Had several looky loo's, but as is the case sometimes, just didn't have what they were looking for.  We do appreciate, however, their assurance that they would continue to follow us to see if we come up with anything!  Did get in a few more goodies yesterday which we will be putting out post haste!  Also, sold one of the new BMX's we put out last week to a fine gentleman expressing the true meaning of Christmas by buying it for one of the kids from his wife's school.  I hope Santa takes note of your generosity sir!  Also, at t minus and ten last night as we were packing it in to head home a gent dropped by.  Now, this is one of the moments I really dread around here.  From time to time we will have someone drop off a bike for a repair, then forget about it.  Or perhaps, they are having a money crunch, or encounter drama in their life or whatever reason, and simply don't come back to pick up their ride.  We hold them here as long as we can, but their does comes a point (we have it posted thirty day's, but in this case it was closer to ninety) where we just have to consider the bike abandoned.  Needing to recover the cost of the materials, we place the bike out for sale.  Thankfully, in seven years, we have only had to do this a handful of times.  We really don't want to take someones ride!  But, as always seems to happen, I put the bike up for sale last Friday and sold it on Saturday.  Even though, over the course of the last three months I talked to the gentleman four times, to which he assured me he'd be in that day, it took him until yesterday to come in.  I gently but sternly informed him it was in fact gone.  Reluctantly, he understood and in the end I worked him a really good deal on  a better bike then he had for less then the cost of the others repairs, so he thankfully departed happy.
So, today, I have more to keep me busy, so I bid you a found adieu!

Monday, December 16, 2013

OH NO! My Routine Is In Turmoil!! And number 1000!!!

Hard to believe.  we have been at this, that long!  Originally started (and often time's flagged) in the confines of all our Craigslist ads.  Once I'd gotten fed up with the trolls constantly deleting us, I luckily stumbled across "BlogSpot" and ever since have had a platform for all my insipid ramblings!  From time to time I have the opportunity to go back in time and revisit some of the milestones in our little operation and quite surprisingly am humbled by the realization that I haven't gotten any more entertaining as the years go by!  So without further adieu, here's some more useless prattle!

As is my morning ritual, I come in, open, set up and clean, then go to the Wren's Nest to get coffee and do my morning updates on the 'pooter.  But what's this!?  The Wren's Nest is now CLOSED on Mondays!?
I'd forgotten they told me that last week.  A dos bros operation, one of the brothers recently got another job back in his chosen field, reluctantly leaving the other to handle a very busy little donut shop, with some strenuous hours!  They get here at 2 am (time to make the donuts!) and don't get out until noon-1pm.  Yuch!  granted,  I work 10 hours a day as well, but I couldn't imagine doing it in THAT kind of a spread!  I am SO not a morning person! Apparently there are a lot of other lost souls today as well, for there has been a steady parade of disappointed faces coming back to their cars after testing the Wrens Nest door.  Perhaps they too were going to be forced to go to the only other place in the area to get coffee.  I'm not gonna trash talk the other joint, as they provide other things and are good folks, but their coffee tastes like either they made it the night before or just don't know how much beans to put in!  After half a 16 ounce cup my heartburn kicks into overdrive!
Well, yesterday was the first Sunday in about a month that we didn't have any house work to do, nor parade of folk wanting to take a look at the house (except one contractor) as we are still awaiting word as to whether or not the perspective buyer will be signing on the dotted line.  Aside from my normal Sunday load of work clothes to wash (and the prerequisite light cleaning from the kiddo's being awake a few hours before us) we had nothing on the agenda and were going to bask in that fact! 
This allowed us to return to our normal ritual of Sunday brunch!  In celebration I opted to do something a little special and make omelet's!  And I only screwed up two!  But, that is to be expected as with all the fillings for a western omelet, both I and the older boy have them loaded up!  So it was mine and Kaleb's that didn't fold right.  And it also marked the first time Miranda had one!  OK, she had half of one.  Her high chair, lap and Mom and Dad's end of the table got the rest, but a milestone none the less!  It's just good that she is doing better with food, as when she was born she had a protein allergy that made for a very strict diet! 
We continued the day with a movie (Turbo) and some play and banter, then on to completing trimming the tree.  Ah, what fun!  First, I put on the lights.  Once it was determined that I did  crappy job, Angela fixed it, to a taunting chorus by both Elijah and I, as the traditional Yule time teasing abound!  Of course, once it was determined that neither I, Elijah or Kaleb were capable of straightening tree limbs, Angela was forced to abandon decorating for the remainder of the evening, in frustration.  I assume she will continue today.
Saturday was a bit of alright!  Very brisk, with plenty of very smart folk taking advantage of some of the gems we had in stock!  The Trek Navigator is going to fill up the bottom of a lucky gents Christmas tree.  The Schwinn cruiser found just the right home with  someone looking to get back into the bipedal life style (yes, I know that words means something else, but I am re purposing it).  Also a special thank you to all the folks for coming in and picking up their repairs!  It was getting a tad bit full in here! 
We did manage to get two more built, but they sold before I even got a pic of them!  Sorry!  Fear not though!  I have another in my rack, almost complete and several more to work on, including some real sweet kiddo bikes that will look great under any ones tree! 
So without further preamble, I best get at it!
See ya soon!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

OH DARN! Now My Hat Won't Fit!

Not unlike the earlier incarnation of Superman, via Max Fleisher's brilliant animation style, at the close of business yesterday I envisioned myself proudly perched atop a cloud bursting skyscraper!  Clenched fist thrust proudly upon my hips with a brilliant crimson cape flowing in the high wind. Chest proudly inflated (and stomach sucked in) I jut my rugged jaw forward, flashing that award winning two dollar smile with eyes set determinately to the horizon!  A huge vision of the American flag fluttering in the wind brightly engulfed in a golden hue! 
Yes folks, my enormously over inflated ego cannot allow the wonderful compliments we received yesterday to pass without mention!
Our mild mannered bike mechanic had set about his daily task, blissfully unaware of the oncoming flow of blessings!
OK, OK  I'll stop the overly dramatic narration. 
It was a day like any other day...
Now is the winter of our self indulgence....
Once upon a time....
Gregor Samsa awoke to find he had been transformed into a giant cockroach...
Skip it.
What a bloody long winded preamble!  Who writes this stuff?!
So, yesterday we had several new visitors to the shop, and we thank them greatly for their patronage.  It really tickles my fancy when we get folks like this in, and I do feel like I just have to share it, if nothing else because it is a constant reminder that we are doing a good thing here. 
Got a call from a couple down in Saint Pete inquiring as to the cost of a couple small repairs.  I filled them in on the price and they said they would be down shortly.  My first assumption was they were headed in this direction for something else and were just killing two birds with one stone.  I was wrong.  I am quite humbled to say their whole reason for coming the distance was to see us!  Apparently they caught one of our adds on Craigslist and were enamored with the sentiment in it.  The common opinion we shared on what a bike shop should be.  In their own words they admitted there were several other bike shops in their town, "but...."  There was nothing more needed to say, as the tilt of the eye and shrug of the shoulders they gave was all telling.  Pretty much the same all over when it comes to "boutique" bike shops!  I'm also glad that during the time they were here allowed them to take a tour through Honeymoon Island while they awaited the fix! 
And it seems that's not all the visitors we had from Saint Pete.  Actually, come to think of it, most were from Saint Pete!  The second gentleman to visit from down yonder turned out to be a Professor from Saint Pete University (as a side note, I don't know how I'd feel going to a school that's acronym sounded out "Spew"?  What's their school song "OH, We Love Spew....."?  Sorry, I digress...) who is one semester away from retirement and is looking for a bike to toddle around with his grand kids.  As he was scouting out the SWEET three-wheeler we have, he mentioned the blog, asked some questions regarding the families well being, then commented that he thought I was an "Excellent writer". 
Get that?  A college professor thinks I am an excellent writer!  So to some of our more erstwhile critics I say "nyah, nyah, na, nyah, nyah!" Although...come to think of it...he could be a professor of psychology and we could simply be an interesting case study in narcissism. 
Oh well.
We then had a visit from a young man, who could be, for all intense and purposes, a young Brad Pitt.  A fledgling bicycle mechanic himself, working for another Saint Pete bike shop came here to buy his bike!  He'd seen the red monster fixie on Craigslist and fell in love with it.  Obviously, being in the field he KNEW what a bargain it was!  And this kid was sharp!  He had all his ducks in a row, self assured and knew what he wanted.  And organized.  MAN!  I wish I had that level a head when I was his age!  This boy is going places! 
And haven't had one of these sales in awhile!  The "I'm tired of walking. Think I'll buy a bike" sales!  Sold the Mongoose D-40 in just such a way! 
Well, wish me the best of luck as tonight Angi and I will be endeavoring to do our first wave of Christmas shopping! 
I so hate shopping!  But, no matter how mama wants to strangle our kids from time to time she loves to spoil them when the occasion calls for it.  So for her, I endure!
Alright, I'd best get at it, and while I am, check out the newbies we put together yesterday! 
See ya soon!

ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Man! I Can't Even Come Up With A Bloody Title!

I really have very little to talk about.
I'm sure once I start typing something may come to mind.  Oh sure, I kept busy yesterday.  Several repairs, yet again, coming through the door and we thank you all, as always, for your trust and patronage.  Aside from the usual curiosity seekers engaging in random banter, nothing of great significance happened.  No monumental realization, epiphany or catharsis leading to engaging reflection and revelation.  Nope.  All functionality with very little substance. 
Oh, yea.  Do have to thank Bullet over at "Hand's on" for his semi monthly parts and leftover's donation, as well as a shout out to his wonderful wife for delivering it all.  Got several good parts bikes, already stripped down now, as well as two worthy of rebuilds!  Not to mention a good set of coaster brake wheels to finish up the ladies cruiser I've had sitting here for a while.  SO thanks' much my good man!   After all repairs were done up, and parts distributed to the variety of over flowing bins we have, I re-furbed a real sharp looking Schwinn S-25 dual shock MTB!  So....there's that.
Wow.  This has got to be one of the DULLEST post I have ever done!
I guess the highlight of my day was the banter around the dinner table last night.  Everyone was in a weird way, not to mention "Off the Chain" goofy, and somehow we got on tounge twisters.   At some point between Suzy on the seashore and the woodchuck I came up with a simple two word one that had us ALL in hysterics!  Try this one three times fast, bet ya can't do it...
"cinnamon synonym"
Logan was the only one who could get it at two times!  Oh, hours of fun for the whole family!
Alright, I've wasted enough of your time, I had best get a move on!
Check out the pic below and we'll see ya soon!

ONLY $85.00!!